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James D'Silva wants to bring out the best of you. This class starts off with wonderful and fluid spinal movements to warm up the body to move into advanced full-body exercises with lots of repetitions. Even though this work is challenging, James encourages you to not worry about finding that perfect shape but to work from a place of honesty and listen to what your body needs in this very moment. You will be working your legs and upper body hard! "Defining the work that is happening within me"
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May 12, 2021
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Hello, I'm James D'Silva, the founder of the Garuda method. And today I'm gonna take you through a Garuda reform workout. So, join me and enjoy the process. Come along. I'm gonna start with my foot bar down to start with.

All the way down, and I've got one red spring. Now, you might want to play a little bit with this. Either a red or blue. Again, it depends on different kind of reformers, the strength of the spring, but I want a fairly strong spring. This is gonna take my weight.

So, I'm gonna start feet parallel. Nice, open back, feet planted into the ground and chin to chest, I'm gonna roll all the way down, hands reach the edge of the reformer and I wanna curl out from my sacrum all the way into my lower back, into really nice forward stretch, good. And keep the arms pushing into the trolley as I curl from my tail when I roll back up my spine, and then I walk back. Let's do this a few times. And pelvis releases into my lower back.

Move all the way up and through into the arms and then keep pushing as you curl from the tailbone. Open the lower back, the middle, the upper, and then rock back to your center. And again, pelvis, ribs, arms hanging into the movement. And curl, roll, and come back up again. Last one through. Pelvis moves with the lower back into the ribs, into the arms. And stay there.

Glide the scapula back, squidge the shoulders in and reach out forward. And two. and three. And four. Last one through, and five.

Now lets circle the shoulders around. One, and two, and leaning here, into the trolley through and four and five. And reverse the movement. Back squidged, keep it squidged, lift up and down, one, good. And two and three and four, breathe, and five. Now stop there and again curve again from the tailbone move into the lower, middle, upper back, and roll back. Same way, moving out through the spine into the arms. Lean into the trolley.

Lift the head, lift the chest. And on the ribs into the armpits, into the hands, reach out, curl and roll in towards. Stay forward. Pelvis, lower, middle, upper, head. Lift the head, lift the chest. And wide enough in the back, ribs, reach out, good.

And then curl and roll froward. One more time, ribs reaching forward. Lift, the head, lift the chest up and backwards reaching out. And curl under, and the very last time. Reach out, and lift the head, lift the chest and push out forward and keep leaning till lower, middle, upper, head. And then rock back into yourself.

Moving to waves. We bend the knees arch through the spine, belly, elbows lean out of the legs. Curl and roll back. Bend the knees and the elbows arch push out through, and wave yourself back. Make this continuous. And head arches, and pelvis draws you back. Pelvis, lower, middle, head, arches, good.

Curl back. Start the movement in the pelvis. Pelvis, lower, middle, upper, head, and pelvis curls you back. Now rolling out forward. Head. And you come back on this head curves in towards you. Lean forward, had arches and pulls us back.

Head curls and leans forward, head arches and come back. Last one through Head curl forward, head and arches back. Good! Roll up for a moment to just have a little bit of a breather, Now you should to feel the back nice and open let's move on. This time, roll down, going to place my right hand across my left hand over, move out the same way moving out all the ribs out into a twist. Have the top arm resist to pull you back onto your center. Pelvis moves into the ribs, into the arm. Stretch, curl back, get up, and then rock yourself back to center. Pelvis moving up all the way through this time as you glide the arms back look over the shoulder Lengthen up, stretch those side ribs out curl under, and come back, again, pushing it, reach out lift the head and lift the chest still leaning forward.

Push out from those ribs, curl from the tail bone Pull back, last one, through, reaching out lift the heart, lift the chest, push out. turn, pull back, and soften. Rolling up. Let's move to the other side. Left hand, right hand over.

Moving out, stretch out long, tailbone curls and move, round and center. Moving from the pelvis into the ribs, into the arms and the head aligns itself with the movement. Pull back from the tailbone, round and come back pelvis reaches out into the ribs and the arms. Get that twist. Come out, looking over, move from the side ribs deep in your twist. Good.

Curl back from the back, hip, roll, round and center Moving our hips, ribs, See if we can move out of that peripheral. Lift the heart, lift the chest, move out into the peripheral and pull back from the back hip round, curl. Good. Come back. And center. Great Okay. This time, lets place the left foot on. All I want to do is roll the head down the arms reach all the way to the end of the carriage.

Stretch the leg out and move forward with the leg resist with the hands as you bend the knees to come in and again, reach forward and lengthen out Now is this with the hands as you curl back, curl back, curl back and moving out tall, breathing in bend the knees, lift the heart, the chest and pushing out long and tall here and resist, resist, resist, beautiful and aging pushing out and bend the knees, lift the heart lift the chest and push out. On the way back my hands resist, but my foot pulls the trolley this time, as I reach out, good. Lengthen. As I bend I circle my right arm back around and I circle forward. I circle my left hand back around I go forward. Back around from the back and down. Back around from the arm and down pull back, resist.

Roll up, bend and take the arms up foot to knee and place down. Brilliant. The other side. Foot on. Find your standing leg, ball of the foot at the edge. Roll down. Hands on, near the edge, stretch the working leg and move out toward it Bend the knee, lift the heart, lift the chest, reach out from the leg all the way out the back of the hands resist the balance. Push away, but my foot draws the trolley and again, reaching our tall bend the knee lift the heart, lift the chest.

Push out. And resist and curl through. Again, pushing a tall and bend the knee lift the heart, Lift the chest. And push up, and through. Now let's add on pushing out again. As you bend the knees, circle the arm up around back and forward then through. And the other, bigger, around. Good.

And forward and through And arm back, all around, good. And forward and through. And arm back, around, and forward and on through. Resist, coming back. Rolling. Circling arms, lift foot and push down. Brilliant. Okay.

I'm going to move into half a spring. Half the weight of what I've done. And we've done a bit of pushing, now lets do a bit of pulling and we're going to work, it's always based on pulling and pushing. I like to work in that kind of rhythm. So your knees either have your knees against the bosses look closer in together and your hands reach all the way across bars all the way through, And you're going to start by plain and simple pull forward, one. And back. Two, and back.

So I've got a flat back over here, and three. Keeping that nice tabletop position, and four. In all the way forward and lengthen out of those armpits five and, six, two more, seven and last one the knees do nothing. They just kind of come along for the ride. Now, stay there. Now the knees work, one and two and three and four.

Back just stays where it is. five, six, seven and eight. Now the legs reach back and arrive good. Now add both those together. Pull the arms, pull the knees release, and arrive. Pull the knees reach, and back.

And up, and pull. Reach back, and arrive. Two more. Pull, bend into it, release, and reach back, last one through pull and, under and release and back. Good. Just don't change anything. Just round the back, round. Same thing, pull over in the round position and we're going do six of these two, fold.

Don't lose the curl position deep into, three. Every time you come forward, four, good And five, and pull Six stay there, six putting it one, two, three going to keep in front of the armpits. And four, and a five, six, let it roll back up. And pull with the arms, pull the knees release, and rock back four of these. Pull and under. Don't loose that tailbone curling under sensation And pull, and under and release, and back and pull and under, release and back.

Brilliant and arch through the lungs. Good same feeling. And pull out, without the bend, and reached back. I'm sorry about that. I was trying to get away with it and pull all the way forward, and release back and go hard, well over the edge. Good. And back, and again forward and back.

Make this your sixth one, forward, good and back. One more to pull and stay there. And the knees, all, one and two and three and four and five and six. Reach back in the arch. Good. You pull yourself forward and the knees and reach back and one, pull yourself forward. And knees, reach back, and two, and pull yourself forward.

And knees, release, and three, Pull yourself forward and knees, and reach, and four Last one, pull yourself forward and reach and out, and back. Well done. Just sit. Nicely stretch, all the way through And just release all the way, the arms, the head, softening down, move out of the lumbar spine. Breathing into that low back. Good. And roll up Now we're going to move on to a bit of legwork.

This time, bring your foot bar all the way up and I'm going to go for a single spring. Full red. Now guys you can choose to have a red and a blue as well, depending on how strong you want it, yes? So I want to kneel down facing the back of the carriage and my right foot is going to be on the foot bar. Slight bend of the elbow. I lean back into my sit bones and I push out, one. Really kind of lengthen out far, and I soften from the back, and two.

and I soften, and three soften and four. Good. and five. Six, and seven, soften, and eight soften, and nine, ten, good, eleven, and twelve, and thirteen, soften into my back and fourteen, last one on fiften, come back, take the arm out to position one soften, and just ten of these and, three. Good. And four, softening, and five, six, seven eight, to nine, last one through and ten. Come back. Brilliant. Let's go to the other side. Yeah, it's a bit of a workout you can manage it. You lean back and go, push, one, Yeah. So I really reach out.

There's a small extension and I soften back. My back ribs two, three, soften, and a four, and a five, brilliant. And the six, down, and seven, soften, and eight. Good, and nine and ten, five move here, eleven. Remember to lean back into your legs and there that push that push forward will really work through. Especially the standing leg.

It really would work the glute beautifully and 15 take the arm out. Good. And one, soften and a two soften, lean back, three. And this arm also pushes, four so it's not just dead over there. It helps you move across. It's softens. It pushes against the headrest and it pushes and down, three more and eight soften, and nine, last one, and ten coming back. Brilliant. Well done.

Okay. You turn sideways and dow the same thing. So right at the edge foot on, and again, I lean in I lean in and I push out, one and I soften in on my knee and two, it's turned out, yeah? And, under, and the three and soften, and four lots of work happening and soften and, five brilliant. And a six and, seven and eight, nine, ten, five more to go and push, eleven, move into the carriage and then away, into the footrest and away into the footrest and away into the footrest and away, good. come back in and reach the arm up for one, lean back and soften, two, and soften, and three and soften, four, and five, lean back and soften and six, soften and seven and eight.

Two more, nine, last one through, and ten, grow and soften back. Brilliant. Okay. Walk around to the other side give my leg a bit of a shake. Quite intense work, it's quite hard. All right. Foot on, knee on. Start by leaning in, push away, one, and under and two, and three and four.

Brilliant, and push out five, push out six and push out seven and push out eight or you see, I'm oscillating from side to side. I'm opening my left ribs up. I'm softening to my left opening them up, and twelve. I'm also using my hands to push the counterweight and drawing them in. So my arms work as much as my leg and 15, good, down open, lean back, one and soften, lean back, two, lean back, three and soften, lean back four and soften a five and soften and six, seven, lean, and soften, eight lean, nine.

My right arms, a constant ten, pushing, and under Brilliant. Good. Putting my leg under and well done again. Walk around, give your leg a little bit of a shake. Good. Let's go in for some knee stretches. Good. Now, I got a red spring on again, over here.

And I'm going to start out very far here. Again I'm going to start out in a curve, all the way through with my arms reaching up trolleys almost at the edge. And I'm going to draw the knees towards, one and two eight of these, three, four, work today, sorry guys. Five and six. Good, seven don't loose that lumber curve and eight, keep the legs there Pull yourself all over the carriage and back, one.

And over, and back two. Bravo. Over and back at three. Over, I'm really hitting the back of the carriage, five, good. and six. Keeping that curve through and, seven, good, last one through eight and stay there. And one more under reach, bend, curl, and push out and pull forward, reach, and under all the way push out forward, and pull all the way push out, and forward. Good. Reach and curl under and push up.

Flatten the back, wide open keep that natural kind of spine, lengthening out tall and start, one knees all the way in two, keep that tailbone slight lifted behind you. Three, four, and five and six and seven and eight, Bravo, forward, one. Need to do a least eight of these guys to get some kind of work happening around the serratus around this nice obliques, the lats all a nice work from the back. Six, seven, last one through, eight. Good reaching back.

Stay there. Bend in, push out, pull, one and reach back and in push out and lift. Flat back and under and out and flat good and push out, last one, bend in and push out and up and good. Now my last move is with an arch. I find this really quite difficult.

Bend one, just to keep reaching out to that tailbone. Good. Along the spine now, arching up, three and four, and five, and six, and seven, last one, through. And eight, a long set guys, but bearing with me good, arch, one and reach back in the arch. And two, and back in the arch, three, back in arch and four, keep that tailbone curling up five, Six reach back, two more, seven back, last one through, eight and back, bend, push forward and back. Bend. Push, and forward and back, bend push forward and back.

bend push forward and back. Guys if it's too much just cut the numbers by half and forward, and back, now, dive the head up, arch and curl through each and back. Yeah. Waves bend the elbows, come up straighten the arms and reach back. Bend the elbows up. Curl. And down.

Yeah. Waves, and up, curl reach back, up. Curl, bend the elbows. Pelvis is pushing back, pelvis Springs your forward pelvis arches back. Pelvis curves forward. Pelvis, arches back pelvis curls forward Pelvis arches back.

Now more ribs out and right back. Ribs are to the left. Oh! And back, And ribs out of the right, and back. Ribs out left. Good and back ribs out right, Arch, left and curve and arch, and left and curve, good and right arch, left and curve The other way, ribs arch, right and curve And left, arch and right and curve And last one through, lift arch and right and curve. Bravo guys pull up.

Wow. That was pretty full on guys. It definitely got me into a sweat. Good. Okay. Then walk around a bit. Circle those arms around That was a good strong shoulder work.

Unfortunately, I'm going to take you one step further to your shoulder work and we're going to do a downward dog series. Not a very long series, I'm not giving you the whole series today but something that'll just kind of challenge you to a certain bit So we're going to start into, I've got a spring, I've got spring and a half, A red and a blue. And again, as I push out I find my chest, softening onto my shinbones but I want to push from the back of my heels. I want to push the trolley away. I really kind of get that sensation on the back of my legs working, keeping that sensation also splay your toes, if you want to open, lift your toes up. That'll also be fine by me.

I want you to start by as you coming from the pubic bone up towards the tailbone for, one and, two and, three the back of the neck long, a four, a five, a six, oh seven. Every time I come up I lift my sit bones higher and higher, and higher, and higher. Good. And you go to my arm pits wrap, run, good tippy toes, same thing, tippy toes. And as I come, one, and two, lift and the sit bones, lift key thing is that tailbone connection, four, and five and six and seven last one through and eight come back down. Now for the next one, I want to send my left leg out behind me and I want to send my right arm just off and one and two, three just off four and five and six and seven and eight.

If I've thought I've had enough take the left leg out to the side one and two and three and four five and six, two more, and a seven and eight. Bring the leg back. Guys that's a little tough. Yeah. So play with it again. It doesn't have to be perfect.

Play with it a couple of times to see where that takes you. And here we go. And I have my arm off and I'm coming in. One and two and three, just at 94, Don't get any higher five and six and seven and eight, When I got to the side, and one, arm out to the side, two, and three and four, five, six, two more, seven and eight bring the leg back and brilliant. Just going to roll up for a bit, give myself a bit of a rest. Maybe shake my legs out walk in place.

See how that feels. Good. The next one, I call this the runners downward dog. It helps when I've got to stop the machine. So this moves here, but it's still locked up. It's all locked in the space.

I go for one spring and I hang my front leg forward just over the edge of the toes and the back leg you're up in high heels. And as I push away, I want to arch up. And as I come back, I want to round my back flex my front foot and pull back into it. pushing down and arch, coming back and pull, and pushing out, out and lean come back, round and pushing out, and lean come back and brilliant. Lets change sides yeah?

As I push out, move into the arch as I come back, flex, roll into that curve, Good, and pushing out, and arch and coming back flex, and curve, pushing out, arch, coming back flex curve, pushing out, arch, coming back, flex, and curve, Brilliant, good. Stepping down. And now for some prop legwork, ladies and gentlemen, okay. Now I've got myself some sticky mats. Because I'm going to place them at the edge of the footrest and the carriage.

I just, because there's going to be a lot of work. I'm going to do way actually wedge my toes right At the edge of either platform. So I have my big toe wedged, again, one spring, big toe wedged here and my big toe wedged here and in parallel as I push out I'm really going to be aware of the outside of my feet And as I come back I'm going to gather from the inside of my feet. So I'm really working for my peripheral line And I call this outside line, my peripheral line. And as I come in my inside line, my divine line and these two lines are really instrumental in kind of keeping my balance but also defining the work as it happens within me.

And again, out, reach out. And I gather from the inner line, good. Reachig out And then, of course, if you want to use your arms if you want to open the arms out wide. And you want to use your arms to pull back I leave that entirely up to you. I'm going to keep my arms down for the moment reaching out and pull back. And this is eighth one, reach out, and pull back.

I'm going to add onto that. I'm going to go out and I'm going to bend the knees in through center. I going to push out from the peripheral line. I'm going to pull out from my divine line and reaching out, feel the expansive, Bend. Find that line pushing out grow from the peripheral line pull up through my divine line and go reach out and bend and push, grow, and pulled through and reaching on tall and bend and push out, grow. And I pull through, one last one though reaching out tall, bend, pull, and reaching out tall, grow, and come up. And now we're going to go into that skater's lunge reach out and one, stay down, and, two and three, good, and four brilliant and, and go five and two, go six and two, last one through, seven and two and eight to come back up again and going on tall bend in and reach, bend to the other side good and reach and pull back to center.

Four of these. Reaching out and in, and reach and in and reach and in and reach come back tall, and again reaching out and bend and reach and bend and reach and come back tall, last one through. Reaching out, and bend and reach and bent and reach, good, and pull back up, done. Good. I'm going to walk my foot back a little bit. I'm going to my move my foot from the edge all the way to the side of the headdress, back parallel. I'm going to reach out into a side split down and I want to pull back up for one, moving out, side split, two, and come back two reaching out for three, sit back, good and three good, and reaching out down, sit back, four last one through and reaching out, five and stepping out of there, foot down. Good.

Let's do everything to the other side. Here we go. Good. Okay. So leg down A lot of work around the legs. Feet on, plane and simple out, peripheral line working from the divine line, connection to the glutes. Out tall and tall.

Out tall and tall. I'm taking my arms out on this side. Just to kind of give you that feeling of growing out, the expands, as you come back gather everything in towards the center. Two more, out, and pull it around pull up to your center and out good. And from the bend, both knees push out, grow from the outside and come in and reach out and bend both knees, push out and pull into center and out bend and push out, center, last one, out feel the back ribs open, bend, and up, push out, grow and center now go to that ice skating motion for one and pull and two and two, and three move across, move the body Move from the ribs. The back ribs, the side ribs, good and reach and reach.

I can make the arms reach further and reach and reach last one, and reach and eight, send the arms out wide and bend from the outside knee and center, bend the other knee good and center and draw everything up. and reaching out, bending outside knee and push and the inside and a push and pull back to center and out, and bend and reach and bend and reach. Pull back to center, last one through, and push out and bend and the grow and bend and grow, and pull back. There we go. Moving back.

Wedge your toe in and have one foot all the way around the edge, parallel and go reaching all the way out and down and come back up again for one, reaching out and down. Come back up again for, two. Reaching out and down, come back up for three. Reaching out and down, good, come back up for four. Last one. Reaching out and down, and use your inner thighs to draw you back up again tall.

Good. All right. I'm going to take you through a bit of a yoga stretch, yes? And again, you'll need your mat. I'm going to start with my left leg's points forward my right leg, slightly turn in, but I would say it at a 30 degree angle and I'm going to start facing front because the heel or the front of my heel is right at the edge. As I push out here, I move out wide and then I hold and roll back.

I use my back leg as a nice standing leg to work out of, and two, good. I come back on onto, I've really nicely wedged my big two at the edge of here. So there's no way I'm going to fall off, three, come back, three. And I move around the spiral of my body, four, and I come back on four, add on to that, I'm going to reach out. I'm going to bend to warrior two I'm going to push out, and I'm going to spiral back from my back.

I'm going to reach out tall Yeah. I want to bend. Keeping nice, I'm going to push up, grow, and spiral back. I'm going to add on, I'm going to reach out tall. I'm going to move back into a variant warrior. I'm going to push out. I'm going to move forward into an open angle triangle.

I'm going to push out and I'm going to pull back and center I'm going to reach out as I bent, move back into variant warrior and I'm gonna reach out, move in and I'm gonna reach out and pull back, grow, grow, grow, grow tall. Get back onto your back leg. Stand out of it Good. Well done. Change sides.` Good guys. Now, if you want a slightly longer stance you can move your foot a lot further forward, yeah? but it's not so much about the stance but it's how you get back onto your standing leg that's really important.

Okay? Here we go. So slightly turned in. Wedge your foot the other foot parallel facing front. Now, it's about this leg. My standing leg ,how I moved from my standing leg out tall reaching out, And then I pulled back, grow and I stand back on it. I reach out tall and woopsy, and grow,and I pull back up. I stand up,.

Reaching down and out I grow and I pulled back up on it and reaching out and down I grow and I pull back on it. I'm going to add onto that reaching out I grow I bend my standing leg, I push out and then back leg draws me up and I center, I reach out tall, Warrior two. Push out from the heel, grow, work into the back leg to come around. I push out. I grow, as I bend, I move into variant warrior and I push out I move all the way forward. I push I grow, and I come back on to my back leg. Again. I push out, lengthen out tall and go variant warrior I push out and go forward and push, I grow and coming back coming back onto my back leg and arrive.

Brilliant guys. Okay. Let's give that a bit of a rest and we're going to go out and do some arm work. Yeah, Some strap work And for these, just below for a moment because I'm going to use them in a minute. So again, just one spring is plenty. My straps, these are going to be just actually I'm gonna take my feet back because I want to get a really nice, long lean.

I'm going to start plain and simple. Just kind of hands pulling back. I want to sit back. I want to grow out of it, and I want to come forward. I want to pull.

I want to sit. I want to lift and I want to come forward. I want to pull. I want to sit, grow out of the thighs and come forward and up. And normally I do anything from eight to ten of these, yes? And this time I want to pull, I want to lean back I want to grow out, good. And forward And I want to pull, I want lean back.

I want to grow and I want to come forward. I want to pull, I want to lean back. I want to reach and I want to come forward. I wanna pull, I wanna lean back. I wanna pull and I want to come forward.

I'm just gonna cross the straps. And I want to lift to my heart I want to curve and I want to reach and lift, curve and reach and lift, curve, and reach, lift, curve, reach and lift, curve, and reach, lift, curve, reach and lift to the hips and stretch the arms. Shoulders, hips curve, stretch the other way, curve, arch, lengthen, up curve, arch, lengthen, up curve, arch, lengthen, up curve, arch, lengthen, up Brilliant. Place one strap back. Now I want to reduce my spring, voltage yeah?

So I'm going to go for half And sideways maybe slightly on the diagonal. I quite liked diagonals. Good. Hand through, as far away as possible. And I want to go to a bicep curl and reach, one, and come back, bicep curl, two and come back bicep curl, three and come back bicep curl, four, and come back Let's go for six of these, five and come back six and come back. I know I said six, and we're heading for eight.

I'm sorry. Don't do things by half. Good. Now change hands and pulling across for one and small curve back. Lean away from it. Then I unraveled it out, lean away and I unraveled it out and four, and five, and six, and lean into it, and seven and lean into it and eight, and lean into it.

Good. Now, I'm going to move back to being on the diagonal and back arm reach, twist and one back arm twist and two back arm twist and three back arm twist and four. Now go for circle, one reach back and out and back and out and back and out and back, one more, and out. Stay there. Tricep, one, and two, and three, and four, and five, and six, two more, seven last one through, and eight.

Brilliant. Good. Well done guys. All right. Don't worry about the perfect shape. I keep telling my clients it's not important but the important thing is the honest shape and the honest shape change, yes?

We try too hard soometimes you miss this wonderful kind of opening in the body. You're trying, okay, good. Arm out, I'm going to go into bicep side bend and one, and two I've moved away so I can get a little bit more traction out on the way back. Yeah? Three, good, and four, and five and six, two more, and seven. Last one through and eight.

Slightly on the diagonal. And lean away, now my knees are a little closer together. Angle out one, and two, and move and three and move, and four, good and five, and six, good! Two more, seven, last one through eight. Brilliant, good. Moving to the other diagonal guys Clean and simple and one twist and twist the other way.

And two and two and three and four and five and six circle around two, good, and up three, and up four, one more please. And five stop there and going one, two, three, four, and five, six, two more. And seven last one through And eight, good. Come around. Brilliant guys. Good.

Okay. One more piece de resistance guys yeah? Yeah. Moving to already nice we have down the opening of the legs and now Yeah. I'd like us, we haven't done something really kind of turned out. We've just one sideways turned out position. Again, I want to use, really, makes sure you use your glutes properly. A bit of legwork.

So the last thing I'd like us to do again on one spring you're going to have in Garuda work, We do a lot of legwork. I really I find that working from the legs really grounds you. So first things first, this is how the hands have the hands out wide. I'm going to stretch the leg out I'm going to move all the way out into lunge I'm going to come back on my standing leg and then I'm going to bend. I'm going to do that four times, reach, and, go, sit.

And come up top, and bend, And again, reach and really sit down and up and down and reach and sit and up, down and reach and sit and up and down, reach and out, and up and down and reach and go up and down, one more time, reach and, length out, (laughs) forgetting the noises, reaching, out, go, big side bend, and up, Reach out one more time. Bend, hands behind the head Now twist and out, and, twist Reach slightly lift the heart on the diagonal, and three, slightly on the diagonal, and the four, on the diagonal and five and reach, last one, six, and reach. Come back up. That's a killer guys. Good? You've got the furnace going with this one.

All right. The other side. Well done. Really working you hard, you're doing so well Excellent. Legs and arms, and reach out, angle, bend, and come up on your standing leg and one, reach out, angle, sit, sit, sit deep. Sometimes places those arms you kind of get that feeling of what it feels like it.

And you got to use your hands. Sometimes use your hands out, and up and back and reach and sit, and up and back, up and grow and back and, up and grow, and lengthen and back and up. And it's grow, and lengthen, and back, and up and big side bend, grow, and back, woopsie, That's threw me off at one. Sorry. Out, good. Go. Doesn't matter, keep going, up and back. Good, hands by the head, out. Push out, stay there now, bent in and on the diagonal, in, and two, in, and three, in and four, last one, and reach come up, grow.

And well done. Wow! Okay, yeah. Guys, sometimes you might lose your balance. It's only from falling that you really can learn. Yes? So yeah.

I'm all about falling and finding yourself back again. I play with, and I really also kind of push past your boundaries. It's so important. Okay. We're going to go finish off with mermaids and I love them because these are just so fluid and so kind of they feel gracious to the body. They're kind of, they're also feel you up with grace I really do believe It's a fluid like move.

Now, first things first is just get first, and get the movement of the hip. The hip rock and back Just rock and back, push it rock and back. And really pull it back Pull it back. As far back. Sometimes you might need to play something under the buttock or something under the knee to impede any pain in the knee So play along with how the body feels good. Now, first things first, just again, I'm going to start by moving the arm out on the diagonal, to push come up and move back on the other wall, That's just a beautiful reaching.

Hip drops, ribs open and opened the back wall. And again, reach, push, move across from the hip, the ribs and the arm, and go, push, the hip moves across and wade in the water, roll down, Roll up And again, wade in the water and back wade in the water and back the other way around and up around that hip, ribs, under widen, hip around and through and your hip round, and through now, sideways ribs out, sideways, and ribs are back and ribs out sideways, notice how the way the hip lifts on the hip drops. Good. Now we're going to add on, sideways arm over the head curve, bring the the arm under the navel, push up, hands on, now pull and push with the arms. So you get a really nice lift of the chest. Keep that pull and push, good.

And now spiral back from the hip, the ribs and then take the arm up and over. And again, ribs reach out, good, hand comes under the navel, hand pushes out, pull the left push the right, come up into that wonderful sense of arch. Again, push out, good, now pull the left pull the right drop the hip and then allow the ribs to come back up again. One last time through and reach out, good. And hand on the navel curve, and push out good, and pull, push, lift and reach back out again and pull just twist come up, good, arrive.

and move the outside arm all the way across. Go for a nice big side stretch. Then move into a twist sitting down. And then I lean across open up, Sometimes I even opened the arm up, backing out, Just reach back, reach back, open it get a sense of opening. And I come back. Brilliant.

Let's go to the other side. Oh, I'm gonna walk across. Wonderful, good Knee. Just that little preparation now Rock the hip rock it back. Rock it, rock it back, rock it, rock it back, good, rock it, and rock it back Take the arm out to the side.

Angle all out, all the way, lengthen and oh, way back and cut across. Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Use the hip, the back ribs, shoulder, the arm, the fingers. every little bit of you kind of moves or the space around you just opens out to you and reaching out you push hip drops, ribs, open arm widens out, good and wade through the water, down, hip ribs out and finished. And again, wade through the water, hip ribs out and open.

Good and wade through the water and be aware of the arm that's pushing as well. What happens in the arm pit area, down and reach through and push, let the scapula move out and around the landscape of the back ribs and then it softens back down again. Out and around the landscape of the back ribs Good. And back out again. Now into the side ribs out and the top side ribs to come back again and side ribs, top, hip and top side ribs now add on to that. And, side ribs, move the hand under the navel, good pushed back out again, hand pulls and pushes.

lift the heart lift the head and this pulling, pushing action. Push back out again and then pull, push open drop heart and center. Ah, push out side ribs, move into your back ribs, move into your front ribs. Still stay with the front ribs.. still push it back through the front ribs and the side up and the side ribs start opening open so much work happening around here Side ribs, good, and back ribs open and back ribs move into the front ribs open the front ribs out, move back again.

The front ribs, hip drop side ribs, start expanding, fanning out come out and good. Holding onto the side. And move all the way across the pull and pull then sitting down, sitting hip and you twist, and then lean out of it, good, and then pull out and then open. Oh, open back, back, back, back and come around pull up, and take the springs off. Just sit at the edge.

Place one heel on the front and allow yourself to just stretch. Maybe pulling the bar and just give yourself a good stretch, pull and just stretch out and again pull, stretch yourself out, last one and pull, deep. It's a rounded back. It's a rounded, open those back ribs and stretch. Change legs please, and rounds back, Ah! Push, pull.

And you sit up tall and again, rounded back open, open my kidney area and come back. Good last one through, open my kidney area, and come back. Well done guys, okay, so that was class for today. So there's a lot of legwork and a lot of leg work a lot of upper body work as well. I made you do quite a lot of repetitions, but again work with what you can work with, what you have don't go for perfection.

It doesn't exist, 20 years in front of a mirror and I realized that, but work from an honesty. Yeah. The honesty of your shape where you are at that moment on that day with that emotion it's really important that you. You bring out the best in you. Yes. Not the supposedly best but the best of you for that moment. And that can only happen when you come from a place of honesty.

Yeah? All right. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed, making this class up for you. It was a real pleasure. It comes from the Garuda repertoire.

It's a much bigger piece of apparatus, it's still works pretty well on here. Thank you again and enjoy your work out


Thankyou James, outstanding as always :)
James, I started my training with you 10 years ago and Garuda is still challenging me and inspiring me! Fantastic
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Love, love, love this class! It provides a wonderful feeling of elasticity, coil, and recoil. Brilliant work. I know I’ll be taking this class again and again.
Enjoyed it, but it was too much on my knees.  thank you
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You’re so amazing! I loved every minute of this beautiful class 🙏🏻😍
Trained in Garuda but still learning all the time, with each of your sessions. More please!
This class is my new favourite! I enjoyed this class so much and feel so much lighter. Thank you 
Elena S
Amazing class!!! Thank you very much! 😍
Creative program and beautiful presentation. Thank you!
I LOVED this class!  I want to take it again!  Brilliant.
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