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Day 6: Obliques & Rotation

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Welcome to Day 6! Now that you're feeling strong from the previous classes, Carrie uses this day to focus on the obliques and rotation of the torso. She teaches variations to exercises like Can-Can and the Series of Five, then finishes the class with a movement that brings everything you've done in the challenge together.
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Hi everyone, welcome to day six. We're getting there. Anyone feeling stronger? I know I am. So, here we go with a day focused on obliques and rotation.

You are gonna start, standing at the front of your mat, reach your arms up high to the sky, nice long breath in. As you exhale, lower your arms, draw your chin into your chest, and just roll down to the mat, bend the knees as much as you need to to be able to place your hands flat on the mat. Take a deep breath in right here. As you exhale, just go into a nice easy stretch, and bend the knees, breathe in. Breathe out into a nice long exhale, bend the knees, inhale.

Exhale, reach into a nice big stretch. Bend the knees, and we're rolling up, knees stay bent until you're up. Arms lift and circle around, chin to chest, take it down. Hands to the mat, exhale. Inhale, we bend.

Exhale, straighten. (deep breathing) Bend again, knees stay bent, roll. Once you're standing, arms lift circle around this time add rotation. Chin comes in, roll it down. Take your right hand, put it on the very center of your mat between your feet, take your left arm, reach it up high to the sky.

If you can straighten your knees, do so. If you just wanna straighten one, do so. Go for a nice big rotation. Bring that hand down, switch hands. Reach it up, try to turn the chin, look to the sky.

Come back down, each way again reach it up. Bring it down, reach take it up. Bring it down, draw the chin in and roll all the way up. Turn to the side, feet wide on your mat. Arms reaching out.

Going for the saw here standing. We're just gonna turn the body and reach down towards the mat, see if you can plant one hand flat reach one arm up. If you can look up to the TV, check this out, this hip is hiked up now. I'm gonna try to shift my weight and square off through my hips as I turn and look up. So try to get a little more weight into your left foot.

Now from there, roll that up. (deep breathing) Take it down. (deep breathing) Plant the hand, try to send weight over to the right foot when you're reaching to your left foot, and reach rotate. Bring that up. (deep breathing) Again each way, take it down.

(deep breathing) Watch the weight shifting, send weight into each foot as you reach your arm up to the sky. Bring yourself up, other way again, take it down. Reach, rotate, lean into the right foot a little as you reach up to the left and then bring yourself up. And you're gonna turn back to the front of the mat. Draw the chin in and roll it down.

From here, send your left foot back put your right hand the center line of your mat and reach your other arm up to the sky, try to twist. Think about rotating as much as you can, rib cage spinning around, and then you come back. We're gonna plant the hands into the floor, reach back, find a plank. (deep breathing) Other foot comes through. Hand to center line, other arm reaches up, we stretch.

Now really focus, think about the rib cage just spiraling around. Turn the hand back, open the hands, find a plank. (deep breathing) Other foot forward again, center line the arm, reach, rotate. Come back, find that plank. Other foot forward, center line the hand and rotate up, up, up, and down.

Find your plank one last time. Nice long breath in there, exhale deep in through the middle as you press into the feet and the hands. Put the knees on the mat, take a moment just to stretch the spine. We're gonna turn around now going right into our hundred beats. Feet flat to the mat, arms reach in front of you.

Roll yourself to the mat, draw the knees in, send the legs out, pump those arms. Inhale two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. (deep breathing) And exhale, just two more breaths like this. Inhale and exhale.

(deep breathing) Breathing in (deep inhaling) and out. (deep exhaling) Now pause, in the spirit of rotation, your arms are gonna come over to one side. We're gonna do slow pumps here. Inhale two, three, four, five, rotate, two, three, four, five. As I'm reaching my right leg up, I'm reaching my arms long.

So careful that the heels don't shift apart. Try to keep the heels really zipped together. Breathe in and out. (deep breathing) And hold, we go the other way. Take the arms up and around.

Re-center yourself and go. Inhale, so keep the heels lined up. Mine were dying to shift around. So I've gotta work really hard to keep lengthen my left foot up. (deep breathing) Breathe in (deep inhaling) and out. (deep exhaling)

One more long breath in and out. (deep breathing) And hold, we're gonna center that. Draw the knees into the chest and rest the head down. So from here, we're gonna go into the crisscross followed by the double leg stretch. So in the spirit of rotation, we're sneaking in a few extra crisscrosses today.

Big inhale to prepare. Draw the chin into the chest, curl it up. Hands behind the head, left leg reaches out, rotate and go. Just five sets, and two, and two, three, four, five, now bring that into a ball, right into double leg stretch. Inhale, exhale around.

Inhale two, exhale around. Three (deep breathing) around, four (deep breathing) around, one more, five and around. Now from here, crisscross again. We go inhale, exhale. Inhale, this is four, four and five and five, both knees in.

For scissors, extend your right leg up and your left leg out, hands behind your head. Twist and tap the toe twice, one, two. Now switch that, one, two. So we're adding rotation into our scissors. One, two, inhale, one, two.

Exhale one, two, smile. Exhale, one more set, inhale. Both legs up, bend the knees, crisscross go. Inhale, exhale Inhale, pull the knee back, and exhale. Inhale both knees in, this is the lower lift with rotation.

Upper body's rotated, legs go inhale down, exhale up. (deep breathing) Inhale (deep breathing) exhale, inhale, exhale, rotate other way, three times. Inhale (deep breathing) exhale. (deep breathing) Inhale (deep breathing) exhale. (deep breathing) One more, is an inhale, exhale lift.

Center yourself, bend you knees. We're going right into a variation on cancan with single leg stretch. Bring your elbows back and knees pulled into chest. Regular cancan to get started. We're gonna go to the right, to the left, to the right (deep exhaling) do the kick.

Bend the knees, to the left, right, left. (deep breathing) Extend the legs. Push out of the shoulders, repeat that one, two, three, this time extend the legs and now single leg stretch. Inhale, exhale. (deep breathing) Inhale, exhale, both knees in.

I think that feels much more like a Cancan dancer. One to the left, right, left extend the legs and we do the Cancan dance. One, and two, two. (deep breathing) three, four, both knees in, center that down. One more set of those.

Little quicker, we go one and two, and three, extend kick the legs. One, two, three, four, both knees in and left, right, left extend, kick the legs. Stay out of the shoulders, push down into your arms. Three, three, four, four, knees in, center. Rock up and turn around for a swan.

I really acted like that wasn't hard, but it was really, really hard. So, if you're dying at home with me, you're in good company. Okay, so we're going into the swan, 'cause we need it. Hands underneath the shoulders. Legs reaching out nice and long.

Let's separate the legs today to help free up our extension. Inhale, lift the head and the chest. Oh, that feels good. Exhale takes you down. And again inhale.

And exhale, now this time, come up and then just as you hold there, roll your shoulders open, think about the exercise chest expansion. Turn your chin over one shoulder. Shoulders aren't gonna move, we just look. Now look center, look the other way. (deep exhaling) Look center, take that down.

And we do that again, reversing the direction. Inhale, come up. So we're gonna exhale, look right. (deep breathing) Inhale, look center. (deep breathing) Exhale, look left.

Center and take that all the way down. Push up to your hands and knees, sit back on your heels and enjoy a nice counter stretch. Let's take this now into hands and knees for a moment. We're gonna curl the toes under and go into a little down dog first. So just reach the heels down, send the tail up and enjoy that stretch.

Bicycle the feet a little if you'd like to. Now take your right foot, place it at the center line of your body and you're gonna send that left leg up nice and high for a big stretch. We're feeling those hips from our hip day. We're now gonna take this knee into the chest but we're gonna rotate. So I'm turning my hips and pulling my left knee up towards my right elbow.

And then lengthen that up, just like we did on our hip day. Now we're coming up and over, bringing the knee up to that elbow. And again, I've gotta switch my foot for a second, take it up, adjust as needed, always. And then bring the knee across and rotate that body. Extend the leg up, this is four.

Bring it in. (deep breathing) Extend the leg up, five. Bring it in. From here, find a plank. From here, down dog it up.

And from here, center line the left foot. Right leg goes up nice and high, and we cross. Rotate the body, pull the knee to the elbow and let that inhale float the leg up high. (deep breathing) Inhale, think lengthen the leg up and out of the body. (deep breathing) Inhale, this is three.

Exhale, rotate. Inhale up, four. (deep breathing) Inhale up, five. Exhale, bring it across. Find that plank, draw the chin in, open the feet, down dog again.

(deep breathing) We're gonna walk the hands back. And from here, bend the knees, release the head down. Exhale, go for a stretch. Let the head hang and release. Again, bend the knees.

Stretch it up. (deep breathing) Inhale, bend the knees, exhale roll all the way up. For the final exercise of this class, it is truly gonna pull together everything we've done from our challenge so far. So I'm gonna start with my back to you. You're gonna have your legs out wide.

The exercise is called big twist. So from here, we're gonna start to turn the body. Now about the time I'm facing the side of the room, I'm gonna start to spin my feet around. I'm gonna shift my weight forward, I'm turning to my right, so I've gotta lean over to my left foot, as I try to reach down and take a hold of that left ankle. Now I come up, I've gotta undo that twist.

So I'm gonna take a second in the middle and just hold and kinda gather up my brain. So as I'm turning to my left, I spin my feet around, I'm gonna reach down for my right ankle as I bend this left knee and reach. And now I'll come back and turn the feet to face the front again. So we have to put it all together. So I want you to think about your hips and the way that we pull the pantyhose on, in the way that we have to pull deep through the middle to reach for the foot and try to really piece together everything we've done throughout the workout, throughout the challenge this week.

So the feet are wide, arms to the side. Create energy through the whole body. We're gonna begin to twist, turn the toes. We'll reach up and down. Now think about a teaser or boomerang here.

Reach towards that foot, rotate your body, come back to the center. Take a second in the center, don't rush. Go the other way, start to spin. Turn the toes, we're reaching up and over to that ankle, pull back through the front of the body deep in through your center. And we come back to the middle.

One more full set, rotate. Spin the feet, reach down, find that ankle. (deep breathing) Come back to the middle. Reconnect to your center, spin the other way up and over. We try to grab that ankle.

And we come back to the center. And there we go. I hope you're enjoying the way that this challenge is building throughout the weeks. Thanks for joining me today, and I'll see you on day seven.

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this was soooooo much fun!! I love it! thank you Carrie :)
MaryBeth C
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The can-can variation was a lot fun in addition to being a lot of work! Thanks Carrie, you were very creative in this class
Gerri M
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loved loved loved it! especially criss cross infused with saw and lower lift! great way to change it up and wake up the abs...bring on day 7!
1 person likes this.
Carrie yes yummy loved the single leg can - can and the big twist end stretch . I’m so right from too much cardio work so it hit the spot
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Your energy is inspiring! 
1 person likes this.
I NEEDED this rotation today like WOAH! 'd the can-can variation! I feel like can-can gets (unintentionally) left out in the mat series.  It was glorious to experience it & feel can-can-like with the fun single leg kick variation!! Thank you for being so energetic & genuine.  
Tracey R
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Another awesome class! Boom!!
1 person likes this.
This is such a brilliant series thank you.I was about to end my very long standing membership until this came along.I need mat work classes.
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I liked this class; I found the last posture a bit challenging to understand but I did it at my own pace. 
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that can-can variation! Loved it
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