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In this advanced Reformer class, Carrie Pages teaches a fun and creative workout utilizing the Overball to deepen the work. This class is a challenge - you are going to be working hard to build your balance and core strength. But with Carrie's guidance, you will feel supported and inspired.

While this class is a part of Carrie Pages' Power Reformer Challenge, it can also be taken outside of the challenge at any time.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Overball

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Mar 04, 2024
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Hi, everyone. Welcome to day 4 small ball, big results. We are gonna have a lot of fun with some creative work with the ball today, but we're gonna get started on our backs, you can go ahead and load up your springs just to stabilize your carriage. 3 or 4 springs works just fine. And lay on your back, bringing the ball to your knee with your hand against the ball, and raise your right foot up into the air. Will breathe into prepare.

As you exhale, press your knee into the ball and your hand into the ball while drawing your abdominals in strong finding a connection to your core with an inhale release that effort. And with an exhale regroup it, and we're just trying to find a connection to that we're gonna use throughout this workout. Take another breath in, release the effort. And then as you breathe out regroup that effort, knee to ball, hand to ball, abdominals pull strong. Now let's switch legs, put the ball on your left knee, hand on the ball. Inhale. Prepare.

As you exhale, you press your knee into the ball. You press your hand into the ball and you pull your abdominals in strong. With an inhale release that effort. With an exhale regroup it, knees of all, hands of all belly pulls strong. Inhale, release that effort and exhale regroup it one last time just creating a focus on the core.

Now we're gonna release the foot down. We're gonna bring the right leg up again. The ball is gonna go on the inside of that knee. With my hand on the outside of the ball. I'm gonna breathe in right here. And as I breathe out, I'm bringing my knee to center line, pressing my hand to center line and bringing an awareness to my obliques with an inhale release that effort.

With an exhale regroup it, pressing the hand to the ball and the knee to the ball while at the same time drawing your sides in like an hour glass shape. Inhale, release that effort. And one last time at tail, knee into the ball, hand into the ball, and the sides draw in. Release that effort, bring the other knee up. So the hands on the inside are on the outside of the ball. Knee is on the other side. Exhale.

Press. And as you breathe out, draw those side and straw. In nail release the effort. Exhale regroup it. Need of all. Hands of all. Sides draw in like an hourglass shape.

Once again, inhale, release that effort, and then hail regroup it, knee to ball, hand to ball, and the activation of the sides connects strong. We're gonna release the ball down now. We're gonna use that focus here as we just take two breaths. Fill the body up with air. As you exhale, can you find a similar connection of the deepening of the front of the belly and the sides drawing in like an hour glass shape, take another big breath in, fill the body up with air, but then as you exhale, think about the way you did that work with the ball, Draw the navel to the spine and the sides, draw in like an hour glass shape.

Alright. We're gonna sit up now. I'm gonna get the bar out of the way and just flatten it down. We're gonna bring the ball underneath our backs and rest your toes on the bar and your heels on your frame. Getting the ball nice and centered. We're gonna bring the hands behind the head and think back for just a moment to the way that you did those knee pressures with the ball.

Can you connect to the low belly in the sides and get just a little bit lighter on your ball? With an inhale, you're gonna go back, release over the ball. With an exhale, you're gonna come up, lightning the body on the ball as much as you can. Breathing to go back. Breathe out navel to spine, sides draw in, and you lighten on the ball. Let's go back one more time like that. Inhale release back.

Exhale brings you up. Now we're gonna sneak in some little crunches here for 87. 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. Hold up on 1 from where you are. Could you get even higher for 8 more? Up 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, lift hold, 8.

Rotate to your right and take your body weight. Shift the ball slightly to the left. Now that you're on the a little heavier on the left side of the ball, crunch up there, taking that left elbow towards the left knee. 4, 5, 6, 7. We're gonna lift high and hold. Now you're gonna see can you rotate just a little farther?

Think of going up to the right knee. 876543 2 and 1. We're right back to the middle, and we just go 5 in the center up. 2, 3, 4, we lift and pause. Now rotate to the left. Take a second. Roll the ball just a little to the right and you go up right elbow right knee 1.

2, 3, 5, 6, lift, and hold. Stay high. Twist more. Think right elbow to left knee and 2. 3 really getting up 5, 6, 7, and 8. Now we're going right back to the middle, and we finished with just five 4, 3, 2, a little higher on 1. Release back take a little extension there. Allow your elbows to open wide.

Allow your spine to extend and the front of your body to stretch. Now we gotta get out of it. Breatheen to prepare roll. Rolled up. Curlton to chest and then bring your hands behind you so that you can sit up. We're gonna bring the bar back up now and get ready for some footwork.

So the bar comes up. You can adjust your springs, however, feels right for you, we are gonna do some one leg work. So you might wanna go a little on the lighter side, but you can always make adjustments. Now we're just gonna bring the ball between the hands. Anchor the tailbone down and give the ball the littlest hug squeezing into the ball can you ask your abdominals to do that with an inhale slide to the top with an exhale just give the ball that little extra squeeze work from the court to come in, inhale slide up, exhale that little pressure on the ball, belly pulls tight inhale 3.

Exhale. You could even release the effort of the squeeze as you go up, but then regroup that effort of the squeeze squeeze as you come in. Inhale. 6 bring. Get it. And 7.

And 8. 9, thinking about all of those knee pressures, all of those crunches, how strong can you work in your core? Come in. That's 10. Now we're gonna take the feet out to the corners of the bar. Little variation here, knees are slightly wide, but not totally dropped open. Will slide to the top. Inhale.

Hug the ball. Pull the tummies strong. Inhale too. So using these slow controlled repetitions of footwork as an opportunity to find a better connection in your core than you may have if you just rush through those reps. This is 5, exhale brings you in a little release as you press up on the ball. Exhale, give the ball a little squeeze on the weight and inhale slide up. 8.

2 more. 9 and 10. Bring it in. And pause. Now if you wanna change your spring for the one leg work, you can do that now. But what we're gonna do is bring the ball on to the right knee My left arm is pressing against the ball, and I'm thinking back to those knee pressures. My left foot is parallel, and I'm gonna inhale slide up. Exhale.

Get that little pressure into the ball. Find that core. Inhale too. And bring it in. So definitely don't work on an over sprung the reformer on this. You might wanna just lighten it if it feels too heavy.

4. Because if you have it too heavy, you're gonna miss the opportunity of the ab work. And inhale a slight release of the pressure, then exhale regroup it. Inhale up Exhaled and 7. And 8. 2 more, 9, and 10, and 10. And, yeah, let's switch legs.

Pressure on the ball, belly pulls to back, inhale, release the effort, exhale regroup inhale too. And, again, trying to take a little bit of extra time so that you can find the full depth of that exhale and 4 exhale. All of that breath out. Two more here. Inhale little release at exhale brings you in.

Last one and in. Alright. Now we're definitely gonna lighten the spring for the next exercise. So I'm gonna drop down to just like one red and one blue. I'm gonna, go down to just those two springs. So quite on the lighter side, you're gonna wanna scoot off your shoulder rest because you don't want them to be, in your way. Slide yourself to the top. Put the ball on your knee you're gonna curl up and put your elbow on the ball.

So now we're coming in here. What inhale up, exhale to steady pressure, elbow to ball, and knee to ball, to really find that right side body, inhale up, exhale it, and and up. 8 and in 2 more. 9 get up to that ball. Squish it with the elbow up and in. Put the ball on the other knee, other elbow, and inhale up and press into the elbow, press into the or press the knee and the elbow ends the ball as you're curling. And up.

Exhale it in. Inhale up. And 7 and press 8. 2 more, 9. Press last 110 and in and release down. We are gonna take the ball, put it between the ankles for our hundred beats, reach for your handles.

Arms reach it to the ceiling above. You take a big inhale. As you exhale, pull those handles down, nod your chin to your chest, curl up, and lower the legs to where you can. Breathe it in. 2, 3, 4, 5 an ounce. Keeping a steady squeeze on the ball.

Thinking about those knee pressures, as you hug the ball with your feet, can you draw your sides in like an hour glass shape just like we started the class? Breatheed. Read it out. Sustain that high curl. I like to think about the crunches here as well. That feeling of getting a little lighter on the ball.

I had more. Exhale reach. Think lighter on the ball. Read it. And out. Inhale.

Let's do two more breaths. Breathe it in. Final breath. Exhale reach and curl. You can bend your knees.

Raise your arms up. You're gonna hook those straps on the pole, poles, grab your ball, and sit up. Okay. We're dropping down to a slightly lighter spring. I'm going down to one blue. I'm gonna bring the strap onto my right elbow, and the ball is gonna go between my knees.

So laying back elbow on the strap now went a little bit attention, so I'm gonna scoot slightly lower here. My hands go behind my head, and all I'm gonna do is arch back. Now there is a slight pull on my spring. As I come up with the exhale, I'm going to try not to move the carriage. So I inhale arch back over, then exhale I come up trying to steady the carriage.

Take it back. So try not to pull on the spring anymore, and try not to let the spring close-up. This is 3. We're gonna do 5. Inhale. Bring it up 4. Inhale. Bring it up 5. Now you're gonna hop stay in this high curl, take the ball, put it between your left l left heel and left glute area.

So I'm squishing the ball with the back of my left leg, my right leg's high to the sky. I breathe in to prepare. As I breathe out, I rotate up to that knee that's bent. Inhale. Lay back. Raise the leg up.

Exhale. Up to that veterinarian. Don't rush it. Reach. Find your rotation and then inhale. Return to start.

Exhale. Up 3. High rotation. Inhale. Release it back.

Exhale up 4, lengthen through the low leg. Inhale. Up last one. Exhale. Up to that bent knee. Can you pull the knee into the body more? Can you get it closer to the leg?

And rest. Take the ball away. Sit up, we'll do the other side. So the ball's between the knees first. With the strap on my elbow, I have a little bit of tension on the spring. It's about an inch of range.

It's not very big. I lay back with my inhale. And then I come up with the exhale focusing on keeping the reformer steady. Inhale. Take it back to Exhale brings me up. Inhale 3. Bring it up. 4.

Steady that carriage. Last one, five. Take the ball. Put it between your right heel and your right glute area. Left legs up to the sky above you. Breathe it in to prepare.

As you breathe out, rotate up to that knee, then inhale, raise the leg, and you can lay your body back slightly with an exhale, lower the left leg. Curl up to that right knee, yearn for that best rotation. Inhale, release, exhale, up, up, up, up, up, up, inhale, middle, exhale 4, rotate. Don't rush it. Stretch that body. Inhale. Back to middle.

Last one. Rotate. How much can you spiral around? Inhale back to middle. You can take the strap off your elbow and sit all the way up. Alright. We're gonna do some kneeling work now.

The ball's gonna go between the knees. I'm gonna go ahead and get this footbar out of the way. And I'm gonna stay on the blue spring here. The ball goes between the knees, holding on to your straps, You'll just come up. Now get a good grip with your feet against your shoulder rests.

And then we'll start with what I call serve the trays. So you're gonna take your elbows, squeeze them back, and feel your shoulder blades really pull together, inhale there. With an exhale, send your arms out in front of you. And with an inhale, pull those elbows back. Hug the ball as you reach those arms out inhale. Now we're not just hugging the ball to find the inner thigh work.

Can you hug the ball and find the core work that we started the class with? This is 5. And this is 6. Reach that out. Take that into hug a tree. Inhale. Exhale.

Reach the arms hug the ball fine. That's center. Inhale. Exhale. 2, 3, hug the ball.

And 4, reach. 5. 6. We're gonna come forward. Flow that right into arms circles. Arms up.

A round hug that ball. Inhale. Reach up. Exhale. 3. Link them through the spine.

4. Finding that strong connection. To your core as you hug the ball and up. Exhale around one more for good measure. Up around and rest.

You can sit back on your heels, hook your straps on your poles, and stand up. We're gonna grab the box now to do some work for long box. So start with the box long ways. We are going to change to one red, and here's where things get really fun. You gotta figure out how you're gonna get this ball between your feet while you're laying on your stomach. So lay on your stomach, reach back, Get it between your feet somehow, but get a good grip and then cross your arms in front of the box. We're gonna do a little diamond shape with the legs.

So the heels aren't touching, obviously, because the ball is there. But you're going to take that position with the knees about as wide as the box and raise the heels up into the air. Trying to find a really strong connection through the glutes. Lower the legs down. Now you've got 2 options here. You can keep your upper body release down like I have mine right now, or you can prop yourself up onto your elbows.

Now we are gonna use this position here in a moment. So it might be nice to warm up the body, but take care of yourself and lower your spotty down as needed. So we're raising up, bringing it down so squeeze the ball as you lift it up and down. Take it up. And down. Now take it up on this one and hold it.

Now can you pulse up? And sometimes pulses are really small 5, try to keep the extension in the upper back and hold. Now here's where it gets even more fun. You don't get a rest. You're gonna reach your legs long. You're gonna bring your foot bar up, and you're gonna go right into a swan. So inhale brings you up and exhale takes you down. We're gonna do that twice more.

Bring it up hold those legs strong. Lower yourself too. One more time. Inhale guides you up. Exhale down. Now let's combine the 2 exercises.

Bend the knees into the diamond shape. Send the shoulders down the back. As you raise your upper body, can you raise the ball up, up, up, and then take that down? Again, inhale, raise the ball. Now because my upper body's coming up, it shifts the weight into my legs a little bit, but it doesn't mean I'm not trying. I'm trying to raise those heels up and then take that down.

And one more time. Inhale. I'm thinking raise the ball up lift my bot back up and lengthen all the way down. Okay. Get the footbar out of the way. Grab the ball, and we're gonna use that exact idea for our pulling straps. So on your belly facing the other way, fall between the ankles where you can hold it.

Hold on high on your straps. And find that diamond shape, find the glute connection, raise the legs a little into the air. And now we do pulling straps with the legs like this. Inhale lift and exhale lower. Inhale too.

Exhale lower. Inhale. 3. Building all of that great strength across the back. 4. Hand down. I dropped my legs.

Let's get our legs up. This is 5. We're gonna do 6. Keep the legs up, up, up, and 6. Exhale. Keep the ball up. Keep it up. Keep it up.

And release. Hook you the straps on the poles, grab your ball, and come on up. Alright. We're gonna move the box now to, short ways. So I'm gonna go over the shoulder rest against the silver poles here. I'm gonna bring the footbar up back up, and we'll stick with the same red spring for this. So you're gonna go to a kneeling position.

And this takes a little fiddling around to get yourself just right, but the left foot's gonna go on the corner of your bar. You'll be on your elbows here. And then go ahead and just stretch your leg straight and then adjust so that you got a pretty good grip on that ball. Now we're just gonna hold right here. I want you to think back to the knee pressures when we were laying on our back at the start of class.

As you exhale here, just barely press that knee into the ball squeeze your shoulders down and activate that left glute area and now bend the knee to come in with an inhale. Exhale, send the carriage out. Inhale, Ben, to come in as you send the carriage out, exhale, press the knee into the ball. Do that one more time just like that. Now do it again.

Press out. This time, raise your knee up, roll the ball up the box, come back down, Ben to come in. So let's inhale out. Exhale lift. Inhale lower. Exhale the knee high inhale out.

List. Inhale. Lower. Exhale. That's 3. Out 4. Up.

Lower. Bring it in on this 5th one icing on the cake. We go out. We raise the ball up. We rotate left with the ball and the knee back to middle. Left with the ball and the knee back to middle.

Left Back to middle, put it down, roll it in. We do that 2 more times. We go out. Up. 1. Bring it back. 2. Bring it back. 3.

Bring it back. Bring it down. We do it one more time. Inhale. And Bring it down. Roll it in and rest. We get ready for the other side.

Get a good grip on that ball with the knee, and then you're on your elbow. Right toes on the corner of the bar. Just slide out. Taking a second right here. Just make all your connections when your spring is the longest it's gonna get.

Press the knee into the ball, activate the right side glutes, stretch your spring, bring it in, knee up high. So we go again. Take it out too. Bring it in. Take it out 3. Bring it in. Let's reverse that breath on these last two. Ready? We're gonna push out with an exhale.

Press the knee into the ball. Draw the abs in tight. Really find that feeling from knee pressure bend the knee to come in, and we press it out. And we bend to come in. Now we add the lifts.

So we go out. Here's where we'll exhale lift the ball. Inhale lower it. Bring it in. Take it out. Damn.

Bring it and out. Down. Bring good. And this is 4. Down. On this 5th, when we add the rotations out, Rays it up, ball goes right into middle, right to middle, right to the middle, come down, Bring it in. Hand again.

1 and inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Bring it down.

Roll it in. Last invest. Inhale. Bring it down, bring it in, and take a rest. Alright. We're gonna take the box away. I'm just gonna stabilize the ball down on the floor here. We'll take the box away and Let's get the foot bar out of the way.

Stay on the same spring. We'll be on that red. You can wedge the ball between the shoulder rest for a second. We're gonna put the straps on our elbows. And once you've done that, position your hips about to the middle of the carriage, but you need to be able to get your feet up on this ball. So I'm gonna wiggle back one little inch, straps on the elbows, and the feet are gonna rest right on the top center of the ball.

Elbows are gonna open wide with an inhale. I'm growing tall with an exhale. I'm gonna roll the ball away, pull my elbows in, and lengthen through my spine. Then I'm gonna inhale, prepare, exhale, bring that back up. As I come up, I let the elbows reopen, and I bend the knees.

I'm back up to the start position, breathe it in. With an exhale. Roll the ball away. Now you really do have to kind of work with the ball, figure out where you need it. Do you need to wiggle it back a little, do so? Prepare breathing, breathe out come up.

Let those elbows open. Exhale. Roll it back again. Link them through those legs. And inhale.

Exhale. Bring yourself back up. That was 3. Let's do 2 more. Take it back. Stretch the legs long, kind of in the spirit of a teaser here. Right? A strong connection through the middle right here but it's nice because we've got that little bit of support.

Inhale. Now on this 5th one, we're gonna roll back We're gonna take the right foot, put it right on top of the left, exhale, raise that leg up, Inhale lower. Now think about the crunches on the ball. Think light on the ball. Lower the leg. Exhale 3. Inhale lower.

Center the feet and roll up. Read it in. We gotta do the other side. Exhale roll it back. Left foot comes over. Exhale raised the leg curl hot. Inhale.

Lower the leg. Exhale, curl hot. Inhale, lower the leg, exhale, curl high, inhale, lower the leg, center the feet, and exhale, roll yourself up. You can come out of that. We'll hook the straps on the polls. And now we're gonna do a series of side ups here with the ball. So I'm gonna bring the strap up. I'm gonna bring my foot under the strap and the ball under my waist.

On my right side. Okay? So the strap is gonna feel very loose, but you are going to use your left side obliques. To press your leg up into the strap. So let's just hold right here. We could even bring the hand to the floor.

We're just gonna release the tension on the strap breathe in. And then as you breathe out, raise up, but think, pull the side in like an hour glass shape. It's that knee pressure's connection. Release it one more time inhale. Press it up. Exhale. Now bring your hands to your head. Other hands of your head, and we're going down and up.

Exhale. Inhale. 1 up. 3 and up. Keep pressing up into that strap. 2 more, 5, 6, and up, and you can rest. We'll turn around, do the other side. It's a really fun variation.

It's a little smaller range of motion than I when you're on the box, but, it works really nicely. So just bring your hands to the floor for a second, or you could hold the headrest depending on your limb length, inhale, prepare. Exhale, press up into the strap, but think pull that right side in to do so. Release the effort, inhale. Exhale, press it up.

Here's where we hold. Hands to the head and take it down and up to press up into that strap. 3. From the right side body. 4. 5. And 6 is enough.

Sit up and rest. Alright. We're gonna go into our bottom lift next. I'm gonna let the strap drop down, bring the foot bar up. I'm gonna go back to those, 3 red springs like I did my footwork on. You can always adjust, as you like it. And for the bottom lift, let's just bring the ball under our sacrum area.

And that's kinda nice. I'm kinda chill here for just a second. That feels really good. Let your back just melt into the floor. Hug the bar between your feet.

And now what I want you to do is really emphasize your pelvic tilt. So you're gonna breathe into prepare. And as you breathe out, you're gonna think squish the top of the ball, and then the rest of the ball kinda pushes down out under your bottom. Release out of that. Just kinda drop your tailbone down just like you're doing pelvic tilts. And then exhale, do that again.

Pull the abs in, squish down into the top of the ball. Now we're actually gonna leave the ball here for just two bottom lifts. We might not straighten the legs all the way. Sometimes it's, like, too much. So, like, I'm hitting about, I don't know, I'm about three quarters of the way up. And then exhale, I'm gonna come in, but I'm gonna really use this ball as a tool to refine my best position before I take the ball away.

Do that one more time. Go back to where you can and then come in. Alright. Now here's where things get really fun. Can you keep your back as low as it is, but lift your bottom up enough that you can free the ball from underneath you. You can wedge it underneath your frame and inhale out, exhale it, and inhale too. And 3 in, 4.

Strong through that seat. 5. 6, 2 more, 7, and 8. We're gonna bring it in. We're gonna roll all the way down and walk the knees and feet together.

Grab the ball again, but we do need to change the springs. So we're gonna drop down to a lighter spring. Go down to, like, 2 reds. You could even go a little lighter for more challenge. Bring the ball between your knees, find a good position where you feel like you're stabilizing it, and we're doing this same, bottom lift exercise just parallel, and there'll be a little icing on the cake.

So we breathe into prepare. As we exhale, we find that curve. Alright. Now we're hugging the ball, and we're back to thinking, draw the sides in, draw the belly strong. With an inhale slide back, exhale to come. And if you need to separate your feet a little bit wider so that you can straighten your knees all the way, make that adjustment. 2, bring it in.

3. Bring it in. Pull the belly type. Pull that carriage to the stopper. And 4. Pull those light springs in and in and in out.

Do one more like that. Out. Now bring it in and hold. Keep the ball between the knees, but raise one leg into the air. Now do the exercise.

Inhale, exhale. 1. Think almost like a teaser as strange as that sounds. Can you pull the tummy tuck the deal and find that curve through the spine like you would in a teaser. 3.

Hold that shape. Put the foot down. Pick the other foot up, and it's 3 here. 1. And you squeeze the ball and pull yourself in 1. Inhale. Exhale drags you all the way in 1 more. 3. All the way in.

Put that foot down. Roll bone by bone through the back to come down. And that's your small ball, big results work out. Thanks so much for joining me. I'll see you guys next time.

Hi, everyone. I hope you enjoyed that workout small ball, big results. And I wonder if you're just as sore as I am after those 4 workouts this week. I hope you'll join me tomorrow for calm, connected, and strong, where we close out this series of workouts with a great session that's gonna include some wonderful stretches, a fun variation on Arabasque, and everyone's favorite mermaid.


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That was fun!! I am very excited about the side over variation. Thank you so much!
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Yes, fun workout with great variations!
Dana K
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outstanding workout.  New Challenges with the ball and core balance.  thank you!
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Loved how the ball and your queing reminded me to use my core more
What size overball do you recommend?
Elena F
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That was brutal! But so much fun, thank you Carrie!

Michael Mary S
Another great class with lots of fun variations!  Thank you
Michele M
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Super fun and challenging!  Thank you Carrie!!
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Such a great class!!! I feel it everywhere
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Carrie did it again!!! Loved this class and all the ball variations! Going to be feeling this one :)
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