Theraband Mat<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 494

Theraband Mat
Kristi Cooper
Class 494

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Nice class, thank you
Fun class. It is always so much more fun to do pilates mat exercises when you use props.Thanks!
Great stretchy session. Especially loved the lateral pushups ... and DLK to swimming sequence. Was there a little fly in the studio? Saw it through out the session sporadically - mainly on "stage left". Thank you!
I'm sure there was a fly Jennifer. We often leave the doors open, so we get flys, birds... even lizards! All are welcome!
Kristi you inspire me not only as a student but a teacher. Thank you!!!
I appreciate that very much Kay!
Elsabe D
Fab class! Thx for sharing!
Hello Kristi, your resistant band class is wonderful! Such a great workout to share. I love your teaching style and your energy! I am 4 years new in pilates as a teacher.......You are a great Inspiration!
Thank you Celine! I love the way you say "4 years new," a lovely way to suggest limitless energy for learning even when well practiced. I am 19 years new in Pilates! I love it!
Love the exercises and the instruction! Thanks so much!
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