Class #499

Reformer Workout

40 min - Class


This Level 2 Reformer class focuses on flow while incorporating a unique long box warm-up, the magic circle and interesting variations on some classic and favorite Reformer exercises like the Short Spine, Knee Stretch Round Back and Hip Work. If you are short on time and have less than an hour to get in a Reformer class, this is the class for you as you will experience a full body workout in 40 minutes.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Magic Circle

About This Video


Hi there. I'm Leah Stewarts and today we're going to be doing an intermediate reformer class. We're going to do a little warm up on the box and then we're going to play a little bit with the magic cir...


Thank's Leah,today I learned new esercise to propose to my customers increasingly demanding. I hope with your help to improve my teaching technique.I love you and Kristie!!!
Great class Leah! This is the first class i've watched of yours so far, but I will be sure to check out your other ones. Nice fresh ideas, simple, and effective. Thanks for the great work!
such a great class!
I am loving your classes Leah...I like the way you embellish the standard block system. Very original & I look forward to more of your classes
This was great...can't wait to actually practice it. Especially LOOVED warm up with long box, hip work with ring, short spine breakdown, tricep press to thigh stretch & pulling straps 3! Thank you so much
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Loved the reformer work! Unique moves and great queing. Thanks!
great class Leah! I loved the variations on the foot work and short spine.
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Wow Everybody!!! Thank you for your kind words. Isn't Pilates Anytime simply the best!! What a great community we are building here being able to share our ideas. I am so glad that you are enjoying the classes.
Wow! one of the best. Pls make more classes on the reformer at this level and pace... Prefferably an hour long. I appreciate the creativity of this class.
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Leah- This was my first class with you. Your cuing is first rate! The class was a good challenge with excellent and clear direction. Thank you!
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