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Mini ChiBall Choreography

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Pilates Choreography with ChiBall Workout - Michael King is back with his new workout using Pilates movements sequenced together and the fantastic ChiBall. The ChiBall ( is used in many varied programs but incorporated into this Pilates class to offer a focus tool for movement and to inspire by adding the elements of aromatherapy and color. Michael uses Pilates choreography to build sequences through 10 tracks of music with the Chiball, ultimately putting it all together in the end. It is great fun and really invigorating to move in a way that is a little more free than we sometimes allow ourselves in a traditional class. "Remember, keep smiling."
What You'll Need: Mat, Mini Chiball

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Good evening. Welcome. I'm your teachers tonight, Michael King. And tonight I'll just tell you a little bit about the class we're going to do, will be doing a plot is choreography. Using the cheat ball. I teach different styles of co bloodies classes, classical mat, modified mat equipment work. This type, it was a class is really when we put the sequencing of the movements together and create combinations. Um, it can be done over weeks building very slowly choreography. But tonight I'm going to try and show you all the choreography in one in one class. And what I'm using today is the cheap cheapos from Australia. It's a combination of aroma therapy, color. Uh, the whole program is using, uh, ty Cheves, um, yoga philosophies. And the, what I like about it is, first of all, it feels great. As you know, we always use props in velocities and this ball is a great size to use.

Plus I love the color and I love the smell and I think it's a good addition to bring in to, uh, to the classes. Um, it's fun, isn't that, so let's go ahead and let's get started. I'm gonna ask you to start standing up. We're going to be doing 10 tracks of music tonight. And the first track is what I call the preparation track, which is to get our bodies ready. So just stand behind your mat and stand on the wooden floor and just, um, with your feet apart. Just holding onto your ball just very gently in front of you.

So before we start moving, let's just remind ourselves. Think about your feet. Your feet are pushing into the floor firmly and your shoulders are dropping down your back, your spine is long. And just think behind that ball, your pelvis, your pelvis is not tilting forward or to think back, but it's heading in a very good alignment. And of course now switch on those deeper muscles or the pelvic floor agenda is pulling that negative is fine just to support our buddy and then close your eyes and focus on the breathing. Breathing into your nose and breathe out with your mouth. Think about that lateral breath and feel the little space between your arms and ribcage opening up as you breathe in. And as you're breathing out, lengthen your spine a little bit more. Remember, breath is very important.

I'll be cuing the breath as we go through the movements. Always think about breathing out on the greatest effort. It'll help you a lot. Open your eyes and let's start with the en. And as you're breathing out, lengthen the spine again. Can you?

Well, your right arm will lose the ball until the ceiling lift up and bring it back down into a little balance. Push up and come back. Yes. As you're doing it, think about your shoulders, staying down. Second level up. Push up and come down. No flexibility. Push and reach out. I guess [inaudible] out and lift up a smoother.

You can. Keep the control. Push forward and sip. Now take the ball behind the legs, change hands and lift up. You got to get out there. Take it as low as you can. Try and test the floor who gaps and death. And now take your right leg behind you.

Push back and come together. Left leg. Push back. I'm back. Do that again. Read that one more time left. Lose your way. Let's put that together. One up. Take the right arm up and come down. Flex forward. Push and live down behind the legs. Take it down and lived right like the height.

[inaudible] let's do the same tight again. Right arm up. Flex forward. Push up and lift up behind the legs. Right again from the beginning. Start with the left arm. Go up and down.

Change hands balance. Remember the center four times pushing up. Lift up and come down. One more time. Read out four flexes. Push forward and litter us. Try and go a little bit low at each time. I'm push out again. Read out behind the left leg. Take it down and lift up and push down. Round your back. Try just the board down to the ground. Yeah.

Now with the left like this time pushed back and down. Change. Right leg push. If you can take it a bit lower. Breathe out of Hook and again, let's do one of each one. Balance Left. Arm Up, push up like round. I lived behind the left leg, left leg behind. [inaudible] do the left again. Pusher, reach behind, left. Use the center left leg back. No. Take the right leg behind you. Pushed back. Reach the right arm up. Change hands.

Take it down to the left and stretch out. Take the left, push out, reach out, change hands. Breathe in and rotate. [inaudible] do that again. Right up. Ooh, it's Bush. Take it across. Push it out. Push it up. Take it across the right. Push it ass and down. Now trying to take a little bigger. Say the right back.

I'm pretty sure you'll center. Breathe in. I'm pushing change left. Take it back. Push up. Take it out to the ride. Bring the feet together. Step with the right leg around. I'm getting together. Left leg subtler, focused on your balance.

[inaudible] I'm breathing. One more time. Let's put those two things together. Right leg behind, right arm up. Push up, cross as you reach out to the right leg around. I'm torn up, cross around. Push up and circle. Do that again. Right up. Thank you dad. Push it out one more time and cross.

Push it out and live. Bring the feet together and hold it. Okay, we're going to go down to the mat now. We're going to do come and preparations first though. Hold the ball long spine now. Roll down. Then slowly come back up.

Do that again when the ball in front of the feet and come up. Now the next time I come down to needing side kick, come down onto your knees. Arms out to the side. Now take the ball down. Lift the leg up and down. Use your breath. Try not push on the ball as you're looking at that leg. It's a little monitoring tool. Don't push down.

Lift up. Now hold it leg up and stay there. Now don't move the top arm. Bring the like forward. Take it back. Hold to the center. Do that again. Take it back again. Breathe out. Breathe in center.

One more time and now the next one I'm going to do with you. We're going to do a little transition. Take the left hand down, take it down. Sit on the mat. Mermaid. Hit the right arm back. Come back up, lift and back up. Now take it down. Left arm, push the ball again. Lift up and lift up. Now we're going to do it a little bit quicker.

Take it down. One Push, come back lit. We did weed out each, trying to hit the right leg as far back and not Monet position. One more time for the kneeling. Psychic. Hold it. Lift the leg up forward. Take it back. Whole transition back and home. Lift up.

Hold up, hold it. Changed the size. I'm live down to the ball down by the side. Lift the leg up and down. Again. Preparation. Good. Now really monitor yourself. Use the center. Check your rib cage. Watch the head position. Keep the head in lock. No holes.

Read out as you bring the leg forward. Take it back and hold. Stay. Do that again. Keep the shoulder stable again. Breathe. Keep breathing. Don't hold your breath for again. I'm switched out. Now. Here's that transition. Hold it. Stay there. Take the right, calm down, down, slowly. Push back, come around, lift up and hold. Do that again. Take it down. Take the left leg as far back as you can reach.

Come around, lift up a little bit quicker. Take it down. Yeah. Push again. We didn't really get as much rotation as you can. Yeah. Lift. One more time. Let's put it over the meeting. Psychic slowly lift up for transition. Yeah, reach one more time. Go and transition this time. Stay there. Oh. Now take a semicircle. Reach back, semi circle and push that as you do the semi. So take it down to the elbow. Come back up to the wall.

Each time a little bit farther as you come back. We're going to add a full circle with me. Go forward. Yeah. Full circle round again. Semi full circle back. Do that again. Yeah. Cool. Yeah.

Reach around one more time. Yeah. Unreached. Slowly transitioned back up. Yeah. Hold it up and stay there. Change. Sights that up. Say the Lego versus the other side. Trade over to the ball over to the right now. Transition down please, and let's do the semicircle on the opposite side. Semi circle and reach back home again. Good. Again, down to the elbow.

One more time. Big Church back reach. Reach that. We're going full circle back. Go forward. Circle behind. Round up again. Circle back again. The last time.

This time onto your map and Paul [inaudible]. How's everyone feeling? How are we moving? All right. Bring your legs in front of you gently. Flex is fine. Pull the ball towards you and now slowly lift up. Reachable after the city. Do that again. Slowly back lit up.

Now you can stay with the legs down or you can bring as you come back. Then one knee here, lift the leg up. Straight hole, Taser, leg down. Lift the leg again. You got a choice in staying with one leg. I'm going to take it back into a teaser. Flex the leg back now. Slowly reach up slowly forward.

Do that again. Back Center. I'm now this time. Pull the ball back to the chest. Keep the spine in neutral and lean back up. Reach the ball up. Unreached. Do that again. Neutral spine and back. Paint back and let them do that again.

Hinge back you that center. He's the spine loss. Asked you one more time. This time when you're less off. Then they left off to the front. Try to keep the two big toes together. Right off. Reach, reach. Use the center next time. Bend the elbow.

Take the arm out. Straight. Yeah, stretch and reach. Circle over to the back of it. Okay, let's add to this. As you bring the arm back, place the ball and lift your hips. Hold. Come back up and pull back. Lift the hips and back.

Here we go. This time left. Now reach out at home. Now use your center. Lift the top leg and deck again. Lift up one more time. Right off to bat and reach. Hold it now. Lift the leg up. Trying to get the pelvis as far forward as you can set and lift up one more time. Now sticking out. Arms Up. Let's put it all together.

Flex back. Bend the knees. Teaser lengthen. Hold you up and take it down. Neutral spine on the left elbow bent though. Now push rich. Long stretch and he got left shoulder. Stable Center. Read that. Boom, reach up. Good. Here we go. And right. Push out Elvis pulling. Stack.

Read out again. Good. Now sitting up, put it all together, tease it back. Then the nice, Ooh and lit. Hold it up. Reach up over hitting you best back and left elbow. See back Elvis out without the leg and lift. One more time. Reach out and up, right elbow. Face me. Good. Now stretch out Elvis out and lick them this time we're going to stay here.

Then both of these reach out and roll again and roll and roll. Stay hit this time. Now obviously the further you go out the Morgan [inaudible] shoulder to find that distance that you've got the really good strong connection with that shoulder. Lift the armor. Now circle the arm and lift up and come back up. Do that again. Take it over. Reach and settle. I've got to see the heart. Soul, I need answer.

I got to see [inaudible]. Hey Little Mama now circle this time. Go off the shoe and take the arm through an open. You thread the needle. Take it down to meet the hole. One more time and we're going to lift up. Reach out.

Now if you're all above you, lift that left leg up, shoulders out, and we use that center. Push up and down and lift on only now with the left arm and the ball, place it on the floor. Rollie diagonally forward and come back up again. Roll forward and let down. Now as you go forward with that left leg back straight, try and try to get further and let that just be a bit of fun. [inaudible] reach out again. Breathe out. Nice long stretch and lift up.

Hold it. Bring the feet to the front. Change Direction. Now tray the position with the leg of the RightAngle. Reach out. You're like children's. Typical Mommy. I'm push out. Use the shoulder stability. I'm pushing this rise again. We've had next time we're going to add this circle, so find your position tonight.

I lift up and lift up over this time. Stay there, check your center. Shoulders down. Thread the needle and open back again. Flowing is what we're working on. Continuous movement control and read. You come up this time. Lift the ball up. Stretch. Lift that right leg again. Hold it. Take the bullet in the right hand, straight to the legs. Push out. Know who the center push back.

Reach out both legs. Mermaid again, two more times. I lift up wallets. We do [inaudible] when the feet to the front. Lift the leg. I'm taking four. Reach out. I'm full again.

[inaudible] I know. Good. Let's turn to face. Ministration now. Now I'm going to turn to face the side of the room. Yes, and they're gonna lift the leg to turn. So what I'd like to do with this one, we'll do slowly first, lift your right leg up. Now the leg pushes away. Dog Roll and facial mat. There's the same leg lifting to bring you back.

Right leg up like someone's pulling it and you're coming back to the sitting position. Reach up right leg up. Turn, reach. [inaudible] I have a sane nurse and lift up. How did that, let's try with the left leg. Sending for front lift. Oh, dumb ted lived up and come back again. Lift up, push the leg, rotate and put the leg down. Pull this down. Come back up. The next time we're going to stay facing the mat. Lift up. Oh yeah. Stay down. Placeable in front of you.

Now we do modified sweat swat. Swan dive. Place a handle on top of the ball. Shoulder stabilize. Keep your center engaged. Now Poodle, shoulders down. Lift up slightly and then push the ball forward. That center must be engaged to support the back. Tom, he's the neck. Then crunched the naked, the band again. Come back up and down again. Shoulders down and down. Now this time lift your left leg up.

We should turn and come back to SIPI and lift up. Let's put this together. You're the queen. One rotation down once, one day coming back. So start with the right legs facing the front. Put the ball in the left hand, right leg lift up and down. Swan dive poo back. Come down. Right leg up and sit back up. You can never sing. Left leg lift.

Reach Tom again up one more time. Right leg lift turns in front. Huh? And who's down? Lift the right leg. Push the leg away. Come to city last time. Left leg.

Lift the leg up. Now here, open the legs to the side. Have the ball in front of you. Lift the ball up now please. Even chest tends to be right. Did the Santa's incentive tend to the right and center left and center. Check to the ride this time and no flex.

I'm convinced I still, we're building the school. Flex the spine. Keep the pelvis down and flex. I come back to bring it to the center. Bring the legs together. Place the ball between the knees and slowly rolled down onto the mat. Now keeping the knees together. Don't have the feet too far away.

Start from a neutral pelvis. We're going to start a very modified shoulder bridge. Just roll the spine. Roll up, roll the spine back down. Do that again. Roll up and roll down again. Rola. Articulate the spine. Roll down again. Roll up and roll down. Now this time as you go up, lift your arms up, kind of sees when the arms down.

Do that again. Roll up, roll down. Make sure the glutes and the center are working equally. Don't make the glutes do it alone. Keep that sentence switched off. [inaudible] away that this time. Roll up and stay up. Keep the arms up. Check your shoulders and call down. Now don't move the ball. Try not increase the squeeze. Keep it light. Shoulders. As you breathe out, just stretch the right leg straight, right leg.

Place back down. Hold and change. Left. Reach Out Rita. I'm bad. Do that again. Right leg lengthen. See they pushing away. I'm back. Left leg. Reach out. Place it down. Roll down. But this together Rola. Roll Up.

Right leg. Extend. I'm back. Change left leg roll back down again. Read out as you lift up. Right leg chain. Left leg. Roll down. Two more times. You just sent it. We there. Who's your shoulders? Relax and let it reach out. One last time. Breathe up.

Good. Reach out this time. Come down please. The hands down. Help them to roll you back up. Come back up the city. Use the handle the floor who shot on the floor and come back out. Now, just pretty simple in front of you on the sheds. Take it to a balance. Keeping the ball light and gentle like you're protecting it.

Slow. Rolling like a ball. Using your center lengthening up. Here we go. Nice and slow. Roll back again. Nice in control. Rollback. Yeah. Oh good. Read out as you go back. Breathing. As you let time reach, stretch the legs as straight. Now Cross your right leg over the left hand. Face the window, the front left leg back. Good.

Now this time, right leg cross. Take the bowl over and come back down and cross. Sam Berry's. No right hand down on the left hand. Krisha shop and the truth. I'm come down. See did that again. Red Cross face. [inaudible] face me hunter. We're shot lifter Bush. Now stay there. Keep it locked.

Shoulders down. We got Anthony's leg the like forward. I'm back saying one more time forward. Push. Take you back. Bend the knee. Stretch long. Come over roundup slowly coming up. Step behind your mat. Just push out again. We shot excellent again. Let's push out. Reach. Scones. One more time. Flex now just bring the ball back down in front of you. Hold it there, take a breath.

I blew the app. Now all we have to do this evening is put it all together from the very top, from the standing. So what we've been doing is really pressing sections. Of course. I've done a lot of choreography with the feeling of the Veda, regular class movie, spending time of the week, practicing each part before we put it together. So I'll be calling out what next and I'll be running from front to back. Just hold that really good.

So let's thing first thing up with a whiteout. Shoulders down. Said the body. Say the pelvis. Set the shoulders. Here we go. Balance up right. Tomba [inaudible] flex forward and reaching behind. Yeah, I live right leg back. Push back. So let's go with the left arm. Balance that and down. Flex fuller, push out region and up behind the left. Death and up.

Less like that. Push back together, right leg crossed behind the right arm up. Push diagonal up and crop. Up and down. Left leg, back. Push. Reach up and cross reach up and down. Rolling down to Matt Looney. Sidekick down right down with the ball. Come out to the side. Set the body up. Please. Sit down now lift the leg up.

Ford, take it back. Hold it. Stay there. Now here's the transition. We're going to bring that arm down. Turns to face it back mommy. Yeah, push down. Reach back. Hold it there. Good. So your feet are facing sweeping around the side. So you're facing head brush. Now Semicircle.

I'm back. Full Circle. Semicircle, folate, that semicircle. I'm turned to the sky. Lengthen out. Now tease it back up. Reach whole. Slowly forward. I'm mucked up. Tinge back. Push back and lift up with the left arm. Diagonal.

Turn to face the front. Lift the hips up. Hold it there. Lift the top leg up and down again. Lit. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Lift this time. Bend both knees coming up. Lift, stretch, reach, push. I can come back. Here we go over.

Stay this time. Circle the arm it through. Thread the needle coming up to sitting the bull above you. Lift the leg out again. Breathe that up. Push the same arm as leg. Say the ball in the right hand. Reach directly on the floor. Rich. Push and litter. Stretch the top leg back and lift up both legs and push up. One more time. Stretch. Lift up. Good. Tend to face this side. Now lift the right leg up. Turn to face me.

Push forward. One Guy, robot under. It's the same leg, right leg up ups. Good. Open the legs down to the right. All right, I left. Turn to the left. Flex. Bring the feet together. Place the ball between the knees. Yeah.

Use Your hands. Roll down shoulder bridge. You roll out. Lift the arm. Right leg. Left leg. Yeah, you use the hands on the floor. Roll out. Take the ball in front of you. Nice and slowly for slow rolling. Here we go. Control his bat down. Up and whole again. Robot. And then where do you use that control again? Reach. Yeah. Yeah. I'm pushed. Lift up, hold, reach and out. Good. Stretch your legs out.

Take your right leg over. Twice the leg. Left arm with the ball. Now change hands with a ball and push up hold of that left leg. Poland left like that. Bend the knee. Reach, loss, stretch. Long stretch. Come back slowly. Roll Up. [inaudible] pushup. I'm Dad, I'm dad. I left and open out. So now we just have to reverse it.

We've done one side and I was just do a diversity of the size. Everything stars on the opposite side. So we're gonna start with the left. I'm going up center. So shoulders down, lengthen the spine. Keep taking every moment you can just to check your quality.

Check your positioning. Check the pelvis. I know we've been doing the clarity quick tonight, so I'm throwing it at you. Just keep your mind, your body where you want it to be. Left on. [inaudible]. Push up behind the left and left leg back. Push back.

I'm back in the right arm. Up. Push and that flag death and lift up to behind the right. Push down and lift up. Right leg back. Push back, left leg crossed behind. Say the bullet. Doesn't that. Reach it up and cross the ball. Lift up right leg. Back Up. Cross up, roll down. Roll back up. Roll that roll back up to the mat. This time come down, kneeling, psyche. This time take the ball out to the left. So I've got their laptop. Reach out, right leg out, the gently touchable center. Breathe. Oh, forward, back, hold it. Is that transition? The right time's gonna come down.

Turn to this side down around [inaudible] swing rather side told. Totally that semicircle folate full circle back. Semicircle. Yeah, I'm full lit. One more time down. Knit around, tried to face the opposite side. Senta its legs back round, back teaser. Lift up.

Lengthen. Reach up and over. Come up, hinge. Lean back in neutral. Arms up and face the front right. Reach out. Hold it. Good. Lift the top leg up and down and a lift. Push lift. One more time. Bend the knees. Mermaid. Reach over and lengthen again. Stay there this time.

Add the circle. Circle Smith and open those arms above you. Lift her leg up. Remember the ball's going to go in the same hand as the leg lifting. Here we go diagonal. Reach forward. Reach forward and come up top leg straight. We shot bigger than last time.

Both legs breed, push points. Stretch and lift up. One more time. I lift up. Reach each turn to face the side. Now from here we're going to lift the left leg. It's a swan dive. Lift up and down. Lift that left leg up. Come back up. Lift the right leg, push up, up. Turn Swan, dive forward.

Round Pool. I'm lift up. Open the legs out. So to do that, flex up to the right and that really likes together please. The ball between the knees. Lay down. He's that little shoulder bridge. Roll Up. Go Up. Rock left leg and change right slowly. Roll down again. Rollout up.

Lift left leg right. Come down. Use your hands on the floor. Come to a sitting position. Place the ball in front. Nice and slow. Rolling back and back out balance. Strong balance. Good again. Yeah.

Again, rollback center at time. Lengthen out. Good. Stretch your legs out. Take the left leg over. Face the front right arm. Take the ball over to the left hand. Push up, lift Benny underneath leg. Take the ball behind you and just sit back and stretch. So the last track we're going to finish with a nice little stretch to the hands bag.

[inaudible] if you can take the heads behind child pose, then do so [inaudible] come up, sit on the ball, open the arms, stretch out, eyes wide open with the chest. Take it back. Take hold the ball with your right hand. Slowly roll up to standing. Lift out. Now take the right leg, cross it behind. Just push the ball up. Close to lift up. [inaudible] unchanged. Other side, Rita, raise me.

Oh, I'm back. Take the right leg. Brita. Push up. [inaudible] [inaudible] show green. Push up. [inaudible] [inaudible] and come down. Open the legs. Push Open.

Now bend the knee. Push the ball down on the floor. Open the knees. Come up to the left. Push up under Bush. Placeable out to the right and come down. Now slowly just roll through the center. Bring the feet together. This time for the right leg in front. Hold the ball with the left hand. Reach down and together. Chain. Left leg.

Pull in the right [inaudible] and change. Right. Like in front. When were the left? Push it away so you wish you unchanged. [inaudible] good. You're weld down slowly. Let's do that one more time please. The bull behind your knees. Child pose down. [inaudible] yeah. Oh, mice come up. Open out when you drive. [inaudible] collect down ramp.

Take hold of ball with the left hand roll out in this lift up to you at this time. Take the left leg behind. Hold the ball with both hands. Push it up. [inaudible] I'm comeback, right? Like behind. Push up res. Hold the center. Oh, I'm bathroom. Please see change up. Push up. I'm fine. You should just keep the back of the neck long and release and change. Push up. I'm come down.

Open the legs. Take the bull in the left hand. Push up. Come down. Push all the ball. Open the knees, right. Lift up and down. Push down and lift up. Push up and come down slowly. Roll Up. Face the opposite side. It's time for the left leg in front. Hold the ball with the right hand. I really pushed it away from you. Who's Foy?

[inaudible] okay. Again, cause Jess [inaudible] face the front. Right leg forward. Change left. [inaudible] open when the ball in front of you. Take a breath here. [inaudible] I'm really out.

Thank you guys. [inaudible] there's a lot of choreography tonight. I was throwing it at you guys. Which way do I go next? I can say.


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michael, I loved it . We need a change. great class. I will have to watch this again, and again, thanks a million. blanche
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Awesome - loved the class! I teach a program similar to this - BodyFlow which incorporates all 3 elements of Tai Chi, yoga, and pilates. Thanks for all of the variety of classes!!
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Loved dancing to the pilates exercises. I needed a change, especially when you don't have all the equipment and only do the mat classes.
Thanks so much for your positive spirit. I LOVED this class and felt great after!
Buena coreografía y música. Una clase muy bonita
The epitome of FLOW....nice. Please share your playlist. Love the bottom leg developes in the side bend. Thank you!
I LOVED this class. It's even fun to just watch now with all the color, good music and wonderful cues. Thanks Michael!
Beautiful to watch & do!! What a refreshing change of pace!!
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What a fabulous class! I love the flow, and Michael's cuing is just terrific.
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AMAZING!!!!! Would love to get that sound track. Where would I get it? This was such a wonderful change up. Would love to see more of this.
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