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Exploring Mat Rotation

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Explore the transverse mobility of your spine with this Mat workout by Benjamin Degenhardt. He looks for rotation in the exercises where it is not the main focus of movement so that you can improve your quality of movement in your practice. He includes fun variations like Corkscrew Bridge, "Flooring" Saw, and much more!
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Oct 18, 2019
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Hi, I'm Benjamin. I'm happy to be back at plots anytime with another math class and I'm here with Kathleen and Chaz to demonstrate this class and our theme for today is going to be rotation. There are a bunch of moments in the original mat work that are exclusively dedicated to rotation, spinal rotation, the concept of bringing out your lungs, how ever this class is going to be themed around the idea of looking for rotation, where it might not be apparently the main focus of the exercise so that you got a chance to really explore transverse mobility of your spine, the concept of rotation in a way that is not too advanced. So I hope you'll follow along. Um, are you guys ready? We'll get started on our backs and I will join you for this warm up, which I will call the corkscrew bridge.

So go ahead and place your feet flat down about hip distance apart and your knees pointed up towards the ceiling, your arms long by your sides. Try to get your heels close to your fingertips that are reaching long by the sides of your body and take some weight into the heels of both feet, pushing your hips up in the air, and we'll just start right here. Taking a moment to send the outer edges of your knees forward. Imagine you're dragging your heels back towards your shoulders and perhaps even pushing the mat slightly way with both of your arms firing up the back of your body and then begin to slowly roll yourself back down, letting your hips come down closer to the heels than where you pick them up. Release fully. We'll do that a couple more times.

Take weight into your arms and heels. Push your hips up, send your knees forward, make an imprint with both arms. Feel like you're dragging your heels back yet you're sending your knees forward in space, and then very loosely, let your spine roll back down onto the mat. One more like that. You guys continue. I'll sit myself up for a second. He will sit down heavy. Send the hips up, send your knees straight forward and again, think of the outer edges of your knees shooting straight forward so you have length in the front of your hips along the front of your torso, arms long by your size, and you gently roll yourself back down. Now we'll start to take that into a rotational movement.

You lift your hips back up. Once you hear, feel the weight spread even between both your feet in both arms and then almost unnoticeable. E. shift your weight more into the right heel than the left. And notice how you're right, it begins to drop automatically. Let this be super passive. Push the right heel back down to lift the hip back up. So both are side by side. What are the same on the other side? Shift weight into your left heel, left hip drops gently and lift yourself back up.

Now getting ready for our corkscrews later in class. Let the right hip drop again. This time roll the right side of your spine down till your pelvis is about to hit. Shift over to the other side, taking more weight into your left foot. Then the ride to lift yourself back up. Reset at the top so both hips are side by side and come down the other way.

Left side rolls down. Send both knees straight forward as you roll down. Once your pelvis hits the mat, shift over to your right side. Send the outer edges of your knees forward. Pick yourself back up. Reset at the top. Take a moment here. Even weight on both feet.

We'll take one more each way. Right side roads down so there's more weight and your right for them. The left both knees shooting forward, heels still dragging back. Come up on the other side like you're already doing your first corkscrew off the day and then we'll come down to the left side one last time. Notice the passive quality of your spine here and how it mobilizes your spine towards that rotational movement we're looking for.

Hopefully this feels like a nice gentle stretch to the spine as well. Make sure that you have even weighed in both your feet at the top. Reset your hips to straight and gently roll your spine down one more times. Exercise a really nice way to get our spine ready for those rotations later, and she'll also notice how favoring one side over the other and your feet might affect your spine. Let's get you really wound up this time. Extend your legs out long on the mat. Reach your arms over your head.

It's time for our a hundred all right. This has nothing to do with rotation, but we'll need to do it cause it's aquatics. Press your legs into one another. Pick yourself up, legs, head, neck, and shoulders. Reach the arms up and forward. Do your thing. Breathe in for five pumps and breathe out for five months. Send those legs across the room. Taking a deep breath in.

Reach the arms towards your toes. Exhale, breathing in. Breathing out. Now think back of the exercise we did before and how even weight on both feed was super important. Translate into this exercise by really pressing both legs into one another. Right to left, left to right to stay centered. Breathing in, breathing out, so you've got two more breaths.

Inhale and exhale. Let those shoulders get loose. Last breath. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five, and relax. Completely. Think now we're warmed up. I hope so. Bend your knees into your chest, rock yourself up to a seated position and we'll explore a half roll back to mobilize our spine a little bit more before we take this back into a rotation. So sit up with your feet flat down knee. Straight up. You're at about hip distance with your legs.

Hold on behind your thighs if you want for support or if you know you're able to do your half roll back with your arms forward, you can start right there. Take a nice breath in to lift yourself up out of your hips and then begin to roll yourself back about halfway till the back of your pelvis touches the math. Things start to get a little shaky. Maybe your feet start to get a little lighter on the mat. Pause. Therefore an inhale and pick yourself all the way back up. So we'll move in.

A very gentle pace, lifting up and rolling halfway down. Think of this really as an assessment of how well your spine moves at this point. How much looseness there is after our corkscrew rich earlier linger at the lowest point and then pick yourself back up. You might want to think again about sending the outer edges of your knees forward like in our corkscrews. We'll take one more, roll yourself halfway back, tip your pelvis under, keep your feet rooted, knees stretching away from you even though they don't move and then you pick yourself all the way back up. Next exercise we'll do here is adding a rotation to our half roll down.

It's called the half Roeder and as you can see, these guys have dowels on their mats, which I'm going to ask them to use. So you guys spin around and you're going to hook your feet underneath those dowels so your legs are a little wider than your mat. Your knees may have to be somewhat bent here to get the feet underneath. If you do not have those dowels on your mat, you can do what I do, which is to clam your feet into the sides of your mat if it's a lifted one. And if you don't have it, you just place your feet down the same way you did for your half roll down.

It'll just be a little harder. All right, we're going to take the hands behind the head for this one. Press your head back into hands. Lift your spine up nice and tall and begin with the rotation to the right thing. Your chest is lining up with your right knee. Begin to curl forward towards the knee. This is the first movement here.

Then roll yourself back towards your right shoulder blade. Translate over to the left side. Pick yourself up there, chest towards the left knee. Lift yourself up and rotate your spine. Come back to center. Reset. When it started to the left, you twist towards your left side. Think of your saw you round over your left thigh.

Then begin to roll the left side of your spine down using your legs against the dowel, against your mat or against the floor. If that's where you're working, twist over to the right and pick yourself back up and lift your center and rotate the spine at the top. We'll take one more set a little quicker. This will come back later. You twist to the right. Roll over your leg, round yourself back onto your right shoulder blade. Twist over to the other side. Pick yourself up in your twist. Lift the spine untwist and we'll take one more round to the left. Round over the leg. Nice.

Use both legs as you roll the left side of your body down. Translate shoulder blade to shoulder blade. Pick back up. Feel the stretch. Come down to the left side of your body center and release. Take both legs onto the mat. Now reach your arms out in front of you and just take one roll down with straight legs completely onto your back.

Reach your arms over your head and because your spine is so ready for it, we'll take three quick roll-ups. Engage the legs. Pick yourself up. Arms, head, neck, shoulders round over the legs with control. Come down, reach the arms over your head. Two more times. Lifting up, rounding over. Find your spine stretch moment here. Reach to the legs as you roll down. Arms overhead. Last one. Pick yourself up. Press the legs together. Stretch your spine forward. Roll yourself back down. Reach the arms over your head. We have to come up. One more time. Lifted up, arms, head, neck, shoulders, round over the legs. Stay from here.

Sit yourself up. We're going to spin around and get ready for our roll over, so go ahead and spin around face the other way. We will use the dowels again. I will use the corners of my mat again if possible. You want to hold on to something behind you so that you can extend the arms. Engage the back side by pulling on the Dalles or corners of your mat. If that's not available to you, your arms are just down by your sides or roll over you.

Press your legs together. Pick the legs up to 90 begin to roll over. Send your toes back behind. You, opened the legs. They make a big circle. As you roll your spine back down, you take two more this way. Up and over. Paul, the map or the dowels as you roll down. Last one, up and over. Open. Pull as you lower down. Go ahead and reverse. Three times. Open to lift. Press the next together pole to roll down. Two more. Tucks down, around and up.

Press the legs together. Pole the doubts or the corners of your match or come down. This is your last one. Obviously a great preparation for a corkscrew later in class. Go ahead and roll all the way down.

This time that your legs lower onto the math, maybe shake it loose for a second. After all that hard work, we're going right back into rotation here. Again, you can keep your arms over your head if you have the dollars or corner of your mat available. Otherwise arms are by your sides or maybe slightly out to the side. If you're on a floor mat, this is the half tick tock. We're going to lift the right leg up. Preparation for one leg circle, engage to the upper body and arms.

Focus on your left leg for a second that that be the axis of your rotation. It stays unchanged as your right hip lifts taking the leg across the center. That hip lifts up, but both shoulders stay down, field as twist in your spine. Bring the hip down to lift the leg right back up. We'll do the same leg, same side, two more times. Hip lifts up, go across counter twist your bottom leg so you really rotate around and ringing yourself out. Come back to center all the way to the top. One more time on the right leg, both arms pole. Keep the back engaged, lift yourself back up and we'll go ahead and switch sides. Right leg down, left leg up. Same thing here. Reset your back.

Take the hip up to bring your leg across the center line. Engage to the arms of passable lifting back up. And if you are working on a floor man, your arms are by your side, you work the arms, go ahead and continue. Two more times you use your arms by pushing them back into the mat. Hip drops to lift the leg up. This will be your last one. Take the leg across, field the rotation through your lower middle, upper back and bring it back to center.

Lower the leg all the way down is a nice moment to shake out again before we take it into a one leg circle with rotation. So think of it as a one legged corkscrew. Arms engaged the same way as before, right leg lifts up. Now, same as before the hip lift to take the leg across, but both shoulders stay down. Circle the leg down around and back to center. Stop there for a second. Go again, two more times across, down, around and up. Third and last time. This way down, around and up. You're going to reverse it. Take the leg outside. Hip steady. They lift as you take the leg across.

Stop and center. Two more times. Open down, across and lift. One more time. Find that corkscrew motion in your spine. Switch your legs. The left leg will be up and we'll go across the middle first to the right, down, left and up again. Two more over, down, around and up. Try to keep your shoulder girdle completely stable against the mat. After three, you reverse. Open the leg down, around and up. Remember how we talked about that passive quality?

In the rotation of your spine. In that corkscrew bridge, find it here too and after three, release the leg down. Shake it all lose. Bend your knees into your chest. Hold on either behind them or on top of your shins. We're just going to roll like a ball, a little bed. Start from the bottom, back and forth, back and forth. Let this be a stretch for your bag. Don't make it too technical right now. You've worked hard already.

Have some fun with it. Keeping your heels with your seed, massaging your back. Take a couple more and the last one I'm going to finish down and are back again with the right knee in our chest. Left leg long going right into a one leg stretch. Go ahead and switch to the other side and switch and switch and switch and switch. Keep going. Switch and switch and switch as you keep going.

Store to note is how pulling in on one side of your body has a mile rotation in it as well, so really feel a stretch coming through the lower back as you go through these. We'll take it into our double leg stretch. Bring both knees into your chest, arms reach forward today. Legs long and low. Press the palms into the sides of your legs. Exhale, bring the knees in and go twice. More like that. Deep breath in. Legs long and low. Exhale, come back in one more time. Reach the legs down. Long and low. Exhale, bring the knees in.

Rest for a second. Well now add a couple of rocks to this, right? So think of that playful quality of our rolling like a ball a second ago. We're going to add three rocks. I'm going to take this on a slant. I've tried this before and Plata is anytime as the around the clock exercise where you move along the numbers off the clock. But today we're just going to 12 o'clock which is straight out over to one back to 12 over to 11 back to center. I'll try not to mess this up for you guys.

All right, good luck to our bring your knees into your chest, head, neck and shoulders. Lift your, stretch your legs forward. We're just 12 o'clock as you bend your knees and you rock three times towards your one o'clock which is to your right, you stretch your legs out there. XL rock three times back to 12 which is your center where you started. Rocket out there. Stretch the legs forward. We go to 11 so twice your rock to the left.

Stretch legs out long and low rock twice to the right. Back to 12 o'clock first 90 guys and come back in rock. Three two, one hips down, legs out. One more round. Come back to center. Two, three hips, down, legs out and once much to the left. Three, two, one at 11 o'clock I believe. Yes, XL rocket back in for three, two, one. Stretch your legs out long and low. Stay centered. Rock three times three, two, one and rest. Set your feet down for a moment. Maybe let your knees windshield wide from side to side to get back into a more passive rotation before we go into our criss-cross and we're going to add a little twist to crisscross. Not that crisscross isn't already twisted enough, but there's more to be done here. Getting ready for a big saw and corkscrew moment.

Go ahead and bring both hands behind the head. Bend your knees into your chest and pick your head, neck and shoulders up. We are going into a crisscross the way we know it. Begin by pushing your head back into your hands so you have space in your spine. We're going to twist to the right, left elbow to your right knee, left leg long and low. Make sure both shoulder rates lifted off the mat.

Come back through center to transition to the other side. Make it a point to come through center each time as you twist to the right and as you twist to the left, I'm going to add on. Now you twist to the right and you stay. Keep the left shoulder blade and side lifted as you twist the right side of you back into center first. Make this a moment feel of fire and your Terry come through center and take it to the left. You twist that side open.

Now the right side of your body stays lifted as you try to wrap the left side of you back in. Yes, that they'd come through center one more time. Each side over to the right. You guys feel that? Yes. All right, good. Come back to the center, twist into yourself and take it to the other side. Last one, I promise. Keep the right side lifted. Wrap the left side of you back in. Come through center.

Hold onto your legs. Rock yourself up to seated. I think we deserve a little spine stretch down. Open your legs a little wider than hip distance. That's take the hands down between the legs onto the mat. Use that to lift your spine up nice and tall.

Take a yummy breath in as you XL round forward. Take a deep stretch here. Maybe linger for a second. Tend your fingertips up into the match of push a little bit more. Stretch into your back and then very slowly roll your spine back up. Take a nice deep breath in at the top. We'll do that.

Two more taps XL rounding forward. Use this stretch. Really push air out of your lungs, right? A concept that comes back in our rotations. Later inhale, lift yourself back up. Let the air re stack your spine for you and take one more before we take our first rocker with open legs. And yes, I said first, which means there's two sets coming your way today. Rounding forward. Inhale, lift yourself back up and then from here we transitioned to first set of the rocker with open legs. Let the arms lift up, height of your shoulders, roll yourself back, thinking of your half roll back here until you get to the point where your legs lift up off the mat. Go ahead and grab on to the ankles, maybe climb a little higher.

If you feel like you need to readjust and you're going head to rock yourself back onto your shoulders, lifting yourself back up, finding that massage on your back. Again, have some fun with it. Rolling back and lifting yourself back up. We'll take three more of these. Lift the hips up nice and high. Think of your rollover from earlier. Pick yourself back up, pushing the legs forward to to go up. You live to the top. Final one, rolling back.

Lift yourself back up. Bring your legs together, teaser out of this. Roll yourself all the way on to your back, your legs come down. And for those of you who have a dowel or high mats at home, we're going back into that overhead reach. So shimmied down your mat if necessary. We'll do our low corkscrews. So no overhead lift just yet. Both legs lift up, pressing them strongly into one another. Now just like a one-leg circle, but this time with both your legs tilt, right, your left hip lift, but both shoulders stay on the mat. See how far you can take that.

Circle the legs away from you over to the other side. Back through center. There's that movement again. Take it to the left, twist down, over right back to center. Four more times over right. Take it down, over left and back. Up to center to the left. Notice the quality of the pull of your arms, their engagement with the dowels or the corners of your mat. Or again, if they're up down by your sides, you want to use them there actively as well. Gorgeous. Let's take one more set. Right and left right down, left and center. Final one to the left down center. Hold.

All right, we'll do something that's completely made up. Well that's okay because it'll help us with our soft. Want you to flex your feet, open your legs into a wide open stance and reach your arms out to either side of you and imagine for a second that you are in a soft start position seated up just with the support of the mat against your back. I call this the flooring soft. All right. From this position, they're going to reach their arms far away from one another. Now go ahead and twist left hand towards the outside of your right foot.

You can use your right shoulder against the floor to get a little more rotation out of that. Come back through central. Rest your head back down. Reset for the other side, like the saw, the right hand reaches to the outside of your left foot. This time you can use the weight of your legs falling open to keep the hips centered and then come back to center one more time. Each way. Take it up and over. Left hand to the outside of the right. Third, check in with what? That left hip creases up to melted down. Come back to center. You've got one more of this up and over.

You go right hand to the outside of your left bird. Maybe they touch. Come back through center. Bend your knees into your chest and rest there for second. Rock yourself up to a seated position. Promised you a second set of Rocco with open legs. Here it is.

Bring your legs out long in front of you. Think of this as a moment to let all of that work go before we take it up a notch in a second. Reach your arms out in front of you. If you're comfortable with the transition, go into it a little quicker. Roll back, pick up the legs, grab a hold off you go. Four taps rock back. Lift yourself back up.

Start to notice the quality of your spine as you are doing these, maybe there's already a lot more suppleness built in from all that twisting we've done. You've got two more. Rolling back, hips up. Lift yourself back up to the top. This will be your last one. Stay up at the top. Nice work you guys. Let the legs go. Sit yourself up and now we get ready for the sauce. So reposition on your mat.

If you feel like you need to bring your feet to the corners of your mat, we're going to add something in in the saw which is reminiscent. For those of you are familiar with chair work with the teaser twist moment, go ahead and reach your arms out to either side. Hug your shoulder blades together and begin to twist towards your right side until you negatively get stuck at some point. We're going to continue twisting though. I want you to lift your left hip up. Start to look behind you.

Place your hands on the mad back behind you and start to Ben into your elbows coming down. Now your left leg is starting to live. Let that happen, but keep it reaching out so it lifts you back up onto both hips. As you untwist the spine back to center, let's take it slow to the left. You twist until you can twist. No more. The right, it begins to lift you. Place both hands behind you. Let your back leg trail behind you. It reaches actively and it helps you come back up, pushing through the heel to bring yourself back onto both legs, arms wide.

We'll take one more each side, twist it over to the right, left two begins to live. Make it one long gooey. I mean movement, you bend into the arms to come down. It's the back heel that reaches actually so it pushes you back onto your seat. There's a rotation that happens inside the hip here too. Don't pay too much attention to that twist to the left. Just kind of let it happen. Rounding over, back leg reaches and then push through the heel to lift yourself all the way back up. And now after all of that we go into a familiar saw.

Twist the to direct round over the leg. Pulse three times three. Go deeper to twist more. One inhale, come back to center. Take a left twist round over three deeper. Two depo, one, come back through center one more time. Each side twist to the right. Rounded down. Three and two. Keep reaching those arms away from each other. Take one more to the left, twist. Go down three and two and one.

We've got one more set of saw here. Saw three-ways today. Twist it to the right and stay round over your leg and take your SAR position. Now think of your crisscross from earlier. You're currently twisting the left shoulder farther down than the right. Can you twist the right side of your body back in to ward center like we didn't know Chris cross earlier? Then lift yourself back up and find your center again.

Interesting, right? Take it to the left wrist, round over the leg. Let your body go where it wants to go and then make an active effort to fold both sides of your body in towards the leg and come back to center one more time and then we're done with SA. I promise. Twist it to the right. Rounding over. Fold the right half of your rib cage in towards the left and come all the way back up. This is your last one. Twist to the left rounding. Try to fold the left half of you into the ride. Beautiful, nice adjustments. You guys. Come back to center. Ah, your arms come down by your sides.

Roll onto your back. Grab onto your dowels. Corners of your mat or arms long by your sides. You now know where to go. We're going into a full corkscrew. The legs lift straight up your legs. Roll over this time Jack. Knife your leg. Straight up to the ceiling. We've been here before. We've done it so many times. You roll down the ride, half of your body. Swing the legs over to the left. Lift yourself back up. Jack.

Knife up and left. Side down. Swing it down around and back up. Go at your own pace here. Four more times. We used the momentum of your spine, the suppleness of your rotation. At this point, the strength of your upper back. You've been building for this. All systems are ready to go. Finishing on an even side. So you come down on the left for your last one. Come back through center. Roll down through center when you're done, and then let your legs slowly come back to the maths and then flip yourself over. We're now taking a little bit of distance from those rotations and go into extension work. So place your hands underneath your shoulders.

Think of the tops of your shoulders, kind of fitting right on top of your fingernails here. Press your legs into one another, your hip bones down into the mat. And we'll take this half Swan with support of the hands so we can actively use them into your mat here. Granting the leggings from the legs back. Lift your chest forward and up your legs. Lift up everything but your hips and your hands actually lift.

And once you're there in that position and you've kind of want to have your heels and your head on the same height, feel as though you're dragging your hands back towards your hips and your hips forward towards your hands and then rest back down from there. Let's do that a couple of times as we fire up the entire backside of your body, press the hands down, drag them back without actually moving. Lifting yourself up. Go ahead and let those legs lift off the mat as well that's available to you and then lengthen back out to come back to your mat so that one more time. Lifting up.

This is really in service of opening up your chest and again going away from those rotations for a little bit as we're just about to add them back in. You come back down, lower yourself all the way onto your stomach. The left hand stays where it is. Take your right hand against your forehead. Now this point, it might serve you to open your legs a little bit, so feel free to do that. Press your hips down. Come up straight the same way as before.

With your right hand in this salute shape, use your left hand to drag back and peek over your right shoulder like you're trying to look for your left heel with your left eye. Come back through center and lower everything back down. We'll stay on the same side and we'll do it one more time. All right. Press your hip bones down, lift yourself up, and then begin to twist. Let your chest lead the way, your eyes finish that rotation.

You come back through center energetically reached through both legs. Lower yourself down. Switch to the other side, so left hand to salute. Right hand back to underneath your shoulder. Hips down. Lift your legs, your chest, your eyes twist to the left. This time your left elbow points back towards your heel. You come back through center. Lengthen your chest forward.

As you come back down, we'll take one more. Press the hips down, legs lengthen back. Everything lifts up. Left elbow pulls back open, open, open. Come back through center. Become even longer as you lower yourself back down. Plays both hands under your shoulders. One more time. Legs can stay apart or if you're comfortable having them together, do that.

We'll go into a supportive Swan. Dive your hand. Stay active against the ground. Lift your legs, chest and eyes, and begin to rock forward and back with your hands, guiding you into that full on extension, keeping the back body fired up for four more. Rock forward, legs lift, chest lifts, and three and up. Four, two and one. Go ahead and lower yourself. All the way down. Sit back over your heels just to counter stretch for a second, but not too long because we still have work to do. Roll yourself all the way up and we're going to keep facing this way.

You guys will. We'll be using the dowels again for our feet if that's available to you should just sit down to one side, swing your legs out in front of you and bring your feet underneath. The doubt of that is available to you. Again, your options here are to clam your heels into the sides of your mat so that you can bring your legs into one another to get a hold on your mat or else you'd just have your legs outstretched in front of you, flexing your feet and your hope for the best. All right, have your legs as straight as possible in this position. The mat might get in your way a little bit so the knees will be bend, but you'll straighten them out as much as you can. We'll take our neck pour from here today, so hands behind the head.

Go ahead and roll yourself back. Pressing your head back into your hands as best as you can, holding on with your feet. Release all the way down, and then lift yourself back up. Head pushing back, rounding all over your legs, puffing out your spine. Set yourself back up and you roll yourself back down. We'll do that two more times. We'll go a little quicker here. Paul, with your legs, lift yourself up. Spine lifts tall. Roll yourself back. All this time, your head and your hands are pushing into one another. One more time. Rounding forward, deepest stretch yet. Lift yourself up.

You roll back down only to come up one more time and then we'll turn this into the rotor. All right, lift yourself back up. We've done the half rotor version earlier, so again with somewhat straight or legs than we did in the beginning of class. It's very much the same idea. Your head pushes into the heads, twist to the right over your right leg. You round yourself down. Now like your corkscrew, you roll the right side of your spine down until the right shoulder blade touches. Translate over to the left. Pick yourself up. Here's your crisscross moment again, lift yourself up. Untwist to center.

We'll start to the left twist. Roll the left side of your body down. Left shoulder blade hits, twist over to the right. Pick yourself up center lift and take it down to the right twist. Round over. Roll down, over left. Lift back up. Come to center. One more time. Ticket to the left, twist round over the leg.

Then down onto your left shoulder blade. Twisted ride. Come all the way up. Lift yourself back through center and just because there was so much fun, we'll just do one more neck port. Straight down the back. Roll yourself onto your mat. Think of this as your centering moment, your anti-rotation moment and lift yourself all the way back up because all that twisting should really help us get better in affliction and extension as well. Lift yourself all the way back up to a tall seed. Place your feet back on your mat. If they're not there right now, go ahead and spin your legs to the center of the mat.

We'll come around the other way and then roll down onto your back. No, we're not going to do our high scissors and bicycle, but we'll take the same position so it looks a little something like this. I call this the rolling massage. Those of you who are familiar with spine corrector work, no it from that apparatus. Bring your leg straight up to start pushing into your mat. Lift your hips up and over.

Now gently place your hands against your back pockets or your lower back without putting any weight into your hands. And go ahead and bend your knees in. Round your back nicely here and then bring both knees to your right shoulder, keeping your heels close with your seat. Bring your knees over to the left, kind of like a conch com motion one more to the rates. One more to the left and we add a roll to this. Bring your knees to the right shoulder. Point your knees up to the ceiling, roll them all the way over to the left side and then reverse it over to the left up when arounds finishing. Reversing right sides up over to the left.

Play around with how much weight your hands have to take here. For you to do that sustainably in a way that doesn't hurt your elbows and that still mobilize your spine. That lovely passive way we've been setting our class up with today. Take good. One more time. Up and over. Nice you guys. And then come through center. Extend your leg straight back up.

Bring your arms down by your sides. Roll yourself down and then it's time for actual spine twist. All right, we've been getting ready for this moment. All along. Roll yourself all the way up. Flex your feet. It should almost happen on its own. Your arms reach out to either side, shoulder Bates together. Take a deep breath in to lift when a twist to the ride with a trip. Paul pulse.

Inhale of back through center legs pressing together. Take it to the left. Three farther to farther. One. Inhale back to center. Four more times twisted, right? Two, three, get taller with every pulse and every time you come back to center. So good you guys. One more time to the right twist and twist more and was even more. Come back to the center. Final one, twisted left two, three, come back to center and relax your arms down by your sides.

Alright, next up is our sidekick. We're going to begin on our left sides. Go ahead and find your left side on your mad line yourself up at the back end of your mat. Now, little known fact rotation is not only possible in the side kick, it's also welcome and so we're going to explore that a little bit today. Align with our theme. Bring your leg slightly forward here, both hands behind your head. If that's possible. We'll just do one variation on our sidekicks. Go ahead and lift the bottom side of your waist slightly up.

Really press you head back into your heads. Your top leg lifts stretchered back behind you. Now your hips stay stacked on top of one another no matter what, but notice how as you stretch your leg farther back, your torso kind of wants to lean forward. The right elbow wants to stretch away from that right foot. Allow that to happen today.

Wind up the stretch and then kick the leg forward as freely as you can. Donald pots kick, kick and find that stretch again and again, kick it forward. Kick, kick, and Richard back. Now you'll notice there's a certain amount of twist that's helpful. You don't want to go overboard to the point where you fall over.

We'll take four more here. Cake cake, reach a back and three kick it forward, reach it back at best, two to go. This means that your leg moves a little freer in your hip socket and that's the case. We'll take it right. Take the leg back, hold it there for a second. Let's take your top arm out and stretch it in opposition to your right leg. So we have that long line down the right side of your body here. Similar to our little stretch we took after our saw earlier on, and then come back through center and we'll ride over to the other side.

Come on to your right side now. Quick and easy. Take both hands behind the head. Hips are staggering that we Mainz your left leg lifts and stretches behind you. And take this first one again to explore how good it feels to let your left have of the rib cage. Rotate against that leg and then got six taps kicking forward. One to reach it back behind you. Go again. Four, five, five, reach it back free of the hip and kick, kick and reach back three more times. Kick the leg forward, forward and back.

Notice again that passive quality in the rotation of your spine as the leg leads the way. One more time, kick it forward. Forward. Reach it back behind you. Here's your stretch. Your arm reaches in opposition to your back, left leg. Stretch the front of your body, the left side of your rib cage, and then come through center. Find the middle of your mat. Set yourself up phase into the center of the room, towards your legs. And it wouldn't be a math class if we didn't do a little bit of a teaser, right for SEO legs into one another. We've already done it, so that's the good news. Stretch your arms up long in front of you. Engage your legs to lift out of your hips like you're open, like rocket transition.

Find the place where your legs start to lift up and go ahead and find and build your teaser right there. Legs stay. You know the way. Roll your lower back onto the mat. You can go farther if you want to right away or build it up. Lift yourself back up. Try and touch your toes. Do the same thing again. Roll to your shoulder blade tips may be farther, but your legs keep reaching and lift yourself all the way back up to the top.

You've got one more like that. Rolling down right leg presses into left, left into ride. Find that anti rotation and center lift all the way back up to the top. Now from here, your arms make a little circle to the left, your legs to the right. Circle everything down, around and back to center and go the other way. This is our hip twist for the day. Your arms go right, legs left and you circled back to center. Nice. You guys go one more time each way. Circle it all back into center.

All your crisscrosses and saws come back to play here. Find center, hold lower the legs, lower your spine, reach your arms over your head and let that go. Now is we're going to come down the mountain now go ahead and flip over to your stomach for a moment of swimming, which again has a ton of rotation already built in. Think of both hips pressing down into the mat, arms and legs. Lift and go right into it. Oppositional movement, arms and legs, steady hips and nice, yummy breath to fill up the lift of your chest. Breathing and breathing out. Sing nice and long and the lower back.

One more breath in, one more breath out. And that's enough for accounters stretch. Sit yourself back onto you. He also, just a quick moment there and once you got what you were looking for in your stretch, come into a four legged position. Hands under shoulders, knees under your hips, and we'll do sort of a happy cat angry cab movement, which typically lends itself to being very stretching and passive. And I want that to be super active today. So before even moving the spine, commit to your hands, pressing into the mat. Feel like you're dragging your hands back towards your knees without moving them. Open your chest and then feel like you're dragging your knees towards one another. Begin you are happy CAD, which is an arch of the spine. You look forward, you sent, your set spawns up still pulling your hands and knees towards one another and then go into your angry cab, pushing hands down, making two strong, clear Palm prints into a nice round spine. From there, passing through a straight back. You come back into your happy cat.

We'll take one more here. Push through the heels of your hands and all 10 fingertips into your round back and come back to a straight line. From there we're going to add a little rotation because that's our theme today. Start with an arch. Open your chest. It's your happy cat. Now thing left year two right hip.

As you find your angry cat and as you round your back, you begin to twist things center of your face towards the right hip. Transition over to the other side and come back through center. Pause there and pull your spine long for a moment and then we'll start the other way. Start with the arch again, right ear, left hip. Haul them towards one another. Revolve all the way around your spine.

Find your arch and pull yourself back into a long spine. From there we'll take one more route for it. Started with the arch left ear, right hip. And if for some reason you're somewhere else in that movement right now and as long as you're enjoying it, keep going. Come back into the art. If you're with us, stretch the spine out nice and long from here and we take one more the opposite side. So from the arch, right ear, left hip and twisted all the way around.

Take the barrel of your rib cage all the way around to come back to center. Hopefully with your arms and legs still active. We're now going into a plank from here, so tuck your right toes under. Stretch the leg back. Keep your leg somewhat open. As you add the left legs, you want a good amount of space between your feet, so much space that you can tilt your feed over to the right side. So both heels fall right. You're on the outer edge of your right foot, inner edge of your left foot, both hands of even Wade.

You pull your chest through your arms and you notice that twist from the right hip and that line of energy from your right up to your left shoulder. Come back to center, sends you healed straight up, and then let your feet fall towards your left. Keep some weight in your right hand. It's very tempting to shift all the weight over to the left side. Keep pulling your chest forward, come back through center and take it over to the right side again.

Now this time really make your right leg strong so you can take your left leg up and send it back behind you. Think of that stretch at the end of your saw and what we just did in our sidekicks. Come back to your center just once more to the other side, up and over. Heels. Fall, left, right leg reaches back behind you. Right hip might even open a little bit, but there's even weight in your hands. Beautiful chest, pulse forward. Come back through center. I lie to you. We have to do one more. Take your heels to the right.

Send your left heel back behind you. Now here's a fun little transition. I think it's fun. Anyway, into our kneeling sidekick. Bring your left knee underneath your stomach. Turn all the way around so you stay on your left hand. You bring your right hand behind your head and you should be in your position for your kneeling sidekick. The right leg lifts up. You take it back behind you.

Same rules as sidekick. Apply here. There's a welcome twist in the chest. You kick the leg forward five times, kick it, kick it, Richard back four more times. Kick it, kick it, reach it back again, kick it forward, reach it back to to go. Allowing the top elbow to move as it must, but the hips stay stacked. Last one. Nice. Come to center. Take that foot down. This is where the transition gets tricky. Again, plays both hands down.

Take your left knee off, tilt your foot over to the other side, get back into that stretch. Take the foot down in front of the other, come through center and we'll have to do all of that on the other side. You guys with me? Beautiful. Left heel to the left is the right leg that reaches back behind the other weight on both hands. That right knee is going to set up for your kneeling sidekick facing two.

What's your left right now? So your left hand lift up. Your left leg is in the air. Your right hand holds you. Your head and your hand are pushing into one another. Stretch the leg behind you. Find your switch kicking five times for fault and we should back and forth.

Kick it, kick it, and we should back three to go. Allow that top elder reach forward as the leg goes back to two and we should back. Here's your last one, and then get ready for that transition again. From here, you take that leg down, plays both hands on the floor. Take the right knee out. Again, stretching back behind you over the other to find that plank twist again and squaring the hips. Then squaring the hips. Then lift your hips up. Walk your hands back towards your feet.

Ah, soften your knees and slowly roll yourself all the way up. Just noticing the quality of how your spine moves. Hopefully it feels nice and supple right about now. And just to finish things up, we'll take it into the standing twist. So for that I ask you to step off your mat for a second. It's all face forward.

For this, we're going to open our legs a little wider than hip distance. For this one, our toes point straight forward, there's a pivoting action. The fee that's a little tricky to get right, so take your time with this, especially on the first couple. Bring your arms out to the side. Really reach them away from one another. We've been there before and I saw it's the same action.

I want both sets of toes to swing over to the right side, so you start to make a turn towards your right and back behind you. Allow your right foot to dial all the way back til the right toes point back behind you. Now swivel onto the outer edge of your left leg until your front leg is bent. Back leg is straight. You're completely twisted. Let's come right back out of this. Flipping everything forward.

Do the other sides of the lard going on here. Your toes to the left, you twist to the left. You shift your weight into your left. Third left toes point back. You go to the outer edge of your right foot, your front knees bend. Your back leg is straight. A trails behind you like in so many of our twists and it's that leg reaching that brings you back to center. Adding on pivot to the wrecked twist back behind you. Land on the outer edge of your left foot.

Now both hands reach to what's your back, calf or shin. You try to pull your head towards the back knee. You come all the way back up and bring yourself back to center. Make sure you have enough space behind you when you attempt to do this. We'll take one more over to the left at this pace, twist, pivoted outer edge of the third front knee bends back leg stays straight.

Pull yourself down. Really ring yourself out. Come back to center both arms reach side and then we'll attempt this a little bit faster. You guys pivot and twist to the right, facing back behind you. Round over the leg like a massive sauce stretch. Pull yourself in back leg leads the way back. Arm leads the way. Come back to center facing forward. Last one. Pivot. Twist towards the left.

Saw stretch, twist. Ring it out over your left leg. Come all the way back through. Center facing forward. Do your arms come down, step your legs together. Shake it loose. Well, I know that we are definitely rung out. I hope you at home are as well. Thank you so much for watching.


We’re SO lucky to have you on PA! My spine feels amazing
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Amazing class! Love the rotation!
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Thank you! My whole body feels great. I definitely got more mobility in my spine after the class. I’ve never explored flooring saw before as well as many other variations of the basic Pilates movements
Susan B
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You really help connect the dots Benjamin. Many thanks for the fun class. 
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Thanks, Benjamin, for yet another wonderful class!  As always, you never cease to inspire with your flow, cuing and creativity!
Thank you Benjamin for all the details I’m a big fan of you🙏🏼 Regards from Denmark🇩🇰 Bettina 👋🏼
Thank you, Benjamin!  Great for the scoliosis spine... love twisting and ringing my spine out like so! Feeling great after these creative versions you are sharing! 
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Fabulous class x more please Benjamin!
love, love love, more mat work soon please
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I just love, love the way you teach!!! Superb class!!!
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