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Mat Workout

60 min - Class


A great addition to your traditional Mat class! Master teacher Kathy Corey incorporates Standing Pilates utilizing exercises from the archives of the original work while offering contemporary movement patterns as well. Kathy is sure to challenge your balance, flow of movement and control in this fun yet important variation on class. This 60 minute class includes 30 minutes of standing work and 30 minutes on the mat. Your Teasers were never this effortless!

Hear Kathy talk about the history of Standing Pilates in this short video.
What You'll Need: Mat

About This Video


So welcome to my class on standing polarities. I have been, um, teaching standing Palladio um, from the beginning of my career, which was over 30 years ago and when I first started tea...


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fantastic class!!! learned lots. thankyou diana holyoak
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Kathy, your understanding of Pilates and ability to communicate it with your students was brilliant!! I was able to connect with my core during this session more than I ever have! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us!!
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Loved your class it helped me with my posture!
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The standing exercises are amazing! Thank you
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Kathy - Thank you so much! The class was hard, but so wonderful! To echo Tina-Marie "I found my core". What encouragement. So grateful we have access to your teachings.
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EXCELLENT CLASS!!! My body needed these extended stresses...and you made teasers 'feel' so much better.
LOVE this class. Very different, and unique stretching. Thank you.
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Oh wow- I can actually lift my legs after more than three teazers!
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Great class! I love your approach to Teasers and loved the side leg lifts and push-ups. Very different and a great workout! Thank you!!
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Thank the re-education on "my" teaser..not like anyone else's!
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