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Eclectic-Style Cadillac

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In this Cadillac workout, Amy takes you through some familiar Roll Back exercises with slight variations, as well as a deep abdominal series at the Push Through Bar end. You'll use the long yellow arm springs for Supine Arm Pulls/Triceps work and Swan and Swimming. Amy gives Supine Leg Work/Feet In Straps as well as some classic side lying exercises and an incredible hamstring stretch and transition for the client. Also included in this workout are some of the Ballet Stretches as well as a Short Spine Series with knees over the Push Through Bar. This will challenge pelvic stability and act as a preview for JackKnife. Enjoy this eclectic-style workout.
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Good morning. We're going to start where the little Cadillac session this morning. Uh, quite a bit of variety, I think a lot of abdominal work and some articulation, scapular work, some arm work, leg work, tried to get a full body program in and so I'll have her start with some rolling back. We've got her in diamond this morning. I'm just going to have her do some little preparation. I'm going to bring those ribs back in. We're just trying to establish that vertical sitting position.

Just take a nice couple of deep breaths, new to connect into your laps just a little more and feel that bar come down. Yeah, so some maybe a little about four times a little butt belly on your exhale. Squeeze those glutes and draw the abdominals back. Inhale as you come up to sitting tall and exhale. So even in the butt belly we are lengthening up through the top of the head.

Inhale without the ribs coming out or flaring. Exhale again, a little butt belly. Inhale, nice and tall. Last one is a preparation and inhaled sitting tall. Taking your roll back all the way. You get that sake room to reach to the mat, lumbar your shoulders, starting to reach back for the table. Hold right there. Take a nice breath in. Stay there on your exhale and want you to imprint here. Widen across the chest.

Now Rolling up head first. Inhale, exhale. Diving forward. Pull down on this bar. Get your crown of your head reaching to the roll back bar. Inhale, nice and tall and again, exhale and but belly. So I'm asking him to see if you can press down on that bar just a little. There you go.

See there for a full breath so you can integrate that imprinting of the Vertebra, your pelvis, nice and level. Inhale, head in, chest. Exhale, a diving forward. Crown ahead toward the roll, back bar and sitting vertical. Let's go one more plain one. See if you can open up those hips and depressed those knees. Downward. Good. Stay there for full breath. I feel the imprinting field at transverse abdominis. Really deep. Inhale, head and chest. Exhale. Okay, and vertical sit. We'll add a little to it, same beginning, and we start reaching your shoulders back for the table.

So I think in in a round of threes, if you widen your elbows and pull that bar in towards you. Inhale, unsure your shoulders. Good. Exhale and reach the bar forward two more times. Inhale and imprint even more. Good. So there's no daylight underneath her back. Inhale again. Okay, and exhale. Now let's add a little something. Inhale, pull it towards you. Well, let's do a roll up with the bar towards your chest.

Pull in and get those muscles active, active cheer, round, round, round, round, round. And then up to vertical set. They're going to do that. Going backwards to inhale, pull it to your chest, unsure. Ugh. And here you go. Roll backs. You're pulling that strength into your center and reach the bar forward. Organize your shoulders. Good. Make sure we're not flaring. And again, pull it to you. Pause and breathe. Here we go.

It says if you're going over the top of the bar, like a wave being crested over that. Yeah, I am sitting tall. Release the bar forward. Let's do the whole pattern one more time. So it's lots of lat, shoulder abs, just really getting into those primary PyLadies muscles and those gracefully reached the bar forward and open up the chest. Stay right there. Breathe in. Now it's more muscular. Exhale and round over. Yeah, there you go. You feel that? All right.

And then sitting tall. That's plenty good. And release the bar. Turn your body around. I'm going to attach a blue spring today. I want you to loop your knees over the bar and bring your pelvis all the way out to the end. Okay. So I, I could be doing this with a red spring for her, but she's quite connected in her articulation to roll up. So blue is the choice today. All we've done it before on no spring, which is also doable. Uh, one of the spots I'm going to give you, I'm going to hold my hands at your shins because I don't want you to default and kick with your feet. Okay? Look right up. So your Chin is lifted away from your chest. You're not compressing too much right away. Pull in here.

Just another articulation. So breathe first. Close your sits bones and start your roll up from your tail through your Lumbar, through your thoracic and lifted. So I'm looking for, and you can see clearly this beautiful line, shoulder, hip, quad, and knee. Squeeze those hamstrings. You really holding the bar with the knees. Take a breath here.

Now I want you to slowly begin your roll down from your sternum, almost like your stern a melt into you. Reach back with the energy through the tip of your head, articulating bone by bone. You've got a good open chest. Now as you extend your tail a little more over that way. The end of the trapeze table connect your ribs. Let's do it again. I'm gonna hold you here. Exhale, curl your tail. That's it.

Look straight up. So connecting glute hamstring for this beautiful hip extension. I'm going to let go of your shins. You don't need me. Breathe in. I want you to exhale. Begin to roll down back of the chest. Squeeze the stomach in.

This would be a cue maybe to open up that collarbone line. Keep bending the knees around the bar. Reach your tailbone out without releasing your ribcage. Hey, doing okay? One more time. We're going to add to it at the top. Beautiful. Extend your arms. Maybe connect those less. This is primarily some articulation, but I'm just going to do this so we can see your line. You're good. Alright, so I'm gonna put my hand at your sacrum, my hand at your belly.

I want you to look at your own pelvis and see and how nice and flat and straight nick. Okay. Okay. Extend your right leg. You're going to keep the back of that leg against the bar. Inhale. Exhale. Lift your hips higher to bend that knee more over connecting into those hamstrings and the left side. Inhale, keeping the leg against the bar. Reach up higher and over as you bend. One more. Each side. It's an inhaler so you can be able to, the client can see their own hips.

If one wants to rotate or one side of the pelvis, usually one-on-one to advance. And Yeah, like that. A little. So let's maybe do one more. So we'll really look to see. You're working for leveling. It might be that this side has to press back a little left sign and that's where I come in. I can help ya and stretch. Okay.

Squeeze those hamstrings. Take a breath again, rolling yourself down, trying to find that opposition through your crown of your head. Getting up bone by bone articulation, and we're going to do it again. So if the client's okay to squeeze all the way in with the knees preferred, but if those patellas and the kneecaps and things are feeling a little crunchy or not so happy, you can space. Of course. I think you're fine to go in today. Okay. You're fine. I'll help you. There you go. Let's just do one, two each side. Inhale, right legs. You're gonna really feel for that.

That's better. Yeah, and x o higher to bend your knee over the bar. Left side. Feel the back of that leg against the bar. Feel that that's it. You're going to go higher and over right side again, she has been at ne good and she's in parallel and then rolling down, upper back, middle back. I might even resist her a little bit and pull up on the bar. So she's really having to articulate down, down and down and down. Okay. Fantastic. So what I'm going to have you do, I've got the bar for you.

If you loop your knees and just stick your feet that way we're going to transition you hands on the bar. That was nice. And even a little more scooch under. So your sits bones really are directly pointed out and your sacrum and tail is right at the end. You might actually back up about half an inch. Okay, so hands are shoulder with the part we're going to do is do a basic chest lift with legs and tabletop. Alright? And I'm also going to hold this Barb, because I don't want the spring to lift her. I want her to flex her spine on her own. Here she go, right?

So by me holding down on the bar and so alleviating a little bit of this a spring work. So flex deeper into the spine. So here's the crown of that head. There you go girl. And it's almost as if you can get your chest closer to your thighs. You're staying in a nice neutral pelvis. Can you connect your lats right there? You can. And let's have you rolled back all the way.

This can become a little tricky cause again, this is gonna want to pull her scapula up. So we're trying to get scapular depression and stability. That's going again, that's even better already. So again, if I put my hand back here, I'm not pushing on you, I'm just encouraging where to go, right? Find Your Scapula, depression, your, Yup, that's it. Now a good drop that sacred down a titch stay right there. Let's take your legs to vertical where they might be there and I'm going to have you inhale, flex your heels and exhale and point total of four. Inhale, flex and exhale points who are establishing real good pelvic stability.

Drop your sacrum a little over the end of the table. Excellent. One more exhale. Let's bend you into 90 90 and bring your head back down a little rest again. Exhale, torso contraction. Drop that sacrum over the DAS. You feel that it's a really great place to practice that because there's a ledge you can keep dropping off of. Okay. I'm going to have you go single leg, stretch one leg. We'll go forward. Exhale and change.

Yeah, we'll keep that. Breathe in at sail on one there. Is this okay? Is this helping? Yeah. Okay, so just like we wouldn't be in Mat, just on the tips of the shoulder blades. I'm helping that control a pull down in the scapula. Maybe a little organization. How about for more one and two and three and four both knees in and exhale a body down and again, so it can be done with no spring. Also. How about double leg stretch?

Just three. Inhale from here. Exhale, fold those knees as if you're pulling them towards your head without losing neutral and you're compressing here a little more. Squeeze. She's really working. And last one. Okay. To stay up legs up. Now drop one leg toward the uh, floor in line with the table edge so you really getting that connection out. Let's breathe in. Bring it up. Exhale. The other one down. I don't want you to contract your hamstring there. Inhale Lega and exhale.

Pull with the hamstring. Good. Inhale leg up and exhale on down. One more each side and hamstrings. Good. Take both legs up and keep your legs there. Let your head come down. Inhale up again. We're almost done with this pattern.

So regular scissor with a little more of the percussive. Pull Cole. Good. Now this is where I'm going to let her. She's going for a little more flexibility. She's getting her foot back to this bar. This is awesome. Why? She stays in a level pelvis. She's got those lats really working.

I would say flex your t spine, a little deaths. It come down off your, yeah, come down a little bit. That's it Brittney. And let's take four. Three good and two last one likes it a lot. 90 full the knees and let your head come back down and rest. I have the bar.

Fantastic. Good for you. Okay. Spin your legs that way. We'll just get you. Let's go to the other end of the table now. So quite a bit of Ab work. We're going to balance it. And start getting into some back extension, although that was some back work to keep you level. I'm going to take these down. We're going to work with the long arms springs now long yellow and to put 'em up high.

Okay, so primarily thinking back, Extension Swan, but a little bit of arm pull also. But I know uh, not, I don't really want you to think of that. It's an arm pull piece. Get that out of your way. We'll add a little swimming. So just even in the set up, finding the scapula down, she's got her head floating between her arms and little bit of tummy support already. Hamstrings are engaged. Let's have you breathe in. I want you to exhale and find your back extension and your swan. No, your swan. I'm going to ask those.

Ready to come back up and add a little bit. Think a little more weight on your pubic bone. There you go. Take an inhale here and exhale as you come back down almost as if this isn't allowed to touch the table. Feel the difference. Okay. And again, exhale and [inaudible]. So this of course we know is your your favorite place to bend? Mine too.

So can you lift a little, that's it. Inhale and exhale again as if this is not allowed to touch the table. You May, but we don't want to drop it. Okay. I want you to just do one more like that. Integrate here. That's better. I know it feels different. Put Your weight more on your sacrum. Okay.

Maybe my hand here will be a little better queue. Breathe in. Exhale and lengthen down. All right, so, and again, I'm just going to stay here and talk for a second that sometimes that cue will promote more kyphosis here, which it did for her. Uh, but did you feel your abdominals differently? Yeah, it was harder to keep them up. Okay, so let's try it again. Same thing and my hands under you. Uh, so same thing. Find your scapula. Depressors a little more. Okay. I'm going to let you do this. All right for a second. Now it starts in swimming arms. How about inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale.

I'm just going to poke right here. Just a little awareness. Inhale, inhale, exhale. Exhale. Sure. Four, three, good. Lift and lift numbering both arms together and lengthen your body down and long.

Give your head suspended. Better work on not not Venus down. Let's have you go one more time. All the way up. Now go into a full swimming with the legwork as well. Say Grim down pubic bone down. There you go. And four and three and two and one. Inhale link.

Then NXE let's bring everything down. Okay. Release those springs. Good. And Go ahead and run back into a little cat stretch. So I could have maybe chosen to put, use the shorter arms springs for you. But I used your long arms springs and I had them all the way at the top.

It could have been on the slide bar too, just a little bit higher up from there. Um, she did pretty good. Okay, let's have you go into sideline. We'll go do some leg spring. So how about lying on your right side? I'm going to put this I think the spring in the middle today. Okay.

And draw that leg down all the way. Let's get your set up. So I'm a, I'm at the back of the table. I want to feel your hips back here and your scap in your shoulder. So bring your body back a little more there. Okay. Legs slightly forward, toes at the front of the tables. You've got another inch to go or so perfect. Okay, my shoulder, I'm going to have you kick your elbow out just a little and not that hand.

Be Flat. Okay, so this arm is purposeful. It's there, it's supported, you've got some are more going. Here's this good lack connection. Again, bring those ribs back, long sternum and then before anything else happens, we're going to elongate from this hip down. Okay? So I want you to externally rotate your leg and let's just do five leg up and down. Remember, take your time. As you pull down, think of this heel landing in the arch of that bottom foot or beyond the arts. You really getting that elongation, inhale and exhale long past the arch. Okay.

Right. Good work. Keeping that lat engaged too. You're starting to get that side body, uh, organization or doing the side body organization. Bottom waist is working, but not by really actively propping it up. It's really this hip reaching that's making this work. You feel the connection ribs back.

Let's hold right there and pick a direction for circles. Just small ish and feel as though you're trying to keep consistent tension on the spring. There's that quality of elongating and reaching out throughout the entire circle for five or so. Other way. Keep that reach from this hip to heel circle, circle, circle, circle. Actually we're doing like seven and eight is fine. All right, leg down. So how about front and back and when you draw your leg forward with just a nice easy movement, I want you to pull your stomach away from this forearm.

Reach this hip down so you've got a good long waist and she's nice and flexible. We would probably lift a leg a little higher. Okay, and as you're coming back slightly internally, rotate that femur. There you go. And I want you to, I'm going again. Take it a little higher. It's hard to tell. We want hip height now as your legs behind you. You're not arching your back right. There it is. Leg forward, slight external rotation, stomach drawing back from the forearm, hip reaching long and coming back.

So squeeze those hamstrings. That's it right up into the Derriere. Find that hip extension and again for our front swing, bring a little higher. That's it. Stomach pulling back from that forearm and feel that support and that's it. And back a little higher. Two more times. And for runt.

Beautiful and back hamstring right up into the Tish. Good for you. Last one front. Tell me back away from that forearm and backs. I'm gonna now ask you to just reach from your hip bone to this heel bone. [inaudible].

Lean that pelvis forward a little bit. Okay, now this is just a little yummy. Breathe into that. Lengthen your sacrum underneath you a little bit. Good. Now as I let go, keep the length of it. Okay, good for you. And then take your leg forward. Let's do a nice hamstring stretch and we're going to roll this hip down.

Now I'm going to ask her. This is more like a ton of a trick, but she's flexible to put this foot up on the bar. She's going to hold onto that leg and perhaps do the splits there. There she goes. And then yeah, go ahead and let your torso come all the way over that leg and just hold that take about five deep breaths. Not going to require those hips to be square and when her hamstrings to just get that stretch and just really lay over that leg. Okay. And then let's go ahead and transition you for the other side.

So you're going to lie down. Okay. And she's back against the back edge. So come back a little bit more and shoulders too. Okay. And then starting the leg forward, right. Okay.

So the turnout up and down and elbows out, feeling, seeing her scapula down. No, reach this hip long. Okay, now go ahead. Externally rotate. Here you go. Up. Inhale. So I want you to reach from that hip bone through this heel bone. Get a little more external rotation from your femur at the top and lengthen it down past this heel if you can. And again, good and down. There we go in. Let's see if we can get more from right here and draw down two more times and it'll lift in hail and exhale length.

And tell me pulling away back last time. Breathing in and exhale and lower. Okay, keep reaching the hip. Let's just do eight circles since you did the other side. Oh round reach to me. Reach, reach four, three, two and one other direction while trying to stabilize the pelvis a little more. So keep reaching more at the leg. Lengthen. Lengthen. Death's bed are seven and eight and hold. Okay, little turnout. Let's do front. So again, is this coming front?

I want you to pull your stomach away from this front. Forearm hip, still working its way down. There you go. Lengthening back. So is you reaching your leg behind you again? No arch of your lumbar if you can help it. And for [inaudible] and that like a little higher. Good. All right and coming to the front. So Steve, go keep going forward. Stay right there just for a second. So can you just invite some back extension or lumber integration there?

That's it. Feel the difference? Yeah, that's better. You were losing a little bit of that. Okay. And Hamstring to glute. Lengthen. Do More Brittany and front doing great. [inaudible] okay. And Front. Yup. And back. And then we'll take right here. You're gonna hold so I can help extend you here. So as I pull on you, it's wanting to lean your hips back. So pose me a little bit.

Lean that pelvis toward the wall. Keep going. Can you grow a half an inch from your hip to your heel or two inches? My goodness. There you go. Beautiful deal. All right, so I've got to let go. But You keep the length. Don't shorten anything if you can help it. And so we met leg around the front.

No, really? You know, and we w we wouldn't need to do the splits. I could even just hold you here, but we should do it on of course. Both sides. Oh, a more flexible side. And she flips over and then she can lie down on her leg.

Gonna take that out of our way. Got It. Okay. Let's go on with one more stretch and I'm going to grab the trapeze. Put it at this end for Eve's lunge or hip flexor.

Stretch up on top. I'm going to go about a forearm length. That's just the way I measure on this side. And if you're looking at that edge of the table, I'm not going to have you go into the pullups, but I want you to reach your right leg back and put it in the fuzzy. Okay. Now standing leg, let's have you go a little turnout in it actually.

Good. And find your scapular support. Find that sense of being drawn up that if we were to go up, you'd be ready for it. Now I want you to really feel from your hip to the back foot is the lengthening. And then go ahead and bend your standing knee. We want to track that. Of course, right out over your second hose. So this is a little similar for you like we had in Swan.

Nice correction. So there's where you know we've got, you've got a real natural curve. Not that that's wrong, we just want to lengthen that up a little more and feel more support from your front. Yep. Okay. And now stay right there and give me more hip extension. What I saw that was nice. Your hamstrings activated, which is what should happen in this. You don't passively hang out there and then as you come up straighten, you can integrate these glutes and two more times. So I want you to actively contract your hamstrings and the glute to extend this right hip. However she's thinking a little bit there. [inaudible] yeah, to come up. Use The power from this hip, hamstrings and your glutes.

One more time. So this would never just be a dead hang. So right there, yesterday, right there. Make it a lat and a shoulder experience. Right? You want to transition? I'm going to give you a transition. Give a little mini pull up. Okay. Stay right down there. Stick. Bring your left foot back, right on Kiddo. And then right foot forward.

Next time we'll probably maybe do the series. Okay, so go ahead and stand all the way up. Let's see if you're organized with your standing posture. Bring your body a little more over your front foot. Okay, ready? Here she goes. Bending the standing leg just a little bit. It's more about reaching from hip through the heel.

She's got her scaps down. Her ribs are tucked back. Abdominals are really working. She's feeling some beautiful stretch. How about some hamstrings? Yeah. All right. Now as you straighten up, it's a leg press on your standing leg. So it's nice work in your dairy or in your hamstrings. Two more times. I remember no giving way, so I'm seeing a little something here can by connecting to your hamstrings.

That's it. Elongating this knee a little more. Is that a feeling? Okay though today? Yeah. Okay. We're ready and press up. Hamstring glute on our standing leg. Who's going one more time. Hip to heel. Hamstrings are active. She is breathing. The side needs to square off a little more, but all right, and pressing all the way up.

Beautiful. Step that foot out. You can just climb off on the end of the table or in standing in front and just give yourself a nice, easy standing roll down to finish. Yeah. Yeah. What the heck? I'm going to add something. I'll have you do. So what the hell row. Walk on out to a plank position. Just stay right there and hold your plank scapula back. Oh, undress.

Our Calf Cadillac. Want to give yourself three pushes, pushups. Sh your belly up towards the sky and here you go. One more time. Inhale and exhale. Pike your hips up. We'll drop that head. Walk your hands back. There we go. Keep the weight centered over the feet and nose.

Go ahead and roll yourself up to standing to finish your session. Nice one. Thank you. You're welcome. Yeah.


Patricia W
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super, more of that. thanks ;)
It's a great class to challenge pelvic stability. Thank you. And hope that you will teach Cadillac workout again.
Amy: This is beautiful! Wonderfully articulate cueing! Thank you...please do more! Miss you!
You Are my number one absolutely. Every day Im hoping to find your class. It doesn't matter what kind of class . You always let me think about New things . You Are my mentor and Please don't say Thanks . I prefer you Just know that. Monica Italia

Hello gals! Wow, thanks for such a great response to this brief Cadillac workout. I'll be sure to do more soon! Anything in particular? Don't hesitate....and I'll see what I can do! Take care everyone!
Amy that really was fantastic!! I just love the cadillac, its one of my fav places to work out . We just dont have enuff of it here so do more.. all u want! I have the tower/reformer and so cant do the hanging type exercises( Boo) if u have any suggestions to modify that somehow on the tower i would so appreciate... btw..the student you had was so enjoyable to watch..shes so flexible!! Thanks, Jamie
Thank you, Amy. I like the idea to work toward to hanging up series, magician series etc. I like you have your student to do ab series with bar, as it will help people use right muscle to keep up. I also wonder if you the student got strong core (handle teaser series very well), but not flexible, what workout series you will teach? Thank you, again.
Hi Jamie....thank you for the comments! Yes, this student if incredibly flexible....and we're working on that. She has so much available to her so we're working on stabilizing some of that too. I will do more Cadillac because I love it too. I'll give some thought to options for those that don't have the full Cadi. Nice hearing from you!
I love that you are offering more Cadillac classes! Thank you! Please make more classes for the Cadillac/tower. I, too, have a Tower, Peak Pilates Deluxe machine, and I was unable to do some of these exercises due to the placement of my is too close to the wall. I modified by doing the ab series on the mat. It was a great class with great cues and I always enjoy your teaching, Amy. Thanks!
Hi Kristin...thank you for your feedback! I will do another class on a 1/2 Trap so that those of you with those or wall-units can see some other ideas/options. I have all Balanced Body equipment, but I'm sure the Peak Deluxe is similar to our Wall-Units. Talk to you again soon!
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