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Wall Pilates Barre

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You will feel the burn with this fun Barre-Fusion workout by Jason Williams. He uses the Wall to act as your Barre, giving you the tools you need to get a full-body experience. He provides options to allow you to challenge your balance, strength, and coordination so you can build on these skills as you progress in your practice.
What You'll Need: Mat, Wall

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Hello, this is Jason Williams here with Pilates Anytime. And today, we have a very special class for you, it is Wall Pilates Bar. So excited to bring this class to you. So let's get started. Okay, you're gonna start by turning, facing the wall here, placing two hands on.

So the wall's gonna act as your bar. I'm gonna start with some simple runners of footwork, lifting the right heel up, and then you're gonna go up and over, left heel lifts up, and back down, all right? So simple runners, working through those ankles, the feet, getting everything nice and loosened up through the legs. Make sure you keep your hips, shoulders stacked. Breathing in nice and tall, pulling through the crown of your head.

Good. And then you start to take it down a little bit at a time. Get into some runners, walking their hands down. Now you start to really feel those legs and ankles activate. So it's a nice little warmup.

Shoulders back, chin up. Draw the belly in. Looking good. So option for two hands or you can go one hand on the wall, maybe both hands to the hips always option as well. Good. So you got 4, 3, 2, 1.

Coming all the way back up, bringing those feet to first position. So heels together, toes pointed out, coming up to your plie, and then back down, landing knees track out, over first, second toe, and then right back up tippy toes. Good. So maintaining your posture, pulling through the crown and the head nice and tall, and then back down. So my heels will lift here at the bottom as I go down, and back up. Again, nice and tall.

Breathing. Exhale. Inhale. Nice and tall. Two more. So you always have the options for hands on the hips or you bring hands up, whichever is in your practice.

Last one. Now you're gonna go all the way up tippy toe, walk those heels together, chin up, and now take it down and back up. So now the heel stay elevated, drawing in through the belly, hand option for the hips. Maybe one hand on the wall. Looks good.

We got four. Good. Three. Nice. Two. Now, I'm gonna take it down and we're gonna booty pop. So little pelvic tilt back and forth at 12 o'clock, six o'clock as you rotate, getting knees tracking out.

Looking good. So you start feeling these legs light up. Nice. Two more. One more, hold side to side.

Twerk it out. Let's go. Get those hips moving, three o'clock, nine o'clock. Again, option for hands here or maybe one hand on the wall. Do you. Come on.

And shake it on loose. Good work. So now we'll turn and face this way, right hand to the wall, left hand to the hip. We'll do a nice simple front to back kick. So inhaling and exhaling.

Good. So get that nice length here to the hip flexor. Make sure that toe points out. Breathe, shoulder back. Again, always option for one hand to the wall or to the hip.

Do you based on your balance. Good. So I'm do two more. Good. One more. Nice. Then come back to center.

Give me simple leg circles here. Okay. So again, testing the balance a little bit, pointing the toe. Also the option to bring both hands to hips. Okay, your circle can be as small or big as you like.

So you can even keep it here again if your balance isn't that good, smaller circles here, all right? But you can always take it wider. Two more and then we reverse, come back to center and then back around. Good. Breathe. Uh-huh.

So then maybe you wanna take the hand off the wall if you don't need it. Two more. Good. One more. And then come back to center, take your left leg, bring it behind the right, little bend in the knee here, IT band stretch. Inhale.

Exhale. Breathe in. And out. Good. Last one.

And relax. Back to center. Good. We'll turn and face the other way. Left hand to the wall, right leg here. We'll start with this front to back sweeps.

Good. That nice hip flexor stretch. Breathing in and out. So your upper body is still here, all right? Just my hip is doing the work. Again, your range of motion, again, can be here to here even, it doesn't have to be a big sweep as you kick front to back.

Good. Chin up, chest up. Looks good. You got 4, 3, 2. Back to center, circle it out. Nice and easy.

Lengthen out to the hip. Again, your circle can be as small or as big as you like. Option for hand on the wall or both hands to hips. Do you, whatever feels good. And you'll start to feel this inside left leg burning.

One more. Then you'll reverse it. Opposite way. Looks good. Breathe, in through the nose, out through the mouth.

Nice. Two more. One more then we'll do that yummy IT band stretch, bring it behind, little bend in this left knee, right arm reaches overhead. Exhale. Good. Inhale.

And exhale. Three more. Nice, easy flow. Move like water. All right?

One more. And then we'll move into our second position. You'll turn and face the wall, rotate back around, walk this feet out. So again, angle the toes out, go to your tippy toes here, and then take it down to your second position, pulse. So again, same options, hand on the wall, you can bring hand to hip.

You can make that beach ball or rainbow here with the arms. Good. Feel those inner thighs engaged. Draw that belly in. Good. Nice.

So now you really start feeling the inner thighs engaged. Two more. Good. One more. And hold, drop your right heel down, alternate it out. Woo. Let's get funky.

So now it's a nice easy side to side, inner thigh. Uh-huh. You can add a little wiggle if you want. Do you. One more.

Hold, then drop the heels down, and up. All right? Really get into those inner thighs, shoulders back. Looks good. Again, always an option for that hand on the wall, you can bring another hand out, whichever feels good.

Last two. Good. One. And shake it on loose. Well done. Let's get a little figure 4 stretch here.

Right over left, getting into that hip. Nice. Good. So it should be pretty warmed up now. Left over right. Got those hips moving, little inner thighs, some hip openers, right?

So now, we'll come down to the mat and we'll do some core work. So you're gonna turn and face the wall, come down one foot or knee at a time. All fours, okay? So I'm gonna start simple wall walks. So what I'm do is extend my left hand.

I'm might have to readjust here. And then you're gonna bring this hand down, right hand up. So just giving you a nice extension here, and then coming back. Now we're gonna simply walk it out. Left hand, right hand.

Left hand, right hand. Left hand, right hand, left hand, and just keep walking out. Here, you're engaged in your core. Especially here in this position, you'll feel your abs turn on. Right hand, left hand.

Now wanna switch it up, right, left. So make sure you do both sides where you alternate which hand goes first, all right? Good. Feel the abs engage. Looks good.

Nice. Three more. Good. Two more. Last one. And relax it down.

Now we're gonna do opposition. My right hand is going first. Reset, you might have to bring your hand down, kick your left leg back, all right? So you're in that opposition. And you're gonna tap your left toe down and up.

Simple leg extensions. So you're working a little bit of abs and a little bit of that left glute. Good. Breathe. Nice. We got 6, 5.

So make sure your eyes are straight down so you're not straining your neck. Uh-huh. Last one. And then slowly bring the knee in, right hand down, left hand up first, right leg extends, tap the toe, up down kick. Good. Draw the belly in, square the shoulders and hips. Looks good.

Awesome work. We got 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. And relaxing on down. Knee in left, hand down. Good.

So next, we'll come down to our belly. And same thing, we're gonna bring both hands to the wall, and then there's a slight bend in the elbows. We're gonna do a double leg kick with extension. So it's gonna be a 1, 2, press to the wall, you can go to fingertips, plant back. 1, 2, push it up.

So it's a little cobra. Two, extend. Good. 1, 2, extend. Good. Draw the abs in here.

Good. 1, 2, kick. 1, 2. So you get a nice quad stretch when you go in here. Two. And then you extend it back.

Three more. Here we go. Nice. Good. Breathe. Nice. One more. And then relax it on down.

Bring your hands in, press it back to child's pose, give it a little counter, back stretch. Take a deep breath, inhale, and exhale. Nice work. And then we will swing around from there, and we'll bring both feet to the wall for some bridges. So reset yourself, left foot up, right foot up, hands are flat.

So I'm gonna start with both heels to the wall, shoulders down and back, tucking my pelvis, rolling up to the bridge. Okay? And then slowly peeling back down. Good. So simple wall bridges, back up, shoulders back, and then back down. Looks good.

So options here to keep the heels down. If you wanna spice it up a little bit, maybe a little tippy toe, lift the heels, and now take it up, a little more hamstringing here, and then back down. And then back up. Good. Options with the arms.

You can bend the elbows to take away a little stability or bring the hands to the sky. Good. Do you. So you got four. Good. Three. Nice. Two.

And one, hands down, and then slowly relax, pull knees into the chest, stretching on that little rock side to side. So from here, we'll move into our series of five, okay? So I'm gonna scooch you back. Okay. Right leg are gonna come up to the sky, hold at the calf, Make that C curve with the head, left leg extends, and you're just gonna switch, and switch.

Good. Inhale. Exhale. Good. So a little pointed toe.

Again, if your neck is being strained, drop your head down, okay? Again, your machine, you know what to do with it, right? So we got two more. Good. One more. Single leg stretches next.

So pull that right knee in, left knee in. Good. So keep your knees within the midline as you inhale. Exhale. Good. Same thing, head and stay up or bring it down if your neck is straining a little bit.

Two more. Good. One more. Moving to double leg stretch. Pulling both knees in, kicking out, circle around. Inhale, reach, exhale, back in.

Nice. So now starting to feel those abs kicking a little bit. Looking good. Two more. One more. Good. Hands come in, brace the head and neck with the hands, feet up, Pilates V with his feet.

Heels together, take it down just a little bit, and up. Inhale as you go down, exhale as you go up. Good. So brace your head and neck with your hands so you're not using your neck here in the front. Two more. Good. One more.

And then moving to bicycle. Good. Number five. Nice work. 3, 2, 1. Pull both knees into the chest.

Relax it on back, rock it out. Nice work. So now we're getting nice and warmed up to those abs. Going back to our bridges here on the wall, single leg style. So this is where we really get the booty kicking, all right?

So bending the knees, hands flat, shoulders back, bridge up. I'm gonna bring my right leg up first. Okay? So you can flex the heel, come down, maybe a little tap to the wall, point the toe, flex the heel, tap, and up. So you can keep this left foot heel down, right?

Or if you wanna really get into those glutes, tippy toe, all right? And then tap, and up. Tap and up. Good. Take your time.

You don't have to kick the wall too hard. We're not trying to put a hole through the wall. Nice and easy, be controlled. And then bring the right foot here, left foot up. Same thing.

Little tap with the heel and then point. Flex, point. Good. Shoulders back. Good. So you're getting a little gauge with that right glute on the right side. Left heel's tapping the wall.

Good. Option to lift that heel on the right foot here. And then here. Nice. Breathe.

Good. Two more. One more. And then relax it on down. Roll it in.

Good. Pull the knees in. Let's go a little bit wider here to get a nice lower back stretch. A little rock side to side. Breathe. Exhale.

Good. Now we'll go to single leg bridge. So feet back here on top. Bridge it up, lift those hips. So now what you're gonna do is bring that right leg to the sky, lift it up, and now drop the hips down and then straight on up. Good.

So again, working through that left glute, right leg to the sky, you can point the toe, you can lift the heel if you want a little more love in that upper hammy glute. All right? Get that top shelf. Let's go. Three.

Good. Two. One. And then we're gonna switch legs. Here we go. Left leg up, bring it down, and up, straight up to the sky.

Let's go. Always same options. Bring the hands down, bend the elbows, you can bring your hands up. If you got that in your practice, maybe lift the heel on this right foot. Here we go.

Two more. Good. One more. And relax it on down. Good. Right over left, figure 4, pull it in, get a little stretch. Side movement.

Still getting that right hip. You can even push the knee out a little bit. You can even bring that foot to the wall if you need to do that as well, all right? It's a nice stretch. And then switch it, left over right, pull the knee in.

Ah, feels good on that hip. So take a deep breath, inhale. Exhale. Feels good. Bring that foot to the wall, to wall, and then we'll roll to our side series.

So this is a fun side series that you can do. Hands behind the head. Option for this hand to come here to the mat, okay. So both feet are gonna be extended out here. Again, we're using the wall for some stability.

So hands behind the head. All right, left foot's gonna stay on the wall, right leg is gonna kick up and down. Good. Breathe. Nice. So simple. Up down kicks.

So this is nice 'cause it keeps this bottom leg stabilized. So if you're learning your side series or working through more efficiency for the side series, it'll help with that. Good. Two more. Good. One more. Nice. Then hold here, pull this knee in, bicycle.

So you can bend the bottom knee a little bit here, and then reach. Good. So again, a nice hip stretch. Good. You can even graze the wall a little bit here with that foot as you pull the knee up. Nice. One more.

And then you'll come back, bring the knee through, reach back, stretch, here's your hip. Good. So you get that nice hip flexor stretch on the way back, all right? Good. Then we're gonna get really funky here in a second, all right? So we're just gonna switch the legs, all right?

So bring this right foot on top, bottom leg is gonna lift up and down. It's very tiny here, right? So this foot can be flat or tiptoe at the top, bottom leg lifts. Up, down, all right? So you might have to readjust by moving in.

All right? And then you can really get that lift to that inner thigh. So you're feeling the bottom leg. Good. 3, 2, 1. Hold, now kick back, and then come through.

So now I'm working through the lower leg bicycle, right? Good. Two more. Top leg is on the wall, right? Nice. Last one.

Now reverse it, come back, and then kick. Good. Nice. So notice how nothing else is moving through this line here, right? Just that bottom leg. Good. Always option for hand down or hand behind the head.

Last one. And then relax it on down. Other side. Here we go. So roll here. Both feet to the wall, hands behind the head, scoot in, readjust, left leg comes up and down.

So just a simple kick. Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Again, this bottom leg can be straight or you can bend it a little bit, but you might have to readjust by moving in, all right? If you bend that knee on the bottom.

Good. Shoulders back. Good. 4, 3, 2. Now bicycle it out, pull that knee in, sweep it back. Nice. Feels good.

Do good, feel that hip. Uh-huh. So a lot going on here 'cause you have to stabilize your core. So go and go slow. And then last one, then you reverse, kick back, and then come through.

Kick back, and then come through. Nice. So that nice hip flexor stretch. Two more. One more and then we'll do the bottom half.

So now this foot comes to the wall, readjust maybe in a little bit. Straighten out here, little bend, up down kick. Down and up. Bottom leg. So you're still feeling this top leg and you're getting a little inner thigh here on the bottom legs.

If I move it back, There. That's where you can be. Good. Shoulders back. Mm-hmm. 4, 3, 2.

Then we'll do those lower leg bicycles. Pull up and out. Good. Pull the knee in and out. Good. So we're gonna inner thigh and our lower leg.

Two more. One more. And then reverse it. Come back around. Flip it and reverse it.

Here we go. We got 4, 3, 2. Last one, roll to that belly. And then we'll press back to a down dog and then walk the hips back. And then walk back.

Take your time. And then peel all the way up to standing. And we're already here at the wall. So now our back is against the wall, kinda like a wall squat. Pretty simple.

Hands to the hips. So what I'm gonna do is lift my right toe up, kick it out, switch, left toe up, kick it out. So simple toe taps, all right? Do these nice and easy. My heels lifted here so it gives me that range of motion to kick forward.

Tap and tap. So now you're gonna feel these quads a lot right here. Shoulders back. Two more. One more.

Good. Drop the heels down, press back, readjust right foot, rotate the toe out, kick inner thigh, right? Shoulders back. 4, 3, 2. Switch legs. Here we go. Reset, point the toe, rotate it out, kick. Nice.

Shoulders back. Also, more can be here. Nice. Three, two. Let's give these legs up a little break.

Watch this. Come here. Goalpost arms. Ah, there's a nice stretch, right? So here, we can do a little internal, external rotation. Right arm goes down, and then switch, left arm goes down.

So we'll just gonna rotate and then rotate. Good. So nice shoulder stability exercise here. Good, take your time. It's almost like the robot, right? Do what you gotta do, right?

Two more. One more. And then hands to hips. Good. Right leg extends out. Small circles here.

So back to our legs, right? Good. We got 4, 3, 2. Reverse that circle. Thought I was gonna put the foot down. Nope, we're gonna stay on this side.

Come on. And now we'll switch, left foot, circle it out. That's it. Good. So stay here. Your foot does not have to be high here, all right?

You can keep it low right there, all right? So don't force it, all right? Three, two, reverse, opposite way. Good. That left leg should be cooking here, also here. Nice. Two more.

One more. Bring it on down. Bring those arms back. Now let's do a simple wall glide. Slide up and down.

So this is a nice chest opener here. Breathe. Good. Still have the bend in the knees, right? To keep your back flat against the wall. Nice work. Two more.

Good. One more. And relax. Nice. Roll those shoulders out. And let's turn to face the wall. So here, we're gonna start with diamond pushup.

So index finger, thumbs touch, scoot it back. So now I'm on my tippy toes. You can come down a little bit lower. My hands are about chest level, all right? Come down right here.

Elbows go out to the side, press it away. Back down. Push it away. So work a little tricep. A little bit of chest squeeze here.

Get a little pump time, right? Always gotta get the arms involved. Can't forget about those. Come on, get those summer arms. All right, here we go.

Four. Good. Three, two. Last one. Relax it here, walk through those hands down, sweep this left leg back, pulse it out, all right? Good.

Now hips are square. Option here, go to your tippy toe, kick up and down. Nice. 4, 3, 2. Here's where we get wild, are you ready?

Come down to your Shiva squat, and extend it out. Here we go. So tuck this knee behind this your right knee, and then extend it on out here. So left knee comes behind the right, right there, and then kick it on out. Nice.

Good. So my heel's up, gives me a little more room. Also it makes the exercise a tad bit harder. Last one. And then we'll switch sides. Bring it on down.

Flatten, square the hips, right leg sweeps back, up down kick. Again, each side will be a little different. Lift the chin a little bit here so your eyes, your gaze is right here. All right? 4, 3, 2.

Tippy toe, take it on up. Here we go. Showtime. Nice. 4, 3, 2. Hold it here.

Shiva squat, take it on down. Right leg extends back, left knee bends down. Come on. Nice work. Three, two.

Last one. Bringing on down. Last set of those tricep pushups. So there's diamond here. Take it on down, push.

Come on. Nice. We got 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. And relax it. Stretching home back.

Ah, nice job. Roll it back up. And that is our wall Pilates for today. Hopefully you enjoyed it. Hopefully we'll see you again.

Take care of yourself, each other, and have a great day.


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Great work Jason thank you - really loved the quadruped series
Jason Williams
Patti S Thank you so much Patti🙏🏾😄
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Loved that work out! Thanks so much!
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Loved that work out! Thanks so much!
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Nice variations! Loved it! Thanks!
Jason Williams
Mary H thank you! 🙏🏾😊
Jason Williams
Birgit N thank you Birgit 🙏🏾
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Super fun! Lots of creative variations-I particularly enjoyed the quadruped series and the standing series at the end. I appreciated the pace and clear cues
Jason Williams
Rachel P thank you! Glad you enjoyed the class🙏🏾😄
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Thanks. I really enjoyed the class and as always, your kind and motivating cues.
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