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Rolling Like a Baller

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Gain more confidence and understanding in your rolling exercises with this Mat class from Karen Sanzo's Power of Props with Karen. She opens class with words from Joseph Pilates before using the Foam Roller to help you get into the various rolling shapes and connect you to your trunk. She then moves into a Mat flow that utilizes the work you did on the Foam Roller and is sure to leave you feeling like a baller.
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Dec 23, 2020
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In 1945, Joseph Pilates wrote this, "Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. It is the attainment and maintenance of a uniformly developed body, as well as a sound mind, fully capable of naturally, easily and satisfactorily performing our many and very daily tasks with spontaneous zest and pleasure." And today's class, Rolling Like a Baller, the word baller in the urban dictionary states that it is someone or something that is skillful or excellent. I thank my daughter for the invention of this shirt and I hope that you feel very skillful and very excellent today in this class. We'll start with the foam roller, longways on the mat and we're just going to come and lie on it. And the purpose that we're doing today or the purpose of the class today is to use the roller to get us in the different shapes of the rolling exercises, in flexion and extension.

And we're going to use the roller to first help us get our little tilt of the pelvis. So on the roller today, just put the roll kind of in a comfortable spot and let your knees come over your hips to begin with and then gently pull your belly in and ask your pelvis to do a tiny little tip, remembering from some of our past lessons that we want the pelvis to do a little tip from the belly and not a big grip from the chest or the shoulders, inhaling and exhaling. Now start to move the thighs after you do the little tip. And then as you do this, you should feel some length in the back of your body. So we're doing this just to get a little warming of a flexion and a lengthening of the back body.

And we'll do two more. And then last one, scoop in the belly, hug your knees into your chest and now imagine that this is like you're rolling like a ball shape. And then you're gonna do a tiny little tip of the pelvis and then release. So I'm not really pulling my knees closer to my chest to start with but I'm doing a little tip of the pelvis. So play with that, finding the tip and not the grip.

Now hug your knees closer, pull your knees towards your chest and then take your hands and grasp them together. This is our Rolling Like a Ball from "Return to Life Through Contrology" where your hands are grasped around your shins and your thighs are close to your chest. Some of us can get closer depending on the amount of skin we have between our abdomen and our thighs. I'm constantly thinking, pull my abdominals in as I tip my pelvis up. This is rolling like a ball shape and I'm feeling very skillful in this position here with the aid of this roller.

So now I'm gonna take my legs down and I'm gonna take a second and lengthen my pelvis. And then I'm gonna engage my bottom as I gently lift up and down a couple of times, getting the back of my buttocks going. Now, after this little warmup where the roller helps us find our shapes, then we'll go through, of course, our sequence of our exercises that connects them all together. Now deepen the belly, add a little tip, lift the legs up, grasp your hands, pull it in again, rolling like a baller, baller shape. Now I'm gonna cross my legs and grab opposite ankle and pull getting into the outside of the hips especially to the hip that's on top, being patient, being very skillful in your practice knowing that the warmup is just as important as all the connected exercises together.

And then switch. You'll put your left leg on top and don't be surprised if one leg is a little different than the other and then release. And now we're gonna combine those together and cross out the shins. And this will be become the exercise crab. So I'm pulling my feet, crossing my shins.

I'm gonna switch the cross of my feet and pull. I'm allowing the roller to help me gain that tipping to get the length behind my back. Taking my time, getting that connection of low body flexion. Knees come together. Knees come down.

Lengthen the pelvis. So now I'm not tipped but I'm using the roller to just help me lift. I'm gonna go back to a tiny little bridge. Now, as I create this bridge connection in the back of my bottom, I'm attracting my heels together as I resist my knees outward. You're not gonna see anything but in my brain, remember, the imagery is just as important to get those motor units going.

Heels are attracting together. Knees are pushing out. We got three more, should be very glutty, two more and then last one and then rest. So we have one other flexion, well, two more flexion exercises that we're going to do here. So we did rolling like a ball.

I actually feel now that I can actually do that a little bit more. And then we did crab, where we crossed out the shins. Now we do seal. So in seal, I'm gonna take my hand on the inside of my thigh to the outside of that heel. And I have to kinda move my tummy out of the way a little bit so my thigh can actually pull back and I'm just gonna hold that there.

I'm gonna put the other leg down just for a second. You can see this, I'm gonna pull it and pull it. And then I'm going to switch. Now if your roller starts to fall out, like if you have a slippery roller, you might need to put a little sticky pad on it or a little bit of that shelf liner or be sure you don't wear those shiny pants. So I'm gonna put mine under just a little bit.

And now we're gonna do both legs in the seal fashion. So my hands are gonna come inside my thighs and on the outside of my ankles, my soles and my feet are touching. And then I'm gonna curl and release. The eye sockets pull back to my skull. I don't want you to smash your chin.

You shouldn't ever feel like you're digging your chin to your chest while your upper body is long. And then come in, feet come down. One more time, pressing feet, lift the bottom. So what you should feel now, you get a nice big scoop of the belly, almost like the lifting of your bottom lets the contents fall upward and I'm gonna tract my heels and push my knees out. Even though you may not see that, that's the action that I'm doing.

I'm gonna do three more. My arms, they're down but they're not overworking. Two and then last one. And now scoop the belly. No bulging.

Knees come in. Legs go straight. So now my hands are gonna take my shins and touch them. See how straight my legs can be? Because your bottom is up on the roller, your hamstring should be able to be a little more lengthened 'cause you're in that postural tilt.

Bend the knees. So in the exercise, open leg rocker, we bend the knees, grab the shins above the ankles, stretch up and out. I'm gonna lower them down, get a little core connection here, bend, grab, up, out, together. Lower core connection, up, down, up, down. Last one, bend, grab, up, together, bend and release.

Last set of bridges here, up and down, five times, two and three. Pull the belly in, tighten the tush, four. Last time, lift up, stay up and then gently press your feet down and push your feet away, and you'll start to feel the top of your quadriceps a little bit and the back of your bottom. Now pushing the feet away, engages the quadriceps, I just said that, so that your hamstrings don't get that cramp. (moaning) So now I'm starting to quiver and I'm totally connected.

Buttocks, front thighs, bottom comes down and then rest. Last variation here, knees in, knees up. I'm gonna do a scissors and I'm gonna roll my body over as I reach for this other wall and then I'm gonna unwind my spine back, switch my legs, roll like a log over, pulling the belly back to invite the pelvis back. Leg goes up, switch. One more time up, over, inhale back and switch.

Last time, over and back, bend the knees, lower the bottom, take the roller away and then lower yourself down. Now in this position here, you kinda feel flat like a little pancake. We're gonna take the roller, hold it between your hands and press it in like it's a little accordion. Inhale back. Exhale, return.

Now no spine tipping, no spine tugging, arms challenging the trunk. Inhale and exhale. Again, skillful movement, skillful practice creates nice key connections through your torso. One more time. Scoop the belly, bring the legs up, roller on the thigh pressing.

Now opposite arm and leg. So that means that the right leg goes away, comes in, left leg goes away, comes in, right arm goes away, comes in, left arm goes away, comes in, always making the center connection with my hand pressing into the roller and my thighs pressing into the roller, lowering down. Getting ready for trunk flexion. Head lifts, trunk curls, much like 100 beat. Roll the roller up and down.

Let's inhale up, exhale down. No tipping, no tucking of the pelvis. We've already done that tipping exercise from the bottom up. Now we're doing the curling exercise from the top to the bottom. We'll get three more, two more, last one, come up and stay up.

Count to five, four, pressing down, three, two and one and then lowering yourself all the way down. Turning over to your hands and knees. Just put the roller down for a second. We'll use it in a minute but just put it under here. Hands down on the mat.

Level yourself out, nice neutral spine, inhaling, exhaling, curling the bottom, a little tipping, not a harsh tuck, head nod, spine rounds. Just three times, and then round and then reach. And actually this first part is a good warmup for anything that you want to do. And we'll do this last time and then come up. Now we're gonna take the roll and put it behind you to get, again, depending on how hard or soft your roller is.

This is gonna be here. I'm gonna put my buttocks down on this and I'm gonna try to keep my rib cage in check here. And yes, the roller is kind of pressing on the bottom part of my cap and then make a fist, arms up, exhale down. So I'm not tucking, but I am lifting my abdomen so that as I raise my arms, up and down, with a fist, remember this fist really engages our shoulders. Three circles in each direction.

One, shins press down, belly pulls in, two, one more time, three and then reverse. Make a fist go down, out, up and forward. Make your arms kinda stay in your peripheral vision here 'cause you don't wanna wig out the shoulder joint at the expense of getting more range of motion. Last time. And then round your torso down, bring yourself back out to your hands and knees.

Take the roller now and put it just under your shins, I mean, excuse me, just under your knees onto your shins, and then bring your knees forward into that nice, rounded position. So you could even think like tip the pelvis up. And so you're in this rounded shape. And then as I unwind my spine and lift up my torso, I'm getting a pressure into the shins. Now as I move myself further forward, now you'll notice that the roller is more under my feet.

My feet are more in plantar flexion. Of course, if this bothers your knees, there's other things that you can do. So I want to feel this space that's right here, right underneath the shin at the ankle. (breathing heavily) Rocking side to side, just create a little sensation and then bringing myself off of there. Take the roller out, take the roller away and turn it this way.

All right. Now come on down on the roller. So we're working now for a little balance and coordination. So I'm gonna separate my feet kinda wide, separate my arms kind of wide. And as I push with my left foot, my body is gonna go to the right and then I'm gonna push with my right foot and my body is gonna go to the left.

Another way of saying that, I'm going to push my leg to the left. The roller is more on the left side of my spine and I have to then keep this awareness in my front body so I don't fall off, but it wouldn't be very far if I did. Legs are gonna stay far apart. Arms come up to the ceiling, make a fist, alternating arms. You could of course add some weights into your hands here if you needed to.

We're just opening up chest, open out, hug three times and then last one, and then lower down. Now for our balance part, right leg lifts, left leg matches. No tilting, no tucking. And then one leg, two legs, one leg, two legs. How light can I be on my hands?

I'm just challenging. Remember, perturbation is that feeling of okayness in your body as you give it a little challenge. And then we come down. Neutral bridge. Lift five more times.

One, lift. So it's not a big lift. Pelvis is staying long, staying very glutty, and three, and four. Even if you just feel like you're unweighting it, stay up here for this last one, five and hold, big fan of the bridge, heels pulled together, knees pull out, but you can't really notice that, knees press a way and then slowly, slowly lower yourself down. All right.

Come on off the roller. Move the roller out of the way. You should feel nice and connected in your torso and your trough here. Everything stays down. Getting ready for the 100 beats here.

We're gonna do three curl ups, and on the fourth one, do a full set of 100 beats. Curl and lower. (breaths heavily) Last one and hold and go. (breathing steadily) 50. Legs come up.

(breathing steadily) 70. Legs straightened Last set. Lower down. Reach your arms all the way behind you. Lift your head, curl your trunk.

Grab your thigh if you need to. Sit yourself up rounding forward, come on back, a little tip of the pelvis, not a grip, let your knees float up. Let your pelvis receive the roll back and then come all the way down. Arms come back, inhale up, exhale, curl, grab if you hit a sticky spot, always okay. Always better to be skillful in your practice.

Know what your modification is. The only way to get better is to recognize where you are on any given day. Roll. Take another breath, tilt. You don't have to overdo them to get a really good connection.

This will be the last one. Lift up, curl up. I'm gonna grab the other leg just to give that leg a turn coming all the way up. And then I'm gonna bend the knees in. I'm gonna lift the feet up and I'm just going to roll back and allow my legs to come straight to the ceiling.

Now in this position here, we're getting ready for a single leg circle. I'm only going to do a three in each direction. Around, up. The first three, state, I'm gonna keep my pelvis leveled, reverse it three times. My eyes are looking straight to the ceiling.

Last time. And now I'm gonna bring this knee into my chest. I need to pull my belly out of the way a little bit to bring my knee fully in. I'm gonna hug it as low as I can. Lift the head, curl the trunk, hover that left leg up off the ground.

Now I'm gonna wiggle my ribs. There you go. So now as I curl here, this left leg is almost counterbalancing me so I can curl up more. And then I'm gonna take my arms long and count to five. Three, two, one, lower down.

Two legs up, right leg down, left leg up three times around, come up. One and two, last time and three. Reverse, around, one, two and three pulling the knee as far into the chest as I can, lifting the head, curling myself up and over so that my back ribs stay down. Curling up to my shoulder blades, pulling the thigh into the chest. Curling the trunk, arms reach long.

Five counts, one and two, three and four and five, and then lower yourself down. Two knees in. one neutral bridge up. Get the butt connection. Get the heel connection.

Get the thigh connection and then lower down. Two knees in, two legs up, left leg down. Big circle. So now I'm gonna role like a log. So the right leg is gonna go over.

The pelvis is gonna have an invitation to lift, swing it around, stable pelvis, stop, over. Twist, swing it around, stable pelvis, stop. And over and around and stop. Now reverse it, out, stable, around, crossover, up out, down, crossover, up. Last time, out, down, swing it around, up, bend the knee.

Give it a hug. Two legs in, two legs up, right leg down. Cross it. Reach the pelvis, twisting it. Circle around and up, around.

Sorry, my battery pack is coming out. And here's the third one, reach, around, stable pelvis, up. Now reverse, stable, circle, move pelvis, stable, circle, move pelvis. Last one, out and around and up, hug and hold. Two knees come in, press the feet, bridge, little tiny glute squeeze, not a thrusting of the pelvis, heels together.

Knees attract outward and apart. Count to five. Press the knees away, four, nice hip action, three, two, one. And then lower yourself down, reach the arms up. Lift the head.

Roll yourself up. Fix my microphone here. Sorry. Okay. Our next series here is the ball rolling.

So the knees are gonna come into the chest much like we did on the roller. So as I round forward, I'm going to hug my shins with my hands and connect my hands so that I can maintain this shape of flexion. Now don't be in a hurry. Be skillful in your mind. We're gonna hold this ball shape for three breaths, inhaling, exhaling, deepen the belly, deepen the flexion connection.

You can even think tiny tip of that pelvis before you fall back. Inhale again and exhale. One more time in, one more time out. Exhale. Stay with me here.

Now let go of your hands. A little bigger ball and then a smaller ball. Bigger ball and then your ball. You should feel hip, thighs, belly. Bigger ball, smaller ball and hold.

And now roll. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Now I want you to think tip, still tip, still tip. Still tip even as you come up.

Still tip, one more time and then legs come out. My wires will cuff. Arms come out long and now gently tip the pelvis as you roll your spine down, rolling it down. rolling it down, all the way down long pelvis. Getting ready for our abdominal series here.

Right knee comes into the chest. Now we know how far that knee can come. So outside of hand on outside leg, lift up the head, curl that trunk at the ribs. Now we challenge and we get 10 switches. Go.

Double leg stretch. Five times. Reach, circle, hug, reach, linger, circle, hug. Strive to stay curled up. Here's three, circle, hug.

Here's four, circle, hug. Last time circle, hug. Lower down, press your feet. Lift up buttocks, thighs, blades, lift. And then when you lower down, just drop your bottom down.

Pause. Next exercise, single straight leg. Two knees in, two legs up, trunk curls, crawl up that leg. Get some hinge. Pause two times, Inhale, inhale, Exhale, exhale.

If you let your the opposite leg go way far down, it should actually curl you up further, so it can counterbalance you down and you can lift your trunk up or you can keep your scissors small. That's enough of that. And then arms come down. Lift up. A big fan of the bridge.

Lower down. Why a big fan of the bridge? Always connects through the butt, releases the back. Two knees in, two legs up, hands behind the head, elbows in your peripheral vision. So I'm gonna curl, I'm gonna lower, two, three and raise, two, three, and lower, two, three, flex the feet, stretch the back of the legs.

I'm gonna lower at the left diagonal, and then come up and I'm gonna lower at the right diagonal. And then come up. Bend the knees, crisscross, 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one and rest. Guess what? Lift.

Big inhale Big exhale. Stay tight even as you lower. Press down, lift up. Don't punch up, but your feet levering down, lift your butt up. Now we're gonna start to extend the chest not the low back.

So we're gonna start to lift the chest bone up towards the chin, it becomes a higher bridge, gets us ready for the feeling of spinal extension. And we're gonna use the foam roller to help us with that as well. And then lift up and then lift the chest. The buttock stays engaged. I'm not pushing my pubic bone up, but I'm pushing my heels down and then lowering myself all the way down.

Lift the head, curl the trunk. It's getting easier to roll up as the sequences continue, exercises spine stretch. Exhale forward. So first I'm gonna get this 100 beat connection and then stack up. My hand is here just show to you how I lengthen up.

And then I'm gonna get the 100 beat connection first. And then I can get a little bit of hip flexion and combine those together and then stack up. One more time, inhale. And then one more time, exhale, 100 beat connection under the ribs like I'm pressing down on something with my hands. And then my hips come into a little bit of flexion.

And then I come back and I stack up my spine all the way up. All right. Oh, let's do saw. So twist to the left and just get your own saw system going here and reach. Remember the two hands reaching away from each other, give you that good twist in the thorax.

So don't look behind you to your other hand until the front of your chest gets fully rotated and then come up. One more time and then reach and then come up, center. Getting ready now for open leg rocker or big leg rolling. So here we go. So I'm gonna take an inhale, bend both of my knees.

We did this on the roller. So as my feet come in, I'm going to tip my pelvis back and then straighten my legs. This is not a sit up tall exercise. I'm gently tipping my pelvis as I'm pulling my legs almost up and out of my hips as I pull myself back. I close my legs.

I lower the legs down. Come forward, bend the knee. Actually, let's do it this way. This is the way (indistinct) closed it. So we tip to the pelvis back almost like in this little hollowing connection here.

We hold. Knees bend, they lift. No spine changing, hold, close, lower, sit up, round four. Tip and curl. Not a grip of the buttocks, but a tip of the pelvis, bend and reach and a tip.

And now as you go back, you have to keep that tip. So tip, tip, tip, tip, tip, tip, tip, tip, tip, tip, tip tip, tip. Never let go of the tip. Never even care if you even come up. I'm gonna keep doing this because it's actually reeling a little better than usual.

And in his original book, he actually takes his legs all the way to the floor, but we're not going to do that. And then come up, legs, come down. Very good. Open leg rocker is actually a nice way to almost get ready for the rollover. And what I mean by that, if you're not a fan of the rollover, just do the legs in, bring them up and use a little momentum until you feel comfortable in your spine.

So that's a good way to kinda do that. Come in on over to your hands and knees now preparing for our extension connections. All righty. Sorry. A little technical challenge.

So now arms come long on the mat. So the foam roller now underneath your wrist, reaching your legs out long. I don't want my feet (indistinct). So here we go. So I'm gonna press down on my arms as I lift up and lower down, reaching my thighs long, almost feeling my thighs almost turn in.

It affects the hip joints a little differently. So I'm not just squeezing my heels, I'm actually attracting way up high in my hip joints. One more time, opening up the chest, using this roller to help us lift up, big inhale, lift and hold. Single leg kick, inhale, inhale, exhale, reach long. (sniffing) Sniff, sniff, exhale.

Tighten the thigh, exhale. Here's the left. Stay lifted. One more time, right and lower. One more time, left and lower and then lower yourself all the way down.

Next exercise, double leg kick. The hands will come behind your back. Your shoulders are in internal rotation. Head is down. Kick three times.

One, two, three. Now inhale. Turn your arms to external rotation. Lift the chest, lift the thighs. Turn your head other side, kick, kick, kick.

Turn the arms reach. Turn the head to the other side. Kick, kick, kick. Reach the leg with the chest and then lower down, kick, kick, kick, and reach one more time. Turning the head, kick and kick and kick and then lower yourself all the way down.

Now, propping up on your arms, taking a moment here to opening up the chest. You're gonna bend this knee, cross your one arm in front of you, and then reach this arm way far back till you can grab your ankle, not your foot. Now flex that foot, press the thigh. Excuse me, press the shin back. That will start to lift the thigh up.

And now that gets you an elongation from your knee to your thigh to your belly to your chest, and then lower down because these extension exercises will eventually build to the rocking which we'll do in a second here. Here, comes the right leg bent. I have to press down on this arm to pull my chest forward. I circle this arm around. I grab, I flex my foot.

I use my quadricep to straighten my shin. And then that action really gives me a lengthening in the front of my body and lower down. Let's do that one more time since it may be better this time. Reach (groaning) and lower and then reach and then lower and then sit yourself down. Rest second.

'Cause we know what we have to do now, we have to bend both the knees. So we got to bend both knees. And now we don't have an arm to press down on and so we have to lift the chest and I was gonna try to reach them simultaneously, but I just couldn't. And then I lift up, flex the heels. Your triceps are engaged.

Your thighs are pressing back. Your chest is lifting up and then release down. (screams) One more time. Close those thighs. Come on, get that butt engaged.

This is just like a bridge. My heels are pressing up, lift the chest. And then I start to rock as I press my legs away. Three, two, one, lower down, rest. Push yourself up.

Now I'm gonna separate my knees as wide as the mat. And I'm gonna keep my pelvis level as I reach back into my hip. So I don't want to rush into a quick rounding of the spine but I do want to make a little force change from that extension. I'm gonna press up my left hip and then press up my right hip. And then I go back and then go back and then come up.

Now, toes are curled under. Getting for another rounded body low but now the legs are gonna come in. So my hips are over my knees, hands are under my shoulders. Inhale big, exhale, a gentle nod of the chin, a gentle pull of the belly as I tip, I don't grip and I'm not gonna grip up into my body, but I'm gonna fill up. And then as I exhale, I'm gonna lift my knees up and I'm gonna push myself back and forth.

Major quads here. Three, try to stay rounded, two and then one. Lower down. Sit down. Now you can go ahead and do the rounding side to side.

All right. Bring yourself back around to your bottom. You're gonna take a little roll down, bending the knees. When I bend the knees, it allows that pelvis to tip through that hip socket there. Come to lie on your left side here.

So lying yourself down. Take your top leg. Take both of your legs, slide them forward. Top leg lifts up and down. We're hitting the home stretch here.

So we do these leg lifts with a long torso. We're gonna go right into a big circle. Forward, up, back and then around, three times in each direction, two and three. Reverse. One and two and then last time three and then come all the way down.

Now reach your legs very long. Take both of your legs, lift them up and down. Take both your legs, lift them up and down. One more time, up and down and then bend your knees and bring yourself up to your left forearm. On this left forearm, the knees are bent.

We're gonna take the top waistline, lift it up, arm reaches up to the ceiling directly above your other arm. Look up at it. It's in your peripheral vision. Hold for five, four, three and two and one. Lower it all the way down.

Longside plank, top leg in front. Reach it out long. Two arms opposing each other. Head looks up. Hold for five, four, squeeze your thighs, three and two and one and lower yourself down.

Come to lie on your right side. Two legs lift. They come forward. Top leg lifts up. It comes back just a tad, reaching it long up and down.

Respect your body as it gets a little tired. My body's getting a little tired. It's feeling really good. It's just a little tired. Three, two, and one.

I don't wanna get sloppy. So we're gonna go forward up. I don't want you to get sloppy either. We're all ballers today. We're all skillful and excellent and reverse up and down, around, up, down and around, back, up and around.

Let's get one more and then lower down. Bend the knees, first on the forearm which is always a nice modification. So in this position here, we're gonna take this top waistline and we're gonna lift it up till it's level. Don't over lift. And then take your arm up.

It should be directly over your shoulder, bottom knee pressing down, turning on the outside of that bottom thigh. Turn your head, look up at that top hand and then look forward and then drop down. Bring yourself up to your full plank, side plank. Top leg forward, bottom leg long. Lift yourself up.

Straighten your legs. Whoa, there's that cord. You don't want to over correct in your side bend. Look right up. Five and four and three and two and one and then lower yourself down.

All right. Bring yourself up to your knees. So in this kneeling position now, you're gonna be nice and vertical from your thighs to your chest. There's a tendency to kinda lean too far back like this but you're gonna take your front ribs and your back ribs and lift them evenly. (breathing steadily) I'm gonna catch my breath and I'm gonna go directly into thigh stretch.

Leaving my arms down by my side, I'm gonna lead with my knee angle until I feel a load in my thighs, not necessarily an arch in my back. And that actually was very skillful, I have to say, because I tend to arch my back. So all this work right here through our trunk, our rolling, our rounding, our extending, load, thigh load and then come back. One more time, go back. See if you can take three breaths.

(breathing steadily) Very good. Now left leg comes out in front. We add another little rotation as we start to wind up here. So I'm going to twist in my trunk to the bent knee side and then center. Five times, inhale.

Press down to grow up and then center. Here's three. So that bottom shin is trying to push the floor away to give me a sensation in the front of my thigh and the back of my bottom. And then we come back. We switch.

Oopsy, one leg. All right. You can tell which one's my favorite one. So we don't want to arch forward in the thigh. So we want this hip joint to be back.

We want it to be over the knee, and then you build up your torso here and then twist. Again, there's a tendency to wanna lean forward. I don't want you to lean forward, I want you to press that shin down. Here's three, here's four and then last time five. And then bring yourself all the way down.

Sit yourself back on your heels around your torso. Bring yourself back up to your hands and knees position now, and now towards the end of the session, pressing your shins down, so again that keeps that connection to the bottom. Make a fist with the left arm. Punch it out in front of you. Right leg goes back.

It's one. Oopy. It's one, two, three, four, five. Feel how good and strong your spine feels, how skilled you are now at not moving your pelvis. I've lost count.

Let's get three more, two more, last one, down. Plank position. Hold your plank for 10 seconds. Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Drop down.

Come forward. You should be in a good position that when you curl those toes, your knees should just be able to pop up for another set of 10 seconds. Ready and go. 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Drop down.

Sit back. Last one, come forward and pause. Press the arms and straighten the knees. The further forward you are going, the more challenge it is for your trunk. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one Drop down.

Last one is a tricky one. We're gonna come to plank. And then we're gonna log roll to a side plank on either side and we'll be leading from the ribs not the pelvis. Ready and go. Here's your full plank, hold, right arm comes in.

Now I start to open this chest, then my pelvis, and then the arm goes to the ceiling and then two arms are reaching away from each other, level out your spine. Now the chest leads first, twisting, rolling like a baller to plank and then left arm. Now I wanna move my pelvis, but I'm gonna move my chest and then my pelvis. And then I reach up, hold. Seven, six, five, and four, three and two and one.

Rolling forward to plank, crawling my feet to meet my hands, crawling my hands to meet my feet, bending the knees, flattening out the back and hold yourself right here. And then as I come up, I'm gonna wave my arms up and tighten my butt. And then I'm gonna be all the way to vertical. Oopsy. And we got three of those.

So inhale, come up. Now we're not gonna roll down. We're gonna hip hinge into a little squat, bow forward. So stay in that little flat back squat here. Bend my knees.

It's okay if they go forward. That loads the quads. That's okay. Hands come down. They come out into a plank, hold for five, four, now we're holding a little longer, three, two, one right-hand comes, rolling torso, rolling chest.

And then it reaches up, hold and then it comes down, holding the plank, switching sides, always I want to leave with the (indistinct). If you make a notice, then you can make a change. Accepting where we are allows us to go someplace different. We come down, crawl the feet in, crawl the hands in, bend the knees, hip hinge, hold that hip hinge then your torso and your trunk come up and then the legs straightened. And then that's a wrap.

I hope you had a baller experience. Thanks for joining me.

Key Connections: The Power of Props


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Karen, what a FABULOUS Christmas present! Thank you a million!!! This class has made me feel taller, my legs longer, my back like a ballerina and my stomach strong and flatter. I so much appreciate your innovative and educational classes. Thanks again for your classes, they are a gift in my life.
This class was definitely added to my favorite class list!  Thank you so much Karen! My body feels so much better!  
Fantastic class! Thank you so very much Karen
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Karen! This was an amazing class. I really loved those kneeling twisty things at the end. And as always I love your cues and your direction. Many blessings to you in 2021! 🤗
Beth M
Hi Karen! Loved the front- side plank transitions. Thank you.
Thank you Karen! You are a wonderfully clear and concise teacher. I love your classes.
Absolutely lovely!! Your classes always help me feel so connected, Karen! I feel like a baller!!

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