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Rotation is the name of the game in this episode of Maria Earle's series Happy Healthy Spine with Maria. You will explore many different ways of gaining strength and flexibility in the spine through spiral movements. Enjoy the expansiveness of your breath and thoracic cavity through the luxurious rotational movements you've worked on!
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Sep 14, 2020
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Hi, everybody. I'm really glad you're here. And you've caught me almost leaving my nap, but I'm here I'm not leaving my nap. All right so welcome to class. Let's get started.

We gonna sit today cross-legged to start. So if you need to sit up on something like a little mat, go ahead and do that. We won't be here for long, but you know I want you to be comfortable. So I'm sitting really tall here. You can actually do this with a tight cross or an open cross like a diamond shape.

So this also works for these little secrets about to do. Alright, so we are going to start with a very simple little rotation. So I'm going to bring my right hand to my left knee and my other arms will go behind very close to my hips and then I want to twist the spine and not worry so much about my head you know? So I'm just going to look straight right to this wall and take a deep breath and think about the crown of your head lifting upwards towards the sky. And also think about where you're sitting.Right?

So my hip bones are facing forward but my chest. It's dropping around breathing wide as much as possible breathing into my rib cage and then coming back to center. Then we do the other side. So you lift, twist, look to the side. My back hand is actually pushing down into the floor.

That's some helping me, right? Get up a little higher. So try that you have to try and push down with your arms and lift up your back around with your neck and then with your ribs, you're really breathing laterally like we did lastly. So lift, stretch, grow tall, and then come back to center twist again and then do your left think about zipping an imaginary zipper crown by head up to the ceiling, rotate a little bit more on your exhale. So take your time on that exhale to really bring out your regular agency.

If you can get yourself around well, or you might find that you actually can move more to the back of the room now and then come back to center, right? So we're just gradually coaxing the spine. Well, you know, it's later in the day for me. So for some of you it's quite early. So take it into a curve Right?

What you've already done today or not Wednesday is gonna influence how mobile your spine feels and then come back to center. All right, we gonna add on. So go for your twist again, the background mat was gonna take a big arc up and over the shoulders going to the knee and you bring it here. So we're doing quite a forward fold or a bend, and then you're also gonna spin the chest upwards towards the ceiling and take a really big breath here inhaling and exhaling and then come back up again arm returns and then we'll do the other side. So rotate, twist, grow tall all of the same stuff as before.

Just reach your arm up and take the shoulder over to your knee. Take a deep breath. You can look down at the floor. Can look down into the knee. You also could try to spin your chest open, right?

So play around with what feels right to you today. And then come on back reach tracing that big arc with your arm and then face center. One more time do a twist. It's already starting to feel a little more like you got more range, right? Take the arm up, take it over safety here for a moment.

Rotate the chest a little bit like trying to take it upward towards the ceiling. Now here's a little add on. I want you to flex your palm push the heel of your hand away and breathe and see what you can actually pick your rib cage up just a little bit more and get a little more stretch in that lateral body and send the breath into that stretch and then come back up again and go around the other side. Take a deep breath take your arm up, up and over shoulder to the knee, flex that hand, reach away with the arm, twist or rotate up towards the ceiling. I'm really holding on to my other knee here.

So I don't just like topple over, I gonna anchor the hip down. I'm sure you're feeling that also. Right? You need to draw that down so that this can pick up and then retrace that big arc with your arm and come back to the center. All right. Now we gonna take lets take legs straight out. I'm already editing my list of things to do.

Flex the feet as much as you can. Alright. So I call this the washing machine. You're ready for it? So we're gonna start with our hands behind our hairs The elbows are gonna come in and just a little bit, you'll notice that drawing your elbows forward actually helps us soften the shoulders a bit. So still allow those shoulders to rest on the back.

And then gonna twist to the right. And I want your sternum basically to be directly over your knee, which is lined up with your middle toe, right? So you're just enough slight rotated corner twist. Right? All right, so take a deep breath here. We gonna take the arms up, palms down and then reach there.

I have my left arm which is over my left leg and I'm going to turn and look at my middle finger. And then I'm gonna turn and look at my back hand. I come back to look forward over my right foot and then my hands come behind my head and I come back to center. Let's do it again so we gonna well, lets go with the left. So go to the left pause here.

You're going to take the arms up, palms down. My right hand is directly over my right leg. I'm gonna have a look at it and now I'm going to turn my head and look back and then again back to my starting position bring my hands to the back of my head and then come back to center. Okay? So you feel it it's a gentle cycle. Okay. So we gonna twist, inhale, exhale, inhale, turn, exhale, look back, inhale back to center and bring your hands back and return. Okay?

here we go, inhale, exhale, lift your arms, palms down, exhale, turn your head, come back to center, lift the arms, bring your hands behind your head return towards the right again. Gentle cycle, open the arms. turn your head, bring your head back over the leg and return to center. One more time inhaling, open, look at the front hand, turn your head, look back, look back over your front foot, put your arms behind your head and back to center, bring the arms down. Just kind of, you know? wiggle it out. All right. That's awesome.

We going(indistinct) out all ways gentle cycles.Okay. So next this the little add in, we gonna put in from the Kathy grant, lexicon of exercises. So we gonna take the right elbow, right elbow It's going to go to the outside of the right knee. So I lean and I rotate, and I(indistinct)this so I wanna think up and out like Superman, up and out. I'm blown away.

And I go the other way for each other side crown of ahead. So make it about the length for now. Right? And then come up. You're also trying to stay even on your pelvis while on your sit bones. So reach out and don't pick up the opposite hip Sit down, down, down, and then reach up, up away and then come back.

I' mean a little rotate, right? Little twists to reach how lengthened can you feel here as you anchor the hip down and then come up and then we add on, we rotate, lengthen, all right, now here's the side of it. So you gonna take your elbow to the outside of your right knee and then pick yourself up, return to the center and then other sides. So we link them we reach(indistinct), we side bend for you that elbow to the outside of the knee, and then come back and then back to center. All right, so if your elbow is not touching the floor or the outside of the knee you just go as far as it is available to you today.

So reach that looks like this fantastic, right? Those of you who can reach even more both for it now stay here with me for a minute. Are you sitting evenly on both hips? get those tips down. Now that left elbow is going to come down to the inside of your right knee, and then you gonna supine and lie back up again and then come back to center. All right.

Other sides, so we link it out. When we can't link it anymore, we side bend. Then we take the right elbow to the inside of the left knee, breathe here, and we expand it open. You can take your gaze with you and pick it up and back to center. In fact, it's always nice to take your gaze with you, right?

You always have to look where you're going and then reach over I just happen to be kind of trying to look at you, right? And I go over and then drop the elbow, It's like you're kissing your knee And then we open we breathe and then we pick it all up and come back to your starting position. Reach a possibly of last one so maybe luxurious and then go over, go over, go over, breathe, breathe, open the ribs and then drop the elbow and make it luxurious. Oh, keep breathing, open, open, open, raise up back up to your starting position and then rest. Alright. Now we gonna lay down on our backs.(indistinct) So everybody knows where to least option on my back but anyway, so we know a shoulder bridge right over the bridge we're what we gonna do today is we gonna do a one legged side version. Okay.

So I'm going to take my left leg cause that's closest to you and I'm going to drop it to the side and my right leg stay straight up to the ceiling of my foot is really like grounded into the floor. I want him to feel the whole tripod flip big total Tokyo. We'll talk about that in a minute when we get up off the floor. So take your hands a little wider than your mat, your chest in me nicely(indistinct) you gonna take a little pelvic tack and then we gonna start to push it over to the soft. So I'm lifting my right hip and I'm leaving, putting the weight into the outside of my left leg. Right?

So my outer leg is just on the floor. The outer butt of my left side is also on the floor. I'm not trying to lift my left hip up and then I'm here. I'm gonna take a deep breath and feel my foot, press the foot into the floor and see if you can get a little more of a rotation and lift that hip to where the wall and the ceiling meet or when they're in front of you. All right now, let's take our mind's eye between our shoulder blades.

And can we start to soften the spine there first and try to place each vertebra down as sequentially as our spine allows until we've come back to our starting position. And then when we just go right back up again, and we gonna do this two more times, right? So you can privately take it at your own rhythm. What's important here is that you're focusing on how you can connect into your back body to return to center. Right, so this is your last one here, how this leads the way up, but then can you soften your chest and let your spine lead the way down.

Okay, that's the way and then we gonna switch and go the other way. So drop your right leg out to the side. You got your right foot and go stepping into the ground. So did I tell you that the other side, I forgot that the inner part of your foot is very slim I mean, you've probably figured that part out. So typically arise up and then pause here for a minute.

You can also zip your zipper theory. So zip, right? So engage by drawing your abdominal wall towards your midline towards the inner most part like your inner access right now, staying here, Slam down with your foot, your left foot. So you get a tip of the pubic bone and lift a little bit higher, but not like thrusting your rib cage. Right? We don't want that.

And then you gonna keep your shoulders nice and wide. And then you gonna identify the space between your shoulder blades. And you're going to take it down piece by piece as much as you can, and then go up against that was only one and that took me forever. So you back to what you wanna do at your own rhythm. What feels good for you today?

And you're just kind of playing around with what it feels like to be on this rotated pelvic lift. and then we'll pull it down and then bring your legs together. We gonna cross the right leg over the left leg. I call this cocktail legs. And I'm pretty sure that I learned this also.

All right. So you gonna do that your top leg really be relaxed, but don't do anything with your top leg, I'm telling you that's the hardest part before exercise is not leading with the strength of your legs. You gonna take your right knee over towards the left about 45 degree angle. So it's not far so just a little bit, right? I mean, you're going pause. We're gonna stop right here.

So it's not really a stretch, right? And so you're here and then you gonna do that same thing that we just did a minute ago, You gonna leave with your spine, the upper most top part of your spine that you can connect to see if you can find a floor with that piece. And then the next piece. And you're kind of moving down sequentially until it's your waist and then your hips they get drawn back. But what I want you to try to do is do that all from your exhale.

And because you're not thinking about the legs, but because you're thinking about how you're bringing the spine back and really go do this one more time with basically three times in each position. If you can really take your time here and have this like constant inner dialogue with like don't lose your legs, find your back, find your spine, find your exhale, the head, you're really going to start feeling this like beautiful rotation, like deep inside especially at the latter part, right? when you're trying to bring your legs up, switch sides I already did. So come on, I don't real chatty today we gonna go over to the side. I'm going to take a deep breath, inhale, pause out halfway, stop it right here.

And then take your exhale. You might need more than one exhale. Bring it back piece by piece. There's going to be some spots. Really might feel like it's moving like a big chunk that's okay you know, just say kind words to that part.

And then you know, easy, easy, easy, easy peasy with it. And then at scale, like I said the hardest part about this exercise is not muscling through it. It's really about letting go inhale and then using shots what you need to come back. So we could actually be doing this for like another 10 minutes until you finally really feel the legs surrendering to the exercise. Okay. So go back to that at a later date and play around with that. Okay?

So let's come to tabletop. Okay? You're going to take your arms a little wide. I like arms but that so we're taking our arms wide today you're on a tabletop hopefully 90 degrees. I probably need to drop my legs a little. Alright, so now we're gonna do to the side.

I'm going to go to the right. And I'm going to pause here. My left hip is up and I want to check and make sure that knees are stacked. So look at your knees and you might have to kind of pick up that left knee hip a little and then come back to center, go to the other side, inhale pause here, and then pick up that right leg a little so that it levels out and then come back to center. One more time go over, inhale, pause here.

Can you anchor down under your arms a little bit? So when you push down on your palms over your chest stay right here. Keep activating the back of the arms and build up the floor. Can you draw your down wall in and simultaneously take your legs out away from you and then bend the knees later at the center. Let's go the other way.

Take a deep breath, inhale and then exhale, extend, bend.return the center. Here we go inhaling, exhaling, push down with your arms. That's right.You remember you're not trying to like fall out over mat. Okay. So you take your little angle here It's about 45 degrees. The thing that's cool.

I'm thinking to think about is like how deep do you draw your belly and as you extended your legs, notice my legs look like they're going to slow motion and it's not because I want to go so slow and careful It's more because I'm drawing my abdominal wall down and my legs are extending in relation to how deeply I'm pulling my stomach and then come back and return. So let's go one more time. I hope that makes us even, maybe not draw the belly and we'll be okay. And then we return to center. Right? Okay. So stay here.

We're going to extend those legs on and we're not going to go up. We can go down. Okay. Take your legs long. Mostly back a little bit. Alright. So we gonna pick ourselves up into the hundreds from down.

You can change your you can do another thing. You need to do another thing. I'm going to start here.Okay. So I'm going to start with by picking my head up squeezing my buttocks and then lifting my legs six inches longer before I would start to pump. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. I'm gonna pick up my right leg.

Exhale, inhale, exhale. All right. So I this is nice, one leg up is really nice. I'm gonna take that right down and pick up my other leg. I'm still breathing really less loudly because I realized that I'm not pushing a truck. I'm just trying to do hundreds and we're here.

Let's do one more deep breath and then take head down. I'm just going to say that was a hundred. Okay. I have my left leg up. Okay. Take your arms nice and wide again. And we gonna take that left leg, pick that hip up and we gonna take it over.

Oh no I have a wall here. All right. So I can plan that out. So take your leg down as far as you can, and then you gonna pick it back up again using your abdomen three times over we go, go, go, go, go, I'm gonna bend my knee cause I need to check there. And then I'm going to go, go, go, go, And you know what? I'm not allowed my shoulder to pick up because I really want to get my leg really far over.

I really want to go for it. Go, go, go, go, I'm still anchoring my palms on the middle floor and then come on back. All right. So this leg is going to go down. The other leg is gonna come up. We gonna pick that hip up and we gonna take it over.

Yeah.Okay look at me. Alright. So this is how I want them to take me out. I just couldn't even bring that out so well. And then we go over, reach out. You go and keep going, keep going, keep going.

And then use your exhale bringing right leg back up again. One more time I mean, really go for it. Use your arms so that you don't fall off your mat and then bring it back up again. Okay, good. So, right tight leg up, we're going into a cycle. You can bring your arms narrow or narrower And we gonna hold on.

I am gonna ask you rotate a little bit your leg so that you really find that inner thigh, as it crosses over your midline down around and up. let's do five inhaling, exhaling. Okay. That's two here's three. Now I want you to play around for the next two to really take your leg over mid line and then back up. Okay? So we go straight down from the shoulder and then cross over both at waist over We've been warming up at waist and now we're ready to take it into Mr. Blog's exercise So over you go, over you go, over you go like, go, go, go, go see how far you can take that leg over.

Let's do one more. I have to count from the reverse and then up let's switch legs ready?do you? Alright.Other side, so turn your leg a little bit by Maintaining your thigh little bit cross it over, pick your hip up and then circle it around. And then around your leg that's on the floor. Anchor that leg with around your arms, take your arms in, but then allow for your lower spine to have a little bit of rotation, your feeling and scaly.

Now let's put it away and I'm still on my counting. I get myself in trouble here, down around, it's five typically. And cross it over, over, over letting your lower part, rotate. Yeah. Letting yourself go over. It's going to make you feel your fun.

I hope a whole lot more than hugging me in yourself. A little tug and we gonna come up from the back. Alright, how to be friends with your mat if you need to, I don't know why I checked? I know there's nothing better. All right. So on to your shins and you gonna push your legs or your feet or your shins up into your hands and pull your hands down and roll, inhale, exhale, and then curl.

And I want you to lift your hip up because we will be going into hopefully a big corkscrew at some point in the next half an hour. So this is our prep for that you gonna lift. your hips along to the upper part of your shoulder blades, inhale, exhale one more time inhale, exhale. Pause. Stay. I should have put my foot down.

stay , stay, hold on, hold on. Alright, so we're here. All right. So your tabletop, you gonna take your arms out in front. You can squeeze your legs together or you can take your legs a little bit apart. We still gonna do like that side to side inhaling, exhaling Right? I'm like lifting my arms, doing this arc as fancy, but really the hard part here is trying to get my knees and my arms to move in opposite ways from each other.

You should be feeling your sideways and should be rotating one more. And then we go up lower back can you, we go way back a tower. Alright, here ready? I mean, maybe you're kept going and you keep going on and they come up, up, up, up and then go back and then push, push, push, push with your legs. I tell you that is the secret.

You gonna imagine that you're holding a wedge between your inner thighs, but then you gonna work the back of your leg, pushing your legs into your fingers. And lastly you got to look up where you're going. All right. What's next legs come together here to lead your corkscrew signal hold them squeeze your bicycle take your legs up arms down. All right. So we're going to do Kathy's Cock screw Block. Okay. So hold legs here.

We gonna call this 12 o'clock. Okay? Now we gonna take legs over to three o'clock and circle them down to six o'clock over to nine o'clock and then back to 12 o'clock and we go nine o'clock, six o'clock, three o'clock and 12 o'clock. All right. So we're constantly in clockwise counter clockwise. That's what I was trying to say. And then as you do this, I want you to keep an eye on your toes.

When you go over to three o'clock, don't let your feet shift. Can you pick up your left hip just a little bit, and then as you circle down to six o'clock you are even, and then as you circle over to nine o'clock, you might have to reach a little bit more with your right leg and then come back to 12 o'clock, let's do that one more time real slow control, go to your nine o'clock drop down to your six o'clock, go over three o'clock and then back to center. All right. So we gonna do it a little quicker. And when we come around towards 12 o'clock, you gonna lift up into what can really help flip up high, which is your hips above the ground. All right. So we're going to start low.

We gonna go three o'clock, six o'clock, nine o'clock, 12 o'clock high then you gonna roll down to nine O'clock, six o'clock, three o'clock to back high and then go down three o'clock get over there, get over there touch, touch at three you down at six go back at nine go back at 12 and then begin. You're breathing and you're pressing down with your arms, like crazy and you are crazy around lift and last one circle down around come up here above and then down here I tell you somebody will tell you come on, pull your knees in. All right. we're coming up for some. Alright, so take your legs a little bit out your mat you gonna take the arms out, flex your feet like really bring those toes back. Twist, take your front arm past your foot, don't hang onto your foot.

Take it past to your foot. Take the back arm palms goes up and then here then rotate, you breathe then rotate you're going to rotate somewhere not stop rotating, and you breathe and I want you to think the head is reaching towards your knee and then come on up other side. Drop your head down to your knee. Take your back arm up, reach forward and then start to rotate and look under your shoulder lift and then come back up again. And again, I'm reaching forward past my leg, but my spine is bending and rounding over my upper thigh back arm goes up as high as I can take it, and then I spin around and I look underneath my shoulder and then come up, rotate, twist, spin around, look on through your shoulder, take your back arm up, up, up ,up and then come up.

Let's do that one more time inside. Go forward, breathe. I'm thinking not so much of reaching my head to my foot, but I'm thinking about reaching the crown of my head to my knee and then up and then again, crown my head to my knee and then I start it around lift, lift, lift, lift, lift and then come up. Alright, lay on your stomach. We're going to do a little pre-dilation to swam, Okay. So the first thing we gonna do is just place your hands one on top of the other, and then your forehead lie on top of your hands.

All right. So take your right leg and reach it long before the crown of your head is also way too long by the way. And then you're going to lift that right leg up lift it and then lower it down and then the other leg does the same link it long first, first long and out. And when you can't go out anymore, you go up. I'm lifting my head up so that you can hear me a little bit better. You can just keep your head down on your hands.

Alright, then part two, you gonna do the same thing and you reach out. We talked so much that it lifts up and then you gonna cross the leg over the other leg, draw the waistline in reach and then you come on back. All right, well do the other side. You lift you crossover and you rotate, rotate, rotate, and keep reaching that back leg as far back as you can. I'm keeping both elbows on the floor and my head down and then bring it back.

All right, we gonna do it again. Okay. So we take the leg up and then you're gonna rotate. You go over as far as you can, like here lift the knee, here you can also zip your zipper, right? But keeping your elbow down on the floor, it's gonna sort of increase the sensation of a twist. It's viral in your spine.

And I come back to center and then pick your foot up and imagine that you're carving out the arch with your foot lean, squeeze your bottom and reach your leg long out of your hip and zip your abdomen up and then bring it back. Now bring your hands underneath your head and your shoulders. And you do a little Swan. So he'll be reaching your toes long on the floor, reach the crown of your head forward and start picking your gaze up. You gonna look forward and then you're going to start to pick up your ribs and you gonna try and come up as high as you can without using too much of your arms and then lower yourself down.

We'll do this two more times, lifting up to your halfway point, using more of your extensors and less of your arms, and then draw your belly up. And did you get up a few more centimeters and then lower yourself down. Here we go. Again. Link the main legs away from crown of the head. Lift your ribs up.

Draw your abdomen in come a little bit higher, a little bit higher and then lower yourself down. We gonna go one more time. This time you gonna get up as high as your extensors can get you up. And then you gonna add about 10% of arms as your legs continue to reach out reach out with your legs and then put your chest up. Grieve, bring your chest forward through your shoulders and then lower yourself down piece by piece.

And then you gonna push yourself up, sit back in child's pose for a moment to stretch it back out and breathe in here and then come onto your hands and knees. How long are your knees directly underneath your hips and your hands underneath your shoulders? All right. So we gonna do just tuck myself in here for a moment. What we gonna do is eyelid dance I tell you said that that's not, we gonna do is gently thread the needle. All right. So I'm gonna take my right arm up towards the ceiling, and then follow with my arms And I'm pushing down with my left arm.

as much as I can to stay really actively pushing and reaching in the two directions. And then I circle my right arm through and bring my shoulder and my head down and I'm gonna pause here and I'm going to push with my right hand into the floor a little and roll over my shoulder. Just a little, just a little. it's almost like I'm going to go into like a somersault and then it come back up. Open the arm go for your twist and then take it back down again.

Other side, pick up the arm, take a deep breath here, rotate as much as you can push down, push down, push down, push down, reach up, reach up and then circle the arms. Put your shoulder down gently, take a breast, push your right hand into the ground a little bit and imagine that you're rolling over your shoulder, but keep reaching your forearm forward or your bottom arm, like a tree going through a tunnel. And you gonna keep breathing and feel the stretched perhaps between the shoulder blade and your spine. Keep your butts up to the ceiling and level them out as much as you can. And then come back up again and then bring it down.

Alright, so let's do spine twist. So take your legs straight out. You have to flex your legs or your ankles. Flex your ankles. All right. So this is a little secret. Okay?

We gonna do it three times and pause. Then take your arms out. I'm gonna start by going towards you. I'm gonna go into my left. Take a deep breath.

Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, twist, twist, inhale, exhale twist, twist, pause. Okay, so now we gonna bend the left knee in, grab it with the right hand, pull the knee to the chest and spin yourself around, around, around to see the back wall actually feel different than the first time we did this earlier today. And then you gonna slide the leg out, but try to stay in your twist. Flex your feet three times. Here we go.

Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale Pause for me. Stop here. Slide the right leg in hold that foot down left hand. to right knee to twist yourself around more. Bring your knee towards your chest. Bring your chest around and breathe.

See the back wall If you can, now stay here. Slide your right leg slide it, flex it, grieve and we're going to go again. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale a little pause inhale, exhale Squeeze it out bend your knee slide it, give me a stretch slide that leg out. Take a deep breath and then exchange to the other side. Inhale, lift, exhale, inhale, lift, exhale, twist, stay here.

bend the knee grab it. Rotate twist breathe. And then come back to center. Bring your arms down. We're going into can, can people, are you ready for it.

welcome down into your elbows Okay. Like this. I'm gonna cut my hips with my hands. And I'm going to try to bring my elbows narrow and bring my chest forward I can feel a little tight here. Come up on your tippy toes. And you gonna stamp on tippy toes. All right?

And we gonna take the knees to the right. Now take the knees over and over and over. pause. Kick them up. That's then kick them back I go over, over, over up now we're ready for a little sassiness. So give it to me, like get sassy, like, you know, give me a little attitude when flake go for that twist.

Feel a little sassy. You should and go. And then again reach wall some because you know, what's coming next(indistinct) and they are definitely not as fun as what we just did. All right. So we're going to start at this circle down here. Okay. Well listen, you can send him a message.

If his circles are your favor, I'm gonna do a pull because these are killer for me. All right. So take your legs up. This is gonna be version number one. All right? So remember your clock. You gonna go around your clock and then reverse your clock, right?

All around. This could be you all day today. You can make that as big as you want or as small as you want. Well wonna try the bigger version, I'm gonna sit back here like a lawn chair. I do not feel like a lawn chair but somehow this position reminds people chair.

All right. So I'm getting back. I'm like channeling my legs in a lawn chair and then I'm going to shoot those legs out. You with me? And we're going to go around me now. Oh boy. And then come up, open your arms out a little wider to get the support me and then up. So I am doing my best to keep it together.

And around so inhale reach, make sure that your feet are reaching here at same level. That's really important for your twist Do you notice how my lawn chair is like on tinder and further further down? Yours might be also. I find that exercise extremely difficult. All right. so we did it. All right. So now we gonna go into our favorite.

What's the favorite? The twist. Alright. So what I want you to do is I want you to step your right leg forward over your left knee that's bent under. Sorry that didn't come out very clear.

Those hips ankles really threw me for a while. All right. It was my idea. Right? totally my idea. All right. So you gonna take your arms a little bit further away from your hips because you gonna circle under, okay.

So you scope it a few like this, right? We're just threading the needle. And you gonna take your hand like a train through the tunnel and draw up your head and where you're going and then swing it open, push down where you're standing arm open as much as you can. I know we can do it again because it feels nice. And you gonna go through, through, through, breathe into your rib cage.

Try to use your exhale to see if you can go a little bit more inhale open it up and then exhale, take it through, through, through, take another deep breath here, reach it through and then come on up. Okay, now we're ready, but they gonna go up arms. You gonna do the same trajectory right up and over. So I'm going to keep an eye on my parts I'm gonna take my arm and swing it up. As it comes down my bottom comes up and I stand into my right leg strong and then I come down curling tucking getting myself into my title ball again.

So really it's my right foot in my right arm that really anchored me down. And the rest is just pivoting. Okay. So here we go. Inhale, exhale, pivot. You can bend your left knee and hold your left foot around your ankle.

Or you can shoot that leg out whatever makes you feel today like you have a little more anchoring and support. Here we go again, inhale, exhale, rotate We'll follow over like I just said, and reach and then come over. I mean, you can follow over. It's all about testing our edges, right? Like if we don't actually follow over or allow ourselves to ever follow over because we actually haven't seen how far we can take.

So you can agree with that or not, right? I am too. You're away from your hip. I'm gonna take my left arm. We gonna settle it up and take it through and find your twist.

Find your threaded needle and go and go and go and go and go then lift and open. And then pick your ribs up through your lungs and then squeeze there in up pick it up, pick your chest up. Bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger. You shall take huge breaths by now and then squeeze the lungs, get every loft and move air out , squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. And then open arms down.

Are you already? we gonna do a twist. So I'm standing down into my left leg and I'm standing strong down into my right arm. So I'm going to take a deep breath. Here's my exhale, so lift my hips and twist under This time I'm taking not just my arm, but my head. And then I circle the arm and sit back down again.

Here we go, take it up exhale squeeze it up and then up then down. And again lift, squeeze, grieve and out. And I forgot to mention that you could go along your tippy toes here and then go through. That's really challenging your edge that's hard. And then come down.

Good. Okay. Let's do a little side bend here. So no more main So I'm just gonna sit right where I was. Right? Take my leg back. Take the arm up and over stamping tear pick up at that rib, lift it, breathe into it.

See how much you can fill here and then bring the arm down. Let's take the legs around to the other side and we gonna do it again here. Taking a deep breath, lift, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, breathe, and then take it open. Alright, so the next step, the last thing that we gonna do today is going to be kind of like a cool down moments. Right now you're going to need space.

I hope you have enough space to do a full circle with your arms stand. So down lay on your back with your knees stacked one on top of the other, your hips stacked for the most part. And then you gonna lay down. Your head is going to be down on the ground like this. You can put your proper stuff on a little pillow with it bothers your neck.

I want Palm over Palm, hip over hip, knee over knee And then we're going to take that, I have my right hand on top. So I'm going to take my right arm and kind of reach it forward to see that I'm already like spiraling forward a little bit and then I'm gonna wipe the floor literally with my hand and take my hand up, soften my elbow, flip my Palm and start to roll back over my shoulders. And then once I open my chest as much as I can, I'm gonna soften the elbow and I'm gonna slide my hand down. And the back of my Palms on the floor and I bring my arm down freely to get to the mat again. And then I turn my Palm to the floor and then I follow the floor until I hit my butt.

And then I take my hand and I cross my leg down. The thing about this little sequence here is that I want your hand whether it's the Palm or the back side of the hand always touching the floor. So I think when my arm comes over the head, this is where people get a little stuck. You got to soften your elbow and maybe it means bring your hand in closer to your head and try to keep your hand on the floor. Maybe your elbows are going down the floor, mine isn't.

But my back of my hand is trying to stay connected. And then I turn my palm so that I still and always touching something always like having physical contact with the floor. And here we go, this is going to be out last circle in this direction, take a deep breath here. And I know that it can be challenging across the front of your shoulders for some palm to palm and then let's change and go around the other way. And back to the challenge the thought that I was having about the challenge of it being in the shoulders.

If you're only feeling the limitation of your shoulders here, you're probably not going to be feeling the deliciousness of the rotation of your spine. So this might not be quite the right exercise for you. However, if you're not feeling very impinged in your shoulder and you really are able to kind of relax your arm, I mean, really I'm like letting my arm really be very, very light here and I'm not sort of pushing you through it. I'm not like stretching my arm, right. I'm just trying to rotate my spine.

In fact, the arm movement is really just me trying to facilitate more rotation. Okay. Now we gonna go back to the other side and we're going to do three circles. I'm quite sure we did three circles. It took me kind of slow, but you can speed them up if you want. I mean I like to move like a sail and then you gonna open, you gonna turn your palm and then the arm comes around finds the legs, and then you stay connecting all the time.

And its just the fingernails or the finger tips. Then let it be that, but do try to relax the arm as much as you can and circle it around and make it not just about the shoulder like I said. You gotta try to figure out how are you really giving your chest and your spine to roll open. And you're not leading with your arm; you have to lead with your spine and then come forward. And then we go over the other way.

So a little bit near or reflects the exercise that we did earlier, where I told you you couldn't believe with the strength of your legs, right? So this is the same. This is not anything you can muscle through. You have to kind of soften your edges and take deep breaths and try to feel that side spiral away and then around. And then you're gonna have to come on up to a sitting position and that's what we gonna end class today.

So take a rotation I hope you're feeling good. I hope you are feeling more expansive in your breath and in your whole thoracic cavity. So I hope that you will join me next week, where we will be exploring extension and because I don't actually see in your view, it would be really nice to connect with you. So if you have any questions for me you are always welcome to send me an email or on social media say hi, I'd love to hear your feedback about us And I hope that you all have a really lovely rest of your day and week.

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Beautiful class Maria x
what a delicious class for my spine! thank you maria 
Perfect for this old guy's back. I really enjoy the spirit of your classes.
I've really enjoyed the class, your good mood, your cues and imagery to better feel the moves. In your opinion, is less rotation on one side the result of a muscular imbalance? I have noticed a significant difference in the butterfly exercise.(hands behind the head, elbow outside of the knee).
Wonderful! I appreciate your imagery and cueing and your personality that you bring to class!
Love your energy, love your exercises. Spine feels young again
I would have preferred to see a more gentle warm up considering the big inning of the class plunged straight into  deep ROM rotations with the torso going into side bends to TOP it off which will put the risk of rotating through the lumbar and thoracolumbar junctions due to the seated position shortening the lever at the trunk. 

A simple 5-10 mins of hip mobility and gravity assisted exercises could have been carved into the session.

Just enjoyed this class for the second time. Thank you, Maria - such a lovely start to my day. 
Thank you Maria. This felt great in my body. And I also find hip circles very challenging but you made them fun :)
I loved your infectious laugh and enthusiasm! The class was great and my back has felt so much the better for all those rotations. This is my 2nd time doing this class and I intend to keep it as my 'go to' when my back is feeling stiff and achy. Thank you!
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