Jump Board Fun
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 517

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I liked the variation. Really liked how you started sideways on the reformer to do some abdominal work in the beginning. I tend to get board looking at the ceiling after awhile so I liked how you changed body position. I can't wait to try the hovering crossed strait leg roll back move. Thank you
Sarah, I have been practicing this ref. w/o for the last few days and each time, I hear something new I missed in your cueing the day before. My clients were a little startled by the warm-up sitting sideways but I believe it is important to mixed it up (I love surprising them)! I liked the hovered leg & ext rot of the leg...actually I am so jazzed by the whole w/o. and I just had to thank you! J.
So glad you are all enjoying the workout! Thank you for the advice! This was my first time being filmed and I must admit there was some nervous energy...all good and fun. There will be more come! Happy Pilates peeps.
I loved this! It had variety and very strong cues! Thank you for the great workout!
Thank you! Great cues throughout ;)
Hoy comencé con la suscripcion a estas clases, la verdad fue un placer ver a Sarah, amé su parte lúdica y disfruté con cada una de sus secuencias, congratulationes and thank you Sarah!!
Love this class wish it were longer! Really like the cardio and feel like it's a full body workout. More please!
I just got my new professional reformer yesterday! In order to get the feel of my reformer (which is slightly different than the one I use at the professional studio where I take classes) I wanted to take a class level that wasn't too difficult yet gave me some challenge. This was a great introduction to my reformer for me. I was wondering what your spring colors correspond to. ie... red = and green = which resistance and how many springs do your reformers have (I have 5)? Also, the ropes can be adjusted up or down (located towards the head) which setting should be used typcially, lowest, low middle, high middle or highest? I love my new reformer and I look forward to using the other great workouts! Thanks a ton!
Hi Valerie, Congratulations on the new reformer. It is so nice to be able to workout at home and at any time! For this class, we are using Balanced Body Reformers. In my studio all reformers have 1 green, 3 red, and 1 blue. It is important to understand that all springs are a a little different. The way I best explain spring tension for our reformers is: the red springs are a "full" spring, The green is a little "heavier than full" and the blue is a "half". I usually set my ropes at 3/4 up. If you have more questions...just ask.
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I loved this workout.. and have to say I am not a "counter" myself in a group class! If I am doing q private session or a small group I would then count and then only if i felt the need, and the client had issues.ie. imbalanced on one side . But in a group I just dont see the need to count every time..it seems to take the fun and flow out of something like this..just my opinion for what it matters. Jamie
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