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Magic Circle Strength

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Join Meredith for this Mat workout that uses the Magic Circle to provide variety, additional strength, and balance. Meredith takes you through exercises like Jack Knife, Shoulder Bridge and the "perfect" Push Up. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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May 13, 2011
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All right. Let's just start with a couple standing roll-down. So maybe facing this direction, I'm just taking a moment, shifting forward and back just at the ankle joints. So finding a long, tall body, finding the heels of the feet, and then lean forward into the balls and the toes that the feet almost so much that you feel like you're gonna fall over and then situate yourself so you feel evenly weighted between the heels, the balls of the big toe in the balls of the pinky toe, reaching the arms down the size of the body. We grow a little taller as we start to integrate. Zipping up the front, pulling in the abdominals. We breathe in for a standing roll down. As we exhale, allow the head to reach down into the chest. Feel as you reach towards the ground, your abdominal muscles both pulling in for support. Everything else is pretty relaxed. The shoulders are relaxed on the back. The head is heavy towards the ground.

There's an inhale to pause at the bottom. As we exhale, pull up on the abdominals. Allow the pole this to wheel through. So the pubic bone presses forward. Pelvis comes just over the knees. The spine stacks just over the top of the pelvis. The shoulders reach back, arms just near the sides of the legs, and we inhale again. The exhale, head goes forward. Chin just gently held towards the chest. Arms plugged into the shoulder, joints, abdominals pulled up towards the sky.

Letting yourself just wheel the spine forward, relaxing through the back of the body, contracting through the front of the body. I'm going to inhale to pause and exhale to make our way back. I'm going to ask you arrive up towards standing. Let's take the arms up overhead, interlock the fingers, and then turn the hands inside out so the arms are gonna. Press up and feel as you press your arms at that you can potentially, oh itchy.

Feel the spine lengthen. Then drop the shoulders down. We're just gonna take a big stretch to one side. Big stretch over to that side of the muscle right now that you feel stretching is the one that contracts to pull you back up and then it's an inhale to reach across to the opposite side and an exhale to pull up from the width. Let's do one more taking care of that. The shoulders, stay away from the ears. Exhale to come up with the head stays frame between the hands and exhale into come up, let the arms travel down towards the sides of the body.

We're going to roll down one last time. Here it is rounding down, maybe checking to see if you can go just a little bit further than you did the first time with the last time in healing to pause and exhale and Tacoma. All right, and then let's just retrieve our rings. They should be just on the ground. I'm standing and just a small v shape, a Palase v position. I'm going to do just a little bit of arm work here, so like for you to hold the ring between the heels of your hands and then just gently draw the shoulders down. Check for alignment of the spine as Shannon. Bring your heels all the way together. And then school, he is the legs together right up through the back of the leg. So imagine a zipper from the your heels to your balm and a zipper up the front of the as well. And then just press gently into the ring.

It's just a pulse and release and pulse and release. And as you do that pulsing action, I'd like for you to consider that it's not just arms, but maybe even more of a focus on the upper back, the shoulders drying down every single time, the abdominals pulling in every single time. So the trunk or the breath mimics the action that the ring is making. The arms are pretty straight. Let's do five a little faster, one and two and three and four and five. Now start to raise the ring over your head. Feel again, that sense of lengthening the whole spine. Check at the top, make sure the shoulders are drawn down. For people with tight shoulders.

The ring can be slightly forward if it feels a little necky. For the rest of us, we are going to go straight overhead and we're going to press. It's not quite as big of a squeeze. Just drop the shoulders down a little bit. That's it. Press. Make sure that you're not arching your back to get your ring where you want it, but instead it's the flexibility of the shoulders that were challenging.

Let's say five and four and three and two and one taking the ring back down just in front of the chest. We're going to add a little ple a. As we play through the legs, we're going to bend the ring into the body, keeping the pelvis just underneath. We zip up the back of the legs and stretch the arms forward. Inhale as you pull from your shoulder blades, bending the arms and excelling as you squeeze the legs together and stretch the arms. Try to keep a relatively consistent press on the ring, although we'll get more challenging as the legs are. Oh, those are arms as the arms reach straight out. Maybe I'll squeeze a little harder as the ring comes towards the chest and then lightly press. Making sure that the focus is the back.

Let's do four more bend and squeeze. It's not a big bend here. I'm not really available to us keeping our bodies totally upright. Last too. Oh that's a good stretch in the cass. Okay. And one the slower your ring down for a minute. Take a big wide step out.

So now we've got a wide V position arms that we're going to go into a bigger a. Make sure your feet are on the same line so one's not in front of the other and we're going to do the same arm movement. Just bring your pelvis a little forward, windy. And here we go. We bend going down deeply into that plea a and press forward. Inhale, we pull and exhale shoulders back as the arms reach forward and bent and press good Philip. Consistent energy through the insides of the legs.

It's almost the feeling in my mind of trying to drag the heels towards one another. Also feeling the front of the body. Stay engaged. And let's do five and Paul to press for warming up the body and three and two and one crayon bend again and just press a big process. Time and press. So as the harms come together, the ribs knit together. We're just staying low in that pelvic position, maybe ribs, back, pelvis for it, a little dead good. And last five press and from the back, four and three and two and one. Hold there. Stretch the arms out. Keep the legs low, stretch the arms overhead.

We're going to stretch over to one side a little different than what we started with Xcel to bring it home and heel to reach up and over. Exhale to bring you home. Stand up, keep the inner thighs active. We'll get a bigger movement here. It's a big stretch over and exhale to lift even taller and a big stretch over. Lift even taller. Now we're going to let the hips go with us.

So take the spine first and then send the hips away and then pull everything back to position and send the spine first and then send the hips the other way. We'll lift and bringing the ring down front. We're going to come to our mat. Yeah. Okay. So we're going to start with our knees bent. Let's go, um, knees together for the moment. Arms just reaching straight and just rest your ring right on your shins and push it into your shins and use that to help you lift a little taller. Um, at anytime the ring can go away and everything can be done without the ring from here on out. So we arise. Let the ring rise up, little gentle pressure, and then we're gonna Tuck the tailbone under.

We're rolling backward through the spine, pausing at the bottom. Inhale, allow the ring to go overhead. Exhale, reach the ring down and take the body all the way. Let's take that ring just over the front of the shins again and lift the spine tall. As you exhale, pull the abdominals back away from the ring. Start to bring the shoulders in the direction of the spine rolling down to a place. I'm looking for my low back. If you need to be a little higher, great, but work for a place or look for a place XL to come up where you feel pure abdominal work. No strain in the lower back and definitely in control. Let's go again. Rolling back. Inhale, letting the arm stretch overhead. Maybe they'll go behind you. This time Xcel, they come forward. Let's do it again. Inhale arms maybe behind you and exhale the arms forward.

One more to go. Arm, arms forward. Inhale to pause. Starting the exhale. First. Curling the spine up. We're going to stay round this time, so send the chest forward, curling back again, changing the movement, finding your spot. Shoulder blades down. I'm going to imagine this ring as a steering wheel. Drive it towards me letting the top here and come over the bottom hand and XL to come back to center.

Inhale as you drive the ring over to the opposite side and exhale, say come back to center. So looking for real strong oblique movement here. Keep the lower body real still, but just the upper body that's creating that rotational movement. This is going to be our last one here. Inhale to exhale and pause to XL en come all the way back. Once again, the ring rests on the Shins. We're going to sit up tall.

We can do that one more time. Going to the opposite direction first. So gentle pressure into the ring. Curling yourself back, finding the lower back. Feel the talk of the pelvis. Inhale to reach across and Xcel to come back. We're going three to each side. Here's one second half of one anyway, and to center stability and center control and bring it home across to bring it home. Inhale, pause. Exhale to come up. I'm going to drop the knees open to the side.

Let the ring rest just over the ankles and the feet. Just guide yourself forward for a little stretch coming up all the way. Um, assess. Here are when you bring your knees back up, look for parallel feet and then scoot your pelvis to the place where you feel like you're ready for a pelvic curl as far as your legs and feet are aligned and then take the ring and rest it. Just be tween your inner thighs. Give it a squeeze and you may notice that as you squeeze the ring, your abdominal muscles turn on without a whole lot of second thought about that. Keep the squeeze in the ring and just articulate your body all the way down to the ground. If when you get there, you need to adjust your feet a little, feel free to do so. Hands are down, I'm gonna press into the rain. We're gonna inhale there and exhale hollowing out the abdominals.

We start to curl the body up into a pelvic curl, pausing at the top, looking for level. Hips. Inhale and exhale to roll back to slow and controlled are definitely controlled. I guess it's not super slow. Tailbone goes down and then we shift the pelvis, flattening the spine, keep that energy of the tuck coming up, pressing into the ring with the insides of the legs in healing to pause and excelling, two rolled. Just allowing the spine to be mobile. Things up that aren't the spine.

Think about the upper arms pressing the rib cage sitting lower than the pelvis in space. The backs of the legs exhale to come down working hard for us. Let's say two more. We're going to add on at the top, so it's just the next hill Tacoma. Pause at the top. We're going to squeeze that ring five times with our entire waste. There's one kind of hard, two, three, four fat, and then we come down keeping this intensity to this squeeze and I mean all the way down, releasing the pelvis down. Inhale again, one more time. Just like so excelling to peel for those inner thigh muscles that tend to get ignored in our lives. Here it is again, a five level hips, four upper arms pressing, three neck and shoulders relaxed to and one peeling down.

Once you find your way on to your back, allow your feet to just move a little to you so that you can pick up your feet without any tension in the lower back. Bring the feet together were made like a diamond shape with the legs. Arms out to your sides for the spine twist and he'll take the ring over towards me and Xcel. From that opposite sideways, we drag the ring back to center. Just a gentle squeeze on it is enough to keep it in place and to keep the NFL active. Try this as you come back or even as you go. Try squeezing to initiate. Feel how that can, I don't know. For me anyway, it really helps me tap into my abs more, a little bit more of a squeeze, and then we dragged the legs back. Inhale across starting this squeeze.

Exhale to come back. Inhale across, starting to squeeze in. Exhale and to come back. Here's our last one. Excellent to come back. Last one to the other side and exhaling to come back. I'm going to place the feet back down. Interlace the hands behind the head. Maybe a little wider than hip distance with the feet.

So here we go. Or if you wanted it to be more challenging, you could walk your feet all the way together so you can monitor that for yourself. The chest lift as you exhale, curl the head and chest up and squeeze the ring. I don't know about you guys with my inner thighs are starting to work real hard in your hold and exhale to lengthen down all the releasing the squeeze in the ring. Exhale, we lift on pressing the inner thighs together, pressing the abdominals down, pause to inhale and exhale to release down. Go and again when you get high enough to be able to look forward and see that ring. See that both legs are squeezing consistently or evenly and then release down last two likes. So it's an exhale to lift an inhale to look for intensity and an Xcel to lower your body working the abdominal muscles, ease and trickily on the way down.

Last time, exhale into lift. It'll look for a little more and Xcel to come down. So at the bottom, just let go and take your ring out of your knees. Open up your knees to the side for a brief moment and let the NFL guys have a break, a stretch, and then bringing the legs all the way together. Take the ring and put it just at the base of your skull or just behind your head case. Now the hands are on the opposite side of the ring. Palms facing up.

Take a moment here. Shoulders down, elbows wide. We're curling up again. Just pausing there. There's an inhale, we're going to take it to the left so it's just turn and come. Center keeping the knees and feet connected. Turn and come center. So use the fact that your ring is helping you with your neck, that your hands aren't behind your head, making it heavier to make this and then more controlled, perhaps movement or a more intense curl and turn and center.

One more time around. It's a turn and center. Here's our last one. Turn Center. Inhale, lift and Xcel to come down had just rest in the ring as we come down in healing. Again, one more thing excelling to come on. Turn towards me. Take the hand that's closest towards your outer leg across the lace and now we've just got one hand in the ring and one hand on the thigh.

We're going to press with the arm that's on the side up, back just a smidge end up back, just a smidge and up. Let the head be heavy in the hand. Let the arm that's in the ring or the back of that side. Support the way to the head. Last two, last one. Let's come to center with change arms.

Turn the opposite direction and then it's just that tiny little lift reaching up and around towards that outside leg reading. Think of the curvature of the spine going forward. Last five, four, three, two. Oh, I'm coming back to center. Replace that hand and lower the body to the ground. Taking the ring out from behind the head.

We're going to place it between our ankles. We're coming up into the hundreds, so we're going to start in a tabletop position with the legs. Keep in mind that the legs can stay in this shape. Arms up over the shoulders. In fact, let's just lift the upper body here, keeping the legs where they are. So there's choice number one if you wish to, you can go out towards straight legs.

We're going to modify this exercise just a little bit today by inhaling, raising the arms up and as you exhale, press the arms down in squeeze. Inhale, the arms reach towards the nice x, so we pressed two, three, four, five squeezing the ring in here and exhale, press the legs can be higher. You want to just find a place with your legs where there's no tension in the lower back where all of the focuses in the abdominals pressing me arms down with the ads down with the arms. Let's do five and push and in here and schooly so everything squeezes out on the exhale. Last two one to go. Hold your body up, bend your knees, grab the ring with your hands. Bring your legs together and lower your feet to the ground and to take the legs out straight. I'm going to stretch the arms overhead from here. Picking up the head and chest. The room will reach forward just over the thighs.

Exhale further up, curling up. Stay round at the top but also long and excelling to roll down the legs. Reach out in front of you. The ring goes over the head. Inhale the head and chest. Come on, XL chucker hollowing out in scooping the belly in. As we stretch forward, excelling to curl back. Give that ring a little bit of a squeeze so you're holding it between the heels of the hands.

That's going to give us a little bit more feedback as far as where we want to connect to. Then holding with our fingertips and then that. Now I'm going to offer a a change to make the exercise harder. If you wish. We are going to come up with the ring over the head like a halo. I'm going to roll up like that baby and then drop the ring down in front of the chest as we curve and then start to roll back. As we roll back, the arms start to travel overhead. We feel the pelvis tuck the upper back, their ribs, and then our head comes back. Anyhow, the head comes up just over the head is the ring and then we lift and reaching. Just dropping the arms at shoulder distance and then exhale, drawing the shoulder blades back.

It's almost as though you're trying to pull the ring a little closer to your body as you rolled out from your back. Inhale, headon chest ring overhead. Exhale to occur, and then dropping the arms down at the top. Start making your way back, bringing the ring up, peeling that back down and last time like that, lifting the head and chest, curling contracting backwards through the abs as we come to that upward position and then coming, whoa. Forgot about the upward part of the ring holding there. Okay. Take the ring. Send a just over your shoulders. We're gonna bend the right knee.

I'm going to stretch the right leg up and I'm going to challenge you to try to reach for your rig. Now most of us aren't going to touch a bit. Some of us, well, I'm not really across the leg, across the body. Swing it around and pull to the rig. Exhale, same direction for a field, keeping the bottom like anchored, feeling the rotation in the hip joint, but also using the ring to determine the stability of the shoulders. This is our last one here. We're going to go the other direction. Reaching out, crossing the midline of the body and pulling back. It's the pullback through the abdominals that's going to make the leg move closer to the body. One breath for each circle. Last full breath cycle. Here it is.

Bend that knee, stretch it away from you. Bring the opposite leg up, bent knee first and then feel the shoulder blades down and let that leg just lightly reach up across the body. On the inhale, swing it around and pull back. Cross swing around and pull pullback. Keep a gentle squeeze on the ring. Keep the shoulders broad and stable. One more full breath cycle here. It's around an in our [inaudible] in and here we go.

The other direction down around, down. Pull back down around and pull back incurring with that bottom hamstring and glue. Last one, circle it lasts one full breath cycle coming around, bend that knee, stretch it out, lift the head and chest up and exhale as you bring your body all the way up. Okay. One is to bend our knees and then unless you're Deb and you need to sit behind your pelvis, let's sit just right over the top of it. This will work just as well for you being, being back a little. Okay, so the feet are just down, sit tall. What we're going to be doing is in abdominal contraction and I um, here's how it's going to go without a lot of extra explanation. Inhale, as you exhale, curve the spine and press down on the rig.

So it's, and then you keep pressure down on the ring as you re extend the spine, sit up, exhale, curve the spine. So it's not the arms that create the movement, it's the spinal pressure and that allows the arms to get a little heavier on the ring and heel to lift. And it kind of like pike sitting in a way. So there's trunk stability except we are going I suppose in and out of flection pressing down. And uh, when you do that one more time, I'm going to ask you to hold the position, look for a little bit more depth and then with the intention of not just moving the arms but tried to curve the spine more, little pulses back. So it's a [inaudible] and abdominal, a little heavy through the shoulder blade. So we feel the back working to stabilize. And last four, three, two, one. Bring it all the way up and open up the feet or the knees.

We're going to do our twisting here and sit and tall. The ring is going to come out front. We're just going to take the ring with us for the first couple. Inhale, exhale, turn the ring. So once you've created that rectangle and heel as you come back with the hands to the shoulders and the ring, that stays consistent. I've been using that word a lot today. Grow Taller in your spine as you turn, maybe feel the feet pressing together to stabilize. The pelvis.

Almost all of us want to lean back here. So a little bit of energy forward as the spine spirals upwards is almost always a good idea. Turn and reach and bring it home and turn it a reach and bring it to how I'm gonna Change it. So we're going to turn towards me. Hold there, bend your arms, pulling the ring into the chest and it has the ring comes and we lift the chest even more. Now feel the shoulder blades reach back as the arms go back straight and we're going to take it back to center. Turning the body, bend the elbows, pulling that ring back towards the body, focusing on your upper back extensors, reaching the arm forward and coming back to center. It's an inhale and an exhale to grow taller and an inhale to press forward and an exhale to return home. It's all about your obliques.

Focus on your trunk polling and pressing forward and exhale to come back. Let's do one more. Inhale, reaching the ring, the chest, pressing the ring forward, bringing it back home last time, pulling in harassing flour, and then coming back. Okay, take your legs out straight or slightly bent. We're going to do this spine stretch forward with the ring. So this is how that's going to happen for a setup tall with just slight pressure downwards. That's a good sitting in tall position in healing to prepare.

As you exhale, let the body curve forward drawing the abdominals back. But we're letting the ring remind you that the shoulder blades need to be heavy. So the ring travels on its end. Now present to the ring and as you press grow out of the lower back set in the chest through the arms and set up. I kind of, I'm made that into two exercises, but what we're gonna do is we press down is go through spinal extension. I wasn't clear, but here I am. That was clear XL to curl forward, let the ring travel onto its side.

Little gentle pressure will help it stay in place. And then as you inhale, press down on the ring girl out of the lower spine, bending the knees if you need to, but pressing the chest up, then dive the spine back for the ring. Turns even more down and then roll back up. So the ring is now upright again. Amy, exhale, we had forward abdominals back, sending the ring out and then pressing down on it as we raise the chest through the arms, shoulders back just a little bit. Shannon, do this, that's it. And then curl back and then just bringing the ring back up right with you as you come up that knees are totally appropriate, excelling to curl, especially if you're tight and you're looking for that really solid spinal extension. It's almost worth it to bend the knees and then see if you can straighten them and then we take it back forward and we bring it back up.

Here's our last one for the day, bringing it forward in, keeping the abdominals active. As we stretch it, you on him through the chest, through the front of the body. Take the body back forward and bring the body up. Okay, so take the ring and just rest it behind you. We're not going to squeeze it really, but we're just going to use it as a marker. Okay, so I'm putting my thumbs right up against the edges of the ring. You could also choose to turn your hands out and put your wrists up against the ring. First things first, we lift the back second to that.

We engage the back muscles and support through the abdominals. And from there it's the back support. We lift the pelvis, pressing the feet into the ground, letting the eyes go up and slightly forward. And then we sit back down, sending the chest away from the ring, away from the ground. Exhale till squeeze the backsides of the legs, lifting the body, reaching long from the toes to the top of the head, and then sitting down. Good work. And again, exhale, abdominals, draw downwards to increase the stability, the spine, and sitting down. And let's just do that a few more times. Exhale until if I'm just going to have a look routinely feed into the ground. Lovely. And sitting down, making sure you're rising up out of the shoulders as your pelvis comes down.

Let's do two more. Excelling to come feel a whole line of energy from the head to the feet. And as we go for the very last one, how much can you increase that line of energy? So the length of it and coming back down. Okay. Take the ring around front. Bend your knee. This is um, rolling like a ball. So you're gonna rest the ring up against your, just above your ankles on the hardest place to be in.

I'm not going to go there quite yet. I'm not ready. Is to hold onto the ring at the front or you could hold onto it. Kind of like you would a steering wheel. 10 and two or nine and nine and three. From there we round backwards through the spine. However the feet keep the ring pressing towards you by pulling your shoulders back in. Here's our rocking inhale to go back and XL. Ooh.

To make our way out. Inhale to go back. Press that ring into your legs, deepen the abdominals and that's what comes up. It brings us up for balance in here. Annex. Yeah. Who Work on the shoulders. Keep him stable.

Annex. Yeah. N Inhale and exhale last to try to keep the head off the ground holding there. Letting the feet come down for just a moment. Holding the ring in the hands. Sit back just a little bit and then float the legs up. We're going to come down with control rolling away from the knees. Once you get there, bring the knees into your body and just let your ring rest right over the tops of your shins just below the knee cap and the ankle and pull with the ring, bringing the knees closer to the body. Okay, we're going to head into the double leg stretch. Single leg stretch, Chris Cross series. So, um, you have a couple of choices. Your hands, your ring can go behind your head like we did with the chest lift or you can push your legs into your ring, curling up, holding the ring in your hands.

So number one here, number two, the ring just goes over ahead as the legs go out in space and then we pull back. Everyone's with me. Good cause we're gonna change it a little bit too. Pulling deeply in through the abdominal abdominals to send the ring over the knees. We're going to do two more and now as your knees come in bed and then reach them through the ring and then them reach them through the ring. The ring goes overhead, we pull, thread the needle, bend and stretch up. Ben, reach the leg through as your legs come so close that you've got to move your feet out. Try to do it without lifting the tailbone up. Thread through. Come back and stretch over one more time. Ben. Thread through. Come back and stretch all the way overhead.

Bending your knees to come down all the way. Once again, letting them ring rests on the Shins. Just using the arms to pull the knees a little closer to the body. All right, we're curling back up again. Choice number one, a ring behind your head. Choice number two, right leg forward, left knee just underneath that ring rings looking for the Shin and then we change reach, so it's an active push full type of feeling. One leg goes, one leg presses in and we press pulling the knee towards the body with the abdominal and press press so that that head choice would be to just support the head while you're moving your length. When I do three, three, two, two, one, here comes our Chris Ross. We're taking the ring across stores, the opposite ankle bone across towards the opposite ankle block. So turn towards the bed knee [inaudible]. Okay, so you are working towards that, that knee, the Chris Cross members, this one and twist and twist and twist on paying attention.

I see you. I do last two times. Both sides. One on one. Here comes two and two. Bend the knees, lower the body, lower the legs, the rings. Gonna stay just above the chest unless you want to put it down on the ground for this, this is the shoulder bridge, so we're going to go one pelvic curl. Just for fun. Here it is. Shoulder blades heavy.

Don't let them squeeze together. Keep them broad, just down curling the pelvis up, pressing into the feet in healing to pass and exhale, send the chest down through the arms. But feel that that doesn't allow the shoulders to curl upwards. We're rolling all the way down to the tailbone in healing again at the bottom, we're coming back up here. It is excelling to lift. It's keeping the left leg on the ground. We're going to pick up the right leg, stretch it up, reach it for the ring, kind of like we did in the leg. Circles in the knee, goes down and post back down.

Pull back to touch and stabilizing the pelvis by lifting up through that free swinging leg. Last five to touch for lift three up to up one. Bring it up, lift a little higher. Fold the knee in. Replace that foot roll down to the bottom of the room, the rib cage. It's given us a chance to recommit to receive as a rolling back up, picking up the left leg, stretching it to the sky, and then it goes down. Only lowering the leg as far as you can. Keep your pelvis lifted in strong, down and down and up at five.

Pull for lift, three, two. Here it is. Bring it up, fold it in. Take a moment and peel down all the way. [inaudible] finishing here with the rollover followed by the Jack Knife. The ring's going to come between the ankles. When I tell I go into three rollovers followed by three Jackknife.

If you don't wish to do the Jack Knife, stick with the rollover. So at the moment we've got the ring between the ankles that stretch the leg on the diagonal that we are in control. Then bring the legs up, then roll yourself over, flex your feet, squeeze the ring with your abdominals and peel down using the arms for support. When you're tell when touches your toes are going to point. Keep squeezing that ring and he'll tell lifts. Exhale to a rollover, keeping the upper arms active to support the shoulders. Flex, squeeze and roll down. If you don't know the Jack Knife, watch one. We still have one more roll over, ready to go, but definitely don't turn your head. If you're going to be lifting up onto your neck.

I'll do one and then I'll watch. And then dad. So here's our first Jack Knife. Again, watch if you need to rollover in. You'll take the legs down and then up way up to the sky, like you're trying to wrap your ring around the moon. And then rolled down slowly, slowly through the spine, pressing into the upper arms, letting the legs jackknife back towards the body. That's the Jackknife they opening and folding. Inhale to lift the legs.

Exhale to rollover. Inhale, it's down, up. Nice work and exhale, CPL down. Nice job looking for control. Here it is. One number one, rolling over, reaching the legs up into the air. User, the backs of your legs, your glutes, your hamstrings, your back extensors, your abs and come all the way down. And once you get down, just allow the knees to then take the ring out from the knees. A take one leg out straight on the mat. Let's say right leg out straight. Hold onto the left leg and just twist.

Twist across looking over the left shoulder. Okay. And then bring it back to center. Does change sides? It's letting the spine have a little gentle rotation here. All right, bring it home. Um, just hold onto the backs of your legs and rock yourself. That come up to sitting, take the ring and put it back between your ankles.

I'm the only one with long baggy pants. Yeah. Good. Okay. I'm the only one. If you are wearing at baggy pants, we're going to transition to the, bring the feet to the outsides of the ring and sometimes the pants get stuck. So it's a good idea to just get 'em out of the way right away. So you've got the ring in between our ankles and we're going to lie on our side. Okay.

Assess that the knees are facing in the same direction and just all the way down onto that bottom arm. Okay, so balance if you need to. [inaudible] don't. If you don't abdominals, and we reached those legs away from us to hover. The legs inhale to come down and excellent here would be a second choice for the arms and coming down. So realizing that because the ring adds an additional weight, we're challenging this movement just a little bit, but it still has the same focus of allowing the spine to be long, allowing the entire trunk to assist with the movement. Jots, not just the upper waist. Last four and last three and last too. Holding the legs up.

We're going to take the bottom like back. You've got to squeeze the ring to make it happen. Top leg forward, and then reverse bottom, like forward, top, leg back and then reverse. We're doing a little scissoring motion. That's a good time to put your hand down. If you need the extra support, we're going to do one more and then let the legs come back. Lower them to the ground, um, to transition. If you take your ring and just rest the round part of it on the ground, you'll be able to slide your bottom foot out.

Then the bottom foot can go and hold the ring down in place and the top lay can come in and hold on as well. We're, we can do it. A little hip work here. So here it is and oppress down with the bottom leg and up with the top leg. It's another old bleak exercise by the way, so you can focus on that upper waist. We're just going to do about five cementing our position, four and five. From here, I want you to pick your ring up, bring your ring a little bit forward to the corner of your mat, bend your knee and take it over the top of the ring. We're gonna make an arc here, so you're gonna reach and touch forward and reach up to go behind you.

Reach and touch forward so hot potato and and touch. And then take the leg back and away from you. So you're assisting your stretch by pressing the glutes into the front of the hip. I've been bad. Hi. I put silly last two times in both directions, up in back, and I've been back keeping the leg to the back. We're just going to turn the pelvis slightly forward and then take the leg up and back switch. Just a tiny little lift. If you focus on a little bit of a Tuck and that backward motion of the leg, the front of the hip again should help to open up a little bit. Five, four, three, two, one. Lift the leg up. Come just over the top of the ring. Make have five circles down around one, two, three, four, five, go the other way. Five, four, three, two, one. Then that knee bend, the bottom, Nila, the ring just fall where it does help yourself up.

Swing your legs around to the other side and replace the ring in the opposite side. You go ankles, sliding the legs out. Like to take a minute to make sure my rings and a really good place so I don't have trouble. Once I get down there, knees facing one another. Head down on the ohms, finding the waist, stretching the legs out in a way, and then deciding if you need your armor. Don't need your arms so much and then it's just a slightly downward or reach out. And then to reach up in a way, working through the entire trunk, feeling the rib bones, pull back, feeling the pelvis aligned and straight. Maybe pull back just a little bit through your Ribstone. That's it.

Reach the arm as a summons, pulling you up towards the heavens. Last three and two. Stand strong and in control. Let me take the top, uh, top leg forward, bottom leg back. Keep the ring squeezing. Try to keep both knees straight and then change it. Just rolling the legs.

No change in the pressure on the ring on either leg. Really two more times, both directions. Reach and range Henry, h and h and then we bring the body back to center. The legs come down, take their ring on its round side, slide your foot out from underneath and bring the ring back up, right. Good. Bottom leg goes in top leg goes in scenario on the inside corners of that ring.

We're just gonna press bottom, leg down, top leg, got warming up or getting in connection with the hit, working through the abdominals as you do so. And then here's where we picked up the ring, brought it slightly forward towards the corner. Then the top knee assessed that the pelvis is in a neutral position bringing over the top and here's our arcs. We go forward a big arch to the back and forward. Tap and reach. Back to tap.

Sorry, clearing the ring by a foot or so. Okay. In stable through the supporting shoulder. We've got two to go. God's going to hold hands. It's really cute for moral support or something. Bring the leg right over the top and here's our circles for six, six, five pressing the bottom. Lay down.

That lake's got to stabilize two and one and then reverse two, three, four, five and six. That was it, I think. Yep. Let the ring flop down. Sit Up, bring the ring with you. Turn onto your hands and knees. This is a fantastic way to practice your pushup. If you've never done it before, it'll be like a revelation. Okay, so I take my ring and I put it just kind of right underneath my ribs. It can be, it's going to be different for everyone depending on size, arm length. You could turn it sideways. It's up to you. But what you're gonna do, I lied. It's, I put it underneath my sternum. Okay, so once it's in a position where you feel like it's going to stay, your hands are just under your shoulders. Then we step back into plank position, holding there a little bit of a Tuck in the pelvis. Now, feeling that as you bend your elbows, your shoulder blades, travel towards your waist.

Allow the ring to help you support your weight a little and then press up when I do five, bending the arms. Keep your head up just a little bit more Shannon, so it stays right in line with your spine. That's three almost lightly reaching up off that ring. Four and five. Drop one knee down at a time. It's just a little arm break combing back. Um, what we're going to do here is the leg pull series, so find him a plank position. Had in line with the spine. He won't put a lot of pressure on your ring at this point a bit at Warren.

We'll remind you not to sink when I take the left leg up and reach it straight back for five, four, three, two, one. Now hold it, flex it, bring it to the side. Try not to let that ring wobble and center and too and center and three abdominals in and four and five, not legs. Gonna come down and a stretch the opposite leg out. And here's our five lifts. One abdominal holds deep, two, three, four, five ticket to the side out and [inaudible]. And think about pulling the leg towards you from your old leaks last two or ring stays nice and stable. One put the foot down. Anyone up for more pushups? Speak now. Oh here we go.

And harassing the shoulders down three and to one, bending your knees, take the ring out. Just let it rest on its side it sit back and take a shoulder stretch. Nice job. [inaudible] okay, we're going to roll down. So Ron are abdominals. The rings going to stay on its side as we just put it. Elbows underneath. Shoulders Ring Justin between the palms of the hands, maybe even the heels of the hands.

And then from there we're going to do the single leg kick but kind of slow today. So raise up towards the ring with your chest and then try to keep that upper back extension as you lift your abdominals away from the ground. And they are going to hover one way, hover the other leg, and then it's a double kick in with one foot and reach and one foot and reach. As you're moving through the legs, press in with the chest as you're pressing in with the chest. Feel the upper back working to send it or to send the chest forward. Kick, kick in, reach. Keep the abdominals pulled away from the ground, the spine, real stable and stuff. Good childrens and a little Shannon. That's it.

And key kick reach. One more kick. Reach one more to the other side and we're even legs can go down and just slide the ring out front of you, lowering your body to the ground. Take a moment to allow your spine to acclimate and then we're gonna turn the ring on it side. Um, you can either have your arms just at the top of the ring or for those of us with tight shoulders, it feels better to have anyway. The lower the arms are as far as placement on the ring, the easier it's going to be for your shoulders. Okay, so this let the head come down between the arms. What we're looking for here is um, first hand gauging through the abdominals.

Then allow the head to start to come at arm level. As that happens, start to press down on the ring. And as you do that, gently guide that upper portion of the ring towards your body and pull the chest like you're trying to bring it through the ring in space. Beautiful. And then length and out. So we articulate down ribs, chest, forehead, and again the head is the top of the spine so it gets to lift about arm level first. Then we guide the shoulder blades down towards the waist and from there just undulating through the upper, upper back, opening through the chest and then guiding the spine back forward to release the forehead down just a few more and abdominal sin. So if it becomes a lower back movement, don't come up so high. Think more of going forward and just allow the head to move with the body.

And then we release down, let's say two more times pressing down with the shoulders as the head comes up, just floating above the arms. And then we lead with that as we stretch forward through the spy and then releasing forward. And let's have that one more time. So head up first guiding the shoulder blades down, a little bit of pressure on the ring, and then the spine stretches forward and for hold there, press down on the ring to just intensify the work in your back. I didn't release all the way back down. Take the ring to the side, hands under your shoulders. Just push yourself up. Sit back down onto your feet. Well then you can bring your body up enough so that you can take that arm farthest away from me and thread it underneath the other arm.

So you're pressing down in, lying down on that outer shoulder, taking a little bit of a stretch to the shoulders. Did a fair amount of arm work tonight. So I used to stretch what you work anyway and then let the hand that's not stretching assist you as you lift your body back up. Change sides, take the opposite arm and reach underneath. So I am turning my body with me and then I'm just letting the weight of my body put pressure down on that arm. And then coming back and taking the hands just near the knees.

I'm putting rolling over the toes around, rounding over the feet, a little bit of pressure downwards into the feet and we're just going to do a foot articulation here so your heels are as far down towards the ground as they'll go. We're just going to rise up onto the toes but in pressure into the balls of the big toes thing, equal weight on all of the titles and then down through the heels and letting the weight of the body help you and assist you in that stretch. One more time, pressing up and lowering down and then the hands are going to stay where they are. Pressing the hips up and keep your knees a little bit bent if you wish to where you can go all the way to straight. What we're going to do here, good bend one knee. If you're already been, just bend a little bit more in, press into the hip of the straight leg or the straight or like, you're right. Just keep the heel of that foot on the floor. Shannon, just let the knee bend a little. That's it. And then there's this exchange sites, alternate science.

And then from there, let the knees be just a little bit soft, hollowing out the abdominals, allowing the femur to sink deeper into the hips so that we can stretch through the spine. And then we engage through the abdominals. Beginning the process of coming up, right, pulling up through the waist, allowing the shoulders to be heavy coming all the way up onto the mat. I'm going to turn, let's just finish the way we started it to reach the arms overhead, interlock the fingers, press the arms up at the shoulders down and let's see how much more room we have. Oh, I think I feel like I have more and up through that waist, reaching over to the other side, stretching through the body, and um, and with that as your arms, reach down, let them come slightly behind you, elevating just your sternum down, letting tension out of the fingertips and you're free to go bed away. Thank you for coming.


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Thanks Meredith! Great workout, even without the ring! love your cues!
LOVE the ring, really adds another dimension to the workout. Would love more like this. Excellent cueing as always. Thanks!
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Loved the class. So much more fun using a prop when doing the pilate's exercises!Thanks.
Thanks gals!!!
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I enjoyed this class a lot.. Just a FYI. You forgot to do the leg pulses back ? on the last side of the side lying series.
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Loved your class! added to my favs...Thank you
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Loved it! Thank you Meredith
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Great Class! Loved using the circle as a prop. Very well taught!!!
Thanks gals...come and play again soon. Pele...sorry about the memory does happen to the best of us from time to time. :)
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