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Let go and loosen up with this fluid Mat workout by Kristi Cooper. She works on finding the rhythm in your body so you can keep yourself moving for the entire class. She includes creative variations with the Fitness Ball for exercises like Single Leg Circle, Single Leg Stretch, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Mat, Fitness Ball

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Oct 11, 2019
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Hi everybody. Welcome to class today we're going to use the ball and we're going to move. I'm going to keep moving. I've been moving house and so I'm wanting to loosen up a little bit and that's what today's going to be about is just finding all the rhythms within our bodies and with what this prop can do for us. So doing me just have your ball nearby turn or you can stay facing the way you are. I'm just gonna do the roll down. I like to do just to check in, right?

You have to know where you are so you can feel those differences and I'm not so sure at the moment. So I am looking at my feet. I always have to just see where I am in space. I'm rocking ever so slightly forward and back on parallel feet so they're not together, but they are pointed straight ahead. And then just sort of shifting whatever needs to as I go up the body like okay, my head is right over my shoulders or my ribcage. Hopefully over my hips, over my knees. Maybe a subtle lean forward. Feels good.

Take a deep breath in. Just inhale with or without arms overhead. For me, it feels like that's going to expand my lungs more. Exhale and when the arms get about halfway down, let your head fall forward. I'm bending my knees. I've been lifting boxes so my back finish straight for days. Rounding forward, rounding all the way to the damn ground. Then from here your hands are touching. Your knees are bent.

Maybe they're straight. I am going to inhale to try to straighten them. Oh, there's heaven and bend the knees. Again. I'm going to do two more of those stretching out, just kind of easing into it. Then I'll have to get to straight. Of course I get a straight as I can. I'm going back to the bent position, taking my hands up my shins as I roll back up, trying to articulate through the spine, so that means a pelvis sort of led the way. Once I got up in that direction, take a deep breath in. Oh, I feel better already. Oh, stretch, stretch, stretch, and exhale. When it feels right.

Let your head start to take your body forward, but not as if you collapse supporting yourself all the way to the ground. Bend your knees. You can do that at any point. I'm bending him significantly. Leave the heels on the ground. Exhale, pushing through the fetus. Straighten the legs to more of those knee bends. Bend. Again, this is your chance to kind of see if you can loosen up your low back a little more, aiming towards straight. You can either roll up like that or bend them a little.

I'm going to bend them again, taking care and we roll up. Keeping those collarbones wide standing a little taller than the time before and we're going to do one. One more. Inhale, fill up, like decide. Sometimes you have to create the intention for me. I just need a little buoyancy. That's why the balls here today. Exhale, one is time and [inaudible] enrolled down. We'll go a little quicker here. All the way down as we loosen up. Inhale, bend the knees. It's like the knees. Pull your spine into around position.

Exhale straight. Inhale, bend. If your hands can go flat cause you might need to stretch them too. If you've been on a computer or movie boxes and three hole like straight or bent, you decide. But make this next role up come from the center of your body primarily. So you draw the belly up away from the thighs. Your head becomes heavier, your arms are heavy, you roll yourself up and if your ball is near enough, I'm not sure mine is, but we're going to inhale, reach the arms up. Exhale, let him come back down the side, restart the roll down again.

Find your ball with it. It's not near you. And we're going to, instead of going to the floor this time, our hands are on the bowl parallel or about as wide as our feet and stretch forward now aiming for more of a hamstring stretch in back stretch and inhale, exhale or pull the ball back in. A subtle pressure on the ball helps sometimes to create action. Inhale, lengthen the spine so it's a sense of reaching the tailbone. One way, the head, the other exhale from the deepest, lowest area of your trunk. Start to roll it back in. Do it again in here. You can do this with bent knees too. I start to feel the rhythm of your breath.

Be that thing that moves the ball. Be mindful of where your head is. Kind of think of it as, I don't know, ears lined up with the biceps maybe or upper arm. And exhale, I'm going out one more time. Inhaling to his flat back as I can get. Exhale, bring it back in. Just roll the ball closer to you. Take it out a little bit again. So in other words, I'm, I'm pushing it out, but I'm not going to full extension.

I'm going to maybe what you'd call a tabletop of your back. I'm just testing my balance now and also just checking in with myself. I hope you'll do the same. So moving forward just a little. So as you kind of anchor your upper body with the ball, draw the abdominals in and lighten up on the hands. Slide your left leg back or one leg back and start to float it off the ground.

If you can. Do you want to play with that? Push the ball out as you raise it like more just small and bring it back. Push the ball, raise the leg or tap the leg or whatever you need to do. It's like, Oh, it's all just like checking in, isn't it? It's all like, Oh, I'm here right now. Oh, I was almost over there. Right. And bring it back in. Right on. Okay.

Let's hope for more on the second side, but before I do, I've got to ground again. So both feet flat, just stretch yourself out more. You can reach the tailbone up, you can draw the ribs in a little, but don't get crazy on the abs right now. And then just bringing in enough that you feel like you have some almost direct downward pressure on the ball, but then you've got to lighten up and let the balance takeover. So the other leg, in my case, the right leg goes back and I'm just going to lift it. Oh boy. I thought the other side was tough.

[inaudible] as I roll the ball just a few inches, I'll see if I can lift my leg more and then I bring it back and I lift it again and roll the ball. It's just a subtle like, Hmm. All right, so there you are and bring it back. You can put the legs down. Let's do one more. Both feet down. Just roll the ball away. Kind of almost like a down dog or upstretched like position and around your spine. Oh the way up. And we'll go to the ground for some pelvic curls.

So just going to keep the ball with us with you. Lie down [inaudible] ha and now here you are again. So with the bat, I have to sometimes think of the back of the body because this is very front focused once we move. But if I can feel my the back of my shoulders on the ground, if I can feel broad collarbones if I can feel the triceps and the as much of the Palm and wrist down on the ground as possible, I'm in a good start. Then the backs of the feet are the bottoms of the feet. Can you feel them? Because that's gonna be our direct connection to the hamstrings, the back of the legs. From here. Inhale. And for just a moment, exhale. Pretend you're gonna roll your butt up off the ground, but don't just exhale and engage as if and let go and maybe just notice you. Where do you grip if you do it all, let it go. Inhale, we'll go up on the swim ball going kind of slow. Start the exhale.

Let the belly sink, let the spine curl. Be light on that ball. But also there's a subtle drag downward of the ball. As you continue to roll up, up, up, and use the back of the arms. You're standing on them to inhale and from the top of your throat roll down. Soften. That means your feet still have to be connected.

So you have somewhere to reach your spine too. And then just kinda notice what the ball's doing. Mine's kind of like head loo like a feather in the air. Inhale. Exhale, roll down. I mean roll up. Here we go. [inaudible] looking for space, even though we're in this position, inhale and from the top and didn't I even kind of think of the front of the body, almost let the front of the body go cause you know are those content points are on the back all the way down. And inhale at the bottom. You've fully released those hip flexors. Get a break there, exhale, roll up, and then they get a stretch up here. If that ball starts to get away from you, you know what to do, pull it in. If you cramped, just come out.

Inhale and exhale all the to more email. Find more space you can and then just kind of notice your patterns. If there are any that stand out. Inhale and exhale. [inaudible] we're doing one more here. [inaudible] here you are at the top. Hold. Isn't that nice?

Recommit. So there's a tendency to kind of drop your tailbone here. I'm asking you to bring the front, the pubic bone towards your chest bone more and keep your feet on the ball. Completely. Stretch the legs out as much as you can. Pull them back in and lift the hips. As you do, stretch the legs out. There's the back of your body, isn't it?

And then you've got to watch what those ribs are going to do. Have you kind of separated yourself? Don't keep it all connected front and back and your legs will feel it for sure if they don't. That's my suggestion. Make sure you haven't lost that bridge between the legs and the upper body at the pelvis, Ferraris. And one more time. [inaudible] come back to event knee.

Stay up on it and roll yourself down from there. Just stretch the legs out. Flex the feet strongly like you're doing footwork. Ben, did it. Do a few. Those roll through flex. Try to feel your feet even though they're just in space primarily and just extending my legs. So I like seeing the feet, stretching out the toes where possible while I bring it in enough. Now that you can, it's pretty close. We're doing what we call supine twist. Our arms are going to go out to the side and a T position.

I have both feet on the ball and together I think I'm going to lift my heels a little for the first few. What I'm trying to do is keep the knees completely the same as if it's one leg. We're going to just take the ball over to one side. That means the opposite hip is going to come up. Both shoulders sit down. So there's a just a small rotation. Exhale, bring it back to center.

If you can keep the feet on the ball. Do I think most of us probably can. Inhale over and exhale. [inaudible] center. Inhale over. It's worth a quick check. Are your knees lined up side by side? Exactly. That means I guess one of the feet has to lift ever so slightly back to center.

Not much. The other side, the rotation coming from the waist. Oh, that feels pretty good, huh? And this time, inhale over. Take the top leg, keep the knees themselves bolted together and just extend that top leg reach long but make that reach come not so much from the leg but from the waist. Refold it and come back the center as if all the energy is being generated from the center of the body. We went the other way. We keep the knees bolted, we stretch the leg, we draw it back in and from the rib cage or somewhere around there. Bring it back to center.

Inhaling over top leg extends in how refold that top Lightsey touched the ball and from the middle of your body. Exhale and draw back to center last time. Inhale over. Exhale. Top leg reaches. Stretch it longer. Make it come from the waist to the back side of the body. Again. Refolded inhale, start that exhale and back to center. Stretch the legs out. Flex the feet.

Really pull those toes back and then drag it back in. One more of those. Strips the toes out. Stretch the legs out. Come on back and just before you think it's going to be all laying down. Simple. Roll yourself up and we're going to sit on the ball for more AB work. So let's keep this party going. Let's keep it heating up.

Let's keep loosening up. Let's keep the fluff sitting here. I'm going to just ask you to be upright, to feel the, the crown of the head reaching straight up the tail bunk through the bond. Just bounce a little. Seems maybe silly. I don't think so. This is it. That's why I jump on the trampoline. It's this feeling of like, okay, if I can let go a little bit, it's gonna make all the fluidity of other movements happen more easily. So just a little bit of like, okay, I can play just a minute and now I'm about to do my AV.

Are you ready? Yes, of course, Christie, let's go. So we walk out, you may have to adjust yourself as you go because what you're looking for is some options here. But right now the focus is going to be this sense of support from the base, that pelvis. So I'm doing this what feels like a little bit of a tucked pelvis. It doesn't look tucked, but it is supporting my hands fully, my head fully with my hands. And I want to be in a position where I can actually enjoy the reach over the ball and from there. So there's not a big drop of the pelvis, right? You have the tuck of the pelvis, you have some glute action, you have your feet grounded from there. Roll your head up, roll your neck up, roll your spine forward, not so high. Try not to move the ball, go back again. It's like back in the 80s right? Do that.

Push your spine into the ball and start to just play with your own energy. In this, you can exhale, you can soften. How little do you need to do to make this action happen? And most likely if you're not driving too much into the feet or other places, you can feel more in the abdominals. I am exhaling up. You can do it either way. Take that big stretch. Try not to let go the pelvis, exhale, letting the arms go with you. If you want to make it a little harder, you can lace the hand or not laced the hands one hand over the other and hold your head with your upper arms.

Not everyone can do that given lat size and ability in the shoulder, but that makes you heavier. So otherwise just think about focusing on, I'm pushing my spine into the ball, which is making the rest of me curl. That's it. That makes the apps work, at least in that direction. On the next one, we're going to stay in the curl. I'm going to curl up my stay there with see our knees and without shifting the pelvis or the ball one way or the other. You're gonna rotate towards me. Rotate towards me. Stay high and above. As you come through the middle, push your spine into the ball more and go the other way. Don't move the ball.

Don't drop one hip either. I know it's always all these rules. The other side since slower cause I want you to feel that the weight change isn't very big. If at all, one side might feel like it doesn't want to play or that it does, depending on how you look at it. Keep the hips up. Don't drop foam. I don't want to drop them. Sometimes I find my head is kind of pulling out of my hands. Don't do that either. A lot of tones today. Sorry about that.

That's not my style usually, but anyway, enjoy yourself while I do it. The other side keeps it going. As we get back to that first side, stay there, let the opposite arm reach across. It may or may not touch the thigh, but I just want you to check that that hip is still as high as the other and then reach straight forward. Right straight forward. Even as I go forward, there's a sense of pressing backwards in the ball, a bit of a theme of that, um, feeling of the backside of the body to make the front side work more. Go to the other side. I put my hand back just to do that. Get there. Oh, I want to shift. I'm not going to opposite arm and we reached forward.

So we're kind of already there, right? We don't have to back away much. We get to just go, huh? Oh yeah, there it is. Right? I feel that or I don't. And how can I give it two more? That's equal on your feet as possible. Put your hand back, come back to the center, curl into it more, but also lift your hips to then keep your hips where they stretch yourself back with the upper body. It feels all right and then we're coming forward sort of like coming down into a bit of a squat, so make sure you're secure on the ball and then you just lifting almost straight up so it's back into a bit of a shoulder bridge, pelvic curl kind of thing, pushing straight from the feet into a flat back.

You can get to where you actually rest your head on the ball, depending on the size of the wall, but it's not critical if your hands are there. Think of it as like your assisted squat. Don't roll your way deep there. You pushed directly up with the pelvis. Try not to thrust the ribs more than you do the hipbones and dancy again. Feel the backside of the body lift and down. There is some action on the ball. Not much, but some.

I suppose it's different for the length of your body and so on. But anyway, little support for a really important action. Let's do five more. One. Support your head. If it's not touching that ball too. [inaudible] here's three [inaudible] and one more holding it up, holding it up, drop the ribs, press the pelvis higher, and then start to walk yourself back. You can free your hands at any point to sit yourself back up. Bounce again, right on. Okay, next one. Taking ourselves back to the floor. You're up, you're down. Taking the ball back around in front of you. [inaudible] lay your legs over the ball and you'll adjust it as you go, as to where it is exactly. Good for you.

But we're going into a little bit more abdominal work and also some legwork. So for now, just gently press down on the ball with both legs, but lift the right leg right after you do. From there it's going to reach across the body and open it out again. Try not to move the ball, reach across the body, open it out again, and it's almost like a leg circle and it will be in one more rep. from here, we're going to cross over our circle down to the other foot. And all the way back to the stop to the top, cross down around and stop at the top.

Cross down around, stop two more and one more over, down around, up. Reverse that. So we'll go outside, circle around, hold the top. So you start to feel maybe that that lower leg is your anchor. It'll wobble but you can minimize it. I find if I try not to grip with my foot and I just think of the hamstring or just pushing down on the ball on better. Last one, hold it there and then we lift up. We come down, we lift up, we come down, we lift up, turn out to grip either foot, two more, one, one more and let the top leg come down.

Other side we did a little tick tock action for it so you can slightly turn out your leg. Find the backside of the leg that's on the ball. If you can first cross over the body, open it out across, over the body. Open it out, finding some freedom in the limbs. Here comes the, this circle we crossed over. Yeah. Big doesn't need to be to the top, cross down around. What can you do to minimize motion?

Other places that still hold on strong to more reverse it. Otherwise I take it down around that side. It's harder for me. Whoo. I can't, that's not even a circle. That's all right. That's all those stairs I've been playing. That's okay. And from there up, good. From here we're lifting straight up and down, straight up.

And three more. Notice what your feet do. Try to relax him. She says one more and front there. Did they come down both legs or on make it so that feels balanced. We're going to appeal ourselves up one more time. I'm going to drag the ball in as we continue to raise up and he hit the hips and we press it back down. Flex those feet. Just one more of those as we draw.

Sorry. As we pressed down into the ball, we pointed toes. Then we bend and lift the hips and roll down. Stretch the legs out. And from there we're going to let the legs come down. It's kind of straddling the ball to hold it. And we roll up. Exhale, reaching right up over that ball as if the bowl could come right into and roll it back down and arms back. Inhale, you can either, you know, palms down as a little more on the traditional side. And I really like to turn them out to a cause. That's how I learned it.

But also, you know, again I'm back to the heavy boxes and lifting and computers and all that. It just feels really good to keep it open. As I go down, I lightly think about squeezing the ball. I'm not doing much with my toes. That would change the effect, but I am imagining that my entire inner thigh could squeeze it and up this time. Take your hands to the ball, palms down, keep your feet flex, stretch yourself forward, forward, forward and roll back up. Hold the ball with your feet. Roll yourself down, arms back and bring them back down by your side. Skewed onto your mat.

And we're heading into single leg and a double leg stretch. So both feet on, we're going to take our hands for now behind our heads. Curl ourselves off just like the fours. If the ball were in our backs and we're pressing our spines into the back, elbows wide, but you know, manageable from here. Keep your right foot on, hold the left knee in extent. Pull it back in.

Switch. Stay curled up. Just straight ahead. Single leg stretch. You could hold your knees too. I kinda like the extra little flex for the foot just to get all the motion. Stay curled up like you're trying to drag the ball to you and you go toward the ball. PRRS and pool and Bress and pork per wrestle allows for us to just kind of let the leg, not rest on the ball, but it gets a little support.

You can even slightly push down on it. Four, three, two, same action one but now we turn into the bent knee, pull it in, rotate. Think of going shoulder to HIPAA and on this version, shoulder to hip. Bone, knees are brushing past each other. You're using that ball, you're driving it straight ahead. Notice where you, if you're pushing it off to one side, let's go a little quicker. Four four, three, three, stay up. Two, two, and here's one and one. Both knees in head goes down for a moment. Bring walk the ball and even closer to you. Grab onto your knees, curl your head, neck and shoulders up. And now with double leg stretch, we inhale, reach everything out. You're not resting those legs. Exhale, drag it back. Inhale, reach out. Exhale, drag it back in.

Inhale, reach, exhale Paul. It's a subtle sense of I'm pushing downward on the ball, getting the backs of the legs to work so my front body works even harder, believe it or not. How many more? Let's go for one. Exhale. I mean healing out and two that might've been five but that's her, right? Your strong. Extend your top leg, let your head go down, stretch it. Other leg is on the ball. Doesn't matter which just and gently press on the ball though so that you have more freedom and that upper leg, if everything's holding you up, it's just too hard to even move anything. So you have a subtle other pressure that allows a bit more freedom in the top leg. Hopefully. Doesn't mean your hamstrings is going to be looser, but it does make it easier to get a good stretch. I'm switching legs.

I hope you do too. Ooh, different. So as this leg is tighter, I'm just checking the alignment. Try and for square hips first. It's all right if I bend the knee and I will for now as I press down on the ball a little and then I can let the freedom happen in that opposite leg. It really does work. [inaudible] mixed my legs shake, but that's all right. [inaudible] cool.

[inaudible] all right. Just help yourself up. We're going to just rock ourselves up. Put the ball away for just a second. [inaudible] this is always the trick, isn't it? Putting the ball away where it doesn't actually leave you so you can stay in the flow. We're gonna. We're gonna hope. [inaudible] alright. Legs are stretched out. We're going rolling back.

We're going into open line rocker. Just so you know. For those of you who want a real challenge, put that ball between your legs. If it keeps rolling away from you, I'm not doing it. We roll back. So it's really coming from that tuck of the pelvis we've been doing. We get to the place where we can rock back and forth here without much momentum, so I'm not having to use my legs and arms. Just kept the connection.

Come all the way back up. Let the arms go up. Let's do it again. As you exhale, it starts from really that pelvis, I suppose, abs, whatever, but pull those hipbones backwards. Let the arms reach and opposition find balance until there's a point where you've just will naturally float. Not saying it'll stay that way, but that's the idea. All right, we'll go up one more time. Feet down, arms. This time we're going to try and catch our legs as we do that. So as we'd go back, when you get that sense of the legs wanting to lift, lift up and grab and go. Inhale back, exhale up.

Try to stop at the top. Go again. Keep them in your hands, roll back. Exhale up and we're looking for that balance, looking for that spot where you can just land it and then when you don't, you try again and then you explore all the little techniques or tricks. If there are any, for me, I kind of lighten up my grip back here and then I derive my legs into the hip socket and think about hitting a pose. The breath really does help here. I like to inhale, pick my legs up out of the hip sockets. Exhale, put them back in. Ooh, I got a little crazy on that one. Give yourself one more finish at the top. Let your legs come down. Once they're down, we can take the ball back in between. So our feet are separate now and we're just doing your basic spine stretch forward. Hands on the ball, maybe fingertips, we'll figure it out.

But think of this idea of like you did with your feet up. You're going to exhale, rounding over, get the shoulder stretch, but also more importantly, get the spine stretch. So if you need to move the ball away further, do and then inhale back up. Exhale, reaching forward. Flex those feet. Strongly reach, reach, reach, get the forehead on the floor.

Maybe not with the hands on the wall, but somewhat of the idea and exhale, [inaudible] inhale, see if you really, can you really let all the air out, like try what does it mean and make the shape to help you. Let the shape get all the air out, all of it, all of it, all of it. Cause then when you did that, you can't help but fill back up and be tall. One more of those. With that in mind, exhale. [inaudible] and inhaling. All right, I'm going to set the ball off to the side one more time hopefully, or you can just hold it with your feet from here.

Take your hands behind your head. Lace the fingers and we are rotating, let's say toward the screen or to the window. Tate and exhale center. So inhale your, your, your, it's like the ball is in between the knees or legs and you squeeze it lightly as you spiral the other way and center, you know, an excellent check to see if you're leaning back. I think I just was, you're going to check for that on yourself so you're not behind yourself cause it's getting tight on the hamstrings or hip flexors. This time we've inhaled, we rotate. You can exhale, extend the arms like you're pushing down. He had a ball on either side. You push down to lift up. Inhale, return the hands and XL center. Lot of breath, a lot of cues, but we're getting taller. Inhale, exhale, extend the arms down. Imaginary pressure there to lift up and return and center and again in here. Excellent.

Inhale, return the arms. Stay tall. That's your chance and XL center. Those inhales really help on this email and center. This time just take the arms straight out to the side like a tee position. Close up the feet, zip them up. You're still squeezing. We're going to the front here for a double XL spine twist is twist, twist center and that inhale is your next chance to get up.

You could also turn the palms down and use it like those imaginary balls that we were talking about earlier. It's up to you. Anything that gives you a lift and one more. Okay. From there, just reach the arms up. Exhale, round forward, fully releasing if you can, or a stretching, however you see it. Okay. More for the backside. Turn over. This is single a kick ordinarily on our elbows, but we're going to just, we still are, but moving them out in front of you a bit. So your feet together, if you can, don't worry if you can't, but try the sternum right in the mat. Okay.

Try for that and keep that for this version today. Then feel yourself draw the abdominals away from the floor so there's some sense of length in your low back. And for me it's, I then have to almost drag my forearms backwards. It's a sense more than an action really, but it just connects the whole thing together. Then it's super easy to float my legs up, super being exaggeration, float the legs up, make sure they're straight so that all the ways working. Some people will have been their knees and they'll think they're working it, but you want them totally straight so that it goes a little higher. Right. Like, then left leg, it goes like this, kick, kick, switch, kick, kick.

And I'm inhaling two, three, four and exhale, two, three, four, keeping that sternum down. But Madden yourself going forward. Okay, can you go any quicker? You don't have to. It's just fun to challenge yourself sometimes you don't have to wait for me to tell you to do it. And can I keep my pelvis stable and work the back side of my body and keep my low back safe? Yes I can. How about one more set both legs in. Come on down. We're gonna do devil leg.

Stretch hands are either grabbing a couple of fingers or lace and we are down chick on the floor. Same thing. You draw on the abdominals in, you've linked in your low back, you lift your legs and you keep three one, two try not to rock. Extend your arms and your legs look forward. That chest is still low for me today as an option. Other side kick three one, elbows down as you can. Three and extension. Almost like a dark switch. Keep one kid to keep three and last one, one and two and three and reach.

Put the Tufts of the feet on the ground. Reach further down your body with your arms. Then only then raise your arms. If you want for three slow too. Nothing else moves one. Let him come down a little. Let them go carefully.

Take them in front of you. Look down a bit, hands by your shoulders. Press yourself up and round back. [inaudible] right. Could stay there all day after moving. But know where you're going to do more. We're going to work our side bodies suck. This is kind of fun in its own way. So have fun with it.

Lean into it. So I bring the ball as close as I can and depending on the size of the ball, it really does make a difference. So make sure you feel comfortable and safe. Um, I'm trying to get over the ball as much as I can, but also not lose my balance. So that's where I'm going for a sidekick. Like I'll move a little bit. And kind of the trick though was when you get into it, it's really tempting to pike the hips backwards.

But instead if you can stay upright, bring it in, lay on it, then you can get more comfy from there and you can adjust your knee. But do your best to keep this front. The front of the hips open on both legs. Other arm comes up or you can hold the ball and we kick forward kick, kick and back kick. If you can't reach the ground like I am with my support hand, you can hold the ball. It's just a little more challenging back. Kick it forward, kick it back it, get forward, kick it back.

Some movement but not a lot. Two more. Oh, come on. We'll reach it further back. We can do it last one back. Bring it back to the side. Touched the ground. Are you? As long as you can be, you could stretch out the top arm to find it. Get that like super long. Put the arm back to top, arm back again and listed like up and down and up. See if he can get it higher without trying to. Pike the hips backwards, up, up and up. Next time, hold it up from there. Just a little list for six, five, four new point.

Straight ahead to one. Good. Bring it down. Switch it around to the other side. That could have been fancier but needs fancy. Let's just work. All right. Set yourself up so you know that your hips are already in line, right, so you're not piking take the opposite leg out. Lean into it. Hands to the floor or holding it top. Hand up.

If he can lift the leg and we kick forward, kick, kick and back, or just swing and kick it. There are choices you can make kicked back. Oh yeah, I got to use my hand on the other side. I'll use it here. It feels very different. It's like not even harder. It's just different. I have to think. I guess that makes it give yourself Steve more here. Forward and back. Way to the back.

Then we came to the side and we went up and we came down. We went up and we came down very light. Tap on the bottom, up and down and up. How's your neck hold it if you have to. One more. Go upstairs. And here's those little guys. We go up for six up. Oh now it's harder for sure. Five-ish. And I believe that's at least six. Bring it down. Right on.

Let's swing the ball back around and come into a mermaid position. You have choices here. You can sit. Um, I'm going to go choose figure for this version of it. Or you could stack your hips sort of more traditional. So you choose handles on top and just gonna lean into it. So I'm trying to keep the hips down. I might have to adjust the ball, figure it out right from there. You're going to rotate. Holding that ball.

Still almost touch it. If you can reopen and then come back up. I have a little downward pressure on the ball. We inhale, reach out, exhale, rotate. So the, the rotation isn't some grand gesture. It's really just coming across that I can feel the spine rotating, not so much the arm doing it and come back up. And again, reaching out, get to where you can, where you still feel support from the ball. Then it's the trunk that turns you. I'm even using my foot into my knee a little bit for additional support and open and on the next one I'll try for a tiny bit more of a stretch.

If you can reach the ball. If not, just come back to the starting position. We rotate. If you can reach the ball present with a little bit more and then look up. If you're going to use this stretch to get into some back extension. One more time, reopen reopens. If you need to bring the ball closer to you. Dude, arch yourself.

Don't if the shoulders too precious and a few count right. Let's just take the ball to the other side first and take a stretch there so other hand is holding the ball and the top arm is over. Just the same position. Okay, now just swing your legs and you're ready to go. Standing tall, looking proud. We think about maybe keeping the hips down best we can.

We go reaching out, rotate the column of the spine. Maybe your arm will touch. Maybe it won't in how reopen and come back and inhale. Exhale, great. Inhale, open up and two more like that. [inaudible] so one of those ones where the breath with the connection to an X, another surface really kind of drive from the point of ringing out the spine or letting all the bad air out.

You can really kind of work that and open. Next one, we'll go into the stretch if you want to. Otherwise you just do one or two more of the same. Oh over we go. Here it is. If you have an inhaled dune, exhale, Oh that air so that now if you can touch the ball, you can inhale, push it further in that rotation. Use your feet a little bit and then rise up. Looking forward to downward pressure on the ball. It should feel secure.

Go down again. Okay. If you need to bring the ball closer to reopen, do open up and up you come. We take the ball back around for that stretch just for something to hold on to. Opposite arm is up. Then we reach over. Kind of pushing the ball away.

Yes. Okay. Almost there gang to little bit more back extension. Just to round us out for the day. We're going gonna lie over the ball, lay over the ball louder with the ball and we'll keep it simple. I'm going to back up just a little bit, but we're going to keep it simple where we can balance it. Sort of like the Quadro pad position. A lot of us know, so your feet are already off, you're squared up over your hands or your shoulders are over your wrist. Let's just see what we can do about lifting one hand and put it down.

You're most likely gonna have to rock a little. That's all right. Just keep some energy in the back of your legs. Still harder side. Keep walking. Just it's not even moving forward, right? You're just bending the able to pick up the hand a little bit. Then they'll be picking it up. See how that goes. It's all good.

Both hands. Just kidding. I'm from there. We're just gonna roll forward a bit and then as you rock back, bend the elbows and start to lift the legs up. As you do that, you're gonna have to look forward for this sort of Swan. Prep the leg stay strong. You're going to let the thighs come back to the ball. You straighten the elbows and maybe you'll shift forward a little. You start with those straight arms, push back, bend them.

You're still driving the mat forward with the palms of your hands. As you raise the legs, look forward to the upper back, has bending as much as the low back or at least it's trying. You come out of that too to go rock back. Then the elbows there pointed straight back, so not out to the side who raised the legs and the more you raise the legs, the more you get to look forward and then rocket it back to the start. Last one, Elvis, Ben, get that chest on the ball and come back forward. Then just roll yourself back. Put your feet flat on the ground, straight your legs if you can or are. They can be bent like the beginning.

Roll the ball out. I'm going to step forward onto the mat. Rule the ball nice and long, that up, stretch or pyramid position. Then just rounded. Feel free to bend your knees still go. Again, I'm just trying to kind of do the same thing as we started with, but with straight legs. And one more time. Big inhale there. Reached the tailbone, firing the stretch you want, and when you're ready, exhale with care. Roll yourself back. Get that ball close to you. Let her roll.

Well, if he wants stupid, stand yourself up. Feel good about the time you took for yourself and hopefully a little more fluid. Thanks for being here.


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Happy to see you Kristi!  Missed your pretty  face.  :)  Great workout.
Hello Kristi ! So wonderful to see you :) can't wait to take this class .. 
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I am very happy to see you Kristi; I enjoyed the class as usual; thank you so much making me feel to get into the flow naturally...hope to see you again soon in another video...
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Very good class!!!
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I loved single leg, double leg and criss cross  on the ball. Will be using that in class tomorrow!  And I never know if I should say lay or lie  either. Great class Kristi! 
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Great class x I loved the single leg stretch never done it that way before on the ball - and also the way you left the ball and came back to it nice approach x hope your move goes well - its so exhausting to move house!

Leanne W
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Lovely fun class, thanks! 
Laurie C
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Great class to start my week with! Enjoyed the sgl/dbl leg variation. Would love to see some more classes with the fitness ball!❤️
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Fun, well rounded experience. I forgot how much I enjoy mat work with a ball! I support more classes with this workout partner! 😉💚😀
Great class!  An even better example of how an instructor can share a sliver of their everyday life into the class que.  I love how all of the PilatesAnytime instructors are just so real and present in the moment.  
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