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Powerful Reformer Flow

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Get ready for a dynamic, strengthening, and challenging Advanced Reformer class! In this class, Chris hits the full expression of Traditional Advanced exercises like Tendon Stretch, Control Balance, Snake and ends with the grand finale of Big Splits. Practice this class again and again with Chris to see transformational results in your mind and body.
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Hi, I'm Chris Robinson. I'm here today to do the advanced Reformer. All right? Let's get started. You have some options. I generally like to go with three springs instead of four, but you can do four.

Okay, so from here you go heels together, toes apart, or you can have your feet paralleled and apart. Try to get all the balls of your feet on the bar. And now let's go, all the way out, all the way in. So make sure you get that little extra length at the very end and then come back. The powerhouse brings you in.

Now, I'm going to get a rhythm here, but I got to make sure I go all those in ranges and I want to keep this rhythm the whole time. Three more. Two. Okay, come all the way in. Now, your arches. The heels go under, toes go over and again and get all the way out, use your seat, powerhouse brings you in.

Now get a rhythm. All the way out, in. Use the powerhouse to bring you in, use your seat to take you out. Three more. Two. And good now the heels, press them in and come in.

All the way out, seat is strong in. Now get a rhythm. I'm just sitting down, standing up. Five more. All the way out four, three, two and all the way in. Okay, balls of your feet are back on.

Reach all the way out, hold it. Lower the heels and lift. Now see how far down can you go? Hold it. Shut the calves off. This is going to bring me up.

Keep that working and they go down and then up and go down and up. Now see if you can make it a little more dynamic. Up, down, up, three up, two more, one more and good, come all the way in. Okay, you're going to lower your foot bar. Grab your handles and lower the head piece.

Now just reach everything long. In one motion, I like to make a fist and then just reach. Now the fist just pushes away. And out two, three, four, five. Now try to make big pumps.

Try not to let the carriage move. The head is going forward, feet are long. You're taking your legs down however far you can with control. Okay, once you have this down make really big pumps. Two, three, four, five, five more.

Head is going forward. Every time the arms go up, the head wants to go down, I got to work to keep it. Last three. Reaching those legs long, the seat is working, the stomach's holding the legs up. Two more. Okay, one more time. Hold it. All right, take a spring out so you only have two springs total.

And we're going to go right to the overhead. So you're going to reach all the way over, up to the ceiling and then come back down. Okay, so reach over and up, back and down, two more. All the way over, touch the sky. Come back down, one more time.

Over, reach, back and come home. Right to coordination. Reach out, open, close, in. Now, as you open reach your legs further and further away. Head is forward. And in.

Reach out. You're gonna cross eight times. Each time you cross, your head gets closer to your feet. Keep your head close as you bring it in. One more time. Reach and one, two. Head gets closer. Seven, eight.

And in. Okay, go ahead and spin around. Take a spring out. Okay, rowing one, I like to do it a little differently. Squeeze the legs together, get nice and tall. And I'm kind of close to the edge.

Now, I'm going to pull the handles back into my sternum. Hold it here and way down. Now when I open out, I lift up and I reach and pull the ribs in and go forward. And again. So go back. I know it's a little different.

It'll make sense later. Lift and around. One more time. Pull way down and back, open and lift. Up, head forward, hands forward. Okay, nice and tall, 90 degrees.

Hinge. Forward, reach, down. Reach it way back. Head down. Now arms up and around. And then come home. Now, back, reach, down.

So you have options, so you keep her arms apart and reach up and around, or, I'll do the next one, you can grab the hands and here, way down, reach behind you, grab here, lift it up, then separate and then around. Okay, set the handles down, spin around and back up. Legs are long. Now, I like to not touch the back. Get real tall and reach, down, come here now, reach a little bit more forward. My arms go up, my back goes straight.

And then I bring it around. So reach, down, hold it straight, reach a little forward. Now I'll go up and come back at the same time. One more time. So reach, down, up, go forward, make it flow and then around.

Flex your feet, drop your head, reach away and then up, same thing, reach, up and away and around, drop the head way down. Reach away, up and around. One more time, so here, reach now hold it. Go forward, more to the springs, more to the springs. Now come up. Now reach, up and around.

Okay. Same thing, you can keep your legs straight or cross them, I'll keep mine straight. Okay, you're going to go up. So instead of pitching forward like this, I want to go straight up. Lift the chest and come back. Three more, straight up.

Last two. One more time. Hold it at the top. Now separate your hands to pretend like you're doing a handstand. Just reach, lift, lift. Now open, hug and open.

Reach and reach. Don't let that back collapse. Three more. Open and lift. One more time. Now take it way back and then good, okay. Go ahead and set these on the handles, on the hooks. Okay. Grab your box.

Set it for the long box. Okay, we'll start with the Swan. Okay, two springs. Okay, you have some options. You can have your heels together, toes apart and the knees are on the outside, depends on your leg length.

Or you can have them on the inside, either one's okay. So, without moving the carriage at all, I'm going to lift up and open my arms out to the side and then I'm gonna come back down. Then when I lift up, I'm diving, long and then everything comes home and then I lift and down. Lift and dive. And one more time. Lift and down, lift and dive.

And then all the way home. Pike up, take a spring out. Now, come on out. Now, just take the handles out to the side and I want to reach as long as I can forward, the straps are tight, I'm on the outside edge of the frame. Can I'm gonna break it down.

So I reach down, keep everything straight till here. Now, I lift my hands and my chest. And then come back. Now, put all that together in one motion, make it smooth. So reach and lift.

And then reach away, come back. Okay, reach and lift. And then come back. Okay, so just take it out to the side now, I'm grabbing the second rivet I come to, my index finger knuckle is there. Thumb is on top.

Make a T, hold it. Now from that T position, I'm lifting my arms and my chest together. And then I bring everything home. Now, time that, make it one smooth motion. And up. One more.

Reaching up and then come back. Take both handles into one hand. Step forward, step off. Okay add a spring, separate. Hand foot, hand foot and come back.

All right. Up, open and around. So this is the advanced, there's no pause, only here and then up, open, around. Hold it. One more time. Open around, hold, now reverse it. Reach, hold it, up, open, around.

Reach, hold it, open, around, one more time. Reach, hold it, open, around. Take a spring out. Okay. The Teaser. Before I start, I reach my legs one way.

My chest is reaching the other way, so I'm already connected. Now I come up and I reach and lower one. Can I get higher? Two. Can I take my arms even higher? Now three. I gotta get way up there, way up there and then come home.

Okay, now the circles. Try to get all the way up there and open to the side. Lift your chest, open to the side. One more, hold it up, open and roll down at the same time. Now come up from the side.

A little bit of a challenge. And up. And up. Now reach it way up there. Hold it, lift it, lift it. Now, you can shave, shave.

Try to go straight up. I'm kinda cheating a little bit. Now lift up and then roll everything down. Hold onto your handles. You're going to just spin around.

Take it to the front of the box. Go here. Okay, three kicks. Okay, we're just going to prep, it goes straight out and then just take your arms out to the side. Okay, then we'll start adding to it. Two, three, go straight out for the breaststroke.

Now just the arms go up, to the side. Now we'll add a little more. Since you don't have a teacher holding your legs up, arms and chest and good, now reverse it, back and you can lift it. Come forward, combination now both. Two, three, start forward, lift to the side, come back, reach it and come all the way home.

Okay, go ahead and sit up. Take this underneath. Okay, the Horseback. Flex the feet, get tall. So, try not to lean forward but go straight up.

And then lower, one, two and three and then come home. Now I'm going to add a little to it. So again, don't lean forward. You may pitch a little bit, but I don't want you to use your body weight to open up the springs. Hold it here, head down, now lift.

One, two and good. And then come back. Now I'm gonna add a little more on the last one. So I reach, same thing, I'm head is forward. Go one, two, now in the last one reach forward, reach into those handles.

Now take it all the way straight. Now this should be a straight line with your body. Hold it, pull the ribs in, come back with control. And then come on off, take this behind you. Now you're going to spin around and do the reverse.

Now this is where that rowing one comes into place, it's the exact same exercise. So I'm going to get nice and tall. Pull back into here, open up, lift up. Keep those straps tight and come all the way home. Come back, open, lift, ribs.

One more time. Back, open, lift up, ribs. Okay and come on off. Set these down. Take this back. Okay, head piece comes up. Add your spring.

Foot bar's up for the long stretch. Okay, if you need to, you can put a pad there. You don't have socks, you can just come on. Okay, nice and long. So my head's going one way, legs are going the other way and I'm just going to reach.

And come back. And reach. And come back, one more time. Now go back however far you can with control. Remember that distance, okay. My distance is here and I come back.

Now, little advanced here, take one leg forward, take a spring out, so you're on one spring. Now go back to as far as you can, to where you have control. Try to go to that same distance right there and come back in. And again and then come back in. Hold it. Don't move it.

Put the other leg forward. Take the other one off. So you have no springs. Okay if you don't feel comfortable, keep one on. Okay, only go back to where you can control it.

Okay, so for me right there, I didn't go back all the way. But that's okay. One more. Okay, hold it. Stay there. Put that spring on, hold it here. Put the other spring on.

Now we're going to do it again with two springs, but pretend like there's no springs. Should feel different. Now you feel your powerhouse. One more time. Okay, bend your knees, come down.

Separate your feet. Press your heels back. Okay, you're going to push back through the heels. Now when you come forward, lift the chest up, take the head back however far you can, but lift up, keep it and go back, way back there and up. You got to use that lower stomach and back.

Way back there and up. Grow, one more time, way back, lift up, grow. Now, hold it here. Come up to your fingertips. Keep pushing your heels back and keep the carriage in.

Now reach straight ahead only. Reach up to the ceiling. Now reach just your arms back. Now your head can go more and you're just going to take it back however much you can, but you got to reach away. Reach away, reach away and then come up.

Okay, grab on here, don't move the carriage, come up. Okay, the up stretch. Head is down, reach away, don't move a thing. Come down, all the way in, it's going to touch. Don't move it, come up.

Now it can move. And all the way in, one more time. Ribs brings you up, reach out and in. Now we're going to do the combination. Go out, down, lift the chest in, keep it, come back, right away in.

Okay out, lift, up, back, in, it's a rhythm. One more, out, lift, keep that chest lifted and bring it all the way in, lower the heels. Okay, you got your Elephant. Out and all the way in, for one. Make it touch with control, two.

Now on three, it stays in. Don't move the carriage. Take this leg back, it's parallel with the ground. One, two, push that heel down, three, hold it in, nothing moves, the other side. One, two, and three, hold it in.

Now take this heel halfway up. Take this leg back, the hips are still squared. Lean back a bit, now when you come in, lift that leg up, out, use your butt to lift it up. One more, hold it in. Change legs. And out, lift it.

Keep it square. Don't turn your hip out. Keep it squared off and all the way in. Now, go on top. Now pretend like you're doing the split in the air. Out, now you can turn the hip.

Two, now on three, stay out there. Bend your knee, lift your chest. Don't move it, come back up and now let's change. Okay, so way up there. One, two, now on three stay there.

Dip down, come up and then come on down. Okay, turn around face the other way. Okay, heels are in the corner. Shoulders and ears are far apart from one another. Go straight down, push all the way out.

Now don't move it, lift up and then come in. Down, out, lift up and in, one more. And up and reverse, this is a rhythm to it. And out, in, one more. Out, come all the way in and good, all right, come on off.

Okay, start with ever number of springs you started with. So I started with three. And I'm gonna go here. And your feet are the same way. If they're heels together, toes apart or parallel put then the same way you did on your footwork.

Get tall, head goes forward. Now go out, down, up, in, get a rhythm. All the way in, all the way in. Good. Five more. Keep that rhythm.

Three. Two more. One more time. Okay, now three springs total. Take your hands back. Try to go here.

Nice and tall. And go. Reach. Okay. Grow tall. Don't let that back sink when you come in. One more time, we'll add to it.

Now this time, just take your hands away. Stay there. Little bit more of a challenge now. Three more. Two, one more time. Keep it. Okay. Two spring, one spring is out.

Reach out and in, and out, in, try not to sink when you come in. Now, twist exhale and come back. Exhale. Try to keep the heels perfectly together. That's really where the work is. Now you can lift your back up, keeping it perfectly together.

One more time. Big twist, lean forward, reach that front hand. Last one. Reach it. Turn. Okay and come on off. Okay. We have the tendon stretch. So let's just go with the standard advanced, three in the front, or three with both legs on, three in the front, three in the side, three in the back, bring it back, three in the front, three in the side, three in the back.

Get a rhythm, you find that rhythm, you got to keep it. All right. So here. Foot is halfway on, halfway off. Now let's go, rhythm, one. I don't care how far you go out, but you have to come all the way in.

Now, take that front foot forward. One, two, take it to the side. Lift it up, one, two. Take it behind you. One, two. Good. Bring it home.

Okay, now the left foot. One, two, take it to the side. One, control it, two. Take it back, one, two, three and bring it all the way home. And come on off.

Okay, lower the foot bar. Lower your head piece, grab your bar. And the box and you're going to bring them both on. Okay. Take your strap and have a seat. (Chris breathing heavily) Okay, my feet are flexed, the legs are long, but my butt's working like crazy.

Okay, nice and tall. I'm going to hug here. Then this hand, it's going to grab this elbow. I'll switch so you can see. So I hug here, grab the elbow here.

Now, I start tall, just take the head forward. Don't lose your stomach, don't lose your butt. Now I'm gonna go back. And now you just go back to whatever's comfortable for you. I'm going to reach, lift my chest.

I'm using my butt like crazy and then come back. So this is a precursor to a headstand. Okay and again, a reverse headstand. So go back, I got this arm here. Reach, now I'm gonna give this shoulder a stretch by just going one, two, three, hands, head, press down, over.

Now change your hands. Grab this side, go back, push the heels away. Reach now lift, one, two, three, come back. Head and over. Okay. Take your bar.

Reach up. Nice and tall. Just hinge back. Go wherever you can keep control of that back. And come back. And grow. And back. One more time.

Upper stomach's working too like crazy. Okay now, side to side, I'll do two variations. First one's directly to the side. Okay, it's like mermaid, when you do it on the Wanda Chair. Now the next one, you can twist a little bit and go at the angle at the front of the box.

And then I twist and I reach. Okay, one more time, twist and then I reach. Last one here, twist and reach and come up. Now, I'm going to twist and grow. Go to the side, now come back up.

When I'm in the middle, don't sink, stay growing, stay growing, go the other way. And I have to get longer when I come up, stay growing, don't sink. And again, reach and up. Twist reach and up, we'll go around the world here. Here, reach, all the way around, I get longer and come up.

So get long to go back, longer to the center, a lot longer here and a lot, lot longer to come all the way up. Okay. Put it underneath, get tall. Take this here and reach out, one, two. Climb out for three, head forward. Go back to wherever you feel like you have, okay, that's my position, good control.

I'm in the powerhouse and reach. Okay and come back, head towards the knee. Okay then go back down, grab the frame. You can go on the inside or outside, either is fine. Hands, head, climb.

Okay last one, if you can make it to the floor, press it away, otherwise grab the frame and do your circles. One, two and three and reverse. Push that floor away. Two and three, hands up first then the head, climb. Here, come up, cross the leg, grab onto the side, get that knee down, exhale.

Okay. Other side. Okay, nice and tall. Lift, reach one, two. Hold it on three, climb out. Head down, take it back.

Now that bottom leg is pushing away. Find your place, everyone's legs going to be different. Then walk down, reach. That leg does not move. It does not move. I go to it and go back.

Reach, grab the frame inside or out, both are good, hands up, head up, climb up. Okay, one more time. Down, reach, push the ground away. Circle one, two, push that bottom leg away too. Reverse, one, two.

And good, all right hands, head, climb. Head to the knee. Come forward cross. Okay. Knee down, head down. And come all the way up. Okay. Come on off.

Let's take your bar, your box, they both go back. (Chris breathing heavily) Okay, you're gonna make your loopies. And we'll set them on the hooks. Okay, for your short spine massage. (Chris breathing heavily) All right. Just above your heels.

Okay, come all the way down. This is all the way on the mat. This is just above the shoulder straps, or shoulder blocks. Now you're going to reach out from here, advanced, lift your butt up first. Everything goes, reach away, bring it all the way in if you can, then bend, don't move your feet.

Bring everything out long. When you can't go anymore, the hips and the heels come down at the same time. Okay and reach. Everything is up. Reach away. Bend, roll down.

Don't move those feet. Then you come home. Everything is together. One more time like this. Reach, lift your butt, everything goes. Reach it away. Bend, roll down. And then everything comes home.

Okay, now let's do your high frogs from here. You're going to reach out, come up, get a straight line and then frog up, one, all the way up. Now, when I get to the top, I'm going to get a little extra oomph. One more, get that extra length, then take it back. And then bring it down, roll down.

Okay. Go ahead and take these off. You can put this back here. Okay. Semicircle. Make sure I don't lose the mic. All right. So we're going to go down.

Go out, no hold it. The carriage does not move. Come up as high as you can. Then you come in. Okay, go down.

Go out. Don't move it, lift it up and in. Notice I'm not going all the way out. So here, about right there, that's all I get. Now I've got to lift up and control it doesn't go in, it doesn't go out, until I'm ready to bring it in. Now reverse. Reach, down, in, up.

And again, out, down, in, one more. Reach, down, in, okay go ahead and grab your ankles. Try to bring your heels and glutes together. Reach the legs away, now lift your seat up. There. Okay.

And come on back. (Chris breathing heavily) Okay. Chest suspension. You could do it two ways, you can have your heels together and your knees apart, I kind of prefer everything to cut out parallel, in the same line so, my knees are about hip width apart. Flex your feet, push your heels away. Now, I'm just going to grab the end of the leather and get really tall.

Nothing changes. Now, my knuckles are trying to scrape the floor or the mat and I hold it way back there. Now don't move a thing and look to your right, look to your left, back to the center to come back. And again, when I pull back, I grow up. I'm getting taller, taller.

Hold it, look, look, center and back. One more time each way. Grow tall, way back, look to the right, look to the left, back to the center, come back. Okay, one more time. Pull way back and then look and look.

Come center and home. Okay, add a spring so you have a total of three. Take your knees to the edge of the shoulder blocks. Grab the first rivet you come to, underneath the index finger. All right. Now, I'm going to lift this up high.

Bringing my body forward, now I got to grow up to go back. Up, up, up and then come back. Notice the handles don't hit the shoulder blocks. Okay. Do it again. So I got to grow up, up, up and then come back.

Now if I can make it, my glutes to my heels, go up, then you can do your back bend. And they come straight, hold it and then lift. Okay. Come on off. One spring only, so take two out. Separate the handles.

Okay. Arm circles. Now, push the heels back into the shoulder blocks, body straight and just reach and circle one. Try not to shift anything in your torso. That's going to be a challenge. Okay, two more.

And around, one more time. Okay, now reverse it. One, two, don't shift a thing, especially when you go out to the side, that's kind of hard. Good, one more and come on down. Okay. And come on off.

Since we're up, let's go back. I'll put those straps around the loops, but we'll set it up for later. So put this in. Okay, go here, adjust the hardware so it's pointing outside. Okay, do it again this side, put it through.

Oh, this should be quick. Okay. I see it. Okay, now I'll just put them here for future references. Okay, we have the snake and twist. So we got to go, hand foot, hand foot.

Now, pull the ribs up just like the up stretch. Reach out, lift your chest. Now as soon as my head goes down, this carriage has to move. Same time and again. Reach and come back.

Now let's do one twist. Go halfway out, twist, look over your shoulder. Now as soon as I start to go up, the carriage comes in. Hold it in. Don't move it. Step off. Other side.

Okay. Hand foot, hand foot. Okay, so go out. Here's your Swan now right away in. And reach and in. Then halfway hold it, twist it, look over your shoulder.

Come back right away, hold it in, some of you you got control and then come on off. Okay, add a spring. So you have a total of two and we do the corkscrew. (Chris breathing heavily) Okay, you're going to grab the thick metal part here, elbows down to your side. Okay, let's go straight to the advanced.

You're going to come over, okay twist, down on your right side, big circle around, all the way to your left and then the other way. And big around, try to cover as much area as you can with control. You take it as low as you can with control. Okay, everyone's going to be a little different. And around. One more time.

Big circle and around. Last one. Circle. Keep it and up. Come all the way down, hold it here. Your tick tock.

Let it drop low, exhale. Look opposite to the leg. Time it, they meet in the middle and then you look opposite. Up and look opposite. One more, keep a 90 degree angle with the legs to your torso, last one. Okay.

Okay you're going to slide down to measure out. The way you measure, you make a fist, put your forearm on top of your head. Then the other arm does the same thing on top of that forearm, with the shoulder blocks on your head, that gives me the proper distance. I'm going to grab onto the side of my shoulder blocks. Okay now, lift up and the right leg's going to touch the frame and then come up, this is your practice.

Now while one's touching, the other one's lifting. Now I lift that leg and I slide right off. I'm right next to it. I'm just going to lift up straight. This top leg is reaching up.

That's going to give me control to come back on. It's almost like I don't need my hands. Okay, then I touch one, up, two, up, come off. Okay. Nice and tall. Lift that back leg up.

Then when I come on, it's lifted. I have a lot of control, then I come down. Okay. Now, let's grab your handles. They should be here or your straps. And we'll do the long spine massage.

Okay, so reach your head down and reach it away. Hands are pressing down, the straps are your friends. Okay, let them help you out. So you're going to reach out, puts into those straps. You're going to come up tall.

Now you got to get a straight line. Keep that line as you open the legs and reach and see if you can control it as far down as possible. (Chris grunting) Okay, I'm gonna work hard on this. I'm going to grunt. Up, reach, keep it, keep it, keep it.

One more time. You just try to get long as you can, reach those legs away, away, together. Reverse, up, together, reach, long, long, hey. Open, up, reach, long legs, push into the straps. They're helping you. One more time.

Reach, up, get long. Hands are reaching too, head is reaching too. Okay. All right. Bring your knees in. Can lift your head piece.

Okay, let's just do some frogs. Just recenter everything, keep your hips down and just find both legs working equally to recenter your hips, recenter your pelvis, your back. Everything's back in place. Hold it here. Circles. Work evenly on both sides.

They open together, they come back together. Okay. Now reverse. Three, four, okay, come on in. Go ahead and take these off. Okay, you can take your strap off here.

Open it. Just let everything fall down. Pull these tight, come up and just set it down back here. (metal jingling) Okay, let's go here. Okay, knee stretches. All right, so I like to go way back.

I'm nice and tall here. Now my head comes forward and I'm gonna go from here. Try to sit down before I make it in. Three. Five more. Four, three, two, hold it here.

Now, just arch your back. See how my arms, they don't move. One, two, three, four, five more. See, I'm doing the Swan. Three, okay, now here, the advanced.

I'll come right to it. Do not move your arms. There. And now go. And go back however far you can. Traditionally, it's just to here, but since I'm a sprinter, I like to go all the way up, all the way in, that's a little challenge for me.

Four more, three, two, one. Come all the way in, hold it. Now, take one foot forward, lift that heel and go out, in, two, three, four, five, hold it in, take this leg back, don't move it. Other leg forward, now go. Two, three, four, five.

Hold it in, take this leg back, take it forward. Now, this front leg lift it up, stretch the back leg out, then you're going to switch and reach this. Two, all the way straight, that back leg has to be straight. That's how you do it when you run, for real. And in, take it back, take it forward.

Ah mine moved. Okay. Lift this leg and go, reach, all the way straight. All the way straight. All the way in, three, two, one. Hold it here, bring it in.

Okay, step off. All right. I like to go three springs total, but you use two, three or four. Any is fine. Okay, now just reach all the way out. One heel is down, one heel's up and switch.

Remember, you're switching when both heels are high. Use this to lift up. So we practiced that early on, with that first tendon stretch. The powerhouse lifts me up, not my calf. Five, five, four, four, three, three, two, two, one.

Okay, come on in. All right. Separate here. Okay, you're going to lift up. You're going to go out. Push the heels underneath.

I like my legs to be paralleled and apart. Okay, you got about 20 different variations for this, but this is my favorite. And in, out, in, out. One more time. Out, come all the way in.

Okay. Lower down and come on off. Okay. Let's do the second long box. Okay, so we're going to lower this down. (Chris breathing heavily) Bring this here. (Chris breathing heavily) Okay, you're going to take your handles, you're going to slide down to the ends.

Okay, so we're going to do the hamstring curls. Make sure your box is squared off. So I made the loop, put the foot on, step here. Put my hand here, put this one on, step here. I'm going to lie down, swivel my legs and just hug the box.

Okay, now I have two springs on. Okay, you could do one or two. So let's go, I just press one, two, three and hold it. Let's do it again, one, two, three and hold it. Now, take a spring out.

Take your left leg down, just use your right leg. One, two, three and hold, change legs. Okay so now the left leg curls, one, two, three and hold. Now, I'm going to put both springs back on to do both legs. One, two, three, now hold it.

I'm going to reach back, reach back and just lift up, just for a little rocking. Okay, and then come down. Just reach this long, let them come down. Okay, you're going to reach your arms forward, lift your chest, lift your arms, lift your feet and go for a swim. Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10.

Up two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. And good. Come on off. You can drop down and take the box back. Okay, so from here, you're going to go into second gear. Make sure you have your little stopper in here.

Okay, so we're going to go control balance. Hand foot, hand foot. Now everyone's a little different. You got to start with a straight line and you're just going to reach out and come in one, two, three, hold it. Now lift one leg.

One, two, make sure the body's squared off and now switch, two, three, hold it. And then just a little pushup, one. Doesn't move, two, the carriage is perfectly still, hey. And then pike up, come down and now let's put it back in first gear. (metal clanking) Okay, once it's there I always test it.

Now, we'll do the reverse. Okay, hand foot, hand foot. Okay, you're going to go out and lift. Two and three, kick up one, other leg up, circle the first, circle the second, reverse it. Reverse it, hold it.

Shoulders away from the ears and dip down, one. Keep it away, two, hold it on three, step off and good. Okay, lower this down, if you need, you can put a pad here. I kind of don't like to do it. Okay, also, let's go one spring.

Be careful if you're by yourself, just make sure you keep control, but you can do this with two springs, it just works the seat a little bit more, in a different way. All right. So this is an exercise. The carriage does not move as I go out. Not so easy with one spring. Okay and then just reach, hold and then grow and come in, hold.

Reach out, I'm pressing both feet down and now I'll grow up. One more time. Hold it, don't move a thing. Come forward, touch the front of it. Lift it up, reach your palms up to the sky. Lift your chest, come straight, open.

Come in, hold it, do it again. Come over, touch, keep that carriage in. Not so easy. Keep it in. Lift, straight, open, now heel toe, back in, keep that carriage in Chris. All right. Other way.

Okay. Same thing. (Chris breathing heavily) Okay. And then go out and grow to come in and go out, pushing both feet. Grow to come in, one more time. Hold it, now you're going to twist and do the saw, nothing moves, up, other side. Twist, nothing moves, doesn't go out, doesn't come in.

Now all the way, I keep it in, twist again, keep it in. Up, twist and keep it in. And then come here. Heel toe. And then come on down. Okay. Lift your foot bar, add a spring.

Okay, let's do the Russian. So I'll go ahead, I'll put this up here. Okay. Going to step on. Okay, one foot is back. The other foot is here.

Make sure that heel is pressing into the bar behind you and you going to go into a lunge. Keep this shape, this leg is straight and then you're just going to reach, two and three, hold it here. Reach forward, take the hands behind your head. And reach one, two, three. Hold it, reach it, come down all the way in.

Now you're going to take that front foot even more forward. Both legs are straight, you're going to push away and in. And again, reach and in. And now the last one reach, hold it. Turn your head towards the knee that's in front of you, both legs are straight, exhale and then come all the way in.

Take the front foot back, then the other foot comes and now we'll switch it. Back foot is here, bring this here. Okay, so go down into your lunge. Okay, push that back heel away, straighten that leg and go out one, two, three, hold it. Lift it, reach it and go one, two, hold it here.

Reach up, come back, come all the way home. Now straighten that front leg, lift it forward, comes up, now both legs are straight, go out into your split and come back. Go out into your split and back. Last one, go out, hold it out there, take a deep breath, exhale. And I'm going to rotate towards my knee that's in the front.

Get a big split, come all the way in, step back here and then step down. Okay, let's go ahead, we'll finish with this. Going to lower this down and we'll do the big split. Okay, so I'm gonna place this here. Now, a couple of different ways to get into it, I'm just going to be conservative today, so we're just going to start with being down on your knees.

Okay, you're going to put one foot here, right in the middle. Hands are here and you're going to just come into a lunge here. Now this back foot, it's turned out 90 degrees instead of 45, like the other exercise. Okay, now I'm going to keep my hands here and just straighten my legs to where I feel they're like okay, I got control of it. Now I'm going to lift up.

Okay, so I'll come in and then reach out there. And come in and reach out. One more time. Now, go way out there. Take a deep breath, exhale, go a little further.

Now I'm gonna take my hands down and really push out, see if I get a little bit more. Okay, now bend your knee to come into a lunge and then just turn that knee down and now let's just safely go to the other side. So the foot goes here and then come out to your lunge, 90 degree angle here. Now I'm going to push out first, make sure I have control, I'm staying connected to everything. Now I have it, I lift it.

And I go in and reach. And bring it in and reach. Okay, one more time. Way out there, hold it here, take a deep breath. Exhale, go out further.

Okay, now take your hands down. Try get a little bit more. Straighten the legs, now bend the knee. Once you're in, safely turn that knee down, bring it back and then come on off. All right guys, so that was the advanced Reformer.

All right, hope you enjoyed it.


Lisa D
1 person likes this.
Accerlerated that’s for sure!! Love the pace and challenge. A class to keep coming back to again and again! Thank you x
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Did it tonight . Dayum. 
 My type of challenge, length  and pace.
 Get another advanced class recorded asap !
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THAT WAS AMAZING!!! can’t wait to do it again. 
loved the pace, thanks 
Sharon O
Thank you for this challenge!
Wonderful! Super! Thank you for your expert instruction!
It has been WAY too long since I've done the advanced Reformer! Thank you Chris R! Just what I needed! 
Graham H
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I found this better when I slowed the speed down
Too rapid for me to follow, it is a shame
So clean and powerful both in movement and in clarity of teaching/explaining the movement.  Thank you Chris!!
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