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Set your intention and let's flow! Kristi Cooper sets you up for success by focusing on centering and supporting your body. In the beginning, you work mindfully through your footwork to build a strong foundation for the exercises to come. Enjoy your Reformer workout and make it feel good for you!
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Aug 03, 2021
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Welcome to class everyone. I am so glad you're here. There's many times I've said, it's just enough to show up and most of the times, I agree. Today, I just feel lucky to be here. I hope you feel that too.

And I'm lucky that you're here with me. So let's just get going, shall we? Take a deep breath. Just wherever you are, whatever you're doing, you came for a reason, let's make it good. Set your intention now.

I'll do the best I can to fulfill it, but you're kind of in charge too. Just hang your arms. Stand on your feet. Feel as tall as you can, whatever that means to you. Inhale.

And exhale. Just sorta let go. I don't know what that really means right now. Sometimes I have... Just have to like try for that and then we're going to stop trying.

That's gonna be kind of the theme. Inhale, maybe shrug your shoulders and do what you do all day and then just let it go and see what happens. Nothing? Try it again. Inhale and exhale.

I'm gonna turn sideways just for one and then we're gonna move to the edge of the reformer and go into some roll-downs like, if take my classes, you know I like to do. It's a measure. We inhale. We're tall. We're just sort of like feeling our space in gravity.

Feeling our space, taking it up. Exhale. Roll yourself down. Bend your knees if you need to, right? You're gonna take care of yourself.

Once your fingers are down, however you got there, make sure you're not leaning way back to do it. Make sure you're not hyperextending. Just actually don't even make sure of anything. Bend your knees. Exhale.

Straighten, hang heavier. Can you let your head go a little bit more? Inhale and exhale. Inhale and bending my knees. They're coming towards my forehead so I can around my spine almost as if I was doing a child's pose, I guess.

Exhale, hang your head heavier. One more. And exhale. Get as straight as you can without suffering. Like there's no suffering today.

But do find your feet on the ground 'cause that is what's gonna route the rest of you. Go through your ankles. We're rolling up. We're gonna go through your knees. You're gonna roll through your thigh bones, your hip bones.

You're just gonna really just stand up is all you're doing. Inhale, reach the arms forward, bend the knees, exhale, stand a little taller. Just one more. Inhale and exhale. Shake it out.

We'll try and measure that again at the end. Let's go to the edge of the reformer. I have one light spring on. Just one. So for me, that's a blue spring on a balanced body, okay?

And I sometimes I like to just bend my knees a little bit and put my hands on the edge of the bar. Opening up those collarbones, just to kind of find the back side of my body right at the start. 'Cause we tend to start so much in the front. So now that we've done that, let's just stand up and we're gonna roll down, put our hands on the frame. Inhale, exhale.

Here we go. Roll it down, same thing. No big deal. Take your... The heels of your hands.

Probably wide for all of us. Head is down and we're just gonna start to push that carriage out. Again, bend your knees as you wish. We're looking for a long spine so for almost all... Well, a lot of us, at least in the beginning, we're looking for a flat spine rather than just staying rounded.

Rather come back, bend the knees, stick your butt out and stretch your spine. So that... Aim for those ears between the biceps. Exhale. Roll yourself back.

That means the carriage comes towards the stopper. Go out again. Just kind of milking this. Inhale out, stretching the spine, exhaling back in. Keeping my arms straight, it makes it nice and easy.

It's as if it's an extension of my body, this carriage. That's the way this whole workout will go. And back. What can you do to just manipulate yourself in a positive way? And this is it.

So come on back in. Find that stopper. Stay in shape, which to me is rounded at the moment. When you feel that stopper, you can maybe glide your arms up on that foot bar. If you want to do that little stretch we did before do, otherwise just stand up, then bend over and put more springs on.

We're gonna go right into foot and legwork. That's what we're doing. So, to me that means go kind of heavy. So if you've got only four Springs, you've got four chords, put them on. If you have five Springs, like I do here, I'm gonna go three red and a blue, which is heavy for me, for my legs.

So if it doesn't feel heavy for you and some of you have to just kind of relax a little bit and know that you're never gonna get as heavy as you might want, (laughs) but you get a lot of skills in between, okay? So, three red and a blue. Oh, she says confidently. I like my head rest up today. I might not tomorrow, but today I'm gonna put my head rest up for this first part.

Sit down, then lie down, put your feet on that foot bar. I'm going to start in heels parallel. Not so different from where we were just at. Exhale. Push yourself out.

Inhale pull in. Or breathe as you wish and do your best to not get it caught up in. If I try and cue you breath, it's a habit. It's a really... It's just breathe.

The movement is the contraction of the legs while we're expanding the rest of the body. How interesting? I think. Just gonna do two more here. We're out and we pull in.

Last one. Out and we pull in. Hangout at the bottom. Check yourself out. Is your low back pushing in?

Probably not. Leave yourself neutral. Just like you dropped your hips there. You're gonna hold yourself strong. Drop your balls of your feet to the bar and off we go.

Push out and pull in. Toes are pretty relaxed, but hopefully they're all over the bar. Collarbones wide, reach out. Finish that extension of your legs. It's not a lock, right?

You're not just resting on the knee joint. You are finishing it. You're deciding to go all the way. That's what we're doing. We're going all the way.

How about a four more? We go one, keeping the heels still. Still, two. Here's three. One more.

Four, hang out. Did you get there? Did you finish it? I could press my hamstrings ever so slightly down, not my knees, my hamstrings. And I feel more length in the front.

Just a thought. Come in, swivel the whole leg so the heels touch. Not a huge swivel. Here we go. Heels are touching.

This whole has barely changed. Off we go. Take it out, pull it in. Take it out, pull it in. keep doing it.

Don't count. Keep doing it. But can you do it without just driving your feet into the bar? Can you do it from somewhere higher? I don't know.

Give it a shot. See what it feels like. All right, now we'll count two more. One. I can do that much.

Two. All right we've finished that. We're there. We're still ready. We're ready for the next thing, always.

Stay ready in the middle of the body. Pick up both feet. Take your heels to the edge of the bar. They're turned out a bit. Not excessively.

You could do it accessibly, but why? Who needs excess right now? Off we go. We for us or ever, maybe you do. And again, I'll try to like move from above the foot.

The foot is everything, but let's move from above it and include everything else. I'm gonna do three more. Arbitrarily one because I'm here to move, right? We're here to move each other. One more.

Same exact position, but you're ready for it. So you come down when you're ready. You hold a little and pick the feet, move to the balls of your feet. Off you go. Same thing.

The tricky part about this one is not dropping your heels. So you do want to watch that. Let's help ourselves out. Let the ankle flex. Just where you need to.

Can we agree on just three more? Here's one. Find a new way to get there. Whatever it is. Two.

Last one. We come back. We're going back to parallel feet. They can be together or apart. Mine are apart.

Ball off foot, push out. You'd think I was Italian with how much I use my hands. (Kristi laughs) I'm not. But anyway, right along. Raise the feet high.

Check your knees. They're not locked, but you're engaged in the back of the legs. So for me, I have to almost push down ever so slightly act like I'm gonna pull myself in. Then lower the heels down, check it out. Are all 10 toes still on?

Then work through the foot to rise back up, lower down. Rise up, lower down, rise up. How's your low back? How are you? What are you thinking?

What are you feeling? Can you pay attention to what you need? And right now we're just trying to connect everything together. So it starts at the heels in this case. How about two more?

Here's one. Here's two. Stay up, way up. Check your knees, for those of us who hyperextend. Get longer, but don't push the knees down.

Let's bend the right knee right straight up to the ceiling and let the left heel go away under, without swiveling the hips. Push right back up to both legs straight switch. And let's just move through that, breath as you wish. I'm gonna go... Here we go.

Here's the pace. Inhale, inhale. Exhale, exhale. Finish the range. In, in.

Or breathe however you want. Just walking or running in this case through, but nothing else really changes. You use your foot here. Use your foot, connect it to your body. I'm gonna do one more full set for me.

You do one full set for you. And when you get to the top of your last set stay up, bend one knee, let the other heel go down. Check your knee. And then play with where the foot is. Kind of like push a little more on the big toe area.

Maybe a little more than the little toe area. Then way up, switch sides. Same thing of course. Just notice yourself. It's worth it.

Notice. Play with it. It best (laughs) to say play with yourself but that would be weird. But now I did. All right, up we come and down.

Right, now we have to sit up, swivel to your side. We'll teach the teaser later. And change your Springs. We're gonna lighten it up. I am going down to one and a half.

Or one red and one blue, okay? So, for a lot of people, that's gonna be a two spring situation. We're gonna do it quite a lot here for a while. Let's just come on back down and head into the joy of the hundred. Here's how I'm gonna take us into it today.

Your hands are in the straps., you've grabbed them. You draw yourself into your shoulder blades. You feel your arms connected to your body. 'Cause they're not gonna work hard, but they're gonna be important. From there just pick your knees up.

Inhale, exhale. Just lower your arms on this one. Sorry. Just lower your arms on this one. Like here.

Reach them forward to come up. But it's not so much about the shoulders anymore once you're set, right? Remember we're not trying too hard today. Just one more of those. We're all connected.

It's all good. And we're gonna head into the actual hundred. Now exhale, curl your head, neck and shoulders up. Shoot your legs out. You can keep them bent if you want.

And just start inhaling, five counts, exhaling. You could make it vigorous or not. In and out In, keep your eyes forward. Keep reaching forward. And four or five, something like that.

Hold yourself up, in. Reaching more like you're gonna grab that foot bar. By the way, who cares (murmurs) Just fill the lungs. You might even have to soften those shoulders. Fill the lungs and exhale the bad air.

Inhale and exhale. Let's stay on whatever rhythm we want, but make it a big one for you. How about last one. Hold it. Like reach it.

Like you're really gonna get up, keep that sensation. Draw the knees in, come down, put your feet on the bar. Step out. One foot goes on the strap, push on it. The other foot goes in the strap.

Take yourself to frog. Bend the knees. Exhale push out. Pull it back in. Push out.

And this is one of those places where it's like, I could take my weight. I get it. But let's just find the motion. The ease in your hips. The heaviness really of the...

Just the spine and allow the freedom of the legs. I'm gonna do two more here. It's not so much about the feet, but you might start thinking about that inner thigh line. Hold it out. Check yourself out again.

My preference today would be that you would keep the entire inner stream of the inner thigh together rather than worrying about the heel so much. It's helpful to have the heels if you can. So for future reference, you could put a towel, or a very late pillow. Something to just kind of keep it all in alignment. It helps keep the full body connection.

Here we go. We're gonna inhale. Raise the legs up to about 90. If you're super flexible, no need to go further or go for it. Exhale circle around.

Inhale, take it up to 90. Open, exhale, bring it back round. And so in this point, it's sort of like the body's like, right my legs can work independently from the rest of my stability. I can run and still be strong. Whatever it means to you but that's the idea there.

Anchored in some places though other places can move. Hold it to the top when you get there. Check yourself out. I'm kinda noticing I'm starting to lift. Must be sitting too much.

So I'm gonna back off the initial start. So in other words, I'm not trying to round my back, so my butt comes up. I want to keep my butt down, my tailbone down, something like that. I think we going this way now. Push down, open it out, come back up, check your spine.

It doesn't move. That's the point I think about like this energy that's in the bottom of your feet, but it isn't where the whole energy is coming from. It just helps drive the energy upward through your body. So just a subtle sense of like, I might grab the strap with the arch of my foot. We'll do just one more.

When we get down to about 45 degrees, hang out there. Imagine you could be longer somehow. Rotate the entire leg bone out. So you're in that V position again. If you have a towel, you're gonna drop it now for sure.

And we just open wide. We'll do a couple of these. Exhale close as if you were reaching further out on the horizon. They're not going up and down and by they, I mean the feet. Open, she says aspirational.

Close. Open. Close. If that's a challenge and it took me a long time to really feel the sense of just sliding them open and close, I would stay there. If you want a little more interesting...

Not more interesting, just a difference. Open wide, hold that carriage still. And how I tested is I put my hands on the top of my thighs. Ooh, she couldn't do it. Bend the knees so the heels touch.

They're gonna stay together those heels and you push back out like we did in the frogs. Open wide, hands on thighs if it helps. Draw those heels together without moving the carriage. How do you do it? You'll figure it out.

Or I could give you a lot more words than I already am. Open. This is it. Fetch, how are you gonna keep it together? With your butt down.

With the rest of your body just sort of hanging out, waiting for something else. Change it. Bend to frog. Oh, I'd back off if you went deep. No motion of the carriage.

Reach those legs wide. Here you go. Draw them back together just as before. Just two more. Bend, reach long.

No motion of the carriage. Oh, a little effort, little effort, little effort. Don't try too hard. Use what you need. Open, last one.

And close. Let's bend to frog. From here let's lower that headrest. Just... Maybe you'll need to scoot away a little bit.

Meaning your shoulders away from the shoulder rest. Reconnect your tailbone to the mat. So you know, when it changes, it will. Just so you know, when it changes. Here we go.

We're in fog. We're gonna press out just straight as before. Keep your leg straight. We fold over in this version. Fold over.

We're not lifting right away. Go forward if you know that version. But right now I'm trying to wait until the carriage hits the stopper, which I think it just did. My heels are still together, are yours? Then we just roll up with a little...

We maintain the tension. We don't add tension on the straps. We maintain it. So it's like a little support, but we're not really doing much other than holding ourselves up again. Bend to frog.

And check out your knees. Today let's go knees towards shoulder rest rather than super wide. Then here's the fun part. From your throat, from your shoulders, from anything you want, roll your spine down. Leave your legs, where they are as long as you can flex the feet, you bring the whole position over.

So you're pushing your spine down. And here we go. Less words this time. Push out to straight, fold the legs. Keep those legs together.

Roll up. Don't look at your abs too much. Bend the knees. Roll down your spine. Flex your feet.

Keep thinking spine to mat. Feet come over like frog. Two more. Press out. Hinge, roll up.

What are those inner thighs doing? Exactly what they've always been doing from the beginning. Maybe think about that as a theme in any one of our classes. And come over. Did I say one more or two?

Can we do one more? It feels good. Here we go, over. Oh, come on. Enjoy it, check it out.

Don't hurt yourself either. And up we go. And by that I mean, sometimes we try too hard. I told you that, we're not doing that today. Bend to frog.

Check this out. There's still some resistance on your straps, right? You're not loosening your straps. You're helping yourself. Why wouldn't we?

Roll down. Roll down. When you get your tailbone down, take both hands through the straps, take feet out, tabletop. We're going right back up with straight arms. Curl your body up with you.

Extend your legs out. You're up in that a hundred position. Open, close the legs, bend the knees. Straight arms and head. Come back down.

Coordination ish. Up we go. Open, close, bend. Reach and come down. Three out of six.

If the legs get weird, just bring your body up and hang out. We'll be right back. Last one coming up. But the intent is like, I'm getting up. I'm getting up off this.

I'm gonna go live my life as soon as we're done here. All the way down. And put your straps down, bring yourself up. We swivel on up for forward motion. So we're heading into some up stretch series.

I'm gonna leave it on the, what I have, which was again, the red and the blue. Some of you are gonna want it a little heavier has to do with size. Meaning tall, weight, all sorts of things. But you want... This one is really like really connecting to your middle although sort of sometimes saying core.

So let's just kind of think I want to be light in my extremities and strong in myself in them center. Okay. So, here we go. We're gonna just step right on top. Step...

Kneel right on top. I have my feet up against the shoulder rest. Your arms are straight. You're gonna sit yourself back if you can. There are other ways to get into it, but here's the key.

Let's round or tuck open up the front of your hips so that you have this nice slooping.. Sloping curve rather than a hinge. We're rounded. It's cool to be rounded with one exception, keep those collarbones wide. We are going to use our feet and our legs.

I'm gonna push the carriage out as far as we can, prior to changing the shape of the spine. That's about it from me. And then we keep the shape of the spine and we pull it back in. This is where the Springs get to take over, but you don't want that. You're in charge.

You exhale and draw it in. It's harder to do if it's lighter, just so you know. If there's more Springs on, it's harder to find. But if all you cared about was the shape for now, let's just exhale in, push out. And test your speed on it even.

I'm gonna do four, three, two. Come in, hold it in. You might shift your body weight forward. Keep the feet there as much as you can. Lift yourself up.

You're into what we sometimes call a pyramid position. Your heels are partway up, not super high heels, but so sorta. And then again, those straight arms. Now push away from those arms in this version. Reach your tailbone up.

Let your ears hang between your arms, but not lower if you can. Keep the line. Sometimes I have to kind of drop myself forward first, restraighten up those collarbones and then off we go. It's simple. You just gently press back.

It's not super far. Exhale. Again, same sort of rule if you will, for this version, we're not moving the spine. Exhale in. Back to the beginning.

Try as little as possible. Imagine you were gonna just like you didn't have any Springs on. You could try it. I wouldn't do it right now, but you could. It's you lifting yourself up off the carriage that the Springs naturally go home.

Let's do that three more. And out and two and out and three. Okay, one more sorry, in. Hold it on the stoppers. Prove that you are glued to the stoppers.

'Cause next we're gonna go into what we call the plank. Which is simply to, you're gonna push the carriage down, come into a plank. You know what a plank is. Chest is over the bar though, right? So your arms, if you'd really paid attention or could have someone pay attention for you, didn't move, not much anyway.

And then you pivot right back. Pivot again to the pyramid. So your arms don't move, your your legs do, you end up in a pyramid. But you didn't travel, if that makes any sense. Think about that for a second.

We're just rotating around two joints primarily. Shoulder, hip. Inhale plank, exhale pyramid. Inhale plank... (indistinct) Too long on zoom yesterday.

One more time. Stay in plank this next time. If you're super tall, you might want to move your feet to the headrest. Otherwise you might not come all the way in, but give it a shot. Come forward.

I'm staying flat. You can also around your upper body, but let's keep the lower back nice and among. And forward. And let the back of the legs help you. Just to two more.

Here it is. Think of your feet. They matter. They matter. They're not just the end point of an exercise.

The last one. Come all the way in. Pivot back to that pyramid. You're still working. You're still working lower the heels.

If you need to, you can keep them up a little or you might even need to move them slightly forward. I do my best. If you really... If you can lift the toes, reach the hips up. I'm still going for flat on this version.

Feel free to do yours. Here we go. Inhale back, exhale forward. This one sometimes better to lighten I didn't today, but kind of easier to feel. So next time I'm gonna tell you to try it lighter.

Like really light. 'Cause then you get to drive the heels down and pull the belly up. You work that opposition. Again, just two more. This time one and here's two.

Come on down to your knees. Feet are back at the shoulder rest. Take a moment. Maybe just kind of take pressure out of your hands, recheck your pelvis. Roll it forward so much, you end up as close to an arched spine...

An arched back extension. Any of that. Then make sure or try for your heels on the shoulder rest and really open up like amassed on this chip. Think Titanic. Up, up, up.

I'm not gonna do the whole deal and bring it back. Let's do a quick stretch and on we go. So I'm just gonna go off to the side for just a gentle ease lunge ish stretch. From here same thing we just did, right? You're gonna tuck a bit.

There's a bias towards it. It doesn't look like you're tucking, but if you don't, it just doesn't feel good. So we tuck, arms as strong. We allow the carriage to go back. Feel where our feet naturally go.

We feel where our hips naturally go. We pay attention to ourselves so that when we go back out in the world, we can do it in a way that feels more efficient. Hopefully. So this is right where I'm like we're down, let's move on but I'm gonna take it a little further. Re-examine that ability too bias towards the tuck, or do tuck as you push your foot back and then whatever happens up top.

Let it feel good. And then ease your way out of that. Walk yourself around. We got to do on the other side, of course. Couple more to go.

Couple more to go. So, where you put your foot, you're just putting it where it works. and again you can go lighter, you really can. I'm just not fussing with the Springs today. 'Cause I know what I'm looking for and it's this.

I have that bias towards tuck. I want to feel the linger on that side that is on the carriage. I want to lift up. I want to feel like I could let go of my arms no matter what the weight was. I'm not going to in this case.

But then when I kind of get settled, I re-examine, re-explore the situation, recheck in my case. And then from there without moving my body, I'm gonna see if I can inch or millimeter that carriage away. And it turns out not by much today. Okay, off we go. We're going onto arms kneeling now.

So we are dropping down to one spring. One red spring for most of us. Some of you will want more. One red spring for most of us. Right, we have to actually change the springs.

(Kristi laughs) So I'm taking off my blue spring for now. So I have one spring on which will feel heavy to me for this exercise. Carefully, I'm at the knees. Knees at the shoulder rest. Take your hands up.

And for this one, depend... Just grab just above the, what I call the buckles. Careful though. It's light when you're really in on it. So be ready in the rest of your body.

Again, we're back to that sensation what we just had. We've drawn the bias towards the tucked pelvis, but we are upright. We're tall. We were proud and our shoulders are over hips from here. Arms are straight again and we simply move them backwards.

Now, when they're there, squeeze them together, lift your chest and reaffirm what you just set up. Return them to the start. Go again. And again. And this isn't really about the destination.

Like it doesn't matter if you go further, if you lose form. And form in this case once again, is keeping those collarbones wide. Is keeping yourself upright. It's keeping yourself in a support position, then moving the extremities. That's when you get to the periphery.

I'm gonna do two more. I'm finding myself wanting to bend 'cause I'm getting tired. So I'm gonna rethink it. Last one. We're still engaged.

We are going to change our position. Put the straps down. Turn yourself around. I am going lighter still. If you only have one spring and one cord, stay there.

Maybe even two, you really have to test yourself. And this one is a balance issue and a strength issue. So I am going to one blue in my case. Grab the straps. Kneel yourself up, but don't grab them before kneeling up, okay?

Tuck, do the whole thing. We've already practiced for this. Heels or into the shoulder blocks. We're strong. We're proud.

All those things. Don't need to say it again. Bring the arms right by or just in front of yourself. And off we go. We're circling upwards.

I have my palms up. When I get to the top, I turn them out and then just to the side, but not behind the body. Let's do it again. I tend to inhale up because it lets me feel longer. And down.

It's up to you. Don't get caught on the breath. Get caught on the safety and the stability of your position in your own self. I'm only doing one more. Of course, we've got to reverse it.

You knew that was coming. This one's a little trickier. So I'm gonna encourage you to just keep your hands a little more in front of you so they don't go behind you. They'll want to. The rest your body's doesn't change and it looks like nothing's happening.

It gets a little tricky there. And then when they get to the top, that's where you rotate the entire arm till you bring it back to the start-up. We go. Harder position that's why I went light. I learned the hard way too.

Just kidding, you're smarter I'm sure. I'm only doing two more. Oh, get a longer. And this is that place again where if you try too hard, you just shorten yourself. Don't...

It's easier, right? Just get longer, get bigger, expand. All right, we're going all the way down. I'm going right into biceps from here. So now you're gonna probably want at least one more red.

I'm gonna put one more red on. You make the decision. Don't get carried away 'cause just stay with me. Feet are on those shoulder rests. The arms are back as far as they can.

All those other principles are in play and the upper arm isn't to move. You simply bend the elbow. You stay upright and you go back to straight. And bend. Don't drop those elbows and do your best not to turn them sideways.

Feel the stretch in your chest if that's all this was for, we call it biceps. And I happened to love it for that reason. But open your chest. Keep yourself connected to the lower body too. Let's do five.

And four. And three. One more coming up. Oh, enjoy it. Finish it.

Exclamation point. All that stuff. Carefully let yourself out. Go and grab your box. If you don't have a box you could do this same exercise almost on your knees.

A little trickier, but grab your box. It's in the long box position, right in front of the shoulder rest. Do your best to make it even. We're pulling straps. Just one.

I'm taking the bar down though sometimes I like to leave it up simply for the fact that it reminds me not to hang my legs. And I am back to one full spring or it's gonna feel heavy against my lats. Heavy enough, if I don't try too hard. How's that? Here we go.

Lie down. Your face down on your carriage. You're sort of looking at your headrest. I use the frame quite a lot to find my positioning. Legs are up and engaged.

It's not trying too hard, but there they are. Grab a hold of those straps. I'm holding above the buckle. And I even wrap my hands around one more time 'cause it's easier to hold. And I know where I'm going.

From their shoulders down. We pull those straight arms back. I'm just staying level at this point. And we allow, but we're decelerating on the return. So they're working both directions.

Palms face each other, collarbones wide. You notice how the ideas don't really change. Collarbones wide. If I were pulling so hard and I dropped into the well, I have a problem. I want to stay long and strong.

Let's go. If you want you can add a little lift for as you pull, you start to look forward. It's not huge. It's not huge, but you can. I'm gonna stay long.

And three. Notice your habits. Do you use bend the elbows when you come home? So many people do. Including me, I'm watching for it.

Last one. After that one you just did. Here it is. Here it is. Let's go.

Pull, pull, pull. Oh my goodness. Squeeze those arms together. Open those collarbones and come on down. Re-rack your straps.

Sit yourself up. Let's stand tall and do one more roll down and we'll call it a day on that. We've covered everything a little bit. Take in inhale And on the exhale, allow your head to go forward. Round your body forward.

Realize all the support you just gave yourself. If you're not sure, take a second down here. Shake your head out. Maybe it's a nod of a yes or a no, I didn't. Maybe it's a loosening up of the skin.

Heaviness. Maybe it's like just deciding you're gonna be lighter on yourself. Something like that. You're in charge. Find your feet when you're ready, engage them ever so slightly.

And notice what that does for you. And when you are ready, you can use your hands to help you roll yourself back up, stacking your spine over the columns and structures that are below it. Look in a mirror if you have one and thank yourself for being here and I'm really grateful that you were for all of us together. See you next time.

Spring to Life with Kristi: Reformer Workouts


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Such joy ! Great to move 👏
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Thanks Kristi, I love these quick flowing classes . . . fun and feels good!
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Beautiful class! Feel so rejuvenated now. Thanks Kristi! 
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Hope you can do more classes outdoors - its so refreshing!

Christine S
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So joyous Kristi. I didn't get a chance to complete my workout this morning and this was a wonderful way to revitalise my body and spirit at the end of the day. Thank you xx
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Love it. Short and sweet. Thank you.
Taryn D
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Awesome quick work-out!  Thank you.
Kendra B
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Amazing class. Thank you so much great great workout!  
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Kristi always brings good vibes, love her energy! 
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Short length class  is doable, once I got on the reformer I hang out for awhile longer playing!  Thank you Kristi 
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