Class #3909

Creative Mat Flow

45 min - Class


Let go and loosen up with this fluid Mat workout by Kristi Cooper. She works on finding the rhythm in your body so you can keep yourself moving for the entire class. She includes creative variations with the Fitness Ball for exercises like Single Leg Circle, Single Leg Stretch, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Mat, Fitness Ball

About This Video


Hi everybody. Welcome to class today we're going to use the ball and we're going to move. I'm going to keep moving. I've been moving house and so I'm wanting to loosen up a little bit ...


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Happy to see you Kristi!  Missed your pretty  face.  :)  Great workout.
Hello Kristi ! So wonderful to see you :) can't wait to take this class .. 
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I am very happy to see you Kristi; I enjoyed the class as usual; thank you so much making me feel to get into the flow naturally...hope to see you again soon in another video...
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Very good class!!!
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I loved single leg, double leg and criss cross  on the ball. Will be using that in class tomorrow!  And I never know if I should say lay or lie  either. Great class Kristi! 
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Great class x I loved the single leg stretch never done it that way before on the ball - and also the way you left the ball and came back to it nice approach x hope your move goes well - its so exhausting to move house!

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Lovely fun class, thanks! 
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Great class to start my week with! Enjoyed the sgl/dbl leg variation. Would love to see some more classes with the fitness ball!❤️
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Fun, well rounded experience. I forgot how much I enjoy mat work with a ball! I support more classes with this workout partner! 😉💚😀
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Great class!  An even better example of how an instructor can share a sliver of their everyday life into the class que.  I love how all of the PilatesAnytime instructors are just so real and present in the moment.  
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