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Fluid Foam Roller Flow

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Join James D'Silva in this 'energetic wheel' Foam Roller flow from the Garuda Method. In this class, James guides us to dive deeper into the idea that we are constantly evolving and the importance of moving openly through it. You will enjoy this fluid and rhythmic flow that targets all areas of your body. Get ready to feel open and spacious both mentally and physically.
What You'll Need: Ankle Weights (2), Foam Roller

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Apr 30, 2021
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Hello. My name is James D'Silva and I'm the founder of the Garuda method. And today I'm gonna take you through the Chakra, or the Foam Roller Workout. So, welcome and enjoy, yes. Gonna start with our feet parallel, ankles gently embracing the roller, yes. So you really find that inner thigh connection, good.

Stand up tall, your weight slightly in front of the heels. Now as you stand out of your legs, feel the openness of the back of the back. And feel that wonderful sense of openness at the back of the head, yeah. A couple of breaths here, you invite the breath into the body, feel yourself expand with this breath. And as you breathe out, feel yourself really ground and pull out at the same time.

One more time, breath in (inhaling deeply). And almost sigh the breath out. (sighs deeply) Let go, and prepare. This time on the next in-breath, grow tall, chin to chest, a softening of the knees, and start rolling the head down. Feel the weightedness of the head and the arms, and roll all way down and through crown of the head, lengthen down towards roller, good.

Then, push into the roller with the arms and lean forward into your hands. Rock back onto your heels, bend the knees, lift the heart, lift the chest and sit out forward, good again, and breathing out, forward curl around the back, deep into your curve. Rock back, the back of the heels, bend the knees and lift the heart, lift the chest, good. One last time rocking forward, curl down, stop there. As you bend the right knee, shift laterally into your left ribs, open out, and you centered, stretch the leg out, bend the left knee, move into your right ribs and your center, curl forward.

Open out into the left ribs and as you stretch the leg out, curl forward, bending the left knee, move into your right ribs, and then lengthen and curl forward. Start with a similar fashion. Bend the right knee, open the left ribs out. Now, push into your right hand and open the left arm up to the ceiling, a big stretch. Circle the arm, lean forward and down.

Bend the left knee, open that right arm on top, good. And leaning into your hands softly, and one more time bending. Open and sit up tall. Circle, lean forward and down, bend, side shift, then a twist and open, good. Circle, lean forward and down.

Again, rock back, bend the knees, lift the heart, lift the chest, sit all the way through and arrive tall. I'm gonna roll the roller around to the front so you can see what's happening in the next section. So, I've sat astride, knees gently grasping the roller and it just a general sense of pulling up through the floor of the pelvis and then releasing down. And really kind of think, I've actually kind of, splayed my butt cheeks all the way around, yes, so, I want you to think of working up through those three-ring muscles pull up and then release down. Pulling up through, gather and then release and relax.

And again, gather and release, relax. Now a gentle rock. Rock in, to the inner lining of your sit bones from side to side, just a gentle rock. And as I rock, I actually have my inner thigh push me across, yes, and reach, good. So, that nice kind of movement in the pelvis.

Softening and opening around the pelvic girdle, good. And soften and then just arching forward into the pubic bone and curling to the tailbone. And arching, slightly release the thighs but when I curl back, a gentle gathering and grabbing. And reaching forward, good, and curl back, good, and reach forward, good, and curl back. Now, let's move into a small circle side, move forward, side and curl back, side.

And forward, side, and curl back, side. This nice oscillating roller from side to side and it doesn't have to be too big a movement. So when you're rocking and rolling around the perineum, good and nice center, let's go the other way around, back, side, forward, side, good, and back, side, forward, side, and back, side, good, and forward, side. And let's make it a little deeper. The knee and the inner thigh pushes across and move to the really nice, side deep, side bend, good.

And again, rock across the side, and center. And push side, and center. Let the head also move away from other side, but now let's use the arm, and reach, big side bend and center. And again, knee rotates and pushes across, good, and lengthens and it made these stretches delicious, yes. And oh, move out of the waist, out of the hip, out of the armpit and center.

Add on, move into a side bend, now, twist and scoop the middle finger through, reach back into your hip and ribs, side bend and then center, again, using the inner thigh, move across into your side bend, little pinky spiral, middle finger scoop center. Move into your hip, your ribs, your arm, your fingers and then pull back, just one more time. And reach out and curve, and reach, good, and center and the other way. Reach out, good, and curve and reach out and center. Again, rock out in a small twist.

And soften, and small twist, good. And soften, twist. And soften, and twist. And soften, one more, again, use that thigh to push, push you across, push and center. So, I'm using deep spiral lines in the body and center, good.

I'm gonna turn you back again sideways, well I'm gonna turn me, you can stay where you are, so you know exactly what's happening, OK, good. So, and all I want you to do is dive the head down, reach the arms forward, move through sternum, pubic bone and just stretch the legs out, good. Soften the knees, a small rock to the right hip, turn and look over to the left and small rock to the left. And again, and out. And reach out, push back.

Curl gather between the knees, sit back, roll up, hands go behind the knees and a small lift through the pelvis. Sit your sit bones back, lift the heart, good and again, curving back down. And reach out, yawn the arms, good. Again diving through mini cobra. cobra, upward dog, yawn, good.

And then soften, make it a little deeper. Knee comes through, roll up, forward and around and soften. Up, forward and around and soften. Up, forward and around and soften, up, forward and around, again, grabbing through, sit back and curling. Again, push up through, sitting back, heart and let's do that one last time, yes.

Diving through, chest comes through, and round, lift and roll all the way back. Reach, open, take your time to move in from the ribs into the shoulder, into the head, into the shoulder, into the ribs, good. Move long, out, and down. Push on, good, bend the knees and again, sit back, adjust the roller if you need to, yeah, and up. This time, bend the right knee in, send the neck forward, grab the roller between the thighs and you lean forward.

Bend the knee and elbow around, and you twist. Come around the other way and open and twist. Extend the leg forward again, grab your leg, work through the abductors as you lean forward, good. Come out of it, let's move into a glute stretch, ankle across and keeping long you go forward. It's just a gentle rock up here.

I'm trying to open the body out here before we actually start moving and working. Come out of it, take this right leg out to the side, open the left knee out and move into a really nice side bend. Come out of it. Take the leg forward and through again. Reach forward, big, lengthening yawn forward.

Roll back, come back, bend the knee and let's change to the other side. And send the left leg out and forward, stretched out and lean, go forward into a deep stretch. Rolling up bend the knee, elbow across and you twist. Come around the other way and twist out too. Send the leg forward again and reach.

Come out of it, ankle over knee, good, again lengthen out tall to go forward and a small rock from side to side, good. Come out of it, again, take the leg out to the side and go reach a big side bend, good. Come out of it, send the leg forward again, good, and reach forward. Bend the knee, and arrive. The last time, curl reach forward and lengthen out all the way, yawn.

(exhaling deeply) Again, rock, open those ribs out, quite lizard like, yes. reaching up, bend the knee, good. And roll, and bend. And roll and bend. Sitting up tall, arrive, good.

Roll up. And then in your own time, foot, foot, good, and then move all the way forward onto your roller, good, and let's roll down, down and arrive, good, now, in this position, feet parallel, hip distance apart. Feel they way the front of the heels gently pushing towards the toes so you connect down the back of the legs into the sacrum. Feel the width of the back, the openness of the arms and the back of the head wide, lengthen and open, just lie here and breathe. Invite the leg in from the feet and the toes, breathe into the back of the back.

And as you breathe out, soften to the ribs and pull the skin of the lower belly up and under so you really scoop the lower belly up and under, and again breath into the back ribs. (breathing deeply) And breathing out, the heart drops and pull the lower belly up and under. (exhaling) Breathing in. (inhaling) And breathing out. Move the hands up and over the head, fist the left hand, pull on the left wrist and small roll into the right side, and then center.

And move across the other way, and roll and center. And roll, and center. And roll, let the head also rock in whichever direction it wants to go, let it be very natural. But I'm trying to get you to open up from the hand to the elbow and to the shoulder and to the ribs. And out, brilliant, good.

Come back, take the arms up the ceiling this time and floss between the two arms. Imagine someone's got hold of the left wrist and they're pulling you up, so, you roll up the right side and again, someone pulling on the right wrist and you roll to the left, good. And moving across, lengthen, good. And moving across and lengthen, good. And moving across and lengthen, last one through, and lengthen.

Hands on the shoulders, fingertips and elbow circles, elbows kiss. They move up over, down, touch the floor and circle up. Lift all the way up, around circle and through, good. And really enjoy the feeling of yawning out and through, good. And good, up, reach and around and arrive.

Let's go the other way around. Elbows down, open, circle and up. Elbows down and circle and up. Elbows down and circle and up. Last one, down and circle, and brilliant, good.

Let's bring the arms down and let's work on the pelvis and the spine. So, small pelvic tilt, first push into the feet and the pelvis just tilts, just the pelvis. And you roll it back down again. Let's go to tilting the pelvis and then the lower back rolls off, that lumbar spine, and then you roll through and the tailbone anchors itself down. And tailbone, pelvis lower, the middle back rolls up.

Again, widen, take your time, anoint each vertebra as you lengthen and roll back. Move all the way past the middle back into the upper back past the shoulders, stay there. Now, just soften the heart down between the shoulder blades and push up, the heart and the middle back, good. And you push up. Heart, middle and lower and you push up.

Roll all the way through down and arrive. Reach the arms up, let's see if we can replicate that without hands on the floor, just the tailbone. And release, tailbone and lower back, good and release. Tailbone, lower, middle, good, and release down. And all the way up past the shoulders, stop there, just the heart, roll back.

Heart, middle, and back. Really roll down through each of those nodules, good, and back up again. Roll all the way down and arrive, good. When you're ready, float the left knee up, good, and place it down, good. And float the right, now, let's just stop for a moment and consider, when it comes to balancing, there are three things I want you to pay attention to.

First, how my feet gently push into the floor, the front of the heels move towards my toes and connect from the inner thigh, so that pushing and connecting from the inner thighs, that's one. Two, is the leaning back against the roller, that's the second concept that you wanna bring into play. And the third one, like a tightrope walker, your arms, the armpits, they actually really wrap around the landscape of back ribs, they wrap around and they help you find your stability, so as I, And now, try not to stay in the center to lift your legs, no, move on to your right leg to lift the left foot off and come back. So, you're getting onto your leg to lift the foot. And come back, good.

And lift and lower. Brilliant, and lift. Now, as it happens, be aware as you shift onto your foot and you lift, be aware of lengthening of the ribs out of the side of the face and come down, yeah. So, it's not just a solitary movement of the foot but the whole body kind of reacts to the slight shift of weight, good. This time lift the right knee up the ceiling, good.

And float it down. The left knee floats up the ceiling, good, and down. The right knee up to the ceiling, good, and down. The left knee up to the ceiling, brilliant and down. Good, you've made it so far.

Lift the right knee up to the ceiling, stretch the leg, flex it, ball point, bend, and place it down. Left knee, stretch it, flex it, ball point, bend it, and place it down. You're doing really well. And bend, extend, flex down, stop there, three little circles, yeah. Circle the heel around one, around two, around three.

Bend and point. Extend them back out again, flex the other way. Round, and round, and round. Ball point, bend, place the foot down, stand on it as you move across to the other side. Then bend, extend, flex, circling one, and a two, and a three.

Ball point, good and reach out, flex the other way, one. Don't lose that contact of the back against the roller. Bend and down, come back again, center. Find those arms, find the back, lift the right knee up, OK, it's gonna be slightly more difficult. Open it up, 30 degrees to the side and center.

Adduct it 30 degrees in and center, one more time. Open it out to the side and center. Adduct it in and center, place it down. Guys, it's not a long way to fall down to the floor, yeah, so yeah, if you fall, you fall, just go with it and come back up again. And the left knee lifts up good.

And knee adducts and center. Abducts, good, and center. Adducts and center. Abducts and center, and replace down, brilliant. And lift the right knee up, let's go for circles.

Adduct, down, abduct and center, adduct, down, abduct and center, adduct, down, abduct and center. Stretch the leg and bend it. Let's abduct down, adduct, center. Circle in and around, circle it in and around. Extend, bend and arrive. Well done, guys.

And the left knee, good. Abduct down, adduct and center. And now make it smooth if you can. And down, good and stretch, and bend. Adduct down and one, good, and around down and two, and around down and three.

Reach out, bend and brilliant guys. Clasp your hands. Now, as you interlace, pull the fingers away from each other and subsequently feel the scapular widen around the back ribs, keep that width, place hands behind the head, and create a hammock for the back of the head, lean the head into your hands, elbows in your peripheral vision and breath in to close the elbows to parallel. Breathing out, roll the head up, roll the head back, vertebrae at a time and then back to center. Elbows in your peripheral vision, breathing in to close, breathing out, roll forward, stay there for the in breath, deepen on the out breath, roll the head back on the in breath and widen, now keep it there, one more time.

Breathing in to close, breathing out forward, breathe in, breathe out deep, roll the head back, good, and widen, now keep the elbows in peripheral vision and as you breathe out, roll up, good, that's gonna be the base, yeah, the rhythm of your movement breathing out, good and breathing in. Now, let's add the leg, breathing out, lift the left knee up, curve, place the foot down, deepen and center and the right knee, curve, place the foot down and center and the left, curve, foot down and center, and the right, place it down and center, add on, left knee curls in towards, extend it out, pull it and deepen, place the foot down and center. Right knee up and reached out, pull it and deepen, foot and center, and left extend it out, pull it under, deepen the curve and center, and right, and out, and deepen, foot. Add onto that and left knee, extend out, adduct three, two, one, pull the knee up, extend, abduct three, two, one, pull the knee in, place the foot down and good, the other side, and knee, extend adduct three, two, one, pull the knee in and extend. Abduct, three, two, one, and pull the knee in, place down, deepen and arrive.

Guys, well done, yeah. Now, let's get yourself those pair of weights, those ankle weights or those arm weights, so, I've prepared myself little packets of weights and let me just pull it out and show you what I do, yeah. I get them around my hand and I still have my, I have my thumb. I can hitch a lift with my thumb kind of, because I wonder, my thumb and my little finger are dominant in my arm movement, yes, so, they really helped me spiral through moving, so, let's get back on again, good. Lying down, now again, my feet dictate the movement, always remember that, I start from my feet.

So, this is a good place to start arms out to the side over here, good. That's my starting position. Now, my feet push the floor, I feel my back widen and my arms close for one, good, and I open, yeah. Feet push and two, good, and I open, and three, good, and I open, feet, push, four, good and I open, good, and five, and close and again, close, good, and open, one more, close, stay there, it's just going to be my left arm opening and closing, breathe and open, use my left foot to push to close, yeah, breathing. So, the left foot dictates the work on this side and cos it's my left arm opening and closing with my right arm over my heart, and close, two more, open and close, and you're really feel it work the obliques if you follow this kind of line of action, yeah.

And then, good. Now, my right arm opens, push the right foot and then close, good. Breathing, push and close, good. And close. And open and close, one more, please, open and close, one more to open, now, my right arm is open, my left arm will stop working but it's gonna be the opposite arm, opposite foot so my right foot's gonna dictate the movement cos my right arm is opened and two, and you feel the right oblique come into play as well.

And two, good, and three, good, and four, and five, last one through, and six, change arms and the left foot works, one, good, and two, feel that left oblique come to play, and three, good, and four, brilliant, and five, last one through, and six, good. Close both the arms together in a prayer, hands together in a prayer, to the arms back over the head. Now, start slicing the arm forward, from the ribs, the armpits the elbows, the heel of the hands, the fingers between the knees. And you roll back and out to the right. And you roll back, and out to the left, good, and back.

And again center, and forward, and back. And right, and back. And left, good, and back. Start again, and center, and right, good, and left, last, and center, and right, good, and left. Now, take up your arms back.

And let's start circling them around, it comes curls, and you go back, one, and circle down little pinky spiral, a middle finger lifts, two, and thumbs down, little pinky, and three, good. And reach out, four, OK. Last one through, five. Let's reverse it. Ribs, armpits, elbows. Lead with the hands, fingers, and one, and two, good, and back, and three, and back, and four, and back.

And last one through, five, and back. Bring the arms over the heart and let's have the right arm going up, the left arm coming down, just these. Yeah, and crisscross arms, and two, good, and two, and three, and two, awesome, four, and two. Now let's go for circles and circle across, one, and two, circle across two, and three, circle across three, good. Well done.

And four, and circle across, center, change sides All one, good. And one, two, and two, three, and to keep the breath come natural, yes. And four good, bring the arms back, and feel again, feel that wonderful sense of center, your feet pushing down, the length out through, from the sacrum, all the way up the rectum spinning all the way up into the back of the occipital, the cranium, bring the arms down, weights away for a moment, yeah. Right hand behind the head. And we're gonna move into spiraling twist.

So you twist, and you center, now you can either have the hand on the floor, good, or off the floor. I prefer to kind of test my balance and remember, you will slightly, there will be micro-movement to the roller, towards the side you're twisting from, good. And lift the knee up, One, good, and back, and two, good, and back, and three, and back, and four. Let's change sides. And plain and simple, one, my hands off the floor on the floor, dependent which way you want to work through today, and three.

If you feel your balance is good. Go for it. And four, and lift, one, and back, and two, good, and back, and three, and back, and four, change sides again and pull, extend, and deepen your twist and one, and pull, extend, and two, and under and reach and pull, go last one, and reach, and pull, change sides, and under, extend, and pull, one, and twist, extend, and deepen, good, extend and pull, excellent guys and reach out, and bend and arrive. Well done. Take your weights again.

Really well done, good. Come back up again. The ceiling, find those armpits. Go back into lifting the left And on all this, really make sure your, your tailbone acts as a grounding anchorage, yeah, and up, kind of tilt you up in everything that's been done, that's been done so far. And lift, good. And down, good.

Lift the left knee up and guess what? Open the arms out and close for one. And two and close for two, good. and three and close for three, good, and four. Now comes the challenge open the left knee and the right out, and one.

So the left, and the right arm overhead and good, and open, good, and under and the reach, good, and come through and open and under and reach and through and open and up and reach and through. Now, open the left arm up and close, just on its own. And two, you might find that, 'I suddenly fall off balance'. Just play with it. So make it smaller to start, and last one through Reach and good, take the arms back those circles and reach, open one, and reach open, two.

Brilliant, and four, let's go the other way around. And down, lift, one, and down, lift, two, brilliant, and down, lift, three, and down, and four, place them down. Change sides. Here we go, and one. Now you'll always find that one legs sightly more unstable than the other.

And that's all right. Now find, try and create length of the hip that you're standing on, or to be aware of the other hip lengthening down and away, good. Now get ready to open the opposite knee to the arm, and one, and swap, and reach overhead and right, open, and close, reach back and center, open and close. Oopsie. Back, I'm also losing my balance on this side.

There and reach and set, now stop there. Open the right arm out and close it for one, Make it small to start with, if you find you're losing your balance, start smaller then work your way out to the periphery, open and close. And open, close, take the arms over and reach, stand down the leg and circle, and two and circle, good, and three and circle, and four and circle, one more, and five and let's go the other way around. And down, reach back on one, and down reach back on two, and down reach back on three, and down reach back on four, last one through and down, reach up on five. Well done guys, well done.

Now last flurry of work around the abdominal, abdomens. Lift the knees up. Have your hands, OK, as they drop, just reach them out toward the side, on the fingertips, roll that up, and reach the right leg, draw the left leg in towards you. Feel as you're reaching the thigh against the roller. And two, so we're lengthening out, two and two and three and two and four and two, circle one and one and two and two and three and two and four, and two.

Scissors, one and one two and, three and two, four, and two. Circle one and two, and three, and out, and two, last one there, and there. Bend, feet, and arrive. Now, very gently, roll your ribs out to the right, let the knees and the head roll to the left. Don't move your feet at all.

Roll the knees and feet back center, roll the ribs out to the left, the head and the knees rock to the right. Try and keep your hips and the shoulders in the same plain. And then you roll back again, and moving out, side bend, let the knees drop, good. And rock back to center, and side, rock back to center one more time, and go side, and rock back to center. Last one side and rock back to center.

Good, breathe. Couple of breathes over here, good. And then let's come off now and let's move the roller perpendicular to the sidewall. Yes, good. We're gonna start very plain and simply, by placing the tip of the shoulder blades, move my weights out to the side, just the tip of the shoulder blades down, my elbows gently push against the roller. And as they push, I send the back of my wrist back and I arch, again don't break in the neck, but keep the line in the neck make it complete with the rest of the spine.

And as my hands circle down, around really push the palms towards the floor. And again, push against the roller. Get that sense of opening the sternum out and arching, and then roll down, and curve. Let's do that one more time, and lengthen back and arch, brilliant, and round and curve, good. This time, this time have the hands out there, place the hands behind the head here and deepen your curve.

Start arching from the tailbone all the way to the back of the head. And as you curl, push from the feet, curl the tailbone, the lower, the middle and lift the pelvis up. Now dare to roll into the kidney area, good. Roll back to the tip of the shoulder blades, arch the tail bone down and lengthen back. Let's do that one more time.

And curling forward, round the back, push from the feet and lift into a pelvic tilt. Now roll into the kidney area, good, roll back into the tip of the shoulder blades, arch the tailbone down and back. Can we do that one last time please. And curling round, good, lift to roll up. Move all the way into the kidney area, good.

Roll back, tip of the shoulder blades. Arch, the tailbone down, widen and lengthen back. Now roll all the way across in to a twist, Move over the roller and arch, move all the way across in to a twist, move over the roller, and you arch, into a twist curve. Over, lengthen and arch, and then curl, move over, get a nice sense of rolling over the side ribs and again, twist. And this, I get a feel of someone's pulling on my elbow, but I'm leaning back into my back ribs.

Then I side tilt and I arch, and the other way. And I curve, I side tilt, and I arch. Come back up so that you're almost a plank like position. I move into my right ribs, and I side bend to my left. and I center back, move in to my left ribs, and I side bend to the right.

Oh, delicious and center, side and then I bend it. Center, side and bend, make this a little deeper, move into your side, as you bend the left, open the right arm over that head, glide that right foot away, but lean back, and back and center, move in to the side ribs, side bend, reach the arm, reach the leg, Oh, yawn, good. Bring it back and center, brilliant. Now coming up a little higher. Cosac hands, hand to elbow, hand to elbow, good.

And I'm gonna, again make sure the tip of the shoulder blades gently push down against the roller. I'm in that wonderful scooped up curve position. And I'm gonna twist it towards you. Then I'm gonna move into a side bend. Then I'm gonna move in to an arch.

Then I'm gonna move into a side bed and I'm gonna move into a twist. And then I'm gonna curve, yeah. Twist, and remember that side bend, then move back down into the arch. Then coming up into the side bend, then elbows around and twist. Can we do that one more time?

Center, and twist, and side bend, and arch, and side bend, and twist, and curve and twist, and side bend, and arch, coming up, and side bend, and twist, good, and curve. Now, we're going to come up into something, I particularly like, really working on those ribs, the hips. Nice one with the rib cage, with the shoulders, soften the back of the neck, opening around the world. I call this around the world. So I opened my knee out, let the other drop, and I circle my arm down, round, and all the way back to the back wall, good.

And I circle it back around, down through, the knee opens, hip opens and closes. Knee opens, knee closes, circle the arm all the way around. Back and through, circle the arm all the way through, go in to that side bend, the curve, that knee, and the knee. So, open, close, circle and reach, circle back down, roll, knee and knee, open and through. And back, come back round, down that knee and good.

Now let's make a complete circle round, down, and reach back, open, down, knee and through and around out, circle back out, through, out, down and through one more time. Knee, reach cross, opens out, good. Under, around, through, open, last one, down, reach, through, open out, down and knee. Now, if you notice what my knees are doing, opens closes. Yes. As I go around.

So as this one opens, closes, and then to come back its the underneath one. That gives it the permission to come up. So just watch again, yeah. So Opens, so as it opens, it throws my arm across. I come around, I don't start with this knee, but start with opposite, down and through.

So start with the knee which is furthest away to close and center, yeah. Down and close, good. Yeah, the outside knee, which was on the floor closes, continue here, down, outside knee closes and through, cos then it kind of gets that really nice movement of the hip socket, yeah. Great. Now, let's move on to the mermaids. So what we've just done an opening of a closing of the hip is gonna come into play now.

Now I've got, I don't want it sideways. I want it slightly on the diagonal, and the movement is the hip, and the hip. So that nice movement, the femur in the hip socket is what I really want to kind of instigate. And I reach up from and into the ribs, and hip, ribs and arm pullback, hip, rib, a nice flowing action from the ribs into the arms. And then I curl back, good.

Now add on, I move out sideways. And then I twist and I bring the arm under my navel. I reach out both arms, pulling down, I lift the heart, lift the chest. I push back out, hip rolls back, curls, and I come back to center. From the hip, side, I decide to twist and my curve in towards me.

I push them both hands. I pull, I arch, I lead from the heart. Now it's my hip that pulls back, rolls, and I come back to center. Let's change sides. So, lots of moving the hips and the ribs such a great little prop to have, so much you can do on it.

OK. So hands on, the time is good. Let's just get this movement, hip and hip, play with it a little bit. Hip, hip, ribs, hip, ribs, ribs. That's the kind of action we want, good. Hip goes sideways first, good.

And the ribs lift back into the hip, the hip propagates the move, the ribs now lift, and then they place themselves over the ribs. And you move out, and then you twist, curve into the back ribs, push out from the front ribs, pull in to the front ribs, push out from the front ribs. Now our hip accentuates the journey back and through, bring the roller in if you lost it slightly and reach out and pull under, and push out, and lift the heart, lift the chest, and reach out, hip, ribs, heart, and center last one, and roll, and pulling towards you, and reach, lift the heart, lift the Chest and roll, and hip, ribs, up, out and center, brilliant. OK, guys, now put on your ankle weights. Very quick one. Do a quick leg workout because I think it's imperative that we not neglect our, our legs, and our glutes, and all that wonderful work happening around the pelvis.

Good, so, around the ankles. And this time, place the sacrum on the roller, really nicely placed, but with the tailbone anchoring over, it's really important that you get that placement, and that stays there all the time, the tailbone kind of anchors over. We're just gonna start micro rolling forward and back forward and backward, forward and back. Good, forward and back, forward and back. You can see my sacrum is rolling the roller back and forward.

Now go for small circle, side, tilt, side and arch, side, tilt, and arch, side, tilt, side and arch, side, tilt. Let's go the other way around, side, tilt, side , arch, side, tilt Lots of movement around the pelvis, good. Now open the feet out tall without moving the right knee pull the left knee towards the right ankle but roll the ribs down the floor in opposition. And then you center. And the right knee rolls towards the left ankle but extend the back of the right ribs into the floor.

Feel the opening of the diaphragm and the connection to the psoas all the way dow to the left iliacus and center again. And, as the knee pulls towards the right ankle lean the left ribs away and into the floor, and center as the right knee pulls down, lean, lean, lean the ribs away, down and center, brilliant. Now keeping the anchorage of the tailbone, lower body, lift the knees up, one, and place them down, a couple of times. And up, and down, last one through, and up, stay there, extend the legs up toward the ceiling, toes, ball, heel, flex, ballpoint. Now really make sure of that degree angle, yes, to the floor, and up, and down, up, and down.

Bend the knees just by about a few inches, toes, ball, heel, flex and push the ceiling away, ballpoint. Bend, toes, ball, heel, flex, and push. What's your tailbone doing? It doesn't actually move. It stays anchored down.

Bend, toes, ball, heel, good. Reverse it, flex, bend, ballpoint, reach, flex, bend, take the weight to the seat, and then push out through the toes, and bend and reach, last one through, bend and reach. Flex the feet, now the right leg stays constant, and the left heel circles around the right ankle. One, and two, and three, and four, and five, and six. And the other way, one, make it quite small and precise and deliberate as well.

And four, and five, and six. Change legs. Your left leg up against the ceiling, the right heel circling diligently around the left ankle, and five, and six, the back of the leg working like crazy. And one, and two, and three, and four, and five, and six. Now alternate, one, and one, and two, and two, and three, and two, and four, and two, and five, and two, and six. The other way, one, and two, and three, and four and five and six, let's go up to eight, and seven, and eight.

Now little pigeon walks and three, four, five, inner thighs working, and seven, and eight. And one, and two, hold your feet up, and three, and four and five and six, seven, and eight. Bring the left foot down and have the right foot reach down bend in towards you and extend, flex down. So cycling down and extend it, and down, good, cycle it down and extend it, and down and reverse it, point, toes, ball, heel, flex, and scoop it up and over, and two, and three, and four, place it down, left knee and down, cycle it up, good, two and three, and four, reach back, bend and scoop, one, and two, and three, and four. And alternating, but point the feet this time, one, one, two, two, and three, two, keep it going, four, and two, five, and two, six and reverse, and one two and two, three, and a little slower, and four and two, five and two, six and two.

Scissors, scissor and scissor, two and two, three and two, four and two, five and two, six and two, seven and two, last one, eight and two. Bring the feet, actually bring them down. If you lost your sacrum, find it back again. and lift the legs up, under, circle and reach. Now it doesn't, you don't have to touch the floor.

You can make it quite, you can make it that small, but if you can reach around down, reach around and down and reach around down, last one through, and reach around and down. Bend and just rock, just rock from side to side, release any tension, the sacrum, good, and then draw the right knee into your chest. Let's do a quick stretch, we're warmed up, so we might as well use that. Yeah, elbows wide, drawing the knee into you, opposite hand pulls the knee across and you've got a really nice side stretch. Open the back arm, feel the openness of the back.

Breathe into the back then, rolling yourself back, heel onto your hip, soften down, breathe all the way through. And unraveling this foot, either bend this knee, as you stretch into a hamstring stretch, or stretch it out, whatever works for you. Grow into it. Bend the knee of your standing leg, bend into your happy baby position, half a happy baby position. So heel over knee, pull the knee down to the armpit and stay there.

Then when you're ready, stretch the legs out, and then stretch the other leg out so you can get nice deep adductor stretch, breathe into it. And when you're ready, bend the standing leg, and move into pigeon cross, get that nice sense of widening out, if you want to cradle the leg do so, whatever works for you, it can be that small, it doesn't have to be too big again. Work with what you have, and then place the knee behind the ankle and draw, draw the whole leg onto the chest, stay there, breathe. Again, your tailbone reaching down. Now as you extend the leg, this is when you can round through the lower back, pull it in towards you, round, deep.

And come out of it, good. Let's try the other side, and draw the left knee in towards you, pull breathe into the back. And then the hand across, pull it across, big stretch, open, open the arm out, feel that shoulder soften down. Then rolling back, heel on hip, open into half a Lotus position. If you can gather the inner thighs together.

Then when you're ready, unravel, bend this knee, to get the stretch, all stretched out. Bend the knee and into happy baby, we're trying to get the knee down to the floor, just behind the armpit. Then when you're ready, stretch, and stretch the standing leg out as well, big opening out. And when you're ready, bend that standing leg. Find that wonderful sense of wrapping around, or just hold on to the ankle.

Whatever works for you. Again, your tailbone rocking over the edge, all the way through, then place the knee back, again keep that tailbone pulling away. And when you're ready, unravel, and then round through the lumber and the sacrum. Your body, pull it in towards you. And come out, good.

Rocking on to the side, placing the roller all the way out in front of you, on to your front guys, let's go into upper back extension. Plant the hands on the roller and just soften the elbows down. Yeah, now, as you breathe out yawn the legs out, stretch the arms. Really glide the scapular, get them, but get them really wrapping around, stretch. Then pushing down against, glide them back, lift the heart, lift the chest.

Move back out from the sternum into the armpits, really stretch them out. Get the little pinky to spiral around, and bend, soften and release, again, pushing out, grow out, move out, move out of the scapula, then still wrapping around, pull in towards you, lift, bend the elbows, push up, grow that little higher, yawn the legs away, good, and reach, keep reaching out. And then soften down, and again, reach out, yawn the legs, pull down and lift, bend the elbows out to the side. Reach that little taller, reach, keep reaching, lower belly off the floor, lower belly off the floor, lower belly off the floor. Good, and down, now bring the wrists on, we're gonna spiral, now let's make this quite small first, spiral, bend the elbows, lift the heart, lift the chest, turn the thumbs around.

Reach into your back ribs, head drops down and you lengthen out, grow. Little pinky spirals When the elbows, lift the heart, the chest, stretch, dive the head down and through. I call this swimming, breath in, push round and through, good, and bend, breath in, and round and through, breath in, little pinky, thumb round and through, breath in, little pinky thumb round and through. Let's reverse it. Turn the thumb, straight arms, curve into the bra line, lift, bend the elbows and stretch, and curve, bend, reach and stretch.

Turn, curve, bend, reach and stretch. Turn, curve, bend, reach and stretch. Brilliant, moving on, into the cat, in the cat position, spine nice and long, widen out, tall, good. And our fingertips just at the edge, and start the little pinky, start rolling the roller away, chin softening on the chest. Lean into your back ribs round, and let the arms lengthen the spine out.

Turn the thumbs down, palms down, lift the heart, lift the chest, little making spirals. Reach back out tall. Now curve the tailbone, gather from the inner thighs, and roll up. Start again, little pinky spirals, head down, and you reach out good and tall. Turn the palms down, lift the heart, lift the chest, little pinky spirals, reach tall, tailbone, inner thighs curl, and you come up.

One last time through, curl, unravel, reach, pull, lift the heart, lift the chest, and reach and curl, roll and center. It's gonna take my leg weights off, you can to, got a little carried away. I'm gonna finish off with splits today guys. So, we've done that nice, kind of wonderful rolling through the cat. So gonna have my right foot on the roller, good.

I'm gonna start by just, very tall, and out of my thigh, I'm gonna flex and roll the roller away and bring it towards me, roll it away. So I'm gonna get that nice connection. The tracking, the foot, to the knee, to the hip. Now, I'm gonna roll my head down to my knee, my little fingers on the side of the roller, and I'm gonna lean back, then as I roll the roller out and I'm gonna stretch everything out tall, be open, lift the heart, lift the chest. Then place the knee on, head onto shin, rolling up and I arrive, and again, head to shin, leaning back, then I wanna go roll.

And as I stretch out tall, yawn, then curl under, roll, and I come back to center. Let's change sides, same thing, foot, the first one just allows me to kind of find my placement, and through, and reach it under and through, good, again, one more time. Roll, and through, good, from here I'm gonna roll my head down to my knee, lean back in the curve, go with it and reach out, Lift the heart, really stretch leg, lift up tall, lower the knee, soften, roll and come up. And now heel through, and come down, roll, reach tall, push off the hips, square the hips if you can, and then place down, roll, pull up and arrive. Turning around, here we go, right foot on sideways.

Now, I really want an open angle, so what I want, is I want you to sit your, your sit bone down onto the heel, yes. So reaching out, flex and bend, reaching out, flex and bend, reaching out, flex, sit back onto the heel. See my, I'm keeping my alignment through, yes. And sit back on to my heel, and I come back through, let's add a port du bras, sitting, reach away, and pull back through, and go reach all the way through, and come back, go down and center. Let's change the other side.

Good work guys. Plain and simple, rock, just get that feeling that, rock and sit, and pull through, rock and sit, and pull through. Adding a port du bras, big side stretch, and under, and go lean, and pull back, and through. Good guys, very nice, good. Now for a most deserved rest, let's kind of go back, that was good work, really good.

Let's go back again to that rocking. You've done all that work, so again, start releasing, releasing the pelvis, all those muscles that wrap around, ask them to not let go, they've done their work, so just rocking, and rocking, rocking, maybe add a nice side bend, and side bend, good, and last one through side bend, and then coming forward, just again, reaching down through. In this position also, I normally have one hand over the other, I've got a fairly kind of big nose, just allows my nose, a little bit of freedom to kind of soften over. And again, now this is really kind, open your knees out a tad more, not just as I had them. Be aware this is around your, your pubic bone, your sternum, they're quite kind of, they're tender areas, yes.

And you hold a lot of trauma in these areas. So as you're gonna rock from side to side, just be aware of, yeah, not giving yourself too much pain, or if you feel a little kind of, I don't know, if it's off putting stop, just stop the rolling, just stay there and breathe. But I, I, I really like breathing around that because there's so many attachments, yes. Now I wanna kind of get that openness, make them aware that they're allowed to kind of slightly release, good. Its a great myofascial kind of release.

We never kind of lie on our fronts on our roller so it's a nice way to kind of bring attention there And then stop for a moment and go back into breathing. As you lie over here, breathe into your back ribs, as much as you can, imagine you're carrying a knapsack on your back, and you're breathing into this knapsack. And as you breathe out, breathe out, softening the front ribs and almost melting over the roller, open and breathe into your back ribs. And then on the out breath feel the front ribs soften and release, last one. So breath into your knapsack as long, as wide, as deep, as you can.

And then slowly, very slowly, let the breath out, very slowly, because that kind of lends you moving to the parasympathetic nervous system. That's when the, the calming effect kind of starts taking place, long, long calculated, out breaths, and again, last one, through. And that soft, but long and leased, and letting go out breath. And in your own time, when you're ready, just gently start pushing against the floor and roll yourself up. And sitting aside there, let the arms drop, the little pinky spirals, the middle finger reaches the arms up to the side.

There's no effort in the reaching. As our hands come up into a prayer, feel this prayer land and glide down the front of the crown of the head, the third eye space, the lips, the throat, the heart, the navel, the pubic bone. And down, one more time, breathing and feel your wingspan as it opens up into the heavens. And as it kind of gently floats down and lands on the crown of the head, third eye speaks through it, heart and be very grateful, and release. Feel the length of the spine, feel the openness, the back ribs, feel the softness of the joy.

Again, feel the openness, and yet you worked through all the different joints, be aware of them, but, but be aware of the softness and the willingness to move at any given moment. So there's this, there's awakeness of that, they are, they are completely alive, and open to any suggestion to move in any direction. That's what you really want. Good guys. I thank you so much for joining me today on the roller of the chakra, I call it the wheel of life, it is, because we're constantly kind of evolving.

Yeah. And it's our aptitude to change. That's, what's really important, how we kind of really move with it. I thank you so much, yeah. Thank you.


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Lovely, luscious workout on the foam roller, really enjoying your fluid, graceful progressions. I live in Goa, it would be wonderful if you'd come "home" for a visit sometime to share the Garuda Method with us with a course/workshop or just a class with you in person would be great! Appreciate you sharing this with us on pilatesanytime. Thank you James
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Another great class thanks so much . 
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I look forward to every one of your classes. I have never straddled the roller before, my sits bone attachments really needed that. Thanks for a unique foam rolling class - Loved it!
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Wow!!! Love, love, love!!!! Fav so far in your series, love them all but this one❤️❤️
Another wonderful flow. Thank you :)
James D'Silva
Thank U so much for U re wonderful comments and enthusiasm ... Really appreciate it all🙏🌹🙏
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This is most thorough Spinal Rotating, Hip Opening, Shoulder Stretching Class I have ever taken. If you don't balance well on a foam roller, I guarantee that will improve with James's expert instruction and the hour of practice. Superb Class I will take again. Thanks Again James:) 
James I can’t wait to take this class ! do you suggest a softer foam roller as opposed to very firm ? 
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Beautiful challenging class targeting all the myofascial meridians. Love that we were moving in all 3 planes of motion.
James D'Silva
Hello Deborah, our foam rollers at Garuda are custom made taller, wider and firmer. However the softer smaller rollers suffice sufficiently ..🙏
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