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Jump Board Fun

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Pilates Anytime welcomes BASI Pilates® Faculty member Sarah Bertucelli to the Studio to teach this fun Jump Board class. Start with a warm-up on the Reformer, then move through several "circuits" of the jumping series while mixing in an arm series, ab series, hip work, and spinal articulation. You'll get your heart rate up a bit while playing with some fun variations on the standard exercises. Welcome, Sarah!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Jump Board

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Sep 11, 2011
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So if you both start with your feet together. Okay. And just kinda sit on the edge of the reformer so you actually have to use your legs just a little bit to support you here. And then take your arms, one on top of the other kind of I dream of Jeannie position and sitting up nice and tall here. Can you first draw your belly muscles in, open your chest a little bit and don't think, don't go into back extension yet, but think just a little bit about your upper back muscles for me. Yeah. And then here take a breath. Exhale and just round back through your low back, finding a little bit of flection. Take a breath back there and then round enroll back up. Good. So Jenny, I want you to go again and think of moving back into the c curve here before you lay shoulders, go back and then go back a little further. So we're just warming up the ads, a little beautiful.

And then round and roll up. Sit Nice and tall. Add just a hair bit of thoracic extension at the end. Inhale. Exhale to round back. Moving through the lumbar spine, fill your jaw soft, chest open, and then round back up. Stay rounded all the way and then open the chest. Beautiful. Let's do two more like that and see if he can go back just a little bit further so you're actually touching the low spine. Gorgeous.

And then round and roll back up. And if you push into the feet a little bit, it should help you support. Yeah. One more time. Beautiful. Ladies and round and roll up and sitting nice and tall. Here. Go ahead and put your hands behind your head. Open your elbows wide, clasp your fingers together and take a spine twist. Exhale, twist to the right and exhale with the other direction and let's add a double pulse to that. Inhale. Exhale to twist with a little pulse. Pulse chest is open and again, pulse polls. As you continue the pulsing, try to feel that each of your hips are equally weighted. Actually push into your feet just a little bit and see if you can feel your hamstring. Glutes, just a slight bit. Yeah, drawing those shoulders into the back pockets.

I want you to keep those elbows nice and wide and actually draw your scapula just the slightest bit together. And secrecy. If you can keep that left shoulder open and then the right shoulder open as you go so you get a little more upper back for me. Beautiful. Just one more each direction. Gorgeous. Find neutral. Take your arms straight out in front of you. Gently peel back again. Hopefully your shoulder blades are right at the edge of the table.

Dry your legs off the floor and bring it into a tabletop position. Fantastic. Let's start with just an app. Put your hands on top of your shins here. We're going to do a little double leg stretch here. So inhale, reach your arms and legs away. Rather than making a circle, just draw your arms back. It makes room for the jump boards. Inhale to reach the arms and legs away and exhale to pull back in. Beautiful. Stay open through your chest and see if you can keep those knees and feet glued together for me. So I want you to use the adductors just a little bit more.

Good. Do One more. Just like that. And then let's add just a little bit of back extension. So as you go back, your head and shoulders go over the reformer. Oh, draw those ads in and pull back up. Beautiful. Just a couple more like that and held back. Gorgeous. Exhale up. And one last time please. Gorgeous ladies. Hold there for just a moment.

Dig deep into the abs and lift just a little bit higher, but feel the fold underneath your ribs. Chest is open. Drop that tailbone down and let's move into a nice slow single leg stretch. Exhale, left leg out and switch and switch. Digging deep into the APP's beautiful. Feel the energy through your legs. Really reaching out through the straight leg. Beautiful. One more.

Just like this, each side. And then I'd like to pick up the pace just a little bit. Go and go. Beautiful. Tom, me in chest is open. Gorgeous. Two to one legs at tabletop and hold here. Take both hands to the outside of your right leg. Find a really good twist.

Using both hands to twist just a little deeper so that left arm is twisting and lifting. Good. Straighten the left leg out for me. Now I want you to think about this. Can you almost lift your left leg up to the ceiling, trying to rotate the opposite direction? Yes. Now gently place your hands behind your head. Draw your belly in and give me three little pulses there. Just pull that rib in.

Jagan two and three legs to tabletop hands two legs. Bring both hands to the outside of your left leg. Find a really nice twist. Really drop the opposing hip down. That would be your right hip, but almost think I'm letting. Let me actually ask you to do one thing first. Straighten your right leg and then almost think about lifting your left knee toward the ceiling a little bit so you're almost rotating. Just a little bit more, more internal oblique. I hope.

Place your hands behind your head. Have some heroine enough, a little pull, fis three and two and we switch sides. Exhale to switch. Exhale to switch. Beautiful. Keep those inner thighs nice and active. So I want you to feel those knees, grays past one another as you reach out. Dig deep into the ABS. Give me a little more height, Jenny, because you can. Beautiful. One more time each side and then hug your knees to your chest.

Give yourself a little rock up to a sitting position. And let's jump. I imagine your abs are warm, right? Cool. So go ahead and lie on your back. I have you on to red springs. Um, put your head rest up for me Jenny. So you should have the headrest in the, I would say not the high high position, but the middle position. Yeah. And then go ahead and start with your feet on the, on the jump board and stretch your legs to straight ladies.

So settle in for just a couple moments before we get to jumping. Soften the ribcage down, open through the chest and shoulders. Really draw those abdominals in. I want you to think mostly about keeping that neutral pelvis and the feet. Bend your knees, but think less about the knee bands and more about what's happening at the ankles in the beginning here. Straighten your legs.

Try that a couple more times. Bend your knees and just breathe right now and straighten. So what I want you to think about is what's actually happening at your ankle joint in that knee bend. And what's important to me when you begin the jumping ladies is that the heels stay well connected, right? So that you're not popping the heels off. Draw the belly muscles in just a little bit more. And now one more time. Exhale, and you'll start your jumping. Inhale here. Exhale, press out. Good.

So we'll keep this rhythm for now. Feel that the chest is open, the belly is beautiful, feel that your arms are heavy so that you can actually feel the backs of your arms resting on the mat, the shoulder blades resting on the mat. And let's just do two more there and then shift to a small v position. So I'd like you to do the Small v here with your heels together. So as you press out, your heels come together and as you come down each time your heels are together. That's our ultimate goal. Beautiful.

So really focusing in on straight into your legs all the way dry, your bat adds in a little bit more for me, Jenny. Good. And one last time. And then rotate to neutral. Give me a couple of dual jumps and then keep your right leg on the board and lift your left leg to tabletop. And we'll continue this pace. I love it. Perfect Unison. I can't say that all my classes, my ladies have perfect unison and this is fantastic. So what's important to me here is that your pelvis doesn't shift, right?

You want to keep that pelvis from wobbling side to side. I'm not counting out, oh, let's say two more so that about 10 good guests switch legs. So I'm looking for the magic number of 10 and we're going to do the same series a handful of times, four maybe, right? You guys can help me with the counting. Um, think about really initiating from the backside of the leg and a little bit of support from the glute mead and prances please, gently switching and switching. Now for the first time. What I want you both to think about is really straightening the knees each time. So both legs are straight for a moment. And as you do that, see if you can actually feel a little bit of, um, a little bit of add up to work to hold the legs close, if you will. Right?

And when we're switching like this, it doesn't matter if the numbers are perfect, does it, the point is to warm you up and hopefully actually get your heart rate up a little. Yeah, yeah. Okay. Let's do a couple more. I'll take one more to each side and then gently pause. All right, so I'm going to have you guys come up to a city position. I'd like you on one red spring and then swivel around. Your headrest needs to be flat and you're going to hold the ropes above the buckles for me. Your legs will be straight, right leg crossed over left.

So it's important to me that you're right, like be crossed over your left so that I can keep you through, uh, the piece on each side if you will. Uh, scoot forward just a little more, Jenny. Now here's what I really want you to think about. Can you externally rotate your legs a lot? And then can you think about your right leg actually crossing at the knee, not the ankle. So your right lower leg is hovering the entire time. I think a lot about your external rotators and your inner thighs.

Take a breath here and do a mini roll back. So exhale to round back through your spine, lowering over that tailbone to the small part of your back or the first part of your lumbar spine and then round. Enroll back up. Absolutely gorgeous. Keeping that right leg still turned out and active. Go again. Um, no knees crossed. Knees Cross this through. The foot's not resting, right. So the reason I like to do this is because I got so many people hugging their feet together, right? That I really want this to be about adductors. Yeah. And one last time, go back and hold. So feel that wonderful, wonderful, wonderful roundness in your low back. Now stay beautiful.

Give me a little more Jennie now. Right leg lifts up. Exhale, lower down. Exhale, dig deep into those abs please. One last time. Close the legs together and hold both legs. Lift. Give it a shot. Oh good. Dig Deep. A little more roundness please. And last one, legs down. Roll up to sitting, sitting nice and tall. So I want to straight back.

Draw your shoulders to your back pockets for me and pull just the right arm and move your body into rotation. Bend your elbow. My bad. Exhale to bend your elbow and pull back here into rotation. Same side. We're just going to do the right side and then sit. Nice and tall. Beautiful. So think about rotating to bend your elbow as opposed to bending your elbow to rotate. Right? So we're focusing on the rotation here, sitting nice and tall, trying to activate a little bit of Rhomboid as well.

So you're going to draw that scat together a little bit more at the end. Good. And I'm guessing, um, you know eight's going to be a good number here. Beautiful opening through your chest and shoulders, drawing those abs in and lengthening up. Nice and tall. One more. Makes me happy there. So both arms are straight. Switch, which leg is crossed?

So the left leg is now gonna go on top of the right both legs and deep external rotation, tow, softly pointed, and then feel that you're crossing the knees on top of one another. So that left foot is not resting right. Exhale to round, back through your spine, your lumbar spine there. Feel that low part of your back touching beautiful and then round back up and sit. Nice and tall. Chest is open. Go again. Exhale to round, back and beautiful. Exhale to round, back up. Love it. Two more like that. And we add the legs to it. So excellent around back, keeping the external rotation. Beautiful active legs. And one more time and we add on.

So the focus here is can you keep your abdominals strong while moving your leg? Using your hip flexor. Lift that leg up. Four. Lower down, three. Beautiful and to, and one more time. Glue the legs together. Try lifting both legs up. Let's just go for two of those beautiful stability through the core.

Lower the legs round up through your back. Sit in nice and tall, opening through your chest. So now the left arm is going to bend as you go into rotation. So first rotate to bend your elbow. Oh, I got a little shoulder pop there. That felt good. First rotate to bend your elbow. Beautiful. And keep thinking about the uh, the scapulae kind of slightly drawing together that left scap to the right scat so you can get a little bit of of Rhomboid engagement here, but be careful people that you're not letting people get too much into their upper trapezius cause I'm really looking for more of a middle back exercise here. Good. Let's do three more and I'm, thank you. Good.

I'm good at guessing, although I can't say that I'm counting very, I'm going to officially have you guys count for me. [inaudible] and a, did we do an eight on the other side? Yeah. Good enough. Right? So go ahead and put your straps away. Put your head rest back up for me. I'll change your springs and we're going to do round two of jumping. Okay. A little bit of teamwork here. Yeah, sweating already. Good.

So the idea here is that we're getting a little bit of circuit training feel, right? So let's, when you're ready to go, press your legs out to straight. Settle into your neutral spine, inner thighs active. Think about the ankles. Bend the knees and press out x. K. L. Love the pace. Each time you press out, I want you to feel the connection through the heels and by connecting through the heel. Can you feel the back of the leg a little bit more active? Feel the innercise and nice straight legs each time.

So just a little bit more abs for me, Jenny, right there as you go out. Thank you. I know those abs are tired. Lovely lady. They're tired. [inaudible] good. Just do one more for me there. And you're both keeping your, I'm going to turn out please. You're both keeping your, um, your reformers really still. So that means that you're jumping quite well with your legs. Beautiful. A little straighter with the knees if you can, Jenny. Good.

Nice Christmas Eve. You can give me just a little more tea. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Let's do a couple more there. Rotate back to neutral. Give me two jumps and then you're going to lift your left leg to tabletop and jump there too. You're going to count for me. Write three. Good. Can you now straight in your other leg. Okay. And keep it nice and straight for me and keep the idea of really lengthening upward nine. And then you'll switch legs 10.

So you can do a couple with the knee bend and then go ahead and straighten that leg up. So from here on out, we'll do a, a straight leg. Beautiful. Now when we move into the preamps as this time, I want you to bring that nice straight, strong leg down. The other leg goes up and switch and switch. Beautiful. Nice to still think about your, um, your jumping leg and make sure that as you start to fatigue, that you're not necessarily, that you're really not losing the connection of the heel. That's what's most important to me. Beautiful. My friends. I love it.

Can you really straighten that up leg a little more? And Jenny, think about your ankles just a little bit for me. Those perennials. Good. I know. Good. I know it's a lot to think about. One last time please ladies. And then you can pause and gently come on in. Beautiful. So let's move into a little bit of hip work and I'm going to actually leave your springs as they are because you're on that first gear. So, um, it should feel about like one red and one blue.

But I still had you on two reds right now. Okay, so feet and straps. If it feels like too much, you can certainly tell me you'd like to have a different spring, but I think it will be perfect for both of you. So let's start with some basic frogs here. So with your heels together, I want you to just bend and straighten your knees and held to bend. Exhale to straighten. Beautiful. So the rules of the game for me are that you first need to make that your pelvis is nice and neutral so that that pelvis is not tipping up.

Each time you bend your knees, good, the chest stays open and the rib cage is pretty anchored on the backside, but not, not re rigid. It should really feel like it's softening down and you both look great here. So one more time, I'd like you to press your legs to straighten. I'd like you to hold. Now here's where I'm gonna change it a little bit. I want you to flex your ankles for me pretty well, but then I want you to curl your toes slightly.

So did you actually have to dome your foot just a little bit? And I'd like you to try a couple of frogs like that in healthy Ben and Xcel just straight in. They're gorgeous. So just notice that that feels different. One is not better than the other, whether the foot is flexed or pointed or the toes are curled or not. What's important is that we can work with our feet differently, right? And that we're not always doing the same thing. Wonderful.

Just do one more like that. Please press your legs to straight for me and just take the legs straight up, tailbone down, and we're gonna move into some circles. Exhale to push down and around to the top position. Now I want there to be a pause here. Every time your toes are now pointed, right, your ankles are pointed, your toes are long. I want you right here in this top position to think about your perennials a little bit and I want you to get your toes as far away from each other as you can. So you got lots of outer ankle work going on here right now.

Push down through center, come around to that top position. Let there be a pause, rotate a little bit more. Give me some deep ankle work and then push down through center. So the reason I want that pause today is to actually focus on a little bit more on range of motion. I'm looking for more flexibility there. I'm also looking for the details of the legs, Bam.

And asking you to go just a little deeper. Good. Just one more time like that. Pause in the top position. Fill those ankles again. Choose good and come around and reverse your circles. I guess I could've just said reverse your circles, right? Nice. So now I want there to be a little pause in the bottom position.

So really think about finding those inner thighs down there, those inner legs have there be just a slight pause before you draw those legs together in that slight pause, a slight softening of the knee and a little more rotation just to try to get a little bit more inner thigh going on, man. Good. And what I like, what's going on with you too, ladies, is it's not obvious that you're bending your knee. I'm not asking for bent knees, but I'm looking for are you, are you in the hip joint more than in your knee joint right now? One last time. Bring your feet together and then let's go ahead and open those legs nice and wide. Take it pretty much as wide as you can. Keep your tailbone down and then glide those heels back together. Beautiful. And again, nice and wide. Nice big stretch, but pelvis down or pelvis neutral. Beautiful.

So I am looking for a bigger range of motion today. I might change my mind tomorrow. Beautiful. Sink into the ABS, a little bit more gorgeous. And let's just do two more like that please.

Good. And one more time please. [inaudible] draw those feet together. Let's take just a nice little stretch. Let the bottoms of the feet come together. The knees open to the side. Ah, those of you that work with me regularly know that the nice little stretches don't last for very long. So Ah, please take your feet out of your straps and put your straps away. We'll get back to stretches in a moment. So I'd like to do another round of jumping.

Okay. Suppressing the legs to stray, to spend a little bit. Feel the feet anchor on an exhale. Press out now a little slower because I want the jumps to get a little bigger. Can you have a little more hang time, really using the power for the jump.

Beautiful. That's okay. And still find the control each and every time. So while I want you to push out more, I still want you to land the same, right? Beautiful. Nice. Just a couple more like that. And then go into your small v position for me and take the same feeling of small v but open it up a little wider. Okay, so let's go is why. So Jenny, you have a big board here.

You can actually have a pretty big wide one here, which is nice. So these are what they call them, like mega boards or Mongo boards or something like that. They're sort of Nice for changing your jumps around a little bit. Now I'd like you to play a little bit more with the idea of taking your legs out to the side. Whoop. Pull in, whoop, pull in. Whoop. So ideally the leg is going on the same line as your turnout.

So if you have limited turnout, then you're not going, um, too low, too close to the floor, you're going more up toward the ceiling, right? Good. Just a couple more like that. And bring the legs back underneath you in parallel. Pause for a moment. Press your legs out to straight. So I just like you to bend your knees for me. Pause there, lift your heels, lower your heels so you're gonna keep the carriage.

Still lift your heels and lower your heels and lift and lower and two more like that. And one more. Press your legs gently to straight. Go ahead and lift your left leg off the jump board. So how'd it be? Nice and straight there. Beautiful.

So we'll add a little bit of leg movement with the jumping here. So what I ultimately want is when you, when you bend the knee, the leg is going to lower down. Um, and maybe tap the jump board. And as you jump it's gonna lift up. Working on a little bit of a hamstring stretch. Are we ready? Go ahead and bend. And one, two, exhale. Good. Look at them. They're ready to go.

Two and three. No I didn't. I was just trying to keep you on. I'm not actually that picky about everybody having to jump at the exact same time, but I know that Christie really likes it, so I just having fun with, you know, [inaudible] you guys are doing a good job. Oh, I didn't count. Nine-Ish ten-ish, switch 10. That works for me. Nine, eight and seven and six and five I'll count. And four and three and two. Oh, you didn't ask for singing? Did you gently come to rest? Could you please put your rest down?

I'm going to do a little bit of hip work here, so I'm going to ask you to put your, um, your feet on top of the jump board. And I'm actually gonna have you go. Um, it's a little bit, it's easier certainly when you have a bar, but I'm not willing to take the, the jump board away yet. So find a place where your foot feels safe and happy. We're going to go up first. We're going to, we're going to pull down, so we're going to go up. Okay. So it doesn't feel uncomfortable on your heels, right? So if you needed to add Patti, you certainly could do that, right? For those of you at home. So here, take a breath and we're going to do a pelvic curl, keeping the carrot still tuck your pelvis and curl all the way up for me. So press the pubic bone just a little higher in that high point, and then gently lower down. And so you asked a great question.

This idea of pushing or pulling. And what I'm really looking for here is the idea of pulling your heels toward your bottom as you go up in order to keep the carriage nice and still so you can get a lot of gluten, hamstring connection here, right and lower down. And so the reason I'm playing with this a wide position with the feet is where we're headed right now. Press the pelvis nice and high. Now stay. Make sure you feel safe enough here to roll your knees inward till they touch. Keeping the carriage still to roll. Your knees opens, you're rolling to the outside of the foot glues. As you come in, I want you to feel the internal rotation.

Push the legs together if that works for you. And then open out. And I want you to kind of push into the outside of the foot. Feel a little extra glute work and gently come in, knees are touching and all the way out. Oh yes and one last time. The knees are going to stay together and then lower your spine down one vertebra. At a time. Beautiful Part. The legs.

And let's try that one more time. Exhale to peel up. Okay. Draw those legs together. You know, and I'm not picky about breath here and open out, but I'm going to go ahead and ask for a breath. Use An exhale to draw it together and inhale to open. Beautiful. And exhale to draw those needs together. Beautiful. And Open. And one last time. Keep the knees together for me.

Really kind of pull them together and lower the spine, lengthening through the spine and lower the tailbone down. A hug your knees into your chest. So hopefully we are able to get our heart rate up a little bit. Yeah, another round of jumping. Okay, here we go. So let's put the feet together and get going here. So stretch the legs out to straight. Um, pretty close together.

Let's see. I don't necessarily in parallel like the feet totally together personally, but you could certainly do that. Go ahead and bend a little bit and Exhale, depress out. I'm going to play it with a little bit with rotation this time, so I'll probably have to give a little bit of extra cuing when we get to that. But this is once again just sort of getting to the point where you're almost a little cardiovascular, which is nice. Just do a couple more like that and we are not going to do small v this time around because we're going to add a few other pieces to this. So just shift to your right leg and give me 10 on the right leg. Single legs, one and two and three.

Beautiful and four and five and six and seven and eight and nine and switch legs and 10. Good. I don't feel like I have much to say to you guys at this point so I could tell you a joke. Half. Do we get to 10 here? Go ahead and put both legs down for me this time. Legs together. Okay. Stretch your, actually let's do it with your knees bent. Knees bent. But I want your heels to be able to be down, right? Okay. So I'd like you to, I'm, I'm lying. Can you press out to straight? I'm changing my mind. Okay.

Lying. Changing my mind. Right. I want to think like a mogul, right? So I'd like you to turn both of your toes to the right. Okay. And actually think about lifting your hip just a little bit. Your, your left hip, so your leg, your knees and your toes are going to go to the right and your left hip is just ever so slightly lifted. So you're actually in rotation here, right? So I want you to really get to know this position. Bend your knees a little bit and straighten them. Just kind of feel that. And then just make sure that you feel stable enough and comfortable enough to try a jump. Keeping the hip lifted. Okay. Yeah, staying over here.

So a little jump. Press up and press up and press out. Beautiful. So just a couple like that. A few more I should say. I couple isn't really a good number. And let's see, are we close to 10 I'll say two more and then gently pause. Find neutral again, go ahead and press your legs to straight. I think it's easier to shift with straight knees here.

So your toes are going to go a little to the left. Your knees are going to go a little to the left and your hip is actually lifted. Now, if you are really uncomfortable in this position, you could actually put a little ball underneath the pelvis, which would give you a support system. But I'm hoping that it just feels like a nice challenge to the nervous system, if you will. Right. So bend the knees just a little bit and straighten a couple times.

Just kind of feel your way there. I know both of you haven't done this with me before. Right. Good. And then give it a shot and we'll aim for 10 there. One. Beautiful. So the idea here is that you're really stabilizing with your, with your obliques, but also with your back muscles a little bit too while you're jumping out in, in. So certainly this wouldn't be for somebody who's is, you know, not comfortable in their body. A little harder on this side. Yeah, yeah. Oh, that's 10. Thank you. Go ahead and pause. That's beautiful. All right, let's come on up. Well I think about what I wanted to do with you next.

You're sweating. So let's be on, um, let's be on a red spring and we'll do some arms sitting here and a little variation on that. So go ahead an swirl around again so your legs can be straight and you're going to want to make sure you have a little bit of space cause I am going to have you roll back for the today, a slide your hands inside the loops and we'll start with chest expansion. So sit up nice and tall and really be mindful that you're gluing your inner legs together as you sit up nice and tall rather than pushing out against the shoulder rest, right. Exhale to press the arms back, opening through the chest as you do and inhale to go forward. So as you continue this movement, what I want you to think about at the end of the movement is really drawing your shoulder blades down and slight bit of upper back extension for me. Beautiful.

So we've got the scaps going down and we've got just a little bit of thoracic extension at the end of the movement. Rolling the rear-ender arms together for a little bit more external rotation. Brilliant. And again, Nice. I love that. Be Mindful of your adductors. They're going to stay connected so your legs are just staying together essentially. Right. And just one more makes me happy.

Take your arms straight out in front of you. Okay. So your elbows are straight, Ben, for a bicep curl and then use an exhale to round back through your back. Going back as far as you feel comfortable really. But what's most important is that you stay inflection. I like those elbows in alignment with the shoulders and just a little bit more here. Now straighten your elbows for me to bend them and we should have just almost just enough space there. Right? It's kind of a perfect, um, reminder as to where the, where your body is and where the jump board is. Right.

Okay. Do two more there. One more time. The elbows are going to stay straight for just a moment for me. Bend your right elbow, straighten, bend your left elbow. Good. Go again. Bend your right elbow and bend your left elbow. Good Ben. Both elbows gently, just round back up to a sitting position, keeping your elbows bent and sit nice and tall.

Go back to chest expansion so your arms straight down. Your chest and shoulders are open. Exhale to press back, a little bit of thoracic extension at the end. So what I mean there is I really want you to feel that little lifting of the sternum. Brilliant. It's not really a little lift. It's quite a big movement. Well, it's not a big movement, but it's profound. How's that? Beautiful. Love that Christy. Absolutely love that.

Beautiful. And for the sake of time today, I'm going to have you keep doing a few more of those. I'm going to take your junk boards off and you don't have to jump anymore. Lucky you. One more. And then I'd like to see you move into your bicep curls again.

So straight arms. Okay. And Bend your elbows. Exhale, straighten. Okay, I'll have your role. [inaudible] there you go. Now, straight arms. Okay.

Exhale to bend your elbows first round and roll back going probably a little bit further back if you feel the need you don't have to and straighten your arms all the way on the inhale and exhale to bend. Dig deep in the APPS. Think about folding underneath the ribs, staying totally connected to your abdominals while also getting this wonderful bicep workout. My friend Jenny over here loves to work or biceps, so I need to make sure they're totally sore for her, right? Yeah. Biceps and buts. Yeah. I haven't tensioned to get to the bat, but I'm not sure if we're going to have enough time today. One last time please. Is that enough, Jenny? We can do a few more. Let's do a handful more till Jenny's done. Okay.

We get to keep going until Jenny's done. Good. Good. Yeah. Come on now. Right? You look great. Good. Let's go ahead and keep the elbows bent for me. You can round and roll all the way back into sitting position and let's put your straps away. Who brought her? They say, here it is.

So come up to a standing position, please. I'd like to have you step up for your pyramid or your up stretch. I'm going to put you on a green spring because of the the bar placement. Normally I think a red spring will be fine for you, but I think at green spring we'll feel happier. So your heels are lifted with your heels up against the shoulder rest.

I want a nice straight back, but really, um, what I'm looking for here is, is really aiming that tailbone up to the sky. So you've got this wonderful, a wonderful length if you will, to the back of the leg and also a little bit of upper back work here in health. The slide, the carriage back and exhale to pull in. Beautiful focus on the abdominals as you go out and in, but be mindful of the stability of the shoulders here. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Let's just do two more like that one last time. Bring your legs all the way in. Lower your feet so they're flat. Okay.

With flat feet. Hold for just a moment. Okay. Move your hands a little over to the left. So both hands are going to be a little over to the left, straddling your left leg essentially, right? Your right leg is going to go out to the side, find your glutes, lower your leg down out to the side. Again, find your glute, lower it down. And one last time, take the leg out to the side and hold. Now I want you to try, you're going to have to lift your hip up a little bit, but I want you to lift that leg up higher, higher, higher as you come around to an air baths position and hold there.

Now at this point, I want the hips square and I want the leg in neutral. So not an external rotation yet. Okay? That's the keyword. So what I'm looking for is how big of an arabesque can we get? And really I'm looking for how much glute recruitment can we get here, right? So now right here, keeping that pelvis as is. Can you give me a little lifts?

Three and two and one. Now hold. Now I'd like you to externally rotate and take those same three little lifts, three and two and one whole. Now you're going to allow the hips to stack, but I want you to keep thinking about glute recruitment as you lift the leg as high as you can, extending the hip. Perhaps the right hip is stacked on the hold it, hold it, hold it, slide the carriage out. And in three times, this is the magic number of three for me here, right? And one last time here. Take the leg [inaudible] round. Keep it high, high, high, high. Janie.

Imagined my head there. Oh, and put it down. Move the arms. They're straddling the other leg, which would be your right leg, right? Okay. Take your left leg out to the side and lower it down. And again, out the side we're looking for some, some glute work, but we're also looking for a nice stable spine. One last time. Hold good. Now lift the leg up a little higher. Allow the pelvis to shift slightly as you travel around behind you.

I want that Nice, neutral alignment here. So we're not an external rotation and the pelvis is square, but lots of glute work. Here we go, three and two and one. Hold externally, rotate and give me three and two and one. Hold. Now keep lifting the leg up even higher. Allow the pelvis to stack a little bit, but really focus on lifting the left leg. Maximizing your [inaudible] ascension. Gorgeous Jenny. You can go higher. Go. You got it.

And move the carriage out three times. That was beautiful. Beautiful my friend. And you're very close to stable right here. So I love it. [inaudible] and then lower the leg of match in my head there, Jenny. I want it to go up and around all the way down. Walk your hands into a forward fold. I'm going to just add a, bring her to on so that you have a little bit, um, a little bit of a support there. [inaudible] and then walk your hands back to the bar.

Why don't you step off the reformer and we'll simply finish with a couple of roll downs from standing. So with your feet underneath your hips, whichever way you want to face is fine with me. Just be mindful here of the, you know, the lightness length out through the crown of the head. Take a breath. Exhale to peel down, head first, upper body, and then when you lower down, allow your shoulders to relax for a moment and then really plug your shoulder blades back into your back pockets. Notice whether or not you, you were holding or not holding with your arms heavy and your head heavy. Gently roll up one vertebrae at a time and one last time please. Hex Hair. Beautiful. I feel a little more weight in the balls of your feet. 60% of your weight in the balls of your feet, maximizing the hamstring stretch, dry your belly muscles in and gently stack your spine.

Thank you for playing.


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Love it, Sarah! Great class. Missing my CTTC time with you! You rock. :)
Sarah, So happy to see you on Pilates Anytime! I hope there are plans for a mat class.
Sarah I loved "playing" with you on P.A.! I hope to see more of you here in the future. I just love the way you cue!
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Very disturbing that there is no correction of placement of the relationship of knee tracking in alignment with the foot. When there is a hopping jump, it is so obvious to the viewer that the woman on the left has her right knee dangerously out of alignment with her foot. It is angled to the left of her big toe whenever she lands. This is one of the things I work so carefully to correct. The knee should be aligned over the two middle toes. Flexion of the hip socket, flexion of the knee and flexion of the ankle should be watched very carefully. Observation skills are so important. I am not impressed.
Kathy P
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Sarah I loved it. Can't wait to put some clients through it tomorrow.
I had to laugh at the first comment regarding the "lady on on the left". Would not have PA without that lady : ).
Hello All, Thanks for watching. It is quite a pleasure to hear from each of you.
Jill- I so hope to see you soon!
Cherie-Yes, mat classes are on the way.
Judy- As you know, I love to play.
Idrienne- Being filmed is a new challenge, but a wonderful learning experience. As for knee tracking, both clients have been practicing Pilates for a very long time and have been taught very well how to align the legs by various teachers. This workout was meant to be an opportunity to "practice" jumping for longer periods of time. Having said that, I absolutely agree that knee alignment is crucial to jumping and I assure you both students continue to move forward with the work in every way!
Kathy-Thanks! I hope your clients enjoy.
Idrienne, as "the woman on the left" (kristi) I feel I must chime in on three points. One, I agree with you that alignment is important and should be observed closely. Two, the angle at which you are seeing my deviation exaggerates the truth of what is happening from both my view and Sarah's view. We have the Reformer on an angle so it appears straight for the camera. To be continued in next post.... (can only fit 1000 characters )
Third, I do have a rotation of my lower leg (good eye), but it would be dangerously unnatural for me to align my knee over my two middle toes as you suggest. I recognize that this is the standard rule, but in fact it is an inappropriate cue for me particularly when jumping. Finally, Sarah and I work very closely together. She has been my teacher for many sessions and knows my body well. It would have been a good idea to acknowledge all of that for the viewer. I think Sarah and I both see that now and thank you for reminding us to be more diligent about such things, but I am happy to say that my knee and whole body felt great after this workout.
I loved the variations for a nice change. Cueing and counting could have been better when jumping. Pls. be clear when jumps are about to change and how so. This avoids neck turning to see the screen. With strong cueing I can go through a workout without looking at the screen because things are clear. It would also be helpful to keep track of counting. Doing 30 plus bicep curls and not as many chest expansions just seems a bit unbalanced. Just some suggestions.
Fun and clear cuing although I do agree about counting for the viewer as we are actually practicing with you, I will often view the video prior to practice if I have time. I am not the best "counter" so I can relate! However I really enjoyed the pace and the concentration on the jumpboard. Thank you!
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