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Push Through Mat

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This full-body Tower Class with Ilaria is the perfect combination of stretch and strength. She does an amazing job cueing through and progressing movements with the assistance of the Push Through Bar. This allows you to go deeper in your stretches and build strength in a safe and effective way. This class will hit your hip flexors, neck, glutes, hips, and abdominals. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Tower (No Box)

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Hi everyone, this is Ilaria from Pilates Anytime, with this beautiful studio and this amazing background. And today, we're doing an intermediate mat with the push-through bar. My setting, throughout the class, is gonna be one spring from the top. You can choose the resistance spring that you like the best. And I love to do the math wit the push-through bar, because it gives us a lot of support, it teaches us how to position our bodies in some exercises, like the teaser, where we're always a little bit off, and it gives us a little bit of an extra stretch, we can get and deepen that articulation and that stretch when needed.

So, let's start with a little push-through exercise. We can turn and place the feet against the poles and grab the bar. We want a round back, scoop, and go through. It's the first exercise we do, so keep it easy, keep it gentle. Don't ask your body too much, just go through it as a little warmup.

And you stretch. And again, you go down, anchor the shoulders, press, and you go through, and then, you pull the stomach back, you round, and we go, and we lift up. And we reach, reach, reach, reach, reach. You can even drop the head down and shake it out a little bit. And then, one more time, we're gonna pull back.

You scoop, you press the bar down, you push it through the poles, and here's gonna stay. And we're actually going to close the legs. We can walk forward a little bit, if needed. We place the feet on the bar, and then, we are going to roll down for the hundred. You can keep the feet parallel or together, whatever you prefer.

I like it parallel for now, because I want to see a nice alignment. Reach back for a second, lengthen, lengthen, lengthen. And now, arms up to the ceiling, head comes up, reach, and here you pump, nice and easy. I want you to start pressing onto the bar, onto the horizontal pole, a little bit. I don't want you to lift the hips up, but I want you to activate the back of the body, the hamstrings, the glutes a little bit.

The stomach is engaged, the arms are reaching long, and they are pumping. You inhale deep. (Ilaria inhales deeply) And you exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale. And again, in. (Ilaria inhales deeply) And try to exhale way more than what you inhale.

Really empty the lungs, change the air in the lungs. Let's do two more, in deep. (Ilaria inhales deeply) And go exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale. One more time, in. (Ilaria inhales deeply) Feel all the foot on the bar, inside and outside of the foot, and last one, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, reach.

Now, flex your feet and reach back. Arms come up, head comes up, you go scoop, and you go forward for a stretch. Try to keep it small, try to round your back mostly, and then you pull back and you control all the way down, and stretch. And again, arms, head up, scoop, and you go over. Pull, pull, pull.

Go back, control, and easy down. And one more time, come up, scoop. Go forward with your body a little bit. Make sure the bar is always in control with your feet. Give yourself a little stretch, and then you control down and you reach forward with your heels.

You pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, control and release. Now from here, let's bring the right knee to the chest. The left foot stays against the bar. You're gonna stretch the leg up, and then you place it vertical, or as high as you can go for the leg circles. You go across and up five times.

Circle around, up, two, circle around, up, three. Keep reaching with that sending leg, that's so important to feel. And again, across and up. Last one circle and left. Now opposite, go open, across and up.

Circle two, and up. Three, two more. Four, little pause at the top. Last one, up. Now, give yourself another little stretch.

As you stretch the right leg to you, keep reaching along with the left. And then, you switch. Right leg goes down, and left knee into the chest. Lengthen, prepare with the stretch. Now, arms down and you go across, up, circle, lift.

The leg that is circling, of course, is important, but I want you to think about the leg reaching even more. And then your reverse, you go open, across, and up. Circle, lift, and reach, reach, reach, reach, reach. And around, up. Last one, hold at the top.

And now, you go grab, nice little stretch, both legs down. And here you go, reaching and curling up. Reach with your heels, reach with your hands. Pull the stomach back, control, control, control, control, control, control. And we sit up tall.

Now, let's get the feet in a Pilates stance, so just little opening at the toes. And from here, we pretend we're on the Reformer, we're gonna pull the knees into the chest, and then you go forward, lower the heels, up with the heels. Scoop, scoop, scoop. This is my first rolling like a ball here, okay? Of course, we cannot really roll, since we're utilizing the push-through, but we are recreating that type of work by pulling the stomach and opening the lower back.

Now here, stay there with the bar. Roll down, keep the bar there. Scoop, come up. And again, you go, lower the heels, up with the heels, bend, and you go, scoop, scoop, scoop, scoop, scoop, nice articulation, and up. And again, forward, lower the heels, point, bring.

Get to that point where you cannot come in anymore, otherwise you fall back, and you go roll back, opening the lumbar spine. Curling back up, let's do one more. You go forward, lower the heels, up with the heels, bring the knees to your shoulders, grab the back of the thighs, curl back with control, and scoop, and lift. Now, we're going to roll back one more time, and we do a single leg bent. So here, curling down, grab the right knee into your chest.

This is easy, because we have the support. Now, the switch is interesting. I want you to bend and you stop the bar where you can still push the tailbone down onto the ground, and then you switch. And your bend and switch. If I let the bar come up too much, my tailbone wants to go up, right?

So, this is really nice for those people that like to tuck, like me. It's really good and challenging, because it forces us to keep the spine long with the tailbone really pressing down onto the ground. And we do pull, one more set. You go right, tailbone stays, and left, and tailbone stays. Now, double.

You go reach, same thing. Now, it's more challenging. because that tailbone really wants to lift up. And you go reach, and scoop, scoop, scoop, scoop tailbone stays down. And you go lengthen and deepen, deepen, deepen, deepen.

And you go reach, and scoop, and lengthen. Out, and in, in, in, let's do two more. Reach, nice and long, scoop and pull. Curl the toes over the bar, really control everything all the way until the end of the toe. Now here, hands behind the neck, and we do twist, and together, and twist, and together.

Twist, twist, twist, and together. Let's look out of the window, twist, and one more. To the right, and in, and to the left, and in. Now, lengthen, we're gonna roll up, and we are going to a little push through, back to our first exercise. We're going to roll back and scoop, and then we lift.

Lengthen, lengthen, lengthen, lengthen. And again, pull, scoop back. The heels are pushing forward. Let's try to anchor the shoulders down. Long wrists, scoop, and you go over.

And then you pull back control, control, control, slowly, heels pushing, and lift. Now, we are doing the same exercise, but we pull back a little bit. I want us to think about the Wunda Chair spine stretch forward. So, with a little more distance from the bar, you're going to press back. Actually, I need to scooch back a little more to make sure I have shoulder over hips.

And here, I go press down, hold, and release. Press down, hold, and release. Press down, hold, and release. We're gonna do one more. Press down, hold, and really have that hold coming from the back, from the shoulder blades, basically.

Here, scoop, go down, and forward you stretch. Go back, back, back, control, and come up to standing. Release for a second. So again, from the shoulder blades, we're gonna use the shoulder brakes a lot in a second. You're gonna go press and hold, hold, hold.

Now, scoop, dive forward and stretch. Back, back, back, control and lift. Now, we're changing the sequence a little bit, because we're going to do the saw right now, and we use the same technique. From here, I want you to lift the arms. With the arms up, reaching to the ceiling, let's turn to the right.

Now open, get the bar with the cross arm. You scoop and you go reach, reach, reach, reach, reach to dive forward. And here, you're gonna go pull back, and you lengthen the back arm behind you, and lift. And again, press down, scoop and reach. We don't change, we repeat the right side two or three times.

Reach, reach, reach, this is a beautiful twist for the spine. One more time. Scoop down, reach forward. And then, you go pull back, control, control, control. And now we come up, up, reaching to the ceiling, we twist to the other side, and we go.

You go scoop, exhale, reach back, and lengthen. And again, scoop down, reach across, and back. Every single repetition we try to increase this rotation. And one more time, scoop, and reach, pull back, control, control, control, and release. Now, we are going to swing around.

We're going to lie down. And here, before we finish the abdominal series we started before, we're working, as I was mentioning before, with the shoulder blades. This is an amazing little sequence for rehabbing, or just to become more awareness of the movement in general. So let's start with the bar pretty much at the collarbones, and I want us to let the bar go, and then, you anchor it down. And again, you let it go up, and then you anchor it down, down, down, down.

And the bar goes up, we let it go, the shoulder blades follow, and then you pull, and you try to have the shoulder blades really hide and slide behind the rib cage, underneath the rib cage. And again, you push, and you pull. Now bend, hold the bar here for a second, just at the forehead, and then, you stretch it all the way back. Bend again, hold at the forehead for a second, and then you extend. Now, same thing with one arm only.

So, let's keep the left arm holding the bar, and if you want, go on top of the shoulders and palpate the movement that we're gonna do now. So, you're gonna anchor the shoulder blade and push. So, it's nice to have this hand on top, or if you're teaching somebody, put the hand there, because you see right away if they have the tendency to raise the shoulder up to the ears as they move the shoulder blade front and back. So, try not to make it a habit. But let's try to increase this movement, that is very functional and very much needed, to make sure we don't run into any shoulder issue.

Last one, we switch, go to the right arm holding. The left hand goes and palpate and supports the right shoulder, and you go. Let it go up, and pull it down. And up, now also, make sure you're not rotating the whole body with this movement, right? I did it a little bit on the second rep.

So try to maintain the core active and maintain the rib cage even as you move the shoulder blade and you hide it behind. You let it go up, behind, and up. Now let's grab it with both arms. We are going to push the bar back. And now, we are going to come all the way up in the semi-teaser.

So, lift. This is what I was talking about. When I'm doing the put the teaser with the push-through bar, let's roll back down and we do one more, it's really nice, because if you start on this right position, you basically end up having the right balancing point behind the tailbone. So, here you lift, you lengthen, and now, you go bend the arms, and extend, bend the arms, and extend, one more time. Bend, bend, bend, the body is inclined, the balance point is perfect for when we lift the legs up.

And here, the bar is pulling us up, and we articulate down one at a time. Control, control, control, control, lumbar spine, ribcage, all the way down and stretch it back again. Now, let's keep the bar over there. This time, I want you to start holding with the left, and I want the right hand to go underneath the shoulder blades, over here. So, you can really poke underneath the blade, and as you feel the tissue, you want to pull the shoulder blade down, and then then you push it up.

You should feel the shoulder blade gliding, up, up, up, up, up, and then, down, down, down, down, down. We need to have a good amount of movement over here. If it's stuck and doesn't move, we're gonna hurt the rest of the shoulder, and maybe the neck, as well. So, let's make sure that this movement is present. The push-through bar is an amazing tool to make that happen.

And last one, pull it down, and push it all the way up. Let's go to the other side. Grab the bar, then you let go with your hand. You go underneath your shoulder blade on the other side, and you go anchor it down, and push. Anchor, anchor, anchor, and push up.

And again, in, as down as you can without side-bending. And then up, up, up. Don't worry if it goes up to the ear. In this case, let it move, we'll fix top of the shoulder later. And again, down, down, down, and push it away from you.

Last one, down, down, down, and push it up. Now, both hands grabbing and holding the bar, let's bend the elbows. Bar to the forehead, then the bar goes up. You scoop, and this time, you lift, and you lengthen up the legs, as well. Let's bend the arms, three, and two, and one.

The bar stays up, the legs go down, three, two. And now, everything down. Scoop down to the shoulder blades, and scoop it up. Scoop down, down, down, down, hover the floor, and up. One more time, down, down, down, down, and up.

Now, this time, scoot down, hover the floor and stay, single straight. You go pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull. Now, up in a teaser, you go scissor, two, three, four, five, six. Now, everything down, legs come up, the head stays up, double straight. You go down, and up.

Down, down, down, stomach stays in, and lift. Press forward into the bar. That helps connecting to the lats, and is really nice to get the tension away from the neck. And lift, teaser two, down and up, down and up. This is exactly like the double-leg straight, keep the navel back, keep that balance point.

Down and up, and scoop down. Now, bend your right leg. Right hand behind the head, and now you come up. Right elbow to the left knee, and down, and up, and down. Three, we do two more, four, and five.

Now other side, switch. And you go left elbow to the right knee, and down, and up, and down. And you go three, and four, and five, and release. Beautiful, legs down for a second. Scooch back if you need to, just reach all the way back.

And now, you scoop and you lengthen. Let's do some circle here, the shoulders to release a little bit, and then reverse. And now, we go into an exercise that I really like to combine, teaser and backstroke. Really helpful to do it here, as we try to improve it on the Reformer. So, from here, if I pick up the head and I hover the legs, I go to my backstroke position.

And then, if I continue up, I scoop, and I go into teaser. Now, let's go back down the bar, backstroke, and teaser. Now, let go of the bar, backstroke, teaser, catch the bar again. With the bar, go down to backstroke, come up to teaser. Without the bar, backstroke, teaser, one more time.

Backstroke, scoop, hover, teaser. Without the bar, down backstroke, up teaser. Open the legs, a little open rocker without coming up too high. You scoop and lift, and up, scoop and lift, and up. Remember that rolling like a ball prep that we did before, right?

That's the work with the stomach. Remember the engagement of the lats, not to raise the shoulders. Now close your legs, scoop down, all the way. Stretch the bar back and pick up the legs for corkscrew. So, you go on one side, down, around, center.

Reverse, down, around, center. And again, to the right, all the way around, and to the left, all the way around. Bend your arms, scoop up to teaser, hold it, and then let's just stretch a little bit the shoulders. You scoop, and you go all the way over. Let go, circle around, and just release and take a little bit of a break and breathe.

Perfect. Now, let's get into a little bit deeper stretch with the shoulders. We're gonna press the bar down, the palms are facing up in the beginning, and here, we're going to relax the neck. The shoulder blades should be really ready, because we worked on those a lot. And now, from here, relax the neck and the shoulders.

You scoop back, and you reach back, as far as your shoulders feel good. Try not to hyper-extend the elbows, I'm not good at that, but try to keep them soft, so that you can really get the stretch where you need it. And then, you scoop forward, top of the head over the knees, and same thing as you lift up, up, up, up. And again, scoop down, use your core, use those muscles underneath the shoulder blades, and you go back, and you reach long, and then you scoop forward, and you go, and you lift. Now, down at the bottom, we switch, we're going to put the palms down, we turn the grip, and we do the same thing.

Back, this usually feels safer, but watch out, again, not to go too much and overstretch your shoulders. And again, scoop, this is a great preparation for the rowings on the Reformer, right? Really good to find mobility in all points of the shoulders. And now, we we're going to go down one more time, we stay there. If it feels comfortable enough, I want you to bend the knees and switch forward a little bit.

And now, we do a little bit of a stretch for the left side first. So, we go to the right with the knees, we look to the right with the head, and as you press back, you should feel a little extra stretch on your left shoulder. And then, you come up, you release, you go to the other side. Knee and head to the left, you go long, long, long, and now, the right shoulder is getting the most of the stretch. Now, even, you scoop, you control the bar up, and then, you go over, and again, release everything one more time.

Scoop down, stretch your feet if you need to, and then, you slowly roll back up, and we turn around for the part on the stomach. So, we are gonna bring the bar down with us, we turn. And here, we go again with some shoulder movement, shoulder blades movement. So, you can place a forehead on the on the mat, and we push the bar forward, and then we pull it back, without bending the elbows, so the arms are straight. Again, our shoulder blades are reaching front and pulling back.

Notice that I'm keeping my legs a little bit apart. I don't love to close the legs. That puts a lot more tension on the lumbar spine. So not that it's wrong, it's absolutely doable, but I don't want to get any extra tension there, if that part is a little delicate. Now, pull the shoulder blades back, press down into the bar, and float up a little bit.

And then, you scoop, and you reach forward again. Now, we come up for neck roll. Pull the bar to you, use that bar to lift, and then you go, turn your head, down, circle around, and center. Now, turn, drop down, circle, center. Now, scoop the stomach and reach forward.

Again, you scoop up, up, up, and here, now, we can dive. Front and up, front and up, full and lift, full and lift. And stretch, really reach, wiggle around a little bit. Now, from here, you come up, you lengthen. Lift one leg, kick, kick, reach, down.

Up, kick, kick, reach, down. Again, up, kick, kick, lengthen, down. Up, kick, kick, reach, and scoop. Turn a head on one side, both legs. You're going to lift, kick, kick, kick, and open.

And other side, you lift, kick, kick, kick, and stretch. And one more. You go kick, kick, kick, and open, open, open. Last one, you go kick, two, three. Exhale, come up, up, up, and release.

Now you can repeat what we did now, or we can go into a bigger stretch. So, from here, you can bend the elbows, have the bar go up first, then you come up with your shoulder for a bigger back bend. Then, you scoop down, bend and stretch forward again. One more time. Bend, elbows out.

The bar goes up, it lifts us up, and you open, open, open. And then, scoop and down, release. Now, reach forward, press, and let's swim. Lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, and beats, beats, beats, beats, beats. And beautiful, and now it's time to release the bar up, and we sit back and child pose for a second to make sure that everything is clear over here, no extra tension.

Stretch along with the arms, make sure your lumber spine is released. You can even come up and do a little cat and cow, mostly stopping and pushing the rounded position. And then, you release sitting back in child pose. Beautiful, and now, let's continue onto the mat, because we still have a few more exercise to go to. So, we're gonna push the bar forward.

Let's get a little bit beyond the pulse, if you can. And then, if you don't have a wall, just go a little bit more, and here we do neck pull. So, the feet are hip-width apart. You sit tall, you can place the hands behind the neck. And from here, you scoop and you control, control, control, control, all the way down, and release.

Long arms, you scoop, come up, you go over, you lift. And then again, scoop down, control, control, control, control, and release. Move forward a little bit, if you need to. Make sure the bar is always in a safe place. And again, you go curl, lift, and then you go over.

You lift, now like we did in the beginning, heels reach forward, navel pulls back. Control, control, control, control. And now, here you bend your knees and you extend your legs up at 45 degrees, or whatever angle you find the legs being. Now, peel off the tailbone, the lumbar spine, everything goes up, and reach, and then massage down. Roll down one vertebrae at time.

Control, control, control. This is so nice and so amazing after all those opening of the chest and engagement of the back, right? So, here again, one more, nice and easy like this. You go, you curl, you lift, lift, lift, lift, lift. And then, exhale.

(Ilaria exhales) Down at the sternum, the rest of the ribcage, control, down, and release. Now, let's go up again. You lengthen and you lift. Now, keep reaching with the legs in that direction. And now, try not to move the pelvis at all.

You lift up one leg, and down. It's not even a kick, it's just a lifting to challenge the hip that is actually maintaining the position. Another time, up a little, and down, and up a little, and down. Roll down, let's push it through. And we are going to repeat with bigger kicks.

You lift, and now we go kick, and down, and kick, and reach the bar, and kick it away, down, and kick, and down. Roll, lengthen. Every single roll, your spine should get longer, right? We should find more space between the vertebra. Lift, now let's pretend we are on a spine corrector.

You're gonna lift the right leg, bend, and reach, reach without dropping, and up, and release. Almost like healthy bicycle. You go, you bend, knee-to-knee, keep your hips up, and up to the ceiling. And one more time, lift, reach, let's find more hip opening. And up to the ceiling, back down to the bar.

One more, up, bend, knee-to-knee, reach down, scoop, lift, and roll down all the way, push through and release. Let's go up again. Now, we do a little bit of a different work. Now, we want to test if this is really strong in supporting us. We're going to try to go through with the push-through without dropping the hips.

So, stay up with the hips, bend, engage your hamstrings, control it down. And now, scoop, control it all the way up. One more time, scoop, keep your hips up high. Bend, feel that hip extension that we usually do on the floor. Scoop and lift.

Roll down for a little rest, bend, and push it through. Now, last one, if you can, we do this one single leg at a time. Otherwise, you repeat the two legs, not a problem. You're gonna lift the right leg up, bend your left, go through, and back up. One more time, bend, go through, and back up.

Now, we change, right leg on the floor, left leg up. And you go, push through, and up you scoop. And last one, push through, and up your scoop. Now, both legs there. If you can get there with your toes, we stay up and we do a little bit of running over here to really release the ankle that sometimes get a little stiff over there.

It's very common to get cramps in this position, as well. So, take it easy, and if you have a cramp, just go down and do a little stretch. And then, you unroll for the last time, all the way down, getting longer, longer, longer, longer. Bend, push the bar through, keep the feet on top of the bar. Scoop, come up, and now, we put the feet together, and we sit up tall, hands on the shoulders for a little twist.

And you go, exhale, exhale, exhale, center, and exhale, exhale, exhale. One more for the view. You go switch, twist, twist, center. And now, twist, twist, twist, and release. Now, we come up kneeling, and we do a little spinal articulation in a different position.

So, the first time I want you to stay pretty close to the push-through. I want you to put the push-through down, the bar down. You scoop, and you open the chest without having the bar going through the poles. And then, you scoop up, you lift, and then you lean back in a thigh stretch. No arches going on, just straight.

And again, push it down, open with a little cat, and scoop, the bar stays to you. Lean back with a straight spine, with a straight body from the top of the head to the knees, and up. Now, if you have room, you go forward. Otherwise, just move yourself forward a little bit. And you go push, open the chest, reach, and then you scoop back, control, control, control.

Now, we arch as we go back. And again, scoop down, lengthen forward to open, and then your scoop, bar to you. Lengthen the arms, open the chest, sternum reaching up to the ceiling, and release. Now, mermaid and kneeling sidekicks. We are going sideways, one arm length away, and the other arm is out to the side.

Now, let's lift as we press, very small movement. Lift tall, press down the bar, hold, hold, hold and release. And again, press and lift. Super tall, get longer, and release. And again, press down, hold it.

Let's feel those muscles underneath here that we stimulated before, and release. Now, as I press down, my other arm goes up, and I side bend deep, deep, deep and lift. And again, press down, arm up to the ear, big side bend, lengthen. Now, try to push the opposite knee down to the floor to make sure you stay stable, and up. And now, this time, we add a little extra mermaid.

Here you go, you try to join the two hands together, and you sit back, reach. And now, lift, side bend again, hips come forward, big, big stretch, and all the way up. And now, we get closer for the sidekick. So, two options. You put the bar through, and you hold onto the bar for stability, or you can go behind the head for a more challenging version, okay?

I'll do a little bit of both, so you see both ways. Make sure the hips don't fall back, you need to come forward, and here you go. Up, down, up, down, three, four, five. Now, keep it up, and you go front and back, front and back. Three, reach, reach, reach.

Four, lengthen, try to keep the hips forward. Try not to move the bar too much, right? Now, over here, stay, I'm gonna show the other way. So, you circle, two, three, four, five, reverse. One, two, get longer, reach long with that leg.

And now, here, let's do two bicycles. Front, bring it back, and long and away. Front, bring it back, and long, now reverse. Reach, push into your head, if you have the hand, like me. do a nice neck pull that helps the position and the balance.

And now, we can come up, you're going to to stretch up with the bar, and we lean into it a little bit. And then, we can sit down for a little extra stretch over here. And now, we turn around to do everything on the other side. So, one arm length away, hook the feet behind just a little bit, and you go, press down and hold, and release. And again, press down, hold, hold, hold, and release.

One more time, press down, hold, really feel these muscles over here, showing up for the work, and release. Now, as I press down, my other arm goes up, and I go deep into the side bend, lengthen, lengthen, lengthen, and up. Again, press down, arm goes up, and you go big side bend, reach. Doing mermaid with this amazing view, it's like never done before. And again, one more, lift, you go press, go more.

Reach, reach, now go, join the hands together. Go down and sit for a deep stretch, and then come back up. Hips forward to the big side bend, and lift. Now, let's get closer, you press down. Same here, you can hold the pole or do your neck pull position.

And we go up, down, two, three, four, keep it up, five. And you go front and back, and front, back. Lengthen, and reach, two more. Kick, and reach, and kick, and reach. Now out to the side, get longer and circle, one, two, three, four, five.

Reverse, one, two, three, four. And bicycle, two sets. Reach, and again, lengthen, lengthen, lengthen, reverse. Go back, kick, and bring it forward. Lengthen back, kick, bring it forward.

Down, come all the way up, and now, without side-bending, we lean into the bar, we challenge our waist, and then we sit down for a little stretch, and up. Let's press the bar down again, and now, I want us to do almost like a child pose and stretch for the shoulders. So, from here, first, we are doing a nice back bend. We press down, and we lift. But for the position we have with the push-through bar, basically, we cannot collapse, right?

We need to really lift and open. And then, bend the arms, chin to chest, scoop, the bar goes up and you sit back on your heels, and you stretch over here. Again, bend, scoop, bring your hips forward, open sternum up to the ceiling. And again, scoop, and sit back on your heels and stretch. One more time, scoop down, lift your hips open.

Easy neck, easy shoulders, nice last back bend, and scoop, and sit back, and release. And now, for the neck and the chest, little chest expansion. You're going to lengthen, just here, we don't go lower. Hold the breath, hold the position, turn the head, other side, center and release. And again, lift, hold the breath.

You go left, right, center, and release. One more set, get tall, hold it. And you go look, look, center, and release. Last one, hold, you go to the left, to the right, to the center, and release. And we do a little split and lunge at the end.

So, one foot forward, one leg back, relax the foot in the beginning. Let's try to stay on one line, not to fall out too much. From here, I want you to bend the arms, go forward for a little stretch. And then, you bend and you reach up with the bar. Now, tuck your toes, let's do the same thing with a little bit more of a demanding position.

You go forward, you go deeper in the stretch, you scoop and you go lift, lift, lift. And now, we change. Other side, left foot forward, right back, relax. And you go, stretch through, bend, and lift, and now tuck. You go scoop and reach, lift the knee in the back.

Deep, deep, deep, stay lifted, and you go open, open, open, and release. Wonderful. Hope you enjoyed the mat, hope you were able to experience all this, like, little bit of a unique setup that I put sometimes, just to really, yes, execute the mat the way it is, and have everything I said before, support, stretch, and position, but also, get more information for your body to then recreate the same thing in other pieces of equipment. So, I hope you enjoyed it, and I'll see you here again.


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Wow, what can I see absolutely loved the use of the push trough bar throughout.  Thank you for an amazing first class in the series!
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How ! Thanks so much, I loved all the shoulder stuff
Ariane A Thank you 🙏🏼! This workout helps my body so much for many different reasons! Happy you like it too!
Laurie K Thank you Laurie! 🙏🏼 All these shoulder blade moves helped me rehab my shoulder last year! 😉 Glad you like it!
fantastic, thank you Ilaria, it was challenging and fun; more of tower/cadillac videos please!!
Paulina Thank you Paulina! Happy you like it! Yes! Stay tuned for more classes 😉
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Beautiful class, super professional, loved it 
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Perfect instruction, apparatus, and challenge for my body! I will do this class several more times to acquire more strength and finesse. Thank you!!
Marisol B Thank you Marisol! 🙏🏼
Nadine T 🙌🏻 Wonderful! Happy you like the class 😘
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