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EXO Chair w/ Foam Roller

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Learn creative ways to incorporate the Foam Roller into your EXO Chair routine with this fun workout by Carrie Pages. She teaches movements that are subtle and focused so that you can create connections that you will use throughout the class. She also challenges your balance and control by using it as an unstable surface for small movements like Pelvic Tilts, Chest Lift, and much more.
What You'll Need: EXO Chair, Foam Roller

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Hi, everyone. I am so excited to bring you this chair class today. We're gonna be incorporating the foam roller with the Wunda chair, and we're gonna have a lot of fun. So, we're gonna start with a nice light spring. I'm gonna take my spring tension down to just one low or one one on this balanced body chair.

And we are gonna begin with the foam roller length-ways on our mat. You're gonna have a seat on that roller and you want to try to make sure that you are pretty centered when you reach back for your chair and you need to be able to reach it. So if you can't, you just need to scoot back just a little bit. I'm gonna come up a little and just get yourself organized so that you can reach up and actually get a hold of either the rung on your chair, or I want you to be able to hold the sides of the pedal of the chair, whichever works best for you. I'm gonna choose the rung today since I have one.

And the first thing I'm gonna do is an exercise I call ribcage arms. So this is a fundamental from the mat work. With an inhale, I'm gonna push this pedal up as high as I can. My shoulders are really creeping up into my ears. As I exhale, I'm gonna send my shoulders down, send my rib cage down as if I'm trying to pull my rib cage a little bit closer to my pelvis, while trying to make that spring nice and long.

With an inhale, I push the pedal up away from my head, allow the spring to get very short. And then as I exhale, I pull on that pedal, send my shoulders down, heavy my rib cage down, and I start to make a connection to my deep, low belly. With an inhale, I raise the shoulders, make that spring really short, breathe out, (exhales deeply) and I'm gonna bring those shoulders down. Send my ribcage down closer to my pelvis and find that deep connection to my core. Focusing on that breath.

Two more like this, inhale, float the pedal up high. Exhale, draw those shoulders down. As the rib cage heavies down, the naval draws down towards the spine and I'm finding that connection to my abdominals. Last time here, raise the pedal up nice and high, (inhales) and then draw the shoulders down, (exhales) letting all of the breath out. Find the very depth of that exhale, strong connection through the core.

And just pause there for a moment. Try to free up any tension you may be holding in your shoulders and see how much you can recruit from your core to stabilize in this position. So it's less work in the arms and the hands, more work in the belly. Just hold there for one more full breath in. Hold there for another full breath out, strong connection to that middle and then push the pedal back up.

You can release the pedal and just rest your arms out to the side, getting a little shoulder opener there. Now we're gonna make the exercise just a little bit harder and we're gonna walk our feet all the way together. So, knees and thighs touching, reach up for the roller. And now you have to work your stabilizers a little bit more so that you don't actually fall off the roller. With an inhale, push the pedal up nice and high, shorten the spring.

Now, as you exhale, see how much you can recruit from your obliques with that low belly connection to find a strong core. With an inhale, push the pedal up, shoulders rise high, exhale, pull the pedal down. Now keep in mind. My arms are straight. They are not bending.

I'm trying to move from my shoulders and my rib cage, less from my arms. Inhale, trying not to wiggle left, right, left, right, trying to stay as stable as possible. Exhale, I send my shoulders down, send that rib cage down, sink the low tummy tight and think of a connection through my obliques. And we do that one more time. Inhale, raising that pedal up nice and high.

And exhale, pulling that pedal down. Now, really holding here and memorizing how this feels because we're gonna refer back to this connection a little bit later in the workout. From here, go ahead and raise the pedal up, release it, and let those arms rest onto the floor again. Feel free to separate the feet a little bit so that you have good balance. We're gonna take this position now, we're gonna come off of the roller and we're actually going to turn and face the other direction.

So we're gonna bring the hips back up onto the roller, scoot towards the end of the roller, lay on your back and just bring your feet onto the pedal. You're still on that nice light spring. And we're gonna pull this pedal down to the floor. Now the next series of exercises are gonna be done with the pedal on the floor. And the goal is just to kind of fire up the glutes and the hamstrings a little bit, while doing some pelvic tilts.

So a little bit of a different approach here. You can rest your arms down beside you and as I'm laying here, even though I only have a light spring on, it's very challenging to keep the pedal still. You can maybe hear it jumping just a little bit. But my goal is to activate, through my hamstrings and my glutes, to press the pedal down. And then I'm gonna start doing my pelvic tilts without letting the pedal lift at all.

So I'll breathe in, go into my exaggerated arch, and as I breathe out, I'm gonna draw my tummy muscles in and go to that pelvic tilt. So it's a little lift of the tailbone. And then back into my exaggerated arch or my anterior tilt. Inhaling. And then as I exhale, my low back comes down and I go into that little tuck.

Now here, I want you to think about that rib connection from a moment ago. Think of sending the rib cage down closer to the pelvis and letting that connection, get you into that little tuck. With an inhale, keep the pedal down, arch the back. Exhale, press the low back down, take it into that tuck. And one more time.

Inhale, take it into that exaggerated arch. The work is subtle, but it's challenging. Exhale, keeping that pedal down, taking it into your posterior tilt or what I like to call a tucky butt for simpler terms. And I'm gonna hold right here. I'm in that little tucky butt position.

I'm trying to send my ribcage down to my pelvis. Abdominals engaged, nice and strong. Now, here's my challenge. Can I maintain that much strength in my core, as I navigate into neutral position with my pelvis? So my pelvic bones and my pubic bone on the same plane, that pedal is stable.

It's a challenge. Now we're gonna do a few marches. I'm gonna take my right leg and lift it up. As I bring that leg up, I'm gonna try not to rock on the roller, stabilize my body. Now I'm just gonna toe tap that foot down towards the pedal with an inhale.

Exhale, I'm gonna bring that leg up. Inhale, I lower the foot down. Exhale, I bring that leg up. Inhale, I lower it down. I've gotta keep using my bottom of the leg that's on the pedal to stabilize that pedal.

And up one more inhale down, exhale up. I'll bring that foot down. And now it takes over. I use the glutes and the hamstrings on that right leg as my left leg floats up to a tabletop leg position with an inhale, toe tap down, exhale, lift it up. Inhale, toe, tap down, exhale, pull from the middle.

Think back to the rib connection and the neutral position of the pelvis. Lower the foot. Exhale lift. One more lower, keeping that pedal stable and the foot comes down. And I take a moment.

Now I'm gonna walk my heels together into, actually don't worry about walking the heels together in Pilates V, just stay parallel. But what we're gonna be doing is like a butterfly position with the legs next. So, the pedal's gonna stay down. I'm gonna inhale, open my knees out to the sides. Now I'm gonna exhale and pull my legs in.

So while keeping the pedal pressed down, glutes, hamstrings engaged, I'm now focusing more on obliques. So, inhale, my knees open out to the side, then exhale. I'm gonna pull my knees in and think, draw my sides in like an hourglass shape. Inhale, I open those knees. Exhale, pull the tummy in tight, pull the knees towards each other and pull the sides in.

Inhale, open the knees, again, subtle work, but focused and connected. Exhale, bringing those knees up one more time. Inhale, open the knees, exhale, pull from the belly, draw the sides in. Surprise yourself by how effective that is in your core. And now slowly let your pedal float all the way up.

Now we're gonna go ahead and come off of our roller for a second again. So I'm just gonna roll to the side, let it come out from underneath me. And I'm just gonna rest onto the floor for just a moment. That's such a nice sensation. I feel like the floor's-- I'm falling through the floor here.

And I'm just gonna come up now and we're gonna change the spring just a little bit. So, I'm gonna take it to two lows for the next exercise. The roller is gonna go onto the mat and I'm gonna lay on my back. I'm just gonna rest my legs up on top of the pedal and just melt the body down into the roller for a second. Let your arms open out so you have some balance because in a moment, we are gonna lift the arms and we won't have the balance.

So, in this position, I wanna practice just some curling. And I wanna think about the rib connection from earlier. So, if you kind of visualize the way you were holding the pedal behind you, I just, I want you to actually reach your arms up to the ceiling above you and try to find your balance there. You'll breathe in to prepare. And as you breathe out, as if you were pulling on that pedal, you lower your arms, draw your chin into your chest and you do a little curl.

You're reaching those arms nice and long. Now lift the arms up and put the head back down, trying not to fall off your roller. Isn't that fun? So here we go gain. Inhale to prepare.

With an exhale, you pull down. Imagine you have the tension from the pedal. Your pelvis is neutral, so look down at that neutral pelvis. Make sure you haven't done a tucky butt, and lift your arms up, and rest the head down. We're gonna do that again.

Press those arms down. Draw the chin in, curl up. And right here, we'll sneak in our hundred beats. Inhale two, three, four, five exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale. (inhales) And exhale. (exhales) As you're doing these pumps of the arms, I want you to think of your feet being 5% lighter on that pedal.

Don't just let the legs hang and sag onto the pedal. You recruit from your low belly and think lighten those feet. Just the littlest bit. Breathing in two, three, four, five. And out, two, three, four, five.

Inhale. (inhales) And exhale. (exhales) Two, three, four, five breath it in. (inhales) Two more breaths. Inhale. (inhales) And exhale, two, three, four, five. Final breath in. And out, two, three, four, five. Don't rest.

Hold here. Take your hands, bring them behind your head, holding up the weight of your head. Crunch eight, seven, six. Easy neck. Five.

Draw the tummy in to lift up. Six, seven, and eight. Hold right there. Can you get a little higher? Eight more.

Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one. Rest all the way down. Taking a moment. Sorry, that was kind of a sneaky way to be mean. I hope you've got a little bit of work there.

We're gonna add a hamstring pull now. So we do need to get just a little bit closer to the pedal. So we'll just come up, bring that foam roller a little bit closer. I'm gonna go one more little inch. And then I like to do the hamstring pulls on the chair with my heels on the pedal.

So, what I do is before I even begin, I create some energy into those heels to turn on the glutes and the hamstrings to begin with. I do a little test run, pull down, make sure I'm positioned about right. I feel like I need to scoot back one inch on my roller. So I'm gonna get a little wiggle there, just as needed. If it doesn't feel right, just make it feel as right as possible.

So from here, we're gonna hold the pedal on the floor. Think of dragging that pedal underneath your foam roller. Like you're gonna pull that pedal back into the, underneath your head. Now, as you lift the pedal up, keep that feeling going. So, you're thinking of pulling the heels down on the pedal, even though the pedal's lifting and then pull that pedal down.

Trying your best to maintain neutral of the pelvis. Float the pedal up, inhaling. Exhale, think pull that pedal under you, not just down to the floor, but back behind you. As your heels go up, still thinking, "Pull that pedal back behind me," and pull it down. How much can you isolate from your glutes?

So it's a little less hamstring work and a little more glute work, press it down. If you feel like you're losing your position of your heels on the pedal at all, just take a quick second to fix that. Exhale, pull it under. We're doing three more. Inhale, float it up.

Exhale, pulls it down. Inhale, floats it up. Exhale, pulls it down. Inhale, floats it up. Exhale, pulls it down.

We hold. Now keep that pedal on the floor. Reach your arms up for the ceiling above you and just stabilize. Hold there for three. Keep thinking, dig and pull that pedal underneath you.

Holding, holding open the arms, release. Float the pedal all the way up, extend one leg out long and straight. Bring the other knee back and just stretch it up. Bend it down, stretch it up. Nice, easy stretch.

Stretch it up, bring it down, reach it long. And just that simple stretch on the other leg. Just a quick active hamstring stretch. And up, and bend, and up, and bend, and reach it down. We're gonna roll off of this roller onto the floor.

Let the roller go away from you. Bring your hands under your knees, rock yourself up. We're gonna come up now to standing. We're gonna get rid of the mat just so it's not in our way for the rest of the workout and we're gonna be doing seated footwork on the top of the chair. So, I'm gonna take my mat out of the way.

So, I'm gonna bring the chair on the diagonal just so you can see me more easily at home, and I'm gonna bring my setting up a little bit heavier. So, I'm on one high and one low. And you feel free to go as heavy or as light as you like for this. And we're gonna go into footwork here using the foam roller. Pilates V stance for the first position.

And we're simply gonna reach this roller right out in front of us. I want you to feel like you're doing the exercise, hug a tree. So it becomes kind of this little isometric hold. As I'm hugging my hands on the sides of the roller, it's just creating a little ring of energy from my hands, all the way across my chest, to my other hand. I'm gonna activate where my bottom meets my thigh to kind of perk up on the edge of this chair, and do make sure that your sit bones are right on the edge of the chair.

That makes a really big difference in your range of motion. Your exhale floats your knees up, your inhale presses it down. Exhale, lift two, inhale it down. The goal is to only lift those knees as high as you can without your pelvis shifting. Five, and down.

Six, and inhale. Exhale seven and down. Eight, down. Exhale nine and down Exhale 10 and hold. We're gonna transition to the bird feet position.

You're gonna take the roller, lift it up over your head. As you're holding here, you're hugging in again on that roller and you're just gonna lengthen up through the top of the head. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, float those knees up. Inhale, press it down. Exhale and down.

Three and down. Shoulders anchored off those ears. And down, grow tall. Five, (inhales) six, (exhales) Seven, inner thighs engaged. Eight, don't rush this.

Sometimes I see it turn into pulses. I want it to be controlled. Nine and 10. Press and hold. Keeping the pedal on the floor to transition.

We're gonna bring this roller behind you. You're gonna turn your palms to face your body and kind of press the roller against your bum there. Shoulders rolled open, transitioning onto the heels with the feet. We now float those heels up. Exhale, inhale, press down.

Exhale, two and down. Three, inhale down. Connect to that seat. Think about those hamstring pulls We did earlier. Up and down.

Six, (exhales). Inhale, (inhales) seven and down. Grow long and tall, eight, nine, and 10. Take it down and hold. Leave your heels on the pedal.

Bring the roller off to one side, one hand pressing down other hand on the hip so there's just this little bit of pressure down into your roller there. You're gonna make sure the feet are not gonna slip and we're gonna take one leg, extend it out. This is more like a pump or a pulse. We go 10, nine, eight, seven, grow tall. Six, five, four, three, two, one.

Put the foot down. Bring the roller around to the other side. Press gently down into it. Other leg extends and it's 10, nine, eight, seven, (exhales) five, four, three, grow tall. Two, one, bring that foot down and take a moment.

The pedal comes all the way up. I'm gonna turn my chair just a little bit to the side. We're gonna use the foam roller for our heel lower and lift. So bring the foam roller down onto the floor. And then you're just gonna bring your hands onto the chair.

Stand in Pilates V on the roller and try to stabilize. So you're gonna try not to let that roller move around too much. We're gonna breathe in to prepare, round out the shape of the spine. As we exhale, we're gonna lower the heels down, almost feeling like we're gonna push the roller a little forward and then inhale, raise those heels up. Exhale, as the heels go down, this is slow.

The focus is not a calf stretch or ankle work. The focus is how connected to my core can I get. Inhale, raise those heels. Exhale, this is gonna really inform a lot of exercises later in the workout, so find this connection here. Exhale, the rib cage is pulling down towards the pelvis, just like we practiced earlier as well.

Inhale, raise the heels, exhale again. It's like you're gonna roll that roller forward. As you deepen through the belly, raise those heels. Exhale, heels go down. Inhale, heels come up.

Last one, (exhales) heels go down. And heels come up. Carefully, step down onto the floor, reach back, get a little calf stretch there, sinking one heel down. And then just simply switch that. We're gonna change the springs a little bit to do a exercise that I call knee stretches on the chair.

So, it's also gonna flow eventually into a little pike series. I'm gonna change the spring. I'm gonna go to two twos or two low springs or like, two medium springs. And then you're gonna bring your roller, let's see if I can get this back a little bit. The roller's gonna come back a little bit.

The pedal is gonna go to the floor. So the spring feels kind of heavy initially, but once it's down, it's gonna stay down. And then we're gonna walk the roller so that it's underneath the shins so that I can puff up and round my spine. Now from here, I'm gonna pull my knees underneath me and pull up through my core with an inhale. I roll the pedal away or roll the roller away.

With an exhale, I pull those knees under, let the breath out. With an inhale, I move the roller away. So I'm pushing down. I'm rounded up and pulling those knees under. Inhale, send it away.

Think about that rib connection from earlier. (exhales) Think about the connection you found in your core from earlier, lowering and lifting those heels. Down, inhale, roll it back. Do two more. Pull under, take that back. Pull under and take that back.

Now we're gonna hold right here. We're gonna extend one leg out. I'm gonna exhale and lift that leg up. With an inhale, I'm gonna lower that leg down. Exhale, lift that leg up, lower it down.

Exhale, lift that leg up and hold. Pulse that leg five, four, three, two, and one. Pull the knee in, other leg extends back. Exhale, lift it up. Inhale, lower it down.

Exhale, lift it two. Inhale, lower it down. Exhale lift it three. Pulse it up. Two, three, four, five.

Pull that knee down. Do three more of those little knee stretches. Inhale, exhale one. Inhale, exhale two. Inhale, exhale three and take a rest, letting that pedal come up.

Now, that whole series is going to inspire another variation of knee stretches on the chair and then flow us into our pike series. So we don't need the foam roller for a moment. You can just get it out of the way for a second. And then you're gonna bring your position on the pedal on your knees. And you just wanna find a comfortable, a comfortable- ish spot for your knees on the pedal.

Your hands go on the edge of the chair. And in this position, you are going to send your shoulders as far back and down as possible. Thinking of the knee stretches that you just did on the roller, you're just gonna exhale and pull that pedal up from here. Find the rounded shape of your spine. If you need to adjust the knees a little to be more comfortable, do so.

Now with a slightly quick pace, we do eight of these. Inhale, (inhales) exhale, one. Inhale, exhale two. Inhale, exhale three. (exhales) Four, exhale five. Six, seven, and eight.

From there one foot to the floor, other foot to the floor. We're gonna flow right into a pike. Bring your hands to the pedal. Sorry, bring your feet to the pedal. Bring your hands to the sides of your chair.

Now, before we do our first pike, let's think back to when we had our feet on the roller. Just simply lower your heels and think send that roller forward, raise your heels back up. Just thinking back, "How did I recruit from my core as I did that simple lower lift a moment ago?" Lower and lift. One more of those. Lower. (exhales) Now from here, we're gonna maintain that connection that you felt and take that pedal up and down.

Six of these. Two and down. Adjust the feet if they slide it all. Three, (exhales) and four. (exhales) Five and six and down. From there, we're gonna go up halfway and add a little frog to it.

So, from here, make sure those feet are not gonna slip. Go up halfway. Now, bend the knees up, just like those knee stretches. Two. Now I am in a Pilates V frog stance, but it's still that knee stretch sensation Four, five, six, seven, (exhales) eight.

Hold there, added bonus. Take it to the top, bring it all the way down. Take a rest. We're gonna let that pedal come up and take a little moment. For a quick stretch here, bring your heel onto the pedal, your toes onto the top of the chair.

Go into just a little bit of a lunge here and just stretch forward and then send those hips back. A little lunge forward (exhales) and then send those hips back. Just a quick little active stretch, not taking a lot of time. Roll up through the spine and switch legs. Bend the knee, find that low lunge and send the hips back.

(breathes deeply) Come forward. Send the hips back, two. Come forward. Then send those hips back on three and roll all the way up and take a moment. We're now gonna go through some swan exercises.

The first one's gonna be with the foam roller, just to get the kind of movement of what we're gonna be doing eventually on top of the chair. So I am gonna slide my chair just a little bit out of my way here. I'll get my foam roller and I'm just gonna face this direction, going down to my belly. I'm gonna bring the roller between my wrist and my elbow. Okay, so you don't want the roller under your hand or under your elbow.

It's right in the middle of that forearm. The head rests down onto the mat. First thing, just roll the roller far away from the head. Ah, and then draw the shoulders down. Do that once again, roll it away.

This time, as you draw the shoulders down, start to lift the head and the chest and you can just flip those palms and come up for your first swan and take that all the way down. And again, draw the shoulders down, lift up for that first swan and exhale all the way down. Again, inhale, lift, exhale all the way down. And then last one, we're gonna lift and take it down. Now, roll the roller away from you.

Get a quick counter stretch. Draw up through the tummy, round out the shape of that back so it's a true counter stretch. And now we're gonna add a little rocking to that. So, same setup, this roller's right between the wrists and the elbows. And we're just gonna create a little rocking motion.

So, we're gonna roll the shoulders back, lift up. Then I'm just gonna rock and lift, rock and lift, rock and lift, and lift, one more, and up. And take that all the way down. Little counter stretch from there. So, that rocking motion is what we're gonna do up on the chair next.

So, we can get the roller out of the way. So, the spring tension on the chair needs to be about one high spring. So, this gets a little tricky. The chair, it's just always hard to figure out the load of the spring sometimes. If you go too heavy, you're gonna have a really hard time getting the pedal down.

But if it's too light, you're not gonna get the boost that you need to get up. So that's where it gets a little tricky. Sometimes you just have to play with this a little bit. But what I'm hopeful is that doing that rocking on the chair, I mean, I'm sorry. The rocking on the roller gave you the feeling that you're gonna need for this swan.

So, I'm on one high. I'm gonna bring the pedal down and I'm gonna start just by simply doing my regular swan. Inhale, I lift. Exhale and I take that down. Inhale and I lift.

Exhale and I take that down. Inhale and I lift. Exhale and I take it down. I'm gonna send my feet to the floor, get a quick counter stretch. Now we add the rocking.

The trick for the rocking is you have to get your pelvic bones right on the front edge of that chair so that they almost act as like a stopper to keep you from sliding off the front. Another strategy would be to use a grippy that will help you. But I find if I can get my hips in the perfect spot, that's really the trick. So I'm gonna start by first coming up for just one swan. Now, from there, I'm going to come down, I'm gonna bend my elbows and lift my legs.

Now I lift my body in the pedal, lift my legs, bend those elbows. So it's a little bit of coordination, but once you kind of get the position just right, you kind of get a little rhythm going. And up and down. One more, up and down. Now let's stretch that out straight, scoot back just a little bit, organize the shoulders.

And we're just gonna do some simple tricep presses. Bend press it, one. Bend press it, two. Three, four, five, six and we hold. One arm comes down next to the body.

And do six, five, four, two and one, switch hands. And we go and six, (exhales) four, three, two, and one. Both hands come on, slide the feet to the floor, bring the pedal up, ah, and stretch that out. Taking a moment to not only stretch the back, but maybe taking that into a little down dog stretch to stretch out the hamstrings and the calves. All right, from here, let's step forward and we're gonna go through a nice sequence of cat.

So come up onto your knees and you're gonna reach your arms up to the ceiling above you. Taking a big breath in, you prepare. With an exhale, you're gonna reach down to the top of that pedal. And I want you to hold right here. Let's think back to those knee stretches.

Think about rolling the roller forward with your knees. Think about the rib cage connection from earlier. Send those ribs down towards your pelvis. With an inhale, go ahead and move the pedal down. You'll lose some of that.

But as you exhale to come up, can you pull your knees just gently forward and pull your ribcage down? Inhale sends that pedal down. Exhale brings you up. Inhale sends it down. Exhale brings you up.

Now we take it through to full cat where we snake through with the head and the chest. Nice big arch, inhale. Take the chest down. Keep the gaze out just a little and then tuck that chin and come up. Do it again.

Inhale down, snake it through, bring it up. Lower, chin in, bring it up. Last time, take it down, snake it through, reach it up, press it down. Draw the chin in, roll all the way up. Let's hold right here.

Think send the knees forward, press the pedal back. Find that connection to your core and then roll all the way up and rest. The next exercise we're gonna go through is climb the mountain. So we're gonna use the roller as a prop for this exercise and your spring tension probably needs to be closer to two high Springs. I'm gonna do two threes on my balanced body chair and I'm gonna get the roller, and we're gonna put the roller on the backside of the chair.

So, for me, on climb the mountain, there's the whole series where you can roll up to standing and come down. We're just gonna do the rounded position today. We're gonna use our knee stretches and rib cage connection as inspiration, and we're gonna be pressing onto that roller for balance. So simply press the pedal down with one foot, bring the other leg up onto the chair. And then just put one hand on top of the other to find balance there with that roller.

Now, in this position, thinking about those knee stretches, you're gonna pull your right knee underneath you, just like you did the knee stretches and then send it down. Pull it under, now it gets rhythmic. It goes one, two, press down into the roller, stabilize the shoulders. Five, six, seven, eight, nine. Ribs up, waistline tight, 10 more.

Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, two, and one, pedal to the floor. We switch feet. I'm just gonna bring my hands down to do that. My foot was about to slip. So, don't slip off your pedal.

Bring your foot on. You're gonna put the other hand on top. Stabilize those shoulders down, lift up just a little bit. Do two kind of slow ones. Just to start to get that knee pressure or knee stretches feeling.

Now go. 10, nine. The spine is rounded, just like those earlier knee stretches. Six, seven, nine, 10 more. 10, nine (breathes deeply) four, three, two, one.

Push the pedal to the floor, bring your hands down, and slowly bring that pedal up. For the rest of the class, we're actually gonna move the chair out of the way. So we're just gonna press it back and we're gonna bring the roller down onto the floor. And you're just gonna bring that roller right under your mid-back, your kind of mid-back, bra line area. From there, bring your hands behind your head.

With an inhale, go into a big extension over that roller. With an exhale, pull the tummy in, bring yourself up. So it's kind of like a little bit of a crunch, but really we're getting this nice extension through the spine. (exhales) But as we come up, we're trying to find a connection deep in the belly. Inhale takes you back, three. Ah, exhale floats you up.

Inhale takes it back, four. Ah, exhale, bring it up. Inhale, take it back, five. And exhale, come up. Hold right there.

See if you can get a little lighter, deepen through the core just a little bit more. Now, bring your hands down. Start to roll yourself over the roller and bring it underneath your hips. Knees into chest, legs to the sky. From here, we're stabilizing the roller with our arms.

Inhale, the legs lower. Exhale, those legs lift. Inhale, the legs lower. (exhales) Exhale, the legs lift. Inhale, (exhales) exhale lift. Four, (exhales) exhale lift.

Last one is five. Lift it up, circle the legs around, down and together, two around and together. Three. (exhales) Four. How much can you connect to your middle as you circle through those legs? Five, around and together.

Now the reverse of the legs. Inhale down, open around and together. Two (exhales) and three. (exhales) Check in with any neck or shoulder attention. Four. (exhales) Last one is five. From here, bend your right knee into your chest.

Take your left leg out long and across the room. I like to bend my knee and rest my foot here. Some people like to hold the leg and hover, pick your poison there. And just think pull the tummy, tuck the tail, get a nice stretch there. Maybe through the hip flexors.

Wherever you're feeling it is where you're meant to feel it. Bring that knee into the chest, send the other leg up. Send it across the room. Letting that knee bend, if you like, or simply stretch the leg and hover it, whatever feels best for you. (exhales) And then bring those knees back. Going for just a few rollovers here, we're gonna flex those feet.

Inhale to prepare. As you exhale, lower your legs and then roll over. Nice inhale there. Exhale, come down to the roller. Hold where the legs.

Again, take that over to reach your arms long and straight. Think reach the roller away from you as you reach your feet backwards and then roll down through the back. Last one, exhale, take it over. Nice inhale there. Exhale, come all the way down.

Bend those knees, roll the roller out from underneath you. And then I always like to take that roller right underneath my knees. Oh, and just rest that body down into the floor. Letting go of any tension you may be holding in that body. Release the body right down through the floor and you are welcome to stay there as long as you like.

I wanna thank you so much for taking my chair class with me today and I will see you next time.


Jodi H
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As always, Carrie offers ingenuity to help us find the deepest connections in such a playful, joyful way. Loved the layering of exercises to build a stronger connection to the work. You are a Pilates genius, Carrie. Thanks for the fun! 
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This class was fantastic. Thank you. Loved it.
Anna B
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Thanks, Carrie, for a fun and creative class. I have an Exo split-pedal chair at home so it was great to see it used on Pilates Anytime. The first exercise was fantastic for finding that deep core connection, and I really enjoyed the footwork variations holding the foam roller as well. Keep 'em coming! Maybe a class using the split pedal is in order? Thank you again!
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WOW!! That was amazing! You're cues to get the most out of movement amazes me. I will be coming back to this one!
This was awesome! I love how you made all of he connections between the roller and the chair for cat stretch and piking! 5 STARS. :) XO
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Love this class, and all the connections for the knee stretches, thank you!
This is the second time ive done your class! Love it! Im doing it through ROKU and there is nowhere to "like" the class when in ROKU, so im going on my computer so that I can "like" it!  Thanks for such a creative class!
Thank you Carrie for such a fun, creative and challenging workout!
Awesome blossom!   Thank you - great progressions to some of the chair toughies!   rockon (literally)
Ruth B
very creative lesson-combining the roller and the chair. I liked the layering of exercises and referring to a previous exercise and what the body felt.
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