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Exploring Mat Rotation

45 min - Class


Explore the transverse mobility of your spine with this Mat workout by Benjamin Degenhardt. He looks for rotation in the exercises where it is not the main focus of movement so that you can improve your quality of movement in your practice. He includes fun variations like Corkscrew Bridge, "Flooring" Saw, and much more!
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi, I'm Benjamin. I'm happy to be back at plots anytime with another math class and I'm here with Kathleen and Chaz to demonstrate this class and our theme for today is going to be rot...


We’re SO lucky to have you on PA! My spine feels amazing
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Amazing class! Love the rotation!
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Thank you! My whole body feels great. I definitely got more mobility in my spine after the class. I’ve never explored flooring saw before as well as many other variations of the basic Pilates movements
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You really help connect the dots Benjamin. Many thanks for the fun class. 
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Thanks, Benjamin, for yet another wonderful class!  As always, you never cease to inspire with your flow, cuing and creativity!
Thank you Benjamin for all the details I’m a big fan of you🙏🏼 Regards from Denmark🇩🇰 Bettina 👋🏼
Thank you, Benjamin!  Great for the scoliosis spine... love twisting and ringing my spine out like so! Feeling great after these creative versions you are sharing! 
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Fabulous class x more please Benjamin!
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love, love love, more mat work soon please
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I just love, love the way you teach!!! Superb class!!!
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