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Mat Workout

60 min - Class


Pilates Anytime Welcomes Pat Guyton to the studio! This distinguished instructor uses her experience to help us understand the nuance of the fundamental Mat work exercises. Enjoy Pat's varied cues that will encourage precise movement patterns resulting in more effective work.
What You'll Need: Mat

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So I would like everybody to start standing and start facing me. And then if you could just stag yourselves a little bit so you can see me comfortably. So everybody should be able to have a good view....


great cues for the neck pull!!!! I could do it without struggling my neck and my hip flexors. Thanks!
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I couldnt find this class??
I am also interested to watch this class. Hope it will be back up soon.

Loved your word pictures as you taught this class. Also purchased a Stretch Out Strap and your book Stretch Out Strap Shoulder Girdle and Arm Work use book and band a lot.You are a great instructor!
Great class! Thank you. Loved the leg cirlce work and the push up combination....the triangle cue. So great!
Love this class! Many great cues and corrections on several movements. Looking forward to take classes from Pat. Thank you.
This was a great class, but I wouldn't classify it as level 1-2... rollover...jacknife, those are much more advanced exercises. Also, & I don't mean to be cheeky when I ask this but when you're referring to the triangle, are you saying 'plop' or 'plot'? Great cues throughout & yes I had a 'neck moment' during neck pull- thanks again!
Thank you! My students hated the Neck Pull. For the teacher, this should be a challenge to find new ways to help the student embody the exercise. What person exclaimed, "OH, That is why it is called the Neck Pull!" Now the class loves it.
Hello Elaine,
The Franklin Method has been a fantastic tool to help me pose images so they provoke a response from the student. They are simple pictures, as you say, of things that people have experienced. Let me know about your SOS work. I have gotten great feedback when applying this tool to mat work.
Hi Kristen,
Thank you for your feedback.
The triangle is a great cue. Everyone knows what a triangle is and the image of keeping it in a horizontal plane or moveing the image in a direction to create functional movement is easy to understand. Teachers can name the ASIS and the pubic symphysis as the "corners" of the triangle when people become more comfortable with the exercises and are ready for more information. Too much, too soon, is confusing and unnecessary. The triangle also defines the "neutral pelvis" which can be open to many interpretations and the differences in anatomy due to genetics, sex, and injury may alter the experience for each individual. I try to find universal tools for teaching.
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