Class #422

Beginner Series #1

60 min - Class


This is the first Beginner level class in a series of 10 that will be taught by Niedra Gabriel. The Beginner series is designed to lay an instrumental foundation for all your Pilates mat work. Join Niedra for each class and notice the improvement in your exercises as you progress through the series.

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What You'll Need: Mat

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Good afternoon, actually. Good evening. So what we're going to be doing is a series of 10 classes. It's an introduction to the Palazzos method to the math work. So every class will build a little bit ...


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Great pace, enjoyed this class very much. I'm recovering from breast cancer surgery and this is a nice way to focus on stomach after 6 weeks of inactivity.
Welcoming activity, welcoming a shift in focus... Lovely!
Thanks for sharing Ulysia.
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Fab, great class. I wish my beginners were as good as these!! I usually take a good 6 hours teaching to get my beginners to this level. Love this method of teaching I think I need to be firmer lol Thankyou for sharing :)
Awesome workout - LOVED IT! Thank you Niedra!!
The video keeps stopping after 26 minutes into it. Any advice? Thanks!
Really liked this!
Nice class. I love learning fundamentals all over again. Really great! Thanks, Niedra!
great class, iv taken monica wilsons so its great to learn stuff again and put it all together!
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The video stuck for me too and it's guesswork when you're fast forwarding as to how far you've gone. Could you add a time link in so we know how far we've scrolled through?
Niedra seems to be teaching in imprint, is this because they are beginners and she wants them to not arch their backs or does she advocate this all the time? Incidentally none of my beginners would ever be able to perform these advanced classical mat exercises with this degree of ability and control and I personally wouldn't advocate this approach for a lot of new clients. It's an interesting take though, perhaps I need to be more true to Joseph and go straight in at this level, but I am very concerned about safety so don't feel happy with it.
good start
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