Class #442

Beginner Series #8

60 min - Class


This is the eighth Beginner level class in a series of 10 that will be taught by Niedra Gabriel. The Beginner series is designed to lay an instrumental foundation for all your Pilates mat work. Join Niedra for each class and notice the improvement in your exercises as you progress through the series.
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Oh, okay. So good evening getting warmer and warmer. So today's lesson number eight and what we'll be doing is be going through all of the beginner map and cleaning things up a little bit more as we g...


As always Niedra, and enjoyable class!
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Wonderful class! I can see drastic improvement in my form! Thanks to the Beginner's series there is an incredible difference in my practice from the first class up until now.
Thank you Niedra Gabriel! :) I am falling in love with Pilates!
I am so glad both Mary and Amber - you are enjoying thies classes - I really wanted to support beginners with this series and I am thrilled to find out this idea is working. Keep practicing, falling in love with Pialtes gets really addictive...
At 5:45 mins it stopped
At 5:45 mins it stopped
this was great - the seal with rolling up to standing with legs crossed was so much fun to try, I was laughing, and also enjoying watching those in the class (and wishing I had Niedra to help me!) . I was in a hotel, using the folded comforter on the floor as my mat, so it was a bit too cushy (that's my excuse for being so wobbly). I'm definitely going to keep trying this one! Thanks for the great class and the smiles.
Hi Peggggy - I had a good laugh when I read your comment. Good fo you for doing class in a hotel on a comforter for a mat. Just proves that you can do a pialtes workout anywhere, under any conditions. You will do well and go far.
Very glad you enjoyed it so much and keep on practicing. The trick with seal to standing is really extending the arms way forward on the way up and moving quite fast, if you go slow - you land back down below...
:) When I got home, I was showing it to my husband and I popped right up! Then I did the class again, and it came pretty easily now. I think it just seems impossible until you realize it's not. This feels like "tumbling" from kindergarten to me, it's that much fun!
Niedra, just like you said - today I went up the Teaser. Not pefect every time but getting stronger with each class in the beginner series.
Hi Cali, Hi Peggy, so happy you are both coming up in teaser - now that is really an achievement and you deserve to be proud, before you know it, you will be ready for intermediate work.
Very happy for you - this work is so exciting, rewarding and such an inspiring journey of experiencing yourself, your body and your growing mastery and awareness.
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