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Work on finding stability in a neutral position with this flexion-free daily dose of movement by Andrew Aroustian. He teaches sequences that work in an extension bias, allowing you to cover all of the movements of the spine except forward flexion. This quick class will allow you to build strength and endurance in your back body as well as in your abdominals and legs.
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Hello, everybody. My name is Andrew Arustin, and welcome to my Flexion free daily dose of movement. So today, we'll be doing a little sequence, a couple of sequences of movement that you'd be working in a an extension bias. For those of you who might have a few issues in spinal flexion or anything of that nature. So, hopefully, this one will work very well for you. So let's get started. So what I'd like you to do first is let's get up onto our knees here. So we're just gonna take a moment just to stabilize and work through this kneeling position.

So we've got an elongated bit of length here through the front. So we're talking about getting a little bit of activation into the back of the legs and into the hamstrings and glutes. And then to oppose that, we're gonna start finding the dominals here. So just to keep yourself in that nice neutral position to prevent any of this kind of of breaking out of that. So From here, what we'll do is we'll do a little bit of spinal extension and a little abdominal activation.

So hands will go behind the head. Keeping the elbows slightly forward of the shoulder joint just to protect yourself from going into that overextension position like that. So coming into here, thinking of the connection through the abdominals and the hamstrings. So you'll start to inhale, go into an extension position. So find that the front of the rib cage moves away from the pelvis, then as your eggs, how collect the abdominals and come back to your neutral.

So here we basically are doing chest lifts, exhale, finding a little bit of activation into the abdominals working a against gravity and lift 3 more inhale back, exhale lifting back to center 2 to go. Now challenge the self to press back into the hands with the head, eggs, how to lift 2 more in how that exhale to lift. Last one inhale. Exhale to lift. Good. 2nd in this series, we'll add a little slight lateral flexions. So as you inhale to the right, you're coming across.

Now don't go too far if lateral flexion is not happy for your spine, but we do want to make sure that we cover all movements of the spine through this daily dose. So inhale across exhale back to center. Now finding that the grounding and the centering from this exercise comes from the pelvis Think about the spine moving at the base of the pelvis. So try to avoid moving into a rib shift as you go into this lateral flexion, it's more about, lengthening away from the pelvis. Range doesn't matter. Whatever work for your body.

1 more either side inhaler cross at last one. Cross back to center. Now we're gonna add some rotations. So just a nice exhale and rotate and come back to center. Nice and gentle. You can inhale all eggs hail on this. It doesn't really matter for me at this point.

It's just about getting that movement and coming back to center. We'll try a little bit of an inhaler cross eggs, how that works for me today. So take a nice big breath in. Now making sure that you keep those hip bones nice and anchored forward just so that you avoid bringing the whole thing with you and coming off that neutral position. Last one to the left coming across Eggs, how back to center? Lovely job. Alright.

So coming on down to lace supine, so laying onto your back. We'll do a little sequence here connecting in through once again, not only just the abdominals, but also thinking about the co contraction of the spinal extenses as well. So what we'll do is a little pelvic lift. So as you breathe out, press your feet into the mat, press your arms, into the mat, lift the hips about an inch up off the floor. And then lower backed out. So the range is not massive.

You wanna try to avoid coming too high than going, risking, going into that thoracic flexion which some of us need to avoid. So as you breathe out, hovering the pelvis, that leading with the tailbone as you come down. So it's super important that when you come up, you're holding in through the co contraction. And as you go down avoiding that flection through that lumbar spine. Let's do 3 more.

As you breathe out, finding that connection around the back of the sacrum, to help support you in how to come down, to more take your breath. I like to cube breathe into the low back. Breathe out. Sorry to the low back. Breathe into the shoulder blades as you come down. Let's do one more egg's hard to lift.

In her leading with that tailbone to come down. Nice job. Okay. Now we're going to do a little, mobilization of that SI joint. So hovering that pelvis up once again. Now while you're here, let's think about the back of the leg. So try not to push onto your feet here. Try to think about pulling onto your feet, lengthening the tailbone, and just hovering your pelvis above the mat.

I've got a better hands width there. We're also working into a little bit of endurance here into that isometric hamstring. Adductors are on as well. So we're going into a little caterpillar. So what I want you to do is as you breathe in, lengthen the tailbone down towards the mat into an anterior tilt, and as you exh, how lifting back to the neutral.

So it's not an imprint or reflection here. So inhale, pull with the heels and lengthen that tailbone down, exhale to come back up. 4 ball in how to take that length. Now the abdominals are working hard here just to stabilize everything because it all is kind of moving here, you're in that nice open chain, which is really, really encouraging activation of those muscles around the pelvis Girdle 2 more, eggs, how back to neutral last one. Ex, how let's lower that pelvis down just for a little rest. Very nicely done. So we've worked through that anterior and posterior work through that pelvis.

Now we add a different plane into rotation. So Once again, as you breathe that arms press down, feet press down, you lift the pelvis up off the mat, abdominals are on nice and strong here. As you breathe in, you're going to rotate your right sitting bone down, but also think of the left sitting bone coming up, exhale back to center. In how the other way. So what's happening here, if you keep the knees and the thighs kind of still, What's happening here is you're kind of going into external rotation of one hip joint and internal rotation of the other thigh bone on the hip joint.

So in her length and once again with the sitting bones to come down, exhale to lift, finding abdominal support, going in inhale to rotate eggs hard to lift. It really helps to press the foot down of the side that's lifting, because that helps. Last one in her rotate, eggs, how to lift, and then lower the pelvis down. Good third exercise in this series is a little bit of marching, so we're adding a little bit more of a load on that unilateral site, so pressing the pelvis up into that neutral, so not too high. And I just want you to lift your right leg up to tabletop, and then lower it back down. So I've got this little puppy pore kind of position here. So press down on the foot that's stabilizing, and just mobilize onto the other side.

So just doing this little SiJ lifts, little puppy poor leg, the tibia or the shin bone is just going to be parallel or perpendicular to the floor, I should say. That's it. So stabilizing through the upper back, through the shoulders, arms, abdominals are keeping you nice and strong here. Last one on the left side is how to lift in how to lower, hold for a second, stabilize, and then come all the way back down. Excellent work. Nicely done. Okay.

Everyone come up to a sitting position. Roll on to your side first. Press into the mat to come back up. Sorry. That's good. Just a nicer way to get up if you're a if you are avoiding that that flexion, through the spine.

Okay. Nicely done. Let's lay now onto our stomach. So rotating around Again, go via the side onto your stomach into our little goalpost arms here. Okay? So We're going to work into the upper back and into those shoulders. So what I'd like you to do first There's still a couple of the goal posts first. So, you're just going to lift the hands up off the mat, keeping those elbows pressed down. Now, as you probably notice, My range is a little different to Sally's where Sally's got more mobility through her shoulder joint than I do, which is going to be true for a lot of you.

Some of you will have that mobility. And others like me will not, so that's okay. Just do as much as your body will allow, it's that outward rotation of the upper arm that I'm after here last one. Now let's add a little bit of load on to it's like an arms pull straps number 2. So pick the hands up first, then pick the elbows up a little bit. Open the arms to the side, to your t position.

Bring the arms back as you extend the spine. Back to a tee, lower the head, back to goal post, elbows first, hand second. Good. Woo hoo. Hoo. Let's do that again. And hands first, elbows second, and out to the side. Find that outward rotation as you lift through the sternum and chest.

That's it. Open. Back to your tee, goalpost, elbows first, hand second. 2 more, hands first, elbows, second, open externally rotate, lift, Open back out, lower the body, bend the elbows, elbows first hand second, last one, hands up first. Elbow second and open to a tee, lifting up into that extension palms face the floor. Open back out to a tee, bend the elbows, and lower yourself down.

Nicely done. Okay. Pressing into your hands, what you're going to do is turn your toes the other way, come up into one One long line in a push up. So as you breathe out, press down into the floor, up, you come. One knee underneath are the knee underneath into your 4 point kneeling. Promised we added you that once. Okay. So finishing off with a little 4 point swimming, which is fantastic, not only for the stabilization of all joints, but also into that anti gravity work.

So as you breathe that right, I'm forward left, I'm back as you press. That's it. And then return back to center. The side eggs, how to reach and back. Cool. I'll be going to be 3 each side. Thinking about lifting from the base of the glutes into the hamstring and from the base of the shoulder, not too high, that you end up lifting that, those shoulders up, hold this position, press down into the mat and extend the spine. That's it. Hold. Hold. Hold.

And then sitting back down onto your heels. And we're done. Thank you for joining me. I hope you've enjoyed that, and I'll see you soon.


Excellent daily dose of extension! Loved the finer cueing details- really enhanced the purpose of the movement and enlivened the activation of the correct areas, Thank you so much for sharing! Look forward to some more of these extension bias classes, such  a beneficial addition to daily movement practices.
Catherine M Thanky ou so much, I'm so happy you enjoyed it. Yes, so very important to balance out the body. These short Daily Doses of movement are so beneficial. I have Extension Focus Matwork and Reformer workouts also on PA. would love your feedback! 
Brilliant, so useful as many of the people I help are ‘normal ‘ bodies not ex dancers. Thank you
Thank you, that was short and sweet, just what I needed today.
Lisette-Anne V perfect! Glad you liked it

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