Class #3904

Moving Environments Mat 1

40 min - Class


Use a single prop to help you track your placement and your movements with this creative Mat workout by Jared Kaplan. He uses a Pole as a teacher and as an assist so that you can connect in and sense your body in space. He also keeps a deliberate pace so that you can organize your form and increase your motor control while you are working out.
What You'll Need: Mat, Pilates Pole

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Hi, I'm Jared Kaplan. You are watching moving environments match one. I'm here with marimba and Karus. We're really excited to give you a prop based class. Where did that prop go? Oh, ...

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This was so interesting, I really can see many clients benefiting from the awareness we create by visualizing the spine throughout the movements. Well presented, i will be using this for sure. Many thanks.
Thank you Christine Lynn. Visualization, proprioception and movement are all so important for our clients.  Glad to hear you see how to easily use it for yourself in your work!
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I’m kinda wondering where you’ve been all my life 🤣 I’m loving all of your latest classes building around functional movements. A great  class , well taught , fun work for every- body  - I found I could modify very easily when necessary ...many thanks and appreciation , Jared!
Amy HAHA!  I'm here!  Thanks for the   My pleasure! 
this class is a gem!!!! i love it!!!
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love this stuff....planning to "borrow', esp the sit on heels, hinge, etc seq and pressure pieces!   thank you thank you
Thank you Michelle Unzueta  - what'd you love about it?!  
Jennifer  don't borrow - STEAL EVERYTHING! =)   Let me know how it goes to improve your clients' function, movement pathways, and workout?!
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I love the slow pace of this class to really pay attention and precision what happens. I also like the feedback of the dowel with each exercise and the difference it makes when one holds the dowel with the pinky or the thumb. I will check out where I can get dowels in my town and will try to implement it. I also like the way how it teaches proper standing up - I think this is very functional and important for many clients. Thanks so much! 
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great  work in terms of stabilization and alignment during movements.
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This was amazing - the first session I've done after two weeks off with a chest infection. This really helped me reconnect and reactivate all those tired muscles. The delivery is great, very relaxed but focussed. Loved it, thank you. 
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