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Arms and Glutes

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You will feel the burn in this Hand Weights class! This is a whole body, floorwork class with Tracey Mallett that focuses on strengthening your arms and glutes. To do so, Tracey teaches you creative exercises that target individual muscles in your arms and glutes. Look forward to fabulous variations of Bridge, Kneeling Lunge, and the Side-Lying Series. Enjoy this go-to workout with Tracey!
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights (2)

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Hi there, Tracey Mallet here. Welcome to Pilates Anytime. Fabulous workout today. Get your light dumbbells. You can have two or three pound dumbbells.

I've got two pounds, but you can go for three, either or is fine with me, whatever works best for you. This focus of the workout is gonna be your arms and of course the bootay, I say the butt, the bootay, the bum, the glute medias, all those lovely words, we working our arms and our booty. Alrighty? So let's grab your dumbbells, get on your mat and we're gonna turn away the side of the mat, so sideways. Okay. So let's start with reaching the hands forwards, pull the shoulder blades down and let's curl down into a lovely C-curve, we're gonna continue that roll down, reach the hands over your head. Now make sure your arms are not too far back, pull your shoulder blades down and then we're gonna go back into our roll up.

So we inhale, look towards your knees, curl all the way up in your C-curve position and then we come back again. Arms over your head and inhale, slight pause, exhale, roll forwards into that C-curve and then rolling back. Slow and controlled. Remember it's a slow warmup, working on that core, reaching forwards, abs in opposition and then curl back down again. And inhale, exhale, roll up.

Now we're gonna go into a straight spine, open the arms bring it back and then curl back down again. Inhale here, exhale curl, shoulders stacked over your hips. Open the arms, bring it back, curl down. (Tracey breathes deeply) Open the arms, bring it back, let's just do a couple more, just like that. Two more (breathing deeply), open the arms, bring them back, curl down.

Last time, roll all the way up, open your arms and let's just continue that open and close, open and close, working your shoulders. Keep the shoulders over your hips. And let's do four more here, four, in that hug a tree, three, two and back in, your hands are forwards, shoulder width apart, back into a C-curve position so those abs are firing, draw those abdominals in. Now from here, we're gonna go into like a hammer curl. Your palms are facing inwards, the elbows are lifted, so you can feel those bicep works, but the abs are working as well, to stabilize in that C-curve position.

Don't drop the elbows, keep those elbows high. Okay? And let's do four more, just like that, exhale four, exhale three, exhale two, exhale one, hold it there, come back down a little bit further. And then a little bit further, place the hands down either side of the body. Feet hip width apart, knees are bent, we're gonna pelvic curl, go up into your bridge position and curl back down again. Just think of a little bit of a spinal articulation, exhale, drawing the abs in, lifting up into your bridge and then curling back down again.

Let's just do one more, we're gonna hold the bridge position. So draw those abs in, hold that bridge position, palms facing inwards, we're gonna lift the right hand over your head and then switch with the opposite. And from here, you're reaching the arms over your head, you're pressing your feet into the mat and you're lifting your pubic bone up to the sky. There we go, working those hamstrings and glutes. Reach the arm over.

It's gonna get a little bit more challenging, now we're gonna lift opposition leg to arm. And let's try again, the other side. So it's like a walking in place, arms and legs. And we'll get to work the glutes and the hamstrings, the posterior chain and the arms, shoulder stabilization. There we go.

Your shoulders, your deltoids are working. And your pelvis is stabilizing the hips. So try and keep the hips as still as you can. We don't want them rocking and rolling, we wanna keep the pelvis as still as we can, specially as we transfer from one side to the other, be a little bit more mindful as we transfer to keep that pelvis still. Remember, this is mind, body.

Put your mind to your body. Last time. And lift the hips up a little bit higher, hold it there. From here, just transfer to the left leg, lifting that right leg up. We lower the hips, press up, lower the hips, press up, lower the hips, press up. There we go, so you're working the hamstring on that stabilizing leg.

Three more, inhale down, exhale up, inhale down, exhale up, inhale down, exhale up, hold it there, reach the hands up and we do like a little row and back, down and back. Keep the legs steady, press the elbows down and back. Holding in the isometric hold for four, for three, for two, for one. Elbows down, weights down, take that leg down, lift your hips up a little higher. Now transfer to that other leg.

Elongate that leg up. Now ready? Lower the hips, lift them up, lower, press the foot down on that stabilizing leg. Focus on your glute and your hamstrings, lifting your hips up and down. And keep that leg nice and long, reaching the big toe to the ceiling. There we go, for four, and three, and two and hold it there, reach the hands up, elbows bend and up, bend up, get your hips up.

Don't drop the hips, keep the hips lifted for four, for three, for two and one. Elbows down, press the palms down, hips up, curl down one vertebra at a time. Come up into chair position, reach the hands up and from here, we're just gonna open and close in your hug a tree. There we go. Now lift your head and shoulders off the mat and you are opening and closing.

Now we go out and in, out in your single leg stretch, out and in, sh. So you're all incorporating your upper body with the legs and your core is working, we do eight more, eight, sh, seven, sh, six, sh, five, sh, four, sh, three, sh, two, sh, one, sh, knees into chair position, arms come all the way down to the side. Take your knees over to the right, extend your legs, bring them back to center, bend the knees. Knees over to the left, extend the legs, your obliques are pulling back. Bend the knees, over.

Now, reach those legs out, obliques are pulling them back, bend the knees, and over, reach, core, two more times, knees directly over to the side, elongate those legs, draw the obliques back to center. One more, over to the side, elongate those legs, bring them back up, bend the knees. And from here, reach the hands over your head, lift up, drop the feet down, extend the legs curl yourself all the way up in that transition, curl, curl, curl, slowly, lift up. And from here, we're gonna turn into our quadruped position here. So we're gonna get into your quadruped position, from here you're gonna take the dumbbell and wrap it around the back of your knee.

And the opposite hand has got the weight. From here, we're gonna go in and out. So we're gonna do our hip lift here. So you're in that little donkey kick, and you're reaching the toes towards the ceiling, you're pushing away from the floor here, pressing down and up. Let's do four more here, four, three, two, and one.

Now, take the weight over to the left hand a little bit and lift the opposite elbow up. And we're just gonna do our tricep extension here. And then we try and lift that leg at the same time. There we go. So you think about all the muscles you're working now, your triceps, your arms and shoulders, your core is stabilizing, your glutes and your hamstrings are working, everything, total body.

With the arm and booty focused (laughs). Let's do four more, four, three, two, and one. Bring that hand down, from here, drop the knee down, grab hold of your dumbbell, get back into quadruped position. Now from here, you're gonna turn your palms facing inwards, we're gonna reach the right arm forwards and then the left arm. And then the right hand, and the left hand.

So what we're trying to do, is aim, the weight, towards your ear. So what this is doing, of course it's working your arms but it's also working your back too. And your abs are stabilizing at the same time. Let's just do a few more, two and one. Perfect. Take the weight behind the opposite leg, squeeze and lift it up. All right, so push away from the floor and then start to move the leg.

So you're pushing away from the floor, you're connecting your arms to your back, right? So you're pulling your scapula down. Feel those abs lifting up, against the spine and then moving your femur in that hip joint. So you're lifting from your glute and your hamstring, right? Let's do four more.

Woo hoo, four, three, two, hold it there. Now lift up, find your core connection and extend, keep that elbow high. That's it, in that tricep extension. Now let's try and lift, at the same time. So you've got a lot of things happening right now.

So keep your focus, in and out. (Tracey exhaling heavily) Let's do four more like this, four, three, two and one, bring it down and then bring that leg down, take hold of the weight, palms facing inwards. Now front arm, right by your ears. It's like a Superwoman, Superman, reaching out. There we go.

Four, three, two, and one. Perfect. Just put the dumbbells just in front of you here. You're gonna come down, so your hands are either the side of your body here, take your back hand forearm down and rotate your hip. From here, we're gonna lift that leg diagonally up, okay? We're gonna do our rainbow as we go over, out, tap, lift up. Over, out, you tap the other foot, lift up.

Tap it in front, high diagonal, and lift. So you're tapping in front, high diagonal, tap your toeses, lift up. Down, up, tap, lift out. Down, up, tap, lift out, four more. Four, up, down (inhales deeply).

Three, lift, down, two more. Two, lift, keep upper body extended. Last time. Hold it there. Hold it. Bend your knee in. Rotate back into your quadruped position.

Drop the opposite elbow down. Rotate your hips and lift that leg up into that high diagonal, look at your foot. Okay, we tap it down, and up. Tap the toes, lift it up. So it's in that little rainbow.

And tap, lift up. Reach, now lift that leg up high diagonal, tap. Keep resisting your mat. So you're lifting up and out of your mat. Inhale, exhale, tap, lift up.

Inhale, exhale, tap, lift up. Breathe. Smile. Two more. One, lift up. Last time, tap and up, and reach that leg out, beautiful long legs, turn it round, quadruped position and then come back into a stretch. Now, perfect. Pick up your dumbbells, roll all the way up, feet, hips, knees, of hip width apart, so your knees are a little bit hip width apart, make sure your feet are too.

We're gonna go into thigh stretch, so tilt the pelvis underneath, hinge back in one line and back to center. Now we're gonna add the arms. The arms come forwards and then back. So you're in your thigh stretch. So you're hinging in one piece.

So basically you're moving from your knees, your pelvis is slightly tilted underneath you, just very slightly and the arms are going in opposition. Let's do a few more. (Tracey exhaling heavily) One more. Hold it here guys, hold it here, now little bicep curls, bicep curls, for four, sh, three, sh, two, sh, one, hold it there, come back up, put your arms back to the side of your body. From here, take your right leg forwards, hinge into that little stretch, take both hands forwards. And we're gonna go into a bicep curl.

Here, so you're externally rotated at your hips, you're in that nice stretch and we just gotta prace our hand, your palm is facing up, your elbow's on the inner part of your knee and you are pumping, those weights for those bicep curls, two weights. Four more, four, three, two, and one, come back into center, externally rotate, press into that stretch, and ready? Lift up and down (exhales heavily). There we go. So we always say, when you go shopping, your shopping is usually more than four pounds or six pounds, right?

Your shopping bag? So why can't we bicep curl like four or six pounds, right? So true (laughs). In and out (exhales heavily). Let's do four more, four, three, two, and one more.

Come back, take your legs hip width apart, we're gonna reach the arms, come forwards and then down. So we're in that lovely circle. Circle around (exhales heavily). There we go. Circle around, let's do four more, four, three, two, and one, reverse it, circle around. There we go. Circle.

Circles, let's do four more, four, three, nice long arms, two and one, hold it here, elbows in and out, in and out. There we go. So your palms are flat and you're working your triceps and your shoulders here, scoop out those abs. Good. Let's do for five, sh, four, sh, three, sh, two, sh, one, hold it here, palms up, we're gonna go overhead and down. Overhead and down. (Tracey exhaling heavily) There we go, working those shoulders.

And four overhead, three, two, now one more. Now we're gonna add a twist. So you go overhead, now twist to the right. Overhead, twist to the opposite direction. Up, rotate, you can really feel those obliques.

Up, in that rotation, lift, sh. Overhead, sh. Two more, up overhead, keep your shoulder blades pulled down, last time, up. There we go. Hold it here, we're gonna bend, drop the hips down, reach out. Drop the hips, lift up.

So you're working that thigh squat here and you're gonna present with the arms. So your arms are going diagonally forwards and you're presenting. So working into those biceps and your thighs, you're gonna feel heat in those thighs and down, and up, and down, and up. Five more, and five, up, four, up, three, up, two, up, one, hold it here, now circle, palms are lifted. Now reverse the circle.

And then hold it here. And then come all the way down. Nice work. Okay. Let's come all the way down onto our side hip. So we're here.

Now, we're just gonna need one weight, so let's put that one to the side. Now from here, we're gonna open, lift the hips up, drop the hip down and bring the knee. That elbow is gonna go into a tricep, so we go up, out, in, press down. Up, extension, knees, and down. Up, in your clam.

Good, so you're lifting from your obliques and working the glutes as you open the knee, and the tricep. Hip, lift, in, down. Lift, open. Good, four more. Four, sh, three, sh, two more, two, sh, last time, sh. Now everything's gonna open together with a kick.

So we go up, kick, in, down. Open, kick, in, down. So clam, kick an extension, in, down. Clam, kick, in, down. Clam, kick it, in, down.

Clam, kick that leg, in, last time. Clam, kick, in, and down. From here, take hold of that weight, put it just behind the back of the knee. All right. And we're gonna put the hand behind the head. We're just gonna lift that leg up and down, up and down, so you're working into that glute, up and down.

So that side leg lift, with that little extra weight here. Now we're gonna do four more, and then we're gonna move the leg forwards and back. Hold it here, so we go forwards and back. Forwards and back. Forward, so the knee is going towards the chest and back, forwards and back.

Four more, four, sh, three, sh, two, sh, one, back, hold it here, lift that leg up and down, in your last little bit, for four, for three, for two and one. Grab hold of that little weight, lift up, separate the legs, reach over into your mermaid here. Now spiral and look up to the sky, and hold that stretch. Lift up and circle the hand around, let's go to the other side. Okay. So your knees are together, elbow is here, so we go, hips come up, clam as we extend, bend, lower hips.

One, clam, in and down. Lift, reach, in and down. One, reach. So think of that knee, opening out and around. So your knees are opening out and around.

Good, lift your hips up so those obliques are working. And lift, up. Good job. Two more, one, open. Last time, one, open, in and down. Now we're gonna add the leg kick, you ready?

So we lift, open up that clam, kick that leg, bend the knee, come back down again. So clam, kick, in and down. Clam, kick, in and down. Open that leg, kick it up. You're getting a nice sweat going on, open, kick and down.

Open that knee, kick, and down, femur is opening up, in that socket and open, kick, one more and open, kick, in and down. Lift up, take it back of the knee, squeeze on tight, lift yourself up. All right, so we're gonna lift that leg up and down. Gonna put your hand on your head, wherever you feel comfortable and just lift that leg. So what we're going for is just the glute burn there, lifting up and down.

Up and down, now keep lifting up on that underneath side to really access those obliques. You're listening to the floor, so your head is in line with the spine. Four, three, two, and one. Now take it forwards and swing it back. Forwards, swing it back.

Inhale, exhale, forwards and back (exhales). Forwards and back, for four, sh, three, sh, two, and one back to the side and lift up, that little extra burn there. There we go. Keep lifting up on the underneath side, lift up, cinch at that waist, for four, for three, for two and hold it there and bring that knee down, grab the weight, open that legs up and reach over into that mermaid. Oh, that feels so good to stretch out those hips.

Open up your waist. Lift back up again and then bring the weight down. Circle around this direction. We're gonna pick up that extra weight, so we've got two weights. From here, the elbows are bent.

We're gonna bring it in close. Now, what we do is we roll down, shoot the legs up, reach, curl, reach the hands forwards. So it comes in, curl. Now use your abs like a little pike and then come back, reach the arms forwards. So think of this as like a little pike (exhales).

It's kinda like a prep for a roll over, pike, and try and keep the feet together, that's the hard part (exhales). It's almost like your legs are glued together. Curl, pike, use your abs and reach. Inhale, exhale. Perfect (exhales). Two more (exhales), one more (exhales), and reach. Perfect.

Let's roll down, roll down, roll down, arms down by the side of the body, turn your feet out, so you're in a little diamond position. Now, toes on the floor, lift your buns up, so you're in that lovely diamond position. Now we're gonna abduct the legs back. So you're abducting the legs back. You're gonna feel your hamstrings and your glutes.

Now, if you feel comfortable, pick up your weights and reach the hands up. So you're not relying on your upper body and you're opening your legs. We call this Elvis in my barre class and it's a little challenging 'cause your legs wanna go all over the place but you're controlling them and your hips are high. For four, three, two hold it there, lower your hips, shoot them up, lower the hips and shoot, lower the hips and shoot. Now, take your palms facing away from your body, down and up, a chest press.

We call these like little butterflies too and your chest press, in a diamond position. So you're gonna feel those inner thighs, feel your glutes. Inhale and exhale, if you have heavier weights you can always switch to heavier weights too. Good, let's do four more here. Four, three, two, and one, hold it there, hips are high.

Now bring your feet parallel, inner thighs together. And we're just gonna walk through the feet, reach the hands over your head if you can, place the hands down, lift your hips up. Curl, curl, curl, curl, curl, curl down, extend the legs, awesome work you guys. Now from here, circle the hands down, just put your weights by the side of your body. Reach your hands over your head.

There we go. Now bring your right knee into your chest, take the left hand to the right knee and pull. Circle that hand around, look to that hand, bring it back to the center and bring that leg down. So the left leg comes in, take your right hand with your left leg, circle the hand around, look towards that hand as you press the knee across your body. And then come all the way back, reach the hands forwards, we're gonna curl, all the way up.

Bend your knees, bend your knees, take your hands back. From here, hips come all the way up, hold that tabletop position there, hold it. Now we're gonna lift your right leg up and then your left leg up. So you're working your upper body here, upper body, up and down, up and down. Just two more. Two, one.

Now keep your butt lifted, bend your elbows and extend, working in through your tricep extension here, down, lift up, four more here. Four, three, bending your elbows. Two, and one, hold it here, reach the legs out. If you can, if not stay exactly where you are. Look forwards, hold it there.

And then curl, use your abs to come back to a straight spine, lift all the way up, shoulders over your hips, reach the hands up over your head and fold yourself in two. Let your head hang down. Beautiful work. Take deep breaths, inhale and exhaling. And then slowly curl all the way up, one vertebra at a time, reach the hands out, finish off with a lovely twist, twist. Keep your feet still though.

Twist, twist, back to center and bring the hands down. Just put your weights just to the side. Turn around, bring your right leg in front of your left leg, open up your hips, press your knees out. From here, lift up, circle the hands into laced, reach the hands up. We're gonna do our halo to right side.

So you're just moving your shoulder joints in that halo. We're all angels in disguise. And then hold it here, press up, release, switch with the opposite leg, take your hands forwards, open up those hips. You've worked those glutes today and your arms. And then come up, reach the hands over your head in your halo, going to the other side, moving your shoulders, those stiff shoulders.

And then hold it here, reach it up to the sky, hands behind the head, curl forwards, extend back, curl forwards, extend back, one more for good luck, curl through those abs, extend up, hold it here, look up to the sky, ah, and back to center. Release your hands, take your head right then left. And then come back to a straight spine, feel that spine all aligned now, feel about 10 inches taller. How empowered you feel, from just moving and stretching and working that body. Awesome work you guys, give yourself a little round of applause.

Thank you for joining me today. I look forward to seeing you right here on the mat. Have a fabulous day. Bye, guys.

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Awesome class; thank you Tracey
Jennifer E
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Perfect workout to start the week! Thank you for all your amazing classes, Tracey!
Happy Valentines Day loved this workout ❤️
Lina S
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Great flowing class! I've really enjoyed this workout. Nice surprise to start the week!
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like so much! thanksssss

Saphira B
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Excellent class, and challenging! Thank you.
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Awesome work because you offered an awesome class. Direct to favorites!
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Loved this!

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Amazing session, Tracey! Really like that this workout was easy on the knees - hope you can make more of these types of workouts for those of us with knee issues. Thanks for sharing your radiant joyful energy with us. 😀😀😀
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Great class. So much in a short time. Lovely choreography.
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