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Power Pilates teacher Niedra Gabriel teaches an intermediate flow class focusing on rhythm and technique. Niedra provides details on how to take some of these intermediate exercises to the advanced level in this continuous high paced workout. Enjoy!
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Okay, so we're going to be doing intermediate flow class today. That means, um, there's an assumption that you all know what you're doing and you know what your body needs and wants. There's modifications that you want to apply. You apply them. We're going to be taking some of the exercises and doing the more basic, intermediate, moving them into more advanced, intermediate. We do some variations because intermediate is a vast range of levels actually.

So we're not going to do all of it, but we're going to do a lot of it. So come to the front of your math when your heels together. So you standing in Pilati stance, hold onto your elbows, lift your powerhouse in and up. The links in the tail, links in the waist and fields, front body and back body. Then cross your feet, lift the powerhouse up and cross your feet the other way. Now keeping your weight over the center of your feet.

If you can sit all the way down, pulling your powerhouse in enough and with Nice control, do your feet and slowly roll down onto the mat. One Vertebrae at a time and place your arms long by your sides. Just take a moment to feel those shoulders lengthening away from your ears, the spine long, the tailbone long. And for me, I like the toes and heels together in the knees together so you can hug the midline and feel the innercise pulling in towards your chest. And now bring the knees into your chest for hundreds a length in the legs out. Lift your head and chest up and reach long with the arms.

Start pumping with the arms. Breathing into three, four, five. Exhale. Three, four, five. Keep the arms reaching out through the fingers. Nice. Syn, long, three, four, five. Exhale. Three, four, five, four, two, three, four, five. Now deep in the powerhouse, in and up. Five, two, three, four, five. Exhale. Three, four, five. Aaron, keep the fingers nice and long. Exhale. Oh five, seven, two, three, four, five. Exhale. Three, four, five, eight, two, three, four, five. Exhale. Three, four, five, nine, two, four, five. Even more depth inside. Last two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10.

Hold it in length and even further. Slowly float the legs down, float your head down and take a deep breath in and breathing out. Links in the arms are up to the ceiling and then float them back long by your ears, even to the floor. If you can for roll up, lift the arms up, lift your head in, chest and roll up and reach forward. Pulling the powerhouse in an up and then roll back down broad shoulders away from your ears as the you float down. Arms back and breathe in as you live and breathe out. As you stretch forward and roll back with the shoulders wide roll and arms back and long and again. Breathe in and reach long [inaudible] and roll back. Pulling the powerhouse in, filling up your back ribs and arms back and now fast.

Breathe in and lift and stretch and roll and back and lift and stretch and roll and back and lift and stretch and roll and back and lift and stretch. Slowly roll down, placing your hands by your sides. Very, very good for roll over. Let's have you all move forward on the maps because you'll be taking your legs back to arms, a buyer's side, pressing the pumps into the floor. Check that the shoulder girdle is why collarbones ARIDE for the power. As soon as you lift your legs up to the ceiling and lift the hips up and float the legs over your head towards the mat or floor. And if you can, you touch the floor and push your heels away from you.

Open your legs and push the legs away from you and roll. Roll. Roll down legs to 45 to gates together and lift your hips up and over and take the feet to the floor and put your heels away from you. Open your legs, push your heels away and roll. Roll. Roll down and lift up and over and pause and see if you can get your feet to the floor. Now take your heels and dig them away from you three. You push your hips further, open the legs and put your heels further. Now lift the legs and roll. Roll, roll down.

Bring the legs together and reverse and open the legs out. Up over to the floor and press legs together and press and lift and roll through the power house. And again, open the legs up over and press legs together and press and roll through the spine. One last time to open the legs up over and press legs together. And press now. Pause here. Reach up with your hands and hold your ankles and soften the knees and slowly roll down. See if you can bring your thighs up with the knees Sa.

Bend the knees more, Eric, and that's it. Let the size come onto the chest so you have a deep stretch and keep rolling until you bottom. Hits the Mat and hold onto your right leg and let the left like float to the floor and gently stretch the right leg in towards you to deep stretch in the hamstring and lengthen your left heel away from you. And then take the right hip and lengthen it towards your left heel and put your hands by your sides for single leg circles. Take the left leg over to the left. Circle down, around and up.

Cross down around every time the heel up at the nose, circle down, around and up, cross down, around and up. Cross down around and reverse it and circle round and up and circle. Round and up and circle. Round and up and circle. Round and up. Last one, circle round and up and float the leg down. Slowly lengthening the hip out, lengthening the spine, pulling the stomach in and pause with the heels together for me. Long Spine, narrow hips. Lift the left leg up, whole the Shin or the ankle or your hamstring with your hands and give yourselves a stretch. And as you take that stretch, check that the shoulders are way from your ears. So upper body is very elegant.

The left leg is long. Take the left hip and links in it toward the right ankle. Yes, that's it. Jessica. Hands by your side for the leg, single leg circles. Hands Down, cross to the right, cross down, around and up. Cross down, around and up. Cross down, around and up. Cross down, around and up.

Cross down around and reverse it and circle. Cross over and up and crossover and up and crossover and up and cross over and up. Last one, cross over and up and feel the length in both legs. Left it down and float the leg down. Long leg, long spine, long naval, all the way down. Very, very good. Take both arms and stretch them over your head. And just for a moment, reach long even at the shoulders, come up to touch the mat behind you and reach with your fingers and stretch with your toes. You have a long stretch and then as you'll arms lift to the ceiling to roll up.

Melt into the map with your back ribs gathering to the powerhouse. Roll up to sitting position and for rolling like a ball. Hands by your bottom and pop your hips forward. Hold onto your ankles, knees, shoulders with and if possible your head between your knees, tight little ball, roll back and come back up and balance, balance, balance, balance, balance and roll back again and come back up and balance. You're lifting up out of your lower spine and again, roll back to the shoulders. Roll up to the hips, roll back to the shoulders, roll up to the hips. Now all of them, you pull your heels to your bottom.

Use the strength of your hand that it so the feet are really, really tight to the nod out here. And how close can you get your chest to your thighs? Now can you go up your head right down between your knees so you really compressing. Keep that compression and roll back again. Back. You go and come up and balanced tight little ball and roll back again and come up and squeeze yourself. Now let go the ankles and stay that tight so you're not holding and grow back again. Keep the feet that tight back you go and come up. That's it.

One more time and back you go and come up. Hold that position. Put your hands on your ankles. Shift your left hand to your right knee and slowly roll back control for single leg stretches. So you roll back the elbows a why the right knee is pulled away into your chest for me, and take your right ankle and pull it in towards your bottoms. He really squeezing this leg in.

Switch your legs and squeeze the like [inaudible]. Switch and squeeze. Switch and squeeze. Switch and squeeze. Switch and squeeze. Switch and squeeze. Switch and squeeze. Switch and screes. Switch and squeeze. Bring both knees in and grab your ankles. Tight little ball. Double leg stretches. Reach arms and legs out.

Hold the position. Big Circle and tiny little ball and deepen into that powerhouse. Circle and in and feeling that your arms and right by your ears. Narrow position. Circle and tight ball and reach and circle an in and reach.

Circle and in lift the like students ceiling for scissors like straight up, right. Hold the right leg with both hands and pull it toward you twice. Pool Pool, scissor, Popo, scissor, Popo, fizzer, Popo, scissor, pull. Pull shoulders away from your ears. Now keep going. Flexed feet for extra stretch. Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, legs up, hands behind your head for lower lift. Lift your chest, elbows wide and low. The like, slow, slow, slow. Lift them up fast. Slow, slow, elbows nice and wide. Lift them up fast. Slow, slow, slow, lifted up fast. Everybody lift your chest high or and fast down. Fast down, slower, slower and up. Down fast. Slow up.

Lift that chest. Lift it up. One more time. And lift and lift. Now Chris, Cross left elbow to right knee and twist to the right. Right about way back. Switched to the left at way back. Switched to the right way back, switched to the left knee. Way Back. One more time. Switch to the right and switched to the lap. Both knees in. Drop your head and chest to the map. With your feet down.

Stretch your legs out, stretch arms out. And again, take a deep breath in your legs, your body arches stretch back. Spread your fingers. Point your toes, flex your feet, point the toes again and then gather back into the powerhouse. Fire in your center and roll up to sitting. Position for spine. Stretch forward. Very good. Open the legs out. I am shoulder height now for me, I would like the spine stretch forward instead of flex. Long.

Extended toes to the line is very long. Little bit wider. So for all of you, yes, just outside your mat right now. Deep breath in, shoulders down and breathing out. Pull your head in, round the upper spine and start to go forward. The head is diving down between the arms and then roll back up. Roll back up. Shoulders glide down your back. Sit Up nice and tall and lift in the weight. Deep breath in and breathing out.

Roll in long arms length in those elbows. Had power to your shoulders. Then roll back up. Shoulders are down, long arms, long legs, long fingers, tiny waist. And again, wrap your head and round forward. Roll forward. Roll forward. Has a parallel to the shoulders. That's it. And then roll back up. Roll back up. See if you can get even taller. Narrow hips. Lift up even more. Last one, breathing out.

Row rounding in your noses. Go into your naval now hold it here. Take a deep breath in and then breathing out. Even get the crown of your head down, down, down, down, down, deep stretch. Whoa, whoa. And roll back up. Roll back up. Roll back up, sitting nice and tall and bend your feet in and hold your ankles for open like Drucker. So tailbone just and the, see you're sitting between your tailbone and your sit bones.

The powerhouses lifted. The shoulders are down. Extend the legs, bring them back. It's fine to hold behind the knees. So if the hamstrings are tight, bring them up again. Very good and back. Keeping that tail scoop. Bring the legs up and just for fun, bring your legs together. Take them back out. Close the front ribs, Jessica. Yes, and down and hold the ankles if you want to. If you're not, that's it.

And start rocking. So roll back toward your shoulders and roll back up and balance and balance and balance. That's it. Roll back again. Very Good Wendy. And up you go. Shoulders down. Nice. Lift through the spine, roll back and come back up in balance and balance and balance. Very good. One more time. Rolling back and come back up and hold it. Now bring your legs together.

See if you can bring your body close into your legs. You give yourselves a little stretch so the head comes in towards the Shin. That's it. That's it. And then slowly walk down your legs. To set yourselves up for corkscrews.

Just take a moment with your feet just above your hips. The arms along the palms of the hands are very sentient into the floor. The hips are narrow. And we'll start with simple form of corkscrew. Gru, taking a circle to the right, down to the sacred stays on the mat and pause. And now reverse it. Simple form, circle, round and up. Now next version, you lift the sacrum up off the mat.

So you lift your bottom up a little bit. Bottom up, up what? The bottom roll down around and lift the hips. So g, this is probably the hardest, simple, basic version. Circle Round and bottom up. Now roll down and pause for a minute. Roll down, roll your bottom down. This is what's hard. Getting the lower abdominals to work. So when you lift your bottom up, what you don't want to do, Eric, you can bend your knees and put your feet down for a minute, right? You, um, yeah, Wendy too. Just so you rest. It's very tempting to do this.

This is easy lift. You bottom them up, you're Jessica, that's easy. But if your legs are straight up, now lift your bottom up. Yes. So you want that very low part. So the tail Kearns under. So even if you just get, that's what you're looking for, to activate those low area. So the exercise will be lower abs roll down around and lower apps.

Yes. So let's do two, two arms by your side. Lift the hips up, slightly. Roll down. Yes, very good. Circle to the right, down to the left and lift. And now to the left, down around, and lift. Now to the right, down around this time, you take your legs over your head and you lift to a long diagonal and then roll down. Left down, around and up. That's it. So the hips come up to long diagonal and one more set to the right, down around and up and to the left. Roll down, around and up, and then slowly roll down. Soften through the rib cage, pull the powerhouse in and up and float the legs down to the floor. Float them down, float them down.

Very nice and arms over your head. And roll up to a sitting position. Four saw. So open your legs a little wider than the mat and now flex your feet. So take a moment to really push into the heels and pull the toes and the ball of the foot way back. Take your arms out to the side and lift up through the waist. Shoulders are down, twist to the right and reach towards your little toe and stretch one and two and three and come back up and sit up nice and tall and centered and twist to the left. Twist and reach forward which one?

Reach to reach three and come back up and sit center. Very good. Twist to the right again. Now head goes to your knee, back on the pump goes up and pull those arms apart. Stretch one, stretch two. So you really reach the arm depart, come back up and sit up tall, flex your feet, twist the other hat side and pull the stomach way in and up. Breach and two and three and sit up nice and tall and centered and twist to the first side. Head in and pull back with that back on two and three and sit up nice and tall and centered, twist to the other side and reach one long arms pulling way apart and three and come back up and, and relaxed for a second.

So when we do saw no, there's lots of variations of this in spine, straight forward we were working very circular movement. So you're crawling and you're opening up the vertebraes because your Po, you're contracting your front party. I like to go one more time for sa with this in mind that you're curling your head in on yourself so you're not working at twist. It's more of a curling into the head is going towards the knee, but the arms are pulling way apart. So there's a big stretch and ringing out of the lungs.

So arms to the side, lift the chest way up. Hands go right to the side. Lift that chest up, that twisted the right and right arm, back, left arm forward which one much better. Two and three. Sit up tall and lift with the other side and saw that little toe walk. Reach one. Reach to reach three. Sit Up. Nice and tall and lift. First side again, twist and reach one.

That's it. Two and three. That's good. Aaron and lift up nice and tall and other side within reach. One reach to reach, reset up nice and tall. Bring your hands together in front of you, her legs together and slowly roll down nice and long. Articulating through your spine on the way to the mat and roll onto your stomach force one dye so that have you roll over.

And when he's grinning, oh okay. Simple variation. Fingertips under your forehead. Legs are long. You can have them hip with the part or heels together. Pull the powerhouse in and up. Narrow the hips and lift your elbows, your fingers and your forehead off the mat. Lengthen the spine and lower back down and lift up, lengthening through the spine and lower back down.

And one more time. Lifting up, lengthening through the spine and lower back down. Very nice hands under your shoulders or by your ears, wherever it, depending upon your flexibility of your back. Lift up first full spot. One Swan dive so nicely. For the powerhouse at broaden shoulders. Linkedin from your heels through the tail ready. And here we go. Reach the legs up and the arms up and the legs up and the arms, legs, Aron. Great. That's it. Very good. One more time.

Lovely work. And relax. Sit back to your heels for a minute. Pull the power in and up and stretch. Child's pose. Label goes way into, open up that lower spine and come forward again for single leg kicks. So let's have you stretch your arms out in front of you for a minute. Karate Chop, little finger side on the mat.

And now as you your chest up, draw the hands. And so start to pull the chest up, bend the elbows, make fists with your hands and bring the knuckles of your hands together. So Jessica, this way, that's it, Wendy. A little bit for that this way. Yes, that's it. So you're kind of pressing the knuckles together. That's it. Long spine, elegant chest. And just for moment, lengthen your size away from you so you feel the length and just a test.

Take your right leg and bend it in for a minute so you open up the quad. That's it. So there is a knot. That's good. Okay. Lengthen the legs out. I just want to be sure you opening and lengthening the quad. Now pull the stomach up, legs together if you can ease together. Keep the stomach lifting.

Take your right foot and point and flex and stretch the leg down. Left leg point, flex and down and point flex. Pull the stomach up and point. Flex and down and point. Flex and lift the chest point. Flex and down. Point. Flex and down. Point. Flex and down.

Lower down for double leg kicks. Nose to the right, left ear on the Mat. Hands are bent by your waist or higher for me. One hand holding the other. So Aaron, not that like that. That how high can we get your hands up your back if possible. That's right. Ooh, you're all lovely and loose.

This is great. You see if you can get those elbows down, that can really stretch out those deltoids and shoulders quite a bit. That's it. Every time. Elbows towards the floor. Now legs are long, narrow hips. Bend your knees and kicked three times. Kick to three. Take the arms back, squeeze the shoulder blades together and lift that chest up, up, up, and press the thighs down. Lower down, head to the other way.

Kick to three and pull back and stretch and lift up. Pan First sight and keep two, three and pull back. Feet touch the floor. And if the chest, other side, pick two, three and press a little bit further up. Further up, further up and first side kick and pull back and lift and other side kick to three Paul back and lift. Lower down, hands under your shoulders. Pull the power setting up as you sit back towards your heels. Child's pose.

Nice long stretch length in the spine. For a minute, relax your head. Bring your hands by your feet just for a moment to let the elbows drop so that the eggs so that you're draping and rounding your back just so that everything open. And then come onto your backs for neck pool. So what's your legs long? Your hands behind your head, your feet, hip width apart and flexed. That's it. So just for a moment, feel the length into the heels. The elbows are wide.

Lift your head and chest and keeping the elbows, whites. If you can, roll up to a sitting position, deepen into the powerhouse. Take your head down to you and you say you dive in towards your legs. Lift up nice and tall. Elbows are wide. Nice. Lift through the spine. Press the heels away from you as you lean back, long back, long spine, and then reluctantly articulate all the way down and elbows out. And again, rolling up, deepening it into the powerhouse.

Elbows up had way, way, way down. Flex your feet as you set up nice and tall, length in the neck. Lengthen up and lean out. Lean out, lean out and reluctantly articulate through that spine all the way down. And again, roll up, deepen into the powerhouse. Bring that head way down between your legs. Very good.

Push the heels away from you. Lift up nice and tall, lean back, elbows wide, lean back, lean back, long neck and then reluctantly roll down. Roll down. Very, very good. Place your hands by your side for bridge and bend your feet up close to your hips. Feet will be hip with the part with the feet going straight forward. Deepen into the powerhouse and tilt your table and just Sunday you and then roll up through the spine until you making a long flat plane from your armpit to your knees. Imagine the knees stretching way away from you. Collarbones are wide and slowly roll down. Soften that chest.

Yes. All the way down. All the way down, all the way down. Nice, long back and again, tilt the tail under you and roll. Literally massage through that spine and lengthen the size away from your armpit to knees. Nice and long, long fingers and slowly punching you in the chest as you saw from the sternum to drop back to the floor. Long tailbone and again to out the tail and roll up. Roll up, roll up.

Lengthening those ties away from you so you don't lift up too high. Their long flat plain and then soften. It's like someone's drug. Drop this. That's it. That's it. Roll, roll. Roll the flat. Very good. Lengthen the legs out. Bring the arms up to the ceiling with the shoulders down. Adjust for a moment.

Now if you take your arms back to keep the shoulders down, keep the backlogs a little bit different. More control in the shoulder girdle. Bring the arms up and roll up to a sitting position and take your arms to the side for spine twists. So nice flex feet. Really push the heels away from you. That's it. Aaron heels together. Sit Up nice and tall. Imagine a ribbon holding your ankles together.

Keep the arms to the side and twist to the right twist and pulse. Back to the center, to the left. Twist and pops back to the center. Twist and pots. I love it. All of you are having very quiet thi this is great. Twith and pulse. Back to the center.

Twist and puff back to the center. Arms in front of you. Reach through the fingers and then roll down onto your back. Nice slow roll all the way down and roll onto your right side for single leg kicks. So place yourself on the back part of your mat. Left-Hand is in front of your chest. Lift the legs up and bring them to the front of your mat and put them down and flex your feet.

Now check that the shoulders are down. It powerhouses up. So Jessica, let's have your feet further forward, right? The hand is opposite your sternum, about 12 inches in front of you. So certain amount of space, and unless you have neck problems, I'd like you with your hands like that. If you can. There's some variations. Can you get the armpit on the floor? So there's, that's it.

Now pull the shoulders down and pull the ribs long. Right? Right, right. So you stretch out this area of the armpit and the kind of into the triceps. It can be get really tight. Lovely, lovely, lovely. So take your top leg with your feet nicely, flax, and take the top leg and lifted up just a little higher than your own hip. Now from your waist, push out.

Now pull your stomach up and lengthen your tail under you. So you're, the feeling is length. And then lower the leg down. See if you can make it longer than your bottom leg. So lift your leg up, length and tail under your long stomach and low down. Tractioning that like out and lift the leg up and lower it down. Flex the foot even more, Wendy. Yes. So you're pushing that heel away from you and down and lift the leg and keep the shoulders wide and your focus straight forward rather than down.

One more time. Lift the leg and down. Very good. Now lift the leg nice and long for forward and back. Swings of foot should be just in line with your hip. Take the leg in front piles. Pulse and long back and pulse.

Pulse and long back and pulse. Pulse back and pulse. Pulse, back, back. Keep the foot exactly in line with the hip so that's a little too high. Chrissy little or were there it is back, back and forward. Forward and back, back. Bring the leg back together.

Now we're going to do the same variation, but we're going bigger with our movement. You're all strong, well trained. You have strength, so now you want to let the body to go. To a bigger movement. The body has to bend a bit more. So see you can get the leg higher, more to the back. So there will be some movement, but you already have the strength and tone cause moving bodies are good bodies but have to be able to control it. So lift like hip height and he's, let's see how far you can go forward, forward and reach far to the back. Yes, forward, forward. Keep the shoulders down more and more.

When forward forward and reach logs, you feel the leg from the base of the ribs back, back, air. And so good forward, forward and back, back and forward. Forward and back. That good leg on top of leg. Very nice. Take your top like turn it out and kick the leg high to the ceiling. Up to the ceiling. Flex and like down and lift the leg and flex the leg down and lift the leg and extend through the heel and lift the leg. And then now fast, then lift and down and lift and down and lift.

Lift and down. Last one and down. Very good. Lift that leg. Hip Height. Little circles. And as you circle, bring the heel to touch, caress the bottom like circle and the circle should be half in front, half behind the bottom length. So make sure it's, that's it. So you balance a circle right over the bottom leg is your central points. Now reversive circles and circle and reach it and reach it and reach it and reach it and reach it. Reach it and reach it. And now, big circles, bring the leg in front of your hip. As the leg goes up, turn the knee out now lift through the leg, bring the hip forward as the leg goes back long behind you and again forward and lift the leg up without keeping the knee turned out. I mean, and back long.

Good. Forward and up and lift that stomach long behind you and together reverse it. Take it back and lengthen the stomach as a maid comes up, Jessica. Very nice and forward and back. Shoulders down, Wendy. Lift up.

That's better and long and back and up and log. You have to walk your partner, Huh? Okay. Take your top leg, bend it in front of you. On the math. Hold onto your heel unless you have. That's good. Now take the top hip and lengthen it down and lengthen your bottom leg and flex your bottom foot and lift the leg up. Lower down Aaron flex even more. Yes.

Are you pushing to that heel and down and lengthen through the back of the niece of the knee is long and lift and down and lift and down and lift. Stay here. Point your foot and circle here. Circle one big circle. Up and up. So you make that inner thigh work and five reverse it and one and two stretch the knee even more. Jessica. So the limbs are very long and fi lower the leg down.

Take the other leg on top of it. Pull the powerhouse in and up and lift both legs up and down and keep the hips stacked and down and lift the legs and down and lift the legs and down. Lift the legs, keep the leg in the air. Take the low bottom. They can go down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, upload and legs down. Roll onto your stomach. Fourth single leg kicks. So forehead on your hands, fingertips, elbows to the side, heels and knees together. So Very Sike Pilati stance. That's it. Now tighten the hips and press your hip, hip, bone, and pubic bone into the mat. Now that's it.

Air and lift the legs up off the mat and open and close the leg sideways so you have little beats. One, two, five, six. Lift the legs a little higher. Three, five, six, seven, eight. Lift the legs, his heart. Five, six, seven and eight. Lower the legs down. Good work. Hands under your shoulders. Power has set it up and sit back toward your heels. Stretch your spine out, tail and powerhouse up and long spine. And just hold this position. Take a deep breath in and breathe into your sacred and breathe out.

And one more time. Deep breath into the whole spine. Moves and breathe out and then stretch out on the other side. So again, you want the lie at the back part of your math. If possible, I would like elbow, arm, pit, shoulder, hip, and along the back part of the mat and then lift the legs up and bring them to the front of your mat and put them down. The hand would be just the sub space between your solar plexus and your hand. You want the powerhouse up or nuts have your legs a little bit more forward, very flexed feet. So the bottom foot, the little tall is digging in.

It's like your really lengthening that your standing leg. Now as you lift your top leg up, take a moment to press into it from your waist, so you literally push Matt and someone pulling you. Pull the stomach up against that movement and lengthen the tail. Now squeeze your hips and press down and imagine you push down Wendy. Push, push, push, push, push against resistance and lift up as are you pushing against cement and press that down and lift up. Very nice and press down, keeping the heel long and lift up.

Keep the shoulders down and lift down. Two lots of work in the lower body and lift air in that so nice, beautiful work. All of you and down one more and lift and down. Very good. Now lift the leg up, hip height and the first variation. You're powerhouse in your trunk. Your box is stable and pointed.

The Front Pan, front and back, back and front, front and back, back. Keep the body nice and quiet and back. Back. Beautiful. Here, front, front and back. Back and front. Front and back. Back in front. Front. Now big ones and two your nose and far behind and forward. Forward and back. Back and forward.

Forward and lift the stomach and forward. Forward a little bit lower. Jessica, with the foot forward phys. You don't go out and back, back. Bring the legs together. Take a moment to get the length in your spine again. Narrow hips. Make sure you're balanced on your side so your top hip is still on top of your bottom hip. Turn the top leg out. Bottom leg is digging into the floor and kicked to the ceiling.

High up and flex down. Kick up and long down and kick up. Keep the hips quiet. Use that bottom leg to stabilize you down. Kick up and step down our fast and swing and down and swing and down. Swing and down and swing and down and swing and down.

Very, very good little circles. Bring the leg forward up and behind you and two and three, so make sure the circle is happened front, half behind the bottom. Legs six and seven. Now reverse a circle and one and nice and long and loose. Reaching the leg out from the hip and seven and a very good.

Now big circles. Bring it forward, up and long stomach. Reaching the leg away from you. Forward and up and extend through the stomach to reach out to the toes and forward and up. Keep the shoulders down and bring the leg together. Now reverse it. Reach back and lift from the hips and forward and down.

Back and lift. Forward and down. Nice work back and lift and forward and down. Very good. Bring the leg in front of you on the floor and flex your underneath leg. Check that the shoulders are down, away from your ears and you're looking straight forward to the upper body is uninvolved. And you get that length.

Lift the bottom like up and down, and lift the leg and down and lift your leg in through the heel and down and lift and down and lift and down. Lift the leg. Extend through the toes and little circles. Circle one nice and high and three and four and five. Reverse it. One and two and three and four and five.

Lower the leg down. Extend the other leg on top of it. Type long hips and lift the legs up both legs and down. And lift the legs and down and lift your legs and down and lift the legs and down. Lift the legs up and hold them. Bottom leg down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, and lower the legs down and roll onto your backs for teaser. So let's just do teaser prep. Just a moment to get organized. So bend the knees up on the Mat.

Have your hands by your side so you want the feet not too close to your bottom. Just a little bit for the out but together. So nice long position. Take your right leg and extended up the knees. We'll be together. Errands and knees and feet. Tick they're there and I'll keeping the leg there. Lift your head and chest and roll up and reach towards your toes.

Rolling up up you come shoulders down and then roll down and put your hands on the mat and roll up. Reaching the arms long towards the toes and roll down. Very good work. And Roll Up. Stay up there. Take your bottom leg and bring it up. Take your right like, and bend it down and roll down. Hands by the mat, keeping the knees together. Roll up again. I think your, you can bend this foot anymore and roll down and roll up and roll down. Hands on the mat. Shoulders wide. One more time. Roll Up. Nice work and roll down. Very good. Hands on the mat.

Bring both knees into your chest. Lift. Okay. Give yourselves a hug. [inaudible] you deserve a hug. So eyes by your sides now, but we're gonna keep on teasing you legs to the ceiling. Take the legs to a 45 degree angle and roll up towards your toes. Roll Up. That's it. And roll down hands to the mat.

These are harder than the more advanced versions that we say. Roll Up. Take your arms by your ears. Bring your hands forward and roll down. Very good. Roll up again and now three times. Lower the legs down and up. Down and lift them.

And two and three and then roll down. Roll down, roll down to the Mat. Take your arms up and back over your ears and roll up to teas or legs and arms together. Body comes up. See if you can touch your toes. Take the arms back, bring the arms forward again and with control. Roll down. Roll down. Lowing the feet. Very good.

Arms over your head in our roll up and touch toes. Roll Up. Touch your toes, reach back and roll back. Arms back as you roll back. Roll, roll, roll. Roll hands and feet to the mat. One more time. A beautiful coming up open like a flower and roll down. Roll down. Arms, back, legs, long hands and feet. Touch at the same time. Okay, roll onto your stomach for swimming.

Stretch out. Actually, let's have you all come up on your elbows just for a minute. Sphinx pose that is the legs along. Now extend your right arm and your left leg. Right arm up, left leg up. So this length but the both hips stay evenly balanced. Bring the arm and leg down and extend the left leg and the right arm.

Both hips are even on the floor and down. So take a moment to anchor your hip bones into the mat. Yes you can. So you feel that stability of the pelvis. Keep that and see if you can extend the right arm. Left leg without kind of rolling. Ah Ha.

Much better and back and other side. That's it. And back. Okay, now lie down and stretch your arms out in front of you and lift your right arm and your left leg in your head. So same thing and just right arm, left leg and down. Everything comes down and left arm. You can lift your head and chest a little bit and down. Very good. Now, arms and legs up in the air. Everything comes up and start to swim and one and two and big movement. Big Movement. Get those arms up to the ceiling. That's it. That's it.

You got a long way to go and come back down. Nice work. Hands under your shoulders. Pull your powerhouse in and up and sit. Way, way back, and give yourselves a good stretch. Now stay seated. Now come up to a sitting position. Stacey did exactly the way you are. So you just sit up, you're all sitting on your heels and take your bottom and sit over to your right bottom. So you're onto your right hip. That's it for Mermaid, right? Right, right, right. So you're sitting on the right hip.

The left legs are in front of you. Take your right hand out, lift your power sitting up, and take your left arm way up and oversee. Just stretch a little bit into the left side and gently use your right hand to push your left hip into the, into towards the feet. And then come back up and take the left hand and hold your ankle and take the right arm up to the ceiling. Now really use the shoulder stretch up and try to get the arm by your ear and then stretch over. Keep the right arm long so you open up the right ribs, big stretch, and then take the right hand, reaching out to the floor and bend the right elbow and use the pressure from the right hand to push your left hip down and stretch the left arm over. So the Elbow Benz a Wendy. Now you can bend to go a little deeper, deepen in the powerhouse and float up.

You have the head lift up and hold your ankle and stretch in the opposite direction. And now wrap your hand around your head. That's it. Keep the elbow close to you. Even stretch the arm out and come back up and stretch a little bit further out to the right. Bend the elbow retreats. Reach and wrap the hand round your head and come back up and hold your ankle. Lift up and stretch way over to the other side. Wrap the head, round your head.

Now curl your chest to the floor so you look. Nose goes towards the floor and open your chest back out and stretch back up. And now you take your right hand to the floor, stretch your legs out to the side and sweep them around to the other side and bend them in. I love it. You all know what I'm talking about. So take the right hand out and stretch. Keep the arm long for the first one and come back up. Hold your ankle, lift the right left shoulder way, way, way up, and bend long arm.

Don't bend the elbow yet so the arm is long. Come back up, lean out again. And this time you bend the elbow to the floor and stretch. So you really let starting to open up those ribs and come back up. Use a powerhouse. Hold the ankle, lift the waist up and bend to the other side and wrap your hand around your head. Nice stretch, good Christie, and come back up one more time. Stretch out and again, reach. Pull the shoulders up to your EFC.

Really open up under the armpit and wrap and come back up. Hold and stretch in the opposite direction. Curl way over. Now crawl your chest down to close the ribs, opening up that deep area of the ribs and back to the side. Stretch the arm way, way, way out and back to the center. Very good.

And then stretch your legs out in front of you for seal. So bend your knees and good and bring your hands inside and lift your feet up. Pull the shoulders way, way, way down, and lift the powerhouse up. And let's see if you can have your feet about in line with your knees. This is very good. And Clap your feet three times. Clap, clap, clap. Roll back to your shoulders. Clap, clap, clap, roll up, clap, clap, clap, roll back, clap, clap, clap, roll up, clap, clap, clap, roll back, clap, clap, clap. And just, just come up to sitting position.

Do you all know how to stand up seal? Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. No. Okay. Little break. Little break. Little break. I want to go over this cause it's a fun part of the choreography. So frat to stand up. You're going to go, clap, clap, clap. This is your last one. You Go, clap, clap, clap. Now the hands go back.

The feet cross and you have to move fast to get over your feet. If you're not over your feet, you fall back. Now once you stand up, you have to have a good look at your feet. You have what? Legs and back. What's like in front? And you're going to swivel around and you'll be facing the front.

The way you started the whole Mackworth. So the trick is you gotta go fast. It's knows you. If you don't have momentum, you will be fall back. So two more times. The first time is normal. The second time when you go back, you'll do that whole hand thing.

So hold your feet. Here's your first version. Clap, clap, clap, roll back, clap, clap, cap, roll up, clap, top cap, roll back and set this up. That and swing and stand up. That's it. Have a think of where your back like this wave around. Lovely. Bring your heels together and roll down. Row, row, row, row. Roll down and walk out to plank pose, walk, walk, walk, walk, powerhouse, strong, and three pushups down, up. Ooh, power people, and two and three. Now pull the powerhouse up and walk back, back, back, back, back. Roll up to an upright position. Bring the arms up, take the arms down. We will do this again, but a little pointer. As you're walking out, I was seeing a lot of this flopping, but you want to be able to think like you have a straight line. So everything is moving straight forward.

The trick is the placement of the hand. If your hands are quite close, you can control your hips. If your hands are wide, you counterbalance. So this is about counterbalances containing the center. They want to see all your body's going straight down in the line, straight back. So arms up again, nice powerhouse up, long waist, and then roll down and pull that power house up and narrow the hips. Hands to the mat, and walk out without the hips. Swiveling. Yes, three pushups, down, up, down, up, down, up, and walk back. Powerhouse up as you go back. Much, much, much better. Row All the way up. And last one.

Roll Down Paris in, up and walk out again. Hold the position for a minute. Lift your right leg up and down. Left like up and down. I'll pull up house up and walk back. Walk back, walk back. Walk back. Now Hang. Lift up to your fingers are hovering off the floor.

The arms along in three circles here. Circle one head is long and loose. Circle three, reverse a circle. Circle one, two, three. Check a moment. As you hang here that your neck is relaxed, your shoulders are soft, everything is open in the upper body, but there is contained control in the lower body. And shift your weight forward towards your toes and see if you can roll up without the hips going backwards. Oh yes. So you roll up nice and slow. Roll up, roll up.

So you're lining your body up over the center of your feet and let the arms float up. And just for a moment, let the shoulders go up so you get length in your side ribs and let the shoulders come down and links in long, elegant, beautiful neck and float the arms out. The soldiers are draping down the side of your body and bring the arms down. It just take a moment to stand. Feel the nice breath in the chest and the shoulders, floating long neck, and then look out. So you're not looking down anymore. You kind of feel your body, but you know you want to be a human being.

Take a deep breath in and breathing out. Relax and thank you very much. You are very loud.


Just wanted to let you know this video cut out at about 17:35,right after the saw. Tried to play again from there but couldn't, gee just when I got really warmed up lol!
I really enjoyed this workout. Thank you Niedra!
yeah i was getting into it too lol, and then cut out!
We're looking into what might be the problem...
Sarah did your video cut out at 17:35 too?
Excellent classical class. Great cueing and precise details.
Great class, really liked the pace, thank you.
Hi all, thank you, glad you enjoyed the class. I will be teaching every Monday for Pilates anytime so hope you will let me know if there is anything specific you would like covered.
Great class! Such a nice change to see a true classical class taught the way I was taught to teach Pilates. I can't wait for more from Neidra!
Love to hear that Devra! There will definitely be more...
This is great! Would love a beginner reformer and a 30min accelerated workout for us busy moms when time is short! oxo
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