Class #3839

Advanced Reformer Flow

65 min - Class


You will test your endurance and stamina with this advanced Reformer workout by Andrea Maida. She flows through the traditional repertoire, talking you through the transitions so you can maintain your pace throughout the class. She encourages you to think about your relationship with the apparatus so that you can use it to create a strong connection to your powerhouse.
What You'll Need: Mat, Reformer, Pilates Pole

About This Video


Hi, thank you so much for joining me today. Today I have an advanced reformer workout and I have a pad, a box, a pole, and also a little towel down near the where the springs are in ca...


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Thanks, Andrea.  Lovely cues and transitions. This one is going in my “Reformer Goal Class” playlist.
Thanks so much for watching Mj and for your kind words :) Keep up the good work! xo
rael pilatess
:) Thank you so much for watching!! 
#Goals! You move with such strength and ease. Thanks for sharing your gifts!
Thanks so much Tiffany - wow that is high praise! Thank you for watching :) xo
Wow, Andrea. You are a wonderful practitioner and instructor. You move both athletically and gracefully. Great class, great cuing, great transitions!
Shannon thank you so much for your kind words! I thank you for watching and for reaching out to connect here :) Keep up the good work!
great workout! loved the mermaid stretch :)
Thanks so much Kate - good job on the workout - and I do love a good mermaid :) xox
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