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Creative Reformer Variations

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You will learn creative ways to add more rotation to your practice with this Reformer workout by Viktor Uygan. He starts with a standing warmup for your legs and then moves on to the rest of your body. He includes fun variations of exercises like Short Spine Stretch and Elephant that are guaranteed to make your body smile.
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Mar 23, 2020
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Hi everyone. My name is Victoria Gunn and I'm here with you guys and polite as anytime, once again, uh, and I will be teaching a reformer workout. And today we're going to start with standing warm up for our legs. Footrest is going to be down or foot bar we should say. And we're going to have one blue spring.

You're going to place the left foot is basically right where the reformer ends and the right toe where the carriage starts, you're going to feel nice and tall. And from here you're going to gently extend the right leg back and come back and forward. So from here, trying to fill nice and tall and don't do much with your upper body and with your arms. Just feel the right leg is going back and forth. We're going to do three more times. This is four and five. One more time. Six. We're going to repeat the same thing. Bending the standing leg once again as you guys seen it.

Single Leg Press Variation

I'm not going forward with my upper body. I'm maintaining nice tall line. I'm just trying to isolate the right leg to do extension and flection. Three more times. And this is five. One more six. Now we're going to combine the two weeded. So you're going to band while you're going back and come up and straight and two and up and three.

Hopefully you start to feel the standing like working and getting warm up and back and up. Last two and last one and come up straight and we're going to do the other side. So from here, once again, find the edge of the reformer, the carriage place, the left toe on the carriage. And from here we are going to push back and come back and flection and back, extension and flection and three Phil, nice and tall. Four and five and six. And Ben, the standing leg feels really nice and grounded on that leg. Make sure that you not leaning back to push. Stay on near standing like three and four and five and six and come up. Let's combine the two and band and two and three.

Keep your arms nice and quiet. You can even put them on your waist if you're like to and last one and come up. The reason I kept telling you to keep your hands quiet. Now we are going to involve them, so we're going to repeat the same thing. We're going to add spinal rotation and arms to the same exercise. I hope this remind you of something that you do every day all the time, right?

Single Leg Press w/Rotation

It's kind of like walking. So we are adding and it's not just the arms is the spine is rotating and coming back. Your standing leg and repeat one and two and three and four and five and six and combination one one to get and to find your timing. Three. Ooh, I feel it in the standing like and two more. Last one and come up and other side. All right, here we go. Same set up.

Find your length. Start with crossing and back. One and two and three and four and five. Bend your knee and back. When you're doing with the bent knee, you should not keep changing your height. You should maintain the same height. And last one. Good.

Now we're going to do combination and band, the standing leg and band and three and four and five and six. Beautiful. Now hopefully you feeling on your glutes quads a little bit and I'm going to try to work to ankles as well. So on this to give you some type of a feedback for the positioning of your leg, we're going to put the foot bar. I'm putting in the middle. There's a three different variations on this reformer and you're going to put a toe on the carriage again and you, I'm resting my right leg on that foot bar, but it's not putting a pressure, it's gentle touch just to know where my quad is.

Ankle Press Variation

And from here I'm just going to work the ankle going back and in isolate from nice and tall too and three and four and five and six. Should we challenge ourselves with the standing leg less go up, keep the back leg pointed too and three and four and five and six. Ban the standing leg and repeat the same thing with the working leg, the back leg one and two and three and four and five and six. Yes, you're right. We're going to do this one, two and up and to don't change the height. If you feel your right quad is rubbing to the foot bar, that's your sign that you are moving your height. That should not change and come back in and we'll do other side.

All right, here we go. Go. This is here. You guys going able to see it a little better in here. I'm just barely touching. It's very light. I'm feeling nice and tall and push and come back and as you guys know when you push back, don't feel too much weight on the pinky. It should be more between the first time, the second toe, four so I know you cannot see behind you but trying to feel there's a weight between the first store and the second toe. Go up and down.

Don't lose your short. I just felt my short was coming down and three and four and five and six. Beautiful venture in and back. One, two and three and four and five and six. Keep it pointed and the standing leg goes up. Don't change your height and down and two and three and four and five last one, six and come up. We are done with our standing warm up serious. Uh, I'm going to put the uh, the foot bar down and we're going to continue with kneeling apps in here.

Traditionally we stay close to the shoulder rest. I would like to stay right in the middle of the carriage and keeping one blue spring. Still, I haven't changed the Springs and I'm going to bring the hands on the frame of the reformer right in front of the carriage. When the carriage ends and placing my hands, their thumb is over. The reformer frame, not insight from here. Shift your weight forward little bit.

Flat Back

So the alignment of your shoulders and your hands in the correct position from here. Neutral spine, keeping the spine straight, you're going to come back in and [inaudible] and two and three and four and five last one, six and come back in. Stay there from here. Basically just reach back with your right foot and just rest it wherever it's the chain. It could be the foot bar. If you are a little shorter, it could be right in front of it. So just keep him there. And from here, we're going to continue doing single leg. We're going to really reach forward your right toe. Your shoulders should not move. This is a great way to work and, uh, to the single leg, uh, reverse abdominals. This is a great way to start.

Single Leg

Once you get good at this, you will be able to do it without keeping your back leg on the foot bar. And let's change like once again. So reach back, toes on the bar, feel nice and tall and single knee comes in and goes up. Let the body adjust the height, little bit, going down and up and three and four and five. One more sex and come back in and bring the Lake in. Good. Now we're going to bring the right hand back. Now your thumb where the carriage ends, you bring the other one next to it. So this is a oblique variation, but from here, once you bring your shoulders forward and bring the carriage in little bit, you're going to take your right hand and you're going to cross in front of it.

Oblique Variation

So your arms is cross. And from here we're going to go in one and out. See the carriage coming in front of your hands and behind your hands in both hands, the right hand and the left hand and Fife and six and relax. So from here, make sure you repeat the same thing so you'll do exactly the same feeling on the other side. Left-hand word, the carriage ants, right thumbs meets with the left thumb. You bring the cart forward a little bit. Then bring the left hand right in front of the right so you are doing a cross and exhale, come back in. Inhale left and two and three for XR five last one, six and relax. Beautiful. From here we're going to keep the blue Springs and we're going to do some arm work. I'm going to place my foot between the shoulder rest. If it fits, you can keep him together or you can cross on top.

If you're having a hard time to sit like this, don't worry. We're going to be actually doing a lot of movement patterns, inflection, so you will be probably able to sit this way. But if you can't, you can always, you have a choice to bend your knees. So fill nice and tall. We're going to do single strap on the right arm, only from here in health. From your nose XR roll down and inhale, come up and let's do just three more just to move the spine. And third one. Beautiful.

Single Arm Roll Back

Last one, the fourth one, Stater. And from here we just going to use the right arm to do bicep curls. We're going to do six of them. This is two and three and four and five and six. Stay here, change the straps, bring it to your left. We cannot do row. So from here you're going to pull it one and go back and to come back. This is the last one we are doing this way.

Single Arm Bicep

The next three you're going to add the rotation. Keep looking forward and rotate and come back in. And second one with the rotation and the last one with the rotation. Nice change hands once again. And from here you're going to open to the side, to the T shape while you coming up to nice straight position and you go back to flection and to and come back and three and come back four and back. Five last one, six. Smile and relax.

Single Arm Row Variation

We're going to change. Feel nice and tall. Go to flection. I'm skipping up the warm up ones that we did on the first time. So from here, start directly with the left arm and I'm going to change my feet. My right foot was on top of the left. Now I'm changing that one as well.

Single Arm Pull

And from here, you know as politesse teacher we have to be always even and and three and four and five and six. Change hands and roll and reach and to [inaudible] and three add the rotation. So I'm pulling it and add rotation at the end and come back in and two and XL three come back in. Beautiful. Now from here, come up to one and go back to flection time. The movement of your spine with the movement of your hands right there, talking together. Beautiful. And moving together.

Single Arm Bicep

Four and five and come back and six and relax. Beautiful. [inaudible] we made sure our legs were warm. Hopefully right now your spine, your abs and your arms are warm as well. We move on. Next, if you're going to do supine AB exercises from here, I'm going to bring the foot bar in the middle position again and we're going to keep the one blue spring. Once again from here, lay down on your back and your feet is going to be tall, is going to be on the bar. Remember there is a very lightweight here. You want to move down so the shoulders not touching the shoulder rest and the headdress is optional. If the best option for you to keep the headdress up you can or you can keep it down. We are going to do abdominal this. As I mentioned, we're going to reach up with your arms. Just the leg cannot push. Remember it is a very light spring, so the movement of the legs is going to be extension like you're doing it by herself on the mat without touching the bar.

Single Arm Row Variation

So from here in half from your nose XL, tuck your chin in. Press your arms down and extend your leg straight out and hold this position. From here, we're going to do hundreds while we lifting one leg up and down in five soft, starting in two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Change. Two, three, four, five. Down to three, four, five. Up to three, four, five. Down to three. Four, five. Okay. Yeah, yeah.

Single Arm Pull

Next one. I'm going to add something else. Okay. The bar in the foot is going flex and 0.2, three, four, five. Flex, two, three, four, 5.23, four, five, two more sets. [inaudible] last set. [inaudible] in how come back to starting position and relax.

Hundred w/ Footwork Variation

Beautiful. That was great. The next we're going to bring your hands behind your head and you're going to be in a relaxed position again, so the shoulder rest is going to be between your arms. So from here we're going to extend the, like once again, I'm going to show you towards the left. You're going to bend your left knee in and you're going to do one abs kind of oblique crisscross apps towards the left. So from here when you come in, the left foot goes underneath the bar and you cross to the right side.

Criss Cross Developpe Variation

But we are going to do dev flex point and under and they'll pair flex point and [inaudible] and three flex point under next three. I'm going to add one more thing. So we're going to do flex point from here. The left leg goes straight down and up and then go Hunter two more this way. Go up flex point. Ooh, I rushed a little bit and come back in. I'm going to give you a good one. The last one, flex point now down up and go under beautiful change legs, right look underneath the bar, cross sourced the left and you're going to do [inaudible] first three just flex point and go on there and XL and third one [inaudible] next three with the Batman flex point, halt straight leg down, up and come back in and up.

Flex point down, up and under. Last one, flex point under and come back and just breathe. All right, now the abs. We're going to do some sideline, serious for our legs. We're going to add one red. There's going to be one red one blue Springs. You can always make that adjustment though. If it's too heavy, you can make it a little lighter. When I'm going to start is placing my right elbow in front of the back, shoulder rest and the hand down. I'm going to bend my knees, bring my hip with the same alignment with my elbow.

So I'm a one straight line with my spine and place the top foot, the right foot on the bar. Feel nice and tall. Right in here. I want you to notice I can move the carriage still without moving my leg. Do you guys see it? So I'm really lengthening and I'm stacking my hips on top of each other. I'm not letting pressure to push my hip into my body this way.

Single Leg Bend and Extend

So I really want you to be aware of that. Saying that you're going to come back in and when we extend the right leg, we're going to extend the left leg as well and you are really on your right heel. Do you guys sit? I'm going all the way to the door's deflection and come back in and repeat two and come back in and re four five one more time. Six Phil, nice and tall. Come back in and other version. You guys can do this. Obviously you can just lay between the shoulder rest like this.

You have to adjust your hips. You can be in the middle and this is the second exercise. I'm just going to show you this way to do it. The heel is same alignment with your hips and from here you're going to come on in and when you go out we are in the dorsal flection again and both leg does X sternal rotation. Come back into parallel and bend and to external rotation and [inaudible] and go back to get her external.

Single Leg Press w/Rotation

Come back for our LA beautiful tumor and flex external internal. When you're doing this, make sure your hips not going back and forward. Rotation comes from inside of your hips and relax. Beautiful. And the last one, the third version, we are going back with your elbows. Once again. This time you're going to place your toes behind your heels a little bit as far as your hip extension allows you when you extend your right leg.

If your hips going back too much, make sure adjust and bring your right foot forward. So from here, hands going to be in front. So you basically extending and hence forward and you're letting your wrist actually come forward. Then when you drop the heel, you extend your hand and then from here go up and come back in and Xcel out in hell, XL in hell. Exa in hell. Xcel, calm back in starting and reach out. Flex point. Go back two more. We can start to add extension and rotation of your spine.

Single Leg Press Variation

As you guys seen. I'm rotating, extending. And one more time. Stay here. Bring the rear hand hand to the reformer frame, slowly bend and almost kind of like drug your right and really stretch your back. Let it slide. Hold yourself and relax. That's a beautiful stretch. For your back, for your arms.

Now if you're going to do the other side, some turning my back through you guys. All right. From here, the first one left foot in front, right foot flex. We're going to extend. We are double checking, making sure Rina collapsing. We feel nice and tall and come back in and extend and too good. The foot in the bar really flexes.

Single Leg Bend and Extend

Saw all the weight is on your heel and the right foot. Extents the one on the carriage. Three more this way. Two more, one more. There we go. Let's do the same version. So I'm in here.

Beautiful and I'm extending in here. Flex the foot. External rotation, both legs come back in and and, and to externally rotate and in three external rotation. Parallel four, come back in two more. Beautiful. Keep the hips stack on top of each other. Last one and come back in. All right, go back to your elbows. Make sure your hips in alignment.

Single Leg Press w/Rotation

The left foot goes back. There we go. And from here reach up with your arms. Really your own up on your toes. From here. You bring it down and up and come back in and up. Flex point and come back and flex and three.

Single Leg Press Variation

Feel your Javier wrist and your ankle doing the same motion. They moving together and come back and start to add more spinal rotation flection to extension. Beautiful. Last one. Stay here. Bring the left hand on the frame of the reformer. Hold it with your hands. Start to feel the stretch and slowly drag your hand on the frame to stretch your back and bring the carriage. Beautiful. Well done. Next we're going to do some arm exercises.

Kneeling on the reformer. You're going to take the red spring out. We're going to do with one blue only. From here, I'm going to place my right knee between the shoulder rest. Actually the right knees in front of the shoulder rest my shin is between the shoulder rest and I'm gonna bring the left foot in front of the carrot. So each knee and the feet is correct.

Alignment with your hips. From here with your right hand, you're going to take the straps and find your position. Fill nice and square here. Make sure this is going to Ricard a balanced challenge. If you feel comfortable, do this exercise. If you're not, you can even hold some type of appall with your left hand to do it. So from here we're going to start both arms forward and come back and to and three. Now we're going to add rotation, so same thing and rotate.

Single Arm Reach

Keep looking forward. I don't want you to look back and to and three and come back in. Beautiful. Now if you're going to bring the arm forward and up from here, we're going to do the triceps. Don't let this arm yank you back, pull you back. You want to make sure you are nice and tall, you're going to bend your elbow and extend who? One. You can place your left hand on your hips or keep him down. Two and one more. Three.

Single Arm Tricep Press

Now you're going to add rotation and again, rotate and come back and and rotate. Come back in. Third one, rotate and come back in and straight on. Forward and down to save position. The third exercise arm on your side right next to your hip. From here. You're going to directly open being the to the T shape.

Then all the way up and little bit side flection and come to straight to the T shape and next year hips. As you seen the cart moves back and side flection little bit more than to decide. Just reach up to the ceiling and come back to the T. third one. Cool. Beautiful. Come back to duty.

Single Arm Windshield Wipers

Next three of course I'm going to add something else and one go up from here to site. Continue going sideways and bring the arm next to the other hip. Now of the carts moving forward, now it's going to move back. Find your center and bring the arm down. Beautiful. Two more and T to the up and from side flection to rotation to bring it in and up and down.

Last one and up and rotate. Continue breathing and exa and down. [inaudible]. Well done. You're going to do other side from here trying to bring the knee exactly the same spot as the other one so you feel the weight will be same with the straps. All right. I found my position. Reach back. Take the straps with your left hand and we'll start from here and exhale forward in how it come back in and to Dawn.

Single Arm Reach

Let the elbows pass your body. And three, here we go. Now the rotation, I'm keeping the right elbow bag while the left hand reaches forward. That's gonna help me to understand the rotation from the comes from the shoulder and to one shoulder goes forward. The other shoulders goes back and three and come back in and reach with the left and up to the ceiling. Hold that position from here. Bend your elbows in and extend one tricep.

Single Arm Tricep Press

Repeat two more this way and last one, three less. Add the rotation. Extend right before you do full extension, you start to twist and keep looking to make a mistake that I did, I was turning and keep looking forward. Rotate, rotate, rotate. Nice. One more. Extend and rotate. Rotate, rotate, rotate and come back in. Extend your arm up and safely. Bring it next to your left hand. Right next to your left hip.

From here you're gonna open to the T and up to the side flection. Come back to the T and forward fill. The carriage is moving up smoothly and pauses and down smoothly and last one. And it passes on the carriage or jerky feeling that tells you your movement with your arms is not Domo. And we're going to add now up and rotation to the right.

Single Arm Windshield Wipers

The carton moves forward and carton moves up and four and two and rotate and up. Ooh, I'm feeling this and third one and rotate and up and down. Good. We are done with arms. Now we're going to go back and we're going to do some legwork feed in straps. To do that, we're going to add one more blue. Uh, so we ha we were one believer. We're going to add one RET.

So we're gonna do one blue one red Springs. You're going to lay down on your back. From here, we're going to take one strap again. So I'm going to start with the right foot from here, right strap on your right foot. [inaudible] and then the left is on top of the, right. Now, usually I do one leg strap work with the one RET, but in here, as you guys seen, because I'm crossing the left one over, right? I'm going to use the power of both legs.

I don't want you to think I am doing this just with one leg. I'm actually really using the power of my both hips. The press down this, so we're gonna go up, stretch and bring it down and up. Keep the feed in the center. The [inaudible] right strap is pulling your legs to the right this way, so you want to make sure that you're in the center and let's do two more and one beautiful. From here, I'm going to bend the left knee, so kind of like this cross and I'm going to do a couple more.

Crossed Legs Lift and Lower

Same way I'm still losing. Even this leg is bent. I'm pressing down with it and going up. If you start to feel this in the back of your knees, you can micro bend your right knee or go back to this cross position. Beautiful. Two more. One more.

All right. Now it's the fun part. We're going to do short spine like this. And from here, exactly the same thing, they're going to Xcel and go up to your short spine. And from here, bend your knees by bending the right leg and from here, maintain this position and roll down without changing the distance between your heel and your hip and pull straight out. And let's go up and all the way up. Don't put any pressure on your neck all the way. It's on your shoulders.

Short Spine Varation

Bend when you bend the right heel stays right in the middle of your body. It doesn't rotate this way and roll down slowly. One more time, uh, up and bands and [inaudible]. Beautiful. Take the other strap in your hand and put it on your left foot. So from here we're gonna do just three leg circles together.

Leg Circles

You're going to go up, turn in, open turnouts and close right now. Turning to come up, turn out to close. And one more. Let's reverse turned out to come back. Turn in, press down to turn out. Beautiful. And two more.

And last one. Good. This is just the preparation step for me to do other side. Take the right strap out, put her on the shoulder rest, bring the lek cross over the left one and let's press down and up and to, and three good. Keep even pressure on your hips. You will feel. Now your body's pulling you forward.

Crossed Legs Lift and Lower

This strap so you have to fight against that pole. Nice. Let's bend the right leg, cross and press down. Let's come up. Feel the stretch. I'm really trying to wrap this right leg towards the mid line. I'm not letting it stay turned out so real. It's squeezing and press down and up.

Two more and one more. Ready to go and short spine from here and we go up and Ben journey and slow liberal down and to [inaudible] and up. Ben. Journey and roll down and last one. Even that, I don't want it to be last one.

Short Spine Varation

Feel so good here, right? Go and slow their roll down and extent. Beautiful. You're going to finish it. Same way we did. Put down a strap on your right foot. Less the same thing. Just open turnout, close and turn in to go up.

Leg Circles

Turn out, open the close, turn in and one more this way and reverse it down. Circle down, open, turned out, meet up, turning down and open one more and relax. Take the straps off. Beautiful. All right, now read on this. We're going to go back to our knees. We're going to take one red spring off. We're going to do play with the planks in a differently. Instead of being in our hands, we're going to be in our elbows actually.

And uh, elbows is not going to do the same thing either. So the right elbow is actually, uh, parallel and the left elbow. I want you to keep it on the bar and bring your left hand so you kind of holding your forearm with the other side. So from this position, you're going to extend the carriage back, find your plank position. And from here we're going to extend and the stretch the shoulders and come back in. And let's do two more. We won't do too much and come back in and let's do one more and back, back, back, back, back, back, and come back in.

Single Elbow Down Stretch

Benjamin is in and change the position. Other side, exactly the same way. Extend the carriage away. Find your plank position nice and long and from here, push the back and come back in and I have you guys feeling by keeping the different positions, your arms, it puts a different responsibilities in the shoulder girdle and come back and beautiful. That's very good. Now I've been done those. We're going to add one more red spring and we're going to go to elephant.

Serious. I'm going to do a couple of exercises to prepare yourself or myself to a elephant series. So we're going to come up, right foot is going to be back in front of the shoulder rest and the left foot is going to be in front of the carriage. So one foot front, one foot back, and from here you're going to push back and then your front knee and really lengthen your spine, trying to be as straight as as you can and then keep your spine that way as much as you can. Come back forward and push back, bending the front knee and one more. Come back in. Now from here you're going to push back. When you come in, you're going to bend the back knee. So bend the back knee and go back and front and the back and the front. One more time forward. Now stay there.

Elephant Variations

Bring the right hand to the carriage. So you really feeling this, uh, pulling, pushing. So the left arm is actually pushing, right arm is pulling right from here. Do the same exercise. You go back now my right arm and left arms pushing and come back in and the right arms pulling and back. Um, and and back and in beautiful, straight both legs, just to forward and back. You should feel the front leg is stretching a lot more when you push the carriage back and releases when you bring it forward. And relax. Let's change legs from here.

Find your squareness. Once again, when you push the carriage back, you bend the front leg trying to be nice and long with your spine and then come back in straight and back and straight and back and straight. That's good. Now we're going to bend the back, like when you come in and bend and push and two and push and three stay there. Bring the left hand down and let's work together and back and push field around this, the flection of the spine. Then extension and flex, round, round, round, round, round and extent. Last one an extent. Keep both legs straight. Just go forward and back a little bit and relax. Come back in if you need to, just relax your wrist a little bit.

Do a couple circles with your arms to open up your chest and we want to go back and we want to see if this pre exercise helped our elephant. So from here, both heels back, you're going to round yourself fine in a flection position, trying to maintain all your weight back to your heels and inhale, push the carriage back just a little bit without losing the flection of the spine and exhale, bring it in. In Hela XL, Poland, [inaudible] last one. [inaudible] now we're going to do flat spine. And I, the way I transitioned to that, I pushed back with my Hills once again with rounded. Now without moving the carriage, I'm going to try to transfer my weight back to my heels as you guys seen.


That will cause my spine to be nicer and longer to straight position. Now I'm going to stay here and then bring the kerogen one [inaudible] three, three more, two more one and come back in and relax. I'd be enjoyed this. Now I'm going to go to splitters. Before I do that, uh, I'm going to do some spine work as well. To do that, you're going to take the red spring out. We have one blue spring. Again, you're gonna face towards the risers. Um, you're, we're gonna use one strap and your feet is going to be actually outside of the shoulder rest. So from here you're gonna take that right strap. You're going to bring it behind you, and you're going to work on your left shoulder like a jacket.

Elephant Flat Back

So the strap all the way, it goes to the left shoulder right here. Bring the strap back. It's wrapping you just kind of like in the thoracic spine. From here, squeeze the shoulder rest with your feet. Your inner ties is active.

Spine Twist

Flex your foot arms reaching forward from here, bring the arms to the side and we're going to do like a mat exercise, spine twist. We're going to turn to the right. Inhale. Inhale, come back to the center. This time the only difference you're going to Xcel to stretch it and inhale, inhale, long. Exhale. [inaudible]. [inaudible]. [inaudible].

One more. [inaudible] come back to the center. You're going to do flection and close the arms. You should feel your right side of your body wants to go forward. So you really have to do deflection by rotating towards the right to maintain the squareness of your body. Bring the arm up and over to the T shape and Xcel to flection and upward over to the T shape.

Spinal Flexion and Extension

We'll do one more XL up and over and relax. Relaxing her ties as well. I view work squeezing those shoulder rests a lot to activate your inner ties. Let's take the strap out. We are going to do the same thing to the other side. Grab the left strap, pull yourself forward, reach back with the right arm.

Take the strap and just wear it like a jacket. It's one of those jackets are, it's hard to wear one suit. Got it. It feels so good. The uniform. Adjust the rope where it feels comfortable. Open your arms to decide. Squeeze the shoulder. Rest. Feel nice and tall, and we're going to twist to the left now in how?

Spine Twist

In how eh [inaudible] squeeze your legs. Last one, come back in and find your center and X flection and up in over to extension X and last one and relax. Ooh, my legs start to shake. My inner ties were tired via truffle. All right, so now we did this. We are ready to do our splits. The first one I want to do, uh, the ones, uh, kneeling.

Spinal Flexion and Extension

And from here, right knee is going to be on the carriage, the right foot on the shoulder rest, toes tucked under and the left toe is going to be on the bar. So from here you're going to push straight back and in fear you will feel the hamstring stretch. And what are we gonna do differently? Most commonly be hold it here. I'm going to move the back knee actually back and I'm going to come in and I'm going to bring it in all the way as much as you can and go back as much as I can and come back in. I'm shoving this exercises. My body's allowed to allow me to do it. It's able to do it.

Kneeling Front Split

If you're not here, just be where you at Dawn. Trying to do exactly what I do. This exercise will work even this small. All right? Just be where you at. Don't try to be anywhere else. All right, beautiful. Let's do one more time. Come back in and relax. Beautiful. Let's do other side and push straight out and come back and sit and back and en and back to Moore and Warren and relax. Good.

Now you are ready to take this exercise. One step up. So from here you're going to place the right foot on the shoulder rest and the left one is going to go in the middle. So from here we're going to do splits. Find your balance. Once again, if this is feeling too challenging for you, you can use a pole. I'll do it with someone's helping you. You're going to extend and go to your split. Once you do this, trying to maintain that height and just slide forward and go back to and come back in and three and come back. And of course I have to add something and we're going to do twist and we're going to go back, twist, twist, twist, twist, twist and come back and Parle and twist down, down, down, down and in. Third one [inaudible] come back in and relax. Beautiful.

Front Splits Variation

Bring the left leg back first. Find a high heel position in here and a right foot forward. [inaudible]. Well, there we go. Got it. Ah, let's go back. [inaudible] and for and second.

Deep, deep, deep, deep, deep calm. Your energy. Control your breathing. And the third one. Yeah. Beautiful. Now you're going to twist towards the front leg. Remember and come back in and to twist, twist, twist, twist. Beautiful. Last one, and come back in and relax.

Very good. Now where are we going to do? If you're going to bring the foot bar down and we're going to take the blue out. So you're going to have only one red spring. You're going to be on your knees sideways and towards the front part of the carriage, you're going to place one hand each corner and the other hand on the other side of the carriage, you're going to place your foot on the foot bar right here. So from here you're going to extend the right one.

Kneeling Side Leg Presses

One's the right leg is fully extended. You're going to continue going and you're going to look towards your left hand to stretch. Then come back in and repeat. And this is one thing. Keep pushing it with your arms and with your leg.

And come back and center and in and three and push, push, push, push, push and come back in. And now from here, one. Now what I'm going to do, I'm going to bring the carriage in. This is kind of like a collo Patras. So are you going to bring it all the way in and sit to your side and then come back. Center to stretch, repeat and sit back and stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch and come back.

Center and push and last one [inaudible] and fully stretch and come back in. Beautiful. Let's repeat the same thing to the other side and place her left foot. And we're going to push back and stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch. Come back and center and bend your left knee and push one and stretched to come back. Center and en. And third one. [inaudible] come back in. Ready?

Now from here you're going to actually sit towards your right side with your hips. Keep holding the carriage, feel nice alone. Come back to center and the stretch. Come back and sit. [inaudible] center and push last one and feel the stretch. Come back in and push beer.

All right, beautiful. One last thing. You guys gonna stand or you can sit whatever you feel comfortable. I want you to take in health and excels in health and Xcels. Just relax your body. And the last thing I'm going to ask you to close your eyes.

Keep your eyes close and I want you to smile with your eyes. Even though your eyes are closed. Just feel the sparkle in your eyes. Now put a smile on your face. Big smiles. Don't open your eyes. I can see you keep your eyes close. Now you're going to open a knob.

You're going to smile with your neck and shoulders. Beautiful smile with your elbows, with your hands. Smile with your ribs, your abs and your hips. Now smile with your quads. Smile with your hamstrings and your nice smile with your calves.

Smile with your ankles, smile with your toes now double check. Full bodies smiling. Take a deep inhale and exhale. Open your eyes and maintain your smile the rest of your day and rest of your life. Thank you so much for joining and polite is anytime and watching my reformer workout. I hope you enjoyed it.


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What a wonderful class! Terrific, creative ideas, clear cues, good flow. I love the unilateral work, and adding in the rotation. The elephant prep sequence is absolutely lovely. The sequence where you wrap the rope around your back and put it over your arm like a jacket is a wonderful idea. At my (very short) height, the hardware of the rope catches my ribs in a very uncomfortable place; I’ll need to figure out a way to put a pad under the hardware the next time I try the class.
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Next level creativity and so much deep unilateral work🙏 Love this, I mistakenly left only one blue spring on for standing splits which was challanging 🤪 thank you
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Great session. Very creative and effective.Thank you very much.
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Definitely lived up to the creative aspect! There were some really interesting and useful things, but I found some to be painful as far as pressure goes — like forearms on the foot bar and the rope wrapping/shawl near the end. I liked the feeling of rotational traction from the rope but didn’t care for how it dug into flesh. 
Hi Rachel so happy to hear you enjoyed my creativity, clear cues and the way approach the elephant exercise. Also Thank you finding a solution for the rope hardware, Yes I agree a part or a towel should work as well as you might want to try with lighter springs. Thanks again for your thoughts and support 🙏🏻
Hi Amba Loudon so happy 😀you noticed and enjoyed the deep unilateral work in my class and guess what you never forget the springs setting for the future after the challenge you had to face 🤣 Thank you for you encouraging comments 🙏🏻
Hi Z A I a remember you from my previous classes 👋  Thank you for your continued support and so happy to hear you find my class creative and effective 🙏🏻
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Hi Sheila Ray thank you for your honest feedback. I could totally see how the hardware of the straps might dig in for some clients and I grow up hearing this saying  “Every  rose🌹  has a  thorn” and try to keep my focus on the Rose 😇 but I should have mentioned to use of pad or towel during these exercises. thanks again 🙏🏻
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Thanks for the beautiful  uni-lateral work out . . . love it!
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Loved this class. So creative. Really liked the single strap work.  Thank you:)
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