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Cardio Heart Reformer

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Get your heart pumping in this Mat and Reformer cardio-focused workout with Tracey Mallett. This class offers a unique mix of Pilates and strength training that will challenge your control through creative and fun intervals, with an emphasis on stabilizing the upper body. Please bring your preferred hand weights and an Overball to fully enjoy this cross-training experience, perfect for diversifying your workouts and promoting a healthy body.
What You'll Need: Mat, Reformer w/Box, Hand Weights (2), Overball

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Hello, everyone. Tracy Mallett here applies any time. I have whole pot puree of things that we're going to do today. Gonna be like a circuit 30 minutes intensive with a little bit of cardio in there. So this is designed to get heart rate up with strength training, more like an interval class. You can see I've just set herself up here.

I've got my, mat right next to a reformer, the box, I've got some weights, and I've got a ball here. So it's kinda where the general setup is going to be. We're gonna be often on the reformer, with a circuit style class. Alrighty. So let's get going. So we're just gonna start as we would in some just basic little squats here.

Hips are back. And just going into some squats. Make sure your weight is towards the heels. The toes are lifted. 4 more here, 4, 3, 2, 1, hold the squats, pulls for 8, 7 hips are back 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, stand up. It's come near to your reformer.

We're gonna take a seat, and then we're gonna stand back up again. Take a seat. So I'll go into that functional capacity here, lift up, down and up, Just doing a quick warm up just to get that heart rate up, warming up in our body, feeling good. We're feeling fantastic. That small short workout that's gonna get that heart rate up. 3 more.

3 2 more, 2, and 1 more. Beautiful. Come down. Now we're gonna get down onto the floor. Gonna put your heels up onto the top of your box, hands behind your head. We're gonna lift up.

Tows are lifted. Here we go. Press the heels down. In towards the actual box to really initiate your hamstrings just a little bit. We're gonna do 4 more here, 4 Breeze, 3, 2, One, hold it up here, pelvic tilt, and back. So you're really working through the back of your hamstrings. Dig the heels into your box, your inflection, looking towards your thighs, Let's do 4 more.

A lot of ab work here, 2, 3, and 2, And one, bring the legs up into your tabletop, single leg stretch, hands on top, Resisting the knee as the knee comes into the chest. Gonna just place the hands on top. Hands behind the head, clasp the hands, reach those legs out, the inner thighs are swooshing against each other, and lift your head off of the mat. Ready, you're gonna slow it down. We go slow.

Slow, quick, quick, quick. As slow, as slow, a quick, the rotation, as slow, as slow. A quick, quick, quick, slow, and slow. A quick, quick, quick. Rotate.

Rotate. A quick, quick, quick, rotate, rotate. You've got one more and slow and slow, a quick quick, quick needs to chest double leg stretch. Inhale, exhale round. Inhale, exhale around.

Look towards your thighs. Reaching those legs out. Inhale and exhaling. 4 more ears. Biaset by ears, 3, look at those toes, 2, one more, and then roll ourselves down.

Turn to your side. Push yourselves up. Come forwards. Grab your box here. When you squat, you're gonna look out on the horizon.

Gonna go into a little cardio drill here. So we go, da, da, one back, da, da, plank back. Clap, planck, clap, planck, clap, plank. Get the hips in line with the shoulders. And back. There are 4 more 4.

3, 2, 1, and roll yourself all the way up. Fantastic. We're gonna give you on 1 red spring. Come up onto your reformer here. Pop your feet. Your head rest is down. Now we're gonna grab your straps.

I'm gonna take the straps, the smaller straps here. Scoot your butt close towards your shoulder rest, and we're gonna roll ourselves down, come up into chair position. Now we're gonna inhale reach the arms and legs out from the center of your body and come back down. Inhale reach the arms out and in. So it's kinda like what we just did in that double leg stretch, but now we've got the resistance of the reform analysis.

We're gonna incorporate a lot of upper body work now to your core. In outreach, accidental, there's still a few more Long levers from the center of your body, lengthen, reach the arms and legs out. One more. Now slowly, drop the feet down, roll yourself all the way up in your incline, palms up, we're gonna grab all of those straps and go into a bicep curl. Now you're in your c curve position your elbows are in line with the shoulders, working into the biceps, but now we're gonna lift that right leg up.

Now it's optional. We can have both legs up. It's your choice. So now we're testing our balance now and working our upper body. Keep it going.

4 more here. 4 XL 3 XL 2, XL 1, hold it here, hold. We reach the arms and legs out, and then everything closes. We reach the arms and legs out, everything closes, or we just stay where we were before with the legs bent, Can we do about 4 more of these? 3.

We'll keep the knees bent. Or take the legs down. There's always a solution. Bring it down. Put your straps down Now from here, we're gonna come to your side. We're gonna get onto our knees, and we're gonna pop your front foot to the side.

Now get your knee in the middle of your reformer, and we're gonna push out an in. Now look forwards. So everybody's looking at me now. Now look to your foot. Look to your foot, and we're gonna press out.

Super important you look to your foot. Yes. Cause we wanna make sure we're not gonna miss the bar. There we go. It's a simple little jump There we go. So you're working. Your total body here. And the heart rate is up. See? I'm getting pant.

They'll punting here. Let's keep it going. HEX out. Lower toe heel gently does it. 4 more here, 4, 3, 2, and 1 more. Hold it here.

Turn that hand out just a little bit. There we go. Lift yourself up. Bring that leg down. Pilates sidekick. We flex. And then we point back.

So you've got that bar. I know. That bar, you're gonna take your foot over the bar. If you find that too challenging, then just lift your leg up and down or bend your knee and just lift that leg up and down. I'm back. Inhale. Keep the leg the same height.

Right? Super important that we pick a height and we stay with it. Now depress your scapula down. That's it. Get away. Should away from your ear. Couple more.

In hell, exhale one more. Ah, and bring it back to the side. Hold that leg up. Bend the knee in. Quickly turn it to the other side.

Hand down. Foot to the side. Get your knee underneath your hip, start to push away. Look at your foot. When you're ready, you can power it.

So there's a lot of upper body stability going on here. It's about your upper body stabilizing you, allowing you to actually jump. And when your foot Pushhes away, and you're in mid air, those abs have gotta work really hard to stabilize the total body. There we go. Be careful.

Land toe heel. Woo hoo. Feel the hips. A lot of glute work. 5432. Can we do one more?

Amazing come back. Externally rotate that hand from your shoulder. Lift that leg up. And we flex forwards in her back. So get everything organized, shoulders, in line with the hips, and we inhale and we exhale hand behind the head and we lift that leg up and over and back. Are we breathing, inhale, inhale, exhale back?

Inhale, inhale, exhale back, inhale, inhale. 2 more. One more. And bring that leg to side. Lift that leg up.

And then bend your knees. Turn around. We're gonna dismount. Give yourself a little bit of a stretch. Roll yourself back up again. We're gonna get down onto your mat here.

This time we're gonna pick up your dumbbells. So I'm down here once again in that starting position. Feet her up. We were all down. Dig your heels into your box.

You're reaching your arms forwards. Now we're gonna try and roll all the way up. So we're gonna roll. And then we roll that down overhead press in how reach. Bring it down.

Overhead press. So you're curling using the principles of Pilates that control with your spine, each vertebra is lifting, and then we roll. Overhead press. Try and dig those heels in. I know.

There we go. Rolling one vertebra at a time. Curl. Oh, and roll overhead. 2 more. Last time, everyone.

Roll back up. Now we're gonna come back up to that seated position ready, roll up, spooing the arms together, curl. We go to the right, to the left, to the right, to the left, so you're working your obliques and your upper body. 4 more here, 4, 3, 2, One more holder here, brewing your hands forward's bicep call. Bisypicals, 4 more here elbows high, 4, 3, 2, and one more.

Bring the weights down. Just pop them down. From here, swing the legs around. Get onto your box. Come into your downward dog position here. Amazing.

Come into your plank I'm gonna move my hands a little bit further forwards into a plank position here. We're gonna drive the right knee, drive the left knee, drive the right knee, And then we can go into a little bit of a rhythm, like a little bit of a trot. I think I like the word prancing better than trotting. Just sounds a little bit more sophisticated. Do you agree?

Alright. Come on, guys. Can we go a bit faster? Yes, we can. There's that little trot.

Go. 8 more. 8, 7, 654321, downward dog. Now from here, we're gonna go back into your plank, do a little push up, press back, And again, push up, downward dog. So it's inhale plank, little mini push up, and then back. Just think if we did, at least 20 push ups a day, just think how stronger we would be, But if you're like me, I'm not a big lover of doing push ups, even though I know it's really good for me, it's the least thing that I like to do. I feel you. I know you, and I'm sure you feel the same as me. Come on.

Put your doing it. Feeling upper body strength. Can we do 2 more? This is your last one. You got one more after this. Come on.

Last time. And hold it there. Amazing. Walk your feet to your hands and now curl yourself all the way up, and I'm just gonna pop my whites here So just out the way. Alright. We want to air reform our favorite place. Okay. We want 1 red spring.

We've stayed at that one red spring. We're gonna push that leg out. So we're here in a lunge. Keep that back leg straight. Keep your arms straight.

Just test the waters here. Remember this is called your flying cat or your flying flying anything. It depends what I took at you, what we're gonna fly today. We're gonna do flying cats. We're gonna do flying our best. Alright. So we all know what we're doing.

Alright. So let's go into our flying cat. Flying cat. So it goes forwards. Now your flying cat externally rotates. So it goes forward. Now externally rotate at your hip joint.

Duh. Turn it out. Whoo. And again, cat And out. So your cat is kinda rounded with your spine, externally rounded externally rotated not surrounded.

So you're here. Turn it out. Now round. Let's do one more set. Now from here, lift up, took it in front. So you see I put my foot in front, so I've got my right leg in front.

Here we go. Plank. Plank. So I'm taking the weight onto the front foot, and then I lift back up again. It's like an up stretch in house lookout on the horizon, exhale come back up into your kinda like a downward dog, but the legs are crossed, inhale rotate around your shoulder joint, Excel lift up, pubic bone going to your belly button, inhale lengthen, exhale lift up, Two more. Breeze as we come up. One more.

Lift up. Now we're gonna turn around, turn that foot, turn around away on the outside, hand behind your head. Are we ready? We reach that hand up. Twist. Reach up, twist.

So you're closing the carriage, As you rotate, very subtle. XL. Close the carriage. In how back. Can you do two more? Rotate, look down to the floor, bring it back last time, rotate. Hold it here.

Take the hand. The front leg goes back to where it was. Now flying Arabic. Nice little flow there. Four more.

Swing that leg feels really good. Swing. Alright. Can we do one more for good luck and brewing it down? Bring that carriage in. That was fun. Right? Nice flow there.

We're gonna do the other side. So come around or step over your reformer. Get into your lunge. The key is that back leg stays straight. The arms stay straight.

So you bring the carriage in as you pike. Okay. Just test the water. So when I say pike, The pubic bone's going toward the belly button. It's that lower abs, like, right here. Are we getting ready?

Alright. Let's go. Cats round, externally rotated at the hip. And cat looked down. Now look out to your knee, going diagonally out to the corner of the room, look the corner of the room, cat, and out. Cat Are we breathing?

You have to breathe. Contract through your core, your transversus, Exhale. One more. Now ready. That leg is gonna pop just in front of the leg that's extended. It's already bring it in.

There we go. And hinge back into your pike. Are we all there? Now we're gonna rotate around your shoulder joint into your plank, can lift that back leg up a little bit and then come back. And that just to allow you to get into that nice full plank without your foot going jammed, and then you come back.

Rotate. Look out on the horizon. Use your abs to pull back and close the carriage. Out we go. Look. Come back in.

And look, keep those arms straight. 2 more. One more and then use your abs to close that carriage. Now we're ready. We're gonna turn the foot and we turn away.

Hand behind the head, we're all there. Now your foot is on a toe. Your front foot is on a toe. Gonna reach a hand up into your twist. They'll just hold it here.

We bring that carriage in, we take it back. If you just wanna hold your position, you can. You don't have to go into this rotational twist. Which is pretty advanced. Just hold your position. Now we're cinching at the waist, slowest rib to your hip, in that oblique twist. There we go. Bring the couch and close the carriage.

Open it up. Close the carriage. Open it up. K. You got one more. Close the carriage. Open it up. Now that front leg that's on the toe is gonna go down and back into where we were at the start ready, flying out of bus.

This is my favorite. I just feel like a little kid here. We're swearing in that leg up, getting into hip extension, and just move through it. Just follow through with that leg. Move. It feels just good just to move that body.

Oh, move. 4 more. 4. 3. 2.

One more and bring that carriage in. Fantastic. Come back down. Alrighty. Pick up your weights. Are we ready?

Side we go. Alright. We're here. Arms out. We're gonna step up. Bring it down.

Step up. The arms are only gonna go to shoulder height. We're not gonna go any higher. Back. Now if you can, maybe lift that leg up. Add that little glue action here.

4 more, 4, 3, 2 and 1. Switch. Ready? Tap it in. Now tap the arms. Go.

Now if you feel that you can open your leg out, Breathe. 4 more. 4. 3. Two more.

He got love on last time and bring it back. Now come forward, right leg leads. We go hammer curl, bring it back, hammacurle, bring you back. So both legs stay bent, swing with control, ham acurle, There we go. Let's do 4 more.

4, 3, 2, One more switch. Alrighty. Other side. Same arm. Keeping it simplistic here. Keep that back leg bent, that transference of weight, and we're smiling because we're having a lot of fun, aren't we?

Come Good. You can hear my heart righties up with you. I'm filming this in real time. There is no edits here. Keep going.

2 more. 2 one more step back and pulse here. Alright, everybody. We're gonna move on one last little circuit, when we're taking that box back onto the reformer and then release. It's gonna go on the reformer. Just gonna put my weights here just out the way.

Box is gonna go shortways. Alright. Let's take the bar down quickly. Now keeping, like I said, at one red spingle, you can take it down if you want. You've got the ball y.

Now how we set up for this is bring your knees down Put the ball just kind of in front of your box, fingertips over so your forearms are here, and it's against You can see it's against my thigh. So everybody get into that plank position here. Now we bring it in and out, This is the hard part. Now look at your head, reach out to the crown of the head. There we go.

So you're pressing your thigh against the ball. That's it. Now we're gonna do 3 more of these. 3, 2, 1 more. Now hold it out.

Drop pike. Drop. Pike. You're rolling the ball. Drop Pike, all in those apps. 3.

Are you breathing? 2. One. Hold it here and then slowly bring it back down again. Pick the ball up, take it to the other side, place it in front of your thigh, wrap your fingers around, Now from here, I'm gonna push out knees here. Now, single leg is pushing out and in, and the ball is staying still you're pressing your thigh against the ball, against the box.

There we go. A lot of core engagement here challenging and reaching out through the crown of the head. Couple more. Now this time, you're gonna hold it out. Ready. Drop.

Pike. Drop. Pike. Inhale, exhale. Keep your shoulders away from your ears. Come on. Inhale, Pike. Inhale, Pike. Couple more.

One more. Bring the carriage in. Drop the knees down. Pick up. Your lovely ball. We're gonna come up, stand up, turn around, you've got the ball in your hands, Now I'm gonna load it up.

I'm gonna add another blue spring, so I've got a red and a blue or 1a half springs. I'm in my squat position here, making sure that's nice and sturdy, and I'm gonna push out and in. So my focus right now is my glutes. I'm in a squat position here. So, look, my knees are bent.

I fully extend. I bring it in. Press the ball out in it. There we go. Inhale out, exhale in. Now stick the booty back.

There we go. 4 more here, 4, press out 3, press out 2, Now one, fine mid range. There's mid range. Press out and then, oh, there we go. This is the ice in on the cake.

Those glutes are working. Sit back. Press into that ball. There you go. It's like a stress ball, isn't it? You know, those little stress balls? I've got a big stress ball here.

I'm like, pressing. I'm gonna do this. I fall and 3, and 2, and 1, and come all the way up. Okay. Let's do the other side. We're not one leg wonders.

We are total body wonders here, ready, knees bent. Open. Bring it in. Both legs extend. Both legs bend. Now reach the arms forwards and back. Whoo. And back.

Inhale out. Remember if it gets too challenging, which I can honestly say for me, it is. I would drop down a spring, but I'm gonna keep going for 4 for 3 for 2 and for 1. Now from here, Go all the way out. Come on, we're nearly there. Ready. Midway. D. D. D.

D. 7. 6, 54, 32, and one more. Oh my gosh. I know. Oh, I have to admit that that was challenging.

We're gonna step down step down. Just pop that ball down out the way. And from here, we're gonna get front of the mat. Hands down into your downward dog position. Hold it there.

Come all the way down onto your tummy Gotta finish off with a little back extension. Gotta remember to work. The back, as always, and that back extension, we're gonna swim I always think I'm gonna be in that blue ocean right in front of me. I'm swimming because right at the end, right on the beach. There's a Pina Colada waiting for me.

So I gotta go. I gotta hurry up. Come on. Let's go. Right? So the end. And we're moving at the shoulders and your hips. And we're going, we're getting close, we're getting faster, for 4, for 3, for 2, and for 1, and we're there. Woo hoo.

Come all the way back. Child's post. Thank you so much for joining me. That was Great class. If I say so myself, this is a class that does really kick my butt, and this is what I do to keep myself in shape, to mix, roll all the way up, take a deep breath in, reach the hands over head is all about mixing up your workouts. Reach your hands up over to the side, cross training, is the key for a healthy injury free body.

So we got the elements here. Let's go again of Pilates, and fitness well executed with control and release and a little bit of cardio. Stand up, everybody. Thank you for joining me. We gotta always finish off with a roll down before you go on your day.

Roll down. Touch your toes. Roll yourself all the way up. High 5, everybody. See you back here again. I hate to tell you this.

It doesn't get any easier, but guess what I can tell you? You do get stronger. So if that's not an inspiration, I don't know what it is. Have a nice and nice day. See you soon. Goodbye.


Shannon H
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great class, as always! what size is your overball?
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Brittnee H
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It makes my day any time a Tracey Mallet class is added on Pilates Anytime. You're awesome!
Laurel S
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Great class! Throughly enjoyed the mix of Pilates, strength and cardio . Love Tracey’s classes!
Sara P
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yes, what a workout !!
1 person likes this.
So good! Thank you!!
Yab-a-dab-a-do!  Another great workout! I am grateful for the gift of you. Seize the workout!
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Love the cardio in this full body workout, thanks Tracey
Ashlee T
1 person likes this.
Loved it! Perfect for a short but effective workout to get it in!
1 person likes this.
It’s just what I needed after a very full week of training all my clients. It was a one and done! Thank you so much!
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