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Join Meredith Rogers for an energizing Advanced Reformer class that will maximize your focus and stability. This class is characterized by small, yet powerful exercises that will challenge your entire body, with a particular emphasis on deepening your muscle connection and core strength. As always, Meredith's guidance is intentional, focused, and precise, ensuring you get the most out of your workout.
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Apr 23, 2024
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Hi. Thank you for being here with me today. It has come to my attention that it's been a long time since I have deviated from the basics and the intermediate into the advanced level. Choreography. So there's been a few requests for that.

And here you go. Ready? We're gonna step to the front of the reformer. I have 1 red spring on the reformer in this moment. So let's all take a moment to find a parallel foot position, find the arms reaching down the sides of the thighs, the spine lifting up into the air and just finding some ground from here.

We'll right away begin to bring the chin into the chest as the spine goes forward towards the reformer. Allow the arms to leave the body and reach for the edge of the carriage. Once you find it, position your pelvis right over your heels. And then as you inhale, elongate through the spine, taking the carriage out. Just pausing there, feeling the weight of the body leaning away from the hands and inhale as you exhale curve the spine.

Feel that you're resisting the pull of the springs as the carriage is coming back into the home position. And then as we inhale, we'll lift the pelvis, lengthen out through the spine feel the arms reaching, but the shoulder blades gliding back towards the pelvis and then exhale undulate through the spine. Press down through your feet forward through the backs of your legs and inhale as we reach out And Excel is we articulate back resist the spring. Use your arms. Use your legs. Those are the two things that helped me the very most to create a lot of energy through the center of the body lengthen and pause.

In how bend the elbows out wide. Stretch the arms, feel the spine lengthening in the direction of the moving carriage and then round the spine and come back in. Twice more the same inhale reach out. Bend the elbows, maybe exhale. Inhale. Stretch the arms feel the length of the spine traveling forward with the arms and exhale around back in.

Deepen. The simplicity of these initial movements are going to set our bodies up for What is to come and bend and lengthen the arms? And roll through the spine, dropping the head down, finding the stopper, or closing the carriage, and then standing all the way up and finishing with the arms next to the body. Okay. So from here, we're gonna come and sit on the carriage keeping the same spring. Take the legs out in front.

So I have my heels right against the edge of the headrest, We're gonna reach for the ropes. So holding just above the hardware. Find a long spine Take your time to really create the best lift in your body that you have available to you. And then as you exhale, begin to articulate your body back towards the carrying. So we feel the pelvis move out of the way.

We get the sacrum, the low back to come into contact with the carriage and we inhale. As we exhale, we curve the spine, not letting the springs pull us up but instead resisting the pull of the springs, we reach all the way forward. We lift up to straight. From that straight body position, we're gonna open the arms out to the side. A little heavy for this, but we can do it.

Reach forward with your arms and around and roll the spine back, taking care to really imprint that sacral area, that lower spinal space, and inhale. And exhale resist the pull of the springs, bring the shoulders over the pelvis, Keep the arms straight as you stack your spine up to straight and then finish that by bringing the arms wide really feel the backs of the arms working and reach forwards and roll back. It's helpful to feel that your legs are reaching out in front of you that there's a little down press with your arms and also with your legs and in here. And Excel as we roll up, create the elongated spine, take the arms out to the side and reach forward. We'll do 2 more.

Roll back. Everything is working and in here and left up. Articulate your spine up into an straight back. Take the arms wide reinforcing that straight back. And last time here, reach forwards. And roll, reaching through the legs, trying to keep the feet reaching hooked over the edge of that head rest, pause at the bottom, and inhale, and lift up.

Reaching the shoulders over the pelvis. Remember, as we go through the choreography in this workout today to take care of yourself. Reach your arms out to the side and pause. Pull back small, 2, small, 3, My brain is reminding me to keep my ribs tucked in, so I'm not hyper extending through my spine, reach forward, and round. So I'll share that with you to remind you to do the same rollback.

When you feel your low back connected to the carriage, please pause. Think about deepening into that shape to pick the left leg up. We are now going to bend the left knee, keep the sacrum on the carriage and just curve the spine in towards that moving side and lower. It's not very big, but it is powerful round and pull. Feel your leg almost like it's pushing against on imaginary resistance, we bend and pull and reach back and Ben and Paul deepen and reach back and Ben and Paul Reach back one more time. Please, Bend, and pull. To reach back, take the leg down.

No change in the pelvis there, then lift the body. Stack the spine. This time as the arms come out, keep the spine straight, but go beyond straight into spinal extension, then round back forward over your legs. And roll yourself back. Again, we'll repeat the same thing on the other side. Feel that arms connected to the back.

Float the right leg from the center of the body and then curl keeping the sacrum anchored, bending the spine and bending the knee. And reach out and curl. And stretch the leg for just about eye level, and curl, It's always nice to think about creating the most depth that you can create in your body. We'll do 2 more out. Curling.

Collar bones wide, sacrum anchored, one more reach into that moving leg. Lower your body. Lower your leg. Roll through your spine. Sit up, take the arms out first, then bring your spine with your arms as you take that little bit of extension and reach forward rounding the body and roll back again.

Once again, moving to the left leg. Keep the sacrum anchored. Lift that left leg up as that knee bends will take rotation towards it and stretch it out and take rotation and back. Working not only on the up, but also feel that you're working the down. Last two ringing out the spine.

And back last one, ringing up the spine, and back pausing there. Going straight away to the other side. You're welcome. Bend and rotate. As always, you're looking after your own self. You take breaks as you need full rotation.

Getting every last ounce of muscular connection. And center and 2. And center 1 and center the leg goes down. Left the body, bring the shoulders over the pelvis. Sit all the way up.

Take the arms at one more time. Reach back into upper spinal extension. Reach all the way forward over your legs again. While you're there, You can replace the straps and roll up. And we change the springs. Let's put the foot bar up.

We're gonna go into footwork here. I like 3 reds in a blue. You, of course, Can choose what you like. So coming all the way down, Placing the heels of the feet onto the footbar. Arms come down to the sides.

Taking a moment, getting organized, feeling the feet on the bar equally pressing. So you could even be feeling some work here before you're even moving, and we press out and pull in. And press outs, keeping the sacrum anchored pull in. Feel the backs of the legs working. And pull in and reach out, keeping the feet flat like they're standing on a wall, and reach out and pull in, feeling attention to the center of the body.

And pull in last two active through the arms. Last one and back. Once the carriage comes to a pause, place the toes on the bar. Press out, do a small pause feel the feet are in maximum plantar flexion point without any deviation from a straight ankle. And then keep the heels still as you bend.

Feel the back of the legs power the initiation and pull. So, obviously, there is work as we stretch the springs, but can we work equally hard as we resist or pull the carriage back in and bend and reach out and bending and reach out. He'll stay still throughout and bending. And we'll do about 4 more. And Paul.

So if my counting skills are lacking today. Perhaps we can let go of set repetitions and just go with the flow. And to fill the one movement, becoming the next thing so that everything just flows and back. We find the center or the carriage close. We bring the heels together.

And we continue reaching out, pulling the carriage in, squeezing the heels together, feel that sensation of the press of the heels coming all the way up through the inner thighs. And then as the legs are straightening, it's as though we're zipping from the heels all the way, maybe even up to the throat and pull and 5 pull in resist and feel the hips initiating. And pull in. Getting nice and warm here. 3. And pull in and 2.

Resistant. And one and resisting. Taking the feet to the outside of the foot bar. Today, we're gonna open the knees a little wider. So really open wide. So you're in, like, a wide pli.

Feel the knees press down towards the floor on either side of the reformer and reach out. And as you bend, feel that opening, reach out. And bend and open the knees. And one of my favorite things to think about is the sensation of dragging the feet towards one another on the bar, all in an effort to stay connected to the in size of the size, working in both directions, as always, 5. Active through the arms.

So sometimes what I like I like to think about if my mind starts to wander is just check-in. Check into the different parts of your body. What are your shoulders doing? What are your arms doing? What's happening in the center of the body?

We'll do one more. Will come all the way in. Keeping that same wide knee position come to your toes. And we go out and pull the knees wide. Reach out.

Feeling equality of pressure through the backsides of the both sides of your pelvis. And bent. Legs working equally and out and bent. And ants and open the knees and 5 pulling in, opening the knees wide. 4, don't think about initiating from the feet Think about initiating from the hips 3 counting out loud so I can keep track and bent.

And reach and bend and reach and pull and bring the feet back to the center of the bar parallel to one another. Stretch out. I'm gonna lift my head just briefly. Make sure I'm in alignment. I am, and we go under twos.

3 and up to 3 and work the springs and up. So slowing the movement down maybe a little bit from what you're used to, maybe not. But really work to pull beyond where the springs pull you. Work beyond the pull of the spring. So it's not just the machine doing the work for the feet, but the feet, actually.

Maximizing their potential. We'll do 3 more and lift. 2 more and lift. 1 more and lift, and we go into prancing one knee bends. The other drops both feet lift and change.

So there's an up and then a down and an up and a down. And as we continue to create that alternate pattern in the feet? Can we feel that the pelvis is level from side to side? Can we feel that as the one foot is pulling all the way into the bar that the other foot is pushing into the bar? So both legs are active. One foot gets a one leg gets a toe stretch, and one leg gets a calf stretch, and we'll do 5 and 5.

4, make sure you come all the way up in the middle. And 3, the knee, that's bending point straight up. And 2, the ribs are soft. The arms are active. And one and one and both feet up and bend the knees.

Take the legs over the bar. Bring the arms up. Squeeze the legs together, lift the head, Look where you're going. Roll up. Take the bar.

Pull against the arms with the abdominals really around through the spine and then begin to bring yourself up pulling in and back with the shoulder blades. While you're here, reach down and change your springs. I'm going to use 1 spring which is gonna feel a little light for the next section. But then I think we'll be happy with it. But you decide.

Arms forward. Sit back behind your sacrum. Can you lift your legs up off the bar? And with your legs straight, roll down onto the carriage. Once you're there, bend your knees and take your straps and your hands.

Starting simple here, my friends, arms just above the shoulders feet just in front of the knees. We exhale lift the chest, reach past the pelvis towards the foot bar. The knees will stay bent for now. Then lift the arms. Use your abdominals to keep the height of the truck and take the body down. And it's not the arms that pull us up.

It's the spine bending that takes us up. The low back connects to the reformer. We're actively reaching through the arms, actively reaching through the arms as the arms reach up and bring the head down. And lift up. Legs are pressing together.

Palvis is anchored, lower spine is flat, arms lift. Body comes down. And remember, not the arms, the chest, presses the arms forwards. We take the arms, Bring the head and chest down. Last one we're holding at the top.

Here we go. Lift up. Stretch the legs out straight externally rotate your hips and your shoulders. Open the arms and the legs wide. And squeeze together and open the arms and the legs, wide, wide, wide, and squeeze pressing up through the chest and open and squeeze and open and squeeze how many more you say? 1, I say. And squeeze holding there.

Palms turn down. Mees bend in. Arms lift up. Head comes down. And we go.

Lift the head and chest leg straight and right away. Open the legs. Reach through. Close the legs. Reach forwards. Bend the knees.

Lift the arms, head and chest go down, head and chest go up, legs go straight. Open the legs and push through wide legs. Open the arms, close the legs, bend the knees, I'm laughing because it's hard. That's what happens to me when I'm working hard, becomes funny, and left. Wide legs open.

Really reach out through the feet. Close the legs reached past the pelvis. Bend the knees, curling, curling, curling, lift the arms, and and head and chest legs straightened reach through how wide can your legs be? Reach out, Ben Curlhiger, reach up, Take the head down. One more time. Head and chest legs straighten.

Open wide. Reach through. Close the legs, reach outside of the pelvis, bend to the knees, lift the arms, and take the body all the way down. We're gonna hang the straps up We're gonna put just the right foot into the strap. Bring that leg up, keeping the left foot on the bar just for a moment. Check your pelvis.

What I mean is feel for alignment, and then lift the left knee up into a tabletop position. And we take that right leg straight down. So the choreography here isn't the challenge. Leg comes up. The stability of the body is the challenge, and we press down.

Holding that left leg nice and still and reach up. Feel the movement coming from the back of that moving leg and lift up. 2. Reaching down and away. And lift up.

Reaching down and away, holding at the bottom. Take the leg out to the side. You're in charge of how big your circle can be. What the most important thing to keep in mind is the stability of the rest of the body. So maybe it's a little small.

And pull and around working through the hip joint. And 2, one of the hardest things for me actually is to try and maintain, like, just keep the leg that's not having a strap still. One more down. Out around and hold the other way out keeping that left leg still reaching down, coming up the center. And open, press down, and up the center.

And open, press down, and up the center. And 2 more down and up the center. And last one down and up the center. Take that, left leg underneath of the footbar. So you're in a scissor position.

You have to start moving the right leg first. The left leg will clear the bar and then lift up into a scissor. And then as the right leg comes up, we find under the bar with that left leg. So there's a little bit of timing involved here. Press and then float that straight leg up and then take that straight leg under and reach.

Spring will pull you a little bit deeper into the stretch each time float. And reach through, beeping into the stretch, and 2, clearing the bar, finding the scissor, and reach through. And last time, press oop, I ran into the bar that time. And reach through from here. Bend the knee.

Place that foot down onto the floor. Take a hold of your strap with your hands. Bend your knee. Apply a little pressure down on that strap. And stretch 3 and bend stretch.

To anchoring the pelvis in opposition of the foot and bend. Stretch 1. Remove the left foot from the floor and place it onto the footbar. Bend the right knee, take the foot out of the strap, and we will change sides. Here we go.

We find that straight left leg first, getting anchored through the pelvis on both sides. The right leg comes up into a tabletop position. And we press the left leg down, reaching down towards the carriage. Here's another place where we can check-in with the arms. You might feel that the weight of the spring is trying to pull the body in one direction or the other, but our job Should we choose to accept it, which I think we all will, is to stay as centered as possible on that carriage and press.

Right. Legg stays still. Arm stay active. Last two. Press and lift. Last time exploring your range. Take the leg out around and center.

Press down. Keep that right leg nice and steady. What I'm thinking about it, so almost like I have something to push into with my right side and press down and out. Around and center and press down. And at around and centered. This is our last one here.

Press down. Go out, come around, find the center, and reverse go out. Push away when you go from the up to the out try not to let it pull the opposite leg out and we circle and center. And open it. Press and center. Oh, stay in control Meredith is what I'm speaking to myself and that depths of my imagination And last one here, everyone open.

Press down. Come through the center. Thread that right leg underneath the footbar. Let the spring pull you a little bit into the stretch. Feel the bottom leg.

The free leg is very active. Push through that upper leg, clear the bar, bring that leg up into a scissor, and then reach back and find that empty space between the foot bar and the carriage. The frame and push clear the bar. Find the split. Active through.

That's both legs really, but what I have to think about a lot is staying really active through the leg that doesn't have spring. And Get past the foot bar and scissor. Active through both legs. They reach away from one another. We reached through underneath the football.

Trying not to run into it, but truth be told I'm running into it. But we'll all do our best. This is the second to the last. Reaching through. Right letting that spring pull you a little bit deeper into the stretch last one, press reach up.

Bring the left leg back, bend the right knee and put it onto the ground. Take a hold of the strap with your hands. Flex that foot. Square the pelvis and bend. And reach and bend.

Pull down and reach 2. Just 3. Bend. Pulled down and reach 3. Remove the right foot from the ground and place it onto the footbar.

Then the left knee, remove the foot from the strap and bring the carriage in. Take both straps into both hands. We're about to go into the the jackknife and the control balance if your head rest is up, it's important that it goes down now. We're gonna set the hands directly above the shoulders and apply a little pressure from the underneath of the arms into the straps, lift the legs, and straighten them. As the arms press down, the legs come up into a vertical position.

You need very active arms here, my friend. So think about that. We're going to roll over. Take the legs down into the well. Feel the back of the legs working, the back of the arms working, the back working as you take yourself up into a vertical alignment. From that place.

Keep active through the arms as you roll the body down. The pelvis will return to the carriage. As the legs go down, the arms reach back above the shoulder. The legs go up. The arms push down. The body rolls over.

We go down and then up, working the entire backside of the body, the back of the legs, the back of the arms, Press up and away with your legs and then roll actively reaching down and also forward with tharms Lyft the arms, lower the legs, and lift. Reverse curl. Try not to use momentum there. Go down. And Roll down. Controlling.

Take the legs down. Arms reach up. We'll do 2 more arms down legs up. Reverse curl. Take the legs down first, then up. Supporting through the center of the body and go down.

Pressing the arms away past the pelvises, the pelvis lands, arms go up. Legs go down 1 more. Press down and lift. Take the legs over. Go down, then reach up. Every repetition is a chance to make it better.

The tharms take the legs down, bend the knees. Gonna take your feet to the footbar for a moment. Reach back and put the straps away. Hold the pegs where the straps just landed. Open the elbows wide.

So I think a lot about pulling those pegs apart, bring the legs back up, stretch the legs back forward, lift the legs back up, control balance, We take the body over. Keeping the elbows wide. The legs go down. Now the right leg stays down. The spine lifts. The left leg lifts up.

So we wanna really feel our back extensors, user up her body, and, we change. Feel that same sensation of the leg pressing up, up, and away. I use my arms a lot here. It's a little secret. One more splitting the legs.

One pulls down, one pushes away. One pulls down, one pushes away. Both legs go up. Both legs go down and then feel that wide open shoulder idea pulling the handles apart, pulling the pegs apart as you roll down slowly. Bringing the legs close, close, close, close, close, close. If you could see my legs, you'd think there was an earthquake in this room.

So if you're shaking, you are not alone, bend your knees and rest your feet. Okay, everyone. We're gonna come up. Now for the next section, I'm gonna give myself a little bit more of a helpful spring. I'm gonna use a green instead of a Again, always up to you, but I know it's coming and you don't.

So you decide. We are going to step onto the reformer. Place the left foot back against the shoulder blocks and lift the right foot up onto the foot bar. I don't usually wear socks, but this is one class where I felt like I needed some stick. So we're just in our lunge here.

We're gonna press through that left leg. Drop down into the stretch. Yes. I'm pausing so that we can just be here in the stretch. We are now. Going to stretch the right leg straight. Think of taking the pelvis straight back.

And now from there, pike round the spine, bring the carriage in, And then as you push the carriage back, try and flatten out the back. And Pike. So is it possible, I wonder? Each time we go from that pipe position into the stretch, can we get a little lower into those splits? This person isn't particularly flexible. So if you're more flexible than me, don't let my limitations scare you off challenging yourself to you at the end of your range, flattening the back, bending the leg on the foot bar, We're gonna transition here to drop the back knee down, lift the chest into that for me really significant hip flexor stretch.

And then to change sides, we're gonna step the right foot down to the front. Bring the left leg to the front, place the right foot back, lift the left foot onto the foot bar. Find your lunge, actively pressing through that right leg. Dropping down into the stretch to the best of your ability. It's worth it to think about keeping the back leg active now. We take that front leg out straight.

Trying to bring the pelvis straight back, and then we round the spine. And bring the carriage in. And then press back out. Taking the body back into that lunge and round the spine, pull the carriage in. It's an optimal position to check your pelvis.

Make sure it's square, flatten out the back as you lower into your splits. And round. Close the carriage. Come back. Bend the left leg.

The leg on the foot bar actively push you that right leg as you bring the carriage in. And then we'll transition here to drop that right knee down. Left the spine, take the stretch, and then Step the left foot back to the shoulder block, the right foot back to the shoulder block, flexing the feet against the shoulder blocks sit back towards your heels, finding a flat back here so that we can and reset with intention around your spine. Roll your pelvis forward. Drop the hips forward, lift to the chest up, down stretch, reach out.

Feel the feet pressing back the legs rather, pressing back. Feel the connection of the feet to the shoulder blocks lift up and back with your spine and push outs, keeping the eyes straight ahead all the time. So they'll track differently. Meaning what you're looking at at the top isn't what you're looking at at the bottom, but the head doesn't drop. We keep the line. And lift up.

Pulling the bar apart is another thing to think about. That's what I like to think about last one. Press out. And lift up, round your spine, keeping the feet back against the shoulder black. Flatten your spine.

Press out with your arms taking your body parallel to that footbar. Look after your shoulders. This is tricky or challenging. Press with your legs, drop the pelvis through. Come all the way up into the foot bar.

Keep the carrot still as you round through your spine, then flatten your spine, then push with your arms, then stabilizing through the shoulders, push out with your legs, drop the pelvis through, lift up into an arc, pull the knees towards the stopper towards the foot bar and flatten and read. So it's not just shapes. It's controlled movement from 1 piece. Carriage stays still to the next piece. Last time, flatten. Press with your body.

Press with your legs. Round your spine. Stay around. Now, Some of you may wanna reach down and give yourself a little bit more spring tension. I'm gonna see what I can do with this spring just for continuity. Keep the round shape.

Use your arms, float your knees, stay low, and push out and pull in. Push out and pull in. Stay low. Push out and pull in. Push out and pull in. Push out and pull in.

One more push out and pull in, drop the knees, flatten the spine, push with your arms last time through, going from flexion, taking that spinal extension one last time around and sit back towards your feet. Okay. We're gonna transition now into some arm work. For me, the green is too heavy. So I'm gonna go back to a red. You decide what you would like will turn all the way around.

Legs come back out the front. Let's scoot a little bit forward on the carriage. Give yourself about a hands distance away. We'll start with just some basic chest expansion. So bringing the body into an upright position, take the arms back.

Just finding the shape of the spine and pull just five. As the arms pull back, the spine is lifting. Everything is in control. And pull. And one.

Take the arms a little further forward. Take the right arm up in the left arm down. A little further forward than you would normally for chest expansion. Right arm down, left arm up, and center keeping the spine aligned, and press and center and press. So the arms make like an x center. And press and center 1 more.

And press bring the arms forward, abandon the arms, roll the pelvis down. Connect the sacrum to the carrot. This is where where we warmed up to be. Take the arms out to the side. Take the body all the way forward in the arms bag.

Take the arms up as high as you can. Then circle the arms around. Imagine the spring. Is pulling the head out towards the feet. The arms come all the way to parallel the spine lifts back up, and we bend.

We'll just do three. Roll down. Keep the collar bones open. Connect the low back to the carriage. Open the arms. Take the body through.

Think not of taking your head down, but instead forward. Lift the arms. Think about as the arms come around the spring is pulling the body further and further into that stretch. Arms come parallel. Spine comes up last time arm's bent at round.

And reach and go and lift up enjoying that full rotation, full range of motion in those shoulder joints, arms come parallel. Spine comes all the way to sitting, and we bend the arms. Keep the angle of the arms at a 90 degrees as you roll down again to the carriage pause there. 5 bicep curls, not a super heavy or a spring for the biceps, in my opinion, but a really nice place to work through the center of the body. 2 more.

One more. We're going from here, lifting just slightly, and then reaching into back extension. Arms reaching overhead. Body comes back up the arms drop in place, and we bend and hooran. Take the arms down. So, and, 5, opening the collar, hand collar bones, hands to shoulders, keeping the shoulders anchored, 3, and abdominals, 2.

And one. Get ready. Reach back with the arms, back with the spine, sit all the way up, Last time, my friends bend your arms. Keep that angle as you roll down. Connect the low back to the carriage and 5, 4, and 3, and 2 and 1, find your 90 lift just that little bit in your flexion and then reach back with your arms.

Take your spinal extension. Come all the way up. We'll do one. Pull back lean over just to counter balance. Hands come back.

Reach up, reach all the way around, lean into your stretch, hang your straps up. Come up. Turn around. Position your pelvis just to the very back of the shoulder blocks or front of the shoulder blocks, I guess, is a better way to say that. Grab the straps.

Start with the elbows close to the body and the body in an upright position. Feel as your arms are reaching for that your shoulder blades stay on your back. Open your arms just to a tee. Close your arms and lift a little taller as you bend and press. Forward.

And palm stay up as you open and come back lifting up and bend and shoulder blades go back as the hands reach forward. And open and close. And bend making a little change. Go forward. Go open.

Take yourself beyond that straight line. Lift your chest. Collect yourself as you bring your arms back to the t position forward and in. So just that little change in between those two movements forward first. Stability is the arms open.

Allow the springs, guide you into thoracic extension. Feel the front of the body working to help you come back into a perfectly upright position. Arms come forward. Elbows bend. 1 more the same push forward. And open and take your spinal extension.

Come back, take the arms, and bend his arms. Reach back to hang up the straps. Okay. Gearing up to finish, we are going to remove the bar. Load up the springs.

We're gonna do a quick variation of the side over and then some back extension. So we'll get the box. Place it up onto the reformer. Get the strap. The upper leg goes into the strap.

The other leg comes here. Create a straight line. Hands come behind your head. We're gonna go into the well. Up.

Arms reach out as you take your rotation. Come back hands behind your head. Go over and up. And reach her on. Ring out your spine. Just doing 3.

You can do more if you'd like. And down so we have those little pauses, creating challenge and up and find your rotation. As we come back, we'll take the arms overhead We'll reach down, find a stretch, we'll come up, slip the opposite leg through. Find your straight line. Take a little pause.

Check yourself, meaning just find center and go over and go up and take rotation. The comeback and over. Anna and take rotation. Back last time over. Remember, this is when we make a different arms.

Make some different arms back into rotation all the way overhead. And stretch over. And then help yourself up. Come up off the box, turn the box into a long box position. We're gonna do a fairly simple, not easy, back extension.

We've done a lot of it back extension already in class today. So just one quick one. We're gonna go to a blue spring. Okay. Let's get down on the box. And what we're gonna do is we're gonna hold on to the ropes with the palms face up kind of high up like this. Find a straight line, find energy through your legs.

Get ready. Bend your elbows and lift your back. Straighten your arms. Keep the heights of the body as you bring your arms all the way back overhead. Parallel and down.

Bend the arms lift the back. Straighten the arms lift further. Keep the height of the body as you bring your arms all the way around to the front. And take the body down and bend and lift straighten. Reach all the way around.

We'll do 2 more. Now you know all the pieces. Let's let them flow. Bend extend and stretch. Reach around. The hardest part is just finding the arms overhead when you lose the tension on the straps.

Arms go down very last one. We bend and reach. Stay up as you reach around. Take your time. Take your body down.

Place the straps back. Press yourself up just right onto the top of the box. And just reach down for the frame. And sit back over your feet. And we'll just pause here and inhale.

And let the body settle. And in here. Maybe let the arms hang in the forehead rest. And from there, lift yourself back up. Coming all the way up, congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Thank you for the requests. See you soon.


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Enjoyed this class. There's just something about Meredith classes :) Her core work is always what I feel I need.
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Thank you Meredith for a challenging class! Back extension at the end felt great!
Pepa G. Molina
Awesome! One of my BEST EVER! 
TANK YOU, Meredith!!
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Thank you Meredith! I really value a good 60 mins of advanced. That is what i look  for. So I was thrilled to see your class posted!
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Meredith, thank you so much for this wonderful advanced reformer class that was controlled - something you don't always get with advanced reformer classes. It was well thought out, the pace was perfect and your cueing was simply lovely. 
Eileen M
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This is a wonderful work out!  Thank you. Can you point me in the direction of some prep for the jack knife and roll overs? (I am working hard to get there!)
Gisela G
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Love it!!!
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You did it again! I can ALWAYS count on challenging work with detailed cues. Always feel so cooked (in a good way!) after your classes. Thank you for all you do!
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Great class, thanks Meredith x
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Great class. Ditto for jackknife tips.
Thank you
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