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Class 11: Harmony

20 min - Class


Welcome to Class 11! Today, we embrace harmony. Sarah starts right away with a quick exploration of each exercise. She invites you to feel the fluidity of each movement as she flows at a quicker pace.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Welcome to the final day of the daily dose. Today we embrace harmony. I think it speaks for itself. So let's just get started. Please notice that I have a towel just in case you happen...

The Daily Dose: with Sarah Bertucelli


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Thank you for this effective class; perfect flow and I enjoyed it a lot...
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Thank you Sarah! I loved this challenge ❤
Glad to hear Mari !
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Thanks Sarah nice challenge. I wish they had been a wee bit longer ☺️  Lots of nice stretches in there 
Thanks for your feedback Bridgette...Perhaps next time classes will be a bit longer. Have a beautiful day!
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Thank you for this challenge!  Gently challenging, and helped build awareness in both mind and body.

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