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Expand your muscles and your mind on the Reformer as Tash leads you through the seventh class in Rediscovering Strength! You'll warm up on the Reformer, focusing in on your center, then travel your attention from your toe to fingertips. Spend some time honing in on how you're connecting your arms and legs back in to your powerhouse and how that relationship allows for more freedom in the body. By the end you're feel spacious and excited for the next class!
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Welcome back to Pilates Anytime. I'm Tash and we are gonna move our bodies on our reformers today, you're gonna need your long box and you're just gonna need a willing and able body to stick with our theme called expansion today. So for now, I've got my one very light spring on for the warmup. Why don't you join me. As we sit down, we face the back of your carriage and you're gonna position yourself in the center of your carriage, not too far back and definitely not to far forward.

As you reach forward for your straps, I'm gonna ask you to lengthen your spine and just invite your abdominals and your back to greet each other in this position as we start with some spinal articulation. So why don't you inhale with me. As we exhale, let your pelvis tilt and tuck and you roll back just moving your spine, exhale, exhale, exhale. Inhale pause here. Exhale, then move and articulate your spine forward and extend up for the last bit of the spine work.

Inhale again, exhale, tilt that pelvis. Deep flexion of the lower back, moving and rolling and rolling, inhale, hover and hold find your stability and then we exhale. Roll up, shoulders over the hips. then extend up three more. Inhale, exhale, deep flexion.

Allow your deep abdominals to move your spine. Find your control, inhale and we exhale to roll forward and lift up. So instead of our pelvic codes, we are sitting and articulating. Two more, exhale, deep flexion, rolling and press all that stale air out of your body, inhale guys and we exhale to roll forward. And lift up one more inhale and we exhale, deep flexion.

Rolling down, rolling down, rolling down. We're going to pause for the inhale and you're going to exhale only roll up halfway. Stay here we breathe in. Lift your right leg up, exhale, inhale, tap down. Exhale, lift and inhale, tap, three more.

(exhale sharply) And exhale two and exhale one. Let's swap sides. Five exhale up, inhale lower, exhale lift all while staying stable in your torso, two more, (exhales sharply) and one, hold it yeah, breathe in. We're gonna exhale. Keep the carriage still and swap the legs.

Inhale and exhale. Single leg changes. Keep those abdominals close to your spine. Exhale four (exhale sharply) and two and one. Lift two legs up for me hold it here.

I'm going to challenge you. You need to connect deeper into your own lumbar flexion. Feel the abdominals, not the back. Breathe in, as you exhale, lower the feet, lift your spine forward, extend your arms, open your chest, expand that heart, out and out and out. Exhale, lean forward and roll back.

We just speed it up. Inhale, extend and lift. Move the arms forward. We exhale flow down, down, down and we inhale roll forward, continue to inhale as you extend up, two more please, exhale. Making sure you set yourself up with that light spring.

We're in a warmup phase. We wanna get those stabilizes to wake up. You guys last one, exhale, exhale, exhale. We inhale, roll forward. Open the arms to hold it here.

Lift that sternum. Lift that sternum, extend and expand. Open your heart a little bit wider and then we move the arms forward. Rotate to the right side. We exhale, roll down to the right side working the obliques.

Inhale forward, hold at the side. Exhale to roll down, down, down and inhale, inhale, inhale, three more. Exhale, deep flexion. And inhale forward and lift, two more. Exhale, articulate down and inhale to roll up one more.

Exhale, roll down, down, down, hold it here. We're going do eight pulses on the diagonal. Exhale one, exhale two, working deep not big moves but deep movements. Four, exhale five and six, two more, seven and eight. Hold it inhale.

Roll up, rotate around to your opposite side and exhale. Roll down, down, down. Inhale forward and exhale down and inhale forward. Three more, exhale lower, inhale left and two more. Keep your knees in the same test so that pelvis stays still.

And one more exhale, exhale. We pass up for eight, exhale seven. Keep your abdominals close to your spine. (exhales sharply) Five more deep abdominals. (exhales sharply) and three, exhale two and one, pause and hold.

Roll forward to the center and we're going extend your arms out again. Hold it here. Your arms are in your T position. You going to press that brace bone up, expand your chest up to the ceiling, inhale forward. Let's do four more, lift and reach and extend.

No tension in your shoulders. No tension in the traps. Three more working from your back, working from the shoulder girdle. And two more open the chest, open the chest. Keep the abdominals engaged.

Last one you guys, lift and reach and reach and come forward, lower back down. Place your straps down. Swing your legs off to the one side and come and add on your three heavy springs for your foot work today. So we are going to ramp it up. If you feel your body and your pelvis can maintain the stability, go on three heavy springs and we are gonna go through the full Bursey footwork series.

Make sure you lying in your supine position. Just check with your hands that you're lying in the center of your carriage. Shoulders are wedged in, pelvis is neutral, heels on the bar. We breathe in. You find your hip extensors and you send your legs away.

Inhale, come back. And exhale brace out. Inhale, resist, exhale, reach, inhale back. And remember you are in control of the equipment throughout. Three more exhale, inhale back.

Exhale two more (exhale deeply) and one, hold it here. We going to pulse out for 12 pulses but before we do that, I want you to activate every muscle around your femur, your quads, your abductors, your adductors, your hip extensors and then we go up for 12 and 11, and later see hip extensors initiate the pulse. Eight, seven small but deep, five, four, three, two and now full hip and knee extension. Are you neutral in your pelvis? Are you neutral in your spine?

And then resist, come back all the way. Bring your balls of the feet on the bar. Remember the heels are raised up, we inhale. Keep those heels still as you extend your knees and inhale back. Exhale, hip extension, inhale resist and we exhale, reach, reach, reach, inhale back.

We can never get tired or bored of the foot work. So keep feeling and assessing your alignment even though you can't see it you should feel it. Three more, and resist, exhale, two more and back. Last one bend and hold it, activate those leg muscles. Are you sure you committing?

And we pulse up 12, 11, (exhales sharply) eight, seven. Feel the back of the legs. I'm not interested in the front. I'm interested in the back, three, two and extend all the way and come back all the way in. Draw your heels together.

Let your knees go in or your thighs going into external rotation and we stretch out and back. And we all know there's always a little bit more that we can commit to. So when you get into your full extension, pull those adductors together and bend in. Exhale, draw, draw, draw and in. Five more, exhale and back.

Exhale four. Give me that last bit of muscle connection over the adductors, over the knees and exhale stretch, inhale in and last one and hold it here. If I was in your room and I came to press your knees down you would be resisting me. Squeeze those heels. We go for 12, 11, 10, nine, eight, seven, (exhales sharply) six, five, four.

The pelvis stays stable. Two and one full extension. Draw those adductors together. Quickly check that your pelvis is neutral and we come back all the way. Great work you guys.

Bring your heels to the wide placement of your bar. Exhale, extend your legs and draw those adductors together, inhale, bend and we exhale draw. Feel like your heels are pulling towards each other and back exhale, reach, reach and in. Exhale, long hips, press out of the hips and back. And exhale stretch and back.

Four more reach, reach and resist back. Don't let the spring ride you in, (inhale deeply) two more (exhale sharply) and one more. Bend halfway, hold it here. Same principle, don't let your legs collapse out to the side. Feel the tension or feel the connection on those adductors and we pulse 12, 11, 10, nine, eight.

Come on be intentional about these pulses. Don't be wild. Five, four, three, two and stretch out all the way. Draw those heels in. Come on guys a little bit more into the pelvic floor into the abdominals and come back all the way.

Great stuff, toes wide on your bar. Inhale, exhale, press out, press out, draw in and come back. And exhale, exhale, exhale and inhale back. Breathing out, lengthening out. Hopefully, those shoulders are not taking any strain.

The power comes from the pelvis in a stable position and the legs, not the shoulders. Three more exhale, exhale, inhale. Two more exhale, exhale and one more, bend halfway hold it here. Check that that pelvis is neutral you guys and pulse up one, exhale two, three, four. Come on work those legs with stability.

Seven, eight, nine, 10. Two more, one and two, extend that out. Draw those adductors together and come back all the way. Bring your toes parallel onto the bar. Ready for your calf rises.

Your calf rises. Exhale, extend, lower your heels under the bar, exhale rise up. Again inhale lower, exhale rise. Inhale lower, exhale rise. Inhale, inhale and rise, rise.

Inhale, inhale four more. (inhale deeply) (exhale sharply) Remember the alignment is important here, two more. Inhale full flexion, full rise. One more and hold it up. Push your right heel under your bar, bend your left knee and get the full ankle flexion of the left leg.

We rise up and we change and we go up and change. We inhale and inhale, exhale and exhale. Inhale and inhale. I love this exercise. It's so functional.

Keep moving through the parts of your feet. Inhale, inhale, exhale, pelvic stability. One more set. Exhale, exhale, rise up. Bend your right knee.

Push your left heel under the bar. Hold it for a stretch, breathe in and ease into the stretch. Press down and hold. One more inhale (inhale deeply) and exhale. (exhale deeply) Let's swap around inhale and exhale and one more and exhale.

Rise up, bend your knees and come back all the way. Stretch your legs over your bar. Let's transition with the roll up. Lift your head and chest. Flex your chest forward and roll up.

Swing your legs off to the one side, remove your one spring and we're gonna go into your single legs. So do heavy springs if you're okay and you can maintain your pelvic stability then I'll be happy. Place your right heel on the bar, left leg is gonna stay bent, simple and straightforward but we're gonna work those hip extensors as you extend the leg and back. And exhale, exhale, inhale. Remember the aim is to not hear the runners make a big noise when you come in.

That means you've got great stability and control of your equipment. Two more (inhale deeply) and one, bend and hold it. Lets do six pulses, one, exhale two. Find those hamstrings three, exhale four and five and six, stretch out all the way, hold it here. Place your left heel on the bar.

Find the bar. Find the bar with your left heel. Press into that left heel, bring your right knee up off the bar. We inhale come back. We exhale stretch out.

Inhale to bend, exhale press out, press out. Inhale to bend, exhale press out. Two more in and reach out. One more and extend bend halfway, hold it. Check the pelvic placement.

We pulse six, five, four, three, two and full extension. Bring the right ball of the foot onto the bar, press into the rises, the left knee comes up and we come in, in, in. Exhale reach, inhale bend. Exhale reach out. Stay with me guys.

We're almost done with the footwork, exhale and bend. Three more, exhale and resist back. Two more, keeping the left leg nice and control and one halfway bend. We pulse and pulse and three and four, back of the leg is your focus. Five and six, extend hold.

Place that foot down. Bring the right thigh up and bend in, in, in. Exhale, reach out, inhale to bend. Exhale, reach out reach out, reach out, inhale bend. And three more guys.

Resist back, exhale two and in. Exhale one halfway bend. Find your hip extensors. We pulse six and five and four, three, two and one full extension place both toes on the bar and resist in. Drag your carriage in by contracting the muscles around your thigh.

Move your legs back over the foot bar. Reach your arms up to your ceiling, breathe in. Lift your head and chest up. Exhale to roll yourself forward. Bring your legs down and we are going go move into our abdominal work.

Take one heavy spring off. So you're only left with one heavy spring. We're gonna do abdominal work, hip work and your spinal articulation on the same spring. Okay you guys? Well done, well done, well done.

Lying on your back. Make sure you've got space between your shoulder wrist and your shoulders, so you don't get all squashed in there. Bring your hands into your straps and we're not just gonna lift the feet off the ball. You're going to engage your shoulder stabilizers to bring your hands in line with your shoulders. Now lift your right leg of your bar.

Bring your left leg of the bar. Your carriage should not have moved underneath you. We're going to inhale. Keep your chest down. Only extend your arms down towards your hips.

From here flex at the elbow as if you were doing a little tricep extension and then this time as you extend your arms, you're going lift your head and chest and crawl forward. Inhale, flex the elbow, lower the head down and we exhale. Flex the chest up, reach the arms towards your foot bar. Inhale to lower back down and we exhale. Lift up, curl up, curl up, curl up.

That humerus is not pressing on the carriage. It's in line with your shoulders. Inhale to lower back down, three more here. Then we're gonna extend the legs and lower back down. Exhale, two more.

This is abdominal work not neck work and lower down. One more, exhale, flex, flex, flex, flex and inhale. This time extend the legs. Exhale, reach out, reach out, hold it here. We're going lift your arms to 90 degrees.

Open and circle the arms around. Bend your knees. Bend your elbows again. Exhale, extend your arms, extend your legs. Lift your arms, shoulders stay down.

Circle the arms, draw down into your hands and bend lower back down. Let's go again. Exhale, chest lift up, hundreds preposition. Lift your arms up to 90, circle. Draw with your lats down and bend lower, three more.

Exhale, (exhale sharply) Lift the arms. Eyes stay forward. Pull down and bend. Two to go. Exhale those abdominals should be working. (chuckles) Lift up, circle, draw in and back down.

Last two, exhale lift, arms up to 90, circle around, circle around and bend. I hope your abdominals are working with mine. One more, exhale. Lift up, circle around, stay here, bend your left knee. Exhale change, single leg stretch and we do six.

(exhales sharply) Keep lifting the chest, work the abs, three, two and one. Bring both knees, deep in the flexion and lower back down. Great work, place your feet on your bar. I just need to, saying to myself here. We're gonna do one more abdominal exercise you guys.

Place the tension back in your straps. Lift your legs up off the bar. Keep the abdominals engaged. We're gonna breathe in. You're going to exhale.

Come into your chest, lift. Reach your right leg away into the single leg stretch. We're going to swap the legs. Lift the arms to 90 and exhale. Inhale, exhale.

(exhale sharply) Inhale, lift the arms. Exhale on the press. Inhale, lift the arms. Exhale on the press, hold it. Bend your knee.

We swap legs. Reach the left leg, arms up exhale. Inhale, stay high, exhale, three more and inhale. Lift those chests higher and two more. (exhales sharply) Last one and exhale.

Bend both knees. Lift your chest and lower back down feet on the bar. Well done everyone. Wow, let's extend two legs away. You're on one rate spring.

One full spring, one heavy spring. Place your right foot in your strap. Bring your leg to your tabletop position. Press into that strap as you lift the left leg up keep the carriage nice and stable. Bring the knees together and then move into your frog position.

So making sure you are going to stabilize with your pelvis on the light spring but I'm also going to encourage you to expand your range by working a little bit further down than normal. So exhale instead of pressing the legs out to 60 degrees, see if your pelvic lumbar stabilization can maintain and then lower the legs to 45 degrees. Exhale and inhale bend. Exhale, reach, reach, and bend. (exhale sharply) And three more exhale, exhale inhale bend.

And two more and bend. And one more from here plan to flex your feet, lift your legs to 90. Can you deepen the flexion in the hip, but keep the tailbone down? Then lets circle the legs, abduct and move around. Maybe a little bit wider than usual, exhale.

Let your hip joints move. Keep the pelvis as quiet as possible. Exhale down and around and exhale down and around, three more. Press from the back of the legs and use your inner thighs to come together, two more. And around and one more in this direction and around and around ready for the reverse.

We abduct, exhale. Draw together and lift up. Inhale open, exhale draw together and four more. Enjoy the mobility in those hips everyone and three and lift and two and lift. Last one, hold it here.

We're going to inhale, abduct your legs, exhale, lead with your heels and pull the legs together. I'm shaking. (chuckles) Inhale, open, open that Pilate shake. (laughs) Exhale, draw together. What's going on? Four more, inhale, inhale, inhale and exhale draw the heels together. Two more inhale, inhale, exhale.

Draw the legs together one more. Inhale, open and open, exhale. Draw the legs together. Bend your knees for your short spine. Extend your legs away everyone, press into your toes.

Bring your legs up and over your heads till your carriage hits the stopper. Then exhale articulate that spine up, up, up, up, up. Bend your knees, keep the back high and exhale. Roll down, roll down, roll down. Dorsey flakes and bring the pelvis to neutral.

Again, exhale send away. Inhale move the legs over your head. Over your head. Exhale, articulate your spine up, up, up, up, inhale. Bend your knees to your chest.

Exhale, roll down, roll down, roll down. Flex your feet and come back. Two more, extend and lift, up and over. Exhale, roll your spine up. Inhale to flex at your hips.

Exhale, roll down, roll down and enjoy that freedom in your spine one more before we go into your long stretch. And we go over, over, over. Exhale, roll up, roll up, roll up. Inhale, bend your knees and then roll down through your spine all the way back. And we go, for your long spine stretch your legs away.

Inhale, bring your legs to 90 degrees. Exhale, articulate that spine, rolling up without your carriage moving, abduct your legs. Open, open, open, and roll down and down and down. It's so important to get the legs in the right position before you roll your spine up. So let's go again, inhale to 90.

Keep your carriage still. Don't shoot up, take your time. Using your lumbar flexion deep abdominals, lift, lift and lift. Inhale, open and roll down. Exhale, slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly as we control our bodies and the equipment.

Two more please everyone, inhale to lift. (inhale deeply) and we exhale articulate up. There's my little shaky leg going again. Inhale, open the legs and roll down and down and down. Circle the legs around one more.

Inhale, inhale, inhale. Let that pelvis move posteriorly, curling up, rolling up and lifting up. Use your glutes here, abduct your legs and then we roll down. Exhale, exhale, exhale to your neutral pelvis and circle your legs around. Bend your knees towards your chest.

Take your right foot out of your strap. Find your foot bar. Bring your left foot out of your strap. Bend your knees. Place your straps back down and we're gonna do a roll up to bring yourself into your seated position.

Arms to the ceiling, inhale. Lift your head and chest and we roll up exhale all the way. Great work you guys. I don't know why my leg is shaking but anyway we're halfway through the session. We're going to stay on your carriage.

You're going to come into your full body integration. Block and then we'll go into the stretcher. So come and bring yourself into your seated kneeling position. You can change your spring onto a very light spring. And we're going to do your knees stretch, flat back, knee stretch, round back.

From here, lift yourself up off the heels. We're going to keep the spine straight. Inhale and exhale draw it in. Inhale and (exhales sharply) and get the rhythm and the dynamic of the exercise going. Exhale and exhale three more.

The pelvis stays still, the shoulders stay still, two more. (exhales sharply) And hold it here. Draw into your lumbar flexion, keep those abdominals lifted and we go. Inhale out, exhale forward. (inhales deeply) (exhale sharply) and a strong upper body.

Strong upper girdle. (exhale sharply) Feel that your legs are disassociated from your pelvis, three more, (inhale deeply) (exhale sharply) and two (exhale sharply) and one. From here, change back to your one heavy spring. Take the light spring off and just step down for the sake of safety. We're gonna move into your elephant.

Up stretch one, up stretch two and then we're going to do the up stretch three. We are flowing and we are expanding bringing our repertoire together. Place your hands on your foot bar. Step your feet up. Place your heels firmly up against your shoulder rest and find your up stretch position.

Your head is in line with your spine and I want to encourage you to expand and extend and lengthen that spine. Let's go, inhale back with the heels. Exhale forward, hip flexion, inhale and (exhale sharply) And while you down there, make sure the alignment of your ankles and your legs are perfect. Three more, exhale two. Exhale one, keep the carriage home.

Rise up into your up stretch one position. Inhale, hips extend back. Exhale, draw forward. Inhale and exhale. Now sink into your shoulders.

Press back into your shoulder girdle (exhale sharply) and keep that spine straight. Two more inhale. Then we move into the up stretch two, one more. And from here we go. Press away, lift the sternum, strike your pose, lift the abdominals and exhale.

Bring the carriage home. Inhale, lift up, lift up, press out of your shoulders. Exhale to come in, in and in and inhale lift the breastbone and exhale. Pull in, two more. Inhale, inhale and exhale.

Pull in one more, inhale and hold it. Are you in your most accurate front support position here? Let's go into up stretch three. Moving forward into the long stretch, all the way, all the way. Abdominals pull up and press back.

We lower the hips, lift the chest, travel forward, leaning forward, shoulder stability, abdominals and pull up and extend back. Again, inhale to lower, finish each movement. Make sure each movement is crisp and clear. Exhale to lift, one more. Inhale to lower, travel forward, forward.

Lift out of this gaps and we exhale press back. Lets reverse it. Move yourself over your foot bar, on the exhale press yourself away. Lift your abdominals. Bring the carriage in you guys.

Inhale, travel forward. Keep the carriage still, keep your carriage still. And exhale push out, lift initiate with the abdominals and draw it in two more. And now forward, and we exhale back and pull the carriage in one more. And forward and hold inner core, inner core shoulder stability, press your carriage out, lift your abdominals and come up all the way.

Step forward and step down. Great work you guys. We're going into the back splits. I'm gonna change my spring. I'm gonna put my very, very light and my very light spring on.

So it's just less than a heavy spring that works for me and my hamstrings. Otherwise, one heavy spring or one light spring, I'm gonna leave the choice up to you. Placing your foot on your shoulder rest, your right foot and your left foot is going to press up into your foot bar while it is in external rotation. Place your hands on your shoulder rests, organize your spine, lengthen your spine, breathe in and we extend that front leg away, and we inhale bringing it back in. Exhale, extend away and we inhale, bring it back.

Let's do two more. And then I want you to bring the awareness into the foot, that's on the foot bar. Hold it here, stay here, hold it here. Don't press back into your heel guys. Push forward, so you're actually expanding the range of the ankle which is going to challenge the whole body in this position.

Bring your hands onto your carriage if you can. Keep tucking your head in as you bring your carriage in and hold the position. Oh my goodness! What a beautiful sensate? Sorry, I just noticed that in between my legs. Yeah, I had to share that with you.

One more breath and then slide out forward, lower, lower, extend your back. Bring your hands onto your shoulder wrist again and bend your knee from here. Here is my challenge to you. Press your front foot back into the foot bar. Hold it here.

We exhale, press the arms forward, inhale back and we exhale forward, inhale back. Four more. (exhales sharply) Three, exhale to weigh those ankles and one, hold it. Step the left leg forward. Yes, beautiful and we extend and extend, inhale bend, and extend and extend, inhale bend two more.

(exhales sharply) And in and one more hold it. This is my problem hamstring, but it's in a good space today. Hands on your carriage. And we pull the carriage in and hold it inhale and exhale, shoulders back. Inhale and exhale.

One more break. Then slide it forward. Lift your back, use your back extensors, bring your hands back onto the shoulder race. and I feel we have to do one more balance control front. Hold it here, hold it here.

Let's go into the leg ball front. Why not? Let's have a variation. Exhale extend, inhale down. (exhales sharply) Keep your hands over your shoulders or underneath your shoulders.

Three more, exhale two and one, place the foot down, inhale. Point your left foot off the bar. Exhale lift, inhale lower. (exhales sharply) And three, are you in your full plant of flexion of the toe that's on the bar. Last one, hold it down.

Lift your hips into a little up stretch then bend your knees. Place your feet on your carriage. Nice and safe and step down. Well done you guys. Amazing, good work.

We stepping into our arms series. Let's have you on your light spring. Your very light spring for your arms kneeling series. Please, placing your knees on your courage towards your shoulder wrists. I'm gonna get you to take your hands thread them through your straps and hold onto your straps.

Don't just yank your body up. You're gonna breathe in. You're gonna exhale. Do a pelvic call as you articulate and lift your pelvis up off your heels. Inhale from here, we exhale, pull the arms back.

Inhale forward and hold. Exhale move from the back of the shoulder. Keep your chin parallel to the floor and exhale. Exhale, inhale and exhale, Reach, reach, reach. Inhale, feel the triceps.

Two more exhale, exhale, inhale. And one more exhale, press back, press back only come back towards your hips with your arms. We're you gonna breathe in. You gonna hinge back as your arms lean forward, your pelvis leans back. Exhale, lift up to your starting position.

Inhale hinge back from your hips, lifting your arms, lifting your arms, stay out of your back and pull forward and lift. Three more, inhale, hinging, lifting the arms, lean from the knee, from the knee, from the knee and lift up and hold two more and inhale and inhale. Keep your abdominals close to your spine and lift up and hold one more lean and hinge and hinge. Hold it here and then pull up and forward and lower your hips back down. Unravel your straps.

Place them back down and turn yourself around to face your foot bar. Flex your feet into your shoulder wrists. and remember you're not gonna die for it because you've got a strong core and you've got a Pilates bind. The same thing, we articulate that pelvis up off the heels and arrive for your arms circles. We exhale, extend the arms up towards your ears.

Turn your palms to face your front then circle and lower the arms down. Exhale to lift up, rotating the shoulders and open the arms. So for my own body, I'll always have to remind myself to use my adductors, here, otherwise I just naturally go into my little default lumbar extension, which is not great. One more, adductors pull up into the pelvic floor, into the abdominals and we reverse the circle. Exhale, pull up, rotate the palms and lower down.

And again, for more circle wide. Moving through the shoulders. Lower the arms where the palms to the ceiling and up and hit this position. Hold it, hold it. Feel your core, draw the shoulders down, then lower down two more and lift up each position.

Finishing each movement is so important. One more, and lift up and circle and lower down, down, down ready for the triceps. Place your hands on the crown of the head, extend upwards and inhale to bend. Exhale reach up, up and inhale bend. Think of your chest lift on position.

The elbows are to the side in that peripheral view. Your abdominals are holding the stability in that spine with your back, with the partner and two more and down, and one more and down. Extend your arms and lower down. We will just finish with the arms right there. Amazing, great work everyone.

Step down of your carriage. You're gonna bring your light spring and add a spring on. So I've got a very light spring and a light spring. So not quite the full one heavy spring, just slightly lighter just for this side work. So place your hand in the center of your foot bar.

You have an option to start from your kneeling position, if this is new to you. If you feel you have the strength, flexibility and awareness, you're gonna bring your underneath leg to the first head race. You gonna lift yourself up and you're gonna arrive in your star prep or your side plank. We're gonna go into the side bend. So first we extend back, inhale, exhale, pull the carriage in, go into that C curve.

Reach your arm over your head in how fly away. Don't fly away, press the weight. Exhale up, cool, cool. Feel those underneath obliques working and back, three more, and pull in, then curl up and stretch. Keep your chest open two more, brace and brace.

Draw it in, lift up and over and back one more and exhale, breath away. Inhale back lifting up and over. Come back to the star position and lift your top leg up off the carriage. We're going into hip flexion, kick, kick and we reach and we reach, exhale, exhale and reach three more. (exhales sharply) Stability, stability, expanding your repertoire.

Joining exercises, boom, boom, and reach, reach, reach place the foot down and bring the carriage back in. Well done, you guys, hopefully you felt your shoulder stabilizers and those obliques work. I'm gonna turn around, excuse my back. Place your hand in the center of your football. The leg closer.

The shoulder is closest to you. Comes up, see, and the underneath leg comes onto the shoulder wrist. You're not gonna jump up. You never jump up. You press up, you stabilize, you find your brave and you commit.

Bring the top leg on. We press out, inhale, exhale over, reach and stretch, come back and press away and back and stretch up and over, up and over, three more, exhale. Slide the carriage away. Inhale, bring the carriage back. Exhale, tilt over, straight over, inhale back.

Two more, (exhales sharply) keep lifting your hips. Keep lifting up and over and down one more, and brace out, brace out, draw it in, lifting up and over and come back holding it here. Lift that front leg up and out to the side. Exhale, hip flexion, inhale back. Four more, inhale and three.

Press out of the shoulder that's on the foot bar Two more and keep the height of your leg. and one more and back, bend the knee. Place the foot down and bring yourself safely back down. Awesome work everyone. Come and lower with your foot bar down for me, please.

Where you're going to place all your springs on your gear just for safety. And you're gonna bring your box on top of your carriage the long way. All right, we all know home stretch guys. We all gonna expand your heart and open your chest as we get into our back extension. Come and lie in your prone position for me, with your breastbone over your box.

You can press your hands into your carriage. Keep your legs together. On your inhale, extend your spine as if you were doing your basic extension in your mat work. Exhale to lower back down, two more, inhale extend and extend the next thing and exhale to lower down. One more inhale and extend.

Now activate your glutes. Use your hamstrings. Keep your abdominals lifting up off your box. As you bend your knees and circle your arms to hold onto your ankles. We're going to extend and lift up inhale, inhale, inhale.

Exhale, lower back down. So I know this exercise is not available to all body. So please be very mindful if this is for you today. Four more, abdominals lift. Press your feet away from you and lower down by using your glutes, lift your thighs, press away, away, away, and lower down.

One more, with a surprise lift and hold, hold and hold. Bring your body halfway down, extend your legs, reach your arms into a T. Continue circling your arms forward. and we lift the right arm and the left leg. And the left arm and the right leg, and we swim, swim, swim.

Exhale, inhale, and exhale and inhale and exhale. Two more, two, three, four, five, and exhale use your extensors. One more and exhale, hover and hold, hover and hold. Hover and hold, binge your elbows. Place your hands on your box.

Draw your knees in, pull yourself in and finish in wrist position. Holding the position here, we breathe in. Hold the position. Press your pelvis to your heels. Inhale again, exhale.

One more inhale on your exhale. Lift yourself up, press your knees out to the side. and let's just do one beautiful deep flection of the spine. Come to your neutral, extend and lift your heart forward and forward and forward. Come back to your neutral and step yourself down, off your box.

Incredible work you guys. Well done, thank you so much for joining me. I hope your body feels balanced. I hope your body feels organized and just have a beautiful, beautiful upright day.

High Intensity Workouts: Rediscovering Strength


Sara Ellis-Owen
Another fantastic class- thank you!! Xx
4 people like this.
Your classes are amazing, as are you!!! More, more, more, Please!! :) 
3 people like this.
Dear Tash, amazing class, my body and mind needed this...  As always,  love your movement and cueing so much, thank you! 
2 people like this.
great class , we want more coming up please!
2 people like this.
Balanced and organized!!! Thank you very much, dear Tash!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏻
1 person likes this.
I am having crippling sciatica (thought it was hip, turns out its a disc or 4!) and this pulled me out of pain. Wonderful class.  Also, it freezes up throughtout the video - but the audio keeps up, and the cueing was spot on! 
1 person likes this.
Beautiful movements.  Excellent cueing.  Loved the class.  Can't wait for more. Thank you!!
Elena S
1 person likes this.
Wonderful class! More please 🤗
1 person likes this.
Just what I needed! Thank you!
2 people like this.
Amazing class Tash. love the cueing and the fact that you really challenge me to go deeper! Would absolutely LOVE to see more of your classes!
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