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Add on Mat™ is a Level 3 class for teachers and really strong clients who wish to challenge themselves in a somewhat "grueling" fashion. Do the hundred rest, then, the Hundred, the Roll Up, rest, the Hundred, Roll up, Roll Over, rest, and so on. As the class progresses, Kara will taper the number of repetitions, but this class is not for the faint of heart or for people who practice Pilates casually. Make each repetition better than the one before and never forget the importance of the transitions. Kara teaches with determination, and precision and never forgets to have a little fun. Good luck!

When we originally posted this class we were unaware that Add on Mat™ was the intellectual property of Distinguished instructor Kathryn Ross-Nash. Kathryn was kind enough to let us continue using it but thought we'd like to know the story behind it beyond what we learn here from Kara. You can read how Kathryn originally put this class together below, and what's even better, is we are working on dates for Kathryn to come to teach the class herself along with a workshop! All Good!

The creation of the Add on Mat™ Class in Kathryn Ross- Nash's own words:

"Several years ago my oldest child was studying for the PSATs. I glanced at his vocabulary workbook and thought," now this is interesting". There was a method of learning and memorizing that I could employ in the teaching of Pilates. My son had the Stamford Vocabulary Builder book. The way the lesson was constructed helped to reinforce and build at the same time. The lesson began with one word and then used it in a paragraph, then the next word was introduced and BOTH words were used in the next paragraph. This went on for 100 words. I then thought back to the days when Romana would have us do one repetition of each exercise to strengthen our knowledge of or and flow. With the marriage of these two learning tools, the Add on Mat™ was born. It helps to create flow, improves concentration, helps the transitions to become part of the workout, and solidifies the order of the workout. It definitely gets your blood moving!"

To find out more about Kathryn click here: Kathryn Ross-Nash
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Sep 09, 2011
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Thank you guys so much for coming. This is really so nice to have so many people in class especially, um, cause it is a bugger. Okay. So the add on mat is something that you can do for yourselves and for really strong clients. If, if kind of you guys are sick of just like getting on the reformer and doing the same old thing or you know, just a regular mat work. Also, it's, it's um, a bit more grueling because this is how we do it. We do the hundred rest, we do the a hundred, the roll-up rest, we do the a hundred, the roll up, the rollover rest. We do the a hundred. The roll-up, the rollover, the one like circle rest. We do the a hundred, the roll up the road when the, so on and so forth through the entire mat.

Okay. As we go, I will taper down the number of repetitions we do, but we still do all the exercises. So, um, one thing that Romana taught us was that the most challenging PyLadies workout you could do was one of every single exercise. And the idea being that the only reason you even repeat employees is to do it better. So it's only when you get your perfect one do you, do you stop? So, so that's what we're trying to do and also the transitions because it is also the transitions in life. People getting up out of bed, people getting out of their car, putting their kids in the car that people end up getting injured so that we study the transitions and repeat the transitions again and again so they become seamless and fluent. Okay. So with that, let's begin. Um, oh one last thing. Uh, Matt work is a lot of forward fluxion if you end up feeling like, ah, my back, my neck need to stretch the other way. Take your time. If you have an injury and you want to just do again, one repetition really well of what we're doing.

And then as we warm up and we go through motions that your body's then prepared to stay on pace with us as we just do one and continue moving, that would be a better way to work. Okay. For everyone else. We're just going to go for it guys. Uh, if I see anything, you know that I really have to jump up and cracked up, cracked. Otherwise we're gonna just keep moving. Okay, so everyone's step at the edge of the mat. Let's go and cross one foot over the other. Let's hold one arm over the other. I'm going to be trying to stay moving with you guys so that we can continue to stay on tempo. If again, I might jump up every so often and correct, but, but let's keep moving. Okay.

Draw the stomach muscles into your spine and up under your ribs and with the stomach an app. Let's sit down with control. Lay back all the way nice and flat. Stretch your arms by your sides, your legs along underneath. You can take a nice big breath into your body and out of the body. Take another nice big breath in and out. Let's feel the fingertips reach long the legs reaching along the ribs and the belly muscles falling to your mat. Let's raise the head and extend the arms and raise the legs in the air and start your hundred beats. Breathing in.

Oh, stretch those fingertips. Longer. Strong arms, shoulder blades on the mat. Three more times. Big Breath. Feel that c curve deepening. Easy neck and shoulders. Two more. Pinch that bottom. Squeeze those legs. One more.

Stretch. Lay everything flat. Breathe being getting again. The hundred. Let's raise the head up. Reach the arms and legs. Start again. It became the 200 easy neck, relaxed their neck at those ribs and told me to hold you stronger. [inaudible] long arms. Last three.

One more. Stretch the arms over the head. Lay the legs on the mat. Give yourself a good stretch. Raise the arms, pick up the head. Inhale, exhale. Empty the hair back again. Rolling bone by bone and take a nice stretch. Fingertips to toe tips again.

Emptier pulled his ribs back away from the fingertips back again, um, to the air again all the way out. Stretch back. Lengthen. Hug Ghana and reach on more time. He breathing up, pinched up on him. Squeeze those legs, drop the navel, reaching back. You Go. Let the arms rest on the mat. Rest your head. Take a good breath in. Let it all out.

Easy in the neck, long in the arms, the a hundred pick up the head. Reach the arms. We o in eyes open pinching the bottom. Long arms reach to the back, our latissimus muscles, those muscles we always talk to everybody about. Reach all the way into our hips. Feel them reached down there. Two more last time.

Lower down. Stretch the roll up. Raise the arms head. Next. Empty the back again. Stretch yourself out again. Press the legs into the rh back again and again, all the way up. I'm traveling who else's and back again, two more times.

Last time, all the way this time when we lay back, let's let the arms rest on the mountain. Toss legs overhead. One, open the feat. Let's flex the feet. Push through the heels, reach your fingertips and massage the spine down. Once again, legs go together and reach whatever parts of your spine is your tight spot. Massage it, resist through it again. If your toes can go to the ground, go for it. And let's reverse leg. Stay apart. Go back over.

Close him together and massage. Reached through those fingertips again. Reach and down. One more time and over and lay the legs all the way to the mat. Keep reaching through the arms. Take a nice big breath. Let it all out.

It's the a hundred raise the head. Reach the arms and legs we go. Just five this time. One more. Pinch those legs. Stretch on the mat. The roll up. Let's raise the arms.

Stretch back. Mm. Back. Who said bloodies wasn't a Rubik and preach. And again, no. One more last time. Lay the arms on the mat. Toss the legs over.

We go each open massage together. I know over each and Tommy strong. Once again, pinch your bum. Push. Then reverse. Let's keep the legs apart. Close them together and stretch through those arms again and stay in your center, out of your necks, out of your shoulders. One more, and let's let the left leg on the mat and keep the right leg in the air.

Take a breath. Cross the right leg to the left shoulder. Draw a circle and it up and across. Enough. Plant that left leg down firmly. And one more pause. Let's reverse go the other way and cross the body stretch. Don't let those wastes lift off the mat. Keep them glued down.

Let's do one more and in one beautiful sweeps, change legs, boom, and to the inside. Cross good. And then reverse. Go the other way. Try not to let that little diamond between your back of your waist, hips, and tailbone come off the mat. Let's do one more and lower the leg down. So once again, re-establishing that weight down in that diamond and pick up the head. Reach through the arms and legs. We go.

This gets easier, doesn't it? Again? One more. Yeah, beat those arms. Get that air out. Stretch. Roll Up. We go. Reach back again. Lengthen again. [inaudible] let's do one more lady.

Arms on the Mat. Toss the legs over. We go again. Reverse. Keep the legs apart. One more. Lay the left leg on the mat. Take the right leg in the air. We go across one. Breathe. Lengthen.

One more. Reverse, Eh, cross. Okay. Drop that Tommy d and One suite. Change legs to the inside. Cross. [inaudible] reverse. Try Not to change weight on the hips. Keep both equally stable.

Back strong. Two more and lower that leg. Let's roll up for the memorial like a ball coming forward. This bring your bottom to your ankles. Grab on tight. Hug Yourself in 10 times. Rock and roll. [inaudible] again, drop that navel. Let the power come from that middle. [inaudible].

Easy neck, easy shoulders, deeper belly. It's two. By the end of this exercise, you've got that seeker firmly established. Well balance and let's place the feet. Slide back. Lay on your backs. Take and I spread 30 plus. Raise the head. [inaudible] legs we go in. Are each of those arms the roll up? Three times up. We go back. We go the rollover three each way. Lay the arms flat. Reverse. Go.

Who's having fun? Yeah. Lay the left leg on the mat. Right leg goes inside. Three, two, one. Reverse reach. Those arms change legs. Go inside. Reverse n lay that leg on the mat. Let's roll up. [inaudible] come forward. 10 Times rule.

If he can cross ankles in front. Do Sir or risk some. Sorry. [inaudible] balance. Please defeat. Let's move to the bottom's back. Draw the right knee and stretch to the flag. Long single leg stretch just two times for me today. One to change. One to change retreats. Opposition. As my toe reaches long, my tummy pulls back.

[inaudible] last, Lisa, lay everything flat. Take a nice breath again. 30 raised head. Raise your arms. The legs we go. Pinch that bottom. Roll up three times. Reach up, stretch.

[inaudible] one more rollover legs. Go Open. And let's do two and two together and over. Reverse. Go over. [inaudible].

Left leg on the mat, right leg stays high. Three times. Cross and reverse. Good. And let's change legs inside. Reverse. Go lower the leg. Let's roll up and moving forward. Grab the ankles five times. [inaudible] [inaudible] Oh, drawing the stomach again was move back and pull the right knee into the chest. Singles like stretch. Pull. One, two, one, two, shoulders on the back. Neck. CZ, put that power in the tummy, in the legs. One more.

Both legs come in for double leg stretch again, stretch. Squeeze those legs, pull it in and snap those arms and legs in. Head yourself tight and rusted. Everything down. Take a nice breath in with the air. Oh, with the ears. Everybody energized. Preach. Should we go in? Oh, more and more strong arms. [inaudible] stretch everything out. What? Roll up up.

Do you have more power than you started with? Yeah. One more. Oh, rollover. Let's toss legs luxury and over. You get why it's called a power house and reverse the other way. Let's put the left leg on the mat. Keep the right leg high. Three circles. One rivers change legs. [inaudible] inside.

Hey verse [inaudible] lower that leg. Let's roll up and grabbing the ankles. Roll. [inaudible] [inaudible] we liked Mr [inaudible] for giving us rolling. Likable, right? One more balance. Let's place the feet. Let's add the rest of the stomach series. So single leg, double leg, single, straight leg, double straight leg. Chris Cross, one, two, one, two, five of each. Feel that seeker. Feel that powerhouse. No neck, no shoulders, both legs in strong legs. Push them away. Draw them in with your belly. Inhale. Exhale.

Squeeze those legs to more powerful. One more single straight leg. Give it a good reach. One, two, one, two, stretch, stretch. Try to kick the leg up in the air. Get your power from there. [inaudible] both legs in the air and same thing. The legs go and power and [inaudible].

Keep the elbows wide for crisscross going [inaudible] take it as a stretch. Stretch your body cross. Last set. And this is the evil part. Rest hundred. Praise the head. Reaching arms. We go. One more. Two roll-ups. Let everything stretched. We go up one wall all the way back rollover. Can you imagine giving yourself, giving this to someone else?

Now reverse and go right. Let's keep the right in the air across the lay. It's for all those people who imply they do real exercise, not PyLadies right and let's change legs. Hurry verse rolling like a ball. Let's roll up going. [inaudible] balance at the top. Let's stay and moving back.

We'll do three of everything in the stomach. Serious. Let's pool one, two [inaudible]. [inaudible] [inaudible] both legs in Eh [inaudible]. Well, straight leg cause an it's just like no. You can get more efficient with your energy as we go. Both legs in the air, Chris Cross [inaudible] sitting up spine stretch and take a nice big breath in with the air. Em, do the air in with the air. This is where I [inaudible].

I'll come pick on you and drop the heads in them to the air. Good. Try to reach that head for the floor in with [inaudible] and then do the air and then with the air and do the air. Drop the shoulders. That's it. Scoop up your powerful. Use that even here. Rise up good all the way and last one and the air out here. Stretch this fingertips. Touch your partner over there. Good.

Pull your tummy back. That's it. And with the air, let's close the legs together. Lay everything down. Take a nice big breath in with the air. What a sacrifice. I didn't do that for myself out. One more. Stretch everything on the mat up we go. Get efficient.

Stop using energy. You don't need to use just what you need. Let's do the rollover. We go reverse. Keep breathing, lower the left leg on the mat. Keep the right leg high and side on two. Let's reverse it. One to change legs, Ya know, to reverse it on to lower that leg. Let's come up and roll like a ball. Five of these breathe.

[inaudible] [inaudible] and let's move on back. Single Street. One, one, three times. Both legs in double leg. [inaudible] single straight leg. [inaudible] both legs in the air.

Chris Cross. [inaudible] sitting up for the spine. Stretch. Let's reach. Take a breath. Empty the air. [inaudible] draw those ribs back. Reach those fingertips. Feel that powerhouse. One more. M d the Air.

Inhale up we go. Rocking back slightly. Draw the tummy. Open leg rocker breathing. Keep that c curve and lift. One more to balance. Let's put the legs together and roll to the mat and with the air curling up. Reach.

Huh? One more roll up reach. I think I got longer than anyone else. One more roll over. Let's go for it. Great. Reverse. Go lower the left leg on the mat. Keep the right leg high across your body. One, two. Let's do one more reverse that foot on the floor. It could be flexed. It could be long but really pressing into the floor. Change sides. Huh?

[inaudible] versus, and let's roll up. Rolling like a ball. Three of these back. [inaudible] well lets move on back. Single leg stretch three of these double leg stretch. Reach strong legs. Squeeze up [inaudible] and single. Straight leg on both legs in the air, eh Ha. Reach those legs. Drop that Tummy Chris. Cross going, setting up. Let's do the spine stretch. Big Breath.

Empty the air. Oh all the way up. All the way down. Oh all the way up and all the way down. Sitting up balance role. Everyone knows what's coming. Next corkscrew. You can keep your back down. You could go onto a full jackknife. Come up, stay. Let's put the legs together slowly lady or back.

Arms rest, legs reach. Maybe the first time we keep our backs down. Let's cross one way and stop and go the other way. And then if you'd like to, you could live four bones of your spine off the mat, up to the sky. And if you want more, you can go into a jack knife and the air and those legs is one. Pinched that bottom. Keep it strong. Last set. Lay everything back. Take a breath. Let it all out. We forgot already. And ruler for each hundred.

Let's do 21 more. Roll Up. One more rollover. Go. Keep the legs apart. Go.

Yeah. Don't forget about your technique. You can even start to how you can slow down in your speed. Be efficient. [inaudible] go the other way. Well, let's lower that leg. Eh, cross reverse.

Rolling like a ball. Come up. Five. [inaudible] this is a piece of cake now, right? Yup. Pause those moves back three times. Okay. Both legs stretch. Are Your shoulders on your back? Are you telling me strong?

Both legs. Let's see them. Chris. Cross sitting up. Spine stretch. Um, do the air rise and do that all the way. And you know, open leg rocker. [inaudible] the stay at the top. Let's put the legs together and lady are back. Let's start small. One way. The other way. A little bigger. One way. The other way.

Biggest. Yeah. One way. The other way. Sitting up. We'll do the saw and inhale. Exhale. So this is one exercise that I know Joe, plebes, really dead one today. How tall x stretch everything else.

Her lot of other exercises. Just keep breathing. This one specific. Let's sit up this final one. Let's twist left. Twist more left. Twist as far as you can left. Then stretched to that opposite little toe. Grow Toe, turn, rain, turn further, right? Stretch those fingertips. Turn the most. Ray and Keith reaching through the fingertips.

Stretch and come up and let's down. Take a nice breath. 10 go for it. Roll totally back. Rollover. Reverse one leg in the air. One reverse, one change legs, one reverse, one.

Lower the leg roll up and five times. Let's rock and roll. Maybe you can get smaller in your ball now. Balance please. The feet. Let's move back. Single leg. Stretch one double leg stretch one single straight leg.

Stretch, one double straight leg. Stretch one of course. Cross warm, sitting up. Spine stretch. Grow. Empty. The air lift. Let it go. Rise all the way down. Open like rocker. Let's rock back and go.

Stay. At the top, put the legs together and let's slowly go back. One small, one meeting, one big sitting up. And so let's turn and do the air stretch. Reach both those fingertips. Drop the shoulders, pull your waist back. Last set. Sitting up. Rest the arms. Let's put the legs together and lay to your stomachs.

Thank goodness a little back arching hands. Go behind it, around under the shoulders for me. And let's start simple guys. Let's just press the chest in the air and pick yourselves up. Keep the tummies strong. Let's look over the right shoulder. Drop the chin down around. Look over the left shoulder. Looks straight ahead and down with control.

Let's reverse it. Let's rise up and let's look left. Drop the chin down around. Look right, look fun and come with control. Third time, let's rise in rock. You can choose the rock you want. If you want to keep your hands down. Do so. Do you want to lift him up? Do some yourself whole. Let's sit back on the heels.

Flex the toes under the other direction for a moment. Okay. [inaudible] that's how you get turned around. Lay on your back. So let's do the a hundred raise the heads. We see arms and legs and let's pump. Stretch. How many of you are playing little games with your souls already? Can I do this one better next and rollover?

Start to study. What can you make better? What can you improve? What can you lengthen? Hey, what can you smooth out? Rolling like a ball. Pause. Then let's lay back. Single leg. Stretch one, double leg. Stretch one single straight leg. Stretch one, double straight leg. Stretch one crisscross and sit up all the way. Deep breath. Empty the air. [inaudible] Lyft open like rocker three who can do it with their legs together? Elance and with control corkscrew. Let's just do one.

Make it your best one. [inaudible] okay, so sitting up open. One empty deer sitting tall. Oh again, let's repeat that variation sitting tall. Let's twist. Twist more. Twist everyone. Flex their feet for this time. Pull those toes back. Draw the navel back as you empty the air out, out, out, out, out, out, out. Take a breath. Turn the other way and empty it out. Out, out, out, out, out. Take a breath. Let the arms rest. Put the legs together. Let's flip over.

Start with the head rolls. Let's rise up. Look over the right shoulder. Drop the chin down around. Look over the left shoulder. Let's lower the body this time. Let's look up air rise up. Look left. Look up as you turn the head look front and let's rock on. Stay and sit back and breathe.

Let's go back on the tummies. Single leg kick so you can make a sphinx with your hands. You can, it makes sort of a barrel kind of shape with your hands. But let's make fists. No matter what. Good, strong in your shoulders, strong in your chest. Long, long legs. Even if the knees could lift off the mat. Bravo. Drawing the stomach. Let's kick the leg. One, two, one, two knees together. Chins up. Chest now. Last set. And then let's see back on the heels again and breathe.

[inaudible] over a hundred. Take a nice breath and raise your arms. Yeah. Oh, stretch back again. Over. Ravers oh, going reverse change. Rolling like a ball. Come. Nope.

Three terms soothing back. Single leg stretch, double leg stretch, single straight leg stretch, double straight leg stretch. Chris. Cross sitting up. Spine stretch. Open leg rocker paws legs together. Corkscrew. So legs together. Flip over. No, we had roles. Let's rise up and rock.

Yeah, sit back on yours. Onto the tummies. Let's do single leg kick. Just open long legs last second. Let's face over the right shoulder and take the hands behind the waist for the double leg kick. Now both legs. Kick the bum three times. Slide your hands back, lift your chest, stretch and face the other direction again.

Inhale up. Exhale the kick stretch. Sit back on the heels. Breathe laying on your back. So let's do the wonders. Take a nice big breath in and out. Corolla. Rollover well on like circle, go other side. Go rolling like a ball. Three times balanced. And let's move back. Single leg stretch pool, both legs in stretch, pull, single leg stretch both legs up, down and Chris crop sitting on rise.

Stretch, lift, balance, open leg rocker balancing legs together, corkscrew other way, sitting up. So stretch yourselves, lift, otherwise grow legs together. Flip over one. Sit back and breathe onto your tummy. Single leg strap, archaic, and one, two, one, two, one, two plus. Let's face to the right. Taking the hands back and kicking three [inaudible]. Press the legs into the mat to lift yourself. One more rest. Sit back on the heels. Take a moment.

Rise up on two knees. High stretch. Nice to be apart. Arms long by your sides. Let's draw those abdomens in and out. All kinds of opposition here. Press the knees down into the floor. Lift your stomachs up, reach your arms down your back. Keep your neck long and let's hinge one piece back.

Draw your tummy and do rise up. Yeah, you can even plant the face of that foot into the mat to help you again. Reach back and rise up. Keep the stomachs. Keep your tissues one more back. Oh, and the spin around. Lay on your back. Take a nice breath in the air out with the air.

Preach. Go for it. Pump empty, Rola reach, stretch, rollover, reach and go for those stretches. One leg circle going cross and reverse. Serve Jane's legs and roll like a ball. That's come up, man. Breeze. One more. Let's move back. Single leg, stretch, double leg stretch. Single leg stretch.

AA, stretch Chris. Cross. Why does nobody remember the names of those exercises sitting up? Exhale, open leg rocker balance legs together. Corkscrew out breach. So lift yourself. MTV Air lift. Let it go. Grow Tall Russ, the arms. Let's put the legs together.

Lay on to Tony's three rocks. Rise up and go for the knees and sit back on the heels. Breathe onto the stomach once again. Let's do a single leg kick. One, two, one, two, one, two AA. Kick face to the right. Kicking three, lifting up. One more. Let's back on the heels. High stretch one piece last time.

That's good. Spin around again. Let's push the heels forward and go into the old Nick Paul. So again, plant those legs firmly into the man. Open the elbows if you need to at home, you can always bend the knees to help out or reach and grab your legs here. Let's try to plant this feed. Drop the stomach peeling off. Let's roll up.

I'm stretching. Grow tall and roll down. [inaudible]. Up we go. Lift tall and back. One more. Lift up. Hi. Back legs together. Take a nice breath.

Let it out. Hundred Eh, Rola. Rollover, right. Like sir. Reverse left leg circles. Reverse. Lower that leg. Come up and roll. Likable balance. Yeah. [inaudible] black single leg stretch going. One double leg stretch. One single straight leg stretch.

Double strangely stretch Chris. Cross sitting up. Do you guys know your transitions now? Empty the air. And let's do two more. Keep the shoulders on the back. Draw the ribs and open like rocker. Three times.

Stay at the top. Let's put the legs together. One corkscrew. One way. Reverse sitting up for the saw. Grow Tall. Em. Do your lift up. Rusty arms. Let's turn around and three rocks. Give it a shot.

Sit back. Breathe onto the tummy. Single leg kick. Two and double leg kick face the right. Yeah, sit back on the heels. Breathe. Rise up. Thigh stretch. I'm gonna fix you guys a little on this. Make sure the stomach stay engaged that you don't arch at all. So drawing, right?

Like the stomach has to pick you up off your hipbones the whole way so that you don't go in an arch. Just do one more for me and stay one more for good luck. Keep this strong, you know, use this, pick it up, pick it up all the way from there. Right? That's right. Okay. Picking yourself up. Right? Like I, I love Madonna for wearing those Gaultier corsets cause I think of those, you know, that's how our stomach muscles are shaped right around those hipbones. So pull up and lift that whole thing so you're not sitting and resting into your backs. Right. Pick it up. Lift yourself. Yeah. For men, I don't know.

What can you think about flip around and let's do our a neck pool. So that same strength, bringing the chin to the chest and use it to come up, pick me up course lift and down again and Jack my flags together. Here we go. Over up and with control and over reach the two tips. Reach the fingertips, opposition, then that center we'll get skinny and help you out. One more. Rest, everything. Take a moment and to the air. One of everything. Hundred 10 Rola, rollover. [inaudible] big circle. Go for it. Stretch that leg.

Otherwise stretch it out of the side. Reach across and rolling like a ball. Come up one time. Balance. Move back. One, one, one, one, one sitting up. One sitting up. One setting up. One, one, one. Oh one one.

[inaudible]. One June, one double leg one. Sit back. Alright, let's see if it improved. I stretch and draw those. Still. Mix in and up. Pick yourself up. Pick that whole waistband. That's it's. Send those knees down once again. Beautiful. Keep the tummies good.

Don't leave with your shoulders. Leave with your belly button. That's it. Would I lie? And let's spin around. Very nice you guys. Great. Great, great. Neck pool and in with the air. Did you lift down? Oh down last time.

[inaudible] we will. We will jackknife. Here we go. Over up. [inaudible] we have arrived at sidekicks. Let's just do them all as one variation. Okay, so let's start. Same the light forward back from back. Can I see that front leg flexed forward to me and keep that heel on the mat? Yeah, let's do two more.

Keep the leg back and let's draw a little circles. Brushing on two, three, four, six, seven, reverse. Go the other way. One little turnout legs together and pick it up. Put it down. Pick it up. Put it down one more. And let's draw this front leg up and a little pasta and pick up the bottom leg up. Oh, keep it in the air and draw five circles around. One reverse. And let's stretch both legs out. Let's develop it. It's like up, but it down. Reverse.

Put the legs together. Head on the arm. Pick up both legs, put them down. [inaudible]. Hold the legs in the air. Bottom leg lifts. Hold it up. Put them down. Little kicks, big kicks legs together. Hot Potato reach. One, five, four, three, two, one. Change to the back. Five, four, three to four beats to the front, one to the back.

Three beats go and two beats. Go to the back, one beat four times. Go beat and feet and feet and then stay there with Leon to the tummy. No breast. The head on the hand. Stretch the legs with energy. Lift the thighs off the mat. Clap the heels. 10, four, three, two. Stay stretched and easy. One straighter. And do 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two.

Or you're telling me he's lifted and lay on the other side. Sidekicks. We'll go through the whole Shebang. Front back. [inaudible]. Good. You guys are used to doing single kicks. Try a little beat in the front. Beat. Beat, beat back. One, two, two kicks. Hold the Tommy's strong.

Reach, stretch, stretch, and let's hold the leg back. Good. Good. Also, everyone could use a stronger stance to bring that bottom leg forward. It'll give you better balance. Yeah. And let's draw eight circles. Small one to brush the heels. Really for real brush. Turning out a little kneecap to the sky. Reverse. Go the other direction. One, can you stretch that leg?

Like reach it away from you. That's it. And legs together. Good. Rotating out the top leg. Let's pick it up. Put it down, pick it up. Put it down, pick it up, put it down. Let me see. Press down plus one more and then do a little passe turning out the hip and right and a good, I'm not the developer yet. Let's just place that top leg and passe and take the bottom leg and pick it up and put it down. Good.

And it could pick up all the way into the crook of that other knee five times you told me to help you. Good. Keep been in the air and draw five circles with it around five reverse. Go the other way. Five, right? We got lots of work in our power house today, didn't we? And good stretch out both of those legs. And lets turn out that top leg and you do a little, develop a, slide it up, stretch it in the air, put it down, reverse and come up the other way.

That's it. And slide it all the way. Good, good and legs together. That's it. Let's let the head rest down on that straight arms. Make a straight line with your whole body and pick up both legs. Five, four, good. Tummies strong. Three. Two keep both legs in the air and lower leg or bottom leg lifts and lowers. One, two, three, four, five.

Hold it and lay both legs down. Good little small kicks. Let's go. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. Then big kig strides just Tang across the ground and together. Hold good and let's do a little hot potato. Swinging that right leg front. One, two, three, four, five to the back. Five. Whoa. Accent is up beat. We did up. Beat it up. We did up today, the today three beats going back.

Fuck two oops. Two now and four beats singles one, one, one and together he car lay on your backs. We get to do the whole series, the grand finale of the teaser at the end. Take a nice big breath in with the air. One of everything. Make it beautiful out with the air. Raise the head, reach the arms. Here we go.

Beating the arms in him with the air out there. Roll up, Breech back, rollover. Reach and reverse and right leg goes inside, outside change and inside. Outside. Roll Up. Roll like a bow. [inaudible] balance. Low back, single leg. Stretch. One both legs in AA. Stretch. One single leg. Stretch, stretch, double leg stretch. Reach Chris Cross. Sit Up, spine stretch. Touch the head all the way down. You should be there.

Lift and open like rocker. Stay likes together. Corkscrew. Go for it and reverse. So lift yourself. Stretch out. Take that air. It's all mine and legs together. Flip over. Sit back. Single leg stretch. One, two other side, double leg.

Let's sit back and breathe. Far. Stretch one time. Beautiful. Strong in the tummy. Turn around, laying on your backs. Nick. Pool. One time. Let's roll up. Grow tall and chuck knife over, up, and with control down.

Lay on your left side to start. That's where I can say the same leg every time. Good. Let's kick the right leg front one to back, back. Do Three of those. One, two last time. Small circles go. Three. Reverse three legs together. Three kicks and into passe. Left leg lifts, one to three left leg circles. One, two, reverse. Go the other way.

We're using your stomach and let's stretch both legs out. Let the head rest. Let's pick up both legs. One, two, keep both legs up. Bottom leg lifts. One, two, three, small, little kicks. One, two, three. Let's do big kicks and one, two, three legs together. Let's bring the head back up in the hand. I think I forgot the developer. Pay On bill. Pay One and the other way and see little hot potato. One, two, just three to the back. Three, two, one, two beats. Go. One to n, two to the front, to the back, to the front, to the back and wrestling. Can you tell me, you pick your heels together and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

Lay on the other side and we go swinging that leg front, back, front, front, back, back from, from small circles. Let's go circle. Reverse circle. Legs together. Strong Center. Pick it up, put it down, pick it up, put it down. Use your belly, pick it up and into a pos. Say bottom leg. We'll lift up. One to turn out that left knee. Three big circles. One with the bottom leg. Two, three. Good. Reverse the circle. There it is. One, two, three, and legs are long. Let's take small little kicks. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. I got all messed up, didn't I?

Big, big, big, big, big and legs together. Good. Let's tell the legs together. That's it. And pick up both legs together, up. Put them down. We'll just do three up. Put them down. Let's keep the top leg up and the lower leg will lift and lower. One to keep it up. Three and lower the legs. We already did the little kicks, so yeah, let's put the head back up in the hand. Turn out the top leg.

Let's do a developer. Pay Up to the side and reverse it back down. Good. And let's do a little hot potato and let's go. What to stop the duck. N One, two, three, two counts. Fuck, fuck. Can I see an accent? Up? Accent. One, one, one, and legs together. Lay onto your backs. Take a nice big breath. Raise the legs, raise the arms. Teaser. [inaudible]. Oh, Ghana.

Last one up. Let's draw the feet in. See you back. [inaudible] cross one foot over the other, whereas up with control, go about face heels together. Chin to the chest. This roll down the spine and with your, uh, with your air, stretch your body. Hangout. Walk forward.

Three strong pushups with your powerhouse. One walk back to the feed and let's roll up and stand. Tall. Done. Yeah. [inaudible] I thought for a minute you were going to start counting backwards. [inaudible].


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Oh MY!!!!! I got through the first 30 minutes....this is hard...good but hard!!
got to the stomach series and the video stopped....a tease...don't know if that is my computer or the website...this has happenned before...let me know if others experience this...thanks
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ok i got thru it, feel very worked out. thank you...i did find problems with the volume cutting out though...please let me know if others experience this
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Thank you for this session...loved the beginning note...I paraphrase, "You repeat in Pilates to do it BETTER." Also...thigh stretch was amazing as a group. Thanks again!
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Loved the accelerated pace!!Did about 50 min. - Thanks for the session!
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I finished it this time. Very nice pace and wonderful challenge. Thanks. Yes, the sound fades out every once in awhile but once you get the sequence it doesn't matter too much. More like this. It is nice to have more options on level 3.
that was a hard class
1 person likes this.
Awesome! this actually got my heart rate up. She wastes no time at all. More from her. How bout reformer and small props? The volume/sound system however was very lousy. But the class was still fun.
Pls. fix it.
Because of the energy of the class and the nature of the movements in relation to the microphone that Kara is wearing, there were many high peaks of microphone noise and reverberation that we opted to diminish or remove to better your workout experience. Unfortunately, that meant some of the words were also cut in the process. We'll look to do it differently next time if possible. Thank you for the feedback.
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Great workout! Only got through 15 minutes!! Of course I had just finished a long 6.8 mile run! Loved it and will try again on a day I am not running:) Thank you, PA for this wonderful site!
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