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Take it to the Mat

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"Take it to the Mat" in this class that borrows movements from a variety of apparatus to create a stimulating and challenging class. Meredith takes you through Rowing, Thigh Stretch, Pike, and Knee Stretch among others.
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights

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Apr 13, 2011
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Oh, we're going to start standing today and we're going to do a little bit of take it to the mat. So how can we take exercises that we might potentially usually do on the equipment and, and integrate them into a mat class. But we've got weights. What? We're not gonna use them right this second so you can just set them down. And um, the weights are just, you know, to add challenge, you don't have to use them, but if you have weights, we've got two pounds and one person with a three. So anyway, there's that. We're going to start with a just a couple of standing roll down. So shifting forward and back on your feet a couple of times so that you have the opportunity to feel yourself roll. Center it over both feet, arms, reaching down to your sides, top of the head, reaching to the sky and we breathe in there.

Feel the rib cage expand as the head drops down. Feel the rib cage contract, the abdominals contract and with [inaudible] that we just roll ourselves forward. [inaudible] checking in with the body, letting the head hang heavy, taking another breath at the bottom, lifting up through the center of the body, allowing the pelvis to shift slightly forward. So the sit bones can just over the heels. And then we stack the spine just over the top of that. Inhale again at the top. Exhale, letting the head fold forward. The moment that that happens, we engage to the abdominals.

That's [inaudible] part of the abdominals comes deeper and deeper. Up to the spine is his body is transferred forward towards the ground. Inhale, as you pause, looking for a little bit extra length perhaps. And exhale as you peel your body. Think about moving the spine, segmental bone by bone.

Until finally we arrive at standing. Eyes forward last time, excelling to bring ourselves down, checking in with a body, keeping the knees soft is always an option. If that feels better to you. Inhale, allowing the spine the lower back to lengthen towards the ground. And with that exhaling to come up. All right, we're gonna use the weights for our footwork series. Um, so there we're going to start down at our size. We're going to do a chest expansion movement with them as we head into our standing footwork. As you inhale, sit back, lean way back past the heels, put weight into your heels, squeeze your bottom, squeeze your inner thighs and then press. I feel the back muscles engaged.

We're going to go a little faster now, but feel all of those things occurring so you bend and press. Keep Energy in the heels and in that way continue to work the back of the legs. Feel as you sit down, you lean back and come up and lean back and press the weight slightly behind you as you come up and make sure to finish the extension of the legs and squeeze the bottom at the top. Last four to press three, you getting the shoulders working as well and one and coming all way back to standing. Rising up onto the toes just a little bit. You don't want to be too high in your feet.

I suppose you could if you really wanted to, but it's harder in Hilton bend the knees. Try to keep the feet still XL. Squeeze the back of the legs and stand up. Oh, that was bad. Bend and press evenly. Distributing the weight of your body over all 10 toes. Think about as you stand up or as you bend, if the ankles are rolling out or rolling in, they want to be nice and straight.

Last five, remember to lean back. You use the energy through that. Reach down of the arms to tap into the upper back muscles. Here's our last one. We're coming up. We're going to just swivel the heels together and we go from there.

The hips drop back as they knees bend and we press here. Feel the heel squeezing actively together to keep active. Work in through the NSI muscles. Squeeze the glutes pretty tightly at the top. Keep the abdominals working to support the spine throughout all of these movements. Last five press go deep.

Two more and one from there. We're just going to drop our heels downward and go a little wider with the feet a bit wider than the hips, heels energetically pulling. And let's change the arms. So as we bend and lean back, just like before, the arms are going to come to this sides and oppress down to the sides. As we squeeze the inner thighs and stand up and heel bend, sit back and exhale, press Ben, sit back and press reaching down. Feel the pressure in words of the arms, almost allowing the arms to squeeze the air out of the body.

Or you can envision that last Fi. Maybe it will go low enough into that knee band to feel a little stretch to the inside legs. Last too. And one more. From there, we rise onto our toes. Same thing. Make sure the shift back happens.

Inhale and press and breathe in. So as we bend the chest goes for the hips, go back and everything comes back to center. Last five, last four, three, two and one. It's come all the way. I've dropped the heels down, back into the chest. Expansion arms for calve raises. So squeeze all the way from the glute. Lean a little forward at the ankle joint. And as you rise up onto your toes, press the weights back and reach down. Touch the heels and lift.

So arms not only reach back, there's also a real strong downward energy rolling through the foot, articulating through the foot last four times. And again, if you work all the way from the top of the leg right up where the hamstrings and glutes connect, that'll be better work or more work too. Let's keep the arms back there, Ben. The right knee, come down onto the left heel. Come up to change and change the lifting the chest up, reaching the weights down, rising and then dropping. But as the feet move, the pelvis is being held still. Lots of abdominal focus.

Last three on both sides. Keep the upper back working. Two, two, one and what we have to have, drop both heels down, exhale to roll the spine down into the ground. Once you arrive there, just allow your weights to come to the ground. Let them go and come back up. The next thing that we're going to do is they, um, a balance exercise here you're going to reach, let's say the left leg back, bending the right knee and now shift the way to the body forward. This is the forward line.

So take most of the weight into that front leg so that you could maybe even pick up that back leg if you needed to. Now squeezing that glute, reaching up the body will travel four and on a slight diagonal. And then as we bend that right knee, the leftovers just barely touch and we press up and forward and reaching back up and forward. Keep the upper back working just by gently, maybe pulling the thumbs towards one another behind you. I've got my palms facing upwards and back last three too. [inaudible] from here, coming into the backwards step down. So let that back leg come back. Reach your arms around the front of you. Again, the majority of the weight is on your front leg and we're going to exhale drawing the back leg in and that and in kind of quick standing leg is still abdominals work to pull the knee to the chest. And last five reach for reach three, two and one. Let's just put that foot next to the other one.

Lower the arms and lift up. Good work, right like reaches back. I have a great deal of balance today. Left leg is holding our weight, arms, reaching back, palms facing upwards, thumbs pulling towards one another and here we go. Top of the head reaches for the Bakley, leaves the ground and then just gently comes back to touch and leaves the ground as you lift up and down with that front, like just keep the back leg strong. [inaudible] go on three more times. Reaching out through the top of the head, keeping a long line from the toes to the head. One more reached back touch. We'll bring the arms around front.

It's like I dream of Jeannie arms and then you pull that back knee in and back and keep it off the ground. Or you can actually let it touch each time. Hollowing out through the waist, so like comes towards you. Last three, two and one just stuck down onto the ground. Lower the arms down towards the bodies. You stand up, standing legs. Okay, well have a seat and then let's just roll ourselves all the way down onto our back. Rounding down, placing the hands down for the bottom lift or the pelvic curl. Breathing and prepare as you exhale, flattening out, hollowing out through the abdominals. Allow the pelvis to rise up off the mat, reaching the hips up into the air, pressing back through the arms.

Inhale to hold and Xcel to articulate this spine down bone by bone. Rounding down and releasing all the way down through the tail and other. Inhale. Exhale, articulating up. Send the knees forward towards the big and second toe in healing. Hold and excelling to reach down hollowing again, scooping out through the abdominal is released to tailbone. We go again. Exhale, lift, pressing the hips up.

Reaching the arms long and rolling back down. Okay, rolling up again. Once you get there, we're going to lift the heels up off the mat and then keeping the Fita so you use that extra space to maybe give yourself a little bit more articulation as you come down. Once you get all the way down in your heels can come down. Exhale til lift, pressing the backs of the legs up, lifting up through the toes are onto the toes and scooping the belly and keeping the inner thighs working. We release the pelvis to the ground last time here at connect. Sail to lift and then he'll tell lifts the heels and an XLT peeled. Set the feet together. We'll do it. Just a modified spine twist.

Let your arms come to the sides. Palms facing up. As you inhale, bringing both knees towards me and let that back foot lift up off the ground. Exhale, draw the abdominals and bring it back. Inhale over to the other side, warming up the ams. Also creating a gentle rotation through the lower back as we turn from side to side. Exhaling back. Keep the knees lined up with one. All right hand back can maximize the movement. As long as your upper body can stay pretty.

Still I a cross to the pull back, then a cross, so the ball back, that's the last one that cross to pull back. Coming back to center. Lift one leg, bring up the other leg, take your arms over your shoulders and then raise them up towards your ears as they go up. Towards the end of the bottom of the rib cage stays connected to the ground XL for the hundred prep lifts the chest, reach the arms, pass the hips and then inhale everything comes back down, back of the head touches. Exhale to lift again and inhale to go down. So it's a one breath cycle pressing the ribs into the ground so you want not to think about re leading with your arms, but instead bringing the arms along as a natural weight. As we curl up into that chest lift, we're going to do four more.

Squeezing all the out of the body as we lift, and three using the muscles just underneath the armpits, the back muscles to stabilize and press through the arms. Here's our last one coming into the full hundred. Exhale, lift and pause. Stretch the legs. Inhale and one, two, three, four, five. Breathe in and hollowing by three, four or five in. Pull the belly in as you're inhaling. Three, two, three, four, five. Pumping the arms from underneath the shoulders for two, three, four, five.

Imagine that you're pushing down on way. [inaudible]. Seven two, three, four, five in, maybe you'll curl a little higher. Eight, two, three, four, five. Then in Nah, three, four, five and [inaudible]. Here's the last breath cycle. Finish on the inhale. Exhale, draw the knees into the body. Curl, curl, curl the chest. A little higher. Inhale to come down.

Here comes the coordination. It goes like this. Exhale, lift into the a hundred position. Continue XL open. Close the legs. Inhale, bend, and continue. Inhaling to come down. Another one, breath cycle. Exhale, lift. Open-Close. It's quick. Inhale, pull and down. Exhale, the left, open, close. Try to lift higher as the knees come in and then lower your body down. Exhale, left open, close bend, pull, and last five scoop up to them Denise and four. Squeeze the inner thighs together. Fury as your arms go overhead. Avoid arching through the ribs to pull scoop and down.

Here's our last one. Open, close, pull and release. We're going to bring the arms around to the sides. Place the feed back down onto the ground. One more pelvic curl opening up through the abdominals. Just a little abdominal break. Really peeling up, pressing the hips up into the year.

Pausing to inhale and exhale as you articulate the spine down. Heading into our hip work series. So let's just bring the legs up again. Curl the head and chest up to your back in that hundreds position and maybe just hang onto your legs for a second. All right, so we're going to try to stay here. You can either put your hands behind your head or they can reach straight out in front of you. That's an easier choice. I'm going behind my head so it's going to stretch the legs up externally.

Rotate the legs, bend the knees, that's a tiny little bend, and then they press up and down. Inhale, pull the heels in. Exhale, draw the belly down, his leg. Squeeze. Inhale, bend, and Exhale, press. You can always put your head down, which works just as well. Might not be easier to keep the back down there, which is a really important, so just think about that last four to suppress. Squeeze and three to press squeeze and to press. Squeeze. Here's our last one.

Let's all lower our head down for one moment. Exhale, lift straight back up. Here's our leg circles. It's small. Go down, reach up around in together, down, up, around, and together. Think of the action of the abdominals drawing inwards to bring the legs up in around last three again, optional head-down two and one. Here comes the other direction. Open down, squeeze, lift down, press, pull in. Feel the head resting in the hands. Feel the challenge of the abdominals to have to stabilize the spine. Here we're going three more times, two more times, scoop and pull. Last one and everything comes down.

Bending the knees for openings. We're going to take our hands and put the hands just underneath the pelvis. You've allowed the pelvis to lift up a little bit. Stretch the legs up, turn out, open the legs, go wide. Flex in, squeeze. Inhale point, reach. Exhale, flex pole. Inhale point reach. Imagine a resistance factor here.

So you push away and you pull in and you push and you pull in Stu. 10 more fast. Open squeeze, press. Get the heels to touch each time. Pull the legs to the body. Five point flex theory too. And who won? Then the knees.

Stretch the left leg forward on the mat. Hold onto the right leg with the left hand and twist your body towards the left. And then bringing the body back. Three center, just going to do that to the other side. So the right leg stretches out. Let me take it across to the opposite side. [inaudible] and coming back to center, allow both needs to come back on.

So this is the rollover for actually mimicking work on the equipment. It would go slightly differently than on the mat. So just a little. Raise your arms up over your shoulders. Send your legs on a diagonal that you can keep your back pinned to the ground. Breathe in as you press your arms down and lift your legs to vertical.

Exhale as you roll yourself over, flexing the feet. Separate them. XO, peel the spine down bone by bone. Point the feet. Circle the legs. Touch, arms up. Press the arms down, lift the legs. Exhale, rule over with controlling fluid movement. Flex separate and down.

As the legs reach around in that circle. That's when the arms come up toward just shoulder distance. One more press rollover. Flex separate and down. As the tailbone starts to touch, the legs begin to circle. The arms come up. We're going to reverse it. Lift the legs, press the arms down, separate them and come over this body.

Flex the feet, glue the legs together and one bone at a timely. Just peel the spine down. Work the arms, lower the legs, lift the arm, separate the legs. Press the arms down, lift the legs, exhale over. Flex in, squeeze the legs together. And then just peeling down, pressing the arms into the mat. We're going to one more time. Arms Up, legs go down and not arms down rollover. Squeeze together with the legs and slowly pressing into the mat with your arms, bringing your body down. We're going to bend the knees here, stretch the legs out, raise up through the arms overhead and then bringing up the head and chest. Let me just curl the spine.

Alrighty. Picking up the weights. I'm going to go into the rowing series here. So before we do that, let's actually do a little bit more chest expansion. So let's just keep the knees soft. We'll get plenty of work through the back in a minute.

Go wide enough that you're perfect. Just lean back at buck. Be Straight. So yeah. Um, so most of us are going to be straight and Deb's avoiding an injury, so that's why she's leaning back. Here we go, press the arms wide that down and bring them down and slightly forward. Press them. Widened down. It's a slightly different uh, arm position just because we're don't have a lot of room between our hands in the floor, down and back. So the name is chest expansion. How can you integrate the name into what you're feeling in your body, feeling in your arms, moving the chest, stretching and opening stu for more, lots and lots of upper back backdoor. Perfect. Good choice. Last too and one.

And then just reached the weights forward. Slide your legs out and take a stretch. So, um, if you have any doubt about using the weights for the rowing, maybe do the first one without them. And then if you want to add in with UL, if you're going with the weights, they start out in front of the chest. We're going to bend the elbows, bringing the fists together. From there. Exhale, roll the spine back. You got to stay in control so you're in deep flection. Inhale, open the arms out, press the weights back and take the body for the weights are going to connect behind you down low. Inhale as your arms lift up.

Draw the shoulders away from the years as the arms are reaching around towards the feet. Exhale, roll through the spine to sit up straight and bend the arms. Exhale, bringing the arms with you. Rolling back, tucking the tailbone under. Inhale the arms reach open. Exhale, you push the arms back to bring the body forward. Then the arms, if you have the strength, lift them up. If not, just bring them just around the front, up and around, and then roll up. Inhale, bend the arms, dropping the shoulders down. We're going three more times, a little quicker. XLP Inhale, open. Exhale, press in her eyes. The arms. Draw the shoulders away from the ears. Lift the weights.

Pull you forward into a bigger stretch. Roll up with straight arms. Bend the arms. Breathe in and roll back. Glassed, curling the spine. Inhale, exhale, so to guide the body forward. Inhale, reach for the train or away from the train and excel. Roland, last one. I've lost it. Lost the camp. Anyway, arms out. Use your legs to help you stabilize. Reach up and across. Let the weights come up around. Let them rest there for a moment in front of you and just guide the spine forward into the stretch. When you're ready to come up, bringing the weights with you. Come back to the seated position.

With the arms out. Stretch. This time we're going to bend the arms. As we inhale, feel the upper arms drop down into the shoulder joints. Exhale back. Inhale, pause, start thinking about going forward. Inflection and then lift the back. Reaching the arms up. Sit up tall to drop the arms in front and he'll bend the arms.

I'm exhaling to bring my upper arms down towards my waist. I get an inhale to hold. Then I start flexing and then I start to reach the spine, reaching the arms up and dropping the arms down. Front three to go in heel bend. Exhale, bringing the arms with in heel to pause and Xcel to lift, reaching up and back. Drop the arms down to sit up last to bend. Shoulders down, curl putts, Rola.

Reach the arms up and back. Drop the arms down to sit tall. Last one year, bend. Articulate down heavy shoulder blades. Inhale, pause. Just think flection first and then rise above the pelvis and drop the arms down. Put the weights down and take a quick stretch forward again. Okay.

How about a little back support? A little back support, hands behind, lifting the arms, pressing the feet into the ground, pick up the pelvis, lift the chest, lift the eyes just straight up to the ceiling and then sitting down. And then we asked how to lift again, pressing the hips at who? Gazing up towards the ceiling. And in now to bring the hips down, the eyes go forward. The hips drop down. Three more lifting and really good work in the back of the legs. Last two and down.

And one more time. All right, pushed through. So sitting tall, if he flex, knees bent, or straight arms reaching out in front. So here we have an imaginary bar with springs and the inhale prepare. As you exhale, press down on those imaginary springs and curl back.

Roll forward here. I'm going to start to press the arms back towards the knees and extend the spine lifting. Reach the arms back forward. Flex the spine, roll back a little so you go through that round shape and as the spine comes up, the arms reach straight up. Accelerate. As you roll back, press imaginary springs reach forward. Inhale, let the arms come down the sides of the legs. Lift the chest up and forward. Exhale, dive back, roll back and sit up. Two more willing back, pressing down. Inhale, let the spine extend. Maybe press the arms, the sides of the body. A little exhale, reach back, curling the spine, reaching out through the heels and sit. Ah, did I say two or three? I don't remember. I can't even keep track of two. Curling forward.

Press the arms back to lift the chest. Reach the arms forward to round the spine. Roll back to sit up and we're going to bend the knees for the side reach. It's easier with bent knees. You could always do it with straight. I'm going to choose bent. From there. I come into a deep flection, a deep spinal flection. Feel free to hold on if you want to.

We're going to be going into a big side reach that we're going to go arm closest to me back there is our inhale. Exhale to pull it home and heel to reach the opposite arm back. Look at it and I thought to bring out you didn't know your reach across. I saw hollowing and scooping the abdominals to come back and he'll reach across and Xcel to come back. Curving in through the lower back. As you stretch open through the chest and side.

We've got one more to go on each side. Here we are, big reach and back. Laughter the big ranch and back. Arms forward. Roll up and take a stretch. Second half of the rowing series. I'm going to face front that you guys are good where you are.

It's actually a nice gets my hip flexes a break. So you're going to have your weights in your hands or no weights will do as well. Elbows bent and dropping the elbows slightly downward so we feel our back muscles engaging in [inaudible]. Press forward. Exhale to go down with the arms and up and then reach around to the sides. [inaudible] bend your arms, palms down, exhale forward. Inhale, down and up. Just change the breath, but I think that that's what I'm going to stick with and reach around. Inhale, bend the arms, press the shoulder blades down. Exhale, reach forward. Inhale, the arms go down. They lightly reach up as a shoulder.

Blades are heavy and they come around in a circle. Coming back to the body. Inhale, elbows, shoulders down, and reach. Press down to come up to reach her around. And with that one more bend and press reached down to lift up. Let the spine lift up as well and reach all the way around rowing front to a similar to the spine.

Stretch forward similar arms to the one we just did so sitting tall. Guide the spine forward. Bring your arms with you now as you in your reach, your arms up towards your ears, but extend your spine on that long diagonal Xcel to sit up, shoulders down in the arms, come around to the sides. Inhale, bend the arms. Exhale, fold the spine forward. Inhale simultaneously, stretching the arms in the back. Exhale, sitting up and around with the arms. Three to go, bend and fold and stretch. Reach, lengthening the back, sitting up. I'm coming around to the sides last to bend the elbows first and then fall.

Feel the tail band reaching an opposition to the hands as we reached the chest up. Then we sit up and then the arms come around to the sides. Here's our last one. Bend. Exhale. Fold the spine forward, working the abdominals, reaching the urns out. Sit and tall and coming around to the sides of the arms. You can drop the weights down again, not fun. I'm going to make our way back down onto our back for one more abdominal series.

This would be the abdominals with legs and strap series. It's a similar feeling to the double leg. Stretch crisscross. Let's hang on the backs of the legs for a moment. Curve the head and chest up off the ground. Use your arms to help you find a real optimal position and then either choose to take your arms forward or to bring the hands behind the head.

All we're doing with the legs is going forward. On the inhale and bending. As we exhale. Inhale, the spine stays very still. So we're focusing on trunk stability. Imagine pushing against tension with the legs, feeling the abdominals working the deep abdominals last for stretch and pull backs. Three stretch and pull back to stretch and pull back one.

Wrap your hands around your legs. Hang on for a moment. So the rotational component of this exercise, the legs are going to do the same thing, but we're going to turn the body as the knees bend. So with that, um, hands behind your head, stretch the legs out. Turn towards me as your knees bent. Stretch your legs out. Center. Turn away. If you wanted to have your arms down here would be a modification. So you just come across, reach forward, come across, reach forward.

Let's do three more. Both sides, cross and center legs are high enough so that the back is stable. Two and center two, he was the last one and two, stretch centers. Stirrups, bring the legs up, bend the knees, like the knees into your chest. Okay, we're going to do, um, turn over on your side. Facing this way. We, you do the sideline hit series off the Cadillac so your head is down on your arm. Uh, for this I usually need to use my hand, Yumi, where you could always let her know what you wanted to do with your arm. You could try here. It'd be pretty tough. External rotation with the legs anyway. Uh, leg changes.

So the top leg comes up, it touches front, it goes up, it touches behind and tap and tap and float. Touch back and back the last five and four. Nice Work Dev three, keeping the trunk stall one both legs together, both legs. app. Take the bottom leg and send it to the back of the top leg and send it to the front. That's your scissor [inaudible] excuse me. You want your body to be the center of your scissor.

It's a double pulse forward, forward and back. Challenge the work in the back leg rather than bringing the front leg real far forward. Challenge the stability on the body. Deb, you're shaming me. I've got to lift up to now. Okay, you're doing good. I'm given up last time and back to center.

Both legs down for the leg circle. Take the leg forward, rotate in the hip joint, keep the external rotation of the hip at this lake comes behind and down and forward to lift up to bring the leg back and down. So think fluid motion through the hip. Join. Use the bottom leg. Keep it strong to continue to anchor that side of your body. Reaching up and around, back and down, up in her back and down.

Last three and two and one. And then we're going to go the other way. So we go back first. Ah, abdominals in the lake comes forward. So you make the biggest range of motion that you can maintain a strong and stable center with. Um, avoid getting tension in the shoulder that's helping you balance. This one's five. We're doing sets of eight.

Here's our last three happened around, here's two. And here's why. Okay. And then just bending the knees, helping yourself. That takes the bottom, like out from underneath the top, like you okay for the mermaid. So we set up the arms, reached to the sides. Okay, Helen, you're going to reach out. Let the hand come down. [inaudible] curve through the rib cage. Bring the body around, look for a deep stretch in the back, in your open, back up to the side. Exhale, use that opposite waist to pull you back up and we're going to reach over.

You could skip that part and then sit up and hinge and comes down. Curl and back and sliding the room towards you to come up and over. Let's do two more. Perfect out and comes down guiding the spine across, opening the spine out, lifting back and reaching over. My voice seems to be failing me today. Sorry about that. Reach across and down. Big School open now.

Lift up and stretch. All right, and then we'll just take that all the way over to the other side for the sideline league series. [inaudible]. Great, great. You guys can hold hands if you want to. No one's judging. I'm not. Anyway. All right, I'm going externally rotated hips. Deb did the arm up.

I think I did the arm down for most of the time we'll talk like goes up and then it just taps and taps behind and taps front and taps back. What again is most important is the stability through the center of the body. [inaudible] not really going too far forward over my bottom. I'm going just in front and just behind lead. This one's eight here, so with that come to center, allow both legs to leave the ground. Let's go bottom leg back first, top leg forward.

This is our oblique series and it's just, as I said, it's a double pulse and a double pulse and it's doubled pulse. Here's where you could challenge yourself to lift the arm up off the ground. Last three. It's the extension of the back leg. That's your focus. Last one. Yeah, and then both legs together. I recommend using your hands for the circles, but again, do you wish legos forward for forward circles that goes up?

Look for external rotation as a lady comes behind you and forward again. As your leg is going back, press the back of the hip into the front of the head, or press the pelvis forward to create a sense of opposition. Check in with that shoulder. Make sure it's not carrying a bunch of tension. You've got three to go. Brushing the heels together each time, reaching back and around heels come together. Here's our last one in this direction. Reaching down or go into the back.

Now it's back to come to reach forward and sliding the leg through space. Feeling the rotation of the joint, Eh, last three. This is real hard. If it was real challenging, maintain your balances either with a bent bottom knee. Kinda late advice, isn't it? Since it's over. All right, so there's that. Bend your knees. Help yourself out. Sliding the bottom leg out from underneath the top leg for the mermaid. Okay.

Okay, so we've got our arms reaching out. I'm gonna go away from that, that bent leg to the side. Dive the body around, really hollow back through the abdominals. Inhale, open, back, open, and then reaching your body. Just take a stretch over. Nice. And then lengthening on to stretch, to place the hand down to guide the spine around. Really drop the shoulders down as you come around to the side. Inhale, open dominoes are still working here. A little lifting up and reaching over the top two more to go. Lift the body hinge ya touchdown.

Guide this spine forward. Open, back down. Push your foot into your [inaudible] leg to help you lift or to help you find a lift. And last time lengthen the body. Gently touch deep abdominals as you curve the spine around, coming back, open, rising up and stretching over and come all the way up. And let's get up on onto our hands and knees. We're going to do a long stretch here. So I will start in a plank position and sliding one foot back, sliding the other foot back.

So at the moment we've got our abdominals drawn in the hands or just underneath the shoulders. And as you inhale, point the feet, articulate through the few, reach to the tippy toes, and then exhale, guide the feet back and push enough through the heels that you start to get a stretch point. Stretch the body forward over the shoulder, over the wrist and flex back. Hellen, lift your hips up just a bit. There you go. Point flowing and flex back and point flowing and flex back. How about to to go reach and back. Reach and back. From here we're going to lift the hips up.

I'm going to walk the feet to the hands and from there just one role on one role at dropping the shoulders down, feeling the stretch as it moves through the spine and you stand up in heals hall. Eyes forward for a Pike Xcel to curl the body forward. So once you get there and feel free to soften the knees or bend the knees as much as you need to, put your fingertips even your whole hand on the ground, depending on what feels better to you. Okay, we're going to really think about pulling the ribs up and pressing the ribs in the pelvis. Close together. Then stay light on your hands. Lift from your abdominals, rising up onto the toes. As you do that, let your head drop down between your arms. Inhale as the fee come down. So it's not the calves or the feet that are lifting us.

It's a focus on the flection of the body. Feet barely do anything. They just have to lift because the abs are pulling us up. Inhale to come down. Shoulders just gently relax. Exhale to a puller, keeping the shoulders just over the hands in heel-toe. Reach down. Last three here. Exhaling up and in healing and deep fraction of the back. Deep abdominal contraction. Here's our last one.

[inaudible] and then lowering the heels. Just gently come down onto your knees for the reverse knee stretch. So it's a similar idea except for we'll have a little bit more weight on the arms so you can either Tuck your toes under or you can just keep your feet flat on the ground. Whatever feels better to you. And then once again, shoulders over, hips really round through the spine. In fact, don't even move anything yet. Just a release that rounding of the spine a little bit and then deeply flex the spine and release the round a little and deeply flex one more like that. [inaudible] so next time if you wish to, you're going to hover the knees off on the exhale. So we start with that same deep abdominal contraction. And as we do that, the needs just hover and then they come back to the ground. And again, we XL hollowing out through the abdominals, allowing the knees to hover and inhale to release and exhale.

Helen, just do the rounding, the rounding deck and the needs. And uh, one more time [inaudible] in town. Just reach your arms forward and sit back on your feet for a moment. [inaudible] okay. And then when you're ready, rule through your spine. [inaudible] are we going to move on to the side arm kneeling series? So I'm going to use no weights.

Use Your weights if you wish you could. Um, if you're not comfortable on your knees, this works just as well. Just sitting on something or standing. Everyone good? You good? Yep. Okay, so we've got a neutral pelvis. Got Our abs pulled in. You're just touching the fist together at the moment. Feel here as you push your hands together that you're trying to pull the shoulder blades apart, so there's some pretty significant back work there.

Then allow the weights to separate. Open up the arms, stretch the arms away from one another, refold the elbows, and bring the weights back to touch. As the hands come close to shoulders. Continue to pull apart. Let's go again. Stretch out and combat at stretch open. It's like you're unfurling and every time you unfurl the arms, your wingspan gets a little longer. You get a little taller, your abdominals work a little harder. Let's do three more. Yeah, I bet. And two more so we're not losing it as we come in.

We're potentially just working harder. Here's our last one, and bend. Just hook the weights and the quicker your thumbs. If weights didn't feel that here, I just put them down. It works well without shoulder blade staff lightly reach the arms up, so feel more work in the back. Then in the arms or hands. Then bend the elbows, drag the elbows down, the weights are pretty close to the body to just talk a little bit are bringing a written and then forward. Okay, so my thought process here is not just reaching with my hands, but allowing the shoulder blades to drop and with that dropping the arms just lightly reached to the sky and then we bet and we'll do four more. I would just press and Ben if it feels like a lot of neck tension, it's worth it to put the weights down.

Last two shoulders down, arms, lightly reaching feely abdominals, continuing to stay engaged. Last one, hold there and just float the arms open. Let's lower the arms all the way down for just a moment. Turn the hands in and take the head over to one side. Just let the weight that's in the opposite hand. Get a little heavier and then allow the head to come up. Take it over to the other side and let the weight that's in that hand.

Just get a little heavier. Okay. Coming back to center, the reaching the arms back out, and then as you reach your arms overhead, the shoulder blades just fall and inhale, press the arms open. Keep the elbows just slightly soft, mostly straight XL shoulderblades fall and the arms are weightless. Not Literally, of course. All right, chat and down.

So we'd go, go, go ribs in body a little forward again. That's sad. [inaudible] pen down. Let's do two more here. I don't know, one way. And then opened the arms out to the side. We're going to take the body over to one side, so probably fingertips there or I don't know. Knuckles.

I'm just going to reach up my hand up on my fingers onto my weight. Oh, good idea. Turn the weight on its side. Brilliant. Thank you. Eyes Down, shoulders down, and then just press that upper weight straight up to the sky and down. Maximize the side stretches. So reaching out through the body and then with the elbow just over the shoulder, the arm goes straight into the air and last five bent press with every press of the arm. Fill this waste getting longer. Here's two. There's one, here comes the tough part.

Can we lift up out of it and turn the opposite way on its side? Bending over, letting that hand just rest down. Check the pelvis, it should face straight ahead. Shoulder blades down, eyes down. And then that top arm just goes straight up and as you bend it increased the length through the waist and press and and press and band and five shoulder blades down. And I'm dominoes in and three one, two and well the Armat let that weight lead you. Bring your other weight with you and lift straight up.

Can we see on our knees for one more moment for the knee stretch? Oh good. I'm going to go this way. Let's just keep the weights on our hands. So we want an Adam in tucking of the pelvis. So just find whatever your neutral position. We're just going to keep our weights down next to our legs. For now, Tuck the pelvis, press the back of the hips into the front of the hips and then hinge back.

Fill the inner thigh, staying engaged. Only go as far as you can without any tension. Exhale, lift and release. Breathing in, breathing out as you talk and hinge back. Inhale, pause to exhale. Just engaging the abdominal should help you out. And I'm going to offer an arm variation. If you don't want to do a don't, it's going to make it a little bit heavier. This time we're going to inhale the arms overhead. Exhale the body. Yeah, and then bring the arms down. Second, a slightly easier variation. Tuck the pelvis hinge.

Inhale the arms just forward and exhale as your body comes up, press the arms down. Who? I think I like that one better. Let's do that two more times. Talk Hinge, arms up. Press the arms down and working through the upper back as you hinge the body. Ah, two more. Talking about arms up. Oh, I just changed it. I keep changing it. This come along. Press the arms down and left.

Last one little Tuck of the pelvis and Jeanne back raising the arms that and pressing the arms down to the left. Let the arms just a the weights go. Take your hands down onto the mat. Take the right leg forward. Just adjust the back knee for comfort. I go just a little bit in front of my knee there and then we're going to either keep your hands down and just press that forward hip forward or that back hip forward or come up. Okay.

Just rest your hands on your knee, lifting the chest, the ribs away from that leg, guiding the spine upwards and as your chest Lis. Just feel a gentle depression of the shoulder blades. Breathing in and breathing out [inaudible] and then we're just going to reach down on if you didn't have enough space, a nice modification might be to take those weights and have them help you lift up to reach back for the hamstring stretch. Or You could just keep your hands on the ground, but know that you're looking for a flat spot in here. Maybe flex that bottom foot a little more.

Maybe extend through the spine a little more and then we're going to bend that knee is let your hands help you as you slide your leg back. Bring the opposite leg forward, adjust the knee for comfort behind you, lengthening, pressing forward into the hip. And then reaching, if you wish, the hands up onto the knee, guiding the chest up and forward [inaudible] and then letting the body come down, placing the Hanson on the ground and gonna flex that foot and guide the hips back. And then letting yourself gently away from that stretch. Bring that back, rollover the feet, lift the hips up, pressing the heels down, lengthen the body down towards the legs, and then reaching up onto the fingertips. Just going to extend the spine forward. So you're looking here for a flat back. Just A, we're just going to stay there and breathe and as we breathe, and in fact, let's do this. Shoulder blades down. Allow your knees to bend a bit, look for a little extra additional length in the spine, and then try to stretch the legs out without changing the spine and do that three times. And he'll bend the knees as they bend the back, gets a little longer, a little straighter.

And then we just try to stretch the legs out as we lift that chest. One more time, bending the knees, guiding the chest down and forward, allowing the legs to stretch, and then really hollowing out through your hands as you fold over your legs, taking a breath. They're exhaling to come up and you know, allow the arms to follow the movement of the spine. Exhale. Just drop theos down. Let's do that two more times. We're reaching the arms and then real heavy arms and allow the heaviness of the answer. Pull the shoulders down and last one, reaching out and opening. And that is a wrap. Good job, you guys.


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Loved the addition of the weights. Be eager to try it again tomorrow with a set that isn't 5 lbs though! <g>
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Loved using the weights as an addition to the exercises.Great class!
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Loved the unusual variety of exercises. Fun and different! I'd love to see this on a reformer too!
Thanks for the comments ladies. Hopefully will have a new reformer class coming out soon.....
Love the weight work here. A great class for those of us who don't have access to the reformer. More like this! Thanks!
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Meredith, I absolutely love this class! I can feel the sculpting happening - thank you so much!
Thanks Colleen! Hi Serene! So glad you liked the class ladies.
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Outstanding. Loved the addition of the weights. What a fantastic workout! thank u.
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Loved this class. I've been missing reformer for a few months now and this was challenging and a great mixup from a basic mat class.
Thanks for taking class with me Nicole!
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