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Gratitude In Motion Reformer

35 min - Class


Join Amy Havens for Gratitude In Motion on the Reformer, a Pilates class that emphasizes fluidity and mindfulness. In this class, you'll experience meditation in motion as you focus on your breath, imagery, and gentle swaying movements. With Amy's guidance, you'll discover a sense of lightness and ease, creating more space and range of motion in your body. Immerse yourself in this inward, feel-good class.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box)

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Mar 26, 2024
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Thank you Amy. This is exactly what my body needed this morning xxxx
OH Amy that was indeed magical, THANK YOU for sharing xx
That was fantastic! Thank you 🤩
Jen B
So yummy and amazing! Thank you, I needed this class this morning
Thank you Amy!! Me gustaría que volvieran a poner las Transcript para que podamos entender en español la clase y

 poderla leer bien y pausado. Thank very much!!!
Faith F
you are magical!! this class was exactly what i needed! Thank you!
Goncagül Ö
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Excellent.Especially during menopause
I needed this today. I heard you say “meditative movement” at the beginning and I immediately thought Ugh. Let’s do something else - but my body (and mind) needed this more than I wanted to admit to myself. Thank you.
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Thank you for showing us your soul, Amy! 
Christine S
Thank you Amy this is a beautiful class x
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