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Day 7: Rolling

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Welcome to Day 7! Today, Carrie focuses on Rolling exercises, finding ways to create a rounded shape in your torso by using your core. She adds creative combinations and transitions to allow you to play with the movement and have fun!
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May 18, 2020
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Hi everyone. Welcome to day seven. We are going to do a class that focuses on rolling exercises today. Now I know rolling is not a perfect experience for all bodies, so if rolling is not for you, take another one of the classes again and meet us back on our next day. But for today, if you're up for it, let's get going. You're going to start at the front of your mat, reach your arms up to the ceiling above you and take a nice long breath in.

As you exhale, lower your arms down, draw your chin in and just roll down to your mat. Allow your knees to bend enough that you can place your hands flat to the mat. Reach one leg back, other leg back, and just take a moment and a plank. Notice how much stronger your body feels than it did at the start of this challenge. Bring your knees down to the mat. Just one time. Sit back to the heels. Get a little moment there. I want you to really think of pulling the front of the body up in a way from your legs here. So rather than just laying flat into this stretch, let's push down into the hands realm, the shape of the spine as much as you can, getting it and ready to roll.

Come on to the hands and knees and we're just going to take the body into a nice extension. Reach the tailbone up, look up word, and now draw the chin in and we're going to round up, up, up, and now LinkedIn out. Reach out through the top of the head, reach out through the tailbone, draw the chin in and round. Now I'm pushing my hands down and almost forward to give myself a greater sensation of stretch. And now I'm going to arch again and then I'm going to around again from here. Sit back just about a third of the way. And as you hold this shape, really start to think about when you're rolling like a ball or doing the seal, how much of a rounded shape you're going to need in your back. Right now, what we're having to do is use our core to really find that shape. Let's take another little bit back about another third of the way.

Sitting towards the heels but not on them yet. Again, I'm pushing into my hands to create the most rounded shape in my back that I can't preparing my body to roll. Go ahead and allow your seat to lower as close to your heels as you'd like. Still use the pressure of your hands into the floor to create that nice rounded shape through your spine. Now from here I'm going to walk my hands over to one side of the mat. I'm walking over to the right.

My right hand is giving me a little push as I'm here hanging back from that left arm stretching out the side of the body. Now I'll walk that the other way. As I lean over to my left, I'm going to push a little with the left hand as I hang back from my right hand, stretching out all along the right side of the body. Now come back onto the hands and knees. We're going to go through a rotation. Now take your right hand, bring it to the center line of your body, equal weight, and each leg as you try to twist and look up to the ceiling above you. Now we thread this arm down and through, and you'll bring your body weight onto your shoulder as you press your right hand down into the floor to assist you in a nice twist.

If you're lucky, like me, you got a little mini adjustment there, and then you'll come back to the middle. Now we take the left hand, bring it to the center line, right arm reaches up, look up, try to keep equal weight in each knee, and now dive that arm through. Bring your weight onto your shoulder, put your hands to the floor and give yourself a little assisted twist. And now you'll bring that back up. Let's go into one more extension. Tailbone up, gaze goes up. Jen comes in, round out that shape, and now we're going to come to a little mermaid. I want you to come to the front of your mat for this because there's going to be a little surprise that comes in with it. So we're just going to start here.

I'm even going to let my like separate just a little bit. This is really just about the bending. So my arm comes up. Inhale, exhale. I'm just going to sod. Bend over. Now from here I'm going to turn my body so that I'm facing my legs.

Okay, now we're preparing the body for rolling. We're going to take this shape, this really scooped in shape, and we're going to turn it into the seal start position. So from here I'm just going to flow right into this and I'm just going to rock down and up. Three times rock and and two and one more. Three and up. Now I just bring my legs back down. My arm comes up and over and I go again and I turn and I reached through and rock one and up. Just trying to get my body ready for some rolling cause some of our rolling exercises are going to get a little silly in a second.

So we'll keep these simple and then to here, now we're going to send the legs to the other side. I'm going to move to the other end of the mat. Arm comes up, side bend over. Turn that to the floor. Now really get this feeling of deepening through the front of the body to stretch. Shout the back of the body and bring that into a seal like shape and rock one, two and three and up and turn the legs down again. Take it, Oh, turn it down. And really use that as inspiration for finding your best shape for your seal.

One and up two and one more time three and and we'll come out of that. We're going to take it down to the mat now. So just have your knees bent, reach your arms forward and just roll yourself down. Now we're going to do pelvic tilts, but instead of um, using this as just simply a way to set up and find a lovely neutral or whatever you use your pelvic tilts to navigate, I want you to really think about using your pelvic tilts to inspire your rolling exercises. So breathe in as you lay in there and as you exhale, draw your abdominals in and try to really press your lower back down into the floor and tuck your bottom. Usually when I do pelvic tilt, I try not to squeeze my seat or use any legwork. Today. I want you to try to do that.

Go ahead and use the assist of your feet pushing into the floor to help your body find a rounded shape so that when we do roll, we're gonna roll like a ball and not like a block. That's the idea, right? So as we inhale, we'll link that out of that. Just lengthen out of that tuck. Now as we exhale, draw the tummy in and just visualize the shape you need your body to be into role. So as rounded as possible. And then LinkedIn out of that. And again, exhale, we're going to be using this concept in a moment. So I want you to feel how deep you have to work your belly to your back to get that tuck. Use the squeeze of your bottom. Use the squeeze of your feet.

It's not a full bridge. It's still a small tilt in hail, lengthen out. And one more time. Exhale, draw the tummy and go into that tuck, squeezing the seat, using it as an assist. Now stay right here. I'm in a pretty big tuck so I'm holding my arms so you can see that. Um, we're about to do a little reverse crunch. This is about as high as we're going to be bringing our hips up off the mat. So relax out of that. Bring your legs to a tabletop where you're neutral.

You're going to breathe into prepare. And as you breathe out, draw the tummy in and you're just going to try to lift your tailbone up off the floor and then lower it back down. So again, we're inspiring our rolling position. The belly drops in the legs. Try to lift and we're holding and then release it down. Now what I want to do, use a little bit more momentum for this. So I'm actually going to allow my legs to feel closer to my chest and I'm going to try to lift my bum clearer off the mat. Breathe into prepare.

As you breathe out, draw the tummy in and just lift and hold two, three, and bring that down. Inhale, exhale, draw the tummy and lift and hold one. Hold to hold three. Take that down. One more time. Exhale, draw the tummy in. Use a little momentum. Use your arm strength and lower down. All right, so now from here we're going to bring the feet down. Take this into a bridging position, but that's how strong I want you to feel.

As you go through your bridge, pull the belly to your back. As you find your exhale and roll up to a nice Highbridge. Inhale right there. Use your exhale to roll down, trying to really pull through the belly and talk the tail as much as you can so that as you roll through your spine, you're creating that articulation that's needed for our rolling exercises. Inhale, you're at neutral. Exhale, draw the abdominals in. Tuck and roll up. Use that squeeze of the seat. Inhale at the top. Exhale, roll down, down and down.

One last time. Breathe. And to prepare, breathe out. Engage through the core, engage through your core, squeeze through your seat, use your feet, use your legs, and exhale. Roll down to where you're still in a tuck. All right, this gets tricky. We're going to try to keep this little bit of a tuck in. Bring one knee back into the chest.

We're going to try to keep that much of a tuck and bring the other knee back into the chest. We are now in a rolling like a ball shape with our spine. We are going to rock up to start our first series of rolling like a ball around the clock, so draw your chin and you're up from here. We're going to be rolling like all around the clock, so visualize that you've got 12 o'clock right in front of you. Six o'clock behind you. Three o'clock to your right, nine o'clock to your left. We're going to rock back. Come up to one rock back.

Come up to two and when we get to three it's a teaser. Follow along. Here we go. Inhale, exhale. Come up to one. Inhale, exhale. You're up at two. Inhale, exhale. You're up at three teaser. Take it back. Inhale, exhale up to four. Inhale, exhale up to five. Inhale, exhale up to six teaser. Then didn't inhale. Exhale, you come up seven eight, nine and are again, take back. Inhale, exhale, up to 10 Oh 1112 extend. We got to go the other way. We rock. Inhale, exhale, reversing it to 1110 nine I made it extended. We're going back in Hill up. Inhale up.

Inhale, we're up to six o'clock, extend it, take it back, inhale around, and it's three o'clock and inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. The last one. Inhale up to 12 and extend and rest. I don't care who you are. That is fun. So that's a really great thing to do when you just need to have a good giggle.

So I hope you enjoyed that. Let's move on. Roll over to your stomach to do a Swan with rocking. So we're going to go hands underneath the shoulders. On the third one, we're just going to pull with the hands and rock full. Float the head and the chest. Inhale it up. Exhale, take it to him in hell. Lift up to exhale, take it down. Inhale, lift up three we rock, pull and lift two and lift three and lift. Sit back to the heels and take a moment and now turn around for open leg Rucker.

We're going to bring the hands to the outsides of the ankles and then extend the legs out. Finding your shape. You've got to have strong, long legs here. Easy, relaxed legs are going to sabotage you on open leg rocker. So hold the body strong. Put together everything we've worked on throughout this challenge with an inhale rocket back. Exhale, bring it up again. Inhale, exhale. Bring it up. Three more today.

Inhale and Oh one more time. Inhale, exhale, bring it up. I'm gonna bring the legs together. I'm going to reach the arms out. Now we're going to roll down to the mat and just bring the knees into the chest. We'll go through a series on your side. Next to do this, you'll want to lie down more towards the front or center of your mat rather than the very back of the mat. And we're going to do it on your forearm. So pressing down into the arm, using the other arm on the mat as stability.

Pick both legs up as if they're one and really try to feel this right side, doing the work. Now lower the legs down. We do it again. Pick them up. They're not going very high because my body's already lifted. Now this time, this is three we're going to hold. Now we're going to roll into a rolling like a ball shape and just pull tight knees to chest and then send that back out. Lower it down, lift it one and Dale two and Dale on three we hold. Pull it into a rolling like a ball shape and then send it out and we go down and up two and up, three and up. Now pull that into a rolling like a ball shape and now we're going to sit up and go the other way.

Here we go. Pick the legs up and lower it down. This is hard. One more three. Now we go. Pull that into a ball. Just hog into a little ball and then send the legs out. Hi. Lower them down, lift and lower. Two and lower three. Now from there, roll that into that bowl. Now we're going to send it out.

Now we're going to alternate side to side. So the legs are going to start low. Push up out of your shoulder, make sure you're to the front of the mat, pick both legs up one and lower two and lower. Now we pick the legs up and we're going to roll that into a ball and then roll that to the other side and lower. Pick them up and down. Two and down three. Now pull it in like rolling likable, and then send it out and lower up and down too, and down.

Three polit in her role and then shoot it out and lower again. Oh two and three. Pull it into rolling like a ball as tight as you can. Okay, and rest all the way down. We're now going to transition into a plank position from here. So we're going to rock up, cross our legs, and then find them out with the hands on a plank from here.

Float the head in the chest. You're just going to roll up, cross your legs. And then find your plank. From here, we transition into finding our starting seal position by bending the knees into the chest. And we're going to hop up to the front of the mat, have a seat and the hands come through to find that start position. Now from here, we are going to be doing seal to standing five times in a row, so it will include the claps. This is really sassy. There's a lot going on. So it's three claps of the heels. One, two, three. We rock back. One, two, three. Send your feet down. Stand up. Now you've got to go down and rock back again.

So you send your hands through your feet, rock back home. One, two, three and stand up. Bring it down. And one, two, three and again, one, two, three. Oh and one more time. Bring it down. One, two, three. And up and around. Well that's an invigorating way to finish a workout. Um, you probably didn't make it all five times. That would be really normal.

Just have fun with it, play with it. There's lots of ways to get creative on that, to be able to get up to standing. But more than anything, it's about having fun. So I hope you enjoy today's class and I'll see you tomorrow.

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Fun, fun, fun!!!
Gerri M
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Breathing hard after that killer finish...loved the rolling like a ball around the world..great job on Day 7
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As promised. Fun!
Danielle A
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That was a lot of fun ! :) Thank you
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lol ! Thanks for a lot of fun & laughs as well. 
Thanks for the cue while in quadruped position to push the hands forward to deepen the rounding of the spine. Felt that. It was awesome!
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Brilliant! I love all your peeps, they made total sense
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*preps* lol
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Amazing class, thanks Carrie! 🙌
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Yay!! this was great fun and very creative. Thank you Carrie
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