Advanced Reformer Flow<br>Andrea Maida<br>Class 3839

Advanced Reformer Flow
Andrea Maida
Class 3839

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Thanks, Andrea.  Lovely cues and transitions. This one is going in my “Reformer Goal Class” playlist.
Thanks so much for watching Mj and for your kind words :) Keep up the good work! xo
Ali E
rael pilatess
:) Thank you so much for watching!! 
#Goals! You move with such strength and ease. Thanks for sharing your gifts!
Thanks so much Tiffany - wow that is high praise! Thank you for watching :) xo
Wow, Andrea. You are a wonderful practitioner and instructor. You move both athletically and gracefully. Great class, great cuing, great transitions!
Shannon thank you so much for your kind words! I thank you for watching and for reaching out to connect here :) Keep up the good work!
Kate A
great workout! loved the mermaid stretch :)
Thanks so much Kate - good job on the workout - and I do love a good mermaid :) xox
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