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Arms on Fire

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In this invigorating Reformer class led by Carrie Pages, you will be guided through a creative and challenging upper body focused workout. Experience dynamic variations of exercises that will awaken your arm, shoulder, and back muscles, while staying connected to your center. Get ready for a playful arm work that will leave you feeling energized and accomplished.

While this class is a part of Carrie Pages' Power Reformer Challenge, it can also be taken outside of the challenge at any time.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Mar 04, 2024
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Hi, everyone. Welcome to day 2 arms on fire. We're gonna get started with a great variation on planking and push ups. So come to your reformer. You're gonna go on 1 medium spring.

We're bringing one hand onto the frame, the other hand onto the carriage. Position your feet so that they are centered between your hands and send your shoulders away from your ears. You're gonna take a deep breath into prepare. And as you breathe out, you're gonna press out with the left arm only as far as you can without shifting your body to the left. Bring the carriage underneath you. Inhale. Exhale, press the carriage out too.

Inhale brings it in. Do that one more time. 3 and bring it in. Now we're gonna raise the left leg up into the air. We're gonna press the carriage out and find a wide plank shaped position.

Stabilize your carriage. Add 5 push ups. Bend push up 1. They don't need to be big. They can be quite petite, but you're gonna try to keep that carriage still, which is a challenge for and up five up and hold. Now from here, can you raise that left leg into the air and balance then pull the carriage all the way in? And step forward, and we'll walk around to do the other side.

We're gonna bring the hand to the frame, one hand to the carriage, step the feet back. Finding this nice energy out through the top of the head, you're gonna press that carriage out 1 and bring it in. Press it out 2. Bring it in. Press it out 3.

Bring it in. Now raise your right leg up into the air. You're gonna slide the carriage out Step over wide position with the feet, stabilize your carriage, 5 push ups, bend, push up 1, bend, push up 2, Bend 3. Keep the carriage still and push it up. Now pick your right leg up. Try to find your balance. Yourself back over. Step forward.

And now we're gonna change the springs and get ready for footwork. Go ahead and bring your foot bar up You can load your springs up as heavy as you like. I'm just gonna do 3 reds on this balance body reformer. Lay on your back Pilates v stands. Now take your arms up to the ceiling above you, turn your palms in to face one another, and open your arms out wide to the side, and want you to keep your palms rotated up and bring your arms down beside you.

Now without changing anything from your shoulder to your elbow, flip your palms over, press the hands into the mat to isolate those triceps up high. Begin your footwork while keeping that pressure into the hands. 2, and 3. So I like when I'm trying to isolate some arm work here to press my hands, not only down into the carriage, but also just barely feel like I'm pulling my hands up towards my shoulders. This is 910.

We'll bring it in Go to bird feet, knees, and toes together. Take it up. Same idea with the arms. Keep that pressure going. Let the breath control Give you some work from your center and inhale. Exhale.

One more. Take it to the heels, flexing through the feet. We go up and Keep the pressure down into the hands. Hand sliding just barely up to the shoulders to create some extra energy in the triceps. 7, 8, 9, and 10. We'll go back to Pilates v stents on the toes, slide to the top, exhale, heels under, and 2, and keep pressing through those hands.

Tri slips should be a little tired by now, down. And Exhale, inhale up. Exhale. 2 more. 9.

10 is enough. Bend the knees to come in. Now I'm gonna leave the springs the same. Scoop down off my shoulder rest slightly reach up for the straps. Going for 100 beats here, start with the legs in a table, prepare inhale. Pull the handles down, chin to chest, curl up. Hi. Send the legs out.

Pump those arms. Breathe that it and out. Inhale. See if you can find a similar isolation up in the backs of the arms while going through your hundred. Feel free to keep your legs up high.

Feel free to lower your legs down low. Feel free to stay in a tabletop. Whatever feels right for you today. Going for your 10 deep breaths. This is 7.

Two more breaths. Final one. Hold the arms steady. Knees come in. Arms go up and the head goes down. Hook your straps.

And we'll come on up, and we're gonna grab the box to do some work on the floor. So the box is going to come down onto the side of the frame, and I usually line the box up with the edge of the carriage here. So that's the alignment I'm going for. And I'm gonna go to 1 blue spring, a medium spring on this balanced body reformer, bringing my hands onto the corners of the box, Take a moment in this position just to get the shoulders as squared off as possible. Without disturbing that squared off position, bring one hand onto the shoulder rest, and you're gonna extend the arm and bring it back in.

We're gonna press it out too. Bring it back in. 3, and 4, and 5, Now out on 6 and bring it in. Keep the shoulders squared off just like they are. Take your right leg back behind you and with an inhale you prepare, with an exhale raise that leg into the air with an inhale lower it down.

Exhale lifts it up to inhale lowers it down. On the third one, raise it up and just stay there. Try to isolate the back of the leg and glute as strongly as you can Keep the leg in the air. 6 more presses with one arm. 2 and 3 and 4, and in 5, and 6 brings it. You can tuck that knee into your chest take a moment to sit back, get a little counter stretch.

We're gonna come on up to standing, take the box around to the other side. Lining the edge of the box up with the edge of the carriage coming on to the knees and first both hands on the corners of the box. Find a connection to the belly, send the shoulders down without disturbing that squared off shape, left arm onto the shoulder block, and extend 6. Bring it back. 5.

And 4. 3. 2 and 1. Now we're gonna bring it in, stabilize the carriage, send the left leg back to the floor, breathe in. As you breathe out, raise that leg into the air, glutes alive, lower the leg, breathe it in. Lift the leg up too. Lower it breathe in.

Lyft it up on the third one, hold it right where it is. Arm extends out. And and 3, 4, 5, and 6, bring it in. We'll take that into a quick little child's pose for a counter stretch and then come up to standing again. Bringing the box on to the reformer now. Similar exercise, we're gonna add a spring.

I'm gonna go ahead and put a red on. Give it a little bit more tension, and now we're gonna do a double arm overhead press. So lay on your stomach. Position yourself so you're chin about the chin is over the bar. Press yourself back three quarters of the way and take a second hold there. We're only going three quarters of the way so that we can really stabilize the shoulder blades and then come in with a slow control.

Do it again. Her roll back and find those muscles down the back and down through the backs of the shoulders. And then bring yourself in. Now what you'll do next is pick up the rhythm and tempo. So you're gonna kinda do like a pulse and and 3. Now really bring the back alive. Arms and back.

6, 7, 8, 9, and we're doing 10 more. Lots of work there through those shoulders and down the sides of the back, 3, 4, keep the legs alive, core, alive, 82 more, 910. Now what I'm gonna do is lower my foot bar one setting just to get it a little further off my face, and I'm going back to the blue spring. This is a little jump from here. I'm gonna push off my hands hover in the air, land on my hands, send my shoulders down my back.

Press and land. Press and land. We're doing that eight times. This is 4. Bring it in 5. Bring it in each time you land.

Can you create a little more focus of the shoulders down the back? 7 and then one more. 8 is enough. Go ahead back to your red spring. Bring your foot bar up one more setting and just a nice, easy swan.

Inhale guides you up. Exhale takes you down. Just two more. Easy and hale up. Exhale down. And last one.

Up and lower down. Bend the arms to come in. Now adjust your spring for pulling straps and tea. I'm gonna go down to a blue spring. Choose pick your poison at home.

Do whatever feels right for you. You're gonna lay on your stomach. For pulling straps, we're gonna reach up high onto these straps. Holding on with a nice energy. Let the grip of the hands on the ropes, send energy up your arms into your shoulders, similar to that overhead press series we just did.

So with the shoulders slightly pinned back, we begin our first pull. Inhale lift 1, Exhale. Take that down. Inhale. Lift 2. Exhale brings it down.

Inhale 3 and exhale. Control it down. Now take the hands all the way down. For the t, we're gonna inhale. Open the chest reach back.

Arms stay high. Inhale too. Exhale. Don't let the hands dip low. Inhale. 3. Exhale.

Return. Now take your hands back up to where you had for pulling straps. We're gonna do a tricep extension here. So start with the shoulders. Pinned back just like you did on the overhead press.

So feel the shoulder blades sliding down your back and just do three extensions. 2, and 3. Now we're gonna release out of that. And we're gonna combine those 3 exercises. It starts with a tricep extension, goes through a t, and then releases down.

So watch here. Pull through with the elbows, extend out, and it's like you're at the top of pulling straps, then circle your arms around like tea release down, hit new start again. We'll do 3 more now. Pull through. Inhale.

Exhale. Down. Inhale. Exhale. Down 1 more. Inhale.

And exhale all the way down and release. We'll hook the straps on the poles send the feet to the floor and just get a quick little counter stretch there. Bring yourself up, and we're gonna change the spring for a bicep curl teaser combination. So I'm gonna actually add the yellow spring. You can kind of fiddle around with this at home and adjust the spring so it feels like the proper amount of tension for you. We're gonna take the arms and just turn the palms up here, sitting tall, you breathe in.

With an exhale, you're gonna roll back for me. Now I'm gonna make this little adjustment where I'm gonna go kinda to my tippy toes, which is gonna help kick in my abs just a little bit as I work through just 6 bicep curls here. And reach 2 and reach trying to keep the elbow stable, trying not to let the elbow dip down. That's 4, 5, and 6. I'm gonna reach and hold. Now I'm gonna bring my right knee back.

From here, I'm gonna send that leg up. Stay connected to my center, and I do 6 more bicep curls there trying to keep your balance. And reach. Cancel too far, or you'll topple back for and reach. 5, and 6. Now from here without arrest, put that foot down, bring the other knee into the body first, then send it up and 6, and reach.

5, And 4, try to hold that leg up from your center. 5, last rep And from here, put that foot down. Roll yourself up to a seated position. Hook your straps on the poles. And now we're gonna move the box onto the foot bar.

Let's go ahead and adjust the spring. I'm gonna change my spring to just one blue. Taking off the yellow for this. The box will go onto the foot bar and the frame safely, and then you're just gonna grab your straps and have a seat on your box. Take your feet and put them on the outside of the frame.

And you just what I like to do is hug the frame a little bit with my feet here. Palms are rotated down, and you're gonna take a second and raise the arms up just a little. Pin the shoulders back and down and add pulls here. 1, and reach. Pull it too.

And reach. Grow tall through the spine. 3. Inhale. Trying to keep the arm organized in the shoulder socket when the arms straighten, that can be a big challenge. That was 6. Turn your palms up, pin the shoulders back. Same thing here, but with the palms up, we're rotating and pulling the elbows back.

Inhale. Arms reach forward. Exhale. Pull 2. There's a slight spirit of a swan here creating link through the top of the head with a connection to your center and reach 5. And 6. Reach it long.

From here, we're gonna hook the straps on the poles, and we're just gonna adjust the spring really quick. I like to go a little bit lighter for this one arm variation. So I'm just gonna move the box, change my spring to my yellow, which is just a hair lighter, make sure the box is safe. Just grab one strap. Feeder on the outside of the frame, I'm gonna start with my palm rotated down. But as I inhale, I prepare as I exhale, I'm gonna rotate the palm up, add a little rotation, pause for a second, and then reach it back.

So don't rush this. Pull. Take a second. Is there more rotation? Inhale. Back to center.

3. Inhale brings you back. Try not to shift through the thighs or your seat. 2 more. 5.

Inhale reach. 6 inhale reach. Grab the other strap. So hook that one. Grab the other.

Take a second with the palm down. Careful that arm's not hanging out of the joint. Take that humerus. Plug it in, grow tall, inhale with an exhale. You add the rotation, and then inhale back to center palm rotates down. Exhale, palm up, rotate, look, and inhale back to center.

3. Inhale. 4 and reach. 2 more. 5 And reach. Last one. 6.

And reach. We'll take a nice rest. Hooking the strap on the pole. We're gonna take the box away. We're gonna get ready for some long stretches with a little extra sass in the long stretch.

Let's adjust the foot bar so that it's back up. And we're also going to go I'm gonna add a red. So I'm now on a red and a yellow. I'll bring my head rest up so it acts as a stopper for my feet, and I'm gonna step up onto the equipment not bringing my knees to the mat. Hand foot, hand, and foot.

Find a nice energy through the top of the head. We've got that nice power from our arms we've been working on. Let's just slide back with an inhale. Slide forward with an exhale. Do that one more time. Inhale back.

Exhale forward. Here's the sass. We go back with an inhale. We come halfway forward with the exhale and stabilize the carriage. Add a push up. Bend your arms. Straight in your arms.

You go back again. Inhale. Only halfway forward. Exhale. Bend the arms, straighten the arms, do it again, inhale, halfway forward, hold it, stabilize the carriage, bend the arms, straighten the arms, We do it twice more. Inhale.

Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Last invest. Inhale back. Exhale forward.

Inhale. Exhale. All the way in. Walk the feet to the shoulder rests. We do up stretch 5 repetitions. Inhale carriage back.

Exhale hips down. Inhale over the bar. Exhale curls you up. Take it back to. Down.

Inhale. Curl it up. 3. Forward. Roll it up. 2 more. 4.

Last invest. Inhale. Exhale. Control it forward. Chin to chest curl to bring it up, walk the feet forward.

We're gonna turn around and do 2 long back stretches each way. You're gonna stay on the same spring. If you wanna heavy it up, you're welcome to do so. Otherwise, I'm gonna continue on the same spring. Walk the feet out. And from here, then the elbows, inhale, exhale, roll it out, lift up, roll it back fine neutral with that pelvis.

Inhale. Exhale rolls it out. Lift it up. Roll it back in. That was 2. Reverse it twice.

Exhale sends the carriage out. Lower the hips, bend those elbows. Push yourself up. Exhale. Inhale. Lower.

Exhale. Inhale. Push up. You can have a seat on the bar, and we'll get ready for the next exercise. We're gonna come down now. We're gonna lighten the spring a little bit. Let's go to one yellow.

And this is gonna be a standing salute. So you're going to grab your strap. You're gonna face your footbar. I like to take my leg that's closest to the frame and extend it straight back. My front leg is bent slightly.

It's a little Pilates v stands, and I'm trying to get a little bit of energy through the hip. I'm gonna bring my hand to basically salute position with just one arm. Other hand on the hip I prepare breathe in. As I breathe out, I'm gonna reach the arm up and with an inhale elbow goes wide, and I bring the fingertips back to the crown of the head. Exhale reach that to and inhale. Now note my pace here. Don't fly through this. Really try to bring as much of the classical exercise into this position as you possibly can.

Keep the lower body alive. Keep the core alive. Elbow is yearning out wide to the side fingertips to the crown of the head. One more makes 6 and we bring it in. We're gonna take a little rest and add another exercise here, turn and face the other direction.

Again, my leg that's closest to the frame is my straight leg. It's behind me. Front leg is slightly bent. And then I'm just gonna hold the strap where I usually put my fingertips through the little loop or the, metal ring on my strap. I'm gonna breathe into prepare right here. And before I do the first pull, gonna plug that arm in the shoulder socket.

Now I pull back 6. Inhale reach. 5. Inhale reach. There's a slight pressure up when I'm extending my arm in front of me.

4 and a little pressure up. You can see how lifted that strap is. 5. And reach 1 more, 6. And reach.

Now we're gonna add a little tricep press. You're gonna put your hand through the strap. You're gonna take your upper body, front leg remains bent, and shift it forward. Now this range is really small. With a straight elbow, I press and then bring the arm back.

Make sure those shoulders are pinned back and bring the arm forward. Press it 3 and release. Press it 4 and release 2 more. 5. Don't worry about the range.

6 and release. We'll hook that strap and walk around to do the other side. So we'll start with the one arm salute. The leg that's closest to the frame is straight and behind me. My arm is behind my head, and I'm gonna extend exhaling today. Then with an inhale, I send that shoulder down, elbow wide, bend my arm, exhale 2, and I bring it Back. Exhale 3.

Bring it back. 4. And bend. 5, and bend 1 more, 6, and bend. From here, we turn around, face the other direction.

I like to take my fingers through that little ring, but you can hold it anywhere, and that'll just adjust your spring tension as well. Holding the strap up a little bit. Make sure that arm is in the socket there, and we pull in hail reach. There's a slight pressure up on that strap as I extend. 3, and reach.

4, and reach. Bye. 6 and extend. From there, hand goes into the foot loop, a lean a little forward. You can always adjust your stance to lighten your spring, pin the shoulders back, press it 1.

Fold it forward. 2. Release. 3. Keep the front knee nice and bent.

A little bit of energy up to that seat. 5. 6 is enough. Hooking the strap on the pole. Alright. We're gonna add up our springs now to do running.

I'm gonna add my 3 reds. Lay on your back. Parallel stands with the feet. Oh, let's bring that head rest down. Bring awareness to the arms again. A little pressure into the hands, tighten up the backs of those arms, feel that tricep activation.

Slide to the top and we run. Breathe it in and out. Remember how we pull gently up towards the shoulder rest with the hands to activate through the backs of the arms just a little more breathing and out inhale and exhale. Inhale. One more set. Go heels up. Bend the knees come all the way in.

Alright. We're gonna sit up and lighten our spring down to just one red for control push up front. So to start this exercise today, scoot your high knee to about the middle of your mat. Stretch your legs straight and bring your hands onto your shoulder blocks. Now take those shoulders, roll them open, and you're gonna crop yourself up and find a position where the hands are kind of under the shoulders, but not too far. You don't wanna be against the stopper. Now we're gonna add an exhale and just press back and then inhale, bring it underneath you.

Do that twice more. Press it back. Just press from the backs of the arms in the back. Do that again. Exhale press. Now we add the leg lift. Exhale, press. Inhale, bring it under.

Exhale press and bring it under. 3. And 4. And and one more set. 5. And in one more, 6 and in lower your hips down.

Bend your knees. And you're cooked for today. Thanks so much for joining me for that workout arms on fire, and I'll see you next time. Hey, guys. Thank you so much for joining me for that workout arms on fire. Join me on day 3, 4, lower body blast where we're gonna do a bunch of variations on 1 that are going to work those legs.


Shona Croft
Absolutely loving this series Carrie 💜
1 person likes this.
Day 2 ----- Fabulous arm and core workout.  Enjoying your series, Carrie!
Laurie G
1 person likes this.
Absolutely loved this workout!
1 person likes this.
So good! Thank you! I did ab crusher and arms on fire back to back - I am most definitely ready for my day now! 
1 person likes this.
I loved Arms on Fire. The flow was great and your cues were clear and concise. A real challenge! Thank you!
Sandra B
1 person likes this.
I can’t decide which one is my favorite, but for someone with one shoulder reconstructive RC surgery, and the other separation of the AC joint I am proud to say I was able to ALL exercises! Yahoo! I needed something like this, ready for strengthening, and with your expert cueing  and really hard  workout it felt sooo good! I sure feeL my arms! Thank you so much!
1 person likes this.
Arms on fire 🔥 🔥  for sure! Bookmarked and will come back to this again and again! 
Michael Mary S
Carrie, thanks for another great class.  I really like some of the variations.  I cannot wait to share with my class.
Thanks so much, everyone!! So glad you're enjoying the challenge!
Kara B
1 person likes this.
This was fantastic!  I feel my arms for sure:). 
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