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It's all about flow in the last class of Regina Santos' series. You will apply all that you learned from the previous classes, such as awareness, alignment, and balance. Regina teaches you to really focus and hone in on the power of your breath. You will feel centered, strong, and uplifted.

You should be familiar with the Intermediate to Advanced Traditional Pilates Reformer repertoire before taking this class.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Hi, my name is Regina and today's intermediate reformer class is all about flow. We're gonna apply the things that we've learned in previous classes, like, you know, present moment awareness, finding your two way stretch, unilateral training, finding your balance, trusting the unknown and spinal alignment and applying it all here, inside the studio so that you can apply it outside of the studio as well to find flow in your life. All right, and we're gonna start with our footwork as usual, and I'm gonna do three springs. You're welcome to do four springs, if you're feeling pretty good about it. Just make sure it's coming from the right place.

Come to the edge of the reformer or in the carriage and come on and down, have a seat with control. Lie down on your back with efficiency. Keep those heels up for your toes. We're gonna do 10 repetitions here. And as we think about the way we flow through our practice, you wanna think about your breath.

Cause breath is everything. Make sure you inhale as much as you exhale, fill your lungs with air and exhale all the air out. Cause Pilates is really also about managing the stress. Okay, now we're on our arches, right? 10 repetitions.

And as we move through our practice today, I want you to think about how you're breathing. Think about how the breath fuels your movement and how we actually learn to balance our body with our breath. Find the inflow and out flow of your breath. And then now come onto your heels, stretch your toes and breathe. Yes, think about all those things that we've learned.

Your two way stretch, your spinal alignment, right? And trust that you can have all those elements come together today. As we connect to our center. Now let's bring our toes back for tendon stretch. Pull the belly in and lower your heels, Breathing in and out.

Taking that internal shower as Joe Pilates would say, you breathe in fresh air and you exhale all those toxins that might have accumulated in your daily life outside. We'll take two more and come on in. Now, lower your foot bar down as you know, hold onto your handles. Straighten your legs forward. Stretch your arms up to the ceiling.

Connect to your center already and let's do our hundred. In, exhale, right? You want 10 sets and breathe and exhale. And exhale With every inflow and out flow of your breath, you are returning to life. We're using this reformer to reform our bodies, bring it back to balance.

Bring ourselves back into harmony, as we flow. Just a few more. Try not to move your head, keep reaching those legs away. Last one for me and exhale. Lie down connected and swivel up to teaser.

Drop your middle spring. Stay on two springs for your overhead. Lie back down on your back. Stretch your arms up to the ceiling and straighten your legs forward. With your overhead, I want you to think about a rhythm.

You're gonna pull the arms down, press your legs over and then shoot them up with emphasis. You go over and up, hold reach, reach, reach. Whoops, keep your heels together, okay? Down and again, over and up that helps you connect. Hold that, lower down with control.

We'll just do one more. Push down over and uphold, reach, connect to your back and your laps. Lower down with control, bend your elbows and your knees. Push your arms down, straighten your legs. Open, close, bend your knees.

Bend your elbows, for coordination, open. And two more. Think about your gut, pull the belly in and then release back, both handles in one hand. Come up to sit to transition. We're gonna drop one spring down for our back rowing.

Stretch your legs forward, your palms in the way from the front of the carriage, legs are straightforward. Elbows out, we round, we press, we pull the belly in, bring the arms back. And come forward and we round again and breathe. Push your legs forward, trust your strength and then come back and up. We'll do one more here.

Rounding your spine, elbows are out. Push your arms out, reach out and down and back with your body. And then come up, arms are greater than 90 degrees, right? Work from your center. Reach those legs away, lift up and then round forward and back, arms up.

It's called a reformer for a reason, right? We're reforming our body. We're returning to our life, right? So we're working out those kinks that we might feel throughout the day. But trust that after you put in the work, you're gonna feel better.

You're gonna feel centered. You're gonna feel strong and open at the same time. Ah, we come up to sit. We flip around. We go into our front rowing, legs together, elbows back, tall spine, root down into your seat.

Breathing up, up, up, reach energy, goes out through the top of the head and then come back to home and push out and in lift up, up, up, open exhale. Let's take one more inhale, push down, reach, arms up, open, and then back to the chest. Now from the hips, flex your feet round and stretch. Reach, open up your back. Pull the belly in, keep reaching your arms.

Keep reaching your arms and then come back with control. Two more up, up, up, open up, open your heart, exhale back, one more and round and reach. Ah, this feels so good to open up. And then now you're gonna cross your legs. Hands go through the handles for your shaving.

You can keep your hands behind you or if you're feeling pretty good, right? The hands go a little bit closer to the bottom of your head towards your neck, right? As long as you stay connected from your back and then come up, cross your legs, hug a tree, deep breath, work from your center. We'll do two more and then another and then come out. So you generally do about like five repetitions for those last two.

Now we're gonna come up and we're gonna take our long box for our long box series. So make sure your equipment's in place. Take your box, bring it on top. I'm on two springs and we're gonna do our full swan. So stand on the frame right away with your heels together and your toes out in your Pilates position.

Push yourself out. Find your nice little sweet spot to balance on the box and then round your spine. Come forward. Take a deep breath, inhaling up, exhale, open and flow with your spine and open out. Stretch your arms and the legs.

Pull the belly into lift the upper body up. Exhale, come down. Two more of those, inhale. Open out, exhale, inhale, breathe and up. Enjoy your body.

Enjoy the opportunity to move, exhale. One more inhale. Open up, exhale, inhale, breathe and stretch. Reach. Pull the belly in to lift the upper body and then around to come in, place your hands on the box.

Lift your hips up. Drop a spring down with ease and with flow. Come back down on the box, for pull straps. Hands go through the handles for our purposes. Thumbs on top of the straps, legs stretch away from you.

Pull the belly in, open up, press your knuckles towards the back and then lower down with control. Inhale, reach for that bubble with those arms or stretch, stretch, stretch, exhale down. We'll do one more inhaling. Ugh, exhale, come down with control. Open your arms out to the side, take a deep breath, inhale open chest, reach, two more, up reach, open up your heart here and down.

Keep those legs reaching away up and open and come down with control. It's not unusual to hear that typical Pilates grunt because when you do hear that and you make that noise yourself, you know, you're working from your deep center, so I've added a spring. We're gonna do our back rowing. Oh, excuse me, our breast stroke. That's what I meant.

It's a water sport, okay? Come down all the way down towards your box, knees in, lift the head and the shoulders up, press your arms and your legs up, big circle around and reach and then pull the belly in. And then again, up, open, exhale, reach and pull the belly in. I'm gonna adjust my handles a little bit here because they got caught in my straps. So we always wanna make sure that we flow and we set ourselves up for success.

And then that's a lot better. We'll do one more of those inhale up, open out and stretch reach and bend. Let's go the other way, press, that feels better on my body too, right? So this is, what's the powerful thing about Pilates. It really tests us and allows us to really understand that.

You know, we can just continue going, even though things may not work out as smoothly sometimes for us, but we trust our center. We trust that intention and just, we keep moving. Arms overhead, stretch your legs and your arms away. Take a deep breath here, inhale, exhale, right? It's finding that strength and trusting that inner strength, that inner resiliency we're in our teaser now, hold it.

You've been practicing long enough, right? So that you know that that center is there to guide you and rolling on up. I'm gonna pump my arms first. And then now I'm gonna pump my legs. Hold that there.

Keep reaching, reaching into the handles, lower it down with control. Now we're gonna do the circles with the arms and the legs and we roll on up. Circle, four times. Hold it there. Now circle the legs four times.

Keep reaching, hold it. Stay connected, lower everything down with control. Place your handles back. Come up to sit and then we'll do our hamstring curls. So make sure you drop a spring oh, we already dropped.

And then pardon me, bring your strap through the handles. And then we have a seat, right? Sit at the edge, cross your straps, right? So now you're gonna take your right foot and the strap that's in your right hand, your left foot, that's in the strap in the left hand. And then you turn over for your hamstring curls.

You come forward as far as you can and trust that you can balance, place your hands behind your back, press your hands together. And then we'll do 10 hamstring curls here. Okay, pull the belly in away from the box. Connect to the back of your legs and breathe. Remember we wanna know what's going on back there, right?

We wanna build strength and connect to what's also going on behind us. We'll take a couple more. That was maybe 10. Okay, you wanna get up to 10. Swing your legs around the box, reach down and then grab your handles for your horse back.

Okay, straighten your legs out. Now, flex your feet, root down into your seat. Now take a deep breath and point your toes and reach your arms up. Pump from your center. Reach for that bubble.

Feel your spine opening up, hold it there, lower everything down with control. And two more sets of those rounding up and then down pumping, one more for me, hold that. And then come on down with control. Now, if you're feeling pretty groovy, let's make circles with the arms and squeeze and lift, circle the arms from the body. Remember the arms and the limbs start from the body.

Hold in here and then come on down with control. Step off, take your box, put it off to the side. And we're gonna take our long stretch series today with a nice flow. This portion of the reformer again is just such a nice flow portion where you really get to enjoy your spine. Enjoy the mobility and enjoy returning to life.

Right hand left foot, left hand right foot. Come into a nice straight spine finder, two-way stretch and let's go, exhale. Two more, one more. Come down to your knees. Open up your chest, open up your heart.

Keep pressing your heels against the shoulder blocks to come in. Find that two-way stretch. Now, hold it here. Push up, enjoy that stretch. Open your heart up, place your hands on the foot bar.

Lift your hips up and up stretch. Come forward. Two more of those. One more. Let's do the combo and come forward, open your heart here.

Ah, stay connected. Move from the center and flow. Oh, this feels so good to flow in this, right? One more. And then come on in, heels down for elephant, round your spine and 10 of these, right?

Pulling the carriage in, keep your spine nice and round. And you wanna close it, but not crash the carriage, right? So that's where that element of control comes in, right? It's called Contrology for a reason. We work with control from the center of our body.

Now hold it, one legged elephant. This is what I like to do is like, this is where I get my unilateral balance in. Now, if you feel pretty good about that, try one arm out. Oh, this is not easy. Hold it, switch right foot down, left leg back, reaching out and in.

It's a simple system, but it's not easy, reaching right arm and left leg out. Great. That's good for the brain, right and left brain. Now you're gonna do your long back stretch. Hands on the bar, heels against the shoulder blocks, flow with it here and down, exhale up, down.

Really move your body, move your spine. Try not to move that carriage. Ah, that was better for me here. There we go, now we go the other way out. Keep the carriage out and pull in and stretch.

Hold it, lower down with control. One more, up, hold it, lower down with control and then come up. Just because we're flowing doesn't mean we have to rush through it, right? It's what I have to tell myself too. We add a third spring for stomach massage.

Place your pad on the carriage. Have a seat, bring your heels together. And this is another section of the reformer where we go one from one exercise into the other, down it up. As my teacher says, make it seamless the transitions. So let's see if we can get there today, okay?

You're gonna do 10 of these round, pulling the belly in, finding your two-way stretch and then right away, trust the unknown. Place your hands back. Find your shoulder blocks. Keep your chest up, 10 of these lengthen your spine. Feel that spine getting aligned as you continue building strength to your core and your center connection to.

Without missing a beat, can you reach down, drop a spring? And then stretch just five of these. Now twist, three times each way. Remember reach for the back seat of your car or reach back for something behind you on your desk and work from the center. And then come on in.

All right. What I like to say is stomach massage makes tendon stretch better. So that's how you remember that your tendon stretch is next. You move the pad down towards the edge, have your feet in Pilates position right away. And then come up.

Let's do three with the two legs and we might get a little fancy, okay? So round back and in two, another. Now let's do the leg to the side, right leg out, three times. Now, trust the unknown, get the leg back. Now, flow out to the side and back.

Now let's flow the other way, back into the side. And get that big toe up there. And we switch, that's kind of fun. Let's do that to the other side. Come on up, left leg out for three.

The breathing helps, reach back. Side and back, back and side. (panting) Woo, and then come on down, fun right? Okay. Pad to the side, we bring the foot bar down.

Place your handles down in the well, drop your headrest down. Let's take that short box setting, place it here and then place your pad on top of the box. Make sure your dowel's in the front. Again some teachers like to have the dowel underneath, but I'm good with keeping the dowel in front of the box. Separate your feet and try to not make any noise with the clips.

So give yourself a nice big hug to remind you that you're moving from your center, round your spine. Sometimes we need that right, little self love, right? Helps us flow, that's for sure. And actually, you know that self love isn't just sometimes it's all the time when we ritualize our self love, practice, right? We are so much more connected with the people who are most important in our lives, right?

We lean back. Our relationships are better at work and at home, right? So this is your Pilates practices. This is your practice. This is your self love and make it a ritual.

Okay, ritualize it. When you ritualize it, you make it really special. And we must love ourselves as special beings. Hey, now we add the twist, come to center, twist to the other side, two more each way. Twist, one more each way, other way, right?

Our modern society, you know, there's that temptation to just go, go, go all the time. Right? But we wanna use that energy, you know, and turn it inward to be compassionate with ourselves so that we can be compassionate with others outside. So we've done our tree, I'm walking all the way down. Can we do our extension now?

Open your heart, use your belly, pull the stomach in to come up. Two more, walk back. Reach the legs away and come in. Now, can you touch the ground? If you can go ahead and do your leg circles.

That's what I felt like doing, two more and the other way. Two, hold it, walk up. And that's like another thing about flowing in life is like really letting go of expectations. We let go of expectations of ourselves and of others and just really listen to what we need in the moment, right? And round, and then walk back.

I'm gonna do the same thing on the other side, I'm gonna try that extension. We'll walk up and walk down. Another extension that feels better now because that felt really good, I'm gonna go for it with putting my hands back. Ah, I found the floor now keep reaching those legs out. Circle three times one way.

From the stomach and reverse it. I'm trusting the fact that I'm centered. I'm trusting the fact that I can connect and then I can get up there. And then I come on down. Now we go into short spine, the divine part of our practice, where we give ourselves a nice little treat.

I don't know if you noticed this, but in the reformer practice, we move from a place of support, right? Where we're fully supported into a place where we're actually not having as much support from the apparatus. So the short spine is a good midway point to understand that. Right here, we have the first level of support from our back, but then we lift up. We have no support.

We're just balancing on our shoulder blades. We bend our knees and come back down. We have two more of those, ha up. And then we have one more and then we're gonna trust our balance. Trust our strength into those high frogs.

Hold it here, lift the legs up and come forward and over, bend your knees. Come on down with control, right? So now we drop our handles gently down into the well I'm still on two springs. So I'm just gonna go ahead and lift my foot bar up with my feet, move with efficiency. And I'm gonna go right into my summer circle.

So you're gonna push yourself out, right? And keep those heels together and oh yeah. Round your spine. Articulate it. Get those hips down into the well, push out halfway and then roll up.

Don't worry, that was just my handle. Come on in. And then round your spine, pull the belly in and really enjoy that stretch. And that strength, controlling the movement from the center and rounding, pushing out, rolling. And then now let's go the other way.

Get those hips up. Oh, and round and come in, roll up and round, down. The ribs are the last thing that come up. Last one here, come on in. Rolling up and then give yourself that nice little stretch, if you'd like, oh, to pull yourself back in, that feels so good on my legs.

And then we slide on back with control and then we carefully come up, as gracefully as you can of course. Okay, now we drop the foot bar down. We reorganize ourselves for chest expansion and thigh stretch. So I remain on two springs. I'm gonna hook my toes in front of the carriage.

I'm gonna hold onto the straps and I'm gonna keep my spine nice and tall. We're just gonna do two times each direction, alternating sides. Pull the arms down, breathe here, open your chest. Turn right and left, center. Now the inhale really fills the chest.

So take a big inhale here and turn left, right, center. So when you pull your arms back, take a big inhale and then hold that turn right left. There's that little yoga in there. There's that little breath retention practice, okay? If you practice yoga, it's called Pranayam.

And there's a whole practice on how the breath helps us regulate ourselves so that we can find flow and balance and harmony. I've just added a third spring for your thigh stretch. Walk your hands up as high as you can. Pull the belly in and take a deep breath. Stretch your thighs, keep your gaze forward first if you need to, to measure.

Now, if you want add that extension. Only at that extension if you feel connected from your center, one more, because the head follows the rest of the spine here. So you gotta move the spine first before you move your head and you have to make sure you're grounded, okay? So we're gonna try that back extension if you'd like, right? So you lift the foot bar up, you drop down to two springs and then you walk your knees forward to the shoulder blocks ground down into your legs.

Pull the belly in. If you need to take a measurement, just go ahead and take a measurement, ground down into your legs. Follow that imaginary line, that bubble, and then push into your legs, right? The more confident you get, the more you can hold onto the bar. Breathing in.

Okay. If we do another one, let's see if we can hold on. Hold on to it and then come up and then bring your forehead down. Give yourself a nice little reprieve and the come on up. Okay.

Now we dropped the foot bar down. That was a little energizing move, right? To come into that nice back extension. Now we're gonna balance just one round of arm circles going one way, handles going to hand you're on one spring and we come up. Again less support now, right?

Because now we're actually kneeling on the carriage. Right before we were working with the arms, we were lying down on the box. We were lying down on the carriage. Now we're working our way to standing, but first we have to stand on our knees. Okay, bring your hands back, handles back.

And now it's time for snake twist, back to the unilateral training. Back to finding that balance. Right foot is gonna be on the frame, left hand on the shoulder block, right hand on the carriage. From your center, pull the belly in, lift up from there. Push out, look forward, exhale.

We're gonna do another one of those because there's a breath here. Take a big breath, inhale and then exhale. Open up your heart. Open up your chest and take a big breath in. Now, push out halfway, inhale, drop your hip, exhale.

Look over your shoulder and then inhale, exhale, come in. If you're able and you're willing and interested, take the arm up, open out, up and down, lift and then pull yourself in. Really helps to just push into the shoulder blocks. Helps to use your apparatus here. Okay.

That's what the reformer is for. Let's do the other side, left foot on the shoulder block. Right hand on, excuse me. Left foot on the foot bar, right hand on the shoulder block. Left hand down on the carriage.

Pull the belly in already, connect. Come on up. Inhale, exhale, inhale and then exhale. Inhale, let's try the twist. Halfway.

Exhale, look over your shoulder. Inhale, exhale. Now let's try the one arm away. Up, open out, move from your back. Move from your center.

Lift, place your hands back on the carriage. And then come on home. Step off carefully. Add your second spring. Now you're gonna lie down for your cork screw.

You can either keep your hips down or lift your hips up. It's up to you today. I'm gonna try my hips up, legs together. Lift up, swing around with control. Do your best to keep your elbows open.

Let's do one more each way. Up. Hold it. Control the way you come home and then bend your knees. Lower yourself down towards the foot bar, measure.

Bring your arms up overhead for control balance off. Elbows go straight up to the ceiling. Hold onto the shoulder blocks, legs straight, connect to your center already. Find your two-way stretch. As you lift and balance, get your spine nice and long, reach right, find the frame, left.

Find the frame, right. Find the frame, slide off. Keep that left leg reaching back, open up your heart and balance. Come on down, remount from your center, lift and down and remember, you know what? One side is always more connected than the other.

And again, no judgment. Just notice, maybe it's something you wanna work on. Now we go to the left and then come on up. And then come on back and then come center and then step on off. Okay, now we're gonna go into mermaid.

I'm gonna try my mermaid today. We'll see how I feel. Lift the foot bar up. I've dropped one spring. I'm gonna sit on my hip.

My shins are against the shoulder blocks. Right hand is on the foot bar, left arm is out from the stomach, push out and then come up, hold onto the shoulder block and wrap and reach. We'll do one more holding on, alternating arms now float and then push off and come up. Not so bad and then wrap and then reach, switch sides. Left hand on the foot bar, right arm is out, deep breath, right hand on the shoulder block, lift and wrap, deep breath.

If you're looking out in the ocean like I am right now, you can't help, but feel like a little bit like a mermaid, right, come in and back and helps to find the flow. As you are part of this world, part of this nature, we are waves in the ocean and the universe actually really does conspire to help us succeed, okay? So now we're gonna do our long spine. Foot bar is down. You have two springs.

You know, anytime you feel like that struggle is there. Just know that it's just there, information for you to see if you're going in the right place. Or if it's somewhere that you just have to look in a different place, right? Either way, just trust that the universe is really there to support you in all what you want to do as long as your intentions are pure, of course, right? So come on down.

So we're gonna do our long spine, feet go in the straps and then bring your arms down and I'm on two springs now, you push out, pull the belly in, lift up, open, exhale and flow. Enjoy that stretch and lift up, less support now with these extender straps, right? So you really have to connect to that center. It's like a relationship with a reformer. You have to trust that you give it just enough power and then the rest is there to support you.

One more and come on down, bend your knees, flip the headrest up. We'll just do five frogs and circles for our class today just to connect and realign. Two more, connect to that breath. Remember that inflow and outflow of your breath, bring your legs up and down. Breath is everything, as Joe Pilates says, we start with breath and then breath is the last thing we end with, right?

So breathe through your practice. Hugely important. Let's reverse it Coming from your center and then bend your knees. Bring your knees in, lower everything down with control. Now come up for running in pelvic lift.

So, ah, excuse me, knee stretches first. Foot bar is up. Stay on two springs, round your spine and just flow through your knee stretches. We're going to go to round. We're gonna go to arch.

Then we're gonna go to knees off just another section of the reformer and round. This is where you really get to enjoy that power of yours and that powerhouse. And you just get to move, arch back. Breathing. I told you there was gonna be one class where you heard me breathe and this is it.

Knees off, round. (panting) And you can go up to 10. But I think I stopped just shy of that. And I'm not mad at myself for it. I'm gonna lay down and I'm gonna do running and pelvic lift.

You know, another thing about flow is that you understand where you move, right? As a Chopra meditation instructor, I follow Deepak Chopra and he talks about flowing and how a water flows around a rock in a stream. It doesn't go against the rock and tries to push itself through the rock. It goes around the rock and creates its own path. So, my own path today was seven repetitions on the knees off and I just went with it because when you try to push through, especially in Pilates, when you try to muscle through in Pilates, you are not practicing Pilates anymore.

You're not practicing Contrology, right? You wanna respect your body where it is and honor what it needs for the day, pelvic lift. And we do 10 of these total if you can, and then you come on down and then we're gonna move on to the least amount of support by standing up. So you take your foot bar down and then we're gonna do actually, excuse me. We're gonna do, yes.

Now we're gonna keep our foot bar down and I'm gonna go to least amount of support for one spring for my side splits. You're gonna place one pad towards the shoulder blocks that's close to you. The other pad is on the frame that's closest to you. I'm on one spring. You're welcome to stay on two if you'd like, if you need more support, okay.

Right foot is gonna go on the frame first, cause it's not moving. And either you heel to your foot or you step your foot out, you push your arms out to the side. You keep your spine tall. You keep reaching for the bubbles to control, hold and then you pull yourself in. You have two more and then you come in and you hold us here.

Stay in control. Round down, reach for their carriage. Roll up, keep your arms reaching forward. Open up your heart, look up, open your arms out. Close the carriage, we do that again.

Rounding, coming up, lifting, opening up your heart, open your arms out. Step on in and step on off. Now we move that to the other side. So you move your pads to the other side, closest to you. I'm remaining on one spring.

I step in the middle. My left foot is on the frame. My right foot is towards the shoulder blocks. I open my arms out, you push out. This is only three of these, right?

And then come in and two, make sure you only push out as much as you can control from your center. Hold it here, standing saw left hand to right foot. Come up, right hand to left foot. Try not to move the carriage and then come up, close the carriage, come on in. Right hand or left hand to the right foot.

Come back left hand to right foot or right hand to left foot and then come on in and then step in and then come on down. Now let's bring that foot bar up and add that second spring for our front splits. And we only need one pad for that. So I'm gonna put one pad away and then I'm gonna take this other pad to the back at a diagonal. My, the outer part of my right foot is going to go against the shoulder blocks and I'm gonna lift my arch in the back foot.

I stand up on the carriage. My hands are on the foot bar, left foot is on the foot bar. Now you push off with the back leg, pull the belly in exhale, inhale, push the back leg straight in the front leg. Two-way stretch, push off. Two-way stretch, keeping your spine nice and long.

Lift up, trust your center and push away and come in. Keep your heart open, keep your spine long. Keep your back tall. And then come in round down. Step on down.

Step on off. Place your pad on the other side to do the other leg, left foot goes on, stand up, right foot on the foot bar, pull the belly in, push the back leg to straighten the front leg, deepen your stomach. Again, one side might feel different than the other. No judgment. Just know that we are creatures of imbalance naturally, just passing through balance, right?

And that's the goal is just so that we can pass through balance more often. And that's it and understand that we are creatures of imbalance and we are perfectly imperfect. Come on down, last set of splits my friends. You can use your pad for your Russians on the back, but I'm just gonna use it in the front, place it in front towards the head rest. So I'm gonna stand up on my carriage, right foot is at a diagonal and then my left toes are on the headrest.

The heel is against on the carriage. I'm gonna use my back leg and then I'm gonna straighten the front leg, deepen that stretch. Oh, that feels really good to feel grounded in my legs to root down in my legs. And then because I'm rooted down in my legs, I get to float up from my center and then I push with control, keeping my spine aligned and the arms go down. You come up to dismount.

You step in and you switch with control, left foot on the foot bar, right foot down. You come on in, you push. And then you bend keeping that back leg strong, trusting that it's doing its job back there, bending the right knee, placing your hands behind your head and then keeping your spine long, moving that right leg from its center, arms up and then re-round. We straighten. We step on off with control and enjoy our flow.

I hope you enjoyed that workout. That was an intermediate reformer workout. And I hope you found your flow and you found your way around those rocks. And I hope you take this with you through your life outside of the studio as well. We'll see you next time.


Thanks for another great workout Regina! This was really cardio! I was sad when you skipped the tic toc but happy again when you added the mermaid :o)
Regina Santos
Jennifer A Thank you for working out with me throughout the series! Glad the mermaid brought you joy :)) 
Danielle A
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Loved the exercises however transitions from springs to other positions spoken a little too fast and there wasn't enough reps so that I could could catch up at home once I finally got the spring and correct positioning. Great workout otherwise. 
Becky C
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I got a great workout but honestly only because I knew what was coming next so cued myself.  Regina moves beautifully and it was nice to watch but as for the inexperienced person following at home..I think they would have been lost. 
Regina Santos
Danielle A thank you for working out with me and for your feedback! I hope you had a chance to try the previous classes from which this builds! 
Regina Santos
Becky C great and noted! thanks for the feedback and thanks for working out with me! Yes, this is a culmination of all of the lessons in this series and is meant to flow - I hope you have a chance to try the 4 classes that lead up to this one :) 
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Fantastic! 😍many thanks Regina, I get you! Can’t wait for more but this series is going into my favorites!
Regina Santos
Rosemary Aww Thank you for your nice note and for working out with me! I hope you continue to enjoy :) 
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Love working the Classical Order and the flow of it all, sometimes you just need to move and you gave me exactly that! Thank you!
Eden N
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I had the best time!! tnx!❤️
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