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Non-Stop Flow

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Mariska Breland rounds out her series Pilates-ish with this fun, non-stop flow. She mixes traditional Mat exercises with other complimentary movements that are sure to have every inch of your body working. Enjoy moving through this challenging class and celebrate the work you've done throughout this series!
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Hello and welcome to Pilates-ish. This is actually the last one in the series. And I don't know if I saved the best for last or the worst for last. Or kind of how it will rank in all of the eight but the goal for today is a nonstop flow, which I'm a little scared for 'cause I'm a little sore. So my thought process is that we will not take breaks.

And we will just keep going for the next 55 minutes or so. So I am asking you to send a shout-out to your god or goddess of choice and I will do the same for you. We're gonna start by sitting up tall at the front edge of your mat. Bring your hands behind your knees. You're just gonna start with a little bit of spinal movement.

So you're gonna exhale to round back. It doesn't have to be very far. And then inhale to extend your spine. Exhale as you round back. Maybe go a little bit further.

And then lift to come all the way back up. Again, exhale, rounding back. Draw your abs in as you extend your spine to sit up tall. Bring your right hand behind you. You can take your left arm over your right knee.

Use it to get a little bit of a rotation through your spine and then we'll come back to center, hands back behind your knees. Exhale as we round back. Maybe go all the way so your arms are straight. We're gonna come forward. Left hand behind you, right arm as a lever as you twist towards the left.

And then return to center. Hands behind your knees. Exhale as you round back. This time, let your arms be forward. We're gonna tap your hands down to the floor and up.

Down to the floor and up. Down and it's not like really pressing down on the floor, it's just reaching your arms down to the floor. We're gonna add a leg lift as your arms press down. So right leg up, and down, left leg up and down. You're moving from your hip joint, which means the shape of your leg is basically staying the same.

Lift and down, lift and down. We'll do four more. One. Two. Three.

And four. Leg down. Round back a little bit further. You can bring both legs so that they're together. Bring your hands down.

You're gonna lift your legs up and down four times. Two, three, and four. Arms forward. Extend your spine to sit up all the way tall. Exhale, begin to round back.

You're gonna bend your elbows. So you can drop down to your forearms. Bring your legs into a sort of tabletop position from here. We're gonna take your legs down to the right and up to the middle. Down to the middle, and up to the middle, down to the left and up.

Going to the middle and lift to the right and lift, middle and left. Couple more rounds, we go down and to the right. Down, and to the left last one like this, down and right, and down and left. Lower your legs back down. You're gonna reach your left arm forward.

Reach your right arm forward. Try to come all the way back up to seated. Big inhale here, exhale round back first with your hands behind your legs. Lift back up, release your hands, round back with your arms reaching forward. Sit back up, this next time we're going to round back, drop to your forearms, let your legs lift up.

You're gonna extend your right leg lower to the right side of the mat lift it back up. Right leg lower to the center of the mat lift it back up. Left leg left side of the mat and up, center of the mat and up. Right to the right, right to the middle, left to the left, left to the middle, both legs together, out and up. Center and up.

Now right leg only to the right, left leg only to the left. Four more times, one and one, two and two, three and three and four and four. Both legs in. I'm going to actually scoot myself a little bit more forward so that I can come down onto my back. And then you want to be not super far to the front, but not super far to the back, just because there's an exercise we're gonna do where we might flip.

So we're going to have your feet on the floor. I'm just going to do a little bit of an articulated bridge up, so tilt your pelvis, press onto your feet, lift your hips. Lower back down, bone by bone. Press down lift up and lower. Press down, lift up and lower.

So you're trying to find length by drawing your abs in to lift up and then keep your abs drawing in as you lower back down. Now we're going to switch our bridge and we're just going to do butt straight up. So lift and drop. So the curves of your spine, like your lumbar curve doesn't go away. You're just pressing down, lifting up, and drop it back down.

Lift up and drop it back down. Lift up and drop it back down. Walk your feet in a little bit from where you are. You're gonna lift up. We're gonna go for a little bit of a march.

So your right leg comes up into tabletop, lower it down, left leg up and down, right leg up and down. So each time you come down, you kind of need to re-establish your stability, both in your pelvis and in your shoulder girdle. 'Cause your shoulder girdle is also helping you stabilize here. So right leg up, and lower left leg up, and lower right leg, and lower left, and lower. Drop your hips down a little bit, lift back up.

Drop down and up, down and up, down and up. Four more, one, and two, and three, and four. Take your right leg up, same kind of deal with your left leg dropped down a little bit. And up eight times. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight.

Right leg down, left leg up. We've got eight, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. Lower your foot. Lift your hips just one more time. So then lengthen your spine back down.

So it's that articulation all the way back down, make sure your low back extends, your tailbone comes down to the mat. Right leg into tabletop, left leg into tabletop, float your head and chest up. We're gonna just reach your arms away and back down. Reach your legs away and back up. Arms go, and legs go.

Arms go, and the legs. Arms and legs, like mentally messing that up. And that's not even challenging choreography. Reach your arms away and then lower your legs down. So you're gonna take your arms, lift them overhead.

Lift your hips up, lower your hips down, reach your arms forward. Lift your hips up, lift your arms overhead, lower down, lift back up. Lift your arms, lift your hips, and lower back down. Extend your right leg out, bend it in, lift up, lower down. Stand your left leg up, bend it in, and lift up and lower down.

I've done the thing I was warning not to do which is kinda scoot back. You're gonna come bring your knees in towards your chest, and extend your legs for the hundred, begin to pump your arms. Inhale and exhale. We're only doing half two, three, four, and five. Bend your knees in.

You're gonna take your legs up and overhead into a rollover. You can let your feet lower down towards the floor or keep them hovering. And then slowly from there, you're gonna lower down bone by bone. When your low back touches your head and chest lift, you finish your hundred, inhale and exhale, inhale and exhale. Bend both knees in, lower your head and chest down, from here you're gonna lift your head and chest up, hands on your ankles.

Reach your arms away, legs away, hands behind your head as you bend your knees back in. Reach your legs away, bend back in, reach away, and then reach away. Come in, twist into a crisscross and twist and twist and twist for four, two, three, and four. Go ahead and bring your knees in, you're gonna rock a little bit from side to side, which is not really bright 'cause we're not gonna stay there long enough for it to count as it. Go ahead and bring your arms back down.

We're gonna take your legs up and over with them being bent. And then from there you send your legs straight and bend, reach straight and bend, reach up and bend, and then reach up and bend, four more. One, two three, and four. Legs stay straight up, you can separate them. And then slowly begin to lower down, bone by bone, bending your knees on the way down so that you can lower your left foot down towards the floor.

Right leg is up. Lift up into a shoulder bridge is one leg and you just sort of a single leg circle with your leg up. Circle around eight times, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, switch it, eight, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. Lower that leg down, reestablish your square hips. Lift your left leg up, circle it; eight, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

Switch for eight, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. Lower that leg down, you are gonna extend your left leg all the way along on the floor. Bring your right leg in toward your chest, give it a hug. You're gonna extend your leg up towards the ceiling. Make sure your hand is behind your hamstring, not behind your ankle 'cause it's a little bit easier.

You're gonna begin to press down with your leg as you walk up towards your ankle, try to extend your spine tall. We're gonna bend your knee and stretch three times, bend and stretch, and bend and stretch. Drop your head towards your knee if you want to. We are gonna begin to walk down as you lift your leg back up maybe give it a little bit more of a pull in towards you. Again, pushing down with your leg, as you walk towards your ankle, pulling your leg in, we're gonna bend, extend, bend, extend and bend, extend.

Walk back down, pull your leg in for a stretch. Push your leg down as you walk back up one last time, you're gonna bend, reach, two and three and then you're gonna walk back down, leave your leg up, bring your arms sort of to a T. We're gonna take just to your right leg and we're gonna move it to the left. Let your right hip lift off. It's almost like you're trying to push your leg out for a stretch, pull your leg back in, reach your leg back up, we're gonna do this five times.

You gonna go over, reach, pull back, lift up. Over, reach, pull back, lift up two more times. Over, reach, pull back, lift up last one. Over, reach, pull back, lift up. We're sort of a little bit of a lie 'cause you're gonna go over and make your way onto your side.

So you're lying down on a long arm. Your top leg is just hovering, you can flex your foot. We're gonna kick it forward twice. Point, reach back. Kick forward, point, reach back, forward and back, forward and back, would be three more.

One, two and three so from this slightly back position, you're gonna keep your leg behind your hip, make sure that everything else is stacked and you're just gonna do little circles. Do eight; two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Switch directions, eight, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. Now bring your legs together so that your heels are touching and you're gonna lift both legs together and lower. Lift up and down.

If you want to make it harder you reach your top arm up to the ceiling, lift up and down, we're doing four more. One and two and three and four. Now you're gonna take your leg, that's your top leg, you're gonna reach it forward and then rotate so you end up on your back and we're gonna do single leg circles, across, around, up, across, around, up, two across, around three, four and five. Switch directions, one, two, three, four, and five. You've got one more time to pull your leg in for a stretch.

This is my way more flexible leg, it's going to be look completely different on the other side. And then go ahead and lower that leg down. If you found that you moved on your mat, get yourself back to the middle. You're gonna hold on behind your left leg, extend your left leg up towards the ceiling, you're going to push down into your leg, as you walk up you're going to bend, extend three times. One, two and three and it will slowly lower back down at the bottom.

Give your leg a stretch on the weight in. I have to do some maneuvering to get it to be not completely wonky and crooked. You're gonna push down. As you lift up, grab hold of your ankle. I've got three bend legs, one, two, and three.

We're going to walk it back down again. Try to get your leg to pull in for a little bit of a hamstring stretch just so that all the other exercises are easier. You're gonna reach your leg up a bit. Three, two and three, and then we walk back down, give it a little bit of a stretch. Bring your arms to the side.

We've got big six, where you go over to the side and lift it back up. Two, three, four, actually, I think we did five on the other side, five, but we did five and then we had to do the extra to get onto your side. So then you go over onto your side, lay down on a (faintly speaks) as needed, your gonna take your leg, kick it forward. One, two, reach back, we're doing six. Two, three, four, five, and six.

Now you kick your leg back so it's behind your other leg, we've got eight circles each direction. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Switch direction, eight, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight, both legs together. You're gonna lift and lower eight times. If you want to make it harder, your top arm reaches up towards the ceiling, four, five, six, seven, and eight.

You've got to swing forward so that you can do the fancy up and around. That was so not graceful. I was like, if I was on a high mat, probably would have tumbled off into the netherworld, we're gonna do five circles, each direction, three, four, and five, switch directions, five, two, three, four, and five. Go ahead and bend both knees in. And you're gonna give yourself a hug behind your legs to rock yourself up to a seated position.

And we're gonna hold on to your ankles, come back so that you're balanced on your tailbone. We're gonna inhale, back. Exhale, up and balance, inhale, back, exhale, inhale, back, exhale up. Sometimes you get a little too fast and you're like, cannot slow it down, inhale back and exhale. So from this up position, you're going to begin to kind of do an up balanced, single leg stretch.

So you're extending one leg, pulling the other leg in. Now we're gonna leave your right hand on top of your left leg. This is my left leg, left hand on top of your left ankle. We're gonna inhale back, exhale up. If your foot touches the floor, totally fine.

Inhale back, exhale up. But we're trying not to, inhale back, exhale up, two more, inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale, switch legs. We're inhaling, and exhale. Inhale back, exhale up, this is more clunky on this side. Inhale and exhale twice more.

Inhale and exhale. Last one, inhale and exhale. Go ahead and lower down onto your back. We're gonna do regular single leg stretch. So, left hand, right knee, right hand, right ankle pull and switch and switch and switch.

Eight more; one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. Go ahead and hold on behind your ankles. We're gonna rock yourself all the way up to seated. You can leave your feet down on the floor in front of you. Bring your hands back, take your shoulders, roll them onto your back, and we're gonna lift your hips up and forward and then lower back down.

So you're coming into a little bit of a shoulder stretch here. Depending on how tight you are, you might feel a stretch through the front of your chest, front of your shoulders. Lower back down. Lift up and lower back down, lift up and lower back down. I'm gonna bring my hands back a tiny bit 'cause I want my legs to be able to lift up and then extend so that they're straight.

I'm gonna lift my hips up high, drop my hips down, just hinging from the hips. Again, lift up and drop down. Lift up and drop down, lift up and hold. Bring your left leg up. We're gonna twist towards the right, back to center, left leg straight.

Right leg up, twist towards left, and center. We'll do one more each side. Twist and extend your leg, leg up. Twist and extend your leg, lift your hips. Lower your hips, bend your knees, walk your hands a little bit more forward.

Go ahead and lift your hips up. Gonna bend your elbows, push. Bend and push, bend and push. For eight, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. Bring your hips back, send your legs forward.

You can do a little bit of a stretch if you want or if you're like me and your leg gets stuck, bring your arms out to a T and twist to the right, and back to center. Twist left, if you wanna put a bend in your knees, do it, twist right, twist left, twist right, twist left, couple more times, twist right. And left, one more round. Twist right. And twist left.

Bring your hands back behind you. Bend your knees, send your hips forward. We're gonna take this back. Hover your hips, bring it forward. I've done this in many of my classes because clearly I like it.

Come forward and back, and then all the way forward. You're gonna just cross your legs at the ankles so that you can come forward into a quadruped position. We're gonna send your butt back, chest down, tuck your butt under, round your spine. Inhale up, and exhale to round. Inhale to lift, exhale to round.

Couple more times, inhale up, exhale round, inhale up. So this is not in any way really working on being a perfect cat cow, it's just working on being a stretchy cat cow. You're gonna bring your left leg back, right arm forward, lift up and down. Take both out slightly to the side, lift up and down. Return to center.

Up, down, out to the side, up, down, to the middle, up, down, out to the side, up, down, last four. Up, down, to the side, up, down, to the front, up, down, to the side, up down, we got two more. Up and up, and last one up, and up. Go ahead and we'll come back to center. Switching sides so your right leg is back, left arm is forward.

Up, down, out to the side, up, down, we're doing eight total. Here's two. Three. Four. Five.

Six. Seven. And eight. Go ahead and come back, you're gonna tuck your toes under, hover your knees, and then walk your feet back so that you're in a sort of downward facing dog. You're gonna bend one knee and lift the other heel.

So it's basically prancing and switch. And switch, and switch. For eight, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. Both heels down, bend your elbows and push. So I'm trying to lower my forearms to the floor.

Maybe I'll get there or maybe I'll just go in that direction. Here's four. Four more. One, two, three, and four. Shift forward into a plank and we'll prance our plank, so bending one knee, extending the other leg.

We'll do four more. One, two, three, four. Lower down to your knees. Press yourself back. Shift forward.

You're gonna send a leg back. Pick your favorite leg. You're gonna reach it out to the side and up, cross and up. Out to the side and up, cross and up. Out and cross.

Out and cross. We'll do four more. One, two, three, and four. Now your leg is out to the side. You're gonna bend your knee coming in along the outside of your mat.

Reach it straight eight times. Two. And you can round your spine a little when your light comes in. Three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. Go ahead and lower that leg down.

You're gonna take the other leg, reach it back. You're gonna go to the side and cross over. To the side and cross over. So we swing to the right side of the mat, lift up, left side side of the mat. Right side of the mat and left side of the mat.

So because we were doing the nonstop flow today, I have double pony tailed my ponytail. So it's got two holders on it and I still think it's falling out. One side and the other. I do not understand. If you are at home working out without your hair pulled back, I don't understand how you do it.

We'll do a couple more. These are the things I think about when I'm teaching. And then go ahead and have your leg down now. You'll pull it in and reach it back eight times. Two.

This might ruin your pedicure if I had one. But I haven't done that since COVID, so you can just let your imagination run wild on that. Pull in and back. Pull in, and back. I lost count, but I think I'm gonna do two more.

Pull in and back. Pull in and back. I wanna give my arms a break because not gonna give your arms a break entirely. So stand up on your knees, tuck your hips under a little bit. Start with your hands on your knees and we're just gonna lean it back and then lift it up.

I always say, don't go back as far as you can because you don't know how many of these I'm gonna do. I also don't know how many of these I'm gonna do but I'm gonna stop before my quads are screaming 'cause they're already kind of mad at me for doing squats the other day. Lean back and lift up. Lean back and lift up. So now on the up, lift your chest, reach your right arm.

You're gonna reach it back towards your right heel and then lift it back up and bring it back on your hips. Left arm reaches. Lift your chest. Reach back towards your heel and then lift back. Oh, I didn't do the arm thing on the other side so we'll do that.

It's still prettier. So reach your arm around. Reach back to your heel. And lift up, other arm around to your heel. And lift up.

And almost sort of have your arms both be free. You're gonna reach up and around so your opposite arm can lift, and then that can kind of pull you up. Reach up and back around. We'll do a couple more each side because this almost feels like a break even though it isn't because we're still doing an exercise which I'm clearly better at on one side than the other. I'm not sure why.

And lift up and back around. Just inhale both arms up. Bring your hands back down to the floor. We're gonna step it into a downward-facing dog. We're gonna really reach back.

You're gonna take your right knee, bend it. You're gonna step it through so it's on the opposite side, so it's across your left foot. Begin to turn. At the same time as you turn, you take your left arm, reach it up towards the ceiling, coming into a side bend. And then pull it back around and you're gonna step your right foot back to where you started.

Bend your left knee. Step your left foot through. You're gonna begin to rotate at the same time as you lift your right arm up. So you're coming into your side bend. It reaches up towards the ceiling.

And then come back around and step through. So we're gonna do one more variation of this. This one's a little bit harder. Step your right foot through. Now you're gonna take your left hand, reach it for your foot.

And then you come into your side plank, reach your arm overhead. Untwist yourself, come back to your downward-facing dog. Take your left leg through. Reach your right hand to your foot. Come onto your side.

Reach your arm up. Reach it overhead. Bring it to the floor. Come back to your down dog. Take it into a plank.

Bend your knees, tap the floor and up beat. Two. Three. Four. Five.

Six. Seven. And eight. Drop down to your knees. Press back to put your earbud that's falling out of your ear back in if that's happening to you, quick ponytail adjustment.

You're gonna come into the quadruped position. This time, you're gonna lift your feet up and you're gonna swivel your feet to the right and back to center, swivel to the left and back to center. So you can add a little kind of hip movement in this just to swivel. The swivel will get fancier. So go left.

And now, when you swivel right, you're gonna lift your right arm or left arm and left leg. So you're kind of coming into this side bend position. Come back, knee on the floor. Swivel to the other side and lift up. Hands come down.

You have a swivel and lift. Hands come down. You have a swivel and lift. Hands come down. Swivel and lift. I want you to bring your foot to the floor.

You're just gonna reach overhead with your arm. Reach it back to the ceiling. Overhead with your arm, back to the ceiling. Four more times. One.

And two. And three. And four. We can come back to center. You swivel over to the other side.

My clock that tells me how long we have has died, so hopefully, I won't make this a 70-minute class, and hopefully, I won't make it a 40-minute class. You're gonna reach overhead and back twice more. Overhead and back. And last one, overhead and back. You're gonna come back to center.

You're gonna take your left leg, let's do left leg, back into a plank. We're gonna take this shape. You're gonna stay on your right foot and just lift it up and lower it back down. Lift up and back down. So your right toes stay on the floor.

You lift up and down. One more time. Lift up and down. Go ahead and bring your left knee to the floor. Step your right foot back.

You're gonna lift up. And down four times, two, three and four. And then go ahead from there, we're gonna come onto a plank on your knees, lower slowly, all the way down. You're gonna reach your arms forward. Let's go ahead and prop your head up.

So I'm propping my head up with my left hand. My right arm is reaching forward on the floor. I'm gonna lift my left leg up and lower lift and lower, lift and lower up and down, up and down, so eight more. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, on the eighth, leave your leg up. We're gonna do little squeezes in.

So your left leg is going to the right, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. Eight more, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. It's a combo, in and up, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. We're gonna lower it all the way down. So your right arm is forward.

We're gonna just kind of press to roll onto your left side or onto your right side. So you're gonna lift your legs up. We're gonna go for a walk. Right leg forward, top leg left, right back and switch for eight, two, three, four, five. Fell off the mat there, hopefully you did not.

Six, seven and eight. Go ahead and lower back down and then you're gonna come up to your forearms. These classes should really be limited to graceful people. I don't know why I decided to do one that was like a nonstop flow because grace and Mariska, do not go together. So you're on your right hip.

I want you to come back, so you're on, so if I'm on my hip, I'm very wobbly if I'm on my glute, I'm less wobbly which clearly is what needs to be happening right now. I'm gonna bring my left hand behind my head. I'm gonna bring my knees up and extend out two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. We're gonna roll back so that you're coming back onto your stomach. This time, you're on your right hand with your left hand forward.

So your right leg is gonna lift and lower. Up and down, lift and lower, lift and lower, go for it. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. Then it's squeezing. So right leg to the left, two, three, and your pubic bone and hip bone should feel the mat.

It shouldn't be necessarily smashing into the mat, but you should feel it. We'll do eight more. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. Then it's combo in and out. Two, three, four, four more.

One, two, three, and four. We're gonna lower it down. I'm gonna scoot this way. So I don't fall off the mat this time. So we're gonna roll onto your side.

So laying down a long arm, lift your legs up for going for a walk. We gonna do eight. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. Go ahead and lower your legs down. Prop yourself up, to your forearm and then roll off your hip bone so that you're on your glute on one side bring your hands behind your head with your legs up and out eight times.

Two three, four, five, six, seven, and eight legs can come down. You're gonna roll back onto your stomach, reestablish yourself on the mat bring your hands so that they're alongside your shoulders. You're gonna press yourself up and lower down. So the first part of the lift is your upper back with no hands. You add your hands to get more lift, only to the degree it feels okay on your back.

I have separated my legs pretty wide because, today that's how I feel like doing it. You can have your legs more narrow as long as it doesn't feel like you're crunching into your back. And lower down. We're gonna do like a kind of a little swan. So, or a little swan dive.

So lift up first, stiffen everything. So as you bend your elbows, your legs will lift, push yourself back up. Drop lift, lower lift, eight more. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight to lower down. You're gonna bring yourself up to hands and knees, and then we're gonna take it into a plank.

Here, come forward. We're gonna do little, not huge, pushups, but six of them. Down up, one, down up, two, three, four, five, and six. Bring your right leg in and your left leg back. So now we're in sort of a mermaid position.

Because I know that clearly I can just hurl myself right off the mat at any moment, I wanna make sure I have enough mat in front of me for something that's going to be happening. But first I'm gonna sit up tall. Reach your arms out to a T. You're gonna reach over towards the right, so I'm on my right hip, I'm gonna reach to the right, drop to my right arm, drop to my right forearm, lift my left arm up and overhead. My left arm begins to lift to bring me back up to center.

Right, keep going this direction, go to the right, drop down to your forearm, left arm reaches, left arm still reaches up and over to bring you back to your T. We're gonna do three more. Over one, and lift. Over two, and lift. And over three, and lift.

Now, the reason I said we needed to have more mat in front of us is because we're gonna bring your right hand down. You're gonna push into your left leg, lift your left arm, lift your left leg. So this is the closest I am going to do to a kneeling sidekick variation. Anyone who knows me knows it's not my favorite. So your arm is lifted up, you're gonna tap your leg down and up eight times.

Two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. You're gonna bend it in to lower yourself back down to sort of your mermaid. We're gonna do that one more time. This is the gift I'm giving to those of you who like this exercise, I don't know what's wrong with you. You're gonna bring your hand down, lift up, lift your leg up, it's down up eight times.

Two, and if you wanted to make it more like a kneeling sidekick you swivel your back foot back. I don't like that exercise, so I'm not doing it. Last four, two, three, and four, you bend your knee to come back to a seated position. From here, we're gonna take your entire torso, rotate it to the right, bring your hands to the floor. And then you're gonna bend a little bit and push, trying to keep your chest square to the direction that you're facing.

Bend, push, bend, push. Now walk your hands out a little bit. 'Cause this time when you bend, you're gonna lift your back leg, lift and lower, lift and lower, lift and lower, lift and lower. You're gonna drop down to your forearms, lift your back leg up. And we're just gonna do little pushes back for eight, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

Try to keep your leg lifted as you push up. You can drop it down as you come back to center, and we're just gonna swivel the entire situation over towards the other side. So remember, we're gonna have to push into your leg. So you need to be on the mat, especially if you have a squishy mat that you could roll off of on camera in front of everyone who's watching. Bring your arms out to the side.

You're gonna drop down to your left forearm, reach your right arm overhead, and then lift back up. We're doing four. Going over and up, going over and up, going over and then back up. This one, you're gonna push, into your hand, push into your down knee, lift your top leg, lift your top arm, we're gonna lower down up eight times. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight.

You bend it as you sit it back down. Kind of re-establish your mental position. Go ahead, and you're gonna bring your hand back, re-establish your leg position if you need to. You're gonna lift it back up, we've got eight more. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and bend it to come back in.

Now, we're gonna rotate. Your torso and your shoulders to the side. Really push up, bend and lift, two, three, four, five, and six, hands go a little bit more forward, 'cause this time when you bend you lift your back leg, two, three, four, five, six. I can't remember how many we did so we're gonna do eight, 'cause eight is sort of my default number. Then you're gonna drop down to your forearms, leave your leg lifted up, and it's little pushes back.

So glute squeezed to move your leg. We'll do eight. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight and then push up, see if you can leave your leg up, and then you can go ahead and lower your leg all the way down. Let's go ahead and come to a seated position facing forward. Go ahead and hold on behind your legs, you're gonna pull back.

Just kind of stretch your back out, and lift back up, we'll do that three times. Pull back, and lift back up, and pull back, and lift back up. So we're not gonna do a boomerang, but it kinda looks like a boomerang and it kinda looks like crab. If it looks like I want it to look, which today I mean, who knows. So you're gonna start with your right foot stacked on top of your left foot.

You can give yourself a little bit of a stretch forward, and then you're gonna bring your hands by your side. So the same rollover of boomerang, but it's not gonna be the same roll back over. So your hands are by your side. You're going over so your legs are overhead. We're gonna open and close your legs eight times, 'cause this is the best part.

Three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. And then I'm going to switch 'cause my legs didn't switch which one was on top. So now when you roll down, you're gonna bend your knees as you roll down. So rolling down slowly. Bend your knees and try to get some momentum forward so you can grab your ankles.

Hard to do when you're describing it. And then you're gonna roll over your knees to come to a quadruped position. From here, you're gonna walk your hands down, drop your chest, and then lift forward a little bit. Drop your chest, and lift forward a little bit. Drop your chest, and forward.

So it's, I don't know what this is. It's sort of a child's pose active something. Then you're gonna go ahead and cross your legs at the ankles and roll back over them. Extend your legs straight. So from here same thing, you're gonna roll over.

So legs go over and you've got your fun crisscross part. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight, and then you're gonna slowly begin to lower down, bend your knees, try to grab hold of your ankles. Hopefully that works better for you than me. And then you're gonna come back. You're going to be in your quadruped position and your hands will be forward and you're gonna drop your chest and lift, drop your chest, and lift, drop your chest, and lift twice more, drop down and up and down and up.

Lower all the way down onto your stomach. Extend your arms forward. We're gonna lift everything up and go for a swim, which is not anyone's favorite exercise except maybe me. Lift up, inhale, and exhale. Inhale and exhale, a couple more breaths, inhale and exhale, and inhale and exhale, lower everything down.

Go ahead and press yourself up. We're going to step your right foot forward into a lunge and then come up. And then instead of kind of sinking forward, think about lifting up and tucking your pelvis forward. From here, try to maintain your balance, my foot is going crazy, side to side. You're gonna lean it forward.

Begin to extend your chest up towards the ceiling. And if you want to, you can lift your arms up and reach them back. Couple breaths. And then go ahead, bring your hands down to the floor, we're gonna take this leg, maybe scooch it forward a little bit. And then you'll shift back.

Do a little bit of a hamstring stretch, forward, back and forward, two more times, back and forward, and back and forward. Go ahead and circle your leg back around. And then you've got your other leg coming forward into a lunge. You're gonna first come up. So think about lifting up before you reach forward, then you get to reach forward.

Then you get to press your arms into your legs. You're getting a little bit more of a stretch to the front of your chest. If you want, you can lift your arms up, lean it back, and then bring your hands to the outside of your leg which you might need to kind of give a little hop forward. You're gonna shift back and forward, shift back and forward three more times. One and two, and three.

Go ahead and just hop your right leg a little bit more forward. I'm gonna do a little turn so that you can see. Gonna cross my left ankle 'cause it's already on top. So my left shin on top of my right shin. If your shins don't cross on top of each other, just sit regular cross legged, totally fine.

You're gonna lean forward, and it's all about the shape of your femur and your hip joint, and also about flexibility around your hips. So whether you can do this or not really is no judge on you as a mover. Not that after today's performance I'm gonna be judging anybody, 'cause that was a little rough, but I'm just gonna be accepting of that. 'Cause some days you bring an amazing workout and some days you bring your B minus game. Go ahead and lean it forward, lift back up.

Now we're gonna take the other leg on top. I also lost my timer so I've no idea how deep we are into the time of this class, but I'm finishing off with some stretches. Lift back up. Go forward, and up, and go forward and kind of hang. And then go ahead and make your way all the way up.

Just sit regular cross legged. We're just gonna do a twist towards the right, holding onto your left hand onto your right knee. And then go ahead, rotate. And then we'll come back to center, and go ahead and rotate, and then come all the way back to center. So for those of you who joined me for one or more of these classes thank you so much, it's been my pleasure to bring you into my home for Pilates Anytime Live.

And I'm so glad that they've been able to do this so that some of us who miss seeing people at all can have some sort of connection to the wonderful Pilates community that's out there. There's some amazing teachers coming up, including some of my favorites. So I hope you keep joining and watching some of the teachers and supporting the ones that you love. We all love you back.

Pilates-Ish with Mariska: On the Mat


Thanks to Pilates Anytime for having me for this series. My MS was really acting up with my left leg/hip flexor on this one, so please refer to my right side if you have questions about form. ūüėė
Holly J
That was lots of fun and also challenging! I never knew what was coming up, which kept me mentally alert. Thanks, Mariska, for this and all your workouts! Your form looked fine to me!
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Thank you for being so open about your MS and the fact that some days are better than others. I have scoliosis, so I also have days that are OK and some are a bit...raggedy. But we show up, and that's what counts. Loved the class.
Fantastic!  Challenging and loved the Pilates-ish of it. Thank you!!
Thank you for this class and the whole series Mariska. I really enjoy your teaching style - clear and calm, warm and good humoured. I look forward to getting on the mat with you again soon xx
Have loved this series, thank you Mariska for being so brilliant and for kicking the butt of MS.  I have used so many of your combinations in my classes and also feel confident in teaching them.....more soon please!!
Silvia G
Thank you Mariska I loved all your classes ,hope to see more soon
Thanks Mariska, I’ve really enjoyed all of your Pilates-ish workouts, lots of great material
Thank you Mariska! You are such an inspiration! Your creativity and choreography are amazing,  your classes really do thrill me. I love all the 'extra bits' you add to your classes. Thank you for being open about your MS, just makes you more awesome. You have inspired a lot of my classes and I love practicing your workouts. So looking forward to your next series.
Federica A
Mariska Breland thank you for your classes, I've followed the whole program live and then again all the recorded lessons. I love your teaching style and hope to see other classes of yours soon! 
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