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Flow, Rhythm, and Dynamics

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Join Niedra for this advanced Mat class with a focus on flow, rhythm, and dynamics.
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Mar 06, 2011
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So good afternoon everybody. We're going to do an advanced reformer today and I'm sorry, what am I saying? We're going to do advanced map work this evening. If any of you have any physical conditions or modifications you need to put into effect, please feel comfortable doing it as you know your own bodies really well. And the idea is with the advance work that we flow, we move.

We keep the rhythm going. So any adjustments you need to do, take care of yourself as you move ahead. Go for it cause you're advanced and you know what you need to do. So come to the front of your mats, lift the powerhouse up legs and in through the heels up through the crown of the head. Cross your feet, cross your hands and lifting the powers up. Bend your knees and sit all the way down onto the mat, bringing the hips down and cross your legs and slowly roll down onto the floor floor. And just take a moment still with your knees. Bent the hands long to take a deep breath in and feel the length from the tail up through the crown. Of the head. As you breathe out, relax the spine, but allow the shoulders to get long breathing. One more time. Tail goes in, one direction.

Crown of the head in the other and breathe out and lengthen your legs all the way out on the floor and then lift them up for hundreds as we start lifting up, lift the head and chest up and start pumping. Breathing into four, five. Exhale. Nice. Long breath into three, four, five. Keep the elbows nice and long. Three, four, five. Exhale. Three, four, five, four, two, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five, five, two, three, four, five. Exhale, lower the legs a bit. Ticks, two, three, four. Exhale, three, four, five, six into exhale. Three, four, five, six into three. Exhale, three, four, five, six, seven into three. Exhale, three, four, five, six, seven into exhale, two, four, five, six, seven, eight. In two, three. Exhale. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight and low. The legs down, head down. Stretch the arms over the head. Reach from the fingers to the toes. Nice stretch and then roll up to a sitting position for roll up and stretch forward and roll back. Pulling the powerhouse in.

Shoulders down your back and arms back and roll up and forward and roll back down. Broad shoulders long arms long fingers, arms back a little faster and roll up and stretch and rollback. Broad shoulders and back and roll and reach and power house pulled back and back and lift and reach and roll and back. Last one. And lift and reach long and over. Reach over at the head dropped way down towards the knees and slowly roll back down on the mat. Place your hands by your for roll over. Adjust yourselves on the mat if you need to. So yeah, Debra definitely come forward.

Take a moment to feel the hands on the mat. Broad shoulders deepen into the powerhouse. Lift the leg straight up. Take them over your head all the way to the floor. Toes. Touch the floor. Press your heels away from you. Open the legs, press your heels away from you and roll, roll, roll down. Bring the legs together and sweep them up and over. One more time. All the way over to the floor. Flex your feet. Press your heels wide.

Open the legs and press and long through the spine. Bring the legs together, up over. Power over and press the yields away. Open the legs and press and roll. Roll. Robbing the legs together. Reverse. Open the legs out, up over with the legs wide and procedurals away from you. Bring your legs together. Press your legs away and [inaudible] roll. Roll, roll, roll. Okay.

When the legs up and lift the hips, flex your feet as you put your heels away. Bring your legs together. Press your heels away and roll. Roll, roll. Last one. Lift those hips up and over. A little wider with the legs. Aaron flex feet together. Flex now reach up with your hands.

Grab your ankles, soften the knees a little bit and see if you can. As you roll down, bring your thighs onto your chest and slowly roll down. Giving your legs a nice long stretch. The knees are soft, the thighs are soft, and then hold onto the right leg and lower the left leg all the way to the floor. For single leg circles, your head and chest should be down. Just give that like a little stretch and then put your hands by your side to lengthen the right hip away from your left and the right leg goes to the left, down, around and up to your nose. Cross down, around and up, cross down to the ankle and up. Cross down, around and up and down around reverse it and cross around and up. Cross around and up, cross around and up, circle and cross and up.

Circle across and up and slowly lower the leg to the mat. Long like long stomach all the way down to the other leg up. Give it a little stretch. Lengthen the left hip away from you. See, hold the hamstring or the cap with your hands and check that the shoulders are lot wide. The left hip is grounded, the waist is long. Very good. Wendy, hands by your side and start crossing the leg across, down, around and up. Cross down, around and up. Cross down, around and up. Cross down, around and up. Cross down around, reverse it and circle down and up. Circled down and up. Circle down and up to your nose. Circle down and up.

Circle down and up and slowly floated. Laid down, long leg backs all the way. Stretch your arms over your head and roll up to a sitting position and bring your hips forward towards your feet. Pop them forward. Hold onto your ankles and see if you can get your head right between your knees and your heels right close to your ankles. Very tight position, feet in the air. Um, that's it. And Roll back to your shoulders and come right back up and balance and roll back. Keep those heels nice and tight and come up and bounce. Shoulders down.

Power how strong. Roll back. Come up and balance and roll back. Come up in balance and roll back. Come up and balance. Hover here very tight. Take your left hand to your right knee. Pull the right knee into your chest so the right hand stays on the ankle and slowly roll down to the mat.

Setting yourselves up for single leg stretches. Pull the knee in, switch your legs and squeeze like in switching. Squeeze, switch and squeeze switching. Squeeze. Switch and squeeze. Shoulders down. Switch in, squeeze, switching, squeeze, switch and squeeze. Switch and squeeze both New Zealand and hold your ankles for double leg stretches. Very tiny shape. Hips on the man that's at shoulders that reach your arms and legs away from you too. Long. Arms on legs. Big Circle. Tiny ball and stretch.

Circle in and stretch. Circle in and stretch. Circle in last ones. Hold it out. Try to go a little further away. Toes and fingers further away. Big Circle all the way in. Lift the legs up for scissors. Take your right leg and pull it towards you. Pull, pull, switch, pull, pull, switch, pull, pull, switch, pull, pull to keep going. Pull, pull.

Nice big scissor movement. Pull, pull. Now Flex your feet. Keep going. Popo and Paul. Pork and faster. Purple and pull. Pull, pull, pull and pull. Pull and pull. Pull and proper lower lift. Hands up behind your head. Long legs. Low the legs down, down, down. Lift them up fast. Lower down, down, down. Let them up fast. Deepen into the power as lower down, down, down, shoulders away from your ears.

Lower down, down, down. At the fast. Last one. Lower down, down, down with the fast crisscrossed with to the right. Lift your chest, twisted the left. Lift the chest, twist to the right. Try to get your elbow to your knee and look to the back wall. And one more time and twist. Come back to the center. Lie down on your back, stretch your arms out. Give yourselves a good stretch length in the fingers, length in the stomach.

And as you roll up, deepen into the powerhouse. Set yourselves up for spine. Stretch forward. Open the feet a little wider than your own mat. For me, I would like today the toes reaching long rather than flex the arms at shoulder height. Nice lifted spine. Take a deep breath in and breathing out. Drop your head down between your arms and sink down. Go deeper, go deeper, go deeper and then roll back up. Unraveling the spine and of up. Very tall, deep breath in. And as you go down, see as though think it's bringing your nose to your navel.

So it's not a long stretch. It's a very circular stretch. Roll back up, roll back up. Roll back up and lift up tall and again, drop your head and curl in on yourself as though your head is going between your knees or your hamstrings, not your shins. Roll back up. Roll back up. Roll back up. Lift up nice and tall. Last one, and exhale. Very circular movement. Now stay here. Make sure your hands are shoulder height so the head is diving right down. Take a breath in here and breathing out.

Go a little bit deeper. Tip those hands. Shoulder height and roll back up. Roll back up. Roll back up. Very, very good. Hold this position. Lift the legs up and set yourselves up for open leg rocker. Okay. Deepen into the powerhouse and roll back to the shoulders and come back up again. Come up and balance.

Very good and roll back. Come up and balance lifting in the waist and roll back and come up and balance and roll back and come up in balance and not bring your legs together. Either. Hold them there if you want. You can reach the hands up and hold your toes and two more times rolling back like that. Roll back. Come up and balance. Good and roll back. Nice work. Yes. Come up and balance.

And now balance here. See if you can bend the elbows and bring your chest as close in towards your shins and thighs as you can. Tight, tight, tight compression. And then slowly walk down your hands. Still. You're lying flat on your back with preparation for corkscrew. So long arms flat on the Mat. And take the legs over your head.

Roll up onto your shoulders. Lift way up, legs up to the ceiling. Good. And then roll down. Roll onto your right hip. Swing the legs to the right, to the left. Roll over, lift up very high, right up there. And roll down legs. Go to the left to the right, over and lift those legs up and roll down to the right to the left over and lift and roll to the left to the right. Over and lift. Very good. One more time to the right to the left over and lift and last one to the left to the right. Over lift way up and slowly roll down.

Roll down, roll down slowly low. Float the legs down to the mat, stretch your arms over your head and roll up to a sitting position for sauce. So rolling up. Open your legs a little wider than the mat. And now you flex your feet. Arms out to the side. Showed us that nice lift right off the pelvic floor, up to the sternum. Reach the fingers out to the site with to the right.

Reach towards your little toe and stretch one. Go deeper so that toe up deeper and sit up nice and tall and broad right in the center. Lift and twist to the other side. Twist and stretch forward one and saw two and saw three and come back up and sit up nice and tall and centered with to the first site with and reach one. Reach to reach three. Come back up and broaden that chest with the other side. Flexeril sweet, strongly.

So you stretch the hamstring and come back up and lift. One more. Set twist and stretch one and two and three and come back up and twist to the other side. Twist in stretch one and two and three and come back up. Very good. Bring the legs together. Bring the hands in front of you and slowly roll down. Roll down, roll down.

Say you're lying flat on your backs and roll onto your stomach for swan dive. So rolling over. Now the advanced version, you'll be swinging your arms up in front of you. You can do any variation if you want to have your hands to the side or under you, whichever variation you feel most comfortable with. So I up, if you're coming all the way up, you put your hands close to your shoulders and lift your head and chest up. So you have a nice lift through the spine.

Broad shoulders lengthen through the hamstrings in the knees all the way to the heels. So your whole back body is ready. Ready? Here we go. And fall forward. Legs up and lift and too, and lift and lates up and arms up and legs up and arms up last one and up. Lower all the way down. Very nice. Sit back into your yields. Pull the powerhouse up, the stretch out, the lower back. So you round deeply and then come forward.

Very nice on it. For single leg kicks onto your stomach again, lift up onto your elbows, make fists with your hands and press the knuckles together to just get at that extra little stretch. And then lift the chest up. Shoulders away from your ears and knees together. Bend your right foot. Point, flex and down. Left foot point. Flex and down and point. Flex and down and point flex and our now point flex switch point flex switch point, flex point, flex switch, flex and flex point, flex point, flex and good.

Lower down double leg kicks. Turn your nose to the right and have your hands up your back one hand rather than clasping your hands. You want that one hand to hold the other. So you will have a class. The hands are as high up your back as you can get them and take a moment to spread the shoulders and press them down so this can be tight for some people. Keep your knees tight together long from pelvis and bend your knees kicked three times. Kick to three, press back.

Squeeze your shoulders and lifted up high and lower the head the other way. Kick three, pull back and lift. And for side kick, two, three hips. Go down to progressive and further up. Other side kick two, three, pull back and lift. And first I'd kick two three, pull back and lift.

And last side kick. Two, three, pull back and lift. Very good. Hands under your shoulders. Pull the powerhouse in and up. As you sit back. Long Spine. Fill up the lower body in it. Take a deep breath in here to fill up the sacred and breathe out. Relax your bones for a minute. One more time, deeper than all through the whole spinal column and breathe out and then lie down on your backs for next neck pool so the hands will be behind the head.

The elbows are why the feet are hip with the part and the feet of flex. We're going to start lying down. You want to really push into the heels to lengthen the legs out and lift your head and chest and roll up. Lifting up. Take your head right down towards your knees. Roll the body into an upright position, lift up out of the lowest spine and lean back, long, long, long, long.

And then reluctantly roll down. Very good. And again, lift your head in, chest and roll up. Take your head, dive your head down to your knees. Sit Up nice and tall. Lift out of the waist and lean back. Feel the weight of the head on your hand to the tee and then roll down. Very good air. And yes, and again, roll up. Head your knees.

Sit Up nice and tall and literally take a moment to get the neck even longer. And then lean back as though your head resting on a pillow. Lean back, lean back, lean back and roll all the way down on your backs. Place your hands long by your sides and bend your feet up for a shoulder bridge. When your feet up, you want your feet quite close in towards your hips, but hip with the part and start by tilting the tail and rolling the hips up to come into a long plank from the armpits to the shoulders. Very good. And then soften the sternum and roll down and roll up again. Massaging the spy. Rolling up, rolling up, rolling up. Make sure the shoulders along and there's a gentle pressure.

The hands as you do this and rolled out. Roll down, roll down. Now adding the leg kicks to this. Tilt the pelvis and roll up again. So from your armpits to your needs to have a law plane. Now stabilize the pelvis and take the right leg straight out and then lifted up. Flex the for lower down to it's parallel to the other side. Kick it up, flex it down. Keep those hips lifted and up and down and up.

And then bend the foot. Place it down on the mat. Stabilize your hips, lift them if they sang, and bend your left knee in and lifted up to the ceiling. So altogether like lift those hips up. Now flexes a blade, comes down and pointed up. Flex as it goes down. Keep those hips nice and lifted and up, and then bend the foot and put it back down and slowly roll your shoulders and ribs down to the mat. Extend your legs out, stretch your arms over your head and roll up to a sitting position for spine twists. So take your arms out to the side. Bring the hips together and the ankles together. So imagine you have a little ribbon tying your ankles together.

Feet will be actually pointed that so the legs are long now, so I don't want to see anybody's ankles or feet doing this as we do this. So nice lift, twist to the right and double pulse. Pulse, pulse and lift to the center. Left pulse and back to the center. Right now. This time, let's see if you can go all the way. Pulse, pause back to the senators. More movement into the shoulders as well. Back to the center. Pulse twist, 180 degrees twist all the way without back. Arms Center, first side again, pulse, pulse and back. Other side, pulse balls and back. Arm Straight in front of you and then slowly roll down onto your back to set yourselves up for Jack Knife so the hands are down.

Adjust yourselves if you need to. On the Mat. Check. There's a shoulders away from your ears. You gather into the powerhouse, lift the legs up and take the legs over. Lift all the way up onto your shoulders, legs up to the ceiling, and then bring the leg slightly forward over your forward and roll your hips down. Roll down and legs out and legs over and lift way up. And then roll down.

Take those hips down quite fast and out. So you're like closing and opening a jack knife and lift way up and take the legs down, down with the hips and out. One more time over and lift up and then roll down, roll down, lower the legs, lower the legs all the way to the floor. And let's have you all on your right side. I think we'll all, yes, good idea. Good idea.

Like everybody facing this way for sidekicks, meaning yes, you're all be facing this way. So I think you to get onto, you have your heads over here. Yeah, yeah. Just so that you, so nice long position. Start with Lateline use of support on the side of the mat, on the back part of the mat. That's a get your hand in front of you on your, on the floor and lift the legs up. Bring them to the front of the mat and lower them down. And Aaron, do you want to be down or you can right now if you want to really challenge yourselves, you can do the whole routine with the other hand up. That's up to you how much you wanted to work, um, side forward and back kick.

So lift your top like hip height and swing to the front, front, front and back. Back and front. Front and back. Back now. Big Movement back, back, cause this is advanced or your trunk can move. Think of the leg coming from the top of the bottom of the ribcage. Forward, forward, back, back, forward, forward, back, back. One more time and back, back. Very nice. Legs together. Regather your center for bicycle. So lift the top leg up against.

Swing it forward in front of you. Bend the foot in, stretch it back and extended out. Now think of bringing the foot in front of you to your nose. Swing it way forward. Bring it to your chest, press it back and extended way back. One more time. Way Forward. Bend it in. Presad way back, extended out 90 degrees to your bottom. Like bring the legs together and reverse it. Swing the leg way back.

Bend to your bottom. Bring it to your chest, extended out to your nose. Swing it way back, bend it and bring it through. T as far as you can. That's good, Aaron. Yes. One more time. Way Back. Bend it in, brewing it through. Stretch it out and bring the leg together. Bring your top hand in front of you to the Mat. Bend your back, leg your top leg back and grab it with your hand to give yourselves a thigh stretch. So keep pulling the stomach up. Now extend the foot backwards so your arm goes straight so the more you can pull the foot back and stretch the side back.

Then bend the knee into your chest. How the foot in as deeply as you can. Keep the foot hugged in and extend. The leg is far above your head as you can. Very, very good. Bring the leg down when they go on top of the other. First of all, little s little circles of support your chest, lift the leg up and little circles going front, front. Every time the circle is half in front, half behind your bottom leg circle and circle and circle and reverse it and back and two and three and four and five and six and seven and lower the leg down.

Now big circles. Bring that top leg in front of your hip. Take it straight to the ceiling, lift it up and try to keep it right behind you. So goes way far back and again, swing forward and lift the leg up and long behind you. One more time. Swing forward and lift and long, long, long. Lift that stomach. Bring the legs together, reverse it.

Take the leg back and lifted. Way Up. Bring it forward and up. Forward and up. Good and back and lift it up to the ceiling and lengthen the leg in front. One more time for back and up, all the way forward and to gather. Very nice. Now hot potato is for a lot of speed and lightness. So now your legs are strong, your powerhouse is strong. So we'll go up to five.

Do you know what we're talking about? Okay, so swing the leg way up and bounce. One up one now twice. Click up. Three, two, three, up. Three, two, three, up. Four. One, three, up. One, two, three, four. Up. One, two, three, four, five. Kick. One, two, three, four, five kid. And bring the leg down. Very good. Now gather into your waist. Narrow hips. Lift both legs up in the air. Lower down, both legs go up, lower down.

Both legs go up, lower down, both legs. Go Up, lower down. Take your top hand here. One more time. Lift the legs up. We'll keep the legs in the air. Roll onto your stomach for little beats so you roll over. Lift the legs up and little beats with the heels. One, four, five, six, seven. Lift a little higher. Three, four, five, six, seven, lift as high as you can.

Pull. Five, six, seven, eight, low your legs. Download your chest down. Put your hands under your shoulders and sit back towards your heels. Stretch your back out. Take a deep breath in. Again, breathe deeply into your waist and your hips and breathe out. And one more time. Deep breath in. All the way into the pelvis.

So you feel the bones move there and breathe out and relax. Very good. Other sides. So switch yourselves around. Yes. So your head will be your switch your head to the other side. So support your head with your hands. Good. Lift both legs up. Bring them to the front of the maps. Decide where you want that right arm, whether you want it in front of you or up. Lift the leg, the right leg, hip height, and now swing forward, forward, forward, back, back, forward, forward to this is a big movement.

Now see how far you can get it in front of you at the same time. This right elbow should not be moving forward. Forward, back, back, and forward. Forward and back, back now. Bicycle. Swing the leg forward. Bend it in. Press it back, extended out. Swing it forward. You're so good. Bend it in precedent way back and long. One more time. Swing it forward. Bend it to go far back. You have to let your back open a little bit.

Bring the leg together and reverse it. Swing the leg way back, bend it in, press it to your chest and extend the legs out and swing way back. Bend it in, bring it through and stretch the leg out. One more time, way back. Bend it in. Press it through and long, and bring the leg together. Bring your top arm down onto the mat. Bin The top leg up and hold onto your ankle for a stretch. Pull your side back and press the foot into the hand to open up the hip flexor. Open up the shoulder and let the leg go back. Very good.

Now bend the knee into your chest. Give it a good hug. Hug underneath the knee. Hold right there. Good. And stretch the like out. Stretch it out and stretch it out. Stretch it out. Very good. Bringing the leg together. Okay. Four little circles.

So starting going forward and circle one and two and three and four and five and six and seven. Reverse it and back into every time accent is back and six and seven and eight. Big circles like gums forward and lift. Lift in the stomach and lengthen out to the stomach. Gets long to go back forward and lift and long.

Very nice over here and forward and lift and lengthen this lake way out in together. Reverse it. Take the leg way back and lifted up. Rotated around to the heel, comes to the floor and back and lift up and keep rotating that leg to get more range of movement. One more time. Back and up and long as it comes forward, bring the legs together. Very good. Set yourselves up for hot potato. Swing the legs up to the ceiling up and bounce down. Up and bounce down. Up twice. Kick, kick up, kick, kick up three times. One, two, three, up. One, two, three, kick. One, two, three, four, kick. One, two, three, four, kick. One, two, three, five, up. One, two, three, four, five, up. Bring the leg down.

Very good and gather into your core and lift both legs, up, sideways, shoulders. Stay down away from your ears and lower down and lift the legs and down and lift the legs and down and lift the legs and down. And just for fun, both hands behind your head and lift the legs and see if you can roll onto your backs are do your backs and then get yourselves back on your mat for teaser number three. So stretch your arms over your head length and gather into your power so your waist is tiny and connected. And as you lift up your lift, legs and hands and touch your toes in one so you reach forward, reach for your toes, reach back with the arms, lift up out of the lower spine and slowly roll down and see if you can have your feet and your hand touch at the same time and touch and come right back up again. Reach towards the toes, lift out of the lower back, and then roll through the spine. Roll, roll, roll, roll. And one more time. Come up there and reach out.

Back with the arms and then lower down. Lower down, lower down, lower down. Now one more time. You'll come up, come up and touch the toes, reach the arms back and take them behind you. On the Mat. For hip circles, you can either be up or on your elbows. If you're up, see you can get your legs right up to the ceiling and circle the legs or right down to the left and lift them way up and left down, around and up and right down, around and up and left down around enough and right down, around and up and left down, around and up and slowly lower the legs down and then come up to a sitting position. Reach the arms in front of you and roll down onto your backs and roll onto your stomach for swimming. So roll over, stretch your arms out in front of you. Narrow the hips. Feel length in the legs, length in the hands. Lift feet, head and hands off the mat and look forward and start to swim. And One big movement tried to touch the ceiling with the hands and the feet.

Four five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10 and linkedin down. Very good. Hands under the shoulders. And just for a moment, sit back into your heels again. Pull the powerhouse in and up. Nice stretch, lengthening that lower spine out, and then come back onto your stomach and place your hands under your shoulders for balance control. So just on your stomach, curl the toes under you. That's good, Aaron. Straight lengths in the knees, so the legs along. Pull the powerhouse in and up and see if you can lift up into a plank position. So you come straight up. Fabulous.

Now the feet are very flex and rock fall. We're bringing the heels way forward to come away forward on the toes, even over the toes and push back into a flex and press way forward and back. [inaudible] and way forward and back. And lift your right foot up and come forward with the left foot and back and forward and back. Change feet. Other leg comes up. And for keeping the hips steady and back and forward and back.

Bring both feet down. Bend the knees to the Mat. Sit into your heels one more time, pulling the powerhouse in and up and then come to, to, uh, sitting on your, uh, sitting with your legs in front of you for balance, control back. So, okay, so the legs are out. If you showed us a tight, you want the hands out, or even back if you, you got the range of movement your hands can be facing forward. The most important thing to begin with is to keep the shoulders wide. That's it. So long legs and lift your hips up. So you create a plank pose.

Open chest, very good. You're gazing on a long diagonal. Lower the hips down and again, lift those hips up. So long diagonal position. Very good. Lower the hips down. And then with the leg lift, lift those hips up. Take your right leg and lifted up. Flex it down, lift it up, flex it down, change your legs, left leg goes up, keeping those hips high and down and lift and down, and come back to a sitting position. Very good. And now from here, bring your legs to the side and come up to a kneeling position. For kneeling. Sidekicks, yes, juggling is a good idea. Um, no, let's have everybody facing center. When did, why did you come a little bit forward? Aaron, you go back and, and, and um, there Brockport arms out to the side. Now your right hand is going to go to the mat and the left leg is going right up to the psych.

Have it on the floor first of all and bring your hand behind your head. So you're looking to have a completely straight plane here. So the hips a little bit more forward. The elbow right to the ceiling and lift the leg up in the air. Lower down, lifted up, lower down, lifted up, lower down, lifted up, and hold it here a little circles. Circle one, two, three, four, five. Reverse it one. Keep reaching out into the foot. Three, four, five.

And then bring the leg down and bring yourselves back up and then go to the other side. So the right leg is out. Now take a moment before you start to bring the hips forward. So the hip is right over the knee. Your elbow is facing the ceiling. Your waist is long and narrow and your shoulders are away from your ears. Lift the leg right up. Lower down.

Lift the leg up, lower down. Lift the leg up, lower down. Lift the leg up in little circles here. Circle one, two, three, four, five. Reverse it. One, two, three, four, five, lower than they down. Come up to a kneeling position and take your hips to your left and hold onto your right ankle for mermaid. So take the left arm right up to the ceiling and pull away up with it. So the whole left side of the ribs are stretching and stretch way over to the right with the arm long and straight. See if you can get the arm right by your ear.

Then lift the powerhouse and lean out. First time the arm is straight. And just use a stretch to stretch the arm. Use the power has to come up again, pull way up with the arm and then rapid round your head and bend over a little bit further. Now stay there, take the arm and stretch it out, and then come back up and lean to the left side and bend the elbow as you stretch so you have a nice stretch. And again, wrap the hand around your head and then leap. Come back up and again, take the hand up, rapid round your head. Bend over to the right. Now. Curl your chest down towards the floor. Open the chest out against steel, bending to the right. Go a little deeper.

Stretch the solemn way out and come back up. And again, leaning out onto the elbow. Wrap your hand round your head, curl the chest in and towards the floor. Open the chest out again. Stretch the arm way out. Use a powerhouse to come up and I'll sweep your legs around to the other side. That's it. And hold the ankle with the left hand. Reach away, way up with this right arm and then keep it long as you bend to the left.

So this is huge. Stretch along the ribs. Lift from the powerhouse as you lean out into the right hand and stretch the same way to the left and lift and switch. Hold your ankle again. And this time wrap the hand around your head so you can stretch a little bit deeper. At lift up switch hands. You lean to the right. Now you go down on the elbow, wrap your hand around your head first and then bend over.

It just makes it a little deeper and come up. One more time. Lift up, grab your ankle, lift rapid, round your head, bend over, curl your chest in towards the floor. Curl your chest out again. Stretch the arm way out. Come back up and stretch in the opposite direction. Bend down on the elbow stretch. Curl your chest down, curl your chest out, stretch way out with that arm and come back up again.

And then stretch your legs in front of you for Boomerang. So one leg is crossed in front of the other. Have your fingertips in front of you on the mat so you pull the powerhouse in and up and rock back. Take the legs over your head, open and close, or you flip them. Roll up into a balanced position. Reach towards the toes. Sweep the arms behind you. Clasp your hand and float the legs to the floor.

The hand stretch up. Open the arms. Reach them way over. Grab your ankles, deepen into the powerhouse and roll up and press the legs up in the air and rock back onto your shoulders. Opening. Close the legs. Very good. Roll Up. Reached towards the toes. Circle the hands behind you. Stretch them and big circle up and over as you float to the floor. And again, roll back, gentle. Push with the hands.

Help to lift those legs up and over. Open and close the legs. Very good. Roll up to a balanced position. Reach big circle of the arms behind you. Give a stretch through the shoulders. Float the legs in the body to the floor. As you circle way over, deepen into that powerhouse and come up and last one roll again.

Lift those legs, opening close. Very good. Roll up and reach towards the feet. Circle the arms behind you. Lift that chest a little further. Stretch the shoulders, circle all the way around as you float to the floor and come up to a sitting position and bring your feet into a cross legged position for crab. So you want to be able to hold onto your big toe, right? Yes. K Roll Up. So you lift your bottom and put your head on the floor.

So your bottoms up and take a moment just to feel the back of the neck. You want to give yourself a little stretch so that hips come quite a bit up that good. Now roll back onto your shoulders. Roll back, open and close in like sideways. So you change the cross and hold your feet and roll back again. Come up on your knees and stretch and sit back down again. Just a little time disk. Pause for a second. We're going to break this up.

Just I just want to cover the other, it's called crab because you know of crabs, they walk sideways and they have this funny movement going on. So we're emulating that when we go back. Opening close. So you want to have a very sharp movement. Then you open the chest so you stay tight with the shift. And I've heard in the old days they used to actually somersaulted all the way.

So you wouldn't just come up to your neck, but you would actually roll through and do it maybe next time. So holding onto your big toe. Come up on your knees, put your head down and stretch. Gentle stretch for the shoulders and back of the neck. Roll back and open and close and come up and stretch and roll back. Open and close. Come up. Very Good Wendy.

And stretch and roll back. Open and close. You've got the feeling and stretch and roll back. Last one. Open and close. Come up and last. Stretch through the shoulders, through the back of the neck.

Come back down to a sitting position and lift your feet up for seal. So wrapping your hands around your ankles. Shoulders are down. Sim, keep it. Get your feet up. So they are almost in line with the knees, but the shoulders are down and the chest is lifted even though you're in a scoop. Yes. Clap your feet three times. Clap, clap, clap. Roll back to your shoulders. Clap again. Clap, clap, roll up, clap, clap, roll back, clap, clap, clap, roll up, clap, clap, roll back, clap, clap, clap. Come up to a balanced position. Very good.

Stretch your legs out and balance. Control. Roll down onto your backs. Lift both legs straight up to the ceiling. And first of all just lift the hips and float the feet to the floor over your head. Circle the arms around and grab your ankles.

Keeping the powerhouse in the hips lifted. Now they've got the right leg up so you're holding onto the left ankle and then switch your leg. The right leg comes down and you lift the other leg up and float the legs and switch your legs and switch your legs. Try to get the like white up one more time and switch. Very good. Take both legs down and slow.

Now actually from here you can come to a standing position the way you do from seal. So if you're here you can cross your feet and stand up. Good. And then if you had your legs crossed, you swivel around so you're facing your back. Lay for the final pushups. That's it. To the arms of long. Pull the powerhouse in up as you roll down towards the Mat.

Walk all the way out with your hands to a nice plank position. Strong hips and three pushups. Bend. Press up one bend, press up to bend, press up three. Pull the powerhouse up as you walk back. Walk back, walk back, roll all the way up. Lift the arms up. Take your left leg up behind you in the air and walk. Roll down towards the floor with the leg up and walk out with both hands to a plank position with your left leg lifted.

Three pushups again and one and two and three. And now walk the hands back at that like up, up, up absolute almost like a standing split. And then see if you can come float your body forward enough to come up, up, up the leg will slowly, reluctantly come down. Stand on both feet. Very good. Lift the right leg up, lifted up high behind you and then lower down the leg lifts as your body goes down. And walk out to plank. Three pushups one and two and three.

Press the leg up as you walk back with the hands. Take a moment to really stretch that leg up. Stretch the hamstring, then reach forward with the arms. And reluctantly the leg will counter balance as you come up with the body down with the legs. Take the arms up, lengthen through the powerhouse, and slowly float the arms out and down. And just take a moment to stand on your legs. Feel the energy of the legs going down into the mat.

Shift your weight forward of your heel so there's a lightness in the ball of the foot. Get a sense of lift and connection between upper and lower trunk. Long waist lifted chest, broad shoulders. The neck is floating. Take a breath in and breathing out. Let everything go. So you did a wonderful, wonderful job. Very well done.


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Great challenging class. Classical pilates at its best
1 person likes this.
Very good energetic class with many classic moves, low reps and mod intensity. 100% except for the "crab". Really love the class.
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Loved this accelerated class using classical pilates.
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Beautiful, flowing classical Pilates!
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loved it!! Easy to follow, i felt great when I was done!
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Wonderful class! Very challenging and but easy to follow!
Thank you!
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Fantastic class! Back to the it!
Niedra Gabriel
Thankyou all - glad you enjoyed the workout.
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I just loved this...the intensity, the flow. I am a Physical Therapist. I've taught mat as well for many years and it is still wonderful to be taught, to get this regularly in my own body, to add the next layer of knowledge and to continue to learn. Thank you!
Niedra Gabriel
Hi Lisa,

I am so glad you enjoyed the class. I know what you mean about being a student, me too!!!
You sound devoted to your own training and that is a basic in my books for longevity and freshness within any body of knowledge in life. I am happy to have my class support you.
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