Class #494

Theraband Mat

65 min - Class


Kristi was inspired when she brought out the Theraband on this day. With the first 20 minutes of class standing, you'll balance, stretch, and have an emphasis on the arms and shoulders. Take your Theraband to the floor to add resistance and variety to the exercises waking your body and mind to the many levels of this work. Class ends with a modest amount of stretching too!
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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That's let's stand up. I'm feeling energy, but we're going to stretch too. So let's stretch with some vigor. Um, well, you know what I mean? Sort of, Huh? Viggo Wendy's going away. Deborah's going away. Aaron's going away. He's got a date tonight.

You can always tell by her hairstyle is, here we go. So let's stand um, with Oceana and just be mindful of that. You can step forward. That's no, no, no, that's okay. It's perfect. Okay, so we're going to begin standing with a fit together and I'll do just a little bit of heel rises. So if you want to challenge your balance, you should be on your mat. If you want to start feeling a little more grounded back off your mat. All right, so with your hands just about hip distance apart, I don't have much tension on the band yet. Just reach your shoulders up and let him fall. Don't push him just for, it's amazing how much tension that can let go. Sometimes. I'm going to do a few, cause this is the first I've been out all day.

Don't tell anyone down one more time and okay. Roll it back just one time and feel a little action in your upper back. We're not driving our shoulders down or just feeling a little bit of energy there. And now lightly pull the band to the side so you have that connection. Shoulders on your back. I normally start with the feet and go up. But tonight let's think about maybe collarbones upper back arms engaged.

A little upper rib cage is pulled in. If you tend to let it pop out, trying to notice the front of the body and the back of the body as you travel down to what feels like a level pelvis leaning ever so slightly forward. You could almost lift your heels but don't. And all we're gonna do is inhale, exhale slightly, reach down as you pull apart on the band and connect even more to those areas in how releasing not fully though. Exhale. It's a downward action. Nothing you'll see. But if I were to exaggerate it, it would be down and out. Exhaling and inhale, sort of checking in with your body and even in this stable still position.

And here we go. Inhale, exhale, pull out. Notice that you can make even this move initiate from, I want to say abdominals, but that's not really what I'm mean. I mean the entire trunk. Exhaling the breadth. That's right. That's right. Bill up on your inhale. Expand your trunk three-dimensionally. Trying feel breath in your back and inhale one more time and exhale and he's in the house. Okay. From here, keep a little resistance and just shift your hips to the left.

Balance Your feet so you didn't roll the foot out at all. Comm Center, that resistance and the arms and by arms that have kind of mean your shoulder blades on your back. Shift your pelvis to the right, keeping the arms in place and come back again to the left. Keeping your big toe joints down. Push, push, push, push, push. Try and find your obliques in that and center. Other side. Yeah, me too. And Center, let's do it again. Trying to go directly to the side. There's a tendency on one side to rotate.

So check that out. Upper inner thighs pressing, check it out literally and then come center one more time. Push. Yeah, and center. Okay. Raising the arms up. Oh, I did say that. Okay. And back to shoulder height and up. No effort here with the exception of say from the upper ribcage down.

So lifting up, nothing changing in the trunk and down. When do you can take the band a little further back to be for advent and lift. Keep Your Chin where it was. There you go. So keep looking at whatever you're looking at now so there's no head change. One more time. We'll keep it up on this one. Holding it there.

Reach the shoulders away, up to get a stretch. Draw the shoulder blades down and then apply a little tension outwardly that way. And Shrug d shrug and press. And to draw down to Perez. Last one like that down. Good. Keeping just a little tension here. Barely. Press your hips to the left.

Keep the hands where they're and center other sites and centers. Notice whatever it is that you feel in hopefully something informational. At the very least. Deborah, can you take your arms back without, yeah. Good. Alright, from there, let's draw the band down behind just to the back of your head. Okay, now you can pull on the band. All you need to if you don't need to, don't and come back up. I think it's a good idea at this stage to pull for sure. Just their heads don't move. Ribs are in.

And something else you can think about is I'm asking you to stay engaged with the low body or the whole body. But don't bear down on yourself, right? We kind of lifted in light. You're just involved. I did start going down to the shoulder blade. So let's do that two more. How about in the heel there? If you have an exhaled to bring you back, relax, shoulders, inhale there and back and we can take it all the way. Feel free to widen your hands on the band if you need to for tightness.

Come all the way down. And when you get there, rotate your hands back and look down. Continue reaching your arms down, roll your head back up. Open the arms out. So that's coming from the shoulder joint and not the pharm. Reach to the back of the room and come all the way down in front. So think of your arms in your socket as we do to again, we're going up, we'll go back there. An adjustment that has to happen there and go oh all the way down and roll the arms and look down so the whole arm came in.

It's okay if they came forward even for now. Then spiral their arms outward, reach the arms back and alright. The last time just to go to the top, staying up there. We're going to go side to sides of the straps. Bother you. Grab them now for some reason, feel like they would bother me tonight and from here, reaching your upper body over to the right. Yeah, just leave your hips. Think of the inner seam of your leg all the way down to the freedom.

Really not pulling kind of looks like I am, but I'm not. It's a pretty loose. Then I am going to pull with just the lower arm, pull down one and let it come out up to trying to focus on that side by the reify and or one more time. Five, bring it back to where it was. Then lift up. Inhale. If that was too light, grab closer up and over. Keep the hips where they or started anyway, and left arm pulls down.

All initiate it from those side bodies, right? The obliques too. And pressure hits a little right Aaron, and or there's five we come up from here. Just reach over with you. Pull down with that right. Stay there. Press your hips left as far as you can. Go ahead. Go ahead. Keep those feet level reach, reach, reach. Press the hips back to the center.

Lighten up on the arm and come all the way up to center. Just the upper body and arm goes over to the left. Pull that left arm down. Press their hips to the right. Oh, there's the tightness retreats. Reach. Press the hips back to center. Lighten up on the arm and come back to the top. Release the arms down for a moment. We good? Okay.

We're going to kind of do it again. Thank you. Um, let's do it again, but not all the breakdown. So up we go. What is the breakdown? Let's just, let's just press the hips one way in the other. Wow. That wasn't that long ago from you to forget. Okay. Regionally Open. Open on this. Gorgeous. Can you push your hips, your mom and you. When you come center though, because of the big stretch pressure, Hip Sandy, press the hips.

Make sure you push the hips center so you're not just lifting up from that place right. Here we go. Reach. Let's make it look like we're almost going to fall or the wind is blowing and then we lift up. If you want to add more resistance, you can pull on that bottom arm a little and up. So my hope is that you're not feeling this in your back. No good. You want to feel, well, I'm not gonna tell you where to feel exactly, but not in your back. And one more time reaching over. I'm going to change it on you.

We're going back and I think we can do it with the feet like this. So we're gonna give it a shot from where you are. Pull that bottom arm down a little. Keep the shape or the tension. Turn your upper body so the arms will move, but nothing else did you reopen to where you just were. Press your hip center and come on who? If you need an arm break, take reaching over first. Get there, prove it to yourself.

You pull on the lower arm and now turn that whole plane, right real. You could do this about leaning the hips too, if that feels better to you. Otherwise, reach over. Press the hips if you're going to pull that bottom arm, and now it's that upper body rotation. I'm allowing the arms to move, trying to keep the hips in place. We reopened to the front of the room. Push your hip center. Lighten up on the arms. Last one. Here we go. Press the hips. If you're going to find that stretch, lower arms pulling. Here it is, or rotate.

Reopen and up. Right. Take your arms behind you. Okay. I had a grip on mine. I'm lightening it up a little. It's not much different than where we started and then I just, for the sake of being able to hold onto something, I wrap. So if I was, if I started like that, I just went over to the back and rotate it in. You could hold up any number of ways just to get it out of your way. What you really want though is your arms about shoulder distance as you bend. At the moment, I don't have any tension, I'm just bending, hopefully without throwing the shoulders forward. From there, we're going to reach down, but back on a diagonal as we pull on the ban.

So for now, come in easy. Try to bring the elbows high without growing your head. And then as you reach out on the low diagonal, you're pulling apart and the intention is you'll get some tricep out of the deal, but not as much as you could be getting your upper back. Right? So if you think of that, if you think of the EMV bending lift, if you think of the downward region pole, maybe with a slight lifted, the almost just the skin of the chest, really, it's in a very subtle lift to the chest. If it's not with this group for sure. Meaning you're not dropped one more like that. We'll do. We've been, we pushed down and we hold it there. Okay. From here, just pull. So we have the resistance in the triceps.

Well, if you're feeling a lot of neck tension, you're probably too hot or you can be touching your body. That's okay. You can have that rubber band or right underneath your butt cheeks if you want. You're still gonna get most of what we need. You'll just have to think of keeping the chest tube. Okay. Change the angle a little whether you are way out here, come down.

If you're a way low, try it a little higher. If it doesn't produce tension. Otherwise, feel the rear delt for the side. That's two, five more. Starting now. One easy on the hands. Two, three, four and five. You can undo the band all the way over or just bring it around the front. Okay. Holding it. You know it just double it.

Some of you have short bands that won't work as well, but I just wanted a little bit shorter. Mostly for aesthetics. If you can believe that, but also it can make it a little tighter. We're just going to do a roll down and sometimes when we have a bar or a band, you can resist against it. So if you were to just exhale and lightly pull on the band, but at the same time be thinking of drawing in and up on the belly. That's how we're going to roll. So inhale, exhale.

Down we go. So I have a little resistance, not a lot. Rounding over the weight is still forward in your feet a little bit. Hold, inhale, exhale. Feel the shoulder slight onto your back more. Perhaps keep the resistance on the band as almost a sense of opposite opposition as you roll all the way back up and if necessary, relax the arms there. Inhale, oh, did you get a cramp? That's a horrible place to get a cramp. It's like, and down you go.

So you can go all the way. Look right towards your chest. You want to let that neck be long, but it's of course curved and inhale. Can you pull just a touch more as you exhale? Don't forget to gently slide those shoulders towards your waist. And by gently, I mean it, here we go, and Haley, but why don't you do back extension and exhale down you go.

Or we'll be right back when you get there. Stay there. Okay. And just check that your shoulders haven't fallen forward cause that's a real common easy thing to do. And then from here, all you're doing is any helper bear. You're not lifting up, but you will lightly pull on the band and the abs up for five breaths with tone and pull two so the body doesn't really move three, just the abs and the arms maybe to the side for and hold five big inhale and exhale, we roll it back up, roll, roll, roll, taking it down. We'll leave the band there when we get there. Add exhale to go. Just set the band down. We're not done with it. But let your hands go to the floor. Bend your knees as needed. Hanging there for a moment. Let your head hang. Let it be heavy. Yeah, separate your feet a couple of inches from each other, but keep them parallel.

And then bend the knees. You want to lower your hips as much as you can without having to lift the heels and then lift the heels when you have to or when it's time to roll, all the way to the ball of the foot so some of you can come all the way down and that's fine. If that doesn't feel good on your knees, you're here and it's also fine. What you want to think about is your feet. Look at them, don't roll out. Don't roll in. Keep them lined up. Then as soon as you can, you push the heels to the ground and fold yourself in half again. Okay, let's do that again. Ben. Inhale, you can go all the way down. Exhale there. Stretch out the bottoms of your feet. Get right up on him. More big toe.

For most of us I can see. Inhale, exhale, press the heels down and street. When you get into a straight position, lift the toes, but also lifting them evenly as possible. Spread them out a little. Set the toes down. Bend the knees round down, lift the feet, or lift the heels, checking shoulders. Draw the abdominals up. Press the heels down, fold yourself in half hanging out here for a moment. From here we bend the left knee to the forehead, keeping both heels down, allowing the right hip to just gently press out to the side. Again, press in on the instep of the right foot.

So all I mean is to keep it level or you can even exaggerate it and change that, right? So that right knee goes right up to your nose. Your nose goes to the knee to so may meet halfway there. Let the hip reach to the left looking for the stretch. Drop weight through that in step on the left foot. Big Toe arch, trying to get to the ground. Not really, but that's a thought. Then both knees and let's just real, ah, sorry.

Grab your band and roll yourself up. Might as well pull on the band as you come imaginary. Help there. From here we inhale. Keep it a little resistance. If you don't have it, take it into the band. By reaching down on the exhale, you rise up to the toes or and reached down and as you go down the arms come up, press down to just a chest height, inhale down, and third, so you can make the Whoa, you can make this a foot stretch by really going up. But if you instantly are grippy with your foot, you might keep it smaller and just work the balance. Nice.

And my question to you not really expecting an answer is can you feel your hamstrings connect into your glutes? Yes. I'm not thinking burn. I'm just thinking I, yeah, good. You do booty bar, you can always feel it one more time. Up and down on whichever one you're looking at. Okay. From here, same idea. I'm going to extend the left leg back.

I gotta turn for that and as we raise the leg, reach it. In fact, don't go very far for now. Reach it like that's all we cared about was reaching right through the floor. Okay. Then keep rotating forward. I'm talking about at the hip, nothing else changes. It just stays in line as it was. You don't have to go far or you can. Perpendicular is Max. Okay, Ben, the leg you're standing on as you pull on the band one and straight. I'll do three. Here's two. Don't forget the strength of the middle of the body.

The working leg so to speak is not working that hard. It's the leg in the air you're thinking about. Okay, straighten it, bring it back. Set it down. Changing sides, right? Like back the set of is everything in place for me. That's why I talk so much, but you know what you're doing. So just reach the leg so that you don't have to adjust so much in the air. And as we go, we hinge. Being mindful not to lock the leg you're standing on.

I always bend it a little and when you're ready Ben, the knee and I can't remember if I pulled, I think I did as I bent. So let's do that too. It's all right if the foot wobbles. I'm impressed with you guys on the Mat. There's theory and then stand yourself back up. Right? Good. Taking.

Well, let's see. Is your smile done in half? And Shannon just too. Okay, good. Alright. So if, if you, if you only had this size band, you would just hold it on its end, but since we have long ones, let's hold it the two ends and then take the other hand and grab on. So I'm going to say make it so your left hand can hold it. So the loop is at the bottom. And then for now, just take the left arm or sorry, the right arm out.

I didn't do anything other than take it as far as I comfortably could with the elbow alongside. My Body doesn't have to touch, but it's not back here. Okay. It doesn't move right now. Oh, that's a good idea. All right. Following Emily's laid, we'll do external rotation. So instead of holding it like so, or if you can, if you have a handle palm up, right arm doesn't move, pull out one oh heavy. Like this tip, if it feels like it's going to slip, grab it so you don't think about it.

I like it. That'd be for not changing the wrist. Yeah. Okay. That's good stuff. You don't even need a band to do this. Candace and I sat in the back watching nature teach. No, we didn't take the class. We watched it and uh, she was doing similar something with no band and we were too. And it was enough. How are we doing? Good. Can we do one more?

The trick to doing this, this is the rotator cuff stuff. It's, we should do it every day. Probably at least lately. Switching hands, um, is not involving your back much. Hey, we're trying to just move the arm bone from here to there without pulling or from here to there without pulling the shoulder blade. And here we go. You go ahead. I'll be there in a minute. So we're out. Right? And when we're ready we pull out. And so it's kind of a long time to, oh, go ahead. To be standing here and all, the reason I mention it is the tendency to forget about all those important things. Yeah. Employed. Well actually you've got to get resistance, don't you? Nevermind.

So my original set up was to start it here and that's where your marker was. It's an easy place to market, but you're fine. Where you're down here. I can see it. All right. How about three moral one and two checking that you're not letting the elbow come or the hand come up. And last one if that was it. All right, letting it go. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Let's take a seat on the mat. Keep these though. Keep these, wrap them around your feet please.

Let's see what we can do with this. So open up the band so it really supportive of your feet holding pretty close to the ankles. Um, for most of you this will be an assist, meaning it's gonna make it easier unless you put some thought into it, right? So I've got the feet together and my glutes tied. I'm sitting up relatively tall and we pull back. My arms are not doing a thing other than trying to stay on my back just to the mid back. Exhale, resist, come forward low with trying to keep your sacrum on the mat as long as possible, it's gonna move. But just resist that and roll back.

Let's go a little quicker now. So we'll go inhale back, exhale up, resist and inhale back and kind of generating a little more heat. Now inhale back, rocking action. Exhale. So if it's really easy, Emily, bring the feet in and keep those arms where they started. Shoulders down. If you need more challenge. Aaron, you draw the heels right in closer to your glutes. She's not Disney. She's not listening.

I did. I did. I did. I thought you were just saying I don't need any more challenge. Next one, we're going to go down and stay there and if you haven't already and now without, without going up at all, not going up right, you're going forward more accurately. You're pressing your belly down. Try not to lift any movement. You're going to see. Keep going. Actually, I sort of meant to do, I didn't mean for it to sound like that, but he said, don't come up at all. Just sink your abs downwards. Yeah, there you go. It's almost like you bring the pelvis to you. Don't go toward it.

No. Well now you might be having to talk a little, try not to. I think you're good at it. Just don't expect to see much. And then Shannon, just a little broader on the collarbones. There we go. How about two more? And with that you can come up. Yeah, so it's just not as impressive looking, but I think it's actually get decent work. Right. Good. So then same thing sort of. We are going to see how I want to say it.

Well just come down again. We'll figure it out when I get there. Bring your feet close if they moved and then rotate. Let's say two or you can rotate towards me. Rotate towards me. I'll come to you. All right from here. I didn't cross out of the band. You could, but I think it's just going to be, in a way, we're going both arms equally forward. If you're looking at your hands. Okay. And it's still pretty small just and hog it there. You're right Mandy.

I should have done that first. So if you look at your own hipbones or your hipbones level them out, the upper body is most definitely rotated towards the front. Hips don't move. It's almost as if that hip and the back or the apps on the backside. Well that doesn't work. It's small. I'll just leave it there. Come up this time.

Come up, keep your curve. Check Sheldon in, down. Inhale down. Sorry. Exhale up. Inhale down and up and inhale down. Look at your Neal. I'm, it looks great. Great. It should be level [inaudible] good. I'm just keeping the rotation. This time we come up, we're going to go all the way around to the other side rolled. Okay, so now again, just, it's almost like you took your, well you did, you took your rib cage toward the back and here we go. Little ones will. One [inaudible] every so often you're checking that your hips aren't moving.

There's a real strong tendency to hike. A hip moving isn't very big, but you can make it deep and hanging on for about three more strong. We see how intense you can make it without a big brange. Nothing wrong with a range. Here we go. We're going up. Exhaling up, keep the curve and down. Balance Your weight on that hip. Both hips, I should say, up and down, finding myself wanting to roll off. You could even like go the band. I know that can get tough on the arms or the hands, but if you can keep it do. Let's do two more here. Up and down. This next one, we'll go up all the way and come to center. Going up, back to center.

Stretch your legs out. Actually, you probably have to grab a little closer. Stretch your legs out, straight back. Bend the elbows, squeeze the glutes and go into a little upper back extension. So it's like, oh yeah. How's that Andy? Finally, and then from the hippo, the front of the pelvis start to pull back. Your head's going to go forward. Your arms are going to extend. You're gonna roll all the way down the straight arms. It's okay if let it be tense, spread out the back and Chin rolls toward chess field.

The armpits slide toward the waist. Feel the rib cage close deeper as you peel yourself off. Bend the knees and roll yourself up to straight, straightening the legs. Bend the elbows and go into your back extension. Find the inner thighs. Oh Wow. It looks good. And Deborah, lean forward a little and it's perfect. Yes, and we were around back and go straight into straight arms. Head goes down, spread it out. Inhale, exhale, roll. I like bending the knees, but if that feels tedious, you can just keep it straight because that's exactly where we're going back to stretch the legs, bend the elbows, find your straits by then extend the upper back and roll that one more. And up we come. Either bending or not, it's up to you liking that feeling.

Once you get to the top, we stretch the legs. Find your l shape in your body, then pass through bent elbows and upper back. Keep the elbows where they are. Please come to a straight spine. So you're looking on the horizon. Double check, shoulders, elbows in tight. Now we focus on the shoulder blades. So one quick check. Don't let your hands be up here and they're not. I'm just saying it there.

It's 90 degrees and it's shoulder blade, shoulder blade. Now when your shoulder blades pulled together, you can expect a little bit of motion at the ribs. Not much though. Think tall. Squeeze the glutes. So straighten the arms out from here. I'll do it so you can see to the front, your backhand will go up. Your uh, front handle will go down. So you're going to turn and I don't lose your band point into it and back to center.

Other side, Jess, rotating on the spinal column, straight elbows and back. Tell you what, Hook it around your arches so you don't worry about it. And then just point your toes a little or your ankles more accurately toward the front. Rotate, open, open, open and come back to the back. It's your rotation. You are separating the arms. You rotation. Lean slower. A Little Shannon. Both arms are straight. Both of them. Both of them.

Both in the lift. Beautiful cat. Debra, that looks good. Let's do it again. Your feet. Okay. When it rolls up or is it just me? Okay, here we go. Turn, rotate. Let's stay here. You're all coming from lift your chest one, not your low back. It's just an intention. Two 31 more. Four. Come back to center last time. So when you get there, yeah know you're already straight, but you're just thinking I'm my upper back. The trick is squeeze your glutes so you don't go into your low back. Here we go.

And one just think it too. I don't need to see anything. I need you to feel it. Three and four come back to the center. Cross the Bandon around over letting go of the band. Even here, resting the shoulders. You can put your hands wherever it feels right.

Okay. We roll up. Let's uncross the van and take the forward foot out. Foot closer to the front. The back that's going to be in. Cover the toes so the toes are kept because we want to use this for this next one. At least for now. All right. With the abandoned, probably pretty close to the ankles. Let's just roll down. Lying flat. Yeah. Okay. If your hamstrings are tight, you should be bending that knee for now.

And then if when you're in the fully down position, if you can't keep your pelvis level, bend the lower leg so you can straighten the top leg. All right, from there, elbows on the map. Flex the foot. Make sure your band feel secure. Check what is your tendency on your foot? Do you roll out or in level that out now and just kinda check in with it. All right, from here, Jess, this is kind of a strange cue for me.

So I'm very with me. I'm not gonna point the toe yet. Instead I'm going to try to leave my elbows on the ground. I'm going to lift that hip, that back leg that's already in the air lifted. As I push into the band, the legs just going straight up. You'll get to a point where that's all I can do and then roll it back down.

So you basically trying to leave your leg in space where it was only gets higher, right? So again, you're pushing up straight up to lift the hip and then pull it back down. Hey, no big deal. Make it a little more interesting. Maybe let's do it again. Press up into it. Uh, let it come over. Keep the elbows on the ground and the shoulders. Let him come over now carefully, slowly pull the hip back down.

Oh, keep pushing into the band with that leg. Do your best to get the hip down. It doesn't have to be perfect down cause you're gonna push right back into that band, right to the room. And then roll the hips almost back to the neutral and do it again. Press Long, long, long. So I'm not just rotating the spine, I'm trying to lengthen up. I'm exaggerating right now, but that's it. And back, last one. Let's go push and bring it back from here in the center. Roll through the ball of the foot, but leave your toes behind for our second just for a second.

And then spread the toes out into the band and wrap them over the top. Release the toes, the ball of the foot, and go into flex. And if you need to adjust your band, do it now cause it feels better when it's there. Covered and again, let's just do five roll through the foot and point at the end of it. Release the point and stretch to the heel and rule through three and back. Don't forget that good part where you really wrapped the toes over.

We don't always point like that in [inaudible], but it is a nice thing to do. On occasion. You get one more. Here it comes all the while as you're reaching up with the foot, the leg now is deep in the hip socket falling into the floor. Find an easy flex foot and I think probably a good idea actually is to put the strap, I mean the bandit, your arch, so the toes are now not covered from leg circles. Here we go, crossing the body. It's inhale, let the light be free. Stuff at at the top for now. Exhale, same direction, absolute stillness. Inhale, let the like dropping catch and exhale and inhale.

One more time to exhale. Take it the other way, you Naylor around off. It's a great place to practice something that I think is quite difficult for most of us, which is to let the leg relax. Even though the hip flexor, the PSOAS in this case is working as a big stabilizers. Someone's going to tell me if this is the last exhale. Who, who. Okay, good. And then with that, let's just change legs. You need a break for your arms, your hands. All right. Cover the toes. I'll talk a little quicker on the side. Bottom leg is down.

If you can hit this or level, shoulders down, blah, blah, blah. Here we go. Keeping the foot flex. You reach straight up. You can push straight down with the straight leg to try not to turn it out. Bring it back down. And again, the leg on right up to the ceiling as the hip lifts. Getting motion there and, and again, lifting up to come down and this time we'll add a little something to it. You go up first, then let it crossover.

He pushing into the band so it's not just over. And then draw the hip back. Keeping the angle of the Lego of there. Sorry to keep the angle off to the side, crossing the body and push into the band again to lift the hip. Both shoulders and elbows are down and pull the hip back to the mat and press into the band. I'm trying to on this one in the bottom like I'll turn out a little bit. Yeah, I try not to on the first one. Now let's do one more or come back and then as you go over, go ahead.

Imagine you're trying to leave the bottom of your foot where it is. I did say imagine right and then pull the hip back in place. But try to leave your foot there. We'll tell you opposition. Yeah, one more time since I should have said that the first time there is your opposition, you can find that kind of stretch in every exercise. Alright, we did that, then we came back and we did our foot work, so bring it back to the center. Make sure toes are covered still and with a flexed foot start, you're going to roll through the bottom of the foot. Leave the toes behind as long as you can see. Feel that difference.

Spread the toes out and wrap them over the [inaudible] top number to check for tension in other places that we don't really need it right now. I'm merely shoulders and neck and neck turn, release, and Shirley's. All right, time for leg circles. Move the band down to your midfoot and once you get a grip, I know you have to hold on rather tight so it doesn't slip, but as best you can soften the fingers. All right, everything's level. Foot is flex. Cross the midline in the body. It's inhaler around and what you get to do is really drop the leg and practice.

How could I be absolutely still everywhere else. Now that I don't have to worry about cramping and I, I'm going to give one more breath cycle. Inhaling, if I am, I'm off on the breath. Just do what you had. Let's go the other way. Now I'm trying to do four rounds. Inhale around and exhale. That's one. Inhale, finding opposition in the leg that doesn't have a band. There's two in here to exhale.

Last cycle in here. Two exhale, right? Bend the knee, put the other foot back in. However, knees are bent, as you said, the heels on the ground. Curl, head, neck and shoulders up and roll up, sliding the legs forward. Straighten your back, bend your elbows, squeeze the glutes and go into that extension one more time, right? Or at least the band out in front of you. Draw the feed in. You may have to scoot forward on your mat ticket just behind the tailbone and to give you room for rolling like a ball tonight. Bring it in tight, tight, tight, okay. As close as you can without hunching. Okay. You can even separate the knees if that makes that easier. Ooh, that's a good idea, Debra. She'll be how it works. Here we go.

Inhale, roll back. Keep your position. Exhale up, trusting the breath and inhale back. Exhale. And you can be soft, soft, soft in the knees, right? And if it doesn't feel like, and if you feel strange, you should open it up a little. Let's make it work rather than frustrating or just not good. Last one here and holding it up. We're going to slide down for the hundred.

Roll yourself down to tabletop. Stretch your legs out. Oh, bend your knees from on the ground. Roll Up. Find your band. They sit underneath you. Probably a good idea to wrap it. Yeah, I am just making this up. You're right. Here we go. You're absolutely right. Instead of pumping. Yeah, but it's going to be so small. You're hardly going to see it. Right? It's going to be pulse.

You'll hardly feel any different that I'm sure I have no idea what you're gonna feel actual. Yeah, I'm pulling out just a little. Really, the most important part though, always is reaching, right? So once you get, it's just the same thing we did in the beginning, right? What'd we do? We did some version of that. It's exact same thing. Keep the tension. It can be tiny. All right, we're down. We extract the legs. We're looking into the belly for now. Let the band touch your legs. Well, if you're really high, it can be lower.

But um, I don't want them down here. Oh, it don't be afraid to let it touch. And here we go. It. Two, three, four, five and inhale, two, three, four, five. And exhale, two, three, four, five. And in [inaudible] and out. Two, three, four, five. And in [inaudible] and out. Two, three, four, five. Make it as precise. Little Pool of Nice Mandy. And where am I? Eddie? Six. Good, good. Check that the shoulders don't pop up. This is the most common thing. Pull the band out. If your legs are low, pull the band into your legs as you do it. And then Andy, will you just tell me when you're done. Good. Good, good. One more round.

And both. Two, three, four, five. Finish. Whatever breath you're on. Bend the knees. Set your band down. Separate the feet. Arms are down by your side. So you, so the band should basically be right underneath your poems. Yeah, leave it there. Inhale. Exhale. Roll up through the spine. Articulate to the spine. Press the back of the shoulders into the mat as you work the abs and hamstrings as well. Inhale. Exhale. Roll down, down, down, all the way. Freeing the hips at the bottom, but ready to go again.

One more like that. Exhale, feeling the trunk, feeling that abs, feeling, whatever, all the way up. Hold it there. Pick up your band again. Half the band as you reach, just like you were in the a hundred so the band is under your legs probably or your hips. And as you reach the band, you squeeze the glutes and pull the band apart a little bit. One slight release. We going slow too. There's very, you're not completely giving up three. Right? And at the same time we're not in a max strain either. Good, good. Nice. You're getting that stretch through the front, Right Mandy? Good, good. Nice.

Helen, this is all for Helen's golf game by the way. Thanks Helen. I've never played golf, but she says it helps. So here we go. Last one, holding it there. Can You keep it a mild resistance on the band Andrew reached, pick up your right leg. Just keep it bent. You still work in the reach. Promise. Yeah, put the foot down. Hi Candy.

Try the other side. Still reaching. Still reaching. Still reaching. Oh, and you can pull to, oh, but don't forget the hips. That is the important part, but it back down. Inhale, keep reaching. Exhale, roll down. You're still reaching. You still have your resistance. Yes. Crawl your head. Neck and shoulders up to keep reaching. Try to reach for the ankles. Pick the feet up. Do not pick the hips up each beyond your feet. Oh, you can flex them. You can flex them and double leg.

Stretch one and back. And two. How about inhale here? I'm not pulling on the band. I'm keeping the space. Okay, so you don't need to add resistance to this. That's plenty. Let's do formal one. Stretch it out. Pull it back to back. Three. Hang on. I think I said four. Hold it there. Put your head down. Great. Curly yourself, right back up and feel the general toward the chest. Reach the arms again.

A tiny bit is resistance. Okay. If you have to grab closer, it's okay and slide underneath it. Change. I'm not doing anything different with the band. Try to get away. You don't have to lift the arms every time. Pull and pull. Here we go and pull. Pull. Take the arms up, but keep your eyes forward on your belly button. Minimize resistance on the band. If your arms overhead, let's go four more sets.

One one. You can also support your head to two 33 and four take a break. Right, right, right. So next Chris Cross, not going to do the whole series. So Chris Cross, you can need to get rid of the band all together.

You could put it behind your head like we did a moment ago. I don't recommend that though. Just for how long we'll be here. Or you can have a little wider than shoulder distance. Grab on the van, Curl yourself up. Lets extend the leg closest to the front of the room. Take the arms outside the bent knee. Most important or more important is that the inner thighs are close to each other that you haven't rotated the foot across. All right, your arm touches that knee on the other side if you can.

So man, if you yeah, in fact you can push the arm into the knee or the thigh. The theat the thigh into the arm. Right? Oh that's good. Let's do that. And as the shoulder, the top shoulder drops down, it pulls up on the band. So I got a lot going on here. I got my inner thighs working, I got my outer thigh pushing into my arm, arm, pushing into my outer thigh and I'm pulling a little bit on the band. That's enough of that comes in or rest your head?

It's a bit much. But anyway, that's what we did. So we will do it on the other side. We go. I'd like to back out now, but I can't. Here we go. So it's all the same rules. There's just a lot of talking. So you got the inner thighs, you've got the arms, you've got your reach. I'll even let you put the bottom hand on the ground if you can reach it.

And now as you apply pressure there, if you want, you gently pull on the band to make it just so you're deepening your ab work. If it gets gone to your neck or just your arms as is, I'm bad. It didn't work. That's okay too. One more back to the center. Bend the knees, set the band down by your side. Stretch your legs out on the diagonal for a rollover. Inhale, exhale to roll over. If you don't want to roll over, you're doing a reverse crunch or even in pelvic curl, right? We just saw how that works. Inhale, separate. Flex the feet. Set them down.

If you are feeling flexible to roll all the way down. Circling right, inhale 90 press the back of the arms and the shoulders to go over in that 90 degrees. Hang out for a second. Just a second. Imagine, and I mean this lightly, that you're pressing up toward the ceiling with your legs. Okay? Don't actually move them up, but as if there was something your feet were hooked under on the backside of the ankle, you gotta have that help separate your feet. Even now as your legs lower, there's an opposition of force that has to be here. Roll down. It's pretty subtle, admittedly, but it's got to be there. Otherwise it's just abs, which without the back extensors and hips is not good.

Over flex the feet separate. Lower the legs. Only if you can do it without moving your back more and now the throat pulls away from the chin. You can melt down if you're really flexible. I would say not. I would say rather keep it distance and and over. Nice. Sandy flex. Separate. Now here's a good thing. I remember when you had the feed in the band. Push into that a band as if it were still wrapped around your feet.

As you roll down the whole time you create your own resistance or opposition. Lovely. Let's do one more. I won't reverse it on you up to go over. Good. Good. Good eyes, Mandy. Look at that control. She flexes. Enjoy the stretch. Reminding ourselves about the good. Good, good. Aaron. And down you go. Remind yourselves about the inner team of the leg.

Don't let it roll out. All right. Once you've finished that, you can just fold your knees in. Take a little relaxation for a second. Hmm. Kind of sticking with a senior, how are you getting? Well, you'll tell me. Just turn to your side. So face the front. [inaudible].

Sure. With laying with your arms straight, you may decide to fold it. I'm not sure it's gonna make a difference. Bending the knees comfortably. So they're not at 90 necessarily? Probably. Definitely not. I suppose if you helped yourself up enough to look, your heels are to about man and mind, that's to, that's as not worth it. Your hand for now you're going to, you can take it near your shoulder. You're going to just use the bottom hand. I have the palm up to the ceiling. Just prop yourself up. Okay. Now when you're there, make sure this bottom shoulder is pulled down into the side of the waist and go down. Okay? So then let's do one more of those. So as you're lifting up, you don't have to push into this bottom hand, but it slides into your shoulder.

In fact, it stays there as you go down. Okay? Either keep that or of course bring your hand with you and straighten your arm. And he should actually be pretty careful with your elbow on this one. Are you okay? Your tech or your back? It's a pretty heavy. Okay. So either stay there or not you can to make it more challenging. Bring it down, Aaron. I've don't suggest you do that. Bring it down if you can. Here we go.

Are you okay? Okay. Do you want some ice for your test? I'm really not laughing. I'm not laughing at you. You're just, you're laughing hysterically. And how many we done for? We need one more. Alright. Oh my goodness. Head down. So there again was a lot going on in that. Let's, let's come up and just switch sides.

Hopefully a fair amount of oblique. I'm guessing you're feeling the peck and perhaps tricep and shoulder. Absolutely. All of that. The challenge is to not roll into, to roll forward. All right. Down you go all the way. I'll be there. Feel like it's summer. It's Nice, Huh? I'm getting that like I don't know what, but yeah, just getting that giddy. Exactly. Spunky.

I'm getting that like, oh, it's not winter anymore. Feeling right. Here we go. Shoulders are both down and do a couple where you kind of go, can I even do it with my arm here? I don't know. Let's try it again. You can keep that. You can just keep that in. Lighten up. That would be appropriate too. Otherwise we bring it with, Oh, when did you tell me that's your easy side. You're flying up like if nothing do I Shannon, think about your golf game. Hell and look at you go Sri.

I think we moved our hand after that one. It makes it harder. If you move it down. You don't have to and not rotating. That's right. You'd rather stop before you rotate. Here it is, right? Nd we only did five and down. Oh, we all sound so lovely. Turn onto your domains please. Bottom add. No really. Well, you and Aaron. Okay. Let's first start with single leg kick. You're up on your farms and elbows. Legs are long, however, the knees, it's as if someone's pulling your legs out of your spine.

Okay? You do not have to be really high. You can even move your elbows more forward if you want. I'm going to tonight. Okay. And it's kick, kick, kick, kick, alternating two for each side. It's inhale two, three, four and XLT three, four. Inhale, two, three, four. And exhale two, three, four. I'm doing one more set. Hold whichever foot's up. I'm not going to keep you this way, but for now press the knees toward each other. They don't even have to touch, but just make that a thought.

Take the foot that's in the air out to this side. Okay. Chances are that's um, except for Mandy now just settle sort of where you think is centered back to center. Yeah. Most people roll in on the foot. Um, so I just wanted to have you experienced what it felt like to have it out. Okay. Switch feet and just hold that one. Keep the knee up. Good. Good. And then play with what it feels like taking it to the side. Wow. You're flexible like this. And then back to center.

You're in really good alignment. I just want to do that because you're in such good alignment. Okay. Ready and keep going. It's kick, kick, kick, kick and exhale, two, three, four. Imagine holding yourself there without your arms. You can't cause we're all too high for that. But as if could, and that's great.

Annie, maybe look forward a little. Andy and Aaron. Good to extension there and this will be the last exhale pattern. Stretch out both legs. We're going to go down into devil kick in. One option for you I'm going to recommend is to take the band. Probably don't devil it, but hold it a little wider and then wrap it in.

Okay. I can help anyone who wants it. Okay. Yeah, or you can double it and just hold it at the edge so that it's why I think you got it. All right. In any case, you do get your hands pretty close together initially, but you want some space between, you know, some looseness to the band. All right, turning your heads to the front and we go reach the legs. Let's go kick them three times. One, two, three, stretch and now pull the hands apart. A little good. Very good. Palms are up just like you've got it. Exactly, and do it again. This time I'm going to encourage you not to raise your chest quite so high.

Get more curve and pull on the band a little bit. It shouldn't be heavy band resistance, but just some and change and one, two, shoulders down. Don't forget that part. Good, lovely. All of you could stand it. Not Go quite as high. Mandy, I liked your position except slightly. Look forward. You are in a really good height. Sorry my fault can next time you get straight. Stay there. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

And we're all matching you guys. Let's go bend and no one, two, three and stretch law. Here we go. Last set one, two, three and your long hold up there. Put your feet on the ground. UNWRAP your hands by one, at least palms down if you can. Wherever the band takes you, reach the arms up and overhead. Stay low with your body. Lift them to bring them back again. Reach the legs so it doesn't go into your back.

One more of those all the way overhead. If you're in a really wide V, choke up or choking on the band. So you're out in front of you and we go into swimming with a little resistance on the band, right arm, left leg. I'm going to slow it down just so you can see that. And switch. Keeping the tension on the Mantis shouldn't wobble in between. If you've got it, then you can speed it up for two breath cycles of inhale, two, three, four and exhale two, three, four. One more set in two, three, four and exhale or a slower pace is fine. Just rest into the mat. Let go of your band, hands by your shoulders with your spine straight. Give it a little push up, shoulders of course down. Then wrap the abdominals in and back and around over [inaudible] come forward onto your knees. This one could be done with your hips slightly back then.

I'm gonna encourage you to start hips over knees first. We're threading the needle, take the back hand and we want the hips to stay level, but thread it right through trying to get first the shoulder and arm down before you go any further because you might be able to make sure the hips are low or feel that the hips are level. I can tell you that the hip and the back is going to be the one that swoops underneath you. So first, second, just play with pulling the hips back and I'll just check out. Good. Very good. Yeah. Good. Nice. Excellent.

Well that was easy enough. Okay, so then if you can go further with your spine, not your arm necessarily, but your spine. Do you just kind of tig it under a little more? Let the hip even move a little. It's okay. And then oppose it. All right. So it does not about looking perfect. It's about finding the stretch. Some of you will feel it more on your shoulder areas, so maybe feel it more on the waist, maybe even the hips.

Some of you will just be like, why are we doing this? So let's move on carefully and thread your needle and go the other way. Feels good and back. Yeah, I didn't do much rotation. That's why I'm really wanting to do it here. But we did do a fair amount of arm work or shoulder work, I should say.

So that's the thought there. You know, play with the position in your own body to, would you, would it feel better if you were sitting back a little? He, oh, so you're not right over the knees. I don't know. Yeah, I think it would make it a little easier on the rotation and maybe that's what you need to make it feel good, but nice. Wendy, can you rotate any further and without too much strain opposing with that front hip, putting your head wherever is relatively comfortable. Breathing into it. Deep inhale to exhale and then help yourself out of that with your hands stretched out in front of you, your hips, reaching back. Shoulders are down. We're going to start to lift your head like you're looking between your hands.

Feel the shoulders slide down like you're trying to drag your straight arms towards you. But since we can't and we're going to come forward somewhere. Once your knees, hips over, knees start to Tuck your pelvis. Start to arch your upper back to lift your head more, squeezing the glutes so we are solid on both sides. You're not hanging anywhere. I'm hanging now. That's not good. What a backup at Tuck and then I extend out of that Tux.

It doesn't look like I'm talking, but that's sort of the intent at this pelvis 15 as if you wanted to take weight out of your hands, you got to do that with your glutes a little bit. Curl the toes under, shift back, hips over heels, and then stand up into a stretch position looking for a long spine, pulling their ribs in, reaching the tail on all of that kind of happening. Rise up on the toes and then back down, up on the toes, keeping the upper body as still as possible so there's a sense of tailbone reaching the sky and down one more like that. Drop your head is going to try and lift on you properly there. Maybe we take a tiny half step forward, maybe, maybe, and all I'm going for now is a rounding of the lower back.

Let's leave the heels down as best you can. They may not be perfectly down, but do the best you can. I do have my feet apart by the way. We're going to round tuck the pelvis and then untuck it. Not much change in the upper body. Bitsa, Tuck the pelvis and then untuckit trying to get motion at the lumbar spine. Minimize the upper back and reach one more time and reach with that step forward with one foot. Come into a lunge. Flexing to the back.

You could be on your knee here, the lower knee. That would be nice. Either way you could be here. You could be holding something right. If it's too deep to be low, which it could be. Try for a straight back like wherever that leaves you. Then the leg that's forward is going to stay where it is. Lean towards it to push off the back leg to bring it in closer and the feet don't have to be lined up perfectly, right?

You can have them wide here. They don't have to be one behind the other, but do try and square off the hips. So do this. Everybody. Bend the knees a little please. Just so it's a, both knees are bent. I'm on the back foot too, just as much. I'm not on the toe anymore. I brought the foot in much closer Debra. Yeah, and then so we're just fairly bent at the knees. Keep that and try and reach the tailbone up to the sky level. Feet. Yeah, I'm trying for a flat back. Yes. In fact, that was going to be the next queue. Um, well now we're on a diagonal, which may make it hard to be flat.

Keep the tailbone reaching up and if you can balance on your Shin, bring your hands to your Shin or even just one, or if I just want some support there at this point so that we are in fact level and flat, that means you're looking at the floor. So your head's reaching. Okay. Almost done. They're both hands back down. Same foot where it is a the opposite hand or the foot that's on the ground in front. Bring it either closer to that foot in closer and in front of that foot is what I'm going to recommend. Some of you may even want to cross it.

I'm just going to go closer into the front and all else staying the same. You're going to assist yourself turning toward the forward leg. Nothing else changed. You can reach your arm up, you can straighten your legs if that feels better to you. I kind of like what we've got going on here and then bring it back carefully Ya. And let's change legs.

Stepping forward to change legs. The other leg goes back. We started with that runner's lunge like, and it could be really upper body dominant or forward leg dominant right here. So I'm again gonna encourage you as if you're being pulled backwards by the leg, right? Be Nice to your body. If it feels better up here, be up here. You could even do this here, right? This is a lot of options for this one. Then shift your weight forward a little just so you can slightly bend the left back leg. Push it to come forward and level off the hips.

Do your best to keep your feet pointed forward. The leg in front, that's the hip. I think that usually drops for people. So that's the one that's reaching up to the sky. If you're, I haven't really done much yet, I'm just hanging out in the stretch. Then if you haven't already slightly bend the knees and this is where we sort of reached the tailbone to the sky, being mindful that the neck doesn't have to change much either stay there or if you want to challenge the balance and encourage a little more back extension, you come up to the Shin or the thigh length in the neck. Continue reaching the tailbone up a little [inaudible] and you know I'm not trying for the back here so if you've gone into hyper extension cause you're able to, let's back away from that. I'm looking for hamstring and hip of the forward leg primarily at this point.

Okay. Feel free to stay there. If you want to add a little rotation, you can just stay here and rotate or go back down. Taking your hand opposite hand to the foot and front rotate. I like to just sort of hold my thigh with the other one. Some of you may prefer it up or even wrap. Let your head be part of that spine, almost there. Breathing into it. And then we return to center.

Step forward with the back leg. Keep your feet slightly apart, slightly bent at the knees. Hang your head for a moment. Draw the abdominals up. We're going to just pretend we have the band even though we could grab it. Shoulders down your back. You have a little awareness around opposition as you roll up, straightening the legs as it feels appropriate to do so. Stacking yourself tall, keeping your connections, looking for connections if you need to, and we inhale, raise the arms up. We don't need a band. Just sorry, chest height as you exhale and press the upper arms down. We float up off the hills. You don't have to go high. Just float.

Inhale the arms. We'll go back up. The heels are reached to the ground. Stretch your spine to reach down and exhale rising up. Again, not paying attention so much to what the feet are doing, but hopefully a sense of stillness in the center of your body, in the center of your mind. I'm doing one more inhale. It's like you're just floating in water last time. Let the arms go up again as the heels go down, but they'll go all the way up. Reaching Way I've let them come down the side is it feels appropriate.

You can drop them, you can let them float. You can go fast. I'm doing one more up with the heels as the heels come down. So does everything else and you are done. Yay. Thanks guys.


Nice class, thank you
Fun class. It is always so much more fun to do pilates mat exercises when you use props.Thanks!
Great stretchy session. Especially loved the lateral pushups ... and DLK to swimming sequence. Was there a little fly in the studio? Saw it through out the session sporadically - mainly on "stage left". Thank you!
I'm sure there was a fly Jennifer. We often leave the doors open, so we get flys, birds... even lizards! All are welcome!
Kristi you inspire me not only as a student but a teacher. Thank you!!!
I appreciate that very much Kay!
Elsabe D
Fab class! Thx for sharing!
Hello Kristi, your resistant band class is wonderful! Such a great workout to share. I love your teaching style and your energy! I am 4 years new in pilates as a teacher.......You are a great Inspiration!
Thank you Celine! I love the way you say "4 years new," a lovely way to suggest limitless energy for learning even when well practiced. I am 19 years new in Pilates! I love it!
Love the exercises and the instruction! Thanks so much!
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