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Enjoy a twist on the usual Mat repertoire with this creative Mat workout by Viktor Uygan. He focuses on finding combinations, matching two exercises together in fun sequences. He starts with a standing warm-up and moves on to pairings like Single Leg Circle to Bicycle, Roll Over to Single Leg Bridge, and much more!
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Mar 16, 2020
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Hi everyone. My name is Victoria Gunn. Once again, I'm here in politesse anytime and today I'm going to teach you a math work and today theme is going to be, I'm going to mix two exercises together, so I'm going to try to transition them together as much as I can. So start up, you're going to start with the standing warm up exercises from here. Stay hip width apart with your feet and let's do just bending the knees, kind of like a squad, lifting the arms up and come back to starting position. Repeat this three more times and just move as freely as you can. The third one and last one and the fourth one.


Now from here we're going to do single leg exercise. The right one is going to reach back while you reaching forward with your arms all the way on the front leg and come back in and reach up and come back and knees up. Actually I'm sorry. Ooh, that was a nice balance. And this is the third one. One more time and come up. Beautiful. Let's do other side. Left knee up. 90 degree reach back. Tap to the back. You still have the weight on the front leg and come up and two and up.

Knee Lift to Step Back

It's a great balance challenge while you're warming up and we are on the mat, so that's going to give you an extra proprioception feedback and it's going to make the balance a little bit more challenging. Now we did those four. You're going to step forward. Arms is going to be behind you and you're going to push yourself back with the right to balance and come back and forth, forward and push and fall, push and fall and push and relax with the left leg and fall and push to come back to your right leg and fall forward and push two more, one more and relax. Good. Now have you got to open your feet wider than your mat and open your arms to the side? We're going to do kind of same thing. You're going to bench your left knee and you're going to push yourself to the right and land and push and land.

Knee Lift to Step Front

While you're doing that, as you guys seen, I added a rotation of the shoulders and stepped down. Let's do other side danger. Right knee. Now push with the right turn to the left and come back in and push pass and down. Push and pals and down. One more time. Push and land. No [inaudible] come to your left who are still off the mat, right for this free. From here, you're going to reach cross in front of you and the arms goes the opposite direction. Then you're going to straight your standing leg and reach back.

Knee Lift to Step Side

Cross again. So it's going to come forward and back and forward and back. You creating opposition of your body. Bend your standing leg as much as you can and find your balance. Last one and bend and relax.

Knee Ron de Jambe

Change sides from here and forward. Bend the right knee, straight, the right knee. Then the right knee. Woo. If you fall just like this, you can hold yourself with that leg and come up and forward and up and cross and up and forward and up and cross and one more. I find these exercises is challenging and it really helps to warm up and rocks. Beautiful. From here, we're going to go down all force.

Cat Cow

Let's start some cat and calve. So exhale round your spine [inaudible] and in Hilux then an X [inaudible] and inhale and exhale in hell us one XL. Come back to neutral. We'd do a left leg. You're going to extend the left leg and make a circle and bring it right next to your left hand. And from here you're just going to flex and sit back to stretch the hamstrings and breathe and come up a couple of more times and three and for as you guys notice, I'm like rotating my hips when I'm coming front and back as well just to find a different spots in my hamstrings. Keep the Hill exactly the same spot. Don't change much. The position of your legs.

Hamstring Stretch

Keep it in the same spot. Couple of more stretches and one more and all force. Beautiful. Now we warmed up. We're going to start to do some exercises and this is now you guys can see that. I'm going to start to combine the traditional exercises to get first one. We're going to do roll up to bridge. So lay down and from here, bring your arms up and over, feet straight and in health from your nose. Exhale, tuck your chin in and exhale slowly. One vertebrae at a time.

Roll Up into Bridge

Roll up all the way. Find your reflection. Inhale, expand, live and live it more and XR. Roll down, keeping your arms necks, your ears, all the way down from here in hell. And bring your arms up and down. While you're doing that, bring both knees in or you can do even one at a time. And Xcel bring your hips up, articulating bridge. So one vertebrae at a time again, and then exhale. Roll down in hell. I'm going to show you now. One, look at a time extending instead of both legs and XL. Roll up. Inhale and exhale down.

[inaudible] hell, a XL in hell. X ain't hell an X. [inaudible] hell uh, XL. Unless one in hell, a XR roll up. Stay in this flection. Slowly bring the legs in and find your balance.

They're going to do wrong. A rocking like a bowl to open like rocker. Find your balance in hell. Xcel. We're going to go up in how come back in, how open your leg an XL. Go back in, how small. Sip X I'll come up. Find your balance in hell and XL. All duck in hell up.

Rolling Like A Ball into Open Leg Rocker

Find your balance XL back. Inhale, hold. Exhale, come up and and two more and find your balance and back. Sip and come back. Control and tackle a cabal. Last version. Come up, eh, roll back.

Inhale, come up and hold. Talk like a ball and relax. Beautiful. Begin to lay down on your back and we're going to do single leg stretch, two double leg stretch. So from here you can extend the one leg out. One is bent, you're going to do chest lift and the opposite arm is underneath. Same arms reaching towards the ankle.

Single Leg Stretch to Double Leg Stretch

Lift the other side from here if you're going to do inhale, inhale, Xcel. Xcel right here. You go to double leg stretch. This is in hell. XL both comes in one more time in hell. Now of just the right leg comes in XL. Now we registered to other sites. Single leg stretch.

Inhale in hell, XL, XL red light goes out, both comes in, both goes up, left comes in. Inhale. Inhale, XL. XL, left, goes out, both comes in, both goes out, right one in and one more set. Inhale. Inhale. Xcel. Xcel in hell. Xcel last set. I'm going to bring both in [inaudible] and roll down and brief. Now since we enjoyed the abdominal workout, we're going to do Chris cross to sing the let criss cross, so let's like band again and right when extended arms behind your neck and let's do chest lift and towards the left side from here they're going to do in hell in hell. Xcel XL, this is when straight straight three four and bent, two three, four and straight. Two three, four third, set two, three, four and straight.

Criss Cross to Straight Leg Criss Cross

Two three, four. Lust two, three, four and straight. Two, three, four and bend and slowly roll down. Beautiful. We did our abdominal serious. Now we're going to do some work. Prawn to activate the backside. All right, so lay down on your stomach. First we're going to do double leg kick and Munis, one variation, so arms up in front of you.

From here we're going to inhale and come up to Minnesota. One, activate your thoracic spine, trying to get the extension from the thoracic spine and long XL and cross your arms behind you right here. So from here you're going to do inhale, three times kick. One, two, three. Exhale, come up. Inhale, hold [inaudible] and Xcel. Come back down to your Munis one. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, two, three, exhale. Inhale, expand. Exhale.

Mini Swan to Double Leg Kicks

Inhale, exhale. Inhale. Two, three, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Last set. One, two, three. Inhale and come back. Good. That was fantastic.

Now you're going to bring your hands next to you and we're going to do palms down. We're going to have an extension from the thoracic spine. You're going to lift your feet up just a little bit. Extension, lift your hands up and we're going to do some non traditional but traditional exercise. Hundreds, but it's in a prom version and in how? Two, three, four, five X out. Two three, four, five, two fashion and relax and bend your knees for sure herself. Back to child pose to give a break. You did a great job. That was really good. I love that exercise. It creates an extra challenge while you do an extension.

Prone Hundred

Adding the breathing patterns of the hundred it provides. It feels great. Now where are we going to do site? A site stretch. We are going to mix the the spine twist, so you're going to sit here with the flex foot and wider than your hips. Arms to the side. From here you're going to go to your right side, inhale and stretch the left side.

Child's Pose

Then you're going to come up and when you coming up you're going to put your legs together. We are ready to go to spine twist and we're going to turn to the right. Inhale in hell, XL open and to the left. Inhale XL and turn. Turn open.

Spine Stretch to Spine Twist

As the guys notice I'm stretching the left side now and coming up by turning to the right. I'm still stretching the left side. I'm double checking if I did a good job in the side. Stretch by twisting my spine towards that side. And let's do one more set. Inhale, inhale, open. Inhale, exhale. Inhale. Inhale, come back and relax. Beautiful.

We're going to lay down on our back. Now if you're going to do single leg circles to sideline bicycle, so from here we're going to bring the left leg straight up to the ceiling, arms open to the side and I'm going to do Joe's version. So when you bring the leg down, the left hip is going to come up. You're going to circle them down, open to the side. When you are pulling to the side, opposite hip stays grounded and come up. So in hell XL, the third one in how it goes down and you turn your body that way you suddenly on the side position you reach back. Bicycling, reach forward once and back. Bicycling, reach forward twice. Now we go back brawl Xcel to pick it up and to inhale to Xcel, single leg searcher circles. And the second one, third one goes to buy sicko and bicycle and [inaudible] drawl in how Xcel. How XL and bicycle and bicycle come back center.

Single Leg Circles to Side Bicycle

Let's do other side and in how X and X, this one in hell and turn to a bicycle and flex fund and bicycle flex one control XL up. Starting position in hell. Xcel in hell. XL and bicycle and bicycle. Barefoot lost one [inaudible] and a beautiful. Just breathe for a second. You can bend your knees to your chest if you need a break on your hip flexors. Not that I needed to. I just wanted to show it for you guys. No, I'm kidding.

My flex is burning. Now we are done with this. We're going to do our elbow plank to hip lift to side plank, hip dip. So the way I put my arms in here, it's kind of like genie in a bottle, right? Do you bend your elbows and they are horizontal towards each other. Find your plank and from here you're going to inhale, lift your hips up towards the ceiling, trying to keep your spine straight. Come back to starting position. Turn to your side plank and then hip dip and come up and repeat. Place the arm where you started.

Elbow Plank to Hip Lift to Side Plank Hip Dip

Always in front for the left. Now of the my right arm is in the back of the left, so after I did the hip dip up, I bring my right arm where I take it from the first place, so it's behind the left one and plank and say, imagine yourself in a fast traveling train and feel that energy and applied in your body. Beautiful. I've been told I give very realistic cure, so I hope you enjoyed that one as well and up. Come back and push back and forward and plank. Last set. Here we go and push and up and open and down and up and come back in and halt.

Now we're going to do turn around again. We're going to do roll over to single leg bridge plus yourself forward a little bit so you have a space roll down. You can start knees bend, extend your legs up towards the ceiling. This is your XL and from here we're going to go in hell. Roll over. Stop. When you feel the weight on your shoulders, your neck has no weight at all. It's trying to maintain your legs, 90 degree or horizontal to the floor.

Roll Over to Single Leg Bridge

Flex your fit. This is all. Inhale, open shoulder with a park and with the Xcel, slowly roll down and scoop from 45 degrees to come up. This was all Excel. Inhale, right leg down and XL. Straight spine bridge, up and down and two and three and four down and up and bend and one, two and three and four XL in hell. XL. Roll down and up in hell.

XL in hell. Exa and hell XL and hell XL in hell and change legs. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Two more. One more XL. Both like up. One more set in LS. Go back.

Flex foot. Open XR. Roll down. Scoop legs down. Exhale. Up and down. Two, three and four change. Lex Xcel up in health down to three and four. Okay, bring the leg down. Good. Next we going to do down pull to side, leg pull. So from here we are going to plank position, toe stuck. Straight arms.

From here I'm going to lift the leg, leg up and I'm going to pulse it pointed. And while I'm doing it, I'm going to transfer my weight back to my right leg. Do you guys see the shift from here to there? Some in here? I'm going to go in hell in hell. XL site and in hell in hell. Xcel come back other side. Inhale in hell.

Leg Pull Front to Side Leg Pull

Side. Inhale in hell. Come back forward. Inhale. Inhale side in how? Inhale forward. Inhale. Inhale. Side in hell in hell. Forward.

Benjamin is in and relax. Good. Now we're going to do a couple of breech exercises. This is going to be bridge, typewriter and bridge twist. I'm going to choose to do with the strides a straight spine. This exercises in health from your nose.

Xcel push up directly. Inhale to the right and to the left. Come back center. Now the hip moved and now hip is not going to move. Knee's going to move. Knee is going to the right and center and to the left center.

Bridge Knee Twist to the Typewriter

You can go down each rep or it can stay up. Just the hips sliding like a typewriter right to the left. Come back center now the nice center and left center. One more time. Typewriter. Come back in and involved your niece [inaudible] and relax. Beautiful.

Now one of the last exercises we're going to do that requires strength. You're going to do pushups with a downdog pushups. You're going to combine those and we're going to do only four of them. Stay with me. You could do this. So set up yourself in a plank position. [inaudible] heels, pushing back scores, pushing forward the top of your head. Feeling nice and tall.

Pushups to Downward Dog Pushups

From here I'm going to choose to do tricep pushups. You're going to bend your elbows in, close to your body, lower yourself down and go up. This is one. Now transfer your weight, shift your hips up towards the ceiling. Stay there and give me one more push up. Bend your elbows an extent. This is one.

Now we're going to do two and one and two and transfer and one two and transfer in Helen Xcel at two and three in hell and three two, one. Trying to swear. I told you we're going to do only four. One, two, three, four transfer loss and one, two, three, four. Beautiful. Benjamin is in and now ready to stretch and finish our exercise series. We're going to start all fours just like you experienced it in the beginning of class. I give you guys some cat and Carly exercises less. Don't do the same. One less. Add little bit spice into this one.

Cat Cow Midline

So from here where we're going to do, we're going to bring our right hand and the left knee in the middle. And you're going to do the cat and caring. Yeah. XL and inhale. Approach the movement. Same way. Don't let the spice change the integrity of the dish. And two more. And the last one. Beautiful.

And bring the hands back to all force. The other two come back to center. Exhale round your spine. And inhale, extend. Exhale. Round. Inhale. Extend to more. [inaudible].

Yeah, one more. And or force. Good. From here, we're going to bring the left leg to the side. Once again, this time you're gonna bring the heel back. When you sit, that's it. So you are nice and lengthen with your arms, right? Like a straight, you stretching the hamstring stand. Keep the heel there and transfer and bend your left knee to stretch forward and come back and forward. Now from here, open the left arm up towards the ceiling.

Hamstring Stretch with Spine Twist

You're twisting down the left arm, goes underneath the right leg and cross and reaches back and come back forward. And Xcel Richard speck. Yeah, come back off for now. Twist opposite direction and cross under the left and in hell an X and come back center. Bring the left leg back and let's do other side. Bring the right foot forward.

Sit back to set up the starting position for your right. Shift back, keeping the right heel there and stretch and come back. Sit. And one more forward. Stay there. Open the right arm to the ceiling and twist. Bring the right arm underneath the left glute and reach back.

Sit and shift forward in hell and, and come back. Starting position. Last twist. Enjoy it and then come back. Ah, reach. Ah, and one more time. Reach up, up, up, up, up, up and come back. Starting position.

Come back on your niece. All right, we are done. Thank you so much for joining me in this class. In polite is anytime I hope you enjoy the little extra twist that I added by combining the two exercises. Uh, please let me know what you guys think about it in the comments and we'll see you until the next time.


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Thank you.
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Love this. One of my favourite classes with clear instructions and breathing
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Ley it flow!!! Loved it!!
Beatrice B
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Wooow!! Thank you
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Beautiful way to start the day! Thank you! 

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Always enjoy your work Victor, esp liked the pairing choices you made. Thank you!
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Thank for the calming but intense class!
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I loved the combos! Thank you for an awesome class!
Lina S
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Very interesting! Great combinations and creative stretches as well. Thank you. 
Viktor Uygan
Hi Viera, Thank you for your feedback, I love Wow!!!! :)
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