Theraband Mat<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 494

Theraband Mat
Kristi Cooper
Class 494

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Great class! Creative use of the bands.... I feel energized!
Hello Kristy, i've been a member of PA for a while now, and I'm from Brazil. I simply love this site, it helps me a lot specially cause my certification was a different one. This site taught me a lot, in the true meaning of it, and coincidently, i read the book Rael wrote about pilates, and there i had it, i'm finding a new pilates, so it's a perfect blend. When i come to California, i would love to come to your studio and take your class personally. I have a question for you though. Do you practice pilates everyday? i mean, i see you teach the classes, and of course you do it, but i mean on your own. Is pilates everything you do for exercise, or you do other stuff too?
Wonderful class, Kristi! I've been away from taking your classes online this week and thought I may never return due to getting busy in other ways. This was a PERFECT return and reminder to not force my body to do more than it is able to. Your classes are incredibly strengthening for the mind and body. Thanks!!
Giana, I'm glad you are finding the true meaning of Pilates through the variety we have on this site. As far as my exercise routine is concerned, I must tell you it has changed in the last two years starting this business. Ironically, starting a Pilates site for people who don't have time to workout (which wasn't me when I started) was exactly what I ended up needing! I do a Pilates workout about 4 times a week. Sometimes more, rarely less. The workouts are not always an hour long. Tonight I did about 15 minutes (the shortest I would consider a "workout") of a full body workout that honestly was the best one of the week for me. I was connected to myself and I worked with precision. That short session followed my other favorite way to workout which is to dance in my living room (usually to Usher or Lady Gaga). I burn calores and release excess tension brought on by the day... it is not unlike Pilates for me.
Waller ~
Welcome Back! We can't let ourselves get too busy for this stuff! We simply can't be too busy for Pilates (remind me too please!)
Hi where can I buy the bands for this exercise ?
Another great class, thanks Kristi! Great inspiration for my standing work classes. Those little variations that inspire more variations... yippee!
I love the strong classes :):):)
Thanks Carolina!
Awesome class! Looking for a class that uses bands that pack easily for travel. My body feels energized and "worked out." the focus on the lumbar spine was great bc mine usually hurts after long car rides or plane rides. Hope to see more band classes. This was excellent!!!
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