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Mat with Perrier Bottle

40 min - Class


Open your chest with this fun Mat workout by Blossom Leilani Crawford. She uses Perrier bottles to substitute for Indian Clubs so that you can get your torso moving while working your upper body. She starts by mobilizing your spine with Cat/Cow and then moves into a blend of Pilates movements and Indian Club Swinging.
What You'll Need: Mat, Water Bottle (2)


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Hi, I'm Blossom Leilani Crawford. I am here with my friend, Carolyn Frisella and we are gonna do a workout that I really wanted Carolyn to do specifically. So this is a takeoff of what is called, Indian Club Swinging. I am by no means a professional, but I really love what the clubs do. And you don't need Indian clubs and actually funny enough and interestingly enough, Perrier bottles were actually designed to look just like the clubs, so you don't need expensive equipment, you can just buy these bottles, a couple of caveats.

If you're gonna get the glass bottle, drink the water, then use the bottle. And sometimes some people tape the top, so that it's a little bit nicer. And I also have friends who don't like that, the weight or the size of that and they use the small, plastic Perrier bottles instead and these, I drink the bubbly water and then just fill it with tap water because should it explode, I don't want, this is less likely to explode. So that's the thing and we're gonna do this exercise and I really wanted Carolyn to do this because she has had breast cancer, she's a amazing survivor and I think some of these motions are really great to get that torso moving, especially the chest. So that's why I really wanted Carolyn specifically to do this with me and thank you Carolyn for doing this with me.

Okay, so begin by coming down on your mat, please. And let's just get the spine moving to start, so on your hands and knees. Exactly. And you wanna just find your cat position, hands underneath the shoulders, knees underneath the hips and just do a little cat cow motion of the spine. That's exactly it. So while you're doing this, just take a little stock, how are you feeling?

What are you feeling? And see if you can now maybe move sequentially. So Carolyn stay here, drop that head and really dangle the head, from the bottom to the top you're gonna slowly reverse your spine. Exactly. When you get to this middle back, you're gonna really exhale and take your time as you go through that middle back to lift the chin, lift the chest and stretch. From the bottom to the top, reverse it, curl the pelvis.

Yes. Zip the belly. Exactly. Have the head be the last thing, which is a very hard thing to do. Let the head dangle and let's just try that one more time. Take a little bit of a moment, maybe even shake your head a little bit and on the next exhale we reverse. Exactly. Exactly.

And take your time in that middle back and really exhale. It's essentially Kathy Grant's hissing cat. And from there drop your head, this time round the spine so we're gonna curl from the top to the bottom. She's like, whoa. Exactly. Exactly.

So let's add in the water bottle now. So I think, do you wanna go glass or plastic? It's like paper or plastic. I'll take glass. Ooh glass. She's a classy broad.

So she's gonna actually do the other hand first if you don't mind. So I'm gonna ask her to hold it at the belly of the bottle and she's gonna hold it at the belly and she's gonna reach her arm out to the side and just hold. From here, just a little pulse of that arm, up and down. That's it. Really getting sort of that, I like to think of it as the hospital corner of the armpit right there. And then from there, take a moment inhale.

And as you exhale, look at the bottle, reach and twist, reach up to the ceiling, give me a big inhale, exhale. Thread the arm through, the back of the hand touches, you can go underneath and you're gonna try to get that left shoulder down toward the floor. And let's just do that two more times. Inhale, exhale, twist (inhales) and inhale, exhale, thread the arm through. Yeah, one more time.

Inhale, exhale, twist, (inhales) and thread the arm through. Take a little bit of a moment here now. Breathe. Can you rest your left shoulder on the floor? Yeah. The hand that was supporting you, reach it forward. Good. So, and push it, put that right hand on the floor for you, Carolyn.

Good. That's her right side. And I like to have you do that because now you're gonna reach that right hip away from the hand 'cause when I'm in this position, I sometimes I honestly can't figure out what's right or left and I just know you reach away from a little bit more, you got more there. Yes. Yes. One more breath here. And when you can, leave the bottle where it is on the floor and come onto all fours, let's go do the other side, I got ya.

Yeah. Okay. So now she's gonna come back to all fours, she's gonna grab the bottle and she's gonna reach it, it's not spin the bottle, folks, just grab the bottle, reach the arm out to the side. Thank you very much. And just staying right here, she's gonna pulse again, just a few times. And really reach out away from that spine.

And then we go for thread the needle, once you've gotten that nice armpit going, aha, you're gonna thread that arm through and just do that two or three more times. Follow your own breath, whatever it's telling you. If you're going faster than Carolyn, fine. If you're going slower, also fine. Looks a little tighter for you, my friend.

Yeah. One more. And in the thread through, get that shoulder down and when you can, you're gonna reach the left arm forward for you, Carolyn, and then wag that left butt back and back. Yeah. And that's gonna really open up that side body, just another breath or two. And just for safety purposes, leave that bottle on the floor. Exactly. And why don't you have a lie down, whenever you're ready?

Yeah, no, actually onto your back, if you don't mind. So just simple lie down, and then I'm gonna hand you this other bottle. You can hold onto it doesn't matter which way the sides of the bottle we're facing, but hold on to the belly, just reach both arms up to the ceiling and just give me a simple ope, aha, so maybe more like this, is what I'm thinking. Yeah. Just open those arms. Inhale. Yes and close.

That's all it is, just simple, open and close. And again, you're taking stock, feeling which arm is doing maybe more movement. And so, what I see from Carolyn is, sometimes, not actually her, but you wanna see if one arm is moving faster than the other. And if you have a faster arm, you want the faster arm to actually follow the slower arm. Yes. Two more, really reaching out.

Exactly. One more. And we keep those arms straight for you. Exactly. And let's just add another little thing on, you're reaching up to the ceiling, one arm goes down to the hips, the other arm reaches back and really reach and let's do bad form, let the ribs come, let the shoulder come up. Yes, exactly. And change. And you can just touch the top, that's exactly it.

Sometimes I think in our effort to do great form, we sort of hold our rib cage too much. And we gotta let that stuff, the rib cage we really should let it move, there're also times to keep it still but right now let's let it move. Excellent. And when you're ready, let's go both arms reaching overhead, take a nice moment to stretch. Open the arms out to the sides, down. Exactly. Just simple arm circles, what'd we say?

Two or three in each direction? Yeah. Hello, shoulders. Right? Just one more. And then let's reverse those circles. Try to enjoy this nice calm moment because more abs are coming up, essentially.

You know me, you know how I do it. A little love and a little work. Yes. Last time and with both arms reaching overhead, Kathy Grant's 10 count Roll-ups, bring your arms up to the ceiling and hold. Lift your head up, give me a big exhale, you can press those legs together or down into the floor, stop right there. See that next wrinkle of your shirt?

You come up a little bit, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, count out loud. Yeah, left hand a little higher up. Yeah. Come up a little bit higher, right there. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Count to 10, come up a little bit higher, right there.

Count to 10. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Then you go all the way forward, drop your head, reach past those toes, exhale, yep. And no stay there going forward still, yes. Now she's gonna stay here for three more breaths.

Exhale, go further forward. I know those bottles get heavy suddenly, right? You got one more breath, one more big exhale. Let's start to roll backwards. And let's just do that one more time.

You up for it? Good. Bring those arms over your head. Again, bad form, let those ribs go, thank you. Arms up to the ceiling. Lift your head up. Good.

Come up to the next wrinkle. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 2 more spots. 1, 2, that's it, you got it. One more spot, right there, pressing those legs down. Go all the way forward, drop your head, huge exhale and leave those bottles on their bottoms.

Yep. Sit up nice and tall. And let's do a little bit of green room. So cross your arms in front of you. Let's press the thumbs forward. Now you can do it with straight legs, let's Carolyn is here, or you can bend the knees, we're doing those green room pulses.

Lower down to your spot, curling like crazy. This looks awesome. Press those thumbs and a little pulse (inhales). So this is great. If you are looking at the screen and going, she doesn't look like she's moving, that's because she's doing it right. And then go a little bit lower.

Oh yeah. So she is just really deepening in her belly and she's doing a couple of pulses internally up on an inhale and then in an exhale and then now, let's add a little twist, press those legs together, teeny little twist. This is my least favorite part too. Hold it. You can just hold it and breathe. Maybe go to the other side, a little twist and then hold it and breathe, that's awesome. Come back to center, lie all the way down, down, down.

Bend your knees, put your hands down by your sides, just a very simple pelvic lift. Walk your feet a little bit closer to you, my friend. Yeah. And maybe let your knees open a little bit more. Yes. That looks great. Take stock of what you're feeling. Right?

Put your hands on the tops of your thighs. Hands pressed down, hips lift up. From there, both arms reach back and up. And as you exhale, come on down. Oh no, you're right, reaching back.

Just lengthen those knees to me, arms go back, arms go back. Exactly. Exactly. When you can, hug one knee into your chest. Extend the other leg along the floor, I'm gonna move those bottles, although they're not in your way. Stretch that leg up to the ceiling please, Carolyn.

Hold on to the back of that thigh. All right, so stay here. Stick your tush out ever so slightly, point and flex that foot in the air. And then when you're ready, just a little circle of that foot. So this is all just warm-up, we're getting there.

Right? Reverse those circles. I've missed those feet. Yeah? Yeah. (indistinct) That's right, that's right.

And then when you're ready, point that foot, this is definitely that grab with the toes and pull that ceiling down, flex at the bottom. One more time. Point, grab and pull the ceiling, thank you very much. And other side, just nice and easy, whole thing to the other side. Hugging the back knee into your chest. Stretch the leg up and against the thigh pressing forward, you stick your tuchus out, exactly.

Point and flex that foot. When you flex, really do toes down, yes. Don't neglect those babies (giggles). I think the first time I remember teaching Carolyn, we did foot work and she was like, this is terrible. I hate it. I was like just torturing her toes.

And look, we're still friends. And then a little circle. That's right, she still came back. (both women laughing) I can point my toes now. That's right, that's right.

Reverse the circles. She said she can point her toes now. All right, let's add on. You're gonna point, grab the ceiling, pull the ceiling down, flex at the bottom. You're right, again.

Point, grab and pull me, pull me, pull me, yeah, flex one more time. And grab, grab it, grab it, that's exactly it. I think that's enough, don't you think? From here, nothing fancy, flip onto your tummy, my friend. Hands underneath your forehead.

We're just gonna do a little bit of upper body and we're gonna try a little trick with the club. So pushing into your hands, lift that head and chest up, just a few times. So this is, yes, so keep the bottom of the rib cage down, everything else lifts. So you see the theme, we're really trying to open that chest, now to come out of it, reach the elbows, reach your breastbone forward and look down at the floor, rest your head down, that's the exercise. Two more times like that, feel good?

Yeah. And then breastbone forward, reach that chest forward and come on down. Just one more like that. She's gonna inhale and she lift the chest up, up, up. And when you're ready, you come on down, big exhale and rest. Stay with your head resting down.

How about sticking your tush out just a little bit? Stick it out and then just relax it down. As you do this, try to not use your knees to do it, try to just have it be your back. Yeah. That's it. So again, if you're looking at the screen going, huh, she's not doing anything, that's right, you can barely see it.

Yeah. But you can read that butt, you should be, if you're doing it right, you should really feel these muscles right above the sacrum, that lowest part of your back. Okay. Grand finale for you, my friend, lift your head, arms and legs and hover. Fingertips to your forehead. Yes. You have equal weight in the rib cage and the pelvis, let's clap the legs together, inhale, 4, 5, exhale. Yeah. Turn out the legs.

Inhale, 3, 4, 5 exhale. Yes. Back to parallel legs. And exhale. Yes. And turn in the legs, ooh, her least favorite. Yes. And take it down, rest.

Push back, sit on the heels for just a moment, 'cause I want you to sort of take a peak at this next thing. Yeah, you breathe there. So you're gonna have the bottle to your side, Carolyn, you're gonna reach behind you, grab onto it. Open the arm out to the side, right? Grab onto it, open the arm out to the side.

Lying on the stomach. Lying on the stomach. Yeah, I just wanted you all to sort of take a peak at that. And you can do this with a shorter stick, but that's why I'm giving Carolyn the smaller bottle because it'll help. So start, for lack of a better term, in the T position.

Right? And you're gonna reach that bottle behind you, grab onto one end of it, open the arm out to the side. Yes. And then to the other side, grab onto it. Exactly. And you open, you feel those shoulders working, Carolyn? Two more times. It seems so innocuous this little pass the bot, again, this is not spin the bottle, this is pass the bottle.

That's it. Now Carolyn, same kinda thing but reaching forward if you can. Yes, yes, grab and open to the side. Exactly. And then reach back up again. Yes. And open to the side. Rest for just a second, bring it all down.

And now in theory, I'd like you to do a full circle, so you're gonna go from the right hand to the left hand, all the way up and over. See what I'm saying? So full circle. Does that make sense? So come up and hover, exactly. Behind you, all the way up in front.

Yes. And then good. Now as you pass, if I may, you're trying to now pass it so that it goes like this. So it goes up and then as you flip it, that's it, you're gonna grab onto the neck of the bottle. Yeah. But hold on, go back there, go back to the neck, the neck faces up. Yes, exactly.

It's like it's a beer, right? Exactly. That's it. And you grab the neck of the bottle. Exactly. And then you open it. That's it. So as long, that's right, so face is up. Reverse it now, open, grab onto one end of it.

And you flip it as you bring it back. Yes. One more time. Woo. Burning shoulders? Flipping, flipping, flipping. Oh man, I think that's enough.

She's like, I hate this bottle. Push back, Child's Pose, one more time. Awesome. That was really good. One more breath. Now, no, stay there for an extra second, if you're happy staying centered, great, but I think a little side stretch after that would be nice.

So yeah, stay with your hands forward and no, sitting on the heels and just walk your hands to one side enjoying a nice, exactly. So now you get to stretch out that side that you were just working on. (Blossom breathes deeply) And then over to the other side. Exciting. Okay, so when you're ready, Carolyn, how about just lying on your back? Let's just do a couple of things. Exactly. I'll bring those bottles nearby, should we want them.

We will (humming). So let's just sneak in a little bit of stomach series if you're up for it, hug both knees into your chest and pull, extend one leg forward, lifting the head and just go side to side. Yep. Yes. Now the shoulders feel really good though, don't they? I know. It's a bit of torture.

Yeah. And then when you're ready, end with both knees into your chest and stay, let your head rest down. And so this is a little more emphasis on keeping that head down. So keeping your head down, almost tuck the chin in fact, give me arms and legs reaching up to the ceiling. Good. Keep the chin tucked and start to lower those arms and legs forward as you tuck the chin. That's what I want her to work on.

Good. Remember this leg position, bend the knees into your chest and pull. Good. Let's do that one more time. Arms and legs up, as the legs lower, Carolyn, reach those arms forward with it. Keep the legs where they are, keep the head down, bring the arms back. Hold. Yeah. Circle the arms around, bend the knees into the chest, pull arms back, legs forward, now you know your positions.

Now, if you're not happy here and you wanna lift your head up as this, you're welcome to do it. But I think it's really nice for Carolyn to work that back end, just one last time. Reach it, circle the arms around and pull tight. Put your feet down on the floor and now we're gonna do another pass the bottle that's a little different. You're gonna extend the legs along the floor.

Glass or plastic? Glass. Oh yeah. 'Cause she's classy like that. She's classy like that. Gave up plastic a while ago.

Oh yeah, that's true yeah (laughs). She just said I gave up plastic a while ago. I don't blame you, actually it's only one, I don't know why. So I'll demonstrate with it. So you open the arms out to the sides, right?

And so from here, you're gonna, with your, let's go with the empty hand, with the empty hand, no, you're right, with your empty hand, reach across and try to grab the bottle from the other hand, lift your head up and curl. Yeah. Keep that upper body curl, grab the bottle, take it out to the other side and stay in that upper body curl. The empty hand reaches across, grabs that bottle. Yes. And open the arm out to the side. That's it. Good.

Keep going side to side. Yeah. So you know, essentially the muscles you would use for criss-cross, but I love this very simple thing of just passing that bottle side to side. This is your last set. That's beautiful. Excellent. Just one more side. Yes. And that's enough, rest.

She's like just leave that bottle down. Okay. Let's go for the really fun stuff, shall we? Hug your knees into your chest and pull. Actually, I'm gonna just get this bottle out of the way 'cause I wanted you to do a little bit of a corkscrew if you don't mind? Right, so stretch your legs up to the ceiling.

And you're gonna just take your right leg out to the side and hold, just the right leg, yeah. And come to center. Yes. Left leg to the side. I'm gonna sort of build this corkscrew for you. Yeah. And come to center.

Adding on right leg to the side, from there bring that left leg to join it and hold it. Ring out that waistline as you come back to center. And then left leg goes to the side, right leg goes to join it. Yes. And come back to center. Adding on, right leg starts, left leg joins, circle those legs down around to the other side and you come back, hold center.

Left leg starts, right leg joins. Go down around to the other side, what do you say, one more set? Yeah, here we go. Right leg starts, left leg goes and down around, hold center. One more time, left leg, right leg, down around.

Have those knees into your chest and pull really tight. So we're playing around with the order, so as you can tell, we're sort of going all over the place. When you're ready, sit all the way up. Let's go to a little bit of spine stretch forward, if you don't mind, Carolyn. Open up those legs. Yeah.

Good. I'm also trying to alternate a little bit between lower body and upper body 'cause it's a lot of work. Two more times. Just gonna happen, just casually place those bottles there. Yeah. And sit up nice and tall. You can do one more. So this time you're gonna grab those bottles by the neck and you're gonna lift them up, palms face in.

And so I did say grab them by the neck, more like this way. Yeah. Okay. So from here, Carolyn, you're gonna anchor those sits bones and you're gonna just do an easy pulse of those arms up and down. Yeah. So, it's just her arms moving. She's thinking about shoulders down the back as she does it. Yes. And now do the same thing, but go into a bit of extension, lift your eyes up and do a few more pulses here.

Arms up by the ears, my friend. Yeah, there it is. That's it. So as you do this, you're externally spiraling those arms and yeah, that's it. 4, 3, 2, 1, come all the way up to sitting, Carolyn stay right here, keep those arms reaching up, are you okay? From here, you're gonna keep those elbows kinda close to your head and you're gonna bend the elbows like elephant tusk, that's it, and straighten the arms.

So I learned a lot of this technique from Pam (indistinct) and I believe this, she calls this Elephant Tusk, but I just love that feeling in the triceps, it's a bit brutal, but also really good. So you can kinda imagine how an elephant lifts its trunk and does that, that's enough. When you can, open the arms out to the sides. Let's see how this feels. Twist to one side, I don't care which one.

And let's go left bottle to the outside of the right foot. Drop your head and do this back palm faces up, pulse three times, 3, 2, 1, open the arms out to the side. So the other side, twist, yeah, I'm not in your way. Good. Back palm still faces up. Yeah. So I think the thing with the bottles is it makes those arms work extra hard and it just sort of lengthens those arms, right?

You feel how hard that is, Carolyn? Yes. She really feels her triceps. Last side coming up. You don't have to do too many. And 3, 2, 1, sit up nice and tall.

Oh my goodness. Put those bottles down. She's like no problem. So let's go to some extension if you don't mind, Carolyn, go onto your tummy if you don't mind. Let's just do a little single leg stretch, getting off those shoulders for a second. Let me think about this. Yeah.

So staying here, keeping the chest lifted, let's just look side to side to begin. So we're just trying to isolate the head. Great. And now turn, stay there, drop your head as you go down, sorry, turn to one side, Carolyn, sorry I didn't catch you. Drop your head now as you go down around to the other side, gorgeous. Look straight ahead.

And then look left, drop your head as you go down around to the other side and look center. So nice and easy, single leg kick. Kick, kick, extend, and a kick, kick, extend. Good. Kick, kick extend. Good. Now you're gonna come into what I like to call Baby Sphinx.

So you're gonna take your ribs and bring your bottom ribs down and go wide elbows, if that makes sense. Even wider, palms down. Yeah, yeah, 'cause you gotta get that bottom rib. So I want a lot of the extension to just be in this upper part of the back, so your ribs are touching, oh yes, they are. Okay. So now with that, lift the chin and can you lift both legs?

Hamstrings, like crazy? Yeah. Come lower, come lower, yeah, walk those elbows wider. Yeah, that looks more like it. Single leg kick, you go kick, kick. Keep the thigh off the ground. That's it.

And then that's part one, if you wanna make it a little bit harder, you would go, flex, point, extend. Flex, point. Great. And a 1, 2, 3, and a 1, 2, 3. Little faster 1, 2, 3. Yes. Go your own speed.

Right, we're trying to go fast. Yes. One more side and rest after this. Feel good? She's like, woo. So from here, come into, so Carolyn, can you look at me for one second? I want your elbows really close and hands down and you're literally down on the mat, looking down at the mat.

That's exactly it. All right. So this is a Swan that was taught to me by Deborah Lessen and I really love the way it feels in the arms and I think this will be great for Carolyn. So Carolyn, lift your head up, hover your head. Pushing down into your hands, lift the chest up and just press the elbows actually down into the floor. That's it. Elbows, elbows, elbows, and come back down, almost pull your head away from the pelvis, till you come all the way back down and bring those elbows back closer to you.

So you gotta find a place where you can kind of, yeah. And now literally let shoulders relax. Yeah. Two more like that. Press down, lift the head and just press those elbows down into the floor. That's all it is.

Lengthen forward, come down. May I add on after this, Carolyn? Let's do two more. You're gonna push down, it starts the same way, you lift your head, you press into the elbows. From here, keep your hands right there, they stay right there, you just lift the elbows and you go into a full Swan if you have it in you.

Beautiful. You bring the elbows back down, reaching your breastbone forward. Holy triceps, Batman. And you pull yourself forward and rest. Just one more time. Lift your head, elbows are down.

Yes. And then full straightening of those arms. And then to come out of it, pull yourself forward. Yes. Get those elbows down, take a little bit of a moment with the elbows down. Yes. And then keep coming forward, keep coming forward and rest your head down. Child's Pose please, yoga pose of the child.

Okay. So let's leave the arms alone for a second. Felt that? I know, I love that. So lie on your side, let's face out this way, let's do some side leg lifts (humming). Yep. And come all the way down, she's gonna measure her, look at her mat, make sure that yeah, no, you're good. I'm just mentioning to the folks at home.

Flex your feet. And I think, Carolyn, bring your feet slightly forward after all that. Yes. Okay. Just stay here. So breathe into the top ribcage, reaching the top leg nice and long. Exactly. And keeping that nice, buoyant top rib, inhale, lift the top leg up and take it down. Yes.

Keep those legs back, that top leg back to me. Inhale up. Yes, so if I may, poop. Exhale down. Yes. So you should really feel this sort of side bum. Exactly. Two more.

Up, yes. And down. Last one, she's gonna go to her high spot and just stay here, little pulse, 2, 3, 4, 5, when you're ready, come and take it down. Are you ready for a little bit more? Lift both legs up together and you hold. Yeah. And take it down.

Two more times. Lift both legs up and hold. And take it down, one more time. Lift it up and hold, bottom leg down, top leg down and a 1, 2, 3, 4, up, up, down, down and a little faster if you can. Even faster. Yes. You know, sometimes it's nice to challenge the rhythmic possibilities.

One more. Stay up with both legs, stay here, she's gonna really keep her belt on as she goes one leg forward, one leg back. I'm out of your way. Yes. Beautiful. Yes. Changing side to side. So good. Yes.

Come back to center, hold and take it down, rest. Just do that same thing to the other side if you don't mind. So you can flip, I think we'll flip. Excellent flipping, excellent flipping. All right, so here we go.

Here she is, she's breathing. And even just reaching those legs long should feel kinda great. Breathing into the top rib cage. Here we go. Top leg lifts up. And take it down.

You know, as you lift, there's always, go ahead, there's always a want to turn out, yeah. And if you sort of internally rotate against that, you can really tell, you can really sort of feel that side bootay. It's sassy. Stay at your high spot, we did little pulses, didn't we? Little pulses. Yeah. And in the pulse, nothing moves, it's the leg, it's leg.

Yeah. And that's that great, good burning in the side booty. When you're ready, take that leg down, get ready to lift both legs up together. And it's energy out of the top of the head as you keep lifting. Yes. And take it down. And lift it up and you hold, you hold, you hold, take it down and you lift it up and hold, hold, hold.

Adding on, lifting up again, stay here, bottom leg down, top leg down, top leg up, bottom leg up. And a 1, 2, 3, 4, exactly. And a little faster if you could. Yes. Good. And with both legs lifted and hold, did we clap the feet together, Carolyn?

No. No. So one leg forward and one leg back. I kinda had a feeling. Yeah. Change.

Yes. Really work the bottom leg going back when it's time. So here it comes, bottom leg back, more back, more back, more back. Now we're talking, one more set (inhales). And it's that bottom leg going back that's often the hard one, come back to center. Take it down, rest.

From here, you're gonna simply merperson up, so side bend, grab onto the shin and go side bending over. Exactly. And come on up, lift and then go over in the opposite direction, put your left elbow down on the mat, right arm goes up and over and lift the rib cage toward me. Yes. Getting that side body. Can we do that again? Side bend over and twist.

Yeah. Or side bend. Now stay here. Twist. You're gonna put that left hand on the left shin. Send the rib cage back and kind of, yeah, exactly. Send the rib cage back away from the shins, so you push the shin forward and you take your ribs back.

It doesn't look good, but it feels good. So you take this rib cage back toward me. Yeah. Feel that? Yeah. And then go side bend and elbow onto the floor for one last time and really, lift those ribs. I imagine that her ribs are like a fan and she's opening up those ribs. Exactly.

(Blossom sighs deeply) Same thing to the other side. Swivel those legs, grab onto the shins and you side bend. Right? And you go onto the elbow and really lift the ribs. Exactly. Get these up to me, go, go, go. Yes. And remember those ribs, even up into that armpit, do it one more time.

Grab on, it's nice to see you moving so well, my friend. Yeah. And from here, twist one hand on each shin, ribs go back. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. So she's sort of curling away and in this position, her thinking is inhale into the sides of the body. Yeah. And one more breath, like sides of the body.

Exactly. Go back over, elbow down. Yep. That's okay. And go over and stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch. Okay. So from here, you're gonna kneel facing out and it's the simple thing of hold your arms out to the sides and just let your hips come down, right? And come on up. Exactly.

And come up. Now this is hard. Exactly. But it's really great mobility if you feel that, one more set. She's like, oh yeah. Exactly. And up, you got one more to go (sighs). And come back up.

And when you can, kneel facing the short end of your mat, if you don't mind, I love that feeling. And when you can, we're gonna go with the classy bottles for Carolyn. Yeah, you're gonna hold them by the, see, there's all these fancy names for this. I just call it, you're holding it by the neck. So, let's just reach those clubs, or bottles up.

That's it. Exactly. And Carolyn, with both arms at the same time, you're gonna swing the arms back, both arms swing back. So, I'm sorry, let me show you what I mean by that. You're gonna go down and back and reach up. Yeah. Few more like that.

Swing and notice how, when you reach up, there's a natural lift that happens in the belly, two more. Swing and reach up and really let it swing my friend, I'm out of the way I promise. Yes. She's trying to be kind. One more. Thank you. And reaching up, hold it there. Step one foot forward into a lunge on the knee.

Good. So you're lunging, swing those arms three times. Swing, reach, two more. Swing and reach. Try not to lean back. Maybe lean forward if anything, exactly. One more time. Swing.

And with both arms reaching up, she has her right leg forward, she's gonna take her right bottle back and around. Yes. Let's try that again. Ooh yeah. And up to the ceiling. So what I mean by that, is you're gonna circle that arm back and around. Yeah. That's the hard one, isn't it?

And up to the ceiling. Right. So you're gonna do a circling back and around. Yes. That's it. One more time and circle it, like a backstroke. Yeah. And notice how, go ahead, do a couple more.

She's spiraling around and I want her to. Last one. Okay. You okay? That's it. So from here, she's reaching up, she's gonna tuck all her five toes underneath her, behind her and you're gonna try to straighten that back leg. Hello lunge, hello balance. If this is too much, yes, straighten that back leg, if it's too much, you can do it on your knee, okay?

Straighten your back leg even more, Carolyn. Swing those arms three times. Swing. Really swing it. Swing. Yes. Now of course, if it's too much for your shoulders, that's it, end with both arms reaching up, that right arm circles back three times. Let it spiral around.

Don't be afraid. Yes. One more. That's my Julia Childs. Okay. And come on down, kneeling. She's like you can't make me laugh. Turn, face the other way, Carolyn.

Just because. Yeah, just because, right? Yeah. No facing me. You're gonna do your left leg forward. I can do this. Yeah. So can you, exactly.

And maybe bring it in a little bit more. Look at me, just gesture with the bottle. Yep. Bring that arm up and we're gonna swing a few times. Swing. Yeah. So even just the swing, doesn't it feel great across the chest?

One more. It's work. And reaching up, stay here and I just pretend like I'm just swimming back, but I'm only doing one arm and see if you can find this sort of down and around. Yes. Last one. Down and around. Thank you. And reaching up, tuck your back toes underneath you.

Feel the push up, straighten that back arm, three swings. Three. Yes. Great balance work. You got one more. And with the arms up from here, swing that back arm. Yeah. That's exactly it.

Let that torso spiral around. Thank you. And come all the way up to standing, my friend. Oh. Right? Feel good? Okay. Let's get rid of a bottle, so let me take one of, you got one?

And I want you to stand, let me think about this. Come off the mat for just a little bit 'cause I just want to make sure that you're, I want you really here if you don't mind. Can you stand on this white mat? And I'd like you to start with, this is gonna sound funny, ta-da! (laughs) In a lunge? Yeah, in a lunge.

Exactly. And she's gonna fencing. It's a different kind of fencing. So right now, I'd like you to lunge forward and reach that bottle forward. Put your right hand at your right hip. Now, the right hand is there to sort of keep the torso square until you're ready to move it.

With your back leg, you're gonna spiral the right heel down to the floor. Keep the hip from moving, just the heel. Now you spiral the leg, not the hip yet, not the hip. Just the leg. And then you spiral this leg so much, and pour all the way to the outer edge of your foot.

So much so, so that right hip has to spin back toward me. You open so that the pubic bone essentially faces straight ahead and the chest opens, you look over toward me. Yeah. Good. From here, now that was bottom to top, now, top to bottom. Look over toward that bottle. Yes.

And now that's head, bring the shoulders first. Yes. Spiral that around. Rib cage next. Keep spiraling around so much more until the hip has to come forward, until the thigh has to internally spiral and you come up on that back heel. Just one more time, you ready for me?

Spiral. So you reach forward as you do it. Yes. And then hip, ribs, shoulders, head, look for me. Now slowly turn your head back toward that bottle there. So head, that's right, shoulders, knees and toes, knees, yeah, we're getting to knees and toes. That's right, Carolyn.

So you can really feel that booty kicking in, then absolutely have to lift the heel up, step forward or back and change sides. I'm gonna stay here. Yeah? How about, yeah, exactly. I think that's a good idea. Reach your right arm forward, find that lunge. Uh huh, and it's a really big strong lunge.

And now, reach forward a little bit in your torso. Excellent. From here, can you spiral your back heel for, rrr, oh yeah. Woo, that hip just wants to go. Then the thigh. Yes. Then the hip and you're gonna pour the weight into the outer edge of your foot.

Keep pouring, keep pouring, very good. Now we shoot your sort of flat, opening up that right knee again. So both thighs are working against each other. Exciting. You're gonna turn, look back over that lunging bottle, slowly turn your shoulders. The ribcage. Exactly.

Make that hip fight for it, so the hip stays back until it's ready to, exactly. She is literally giving herself tactile cues and if you need to do that yourself as well, it helps. One more time. Bottom. Yes. And then thigh. And really pour the weight to this outer edge of the foot.

That's all that spiraling. And right now she's spiraling her left thigh against her right thigh, more right thigh spiraling, weight on the outer edges of both feet. Woo. Burning in those legs. And then head turns back to the bottle. Good. Shoulders.

This is the bit, yeah, keep spiraling those legs against each other, keep spiraling. Yes. Open up that right knee more, Carolyn. Yes. Keep going. Knees open. That's it. Woo. And when you're ready, step forward or back. Last bit.

So let's each grab a bottle. So maybe, if you can, come off this mat one more time, I just wanna make sure that you get in the frame and let's have a stand on the wooden part, so when you're ready. So we're gonna try to sneak in a little bit of Elephant Tusk, but face either side of the room. Right. So we're gonna put our hands at the hips. Bend the knees. And from here, you're gonna just hinge forward and make a nice flat, that's exactly it.

So from here, you're gonna reach those arms up. Remember Elephant Tusk? It's back. We're gonna bend the elbows and straighten the arms. Now, you might need more space, so if you need to, you can step over, but you're gonna swing. So from this, you're gonna swing back and up.

Yeah. Make sure you have room for that. Yeah. Exactly. Are you gonna stay on the mat? Uh, yeah- Okay. So hold on, let me, I just wanna get this, make sure. Yeah. Okay, try that.

Yes. So here you are, yeah, lunging and let's go for parallel feet a little bit more, you're gonna reach those arms up, Carolyn. Yes. And then now, come up a little bit higher in the legs. Good. Swing those arms back, don't worry about me. Reach up and Elephant Tusk. Yes. Straighten the arms, swing, Elephant Tusk.

So it's a challenge on those arms. You feel it? Yeah. One more. Now stay with both arms up. Now stay here, Carolyn, you're gonna keep, that's it, now swing one arm back, look behind you. Yes. Change, other arms swings, look behind you.

Let that torso twist, go side to side. And swing. Find that drop. Swing. Yeah. And swing. Yeah, find some looseness in there. Yes. Two more.

Swing and swing. Now we're gonna go swing, Elephant Tusk. Swing, Elephant, yes, there it is. That's it. Now as you do this, try not to move those hips. Twist and twist. One more.

And twist and twist. Awesome. Drop your head, drop your arms. Leave the bottles on the floor, roll yourself up to standing. Oh man. Feel those shoulders? Yes. Yeah.

Okay. So that's just some fun that you can play around with, with these easy, simple weights and clubs and if you wanna check out more on Indian Club Swinging, which used to be an Olympic sport, by the way. Really? Yeah, I know. Who knew? Oh, by the way, be careful when you show it to kids because kids go crazy. My son was like, yeah.

Club everybody? Yeah. Well he did. And then yeah, so just, make sure your children know that they shouldn't use the clubs, 'cause one day my son came running up to me, he was like, "Mama, I hurt my head with the clubs". So please use clubs with caution and thank you. And thank you for joining me.


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great workout!  would love to see more work with indian clubs!
I love the title of your class, not to mention all the wonderful moves you demonstrate!! 
Lina S
Brilliant! Very creative use of water bottles. A fun class!
Thank you so much for class Blossom. This was more difficult than I thought. I used Gerolsteiner Bottles and with water I think they were 2 pounds. I had to do it couple more times to really get it. Your creativity and fun totally make it so powerful. Gratefully, Jocelyn

Silvia Laurencich
Loved this class so much!!!! thank you Blossom for always making fun out of the "suffering"!!! Loosens the shoulders and arms and upper torso. I used 2 lbs arm weights as I didn't have bottles and also worked great!!! 

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