Advanced Reformer Flow<br>Andrea Maida<br>Class 3839

Advanced Reformer Flow
Andrea Maida
Class 3839

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You got me at the single elf elephant ... what a challenge post bank holiday
Hi Heidi :) Thank you so much for watching and good job for you! Yes those 1 leg Elephants are no joke LOL xo
Just watched and can’t wait to do this one!!! Thanks so much for your joy and enthusiasm in the work!
I LOVE working out with Andrea - fantastic transitions and very challenging, comprehensive sequencing - many thanks!
OMG Thank you so much Megan!! Thanks for watching and good job for you - those exercises at the end - well all the exercises really LOL - can be such a challenge :) Keep up the good work! xox
Christine - thank you so much for watching and for your kind words about my obsession with the Pilates Method LOL - see how you do and please share your thoughts and successes here with us. Cheers to you! xox
Lisa O
I’m a Stott trained instructor and know the exercises, maybe by a different name and order, but still appreciate cueing which I found missing in many exercises. I have a different machine to so giving a heads up to the exercise we’re going into rather than just giving spring tension changes would be great, we may not be the same strength either.
Hi Lisa, thank you so much for watching and for sharing your feedback. If you have specific exercises you noticed where you'd be interested in hearing more info about how to better execute them please share this with me :) It's always my intention to let you know which exercise we're going in to and to share a thought or two about how to do it more properly as well. Thanks so much! xo
Lisa O
I was going to revise my comment but see you responded, Andrea. I actually injured my neck and hand doing the overhead (I thought it was going to be short spine but it’s actually jack knife in other pilates methods) . The issue was you said inner springs and outer springs but I don’t have that machine. What is the tension, every machine is different. I put too much tension on and the carriage slammed back to the stopper because once I pushed out and put legs overhead, all the tension couldn’t be sustained and slammed me back in.
Hi Lisa - thanks for letting me know this specific confusion. The Short Spine Massage and the Overhead (very similar to the Mat exercises Jackknife) are done with 2 springs. I am not which Reformer you are working with but I would suggest the same springs you use for Short Spine Massage would be appropriate for the Overhead as well. You can of course do Short Spine Massage after the Hundred if that works better for you - and then either leave out the Overhead entirely or put it in after the Short Box Series when I do the Short Spine Massage. I hope you find this to be helpful - and thank you again for watching :) 
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