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Get ready to take up space and roll around with James D'Silva. In this class, you will explore multiple directions of rolling including - micro, diagonal, circular, and figure-8 rolling movements. Your strength, flexibility, and endurance will be challenged to their maximum. This is an inspiring class that is great for you to come back to again and again to experience your progression. Enjoy the deliciousness of this spacious and rhythmic class.
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Apr 27, 2021
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Hello, I am James D'Silva, the founder of Garuda. And today I'm gonna take you through a mat work class. Yes. Let's get you on the floor. Today's class is gonna be a lot about rolling, yes.

So, enjoy. Sat on your backs. Really plant your feet into the floor, hip distance apart, one hand on your low belly one hand on your heart and just concentrate on letting go. Yes. Quite mindlessly allow the body to just relax, feel the feet, the sacrum, the space behind the diaphragm and the space behind the cranium and invite the breath into the body.

As the breath enters, feel it move into the lower belly, the belly towards the heart area, feel the ribs, extend them. And as you breathe out, feel the softening of the ribs as the lower belly draws up and under the rib cage. And breathe into the lower belly, in towards the heart. And as you breathe out, the softening of the ribs and the drawing up the lower belly, deep inside you. And again, breathe in.

Really block the ribs behind you as much as you can. The out breath allows you to sigh and soften through the ribcage as you pull the lower belly up and under. Last one, so breathing in. Hold some breaths. If you're breathing out, draw the lower belly deep and under and soften the rib cage.

Now keep the lower belly held. A couple of breaths where you don't lose that lower belly connection. Breathe into your ribs, block the back ribs behind you and feel the side ribs open, lift through the sternum. And as you breathe out and soften the rib cage, feel that lower belly drawing up even deeper within you. Last one, through breathing in and breathing out, sigh the breath out.

This time, I'm gonna move into percussive breaths where you scoop the skin of the lower belly up and under ribs. So move the hand from the heart over the mouth. Imagine this was a little vanity mirror and you wanna fog it and percussively breathing out, (James panting) pull the skin of the low belly up and under the navel that rhythmically. (James panting) It's like a panting breath. Keep the rhythm going.

(James panting) Four more, (James panting) two, three, and let the breath out completely. Bring the arms down the side. As you breathe in, block the space behind you. As you breathe out soften the ribs feel that wonderful lift of the lower belly, and again, breathing in and breathing out. On our next in breath, the little pinky of the left hand scoops under, the middle finger moves past the pubic bone, the heart, as it moves past the third eye space, turn your head out over the right shoulder and stretch the arms.

Really yawn the side out. Then let the ribs pull back the armpit, the elbow, the heel of the hand, and you pull the arm down. Breathing in. The right little pinky, the middle finger moves past the pubic bone, the heart, the third eye space and you yawn the right arm up. Really open, almost hanging off of a tree branch, then to come back, it's the ribs that soften.

The armpit, the elbow, the heel of the hand, and finally, the fingers. And again, breathing, little pinky spirals, middle finger lifts, move all the way through center. Open the ribs up, yawn it up. Ribs, armpit, elbow. Heel of the hand, and you pull down.

And right little pinky, middle finger, move through center. Open the ribs up. Widen, widen. Coming back, ribs, armpit, elbow, heel of the hand. Good. This time, let's add a leg. Same arm, same leg. Breathe in.

Little pinky spirals, middle finger reaches out. Open and yawn yourself, and then ribs, armpit, elbow, heel of the hand. Heel of the foot drags. Breathing in, the right side, and yawn, yes. As much surface as you can on your floor, good.

And ribs, armpit, elbow, heel of the hand. Let's go left hand and right leg. Breathing. This first bit of class is all about yawning out of your joints. Carry all those wonderful fascial connections to open.

Good, and the last one, breathing in. Open, open, open, reach. Yawn. Deliciously. And pull back, and center. This time, let's try both arms, both legs.

Breathing in, both hands move through center. Yawn, lean back. And ribs, armpits, elbows, heel of the hands. Heels of the feet are pulled back. And again, breathing in, good.

Reach out, and yawn, lean back. Lean against the floor if you can. And down and center. We're going to add on to this. Start at center, breathing in, reach all the way back up, good.

And now draw the left knee in towards the left elbow, pulling, good. And then reach back out again and stretch. And the right side, pull it. And you reach back out again. out the left side, pull it, reach back out again.

Yawn, and the right side, pull it. And you reach back out again this time left elbow and circle around get into a fetal position that opened right side up yawn the side. Then reach out through the other side. I'm pulling the right arm, the right knee circle the left arm around to meet the left knee, then, reaching up, moving lateral stretch and then move across and center. One more time.

Left elbow to left leg, pull and down, Moving across side, open stretch, right elbow to right knee and the curve on that. And moving out, grow out, and stretch yawn and glide the heels back ribs, armpits, elbows, heel of the hand, fingers arrived by your side Let the left knee flop to the side. You'll find the right hip goes with it. So roll the right hip back and then start inducting the left knee. And the right knee flops the side, roll back into your left hip and then close back to the right.

You know, let's be particular about how we roll back. Let the left knee flop, to roll back on the roll from the side of my face, my shoulder, my ribs, my hip, my knee, my foot. Then I adapted and my right knee flops, side of the face, shoulder ribs hip, knee, foot, and I come back. Again, left the flops side of my face, shoulder, ribs, hip, knee, foot. And I come back and flop really big very detailed side of my face, shoulder ribs, hip knee foot.

And I come back Adding on, my left knee flops my right knee follows rolling from the side of my face the shoulder, ribs, the hip, the knee, the foot. Then I attack. Knee flops, knee flops, face, shoulder, ribs, hip, knee, foot and then (mumbles) Okay. Flop, flop, and side ribs through stand and I close. And the other side flop, flop, and side, face, hip And I come back. This time, my left knee flops left, my right knee flops to the right.

Lean back, blocked the space behind you feel the tailbone connected to the floor. My left knee on the left right knee to the right and pushed back closed. And I arrived. Brilliant. Now let's add on to this. Left knee flops the side, right?

Push into the side of the left thigh. And you lift up into pelvic tilt from the heart into the ribs, into the floating ribs hip, knee, foot, and then you close back. Right knee flops the side. And you push up, good. from the heart, moving to the ribs down the floating ribs into the hip down the side of the foot, foot and center.

We flop add length, roll from the face, the heart, the ribs into the foot and you close. And, flop, reach, and roll through, out, down arrive at center. Brilliant. Keep this, we're going to bring that in a little later. We're going into small consecutive pelvic tills for start, with the pelvis.

The tailbone curls up. Just the tailbone and you roll it back down again. Tailbone, lower back, good and you roll it. Again and tailbone, lower, middle, and you roll it back down again. And tailbone, lower, middle, upper, and you stay there.

Just the heart softens down and you lift up. The heart and the middle soften. And you lift The heart, the middle, the lower good. And you lift up, you roll all the way down into tailbone and you roll back up again. Good.

Now roll up to the left scapular down the left ribs into the floating ribs into the left hip. Use the outside of the left foot to push and bring you back to center. Roll down the right scapula down the right ribs. into the right side of the foot. And you push up.

See rolling down the side of the body. Good. And you push up, rolling down the right scapular right ribs, right. Good. And you push up. I'm going to roll down the left scapula, down the left side, both hips down, and you roll up through center.

Down the right, all the way through. Good. Both hips down and your roll up And again, left roll through both hips down, and you roll up and down the right. And both hips down. Good. And you roll up. Adding on to that, rolling down the left side.

Both hips down, and I'm going to push on the outside of my left foot. Tilt the left side up. And then I center. I rolled down my right side, roll through center push from the outside of my right foot. So I can lift my right leg up.

And then I center. Roll through the left. Both hips down. I pushed from the outside of my left leg Lift the left, and then the center to the right. Roll down my right side, both hips down, push from the outside my right.

And then I center. Brilliant. Open the arms wide. Yep. I move into my right ribs. Just the right ribs. Good, and I center.

I moved into my left. Think about the ribs. Yeah. Reaching out extending out. And again, left, good.

And the right, my pelvis stays in place of that cap. So it's just the rib cage and left and it's right. Now move the ribs, the floating ribs, the head and the hip the head will work in opposition to the ribs. And you center ribs, hip, head in opposition. Let the hips move and center.

And go other side and center. And go side now come down a vertebra and weave across the other side, come down a vertebra and snake across the other side, come down a vertebra snake across. And snake and work through vertebra at a time like a snake moving past the sacrum and arrive down. Brilliant. Come back to center. This time, I'm going to add all the little things we've done so far.

And we're going to start with a little pinky spiraling, middle finger reaching up. You reach the arm up tall, grow, big yawn, and then you flop on the out breath. On the in breath, you open the arm and the knee on the out-breath you roll back from the right side and you close. Breathing right arm, right leg. They yawn and they stretch.

On the out breath, they ha they flop and they release, breathing in, open the knee and the arm out, breathing out roll with the side and you center. That one more time breathing, grow, breathing out, flop, breathing in, open, breathing out, ha, close. Breathing in, grow, breathing out, drop, breathing in, open, breathing out, close. Good. Adding on to that, breathing in and lift. Grow out and flop open the arm and the knee out, then you've done this already lift into your hips long rollback through the ribs, through the hip, and you close back to center.

Breathing in that length, reach out and flop. Open the arm and the knee out, good, move across, big yawn, from the ribs in to the waist, into the hip, and the foot. And you close, let's take one step further breathing and you lengthen out tall grow and flop, open the arms and knees out to the side, good push out tall and circle the back arm all the way around into fetal position. Circling back on the shoulder. Good, roll from the heart, ribs, hip, knee, foot.

And you center, and arm and reach out, yawn and flop, open the arm and the knee out to the side go down and reach all the way out. Circle the arm all the way down, around into (mumbles) And you circle it back around and rolling up, and you soften. And we're going to add onto that breathing, lift and lengthen the arm grow out, and flop. Open the arm and knee out to the side reaching up, from that circle all the way through and going to circle back. Still close the knee and that circle around, and open, close the knee, and open and through.

And reach again knee parallel opened the other knee. Add close, reaching out, knee close. Open and through, good. From that, reaching up there, roll ribs, hip, knee, foot, and arrive. Wonderful guys.

Yeah, so really opened up. You wept yourself beautifully out of. Hold on. I got to feel the opens and the ribs. Now let's add on let's now fold everything in and draw it up.

Let's start with the abdominal wall, clasp your hands. And I always get people to pull the fingers away in this clasp position. The elbow is reaching up as the elbows reach out, they splay open, the scapular under the back ribs start opening up, cradle the back of the head. I'm going to start gently closing the elbows into parallel tracks in the head up as you breathe out roll the head forward. Roll that back on the in breath, and breathing out you widen.

That was just to remind you about the positioning of the head. Again, breathing in, elbows close to power, breathing out, roll forward, breathe in then breathe out deep in your cuff. Roll the head back on the in breath. on the out-breath you widen. Let's add onto that breathing in to close, breathing out, roll the head forward.

Breathing in, glide the legs out and closing five, four, three, two, one drag heels back deep, roll back and wide. Let's try that one more time, please. Breathing in to close, breathing out roll forward, glide the feet out and going five, four, three, two, one drag deep in and under. And back. Let's add onto that yet again.

Breathing in to close, breathing out lengthen reach the legs out going five, four, three, two, one. Glide the right leg, like an inch off the floor. And the left an inch. And the right an inch. And the left an inch.

And the right an inch. And the left an inch. One more, right an inch and the left, good. Drag in towards, roll back, and arrive one more time, please. Closing on the in breath.

Out breath rolls you forward. Try not to lose your tailbone connection, reaching out, five, four, three, two, one. Glide lift lower and and the two and two and three and two and four and two last one, five and two. Glide deep in your curl. Roll yourself back and widen.

Brilliant, now bring the arms down to your side. Good. We've already positioned out head. We know where our head needs to go. So the next sequence is going to be a lot easier. I'm not going to use our arms only if we want to peel the pelvis and roll up through the spine.

A little pinky spirals, middle finger, reach the arms back reach the arms and roll down, yawn yourself down. Ribs up, elbows, heel of the hands. Draw the right knee towards you. And then from the left look away, Little pulses. One, two, three, four, five, change five, four, three, two, one.

Circle and close one, two, three, four, five Stretch leg pulsing. Five, four if it's too much for the back of the head, place your hand behind the head. And five changing five, four, three, two one, circle and change one and two and three and four and five. Then roll back and arrive, breathe. Rock the head from side to side for this any tension, let go of it.

Start again. Breathe, breathing up here, roll up, arms reach all the way back. Release the arms and massage the spine. Beautiful, arms come forward, curl, glide and we have five, four, three, two, one changing five, four, three, two, one circle one two, three, four, five, extend, pull, two, three, four, five change five, four, three, two, one circle close one and two and three and four and five, bend deep and roll. Rock the head.

Imagine that one more time. I'm going to do it on threes. I'm not going to kill you. Well, I want to go get that connection all the way through. Start again, please, and peel, in-breath, arms, out breath reach, even breath.

Roll on three one, two, three, and one, two, three. And one, two, three, and one, two, three, and one, two three. And one, two, three, bend. I know I've picked up the pace a little bit but you'll be able to manage. Breathe in and, ha, last set.

Take the arms back, reach and come down circle roll and one, two, three and one, two, three crisp and one, arrive, arrive, and pull two, three, changing up, two, three circle under three and arrive. Brilliant guys. Really well done. All right, moving on hands behind the head. This time, as you breathe out, glide the arm you're lying on slightly out to the side and then spiraled through.

And as I roll across, I feel as if someone's pulling on my elbow, but I'm leaning back. My side hip is down and then I roll back and two and back and three and back and four, Bravo and back down Then lift my knee up to meet the movement and back and two, bring it, and three, and back Four and back. And one, extend beat two, three, four, five Draw and drag it and deepen and arrive. And again, pull, extend, one, two, three, four, five pull deep and again pull, extend, five, four, three, two, one, pull deep. Let's go to the other side.

Well done, clean and simple rolls, one, and back and two, and two and roll, really roll, it's about rolling, yes? Keeping some flax is open the side ribs up and then roll across and good, one more. And roll. And now lift across and one and pull and good And three, good and pull, and four, and pull. And we have one, extend, five, four, three, two, one drag the heel in and center.

And again, pull, extend two, three, four, five drag and deep and lean back and center. Last one through, pull, extend, five, four, three, two, one drag and pull and brilliant. Excellent, now, for the next oblique combination I'm going to have three progressions. I'm going to show it to you. This is how it comes and goes.

Yeah, it goes one, and reach and forward and back and circle and around and down and curve and push and back. So that's the whole combination but I'd like to take it into three, take it up three steps, yes? That's the first one. Let's just go for the first. Yeah, the first one's hands behind the head.

You're going to twist you're going to move up onto your elbow. You're gonna roll back twist and lengthen back and twist come up on the elbow and curve, and back. Again, under and reach and curve, and back and twist, and reach, and curve, and back Okay, we'll do that one more time and reach and curve and back and out, and reach, and curve and breathe. Now, the second progression is in and extend and forward and back and down and pull and the feet. And here we go to the other side twist, and up, and forward, and back, and place, and curl, and under, and back and reach, and forward, and back, pull me, and curve, and back and under, and reach, and forward, and back.

And under, and close, and back. Good, right, now for the four for the third one guys do this with me slowly, twist for one, reach out two, start the kick three, take it back four now kick start rolling on your spine. Open out one to second close across the other side. Come up on the elbow, place the foot down, now gonna roll onto your back. Parallel feet, dragged the heels in, and back.

Twist and reach forward and back forward roll around the other side and back and center and roll, drag in, and back. Well done, and twist, and reach, and forward, and back and circle, and around, back and down and curl, drag in, and back and pull and reach and forward and back and roll circle the legs and reach and back and around and drag in and arrive. Brilliant guys. I hope that kind of made a little bit of sense. Yes. Good.

Cause the next the next exercise is all about hip rolls. I'm going to move you from the hip rolls into sitting up here. So, here we go. At the knees (mumbles) As you open the left knee out, the side, the right hip will automatically lift. So roll back into the right hip.

And use the duct use the side of the arm to close. Rolling the right about the side. The left hip will lift. Roll back into the left hip, and adapt the right, use the outside arm. And again, roll, roll back, and close open it and roll back, and close.

Open it and roll. Use the obliques to do that. and close, good. That and roll and closed. Then, add-on open and knee reaches out.

Use the outside arm and the inner thigh to roll you back to center. Open and close outside arm, inner a thigh to roll you back. Open and close outside arm, inner thigh to roll you back. And open ankles and roll back. Here we go.

Open, close, roll back. Good. Open, close, roll back. Good. Now the next one, guys, we have, so we actually had the knees together for this one, knees down, please watch this one first, side, roll the hip back and then bend it up. And then you pull it through.

Out, side, roll the hip down. Roll it back. Diagonal, knee's 90, and center. Here we go, and down, reach, roll, down, back, and center down, reach, roll, got my stretching the side, diagonal, bend and center. Again, down and out on the back.

Roll it out, bend, and close out, down, roll, down bend. And I'll continue into down, out, roll, side oscillation, bend and center. Rolling out, down, roll there, oscillate to the other side. Bend, roll, and center and down, reach, roll the hip out take it out the other side bend and pull it up last one through and down, and reach, side oscillating bend and pull it through center. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo For the next a little bit, again, follow me again. Everything I do in classes, I'm not worried about the perfect form or the perfect shape.

It, it's about how you connect with the movement that's been given to you and it's gotta be an honest shape. So don't worry about perfection. It really isn't that important but play with things, enjoy your process. So, we're going to all, all I'm going to do is open the knee out to the side and roll across. I got my hand against the outside of my elbow.

I push and I roll across the other side. My head stays lifted and I push and I roll, and enjoy this roll from side to side. Push and I roll through and push and I roll push and I roll, closing. Yeah. Push is the emphasis of the knee opening and closing to roll me, push and I roll. Push and I roll.

I'm gonna glide my leg out and move myself forward. Then send the arm roll back through and get up, leaver myself up, send the arm, roll. I'm going to leaver myself up, send the arm, roll, beautiful. And leaver myself up, send the arm, and I roll. Lever and down and through, good.

And lever and down and through I want to add on to that. I'll extend my leg out and sit up, good. Send the arm, roll to the side, and good, send my leg out, and I sit up, good. Bend, send, roll and send the arm, and sit up. And down and roll, beautiful and arm, and sit up, good.

And maybe I'll roll all the way around this time through and good and down, roll through And let's try the other way. And I want to roll down this side and through. Last one, and roll down around, sit up, and arrive. Good guys. Yeah, a little bit of fun little bit of a game, but it's about rolling.

A lot of it's all how you roll to the joints. So this holding off being static and held in positions in isolating, it's not really always good for you. Let's roll to the next bit. Follow me for the next roll. Hands by your side, take an in breath, breathing out, peel the pelvis up through the spine.

Little pinky spirals, middle finger lifts. Reach the arms we're rolled down through the spine arms forward, hip, fingers, arms, you sit up. From there, reach the arms to curl, roll and glide the feet back. Again, peel to roll and reach the arms back lengthen and massage the spine arms, come forward. And fingers, wrist reach maybe take what you learned and then start curling.

And again, peeling and back. That's just that same thing again. Lengthen out, good, and hands and reach for it and on the and then start curling back down, bend and add on to that, peel to roll up, take the arms up, good, reach and arms come forward and lengthen, good. From there, reach and move across and come up through and again reach and move across, come up and through. Curling back down through hands and peel, send, roll through arms reach on the diagonal, and first diagonal and through.

Coming up around the (mumbles) diagonal and through coming up around, good. And then, ha, curl, bend and through. Adding onto that, peeling, lengthen, reach and roll arms come forward take the arms back flex and twist and circling up. And let's lower one, three times, and lift and two and lift and three and lift good come down and spiral this time keep the knee bent. Stretch the leg, roll, and curl back down, bend.

And again, peel, and lengthen, reach, roll down, and grow flex out and good, and spiral, grow and lower. Lift up, one, lower Lift up, two, lower Lift up three, and come down. And roll across and chest out, foot, knee, hip, ribs, arm, head and curl bend, and arrive. Tell me that one more time because I'm moving up the mat a little bit. And peel, (breathe out) lengthen, reach, roll arms glide, lift, flex around circle all the way out and lower and push and lower and push and lower and push and arrive.

Down, on the (mumbles) Open, reach around and (breathe out) we bend through. Peel, and lift, and roll and forward and glide and curl and open out and one, reach, and two, reach, and three. Circle around, open, foot, knee, hip, ribs, head curling down, bend the right knee in towards you. That's confirmed a little bit of a stretch to breathe. As you pull your knee onto your chest, the elbows are wide.

Feel the strength of the standing leg Breathe then gently pulling the knee across. We'll open hip out. Drop that hip down and really feel the space in this hip. Then, if you can, if you want to, hold onto the foot and pull it out or just keep the knee bent it totally depends on what you want. Then bend the knee heel onto the hip and allow yourself to stretch out breathe, hold up and breathe.

Half a Lotus position now you could have your foot somewhere down there really play with what you have and then unravel and holding onto the foot the ankle or the back of the thigh, shoulders dropping down and moving to a hamstring stretch just plain and simple back the long Breathe into the back. Then bend the knee into the armpit, hand moves across the inside and very gently pull the knee down half a happy baby position. Breathe with the back, good. Then when you're ready, open that leg out tall. Don't let this hip, don't let the hip roll.

Keep the hip back, very tall. Stay there, breathe. And good. Then, from there, bend the knee hand from the outside, grab ahold of the foot. And open the hip out.

And then, when you're ready, bring our knee behind the ankle, knee to your arms, go for a nice glute stretch. Breathe into the back and unravel the foot. Grab, hold the foot, if you can and move into bending the elbows rock and center. Either foot, calf, back of the thigh, whatever. Now, pull and rock and pull and rock, last one through, pull and rock.

Brilliant. Bend, grab hold the left knee. Stretch the line. And here we go, bend. Got a nice space in the hip, you might have to wiggle a little bit make sure you track the hip, the knee, the foot elbows wide, good.

Hand pulls across the opposite side, lift and move across the opener. Drop that shoulder, drop the back as much as the backrooms, as you can block into the space behind you, the better maybe you'll stretch the leg out tall in front of you. Breathe into your back, drop the sacrum as much as you can then rolling back heel onto hip. Allow your half Lotus position to manifest itself. Now, for those of you who have a nice openness think of drawing the knees in together you'll see a lot of deep stretch out to the front.

And then when you're ready, unravel the foot, holding onto the foot, again, track the foot, the ankle, again work with what you have, I said before. Pulling, wrap and then bend the knee into the armpit, grab hold of the inside of the foot and pull the knee down, this hip will stay back. It doesn't have to come with you, it'll stay back. And then when you're ready, unravel, keep it on. Breathe (mumbles), so keep that nice wrapping there.

And then, bending hand comes across pigeon position. I pull on the outside of the foot, but I pushed the thigh away. I want to get the foot in line with my shoulders as such, then glide the knee back hands through and just I sometimes circle in one direction. Yes, let's circle in the other, just to soften around the sacrum. Now, when I'm ready, unravel, I grab ahold of the foot and I just rock back and forth rock back and forth, good, and back and forth.

And then I bend. Yeah, open. I just rock knee to ankle, knee to ankle. Relieves any kind of tension around the hips. I then go, good.

And then I decide to roll onto my side. Good. Quick side. Should be nice and open. Yes. Here we go. Hand in front.

Glide the top leg down along the bottom. Lift both legs. Open, beat, beat, close. Glide, lift, open, beat, beat, close. Glide, lift, open, beat, beat, close Glide, lift, open, beat, beat, close.

And four more. Glide, lift, open, beat, beat, close. Lift, open, beat, beat, close. Lift, open, beat, beat, close. Lift, open, beat, beat, close.

Turn the legs out. Lift, open, first, first, down. Lift, open, beat, beat, down. Lift, open, beat, beat, down. Lift, open, beat, beat, down.

Lift, open, beat, beat, down. Lift, open, beat, beat, down. Turn back again to parallel This time, bend the right knee. Open it out, tap behind, tap in front, close and arrive. Again, in, open, tap, tap, close, and arrive.

in, open, tap, tap, close, and arrive. in, open, tap, tap, close, and arrive. We have in, open, tap, tap, and now you're gonna extend the leg out forward from the navel. Pull it back, and close it and arrive. And in, open, tap, tap, and side, bend, close, and arrive.

And again, in, open, tap, tap, and out back behind you, through, close, and arrive. And in, open, tap, tap, and side, bend, and close, and one, one more time. In, open, tap, tap, extend, back, close and arrive. In, open, tap, tap, and extend close and arrive. And in, open, tap, tap, move into arrow basket.

Bend, close, and through. Last one, in, open, tap, tap, and extend, bend under, now bend the underneath leg and stretch the top leg out. We're going for another sideways stretch. So, this time, lift the leg out to the side. Now, if you can, hold onto the foot you can do all this holding onto the knee.

Yes. The side of the knee. So you reach out to tall, bring the leg out to the front again, take the leg out to the side, bend the knee, heel into your buttock, and stretch the leg out in front of the thigh. And you stretched away, have this leg at a 90 degree angle, not too wide and such. And again, leg reaches up, and circle the leg to the front in the hip socket, circle it out. Heel into your buttock, unravel the leg.

And then you reached out from the hip. And the last time through, and reach up, and fold, now this time, grab hold of the foot with this hand as well and glide the other leg out taught stretched out here, good. Pull it, place the foot down, point the foot and grab hold of the other foot pull the heel into the buttock and then stretch. And again, heel into the buttock and stretch it out. One more, heel into the buttock and stretch it up, good.

And heel into the buttock, stay there. Stretch the leg out, and then moving out into the outside. Now you're like a be somewhere over here and you could still go out and in, yeah? It doesn't really matter. What I'm trying to get, get, get you to do is work on the outside leg and work on the inside leg.

Work on stretching out through the peripheral line and through the medial and the peripheral line and the medial line, good, and the peripheral line. And medial will help us on circle that leg around, good. Pull tall and lower down. First, warm the legs up, nicely, from the hips pubic bones and hip bones pushed down and you pull just lift through this time. Lower belly off the floor, and you soften down.

Let's do that one more time, please. And bring the legs out, lower belly off, pull. And down. Breathe in, pull, circle the arms to lengthen out tall and curve. Pull out, good.

Glide the right arm back, push and look over the right shoulder. But I lean into my right hip and lengthen, bend, lean into my left hip, good, and stretch. Pull the elbows into the floor. Arch forward more and soften down and again pull, and reach, curl under, pull, arch, and right elbow back, stretch, and center. And stretch, and center bend, arch, widen, and soften.

Good, sit back onto your heels. Go for a really nice long stretch. Breathe into your lower back. Good, and everything to the other side. Good work guys.

Bending the legs, good, tall and we have lift, open, beat, beat, good. Lift, open, beat, beat Lift, open, beat, beat Three, lift, open, beat, beat Four and five six, seven, eight, turned up, lift, beat, beat two, beat, beat three, beat, beat four, beat, beat five, beat, beat six, beat, beat seven, beat, beat eight, beat, beat Turn the feet parallel, in, open, point, on, close, and down. In, open, tap, on, close, and down. In, open, tap, and close, down. In, open, tap, and close down.

In, open, tap, and (unintelligible) Close and down. In, open, tap, and delayed close and down. In, open, tap, and to the back and forward, close, and down. In, open, tap, and (unintelligible) close, one more time, please. In, open, tap, and forward back, close, and down.

In, open, tap, and extend in pus and down. In, open, tap, and behind, posse, in, and down. In, open, tap, developing passive, close, bend the underneath leg, stretch the top leg out get a nice sense of length, and then moving up from the side, remember, either the foot or the knee and rotate forward and back heel into buttock stretch the front of the thigh out, grow out of it tall. Pull it back, and reach. And again, lengthen out, and forward and back and heel into buttock, pull through, all the way back and down.

Awesome! And reach and foot, now grab hold of the foot and stretch the under leg out taught. And placing the foot down. Yeah. Reach out tall, bend the back knee, and pull and stretch and lift. And again, pull and reach and pull and reach and pull, stay there and come, moving from the outside foot and moving to the inside, moving to the outside, really roll around through it and move it to the inside and the outside and the inside, and the outside, good, and the inside. Get the foot around again, moving into that nice back extension that we went through earlier pull, rotate, lengthen, curl, extend, glide the left hand back, twist and look over, yawn that, and center.

Pull, yawn and center. Wrap and come back. And again, pulling, and reach and curl, and yawn, yeah? And from there, glide the left, reach back and push into the left hip as much as I can. And center.

Bend, push into my right as much as I can, and center. Wrap, pull myself forward, yawn away, down, and arrive. Sit back onto my heels, give myself a good stretch. Breathe into the back as much as you can. And I said, I asked you to block the space behind you.

That's the same feeling as you breathe into your back block the space behind you. And, like blotting paper, yes. Back onto your back, guys, good. This class is a lot about rolling through outside, inside, some was micro rolling. Some was pretty full on, good.

Place one hand, on the lower belly, one hand the heart. Go back to the beginning of class Feet parallel, sacrum wide, space behind the diaphragm wide, the space behind the cranium wide. Hands on, just close your eyes for a moment and follow the rhythm of your breath, Again, don't push it and don't pull it, invite the breath into the body. Okay, and then host the breath out. Let it go in his own time, again, invite the breath into the body and host, now that last step is that really important now that you've done all this hard work, yes.

The body now really needs to move into parasympathetic mode Let healing take place. So spend time with your breath, spend time with yourself. Yes, we always kind of think it's about the work it's about the work. No, it's also about letting the body do what it needs to do after you've worked, yes? So the body has its own wisdom.

So allow the bodies to get there and do its works for a moment. Allow yourself to just lie here and just follow your breath. Yes. Easier said than done. Yes, of course.

So as you breathe in again but have a quality have an emotion very often as I breathe in, I breathe in joy. I really think about I'm joyfully breathing in and I'm breathing out with such gratitude I'm happily breathing out such so grateful for so much. The in breath is a breath of joy. The out-breath is my breath of gratitude. Two more breaths in and be aware of the pause between the in-breath and the out-breath and then the out breath.

Don't feel you have to breathe in straight away, again, that pause, breathe in, dive into those pauses. And the breathing out. One last breath, please. That in-breath of joy, each sending your body tingle with joy. And then as you breathe out allow the breath to leave you with a sense of gratitude.

A sense of relief. Yeah. You've made it through one more breath. Gracefully, graciously, good guys. And turning around, sitting up. Okay. That was a slightly different class.

Yeah. So a lot was a lot of time was spent rolling and again micro rolling from side to side diagonal rolling, yeah. So a lot of that was around, circular rolling. Some of it was also figure of eight rolling. So again, please play with it. You got to have a sense of humor when you do all this work.

Yes? And I wish you a lot of that. So thank you for joining me. And I hope I see more of you. Thank you.


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Great class. As a female I would feel so much better watching that if you wore either longer knee length shorts or leggings/trousers. When I teach, I always ask male clients to not wear too short shorts or baggy shorts. (for obvious reasons!!) I guess its a similar thing to a female wearing a very low and revealing top while exercising. I don't think its something we need to see and for me detracts from  all of your good work. In particular your style as you are writhing around all over the place. I am sure I can't be the only one thinking this.   
James D'Silva
Oh Dear Gina, I guess watching Mr. Pilates teaching in his rather short swimming trunks bare chested must have set you back considerably... I’m sorry to declare that I will not be changing my style of teaching or dress attire to a address a puritanical view of clothing. I m sure there’s more to life than such detracting thoughts 🙏
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Thank you James - another awesome class! I am so appreciative of the style, variety and challenge you bring. Your attire does not bother me at all - the human body is magnificent. This is your class - you are wonderful just the way you are - keep being you! Namaste.
James D'Silva
Thank U so much Robin🙏 these words mean the world to me.🙏
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I just finished the class, James. That was some cool stuff!!!! I feel so open and relaxed and loved all the rolling. Especially after simply allowing the movement to flow through my body, everything made sense and felt natural. I am looking forward to next week's class!
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Love your classes James . More please when you can ! You are a new discovery for me . Very thankful .
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What a delightful class!  I feel much more relaxed and energized!  Thank you!
What a great and inspired class... keep going! Lovely greetings from Switzerland ❤️
James D'Silva ....hmmmm you have perhaps not quite grasped what I meant here. I am in no way seeing the world through a nuns eyes! The puritanical comment made me laugh!  Its an entirely different matter altogether.  I did enjoy your class, I  just wish I didn't have to stare at a man in very short tight hot pants.  But hey, each to their own.   
Fiona O
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Thank you for a great class. This class works well with the recent James Crader series. I love rolling around and finding joy in the movements. This will be a class I’ll return to. 
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