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Creative Combo Workout

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Get ready for a dynamic and invigorating 25-minute Creative Combo Workout with Carrie Pages. Carrie will guide you through a progressive Mat flow that leads into creative combinations of classic Pilates exercises. Get ready to feel strong, bold, and inspired as you move through this energizing class.
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Mar 19, 2024
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Hi, everyone. Welcome to my creative combinations, Matt class flow. I'm so excited for the workout we're gonna do today. Let's get started standing. Step to the back of your mat and just stand in a pilates v stance. Raise the arms up to the ceiling above you.

Take a deep breath in as you exhale lower your arms and roll through the spine, bringing your hands down towards your mat, bending the knees as needed to be able to place the hands flat to the mat. Let's deepen that knee bend. Inhale. Sit down a little lower. Exhale. Stretch. Through the body as you breathe out.

Then the knees again, inhale. Think about the roll up that's coming as you stretch and draw your chin in and round your spine. You're preparing that body for your roll up. Bend the knees again. Inhale. Exhale, send the legs straighter, round through the spine.

We're gonna walk out to a plank position now. Bringing the hands under the shoulders and sending energy out through the top of the head. I want you to simply do a little heel lower lift here. Raise your heels up a little but then lower your heels down. And as you do so, exhale, draw the belly to the back. Raise the heels breathe.

Lower the heels, breathe out deepening the connection of the belly to the back. Raise the heels one more time, lower them, x hail. Now just bring the knees down. Relax through the toes and sit back to the heels. Now thoughtful here that you are, again, preparing the body for the roll up that's coming, rounding out through the shape of the spine, keep pulling the front of the body away from the thighs Walk the hands over to one side of your mat, get a quick little side bend, then walk the hands the other way side bending the other way. Center yourself on the mat once again, and I'm gonna encourage you to press your hands forward against the mat to help you puff up into that back a little bit more.

You can roll yourself up to a seated position on your heels. And now we'll swing our feet around, scoot forward to the front of the mat, reach your arms in front of you. Flowing right into the mat footwork. We're gonna roll through the back, draw the knees into the chest, bring the hands behind the head. Send the legs out. Exhale. They bend. Inhale.

2. We're in Pilates V. Out three. 4 knees back. Inhale. Exhale.

6, 7, Keep a high, curl 8, keep it up, 9, 10, bring it, and knees together point the toes, like bird feet, bring it back. 2, 3. Slide the ribs down, curl, 4. 5. 8, bring it back 2 more, 9, and 10, flex the feet.

Last set. Legs extend. Bend those knees. 2. Sustain your high curl up 3. Bend the knees. 4.

5. 6. 8. 2 more. 9. Keep that curl. 10. Bring it in. Now let's take the hands reaching beside you. Reach the feet up.

Pilate z. Flex the feet. Exhale. Point and inhale. Exhale. Point and inhale. This is 3.

Point Emma. 4. Point them up. On 5, point the feet, rest the head, do 5 more head down. Because we're gonna flow right into our hundreds. So this is a quick stretch or rest for the neck and shoulders.

2 more flex and point flex we point and hold back to our curl chin to chest curls you up. 100 beats. Breathe it in 2, 3, 4, 5, then out. Really working that high, Curl. This is 3. So you're bringing those legs down?

Trying to find that best challenge point for you. Keep the high curl, breathe it in, and out. Final breath in. And out 2, 3, 4, 5. Rest the heels.

Don't rest the head. Try to do a roll up. Bring yourself up a little help with your hands as no big deal. Stretch over. Let's flex those feet. Rolling back.

Exhale rolls you to your mat. Again, like that. Inhale. Exhale. Stretch over. Inhale rolls you back. Exhale, rolls you down. Now we create a combination of roll up and roll over.

Inhale, rolls you up, I'm gonna scoot a little forward on my mat. Exhale. Reach it over. Now sit tall. Put your hands flat on the mat. Use your arms as a guide to send yourself over. From here, just open, close the legs one time.

Roll down. The legs will start to lower. You'll lift your head and you'll do your roll up again. Stretch it over. Inhale sit tall, take yourself over, open, close, roll down.

Lower the legs. Inhale roll. Sit tall, exhale. Open, close, roll down, through, the spine, bend the knees into the chest, and we'll wiggle down on the mat just a little bit to get ready for our stomach series. Now for some next series, we're gonna sneak Jack Nifin in between.

Just one repetition. Prepare with an inhale nod the chin to the chest. Curl it up. Send one leg out. Switch legs. Breathe it in 1. Breathe it out.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale both knees in. Put your head down. Send your legs up.

Jack a knife over. And up. Now keep your feet raised up high and roll your spine down. Taking your time. When the bottom touches, bend your knees curl up, double leg stretch.

Inhale. Exhale around. 2. 3. 4, 5.

Your head goes down. Your arms come down. Legs up. Jack knife. Over and up. Roll down.

Down. Down. And it's time for scissors curl it up. One leg up. Other leg out. 2 taps. 1, 2, switch it. 1, to really use the core to pull that leg, not your arms.

My belly brings my leg back. Inhale. Exhale. One more set. Inhale. Both legs up.

Jack knife again. Over and up and roll it down. Working through that spine. Chinda chest curls you up. Both legs lower and lift. Inhale, they lower. Exhale, they lift 5 times 2.

And, 3. 4. And 5. Bring it up. Head down. Arms. Press jackknife over and up.

Roll down keeping those feet raised up. Hi, bend the knees, curl up, crisscross, breathe it in 1, and 2. Exhale for 2. Inhale. Rotate around to that knee. Exhale.

Both knees in. Rest the head down. Put your hands under your thighs, rock yourself up to seated. We're gonna do a spine stretch saw, little seated extension combination. Arms reach out to the side. Just use that as an energy out through the arms to help you grow a little taller and create energy through the body.

We're gonna bring the arms in front of you breathe and send that energy now in front of you as you nod your chin to your chest and spine, stretch forward. Roll yourself up Now open your arms and saw to the right. Reach. Now bring yourself up. Put your hand on the mat behind you.

And do a nice extension while seated. Raise the other arm up, and here you are in saw on the other side. Bring yourself up to center. Bring your arms in front of you. We start the whole thing from spine stretch forward.

2, 3, roll it up. 2, 3. Open the arms. We saw to the left. Bring the hand down. Big extension up over, and we saw right.

Inhale, grow to arms in front of you. Inhale brings you up, open the arms, saw to the right, exhale. Inhale, put the hand down, big lift up, saw to the lift, bring it up, and arms forward. Spine stretch. Reach. 2, 3.

Roll it up. Open the arms. Alright. Come up. Now it's alright. There we go. And then come up.

Open the arms, reach him forward, and relax. Scoop your seat forward on your mat, getting ready for a combination, open leg rocker, teaser, roll over and a little one leg bridge for an extra bit of surprise. Send your legs up. Find your balance point in your open leg rocker. We do one rock.

Inhale back. Exhale up. Close the legs. You're gonna reach your arms up and you're gonna tease her down. That's gonna go into a rollover. Now as you roll down, you're gonna leave your right leg straight, bend your left knee, place it on the mat, and then lower the right leg and do a little lift Up reach the leg long, then the knee both feet are on for a bridge and roll.

Through the back. Now you're gonna rock up, find that open leg rocker shape. Rock up, find your shape. Rock it back, rock it up, close the feet, find a teaser, tease her down, roll over. Now roll down. You bend the right knee, place it on the mat, the left leg goes down.

You bend the knee through rise up, lower the leg down. Bend the knee. You're in your high bridge. Roll. Through your spine.

We do that one more time on each leg. Lift the head. Rock up. Find that open leg rocker start shape. Inhale back.

Exhale up. Close the legs. Find your teaser. Teasered. Roll it over. Roll through.

Ben the left knee. Reach the right leg long. Reach it up. Reach it down. Keep those hips high. Then roll.

Through the back. Ruck it up. Find your rocker. Take it back. Bring it up.

Close the feet. Find that teaser. Roll it down. Roll over. Roll through. Now it's left knee bends, and the right leg comes up.

We reach it long, bend any, Find that high bridge. Big inhale there. Exhale. Rule slowly through the spine. Draw the knees back. Let's rock up and get ready for Swan. We're gonna do Swan with rocking next.

Hands under the shoulders. Float the head, press into the hands, just come up. We're gonna do 3 salons without a rock, and then just control the coming down. Inhale brings you up. Open through the chest. Exhale.

Takes you down. Now on this third one, we'll add the rock. Inhale brings you up. Leave the hands under the shoulders today. Pull gently with your hands, raise your legs into the air, and rock. 1, and up.

2, and up. 3 and up. Sit back on the heels. Take a moment. Let's repeat that one more time. We'll go on to the belly.

You're gonna come up. On this first one, we add the rock. 1, 2, 3, and sit back. Take a moment. Alright. We're gonna come around now and get ready for a variation on can can and both legs lower lift from the side kicks. So starting on the elbows today, we'll bring the knees into the chest. We're gonna take the knees over to the right, one, over to the left, 2, over to the right, 3, extend the legs. Now here's where we add a little lower lift, prop up onto your elbow, bring your hands to your head, and lower lift one.

Lower lift 2. Lower lift 3. Draw the knee in pull back into your can can and go Left and right and left, extend the legs, prop up onto the elbow lower and lift. 2, and lift 3, and lift draw the elbow in, bend the knees again to the right one. 2, 3, extend the legs, prop up and go down and up, 2, and up, 3, and up, pull the elbow down, bring the knees in to the left 1. 2, 3.

Send the legs out. Lower. Lift. 2. Lift.

3. Lift. Pull the knees in. Come up to kneeling. Onto a little series on side kicks kneeling. I want you to start kneeling on your right knee with your left leg lengthened out beside you.

Bring your right hand down onto the mat, and let's just go hand either in front of the head or behind the head, whichever feels best for you. Now you're gonna shift your weight so that you extend your toes out long, and we're gonna do 3 lifts. We go up and down, 2, and down. 3, plant the foot and then pick your knee up. Hold 2, 3.

Do that again. Lift the leg up. Bring it down. 2, bring it down. 3, bring it down. Plant the foot. Pull the knee up. Put it down. We do it again. Up.

And down. 2 and down. 3 plant the foot, but add a twist. Elbowed a knee. Plantheny.

Take the toes up. And 1. Down. 2. Down.

3. Plant the foot and add that rotation. Knee down. Calm up. Other side. Reach the foot out.

Reach the hand out, find a little moment there, and then extend the toes. We go up, down, 2, 3, plant the foot and just hover that knee. Put it down. Lift it up. 1. Down. 2.

Plamp the foot. Knee comes up. Here we go. Lift it up. Down, 2, down, 3, plant the foot. Add the twist and hold. Return to start, up, down, 2, down, 3, plant the foot, add that twist in, and bring it down.

Come on up. Now side bend with a little mermaid. We reach the legs out. We hold the arm up. Arm goes up and over Arm comes up, you lower down reluctantly bringing the hips to the mat. Go up again.

2. Take it over. Bring it up and grow out of that shoulder. Try not to sag into the right shoulder. Take it up. Hand over.

Take it up this time. Go ahead and rest down on that hip. Tuck the knees in. Mermaid over. Bring yourself up.

Mermaid over. Bring it up. Take it over. Bring it up. Slide out.

Take it over. We're going up again. Now I'm gonna add a little icing on the cake. We go up. We're coming over.

We're sliding all the way down. Reach the legs long, both legs lift lower up, down, 2, down 8 of these 3. 4, 5, 6, 7, Lift up on 8. Now keep your legs up. Bend your knees. Bring yourself back up, and now we do the mermaid dance.

We reach the arms out. Kick our mermaid tail the other way, sit back down, and we get ready for the side bend on the other side. So extend your leg out, reach that arm, Find that side bend shape. Inhale, prepare. Exhale takes you over. Inhale. You lower reluctantly growing out of the left shoulder.

Inhale up. Exhale over. Inhale. Exhale down. One more.

Up and over. This time, you get to go ahead and reluctantly, but you go ahead and place those hips down. Fend your knees, mermaid over, bring it up, slide it out. Up. Up and over.

Take it up. Bend to the feet. Now here's where the icing comes in. We slide it out. Reach the arm long. Take the legs up and down eight times too.

And 3, 4, 5. Keep the pies together. 6, 2 more. 7 and hold the legs up 1 8. You're gonna rock yourself up and get ready for a teaser. Go ahead and extend the arms out.

Inhale prepare. Now we're teesering down, but we're gonna take it right into balance control. So raise your legs up, breathe in. Right leg lowers left leg yearns forward. Inhale. Meet in the middle. Right leg lifts left leg lowers.

Meet the feet in the middle. Now rock up for another teaser. Then add a lower lift. 1, up, 2, up, 3, up, teaser down, balance control again, right leg lowers, left leg reaches, meet in the middle. Right leg, left, left leg lowers, meet in the middle, teaser that up, and lower. And lift. 2 and up.

3 and up. Tees are down. Take it over and up. We do one more set. Meaning a full set y'all. So two more times, basically.

Tease her up. Get her down. And up. 2, and up 3. Alright. We gotta do it one more time, lowering the left leg first. Left leg lowers right leg, lifts. Meet in the middle.

Reach. Meet in the middle and roll up for teaser. Now take that right in to seal. Finding your seal shape. Let's do 3 seals. We clap the heels. 1, 2, 3, rock it back.

123. Rock it up. 123. Rock it back. 123.

Rock it up. 1, 2, 3, rocket back, 1, clap 2, 3, and hold. Now here's where things are gonna get exciting. We're gonna stand up in between the next few seals and do a push up series. So Clap the heels.

123. Rock it back. 123. Reach your arms through. Stand up. You're gonna turn around.

Walk down your legs 1, 2, 3. Walk out. 1, 2, 3. Option to push up here or bring the knees down. Then press it up 2. Press it up. 3. Press it up. Walk it back. 1, 2, 3. Walk it up. 1, 2, 3. Turn around.

Take it down. Find that seal shape. Clap the heels. 123. Rock it back. 123. Reach through.

Turn around. Walk it down. 1, 2, 3. Walk it out. 1, 2, 3. 3 push ups. Find that plank. Walk it back. 1, 2, 3.

Walk it up. 2, 3. Turn around. We find that seal again. Find the position. Blap the heels.

123. Rock it back. 123. Send your hands through. Stand up.

Turn around. We go. 123. Walk it out. Find that plank and then 1, 2, 3. Walk it back.

1, 2, 3, walk it up 1, 2, and 3 circle around. And that cooks you for today. Thank you so much for joining me for that Nat Creative Combinations flow. I'll see you guys next time.


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Wonderful class, fun, thank you :)
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I love your classes, Carrie! They are so creative and fun, but also hard work! That’s a great combination!
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That was a fun class - liked the combinations!
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great, a lovely energetic flow with variations. thank you
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Great flow and combinations
Lina S
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That was a fun class! I've really enjoyed the saw sequence.
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Great class Carrie! So glad to see a new mat class from you!
Katie Summers
So much fun, thank you! Perfect bit of movement and creativity before teaching dance tonight!
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I'm so happy to hear that everyone is enjoying the class.  Thanks so much!

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Thank you Carrie, a great and creative class!
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