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Class 11: Harmony

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Welcome to Class 11! Today, we embrace harmony. Sarah starts right away with a quick exploration of each exercise. She invites you to feel the fluidity of each movement as she flows at a quicker pace.
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Welcome to the final day of the daily dose. Today we embrace harmony. I think it speaks for itself. So let's just get started. Please notice that I have a towel just in case you happen to need one to help with a tight low back for roll ups or things like that. Good idea to have it with you. Let's get started with our feet underneath our hips at the back edge of your mat. Standing for a moment. Soften your eyes, open your heart, enjoy the view of whatever it is you happen to be looking at.

At this moment. Lift your arms up with an inhale and take your arms down with an exhale. Inhale again. Exhale to roll forward. One Vertebra at a time. Release your head. Allow your arms to dangle, but feel that your belly is still engaged and roll up to a standing position. [inaudible] just one more of those. Inhale. Exhale to peel forward. Feel the breath.

Feel the fluidity of the movement, the flow here. Bend your legs. Let your head, your shoulders, everything. Relax. Maybe nod your chin, straighten your legs. Allow your head to still dangle. One more time. Bend your legs and then put your hands on the mat and walk out to eight quadramed position with your hands underneath your shoulders, your knees underneath your hips. We round through the low back.

Allow the head to release. We find ourselves in neutral and then move into extension. Open the heart and we round again and we pass through neutral and to that open heart position. One more there. Rounding in [inaudible]. Pass through, neutral to the open heart.

Walk your legs forward a little bit. Cross your legs behind you and shoot your legs out in front of you with your legs. Nice and straight. Sit up tall. First arm stretch long. Flex your spine, feeling that nice roundness and exhale to peel back one vertebrae at a time. Right into the roll up today. Stretch the arms overhead. Lift the head and chest and roll yourself up to a sitting position.

Staying rounded through the low spine. Inhale here. Use the exhale to peel back, breathing and moving. And you use an exhale to peel up. So if you're able to try keeping your legs together, if you need to bend them or separate them in order to achieve the roll up. Remember this is about you. This is your flow in joy.

And just one more there. Yeah. So here we'll roll down one last time. When your body is long and resting on the mat, open your arms wide. Lift one leg right to tabletop position and bring the other leg up to join with your legs together.

Inhale your legs one direction and exhale your legs back to neutral again. Inhale your legs in the other direction. Exhale, back to neutral. Continuing the flow of the movement, feeling the breath, feeling the body. Inhaling to twist, keeping the knees together, their shoulder blades down and exhaling to pull back. Just one more quick exploration of each exercise today so we can get more done in our short time. Hug your knees into your chest, fine tabletop with your legs. Lift right into position. Double leg stretch.

We reach and we, Paul, we reach and we pull. So we're reaching the two arms and the two legs back and we're pulling in, trying to maintain the height of the curl the whole time. One more time here. Hold onto one leg, slide the other one out. Use your arms. Don't be shy. Allow them to help you stay lifted to create a little more intention. Breathing and moving, eh, one more time. Each side. Two legs in. Lift a little more.

Slip the hands behind the head and we move into our Chris. Cross touristy. Yeah. [inaudible] again, find the breath that suits you. Perhaps you're using a breadth for each movement. Perhaps you're changing the breath and allowing it to work for your body.

Just one more on each side. Please try your two legs in. Hold onto the backs of the legs round through your spine and get a little rock, a little roll and find yourself in an upright position. Four head toward your knees. Sit Tall. First round back second, find that fully connected abdominal wall if you will, and dig deeper into your ball. Bend your knees a little more. Hold close to your feet and we roll [inaudible] in. How to roll back and exhale to find your balance. He inhale back. Exhale to balance. One more. Rolling like a ball.

Oh, okay. Gently puts your feet down, stretch your legs straight out and make sure you have a nice position for your spine. Stretch. Inhale here we exhale to appeal forward. [inaudible] and exhale to stack your spine and exhale to appeal forward again. Feel that grounding energy through your legs. Also feel yourself lengthening up through the crown of the head each time. Yeah.

Exhale, grounding energy through the legs. Creating a nice stretch in the back end, the backs of the legs, and we exhale. Lengthening up through the crown of the head. Lift one leg in. Lift the other leg in right into the twist XL with a double pulse and double pulse. Double pulse. Find the breath and find a flow.

One more each side. Gently pull your bottom forward a little bit. Tip back onto your tailbone. Set up right away for your open leg rocker. Here we in to roll back and we exhale to find balance. I didn't think I was gonna make that one, but I did. Yay. Inhale to roll back and exhale to find balance.

See if you can use your upper back muscles a little bit more to create that feeling of stability. Just one more. Okay. Making it just a little easier to balance. Hold here. Release your hands. Bring your legs together, Bend your knees in, Cross your legs, shoot your legs behind you and find yourself in a plank position. Be here energy out through the crown of the head.

Your your center is very Hollace. You really pull your abdominals active here and push through your feet. Sort of stretching your body. Draw one leg in, send it back, change. Draw the other leg in. Send it back just one more time each side, and then return to the idea of taking the leg out just outside of the arm or to the tricep. Do that one more time, each side. And then we add the leg extension here. So the leg comes out, we extend, we come home, the leg comes out, we extend, we come home out, extend, come home.

And one more time out. Extend. Come home, lower yourselves to the floor, right into our single leg. Kick, we inhale to position. Find that beautiful upper back extension plays one handout in front of you and the other. Press down through your hands a little more and maybe lighten the load on your triceps or on your elbows rather, which will make you feel your triceps more. Lift your two legs up. And here we go. And exhale. Exhale. Good.

Get a nice flow here with this exercise. Inhale and exhale. So there's a little pumping of the knee, their hamstrings and glutes. Definitely working upper back and abdominals working. But find the joy in the movement, the pleasure and breathing and moving.

One more time. Two legs are straight. Gently lower down. Turn your head to face one direction. Take your hands, it's high up your back as you're able to here. Inhale, stretch the body here. Open the heart. Legs are lifted. Look the other way. Hands up the back and we pump one, two, three. The legs. Inhale, stretch. Open the heart. We look the other way and we pump one, two, three. And we inhale, we look the other way. We pump one, two, three, and again. So again, really see if you can feel these positions. Find the edges and enjoy.

Last one here. Gently release your hands by your shoulders. Push yourselves up and in. Sit back on your feet. Resting for a moment and the rest pose. Feel the calm breathing in and breathing out. [inaudible] one more breath here and then come forward to your hands and knees.

Find yourself lying directly on your side. You have two straight legs and a nice straight arm. Your handout in front of you squeezing the legs together. We lift the legs up and we lower down. Now option one, you can keep the hand pressing or resting if you will on the mat. Option two, you can take your arm up by your side and find balance. Boy, I am unbalanced today. My Hands gonna stay there. Uh, so exhale to lift those two legs up. You want to think about using your waist muscles, keeping your legs together and breathing. Hold here.

Use both arms to help find your way up to that same position where we're maximizing the external rotation of the shoulder. We did that before. Remember, keep your hands here if you want or place it here. If you'd rather lift the leg up and we kick forward and back and forward and back. Ideal breath. Exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale. Exhale. Inhale. One more time. Exhale and inhale. Hold. Take your arm up, press into the palm of your hand, push to straight. Feel that leg reaching behind more.

Find the glute. Take the top hand and gently place it down in front of you somewhere. Fingers, palm of the hand and rotate just a little bit. Reach the leg back more. If you feel this in your low back and it doesn't feel good, minimize the position. It should feel like a good idea, like you're growing longer and stretching a little more. Hug your two legs in, holding onto the leg of the glue that you just worked. Sit here for a couple of moments, breathing, releasing and enjoying.

One more moments here and we shift to the other side. So right into our sideline position. Two straight arms, one straight arm, two straight legs. This hand can be down out in front of you for support and we lift the legs up and we lower down. If you feel balanced, feel free to take your arm up by your side. And it's interesting how there is always, it's always in a mystery to know when things will work perfectly and when they won't work perfectly. And so it's not always about finding the answer, knowing why, but for me it's just about being in the moment and saying, oh look at this. I don't need my hand on this slide, but on the other side I did. Okay, so one more time, you'll lift and you'll hold. Stay here. Use your two arms to bring you up to that same position where we're promoting that external rotation. Use your hand here if you need to place it up here.

If you're able to stay, lift the leg, feel pressure in the hand. Here we go. Forward and back and exhale and [inaudible]. Good remembering it all should feel like a good idea. Take the leg back here. We press up reaching the arm.

Hold that. Put the arm down in front of you, the hand somewhere in front of you. So I'm using my fingers here, keeping the other arm flat and I'm going to take my leg back even more and I'm in my mind, I am like a Sphinx pulling forward, right? It feels great to me like a beautiful stretch. Nice work in my glute. Good idea to be here. Hug your two legs in, hold onto the leg, or you were just working. Give your glute just a little bit of love there. I like to rock around here and try to make it so that my two sides of my pelvis are resting.

I'm a big fan of taking moments within the workout to enjoy. I encourage you to as well. And after one more here, we'll come around to our quadramed position once again. So with your hands underneath your shoulders and your knees underneath your hips, stay for a moment. We slide back with one foot. Let me slide back with the other foot. Once again, we're in plank. Be here for a moment. Don't think of doing the pushups today.

Instead think of staying lifted with your whole body, but bend your elbows. Figure out if can you bend them to the side? Can you bend them back without actually going down? So it's kind of like a pre pushup. So you're keeping this idea of lifting up and just to explore.

Bend back and open bend back then open, and then decide which way you want to go to lower all the way down. I'm gonna Choose tricep. Push up all the way down. Take your hands just outside of your shoulders. We're going to inhale to upper back extension. We're going to exhale to pull all the way forward through to that swan position.

If that suits you, straighten your arms. If it doesn't, don't lower all the way down. So remember the option one here would be just to lift to that first part. Use the Xcel to pull forward more, perhaps, maybe not. And we lower down and we'll do just one more like that. You know, we actually to pull forward, feel that beautiful stretch and lower all the way down.

Place one hand down and rest your forehead on that hand. Bend the other leg and hold on. So just enjoy a nice quadricep stretch here. Do you want a little bit more sensation? Try pressing your pelvis down, hollowing your abs in, and perhaps lifting your leg up and that might give you a little more sensation. And then you can also bring your foot toward your bottom. Breathing in [inaudible] and breathing out changed sides.

So we stretch now the other legs so you can rest your forehead on your hands under your forearm and then pull your foot toward your bottom. Think of pressing down through your pelvis, hollowing your abdominals inward a bit, and then you can lift the thigh up if it makes sense and pull the foot closer to you. So again, this should feel like a good idea. Any of those options should make you feel like you're stretching more or in a different way. If it doesn't feel good to step back a layer or two and then gently release that. Just a quick pass into child's pose. A rest pose here. So sit back in that child's pose for a moment. Let your forehead rest come back through to your hands and knees and why we're here. While we're here.

We might as well try a few pushups. I don't see why not. So here, tricep pushups or peck pushups. Your choice. I choose triceps. Let's aim for five here we've got one and we've got two. Okay, one more time. Lower all the way down. Wow. Then both legs hold onto the tops of your feet here and pull your legs toward your bottom. You can rest your head down.

And then I want you to first kind of use your abdominals a bit. Push your feet to your hands and find that beautiful rocking bow pose. Oh, then lower down. If you're experienced and you want to go into the rocking exercise, feel free to, otherwise we just sit with this position for a few moments today and lower town. Or you can also return to the position where you hold just one foot and stretch one quadricep. Always an option. Eh, n lower town.

So from here, release your legs. Tuck your toes. Push yourselves back to your hands and knees this time. Walk your feet in a little bit and keep that toe tuck with your hands, pushing into the earth. Push the feet or push into the feet and maybe try lifting your knees. See if that feels like a good idea, a stretch. If it hurts, then change it around a little bit so it doesn't hurt.

It should feel like a good stretching, perhaps discomfort in your feet or your ankles. And you can roll a little side to side if that suits you. And if not, don't. And then lift your hips up high and settle yourself in. What is a upstretched position in pilates or downward dog in Yoga? Try Bending one knee and press into that foot, enjoying that stretch.

And then change sides and breathe in mode and change sides and breathe in mode. And one more time. Changing sides with your two heels high. Bend your knees, pressing like with your hands, pressing into your feet and then shoot forward to your plank. And then we press back again and we shoot forward to the plank. And just one more time back. Shoot forward to the plank. We're going to lift the hips up, walk the feet inward.

So we're kind of in the center of the Mat. Maybe let your head dangle, let your arms dangle. I'm crossing my arms here so I can just get a full release. Feel free to do that. I am not holding my shoulders back. Mm. And then slowly allow your arms to soften down and roll yourself up to standing.

So feel free to bend your knees if you need to. Okay. And then when you come up to a standing position, feel your two feet underneath your hips. Take a big breath up in her looking up and take a breath out. Okay, we rolled down, shaping the roll down a little bit more here.

Keep your abdominals engaged and don't go to your maximum. Just feel, feel the ease of the movement. Inhale here. Use An exhale to roll up. Okay. And one more. Inhale. Exhale to peel forward. [inaudible] okay. And standing tall. Open your heart.

Feel your head stacked on your spine. Breathing in and breathing out. Close your eyes if it makes sense. Keep them open if you need to open your heart. So turn your palms open and feel that openness through your heart. Send your head back a little bit just to make sure it's not forward.

Breathing in and breathing out. We take the hands down with the inhale and then we take the hands up with the exhale, the hands gently down, mimicking the diaphragm with the inhale and up with the exhale and inhale down, hand up. And just one more time how down and exhale up. Hello your arms to rest by your side. Open your eye and I thank you so much for playing.

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Thank you for this effective class; perfect flow and I enjoyed it a lot...
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Thank you Sarah! I loved this challenge ❤
Glad to hear Mari !
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Thanks Sarah nice challenge. I wish they had been a wee bit longer ☺️  Lots of nice stretches in there 
Thanks for your feedback Bridgette...Perhaps next time classes will be a bit longer. Have a beautiful day!
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Thank you for this challenge!  Gently challenging, and helped build awareness in both mind and body.
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Last day of a ski holiday in French Alps and this was the perfect way to stretch my overworked quad muscles out. Ready to return to teaching next week with some lovely ideas from your sprinkles and classes Sarah. Thank you - a lovely course. 
Caroline B , I am so pleased you enjoyed the ride. Thanks for playing!!

That was beautiful, thank you!
Lisette-Anne thank you for playing!!

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